2016-02-23 By Invitation

From Transformers: Lost and Found

By Invitation
Date 2016/02/23
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Brainstorm's Workshop
Participants Brainstorm, Punch
Summary An invite to Brainstorm's Workshop and the technological marvels therein. Punch accepts.

It's not unusual for Brainstorm's workshop to be a bit noisy. An occasional explosion or crash is generally a good thing -- it means that there is probably healthy, active science going on in there. The noise du jour however is neither of those. Instead, its a sharp, piercing screech that seeps through even the reinforced walls of the weapon engineer's lab. Turning off audio receptors does nothing as it transmits through most commonly used radio waves as well.

This probably isn't what Brainstorm wanted to show Punch when he left him a note asking him to drop by. It stops pretty quickly anyways, preceded by an electric zwiiiping sound.

Punch was driving down the corridor until he heard the noise of the latest experiment. Breaking hard and transforming he walks carefully the rest of the way. The noise conveniently subsides as he reaches to door. As a result Punch saunters in to the workshop. Head raised high, and step sprung Punch says, "Good day isn't it? What's the latest on the short circuit web and how are you getting on with things?" Punch asks brightly.

Punch is in luck this time as nothing tries to turn him in to a convertible this time. Whatever it was that made that noise, it's apparently dormant now. Brainstorm himself is standing in the middle of the room, pointing a silvery pistol covered in bright lights at a small sphere sitting on a nearby table. When Punch enters, he looks up, and gives the ex-spy a wave, with the hand holding the weapon "Punch! Glad you could make it"

Returning the wave with an enthusiastic one of his own Punch says to Brainstorm, "Glad to be invited." Punch nods to the weapon in Brainstorm's hand and asks, "This a new one you're working on? What's it do?" Punch wonders if it had anything to do with the noise or if the resident supergenius was working on multiple projects at once. It would make sense. Efficient and a great way to keep up the interest in all that's being done.

"New-ish" Brainstorm holds out the weapon. The blue lights on its side are still glowing, so it's probably still functional "It's a discharger gun. It drains the power of any small electronic that isn't plugged in to an outside powersource. One of my other projects activated unexectidley" he nods at the sphere "so I used this to shut it down"

Punch looks over to the sphere and is already nodding once he looks back to the discharger gun. "Very impressive. Very impressive indeed!" Punch notes, "Almost slipped my mind. I got your note to head on over." Punch mentions as he looks around the room. Brainstorm's certainly got a setup to be proud of. He nods again in approval of the testament to technology and science he's standing in.

It's always nice to see someone who knows basic decency, especially after Getaway. Brainstorm gives Punch a cheerful nod "Yeah. I finished working on your request" moving to the table by his computer, the engineer swaps out the gun for Punch's console. He returns to present it to the ex-spy along with a dataslug "There were a few things there that were unrecoverable, but I got everything I could off of it, and like I promised, I didn't look at any of it."

Punch nods, "I expected it'd be a mixed bag." Punch says as he takes to offered console and the recovered data, "Well, I expected it might've been been utterly slagged after the firefight it was recovered from." Punch waves his hand in a circular motion a few times, "Large layoff at a data center. The ex-employees took matters into their own hands. Those hands had guns. So did security. Terrible mess but, fortunately, no one got hurt. You wouldn't have thought that many people would be a bad shot at close quarters but... there you go."

Punch looks at his feet fleetingly before continuing, "I must try and get a bit of time with you soon though about the flight system. It still works magnificently but, after my medical visit, I thought it best to have you look over if any of the changes affected things. Also, after my training sessions... there's a little tweak or two I was thinking of. But, like I say, when there's a convenient time."

"Well you're always welcome to drop by" Brainstorm nods "Though you can always tell me your ideas ahead of time. Actually, it would be better if you did. Gives me times to think it through. Not to say that I can't do it on the spot, but it'll be faster this way" his gaze flickers back to the console. He points at it "So, what's on there, anyways?" it's true that he didn't peek, though he's not exactly making any promises about any backup copies he may or may not have made.

Punch looks at the console and says, "To cut a real long story short it may have the answer to a question I've been asking for a long time. On paper my life was rewritten as soon as my commission was activated. Were and when I was activated... everything. My name, as it was, might not even be Punch. These are backups of backups of some registration for some obscure by-law around the time I was first constructed as best as I can tell. A bit of forensic investigation on the details of my name as all that was recorded before I became a doublespy."

Punch then shrugs and laughs, "Or it could be one of the missing bits of data and I'll never know. It'll take a bit of pouring over but, hey, I may get lucky." Punch then cuts back to Brainstorm's other question, "Oh, yes, in terms of the flight system."

"Two things. I wanted to see if there was room for extra antigrav units in my arms and chest. To better emulate the wings and fins that most atmos craft naturally have. The other was I wanted to see if there was some kind of booster or afterburner or something I could use in a pinch. As, if I can fly and I'm grappling someone who cant... shooting straight up into the air with them in tow's a good option to have. Again, understated. something people wouldn't externally see. Element of surprise and all that noise."

Brainstorm listens attentively, one hand resting on his chin in a thoughtful manner. When Punch is finished talking, he looks him over, top to bottom, as if gauging the feasibility of his request "What exactly do you mean when you say you want to emulate wings?"

"I've been having flight lessons." Punch explains, "One thing that came up was aerial craft have different things in different places to affect their aerodynamic properties. I'm having to do the work and readjustment of all of that with the already installed units. If I had smaller antigrav units in my arms and chest I could correct course quicker and easier. Still not anything like a real air, space or other craft but it'd make a big difference and still not be obvious."

"Technically, we have to do the work too. It just comes more naturally because we're used to it" Brainstorm points out, unfolding his arms to make an outward gesture with one hand. The fin mounted on that shoulder shift as well, as if to emphasize the point "But I get what you mean. I'll see what I can come up with. Should be easier with all that extra space you have now. I can also do the boosters, but I can tell you right now that it's going to hurt your fuel efficiency, just from use, and in general because of the weight."

Punch nods, "Put the booster on the back burner for now then. I'll start with the maneuvering systems." Punch was suddenly conscious about putting on weight. No idea why it'd be an issue but there it is. "I really appreciate all the work you've put in on all these things so far but, I'm sure you understand, I'm rather keen to get looking through the data here and see what I can see. Thanks again." Punch waves to Brainstorm and makes a start towards the door.

"Glad to help!" Brainstorm sees Punch off with a wave. This guy's growing on him. It's always nice to have someone who clearly appreciates your work,

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