2016-02-19 Blue Moon

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Blue Moon
Date 2016/02/19
Location Lost Light: Recreation -- Swerve's
Participants Rodimus, Ultra Magnus, Drift, Jumpstart, Pipes, Brainstorm, Mercy, Punch
Summary The command staff invades Swerve's. There is no bar fight.

So. Cybertronians have been banned from YET ANOTHER star system.

The Lost Light leaves the ramshackle station behind them, having acquired paper(,) plates, a few scuffs, a bad (worse) reputation, and a bill for the repairs to the bar(s) they hit on shore leave. The largest bill and longest angry note comes from the bar that Rodimus and the others hit to open their evening. That's fairly public knowledge. Also fairly public knowledge: Ultra Magnus's face.

"--don't see why it's so bad," says Rodimus with a 'bad dog' sulk as he pushes his way into Swerve's. He watches the resulting lightshow with something less than his usual enthusiasm, but it still brings a smile to his face.

Following immediately in his captain's wake, Ultra Magnus does not seem particularly assuaged in his dubious frown by the brilliant geometrics of the lightshow Brainstorm created for him, either. "That is why I suggested education as a suitable punishment," he says. "There are only so many times, Rodimus, that you can accidentally detonate all public relations with half a dozen alien species at once and fall back upon 'I didn't know'."

Yet how angry can he really be, considering that here he is? He is undercutting himself even with every stride. This is what always happens to Ultra Magnus.

"And that's why Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood is superior to Full Metal Alchemist," Drift explains to the unlucky sap who made the mistake of sitting next to him at the bar. "You see, the original series was running at the same time as the manga but eventually the series surpassed it so they had to diverge it into it's own canon, and-" The Autobot Drift is talking at has finally had enough and rises out of his seat with a growl of frustration. He takes his drink and leaves. Drift shrugs and takes a sip of his sake, glancing towards the door just as Rodimus and Ultra Magnus walk in and thus set off their respective light shows. He immediately begins waving like an idiot to get their attention.

Her luck with bars has been...dubious of late, but Mercy has chosen Swerve's tonight like much of the other crew, it seems. She grins to herself at the light display her entrance prompts, and hums her own tune softly in accompanyment of it.

Punch slowly, carefully and deliberately picks his way along the corridor. He's still a little delicate. As he reaches the entrance to Swerves Punch makes the best efort to move and act like he normally does. Old habits die hard. After a few steps he reaches the bar itself and orders a coolant with ice. After his order arrives he finds an empty table to sit at. As he sits is there a small twinge that breaks the facade for a fleeting moment.

"Well, yeah, I mean at some point I'll have offended everyone, after all," Rodimus mutters under his breath. That is probably not the point Ultra Magnus was making. Louder, he says, "Fine, fine. Education. Knock your armor off. Have fun. I'll leave it to you to find someone to handle that."

Rodimus rises on his toes to return Drift's wave with an unnecessarily energetic flail of his arms. "Look, there's Drift!" he says, as though Ultra Magnus could have possibly failed to notice him. He grabs Ultra Magnus by the elbow to drag him along before he can escape. He throws Mercy and Punch a conspiratorial grin as he passes. Hello, fellow criminals, his smile says.

Jumpstart got here early to avoid the light show. That's a bit of un-dignity that Jumpstart does not need in her day. The birdbot sits on the other side of Drift, silently working on a light drink and thanking her stars that the Autobot on the other side has drawn the anime lecture. When he gets up and leaves the feathers atop Jumpstart's head flare in alarm and she leans back to silently watch him go, optics pleading for him to stay.

Up until now, Brainstorm was content to amuse himself with idly listening to the probably overly dramatized descriptions by the Decepticon a table over of his work before the war. Something about data gathering dives for some researchers that somehow always ended with a fight with sea monsers, natives, or discovery of treasure. However amazing it might have been, it certianly didn't compare to the appearance of Ultra Magnus in the bar. Now that's a rare sight indeed, and not only that. One, two, three. All three. "Well, you don't see that every day" someone get Rewind to record this moment in history.

Ultra Magnus starts to answer, "I will discuss it at length with Windblade," and then frowns as he finds himself snagged by the elbow and hauled toward the bar proper. He puts on his we'll discuss this later face, which is probably the main reason that Rodimus has dragged him out here to the bar in the first place. "Drift," he greets Drift blandly, working on trying to keep the suffering out of his face.

It's true. All three are here. Thank God for Hound.

Mercy returns Rodimus' smile with one of her own, instinctively rather than conspiratorially. "Hi!" she chirps before she adds a wave to Ultra Magnus. Thhe displeasure goes over the medic's head, for now, as she moves to follow further into the bar.

Pipes shuffles into Swerve's downcast. His modest light show greets him - blue! touches of silver! a flash of red! - but he pays no attention. He plops down at Punch's table without so much as a 'mind if I sit here?' or a 'hope I'm not interrupting'. "Hey Punch," is all that comes out.

If Jumpstart thought she was going to get away with sitting next to Drift and not having to endure his weeaboo bullshit, she is sadly mistaken. "You get what I'm talking about, right?" he says, looking right at her so there's absolutely no mistake as to who he is talking to. "It's no secret that the manga is better than the series no matter which one you're talking about. That's not even an opinion, that's a fact." When Rodimus and Ultra Magnus make their way over, he gives Jumpstart a respite from the conversation he's forced her into and regards the two of them with a big grin. "Heyy what are the chances of all three of us being off-shift at the same time and all of us deciding to come here?" What are the chances indeed.

<FS3> Drift rolls Weeaboo: Success. (2 3 1 6 1 6 7)

"Ugh, Windblade. I mean -- she's great, don't get me wrong, but ever since--." Rodimus breaks off. "Uh, lately, Chromia keeps giving me this LOOK, like you know." He tries to imitate Chromia's look and mostly just looks like he's crossed a few wires. "And if Windblade's educating, Chromia's guarding." Quieter, he adds, "And judging."

Sliding in next to Drift with an elbow to his side in a bodycheck of greeting, Rodimus says, "I know, it's amazing." He looks around Drift to Jumpstart and says with some sympathy, "Just nod when he starts talking like that. It's easier."

Jumpstart regards Drift for a long moment, trying not to betray any reaction or emotion in her features as he begins to explain the wonderful weeaboo world to her. Her optics flit past Drift to Rodimus when he speaks to her, but she just can't take the advice. "I have been listening in for the past few cycles." The beastformer replies. "And I have understood approximately half of the words you've used." Another pause. "And that is not an invitation to explain the other half." Jumpstart gives an apologetic look to Rodimus. "Captain. Ultra Magnus." She offers by way of greeting.

Punch ever so slightly tips his glass to Rodimus as he passes to acknowledge the smile. The effort of suppressing the chuckle causes a momentary twinge that he passes off as a cough. He takes a sip of coolant and he winces, It may be good for his body but his sense of taste disagrees. Punch then says to Pipes, "Hi there, how are you? Want anything?" Punch signals to the bar and tries not to look guilty as he does so. Going back to harder drinks so little after the surgery to rebalance his internals is a bit... irresponsible. It'll be fine though!

"Rodimus, you just got us ejected from an entire solar system. Again. You can get tolerate someone frowning at you for a few hours." Ultra Magnus gives him a particularly weighted frown as if by example. He does not bodycheck anyone, nor does he wave. He acknowledges his greetings with the inclination of a nod, and generally stands there looking large, a little imposing, and a little uncomfortable, as is his wont. (He's definitely here making Swerve nervous, though.) He says, "Good evening." After a beat's pause he adds, "I don't know, Drift. What are the chances?" with a gently skeptical air that suggests he thinks that Rodimus and Drift are probably in some kind of weird conspiracy to influence those particular chances.

Pausing mid-stride, Mercy quite literally twists and starts her path straight towards Punch as she hears the familiar voice. The femme's optics study him as motions to the barkeeper, her hands slooooowly lifting to settle on her hips as she draws closer. Uh oh!

Pipes tips his head up just enough to look at Punch. "Ugh. Sorry. I'm all right. I'll take an Old Forged ... and any human computers you might have." Now looking somewhere other than at his feet or at the surface of the table, he notices Mercy and the slow formation of That Look. His own optics widen as he glances back and forth between her and her target.

Brainstorm continues staring at the result of some rather unlikely chances for a while longer before spotting Pipes, as gloomy as he'd ever seen the smaller bot. Ah, right! Those computers! Taking his leave of the Decepticon storyteller, who by now has started going on about something so unbelievable that the sandy-coloured, skittish looking Autobot besides him has begun nudging the guy nervously with his elbow, he gathers he belongings and migrates to the the table of Ps (plus one M, it seems). It looks like more interesting company anyways "Have you talked to Tailgate? I think we might have found them in the incident room."

Drift returns Rodimus' greeting with one of his own, elbowing him a bit harder like it was some kind of competition. His grin turns crooked at Ultra Magnus' skepticism, "Are.. you really asking me? I don't think I'm capable of the math to answer that. I think I saw Brainstorm in here somewhere, you could ask him, he would definitely know."

Punch manages to nod briefly to Pipes before realisation dawns. Okay. Did not think that one through. He reacts the only way he knows how in a situation that's big trouble. He smiles brightly and warmly. Then he says, "Hi Mercy. I could probably explain. Not without lying though. Too late to say sorry?" Punch tries to relax. It helps when people are upset. Especially if they start throwing things.

Rodimus's smile widens in answer to the apologetic look. He tips his head in a 'what can you do' shrug, then leans forward to try to catch Swerve's attention. Swerve seems much more interested in seeing what Punch needs rather than approach Ultra Magnus and company. "Hey! C'mon, are you gonna tend bar or is this a free-for-all?"

"It wasn't like it was a very important solar system, though," Rodimus argues. He immediately puts Drift on the spot, turning to him to back up his outrageously reckless confidence. "Right?" He includes Jumpstart in his glance, clearly expecting her to agree as well.

"Hi Pipes" Mercy sounds cheerful enough when she greets him before her attention returns fully to poor Punch. She stares at him, silently, though the sound of her toes tapping might be heard if one listens carefully. "Only not if you stop drinking to the apology." she returns, tone tinged with heavy concern for the mech as she looks him over.

Jumpstart looks relieved, headfeathers settling as Drift turns his attention onto the other members of the command team. What seems to put some tension back in her frame is Rodimus's expectant glance. Jumpstart's lips work, as if trying to form a though that would conform to his expectations, but she can't quite get there. "Well...I suppose...Captain...even though the Autobot Code teaches that all life is precious, that...the sheer number of solar systems would require some kind of hierarchical organization, at least within a subset of classes. Therefore, accordingly, sir, it is entirely possible that the solar systems that your conduct has apparently blacklisted our entire race from were lower on that scale than most other systems." Jumpstart is sitting up straight by the end of that.

Pipes says, "Hi Mercy, Brainstorm," Pipes replies. He tries to put on a less gloomtastic demeanor, and answers Brainstorm's query. "Yeah, those were three of my computers." They're his now, apparently. "So I took them to the cargo bay and hid them with my stuff there, figuring that was safe. Except ... they're gone again! Primus, I'm so stupid." Aaaaand back to gloomtastic. He'll keep trying."

"Hi Mercy, Brainstorm," Pipes replies. He tries to put on a less gloomtastic demeanor, and answers Brainstorm's query. "Yeah, those were three of my computers." They're his now, apparently. "So I took them to the cargo bay and hid them with my stuff there, figuring that was safe. Except ... they're gone again! Primus, I'm so stupid." Aaaaand back to gloomtastic. He'll keep trying.

"I see," Ultra Magnus answers Drift with a slight shift of the edge of his helm over his eyes. He looks from Rodimus to Swerve, and then conducts a brief examination of the ceiling, probably checking to see if the lighting in here is up to code. His arms loose in their fold over his chest, he takes up a leaning seat on one of the barstools with his back to Swerve and the bar, his optics turning outward to contemplate the bar instead. "I believe Brainstorm has more important things to do with his time than calculate such a thing. I was not seriously asking. Rodimus--" He begins an argument of his own, and then glances at Jumpstart. He tilts his head toward her in a slight inclination, and then glances back at Rodimus with a lowering of the edge of helm over his gaze, sighing a little as he changes course to simply say: "--you are perfectly well aware that that is not a reasonable objection."

Punch raises a hand as if he were asking permission. Then he says to Mercy, "Does that include the coolant? As I havent actually drank anything..." Punch tries to find a word that doesn't also highlight his disdain for the coolant "... else..." best he could do in the time, "... yet. I didn't smoke though?" Punch adds that at the end in case it earns any favour. Then he rallies, "In any case. Can I get you something? As it shouldn't stop anyone else enjoying themselves."

"Try the incident room again" Brainstorm suggests, pulling up a free seat at the table for himself "Or the next room that suddenly locks itself and refuses overrides" setting his drinking arm on the table, he briefly considers his flask, then moves it in to position over it, even as he turns to Mercy, his voice half-joking "Are you campainging for abstinance now or something?"

Huffing, Mercy gives her head a long slow shake before she lets her hands slip from her hips. "You're lucky it was me and not one of the other medics that caught you," she points out to Punch dryly before Pipes sadness registers with the femme. She turns,and moves to try and sweep Pipes up into a tight hug.

"Uhh, well, Rodimus.." Drift starts, clearly having some difficulty giving Rodimus an answer. He pulls a face and quickly downs the rest of his sake as gestures to Swerve for more. "It's extremely unwise to get your race as a whole banned from an entire solar system regardless of it's perceived importance." He glances at Ultra Magnus as he says this and then leans over to take Rodimus' hand, relaying a message he'd rather not say in present company. It sounded crazy, I regret missing it. "Seriously though," he says outloud, "Try not to get us banned from anymore solar systems. It's already hard enough to find a friendly port."

<FS3> Rodimus rolls Chirolinguistic: Failure. (3 6 4)

"It's funny, but when you say it like that -- 'your conduct blacklisted all of us' -- it sounds almost critical," Rodimus says with a measuring squint of his gaze at Jumpstart. He is reevaluating her loyalty when Drift betrays him too. He is so aghast that he has no idea what Drift tried to say in hand. He's shocked past reasoning it out. He looks back at Ultra Magnus and mumbles something like, "We were just having a little fun. No one got--" He breaks off and thinks a moment. People clearly got hurt. "No one died!"

<FS3> Pipes rolls Optimism: Great Success. (8 8 8 3 6 3 2 3 4 8 6 1)

Jumpstart glances from side to side as she is squinted at, retaining some of her poise but clearly having to work at it. "No, no one died." She parrots Rodimus. "We had better inform Cybertron to add those systems to the list so that your observation remains true into the future, captain."

Pipes accepts Mercy's hug gratefully. It's almost magical, really. He just rests in it for a moment, and then the gloom can almost be seen evaporating from him. "Thanks, Mercy," he says, traces of audible happiness returning in his voice. "Either they will show up again or they won't. But it'll be OK. I know that Tailgate and all of security are on the case anyway. And besides, I came here to feel better, not be all grumpy." Now, where's that drink?

<FS3> Mercy rolls Kind Sparked: Good Success. (8 5 4 2 7 1 4 5 1 5 7)

Ultra Magnus also glances at Drift with notable surprise reflected in his expression, for all that this critique is quite muted. He tips his head in his direction, a subtle nod to him, like, good job Drift, he is quietly, gravely impressed with your ability to not just tell Rodimus he's awesome all the time. Progress! He looks back to Rodimus and says, "Good. I am glad to hear that there were no serious casualties of our latest exploit, aside of course from the assessments in property damage, which we will address when we are on duty and not when we are out and ... being social." He speaks the words 'being social' as though he finds them unfamiliar and isn't sure how he feels about the taste. "That doesn't change my earlier recommendation."

Punch, unsure if he's in the clear or not, waits for the drinks to arrive. He passes Pipes his and then stands to return the one he ordered to the bar. It's still there by the time he gets to the bar itself. Maybe. The glass certainly does. Punch hastily writes a quick note and leaves an additional extra tip beside the glass. Whether it's full, empty or otherwise depends on the observers outlook.

Shortly after returning Punch says to Brainstorm, "Thanks again about the console. It really is appreciated." Despite the fact he doesn't like it he's sure trying to get rid of the coolant. There's no alternate motive behind that.

Mercy holds Pipes in her arms for as long as he needs to be held; hugs she's good at. Hugs are something she'll give as often as someone wants them! When he moves to pull back, she pats his back one final time before she looks back to the 'innocent' Punch...she knos what he's doing but doesn't call him on it. For now. "We can get you more another time?" she offers to Pipes.

Letting Mercy handle Pipes, Brainstorm turns to Punch to give the ex-spy a nod "No problem. By the way, I have no idea what the medics have been doing withyou, but if your system suddenly starts rejecting your feet, drop by. I did my best to make it compatable with it, but I was working off what's now outdated data." he holds up his flask, as if he could somehow see through it to gauge the level of it's contents, then sets it back on the table and turns to Pipes again "By the way, if you're still up for another catapult launch test, we can set up a time"

The nod is subtle but Drift gets it and he responds with a very unsubtle thumbs-up. He's taking your advice to heart, Ultra Magnus! He swings an arm around Rodimus' shoulders to reassure him that they are still bros despite what was said. "Yeah, Magnus is right. We're all off-duty, let's have a good time." That doesn't get us banned from anywhere, Drift neglects to say outloud. He gestures wildly for Swerve's attention. "Drinks on me, you guys." He grins at Jumpstart, "You too, what do you want?"

Rodimus takes a moment to imagine a friendly bunch of unarmed civvies wandering into port. He considers the welcome they would receive. He winces. He tips his head at Jumpstart and says, "Yeah. Okay. Point made. We actually better put out a notice. And -- uh, other point made, too." He splits his gaze back in Ultra Magnus's direction as well with a sheepish dip of his shoulders and droop of spoiler. FIIIINE. EDUCATION OR WHATEVER. Drift's distraction by way of drinks receives an unnecessary amount of enthusiasm as he reroutes attention. "In that case, I want a double!"

Oh dear. The coolant's finished. If only Punch had managed to order another when he was at the bar. He did and the coolant arrives. It's totally coolant. The parenthesis must have been in error. Honest. Punch takes a sip of the coolant (again typo) and says to Brainstorm, "I'll certainly keep that in mind. In fact, I may see you about it anyway for a tweak or two now I'm more familiar on how to fly." He sees Mercy's look. Too little to get a read on. He may be compromised. Punch's smile brightens.

Getting drunk with command. This is setting off major alarm bells for Jumpstart the Redshirt. "A raincheck." The avian replies to Drift, her tone a bit harsher than it seems she had intended, given her quick followup. "Which is to say, I am going to be late for my shift if I don't leave soon. So, thank you for the offer, but I must excuse myself. Captain. Drift. Ultra Magnus." Jumpstart says by way of farewell before quickly turning away from the bar and marching right towards that door.

Ultra Magnus looks mildly taken aback, possibly at the idea that he is the one somehow responsible for a suggestion that everyone should have a good time. It seems out of character. He rubs at the side of his nose with one fingertip. He doesn't make a move to order a drink, but Drift has already been through that one with him. He's just here holding up the counter. "Swerve certainly seems to be doing business here," he observes. He marks Jumpstart's retreat with a slight shift of his brow, although not like he finds it shocking that someone might not want to drink with him. Because really he doesn't even want to drink with himself.

"OK," Pipes answers simply to Mercy as he settles back into his seat. All better now. Drink delivered, he cups his hands around it resting on the table in front of him and leans down to sip through the straw. When Brainstorm brings up the bot-a-pult, he brightens. "That would actually be really great!" but then he remembers the occupation of who is right next to him, and he hunches his head down.

Drift looks surprised and perhaps even disappointed when Jumpstart rejects his offer of free drinks. "Understandable. Maybe another time then." But she's already gone. When he finally gets Swerve's attention, he orders a drink for Rodimus and himself and not long after that Swerve's slides them over the bar before running off to tend to (and talk at) other customers. "Cheers" he says, lifting his drink. "To no one dying!" There are worse things to toast to.

"Think that was because of the whole Deadlock thing?" Rodimus asks Drift in a voce that's not-quite-sotto. He glances after Jumpstart. He doesn't quite seem to know if he should frown. Instead, he drinks.

Glancing around the bar as Ultra Magnus comments on it, Rodimus grins in some satisfaction. "Yeah. It's good to have a place where everyone can loosen the armor a little, you know?" He acts like it is all to his credit.

Comfort given to Pipes, and at least some displeasure (however fleeting) to Punch, Mercy turns to make her way out of the bar.

The fold of his arms growing a little tighter across the broad set of his chest, Ultra Magnus gives Rodimus a look a little obscurely annoyed. He is still leaning there, shoulders towering high above the bar, feet spread wide as he half sits on the stool. "Indeed," he says. "I was initially opposed due to the effect I anticipated on discipline, but I may have been hasty."

"I don't know. Maybe. Probably." Drift stares down into his drink, fingers flexing around it. "It's always my first assumption." He frowns and takes a long sip of his drink before forcing a grin. "Keeping this bar open was a good move. Could you imagine what it would be like if we didn't have Swerve and his bar here? Chaos. Pure chaos."

Punch waves as Mercy leaves, then downs the not-a-coolant-in the slightest. He then slights a cig lets it light itself and asks Pipes, "You want to go again on the catapult?" Punch tries to hide any particular intonation apart from casual inquiry. Y'know, ignoring the high injury levels that test pilots have sustained so far. Not a consideration.

"Like I said before, feel free to drop by" Brainstorm glances briefly at Punch again before turning to watch Mercy leave. Well, at least she won't be around to mind the idea of throwing people in to walls. You know, the one that keeps landing Pipes in the medibay? "Just tell me when's good for you and I'll get things set up" he sounds about as eager to get on with that as his viti--volunteer, though he does turn to give Punch a somewhat considering look. That last one was techinically his fault, but... "You up for opperating it again?"

Rodimus squeezes Drift's shoulder in what he imagines is a reassuring gesture. "Well, it'd definitely be a lot harder to predict where the next Bot vs. Con brawl would break out without the bar," he says, grinning. He glances hopefully at the bar's patrons to see if such a fight might be brewing. You'd think he had his fill, and yet--! "Everyone needs a place to blow off steam, Magnus. Careful, measured release of pressure instead of an explosion." Somewhat disappointed, he notes, "See? Everyone looks pretty happy."

Pipes twiddles his fingers in a bye-bye wave to Mercy. Oh good, she didn't hear about the bot-a-pult. He turns back to those who remain. "I do!" he confirms to Punch. "I really only got one shot ... I think." It's hard to remember! Wonder why? "When's good, when's good ..." he thinks over Brainstorm's offer as he sips his drink. How about after the shuttle computer mystery is sorted out? The thought pops into Pipes' head but he's not sure why.

"Yes. Clearly, it is good for morale." Magnus glances out across the bar again, his mouth a little set. His tone as he speaks the words is a little dry. Clearly, it is good for morale of -- people not him. He considers for a moment, and then adds, "I wouldn't assume that Drift's presence is the chilling effect, in any event. She was drinking beside him before we arrived."

Punch nods to Brainstorm after taking a sizable draw from his cig, "I'd be glad to. It can only get easier and I can only get better at it." Right? Punch then orders another drink that doesn't even need to pretend to be coolant with some hand signals. While it's being made he says to Pipes, "Anytime at all that suits you from my end. Just make the call."

"I hear there's another bar on the ship somewhere but I've never been to it myself," Drift says, his smile becoming more sincere thanks to the shoulder squeeze Rodimus gives him. "Visages, I think it's called? Oh wait, no, it's 'Visages,' there are quotes around it." He takes another sip of his drink and looks up at Ultra Magnus. "Hm, good point. I don't know then, I guess she just wasn't up for it."

"Oh. Yeah." Rodimus considers Ultra Magnus in all of his Magnusian everything. "I guess you are kind of intimidating." There clearly has to be some explanation that does not involve someone not wanting to hang out with Rodimus. THAT SOUNDS FAKE. He keeps hold of Drift's shoulder and elbows Ultra Magnus in the side: "Come on, let's go take a seat in one of the booths, stop scaring people away from the bar."

Ultra Magnus turns a look aside from both of them toward the door, like he is thinking seriously about breaking ranks and running away, but what he says is: "...all right," as he takes back to his feet again.

Drift is far too excited about this idea and practically leaps out of his seat. "Yeah, let's do it!" He points them towards a specific booth because he's 'getting a good vibe' from it.

With that, the three menaces to fun (one for overdoing it, one for cracking down on it, one for overvibing it) clear the stage.

Unfortunately for Pipes, Brainstorm is not a telepath, so while the minibot thinks, the engineer turns back to Punch, who is actually vocal about his availability "Don't you have anything else you need to be doing? I mean, I'm not complaining, but I'm just asking."

The combination of compassion from Mercy and his favorite beverage have shifted Pipes into a more peaceful state of mind, and he is surprised when he finds his drink empty while ruminating on catapult scheduling. His outlook improved and mood mellowed, he realizes he could use a recharge to extend the peacefulness. "Brainstorm, I will let you know. Punch, thanks for the drink. I'm going to go recharge ... maybe dream about shuttle computers." With a snicker, he rises from his seat, gives a nod and wave combo, and heads for his comfortable habsuite.

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