2016-02-16 Operation Mediumus

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Operation Mediumus
Date 2016/02/16
Location Lost Light: Recreation -- Practice Rooms
Participants Rodimus, Drift, Ultra Magnus
Summary This log title is not my fault.

Rodimus is always eager to spar with Minimus. He loves sparring. He LOVES sparring with Minimus. It is really possible to discern an edge of extra glee as he skates -- seriously, there are wheels involved -- into the practice room and throws himself into preparation for a sparring match?

The go a couple of rounds, trading blows and shifting across the practice rooms, before breaking for a breather. Rodimus has been very well-behaved -- that is to say, he hasn't tried to pin and sexually harass Minimus at all. "You know," he says, totally casual, "I was thinking."


It has been slow going, from his initial hesitancy in that first sparring match, to the shy stiffness that began his work in the practice rooms in subsequent sparring matches, to the relative ease of their last few sessions. Rodimus has shown marked improvement, which may have something to do it; he has to work harder to keep ahead of him, staying quick and alert and in tune with his slight frame, or else risk being quickly pinned while he is still growing accustomed to not being enormous. But then, there's also the fact that the practice has been, slowly, acclimatizing Minimus Ambus to, well, himself.

Now, he works his shoulders between brief flurries of blows and rubs at the back of his neck to chase some random kink of muscle away as he frowns, and looks up at Rodimus with an air of patient expectation. He says: "Have you," with a blandness that works so hard to leave any skepticism solely the province of muted irony rather than directly by tone or expression.

"Drift's off-shift right now--" Rodimus had to reschedule their normal session. 'For reasons', he said. 'For rescheduling when Drift can come reasons', he didn't say. Now he faces Minimus with hope brightening the curve of his smile. "--and I was thinking maybe he could join us. Sometimes it's easier to learn things when you see someone else doing it, and you said you wanted to spar with him." That's a creative interpretation of Minimus's words, but Rodimus is going with it.

"Really, Rodimus. I don't recall saying that," Minimus says with a certain dry note of acerb sharpening his voice. This pointed out, he hesitates for a moment, dropping his hands to his sides. His optics slide along the walls of the training room to the points where he knows full well Tailgate's security cameras are. He spends a moment very still and silent. It is visible, the step he takes to shrug aside from old habits of irrelevant secrecy and privacy. The physical shrug shakes out his limbs, loosening his body from a gathering tension, and then he says, finally, after a brisk reset of his vocalizer as if to pretend he never left an extended pause there: "All right. If you want. He did ask me about it. I suppose I don't ... really object."

Rodimus patiently waits out the pause, and definitely does not make any kind of undignified squeaky noise of intense enthusiasm. That doesn't happen. Shut up. "Let me see if he's available," he says, then turns away to make the comm. It goes like: << OPERATION MEDIUMUS AMBUS IS GO. Go go go. Hurry up before he changes his mind. Drift! DRIFT!!! >>

Minimus Ambus gives Rodimus a look. You can probably imagine the look.

Rodimus gives Minimus Ambus a grin. You can probably imagine his face.

Drift is probably watching anime or some stupid shit when the call for Operation Mediumus Ambus (he didn't pick the name) blares in his radio. << I'm on my way >> he says with just a hint of nervousness in his voice. It's not long after that when he walks into the practice rooms, though he takes a quick moment to collect himself before entering the specific one Rodimus and Minimus are in. "Heyyyy, so what's this I hear about learning new moves or something??" So smooth.

Minimus Ambus stands with his shoulders back, hands folded primly behind him, as they wait for Drift. When he comes in, he stands subtly straighter, if that's even possible, and lifts his chin slightly. "Drift," is his carefully mild greeting. It may not be that hard to detect the skittery shyness beneath the ratcheting up of his tension for those who have grown used to him and the way that he is a pain in the aft. His optics flicker, saccadic in their shift between Drift and Rodimus.

Rodimus turns, shifting to gather Minimus and Drift in a single glance. His grin, already bright, flashes incandescent. "Yeah, I was just saying that sometimes it's easier to learn something when you see two other people run through it, instead of just doing it yourself, so I thought maybe we could all--." He breaks off and tangles his hands in an incredibly -- incredibly -- unclear gesture. "What do you want to start with?" he asks with a glance back at Minimus.

"Mag..nimus," Drift says, grimacing at his own awkwardness. "You look.." Taller? Smaller? He lets it hang there for a moment. "Good?" He clears his vocalizer with a cough and glances at Rodimus. "Uh, yeah, that makes sense. So, is there something specific you had in mind or..?" Now he looks at Minimus.

Minimus Ambus gives Rodimus a look that verges from his careful neutrality to something distinctly more nervy and uncomfortable, with an edge of consternation in his expression, like, this was your idea!!!! His hands draw forward in the beginnings of a gesture and then drop. His fingers flex at his sides, fingertips curling inward. His mouth tightens visibly. A little flatly he says, "Thank you. No." Calling on some inner reserve of bluff confidence forged inside a much larger set of armor, he says next, "I'll take you both in whichever order you prefer."

<COMBAT> Minimus Ambus has joined the combat as a soldier on team 1. (Rodimus)

<COMBAT> Rodimus has changed weapons to Sparring.

<COMBAT> Minimus Ambus has changed weapons to Sparring. (Rodimus)

<COMBAT> Rodimus will attack Minimus Ambus this turn.

<COMBAT> Minimus Ambus will attack Rodimus this turn. (Rodimus)

<COMBAT> Rodimus has started the combat! Pose and pick your first action.

<COMBAT> Drift has joined the combat as a soldier on team 1. (Rodimus)

<COMBAT> Drift has changed weapons to sparring. (Rodimus)

<COMBAT> Drift will attack Minimus Ambus this turn. (Rodimus)

<COMBAT> Minimus Ambus will attack Drift this turn.

<COMBAT> You set your action.

<COMBAT> Minimus Ambus has changed stance to cautious.

<COMBAT> You change your stance.

<COMBAT> Rodimus has changed stance to banzai.

<COMBAT> Rodimus will pass this turn.

"I know," Rodimus sympathizes when Drift fumbles over the name. "He said Magnus is fine." He gives Drift a slap on the shoulder and stands at his side, looking back at Minimus. He meets the consternation with ease, and the confidence with a cocky grin and a laugh. "Oh yeah?" He exchanges a glance with Drift, squeezes his shoulder, and then falls into place just to the side to gesture: "After you," he says to Drift, as polite as he has ever been in his life.

Drift gives a nervous laugh when Rodimus slaps him on the shoulder but it does help to ease some of his tension. He begins unholstering his swords and setting them aside (he didn't need to bring them but he always does anyway) and when Rodimus steps aside, he steps forwards. "Alright then, guess I get to take a crack at you first." He takes a moment to stretch before dropping into a fighting stance. "I've been looking forward to this. Think you can still pin me without the armor?"

Body language melting into a readier ease as the actual fighting part approaches, Minimus Ambus lifts his hands roughly to the level of his waist, balancing lightly on his feet. He is wary and defensive at first, in a way that he has not typically been when Rodimus flings himself into combat. It is possible that he considers Drift more of a threat. But his invitation is still ... a little obnoxious. He curls his fingers by the curve of his hip in a beckoning gesture, chin lifting as he meets Drift's gaze with bright, sharp scarlet optics, and says: "Come and see."

Rodimus steps back, the better to observe. He watches them with open delight: his gaze moves from Drift as his tension teases to Minimus as his stance eases. He looks between them, backing up to lean against the wall, fold his hands behind his head, and watch with a self-satisfied smile on his face. "Ten shanix says he pins you!" he calls. That's very unclear.

<COMBAT> Minimus Ambus attacks Drift with Sparring - Light Stun wound to Neck.

<COMBAT> Drift attacks Minimus Ambus with Sparring - Moderate Stun wound to Head.

<COMBAT> Rodimus passes.

<COMBAT> Rodimus has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

<COMBAT> Minimus Ambus has changed stance to normal.

<COMBAT> You change your stance.

Surely that was a challenge and it's one that Drift has no intention of passing up. His lips curl into a devious grin and then he lunges forwards to deliver his first hit. Just like with his swordplay, his movements are quick with a flair of showmanship but his lesser experience with unarmed combat means he leaves himself open to Minimus' counterattack. There's no snappy comments or teasing, just Drift concentrating on finding an opening to put his opponent into a proper hold.

<COMBAT> Drift will subdue Minimus Ambus this turn.

The quick chop of Minimus's hand slices in close to glance across Drift's neck and shoulder, not quite the direct shot that he was aiming for as their first strikes bring them into close range. When Drift shifts gears to head to seize an early grapple, Minimus reacts with surprise showing in the shift of his helm. He observes, "Handsy," aloud, because he is ... as he has been accused of being ... mouthy. He shifts his weight more aggressively and plunges in an attempt to control the grapple rather than evade it.

<COMBAT> Minimus Ambus will subdue Drift this turn.

<COMBAT> You set your action.

"I got money riding on this!" Rodimus popcorns from the sidelines. "Get him!" Again, very unclear.

<COMBAT> Minimus Ambus tries to subdue Drift but fails.

<COMBAT> Drift tries to subdue Minimus Ambus but fails.

<COMBAT> Rodimus passes.

<COMBAT> Rodimus has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

<COMBAT> Drift will attack Minimus Ambus this turn.

<COMBAT> Minimus Ambus will attack Drift this turn.

<COMBAT> You set your action.

Drift pushes his luck and tries to go into a grapple the first chance he gets. His impatience results in Minimus countering easily and forcing him to fend off a grapple of his own. "So you've noticed," he remarks, backing off just enough to attempt a leg sweep.

<COMBAT> Minimus Ambus has changed stance to banzai.

<COMBAT> You change your stance.

Fingers sliding in a scrabble off the slant of Drift's back and the curve of his hip as he dodges away, Minimus is all lithe grace and startling speed as he dances past the range of Drift's reach. It's a little ridiculous how much faster he can move, reacclimatized as he has become to the limits of his middle frame. (Just think what he'll have to learn all over if you make him fight as a smol.) As evasive as he has been, he has to charge back in to make his next attack. Throwing caution to the wind, probably because he has spent too long with Rodimus, he does.

Is Rodimus starting to look a little uneasy? It's just possible. He claps and goes, "Yay," to himself.

<COMBAT> Rodimus passes.

<COMBAT> Minimus Ambus attacks Drift with Sparring - Moderate Stun wound to Chest.

<COMBAT> Drift attacks Minimus Ambus with Sparring - Light Stun wound to Left Hand.

<COMBAT> Rodimus has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

Fighting Minimus is certainly different than fighting Ultra Magnus. For one, he's a smaller target but not just that, he's also a lot quicker. It provides a fun challenge and Drift is grinning the entire time he spars with Minimus, clearly enjoying himself. If Minimus thought he was being handsy before, there's certainly no denying it now when Drift takes one of his hands and laces their fingers together briefly before twisting it to the side. "You're pretty good at this so far."

Minimus Ambus drives the heel of his other hand hard against Drift's chest, putting the full force of his momentum behind the blow as, probably predictably, he scowls. "I was a soldier," he says. After the wrench of his wrist, he jerks sideways to twist his hand away and shake it out, saying in a much lighter tone, "Better keep up," as he moves.

Rodimus doesn't say anything, now. He watches -- caught, fascinated, tangled in the play of their bodies and the blows they exchange, but with his lip caught under the edge of his teeth and a faint anxious stillness to the set of his body.

<COMBAT> Minimus Ambus attacks Drift with Sparring - Moderate Stun wound to Neck.

<COMBAT> Drift attacks Minimus Ambus with Sparring - Moderate Stun wound to Chest.

<COMBAT> Rodimus passes.

<COMBAT> Rodimus has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

<COMBAT> Drift has been **KO'd**!

Drift's hold on Minimus' hand is broken and he receives a scuffed chest for his troubles. "You're the one that needs to keep up!" With that he ducks in close and slaps a hand against Minimus' chest, fingers digging into whatever seams they can reach and trying to push him back. A mischevious grin plays over his lips but it doesn't last long. Once Minimus gets his hit in, Drift practically crumbles to the floor.

This time when Minimus strikes at Drift's neck it is more deliberate, scoring hard across his metal skin as he slides inside his guard. He takes the blow to his chest in exchange for the slam, although he seems a little surprised when Drift staggers. Whatever flip comment he might have been about to offer snags in his throat.

For all his discomfort, when Drift hits the floor, Rodimus is quick to push off the wall and cross over to help him a hand out. "What, are you tapping out? Is it my turn? Come on, you haven't even managed to pin him!"

<COMBAT> Drift is not out of the fight yet! (Rodimus)

<COMBAT> Drift will subdue Minimus Ambus this turn.

<COMBAT> Minimus Ambus will subdue Drift this turn.

Drift lays on the floor, dazed for a few moments until Rodimus reaches out his hand. A goofy grin comes onto his face and he takes the offered hand with a firm squeeze, pulling himself back onto his feet. "Ha, no way! He just got a lucky hit is all!" He lets his fingers slide over Rodimus' hand as he pulls away. "I'm not even close to being done yet!" With that, he lunges for Minimus again.

"Ah, yes. 'Lucky'." Minimus stops making air quotes just in time to meet Drift's lunge, turning hip first into his assault as he once more attempts to seize control of the attempted grapple.

Rodimus stands back, looking a little more settled, for all that they are going right into the grope-ling.

<COMBAT> Minimus Ambus subdues Drift!

<COMBAT> Drift passes.

<COMBAT> Rodimus attempts to rally Drift but they are not KO'd.

<COMBAT> Rodimus has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

<COMBAT> Rodimus will pass this turn.

Drift doesn't pull any punches in his attempt to pin Minimus, doing everything he can to subdue him and win the extremely vague challenge/bet that only exists in his and Rodimus' heads. He puts his hands all over his opponent, fingers sliding and groping in a desperate attempt to gain a firm hold. His legs are busy too, trying to wedge themselve's between his and hinder his movement. In the end, he fails spectacularly. "Crap!"

Leading hip first into Drift's lunge, Minimus captures the thigh that Drift attempts to wedge between his with the clamp of his knees and twists, pitching his shoulder into an unbalancing roll that drops them to the mat in a long slide of metal bodies. He manages the fall with controlled grace, using both his hands to capture Drift's wrists and pin them behind his head against the floor. Which means that they are on the floor, incidentally, and that he is on top, systems revving in a fresh drive of heat as they sputter and growl in the crash and tangle together in the wrestle of warring grips. He says: "I'm very lucky, as you can see."

If they had Rodimus's attention before, it is hard to say just how much more thoroughly he's been drawn in when one finally gets the edge over the other. His vents click with the stall of his fans in a held breath.

<COMBAT> Drift will pass this turn.

All it takes is one slip-up and the next thing Drift knows, he's being slammed into the floor. He doesn't even have a chance to recover before his wrists are caught and pinned to the floor along with the rest of his body currently trapped under Minimus' weight. He stares up at Minimus and wow, is it getting hot in here or is it just him? Judging by the heat radiating off his body and the internal fans trying to cool him down, it's probably just him. "I don't know, seems I'm the lucky one in this situation."

<FS3> Drift rolls Adorability+presence: Failure. (1 6 5 6 6)

<COMBAT> Minimus Ambus will pass this turn.

<COMBAT> You set your action.

From heat to freeze in an instant, Minimus Ambus goes very still. His fingers, already a firm clasp in their controlled wrap of Drift's wrists, tighten reflexively, hard pinpoints of metal pressed tight against his skin. Then the hold breaks as his hands go slack. His fluster visible, he ducks his head with a tightening of his shoulders, and his knee digs hard into Drift's abdomen in his scramble to push off of him, rising to his feet. "If losing a fight is what you consider a positive," he says, but it's more awkward mumble than snap.

Rodimus worked so hard to make this happen, but suddenly he's moving forward to help Minimus up and offer Drift a hand, physically pushing himself between them as he gets them both on their feet again. His spoiler is held high in a twitch of tension that strains the ease of his smile. "Yeah, I definitely learned a lot from that one!"

Any nervousness Drift had when they first started this spar is completely gone now, as evidenced by that incredibly cheesy lines he uses in his attempt to flirt with Minimus. He even goes so far as to give him a handsome smile except he's not so great at that and instead all he manages to do is show him this ridiculous, lop-sided grin followed by a grimace when he's kneed in the gut. "I do consider it a positive, means I've learned something." Rodimus steps in and Drift takes his hand to pull himself up once again. He draws in close when he's back on his feet. "See? It was a learning opportunity for everyone! I consider that a great success."

In this instance, Minimus's body language bespeaks a remarkable gladness for the shield of Rodimus's lean frame sheltering him from his moment's flummoxed confusion (because ... that's obviously what he's doing). Though he has been largely careful about doing so in public lately, he grips Rodimus by the upper arm when he interposes himself, fingers closing in a firm pressure in brilliant contrast with his bright-hued skin. "What--" he starts to snap, and then stops, controlling the impulse. He uses the other hand to knuckle at the edge of his helm. "Fine. Good." Then he lets go of Rodimus and steps back.

"Wasn't sure which way that was going to go." Rodimus relaxes between them; his spoiler angles lower and his cables loosen from their tight hold. His smile is easier as he covers Minimus's hand with his own. "You're both pretty good on your feet. Why don't Drift and I spar a little and you can tell us where we're messing up?" he offers to Minimus.

Since public displays of affection has been a total non-issue between him and Rodimus, he has absolutely no problem getting touchy-feely with him in front of the security cameras. Whatever, if anything all he is doing is confirming what everyone else assumed anyway. He slips an arm around Rodimus' waist and gives him an affectionate hip-check. "Ohh yeah, that sounds like a good idea. I can guarantee I'll do a better job pinning him than I did with you," he says, grinning at Minimus.

His hand first growing a little tense in Rodimus's, Minimus draws back and pulls away, leaving more space between himself and the pair of them as he ducks his head. He backs toward the wall until he finds it to lean against, well out of their way. "Very well," he says, voice dropping a little quieter. He gestures with two fingers as if to indicate each in turn, and says, "Show me what you've got," before crossing his arms in a loose fold over his chest.

Well, apparently, what they've got is a lot of cuddling since Rodimus turns in the loop of Drift's arm to bonk his helm with his own. Cameras, what? Public space, what? He grins at Drift and says, "You're super going down. I've been busy learning while you've been watching your animes," he teases. He squeezes Drift's arm and then steps back to fall in a loose 'come at me, bro' and gestures. "Let me show you." He's probably gonna lose, but he's determined to look good doing it.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Rodimus=unarmed Vs Drift=unarmed

< Rodimus: Success (1 1 1 8 6 4 6 2) Drift: Good Success (7 7 5 3 4 8)

< Net Result: Drift wins - Solid Victory

Drift presses a quick kiss to Rodimus' cheek before they part and prepare for some hardcore bro sparring. Rodimus beckons him and Drift lunges, pulling the same tricks on him that he tried on Minimus just seconds before he was pinned to the ground. Second time's the charm or something, right? Right. "Ha! What'd I tell you?"

By the time they are done bro sparring, Minimus Ambus has recovered himself enough to be very dry in talking them through exactly where both of them went wrong. Some of it probably even involves how much each of them smile, although at this point, both have ample reason to doubt him when he says these things.

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