2016-03-21 Combat Practice

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Combat Practice
Date 2016/03/21
Location Lost Light: Recreation -- Practice Rooms
Participants Arcee, Grimlock, Lieutenant, Punch, Quicksight, Rodimus, Skywarp
Scene GM Grimlock
Summary The art of beating your opponent senseless, presented by Grimlock himself!

These multi-purpose rooms are capable of being put to any one of a number of uses, including training, exercise, and plain ol' fun. It's a good place for sparring or for sports. The walls have been reinforced and soundproofed so that live weapons can be fired within, serving as a shooting range. This also means that noise does not carry far, no matter how boisterous the game.

Grimlock doesn't look happy.

Admittedly, this is more or less Grimlock's 'default' setting. Still, the massive dinobot manages to fit a lot of ire into his blank faceplate. The practice room is mostly empty, save for the single rack of 'training' swords resting against the wall next to Grimlock. Ostensibly, the heavy weapons have been blunted, but they still carry an aura of menace about them. The most menacing sword of all, however, is the one that Grimlock's got hanging loosely in his right hand- he gives it an occasional, impatient twirl as he looks to the door, waiting for his 'students' to arrive.

Arcee shows up to the training room on time, and since she's always eager to learn from other fighters, she takes one set of the training swords and waits patiently for others to arrive, while going through a series of warm-up movements.

Pity those foolish enough to be caught on Rodimus's path from the bridge to the practice rooms, collared and pulled from what they were doing with little more than a 'You know, you could really use more combat training, come on.' Yes, he means now. Yes, he means you. When Rodimus arrives, he's not alone, although it's quite possible that those with him aren't very happy about it. "Arcee! Great! Because if there's anything better than a battering, it's a battering and bruising." He nods at Grimlock, who is apparently the battering in this scenario, and then pulls up to see who else is risking it.

Punch carefully walks into the training room, trailing smoke as he does so. He looks at the rack of weapons the renews interest in draining his cig before he has to be hit by any of them. Punch has made a career of being shot, stabbed, electrocuted, exploded, exploded and more besides. It's not as important to win a fight as a spy. Only the objective mattered. Problem now is... he's not a spy anymore.

Quicksight doesn't look particualtly happy either, and, while that has been a fairly frequent state for him these days, unlike the Dinobot, that's not really his default. Gloomy, slouchy, the young Decepticon looks more like he's being draged to a diciplinary hearing rather than going to a training session.

It's not that he's against training sessions, it's just that he's unhappy with this particular one. And just generally unhappy. First of all, it's being held by an Autobot, and the same Autobot that, not too long ago, turned him in to an improvised projectile in the middle of a barfight for daring to fight, the one way he knew how. To make things worse, he's actually being ordered here. Orders, he's used to following, but this particular one is practically a jab at his pride, in light of his still fairly recent loss to Blast Off. To be honest, he's aware that that he needs practice -- he even spent some time venting his anger on some poor practice dummier in between his medibay visit, and the onset of the ilness, but to hear someone else say it. Well, now everybody thinks he's weak, don't they?

And then there was the recent argument in the bar, but that's another story.

Trudgin in to the room, the scout imediatley finds himself a spot by the wall, away from all these Autobots. The weapons earn only a slightly interested look. He probably won't be using them. Most of them honestly look too heavy for him to lift. He comes equiped with his own blades anyways.

Lieutenant enters the room later than he would have liked to. In his defense, he was held up by fixing the door to his habsuite. That and a bit of hesitation of whether he really should go or not. If anything, he could always duck out and live another day. It doesn't matter what anyone thinks of him.

Grimlock makes a slightly disapproving grunt as Arcee takes swords before instructed- but then again, Grimlock at least knows better to get between Arcee and a weapon. At least she can be trusted to use the thing properly, so that's a bonus. As the other robots filter in, Grimlock rolls his neck- and then addresses the group in a mild bellow.


Grimlock's fingers tighten around the hilt of his sword, and scans the ragtag bunch of unfortunates who've been brought to class. "Now." Grimlock says, "Some of you know how to fight-" Grimlock nods over at Arcee. "Others of you, don't." And that's a look over at pretty much everyone else in the room. "The war might be 'over,'" Grimlock doesn't use finger quotes, but it's close. "But something is going to try to kill you before long. So it's down to me, Grimlock, to pound some sense into you. Now-" Grimlock narrows his optics, and gives a low growl. "If you've got something smart-assed to say, get it out of the way now so I know who to punch first."

Arcee gives Rod a slight smile...she's actually surprised he showed up. And there's Punch, and his current roomie...and even a mech she hasn't yet met. Good turnout, she thinks. Better than she could have gotten. Maybe it's the fear factor at work.

She focuses her attention on Grimlock as he starts in on the crew. Just because she's a veteran of kicking some aftplate, Arcee never assumes that she has nothing left to learn.

While he might be the captain of the ship, a rank which really has more impact (such as it is) outside of this room, Rodimus's first instinct at a sergeantly shout is to snap to at least a vague approximation of attention. Obedience does not follow, but he at least pays attention. His lips part in a wide grin that answers Grimlock's growl: "I bet you're eager. Can't count as an assault on a superior officer if it's training, after all." He's all about setting an example, but why's it so often gotta be a bad example?

Group drills weren't the exact form of training Punch had. So his parade knowledge was sketchy at best. He falls into line with the others and stands. This isn't going to go well. For a start he has to fight fair, can't blow anything up or otherwise tradecraft his way around things. Second it looks like a focus is going on melee weapons. Punch skipped the days he was supposed to be training as his instructor was negligent enough to stay logged into a terminal after they went for a recharge. However, Punch is an optimist. His skills of getting hit by things will serve him well.

As grouchy as he is, Quicksight is not insubordinate. If the powers that be say that he is required to be here, and obey, it is that that he shall do. He steps forward with a gloomy resignation, the sort that shows on soldiers following orders they do not like. For once, he doesn't offer his oppinion. He didn't survive the war in one piece by not knowing how to be unprofessional.

He stepped in line awaiting further instruction as following orders were second nature to him. The avian kept his mouth clamped shut -like he should have in the bar earlier- wishing Rodimus had too. Lieutenant was surprised and thankful they didn't have a medic lingering around to carry out the broken.

Grimlock turns his attention to Rodimus, and shrugs. "It's a bonus." He muses, and then reverses the sword in his hand, at which point he 'gives' the weapon to Rodimus ... with perhaps more force than is needed. Then again, that's Grimlock for you. This done, Grimlock tromps back to the rack and takes up another weapon. "Now!" he says, and holds the broadsword over his head in a manner worthy of a Frank Frazetta painting. "Who can tell me what this is?"

Arcee has already decided she's not going to be the smart-alec who calls out all the answers, because maybe there's someone in the room who really needs to answer Grimlock's question more than she does. If he decides to come shake her down for an answer, she'll give it, but for now she practices her defensive stance, and listens.

"I bet." Rodimus's grin is wiped when Grimlock so kindly gives him the sword, with his smile blanked by surprise. The force of it causes him to fall back a half-step just to keep hold of the sword, and he just barely keeps from dropping it. "--mph!" He hastily straightens and swi-i-ings the blade of the sword up to rest over his shoulder in what is definitely not an approved or safe way to hold a weapon, but does -- and this is what is important -- look super cool just like in Drift's anime. No one is standing behind him, right?

Quicksight is not really in the mood for talking. He wants to get in, get it over with, and get out, prefferably not in the direction of the medibay. And yet, a question has been posed, and his training tells him that someone must answer it, and since it seems that no one else is going to "A sword" the minibot half-grumbles. It's taking him a bit of willpower to speak up in anything louder than that.

Punch says, "Broadsword, hilt weighted, possible energon activated state but your hand's obscuring the hilt mounted trigger. Primarily more suited for cutting and slashing movements, particularly if the wielder has above average strength." Punch understands the theory. He's just damned if he could do anything in practice. Like any specialist outside of his field... he's worse than an untrained civilian.

Grimlock swings his sword downwards, pointing it at Quicksight. "Close." He says- and then swings it over to point at Punch, next. "Closer." he grunts, and then takes a step back.

"This is not a symbol. This is not the embodiment of your honor or whatever nonsense Drift tells you. This is a -TOOL-. A tool for killing." He grunts, and then takes a step back, gesturing to the rack with his free hand. "Pick one. Try not to hurt yourselves while you're doing it."

Weapons Specialist? The emerald avian ran through the faces of the others in the room. He knew of Rodimus, Quicksight (thanks to the whole talk earlier), Grimlock, but the pink bot and the yellow one he hadn't pulled anything up on. Interesting. Lieutenant pinned the yellow and blue mech to be a weapons specialist. The pink one... melee expert probably.

As Grimlock ordered, he went to the rack to select a blade. A one-and-a-half-handed sword would do for him.

Arcee already has her sword. She picked it out when she came through the door automatically, and now she's realizing she probably shouldn't have done that. Oops! Worse gaffes have been made; she figures Grimlock probably knows it's how she would have handled her own traning session and it wasn't intentional oneupmanship.

As others go to make their selections, Arcee checks her weapon over, then glances toward Punch briefly.

"Got mine!" Rodimus holds his overhead. You know. Just in case Grimlock -- forgot. He swings the blade in hand so that its point is facing down, then brings it to rest alongside his leg. He glances at Punch, throwing him a quick grin. "That's a mouthful of an answer." In aside to Quicksight, he says, "I liked yours better."

Punch recalls his photonic cannon and swings it about for a moment or two. Flashing it back to subspace Punch notices a glace from Arcee. He smiles a little and nods. Punch approaches the rack and selects a simple blade that's of a similar weighting to his own weapon. Idily he looks at the roof and around the room. He'd kill for a simple chain or any other approach. His instincts are telling him to look for tactical advantages. Especially since he's edging closer and closer to complete failure.

The sight of an Autobot, and one with such a reputation as Grimlock, pointing a sword at him nearly sends Quicksight on the deffensive. It's all he can do to keep himself from jumping back and unsheathing his own blades. Even without that, his weight shifts to his toes, ready to move...and then Gimlock moves on.

Rodimus' aside earns him a confused look, and a grumbled "thank you", with that trailing ending that always comes when the minibot adresses the captain. The instructor's order forces him to look in the direction of the weapon rack, before turning to the dinobot. It takes him a few moments of dellay before he manages to get it out, and when he does, it's only a level or so above his previous grumbling "I would preffer to use my own, if that is okay" he raises an arm and snaps it's blade out demonstrativley. It's a rather short weapon, but it's one he's comfortable with.

Lieutenant stepped back into line, and awaited further orders.

Grimlock grunts somewhat annoyedly at Rodimus's showboating, but he keeps out of the way as weapon selections are made. For the most part. Quicksight's request earns a narrowed visor from Grimlock, and he steps over- Grimlock's shadow envelops the little decepticon as Grimlock *LOOMS*. "Hnf. Knifey bastard." He states in his typical tone of disapproval. "Think you're good? Fine. Let's find out."

Grimlock steps back, and then waves over ... "Arcee! This Decepticon is going to try to disarm you. Don't let him."

And with this said, Grimlock tromps over towards Lieutenant, Punch, and Rodimus. "Now watch. Arcee's one of the few 'bots on this crew who knows their way around a sword." That's ... certainly an understatement.

"Aw, and I almost liked you, too. Any last wishes?" Rodimus helpfully -- helpfully! -- calls after Quicksight as Grimlock pairs him against Arcee. "Try to leave enough pieces to fix, 'Cee!"

Punch checks his blade. This means he elbows the Captain by accident. Honest. Apart from doing it on purpose. As he looks up Punch says, "Oh, Sorry." Punch pauses then adds, "Let the rookie learn. After all. It's supposed to be teaching others that are less versed in these things what to do." Punch then looks over to watch the demonstration.

Arcee steps over toward Quicksight, carrying the practice sword, and she stands in a fairly neutral position in front of him. Rod gets a slight smirk, but otherwise, Arcee seems very calm and non-chalant about the entire thing. She certainly doesn't look vengeful. And if Quicksight doesn't know very much about her, she definitely doesn't seem dangerous. She's far smaller than Grimlock, and she's pink. Maybe she's a pushover.

The avian shut his optics as the vibrations from Grimlock's weight when he moved. He bit his lower lip, slowly raising to his toes so his seismic sense didn't feel the behemoth so strongly. Yes, Lieutenant should be paying attention, but he would only see warning signs clouding his HUD.

Grimlock probably is unaware of Lieutenant's seismic sense- if he was, he'd probably make himself stompier than normal. At the moment, all he sees is a robot with closed eyes, which certainly will not do for a training exercise. Nope.

"HEY." Grimlock growls, and reaches over to *whap!* Lieutenant on the back of the head. The dinobot's even nice enough to pull his blow enough so it only might leave superficial dents. "PAY ATTENTION."

Skywarp was in Rodimus' path to here and got drug along to join this training session. The Seeker has hung back against the wall by the entrance door since arriving and is just watching and smirking from time to time as everyone is being silly. He folds his arm and kicks a foot back against the wall. He's not doing anything since it seems no ones noticed him in here. That suits him just fine.

Lieutenant stumbles forward several steps at the hit, trying not to fall flat on the floor. Had he not been on his toes he would have only taken a step to brace himself. He rubs the back of his helm, as his audios ring from the pain.

"My apologies, sir." he said sincerely as he made his way back to his spot.

Quicksight's optic twitches at such commentary on his weapon of choice, but again, he doesn't comment, turning instead to face his new opponent as Rodimus makes his oh-so-supportful comment. Great. If he screws this up, he'll be labled as a weakling for a good milenia. He watches Arcee with the observant look of a scout. He knows better than to underestimate an opponent -- he knows the dangers, usually from being the one underestimated. Rodimus' comment only adds to that.

That doesn't mean he's afraid. Small he may be, but he's fearless, often recklessly so, and especially now that he feels he has to prove himself. One step forward, a cocky flash of his optics, and the scout launches himself forward, and to the side. There isn't enough room for him to shift modes, but that just means he doesn't have to reach as far. Lunging at her from the side, he reaches with one hand to grab her arm, the other poised to stab at her wrist.

"What? Ow," Rodimus mutters as he places his hand to his side. There's barely so much as a scratch in his paint. His 'ow' is not very heartfelt. In a mutter, he says, "I'm letting him learn! Just, you know, giving him a heads up is all." He settles, quiet as he watches what he clearly expects to be a short exchange.

Grimlock hnfs at Lieutenant. "Here I thought you'd have enough sense to know to keep your optics open in a fight. Surprised you haven't gotten killed yet." He rumbles, and then swings his blue gaze over to Skywarp. "You! You're late! Get a sword." he grunts, and then looks over the other folks in the class. "Rest of you, -stop- that jet from getting a sword. GO!"

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Quicksight=Melee Weapons Vs Arcee=Melee Weapons < Quicksight: Good Success (7 3 8 1 6) Arcee: Good Success (8 7 6 6 4 4 5 4 7 4) < Net Result: Arcee wins - Marginal Victory

Arcee actually does get stabbed in the wrist by that intelligent move from Quicksight; however, the difference between her and other fighters is her tenacity. Instead of letting an injured wriest become a liability, she simply tosses her sword to her ininjured hand, steps away to put a little more distance between herself and her opponent, then swings the blade horizontally, going for a cleave-cut.

It takes Rodimus a moment to realize that when Grimlock says 'rest of you', he's part of the rest. He's too busy watching Arcee and Quicksight. There's a second's startled blink, then he pivots, lunging not for Skywarp, but the swords, to get in front of them before Skywarp can grab one and teleport away.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Quicksight=Transportation Vs Arcee=Melee Weapons < Quicksight: Great Success (5 6 5 6 2 1 2 7 5 5 2 8 8 1 8 5) Arcee: Great Success (5 7 1 2 5 7 7 8 8 5) < Net Result: Arcee wins - Marginal Victory

"Tip it over!" Punch calls to Rodimus. "He can't get a sword if they're underneath the rack!" Punch then drops his sword and dives, foot jets flaring, at Skywarp. He may get lucky and hit the seeker before he can port out.

"You are not the only one to be surprised," Lieutenant mutters bitterly to Grimlock, as he watches the fray. He's more one to wait for the right moment to strike than to rush in. Besides, he was ordered to watch the other dual.

Skywarp felt he was doing a really good job shirking his orders, here but not doing a thing when suddenly Punch happens. The Seeker sees him coming and decides at the last minute to step to the side so hopefully the mech slams into the wall instead.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Punch=reaction+reaction Vs Skywarp=reaction+reaction < Punch: Failure (2 1 4 6) Skywarp: Success (2 4 1 8 2 4 1 1) < Net Result: Skywarp wins - Marginal Victory

Quicksight knows where his strenghts and weaknesses lie, so rather than trying to block, or stick around to get whacked at again, the minibot kicks off to shift modes and dart out of range. It doesn't work quite as expected, however, Arcee's blade grazing his aft and sending him spinning back down to the ground. He rolls back on to his feet with a pained hiss, but he doesn't look particularly discouraged, is former sulenness replaced by a fight-eager spark in his optics. Not intent on waiting for a followup, he jumps up again, this time making his approach in his arial mode, again from the side, and from slightly above. If he can get close enough, he'll be repeating his former attack, this time on the other side. Grab, stab, try not to get stabbed in return.

Grimlock grunts approvingly as Punch and Rodimus jump to action- and again as he catches the blur of motion between Arcee and Quicksight. The little 'con hasn't gotten his teeth kicked in just yet, which is a point in his favor. Still, it's mostly a matter of 'when' rather than 'If.'

But hey, these folks are punching each other, that means class is going well, right?

'Make a mess', Punch suggests. That falls squarely in Rodimus's instincts. "Nice!" He grins widely and takes a certain delight in knocking the rack over. Poor swords. But then, anything worth doing is worth doing ... chaotically. With Skywarp thoroughly distracted, he's got plenty of time to get all of the swords buried on the wrong side of the rack and then plant one foot on top of it.

Skywarp decides to port out and go back to swerves.

"...Okay, so where do you think you're going?" Arcee asks as Quicksight crashes back to the ground. Then he's back up and flying at her again, much like a slapped Insecticon. She pivots around, trying to focus on his next move. There's not much fancy-footing coming from her right now...but that's because Arcee's intentionally reading her opponent like a book, learning what motivates him. Once she figures him out, she'll bring out the heavy moves.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Quicksight=Melee Weapons Vs Arcee=Melee Weapons < Quicksight: Good Success (4 8 8 2 5) Arcee: Success (6 5 5 4 5 6 3 5 8 1) < Net Result: Quicksight wins - Marginal Victory

Punch hits the wall shoulder first. He swings hard at the seeker for his fist to connect with nothing but air, then more wall, as he ports out. Dislodging himself from the dent he made in the wall. He signals to Rodimus with a thumbs up. Mission accomplished. Then he tries to hide the fact he's dislocated something in his right arm.

Grimlock growls a bit as Skywarp just bamfs out. But, what can you do. "Hnf." Grimlock rumbles, "Good job." He says to Punch and Rodimus. "Next time, hit the 'con harder for running away." He grunts, and then takes a moment to scoop up the sword Punch had dropped. "You lost your weapon." Grimlock says, and then tosses it onto the upended pile o-swords (possibly comming dangerously close to Rodimus as it spins through the air). "Now you two get to clean this up." He notes- and then looks back to where Arcee and Quicksight are going at it, considering the right moment to call the match.

'So much for that.' Lieutenant muses in his head as he gives his full attention to the dual. It is somewhat satisfying to watch Quicksight fight the other. He secretly hopes the pink bot wins.

Rodimus sends a couple of thumbs ups right back at Punch. He doesn't move his foot. Apparently he doesn't trust that Skywarp wasn't faking. "We still win, right?" When Grimlock confirms, he fist-punches the air only to freeze and shrink, spoiler wilting, when he says the dread words: "Clean ... up?" He looks down. His face falls. Noooooooooo.

Punch smiles brightly and says to Rodimus, "I got this. Logistics, remember?" Punch slights a cig with his left hand, lets it self light, and starts towards resetting the rack. "Enjoy the lesson." As Punch proceeds closer to the rack he watches the bout himself, using his one good arm to get on with things. Nowhere does the bias on who he's paying more attention to show. Instead he takes a draw of his cig and vents out shapelessly.

Quicksight isn't a particularly good solo fighter. He's much better in a support position rather than charging an enemy on his own, but he's not completely incompitent, and even he gets his lucky shots sometimes. Its probably not much, but its pretty good for the scout, especially against someone like Arcee. He goes for the wrist of the sword arm again, since the objective is to disarm, flashing the pink Autobot a cocky look as his legs already preparing to move again.

"Very good -- see, here's the thing, though," Arcee says to Quicksight in a very patient tone. She's taken a few scrapes already, and she's bleeding out a bit -- not a great deal, but enough to be noticable. "You can probably beat me by flying in, swooping down, cutting me, then swooping away again. Know why? Because obviously, I can't fly. Not much of a challenge there, but it gets the job done. Consider this, though: Our next planetside visit has heavy gravity. Suddenly, you can't fly. ...What to do?" Her optics flickering suddenly, she waits until Quicksight ventures close enough for her to grab -- then she suddenly goes for it, attempting to leap on him!

While Rodimus looks pretty tempted to just leave Punch to it, glancing away toward the on-going match wistfully, in the end, he helps. Rodimus lends his hand to righting the rack and pick up the scattered swords, leaving his just to the side of the rack.

<FS3> Arcee rolls Fighting Instruction: Great Success. (7 8 8 6 8 3 1)

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Quicksight=melee Weapons Vs Arcee=unarmed+1 < Quicksight: Success (1 7 3 4 1) Arcee: Great Success (7 8 7 2 4 5 4 7 2 1 1) < Net Result: Arcee wins - Solid Victory

Grimlock could, and perhaps SHOULD let Arcee just beat the snot out of Quicksight, but eh. At least the minibot's scrappy. "Hn." Grimlock says, and waves a hand at the pair. "That's enough for now. This is just the first class, after all." Grimlock pauses, and looks down at Rodimus. "Next time, I think I'll see how well -YOU- do. ... Captain." Grimlock rumbles, and then trompatromps out! He'll leave the others to continue their cleanup or murdering as they see fit.

If that's the end of it all, Lieutenant is out. He lived and he's thankful. All the avian needs to do is buff out the dents in his helm before someone sees.

"Might surprise you!" Rodimus calls after Grimlock with a cockiness that will likely do nothing to make his future injuries feel any better. As the room clears, he glances over at Punch. "Nice work earlier, with Skywarp, by the way."

Punch watches Grimlock leave and an idea dawns in his mind. "Thanks. I try. Or, at least, I've been called trying. Rodimus? You got a moment?" Punch asks whilst on cleanup. Now's a good a time as any. Worst that happens... Rodimus gets bored and wanders off.

As much as Quicksight hates Autobots, he's neither deaf, nor stupid (just really stuborn and reckless). He's capable of comprehending wise advice when its given. Thing is, in doing so, he neglects another bit of common advice -- never get distracted in the middle of a fight, especially when you have the armour level of a drinking glass. Thus, he fails to notice Arcee's hand reaching for him in time. Caught, he lashes out, but even if his knives manage to knick the femme, it's all for naught, leaving him on the floor with the much larger Autobot on top "Frag" he hisses, though he doesn't look quite as upset as he might be if this were, say Blast Off. At least he managed to land a few blows this time, and honestly, from what he's seen, this one, though Autobot she may be, is not quite as bad as that traitor. For an Autobot.

Once training is signalled as done, it's as if someone flipped a switch in Arcee's head. Once he's down, she suddenly leaps off and helps him back up. "Good fight. You went for the wrists, smart move. on non-aerial tactics in your training. Because we might end up on a heavy-grav world," she tells Quicksight. Once again, her expression seems completely calm and detatched.

"Sure. What's up?" Rodimus glances back to make sure the weapons are all racked and the room is clearing before looking to Punch with a grin. He gives Arcee what he thinks is a covert thumbs up. It's not that covert. He's clearly pleased with how well she did as token Autobot, though.

Punch smiles brightly. He checks that his arm's still looking okay and then slights his cig away for a datapad. "Just a real quick thing. Nothing major. Just needed you to do your thing and set up a small room reassignment. Swap me for Folly?" Punch waves in a slow overpronounced way with the pad for Arcee to come over. He needs backup here!

Arcee's reaction leaves Quicksight rather surprised, enough that he actually begins to accept the helping hand as he gapes at her. He does get ahold of himself quickly, ans pulls away, but the surprised look remains. What is this with Autobots complementing him today? Maybe he should check in with medibay after all. He must still be feeling the effects of the ilness. He does mutter a "Thanks" before he turns to leave. This actually went better than he expected. He's even in a better mood than he was in when he came in.

Arcee nods to Quicksight, then once he begins heading on his way, she crosses the room where she sees Punch and Rodimus talking. Her typically flat expression begins softening up to a very genuine smile. "Oh yes, the room assignment thing...yes, I think I scared away my old roomie. Not intentional, she just never showed."

Rodimus's gaze tracks to the side, unfocused as he runs a quick search: swapping Punch for Folly will leave Folly with ... okay, Quicksight, and Punch with--. His gaze skips back to Arcee, focusing suddenly. He looks between them and asks, "Is it a problem with Quicksight? 'Cee, you good with this, then?"

"I'm sure" Punch says having not checked at all and quoting out of context, "that it wasn't so long ago Quicksight himself recommended that I should have a room reassignment." Punch takes care to have no change in his stance or expression since before he asked.

"I'm very good with this," Arcee says, looking almost alarmingly cheerful. "And I certainly have no issues with him -- Quicksight, I mean, he's alright. This is more of a personal request."

"O--kay." Rodimus draws the word out, stalling at the cheer in Arcee's face. He glances around the room. Did he miss seeing a dead body somewhere?? "I'll send a confirmation to Quicksight and Folly just to make sure they don't have any objections and log the switch, otherwise. Have--." He pauses. Suspicion colors his gaze. "--fun?" he finishes with a slow smile.

Punch is radiating relief. Compared to how that went in his head it was a lot easier. "Thanks. I'll try." Punch says to Rodimus as normally as he can. Punch does look ofer to Arcee after that. He doesn't say anything further.

Arcee looks from Rod over toward Punch, grinning. "Smoking will be allowed, and smoke ring art encouraged," she declares.

Trying -- and failing -- to wipe a mirroring grin from his face, Rodimus ducks his head. "Right. Just keep it down in there, so none of us have to explain to Magnus. I'll go get things started assuming your current roommates sign-off on it. See you around, guys." With that, he makes his way off, leaving them to plan their late-night slumber party snacks and movies without him.

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