2016-02-14 Date Night

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-02-14 Date Night
Date 2016/02/14
Location Habsuites - Blast Off and Whirl
Participants Blast Off, Whirl
Summary Blast Off tries to impress Whirl with his idea of what a proper date is. Fair warning, there is some smooching towards the end.


This is the greeting Whirl will get the moment he enters the door of his and Blast Off's shared habsuite. This will probably be news to Whirl, given that he and Blast Off had not made any plans. Nonetheless, that announcement will be followed with a brown and purple rush as the shuttleformer strides up to poke Whirl aggressively in the chest. "Always taking your time! Where were you?" Blast Off pulls himself away to glare up at the cyclops, optics flashing. "And don't give me that /look/, either!! Always so..." He waves a hand rapidly as if waving pests away, "So.... lackadaisy and ..and.... unpredictable and..." He seems to be searching for something to say. "Uh."

The Combaticon suddenly pokes Whirl in the chest again, then pulls away once more to place hands on hips and glare up at him.

"...And *tall*." Like that's Whirl's fault somehow.

On top of everything else, Whirl may also note that there are two unlit candles sitting on a table in the middle of the habsuite and some sort of alien stove has been placed on a counter nearby. It also seems that there's some odd wires and slabs of metal hanging from the ceiling for some strange reason.

It takes a moment for Whirl to process what's happening as Blast Off swoops in to start lecturing him and poking him in the chest. "What? Late for what? And WHAT look?" he asks, giving Blast Off that look. "What are you even talking about? I was working! I don't understand what the big deal is! You're being really weird.." As he steps further inside, he takes note of the table set-up in their habsuite and the odd decorations Blast Off seems to have hung up. "What.." He reaches up and taps one of the hanging slabs of metal. "What is all this?"

Blast Off HUFFs exasperatedly, waving his hand dismissively towards the odd setup all around them. "Never you mind that, don't change the subject!" He plants himself squarely in Whirl's path, blocking any easy access to any of it and proceeds to continue glaring up at the other mech, hands braced back on hips, one rocket foot shifted slightly in front of the other and one hip tilted above the other. "REALLY Whirl, I'd think you would know!"

One hand shoots out from his raised hip to poke Whirl in the chest again. "That's IT! You've really done it this time, and I'm really angry! Incensed! FURIOUS!" He makes sure to raise his voice to further emphasize the fact. "You're such AUTOBOT. And incredibly *blue!* And a helicopter! And here I am, a brown and purple Decepticon space shuttle. It's like we're from different worlds. I just don't know, Whirl." His hand flings up to his face melodramatically. "Maybe it's too much."

Whirl is about to step further in and get a closer look at those.. are those candles? But Blast Off blocks his path and resumes his 'angry' chest poking. "What are you even talking about!? What is going on!?" He's poked in the chest yet again and he just stares dumbfounded as the Combaticon goes into his spiel about 'different worlds' and 'being an Autobot.' "Are you SERIOUS!? What the hell!? Is this.." He takes a step back. "Shit. Is it like.. our anniversary or something? I didn't know we were keeping track out that stuff! C'mon, really!?"

Again with the dismissively hand waving. "No, no, it's not our anniversary-" He stops, blinking, bringing his finger to tap at his chin thoughtfully. "Though...actually, you're right, that would be even better." Now he draws himself up to give Whirl his most indignant, righteously outraged look and thrusts that finger back to Whirl's chassis. "AND YOU FORGOT OUR ANNIVERSARY!!!" This is followed by an extremely loud huff that sounds like someone's petro-cat caterwauling.

"THAT'S IT, WHIRL!" He sidesteps the rotary and grabs a scarf draped around a coat rack next to the door (wait, they have a coat rack?). Flinging the scarf around his neck with a haughty air, he thrusts his hand, palm flat, towards Whirl in a *stop* gesture. "That's it, I can take no more! I am leaving, and don't try to stop me!"

"It's not our anniversary? Then why-" Whirl is then poked in the chest again and accused of.. forgetting their anniversary. It's at this point that the wheels in Whirl's head are starting to turn and he begins to doubt the seriousness of this conversation. He just stares as Blast Off steps around him and grabs a scarf off the coat rack they didn't have when he left for his shift earlier in the day. "Really? You're just going to walk out?" He suddenly plants his claws on Blast Off's hips and heft him up over his shoulder like he was a bag of Combaticon potatoes. "I don't think so. CLEARLY you had something planned and I'm going to find out what it is!"

"YES!" Blast Off's cultured voice has all the high pitch of an emotional breakdown, but with little of its actual venom or conviction. "I am leaving and you can't stop m-OH!!" Suddenly he's grabbed and hefted over Whirl's shoulder. Surprised, the Combaticon doesn't do anything at first as now *he* is the one processing this new development. His decision, finally, is not to struggle but instead let his arms hang limply down Whirl's backside as he tries turning his head to attempt seeing Whirl's not-face. "Oh. I.... I see. You... you really feel that strongly? You want me to stay?"

"Of course I want you to stay! After everything we've been through together? There's no way you can get rid of me that easily!" Whirl jostles Blast Off a bit on his shoulder before spinning around and heading towards the table set up in the middle of the room. "Okay.. so.." He plops Blast Off into one of the chairs and moves to sit in the one on the other side of the table. "...Seriously, what's going on? Why did you do all this?"

Blast Off tenses a little as he's jostled, hands coming to brace themselves on Whirl's backside before one strays up and starts idly stroking one of Whirl's rotors- then it flits back into place again by the time the Combaticon finds himself plopped on a chair. He shifts to become more comfortable, or at least he tries to. He doesn't *look* that comfortable, but neither does he look very angry anymore. Resting his hands on his knees, he tilts his head at the other mech. "I... I am glad to hear it. Maybe I..." he glances almost shyly away, "Maybe this was just a big misunderstanding, then. Maybe I... should make it up to you, then."

That final question has him turning to regard Whirl once more, expression hinting at a bit of confusion as to why Whirl would even have to ask. "I wanted to surprise you with a romantic night for two, of course."

Whirl settles into his seat, propping an elbow on the table and leaning forward to rest what used to be his chin on his claws. "Well, I was pretty surprised when you jumped out and started scolding me for no reason, so good job on that one." He looks at the candles for a second before flicking his gaze to Blast Off. "So, romantic night for two, eh? Okay, I'm in. What does a romantic night for two consist of?"

Blast Off beams as Whirl compliments him, bringing one hand to rub against the top of the other still resting on his knee. "Thanks. I was giving it my best shot. I mean... I know some things, obviously, welll I mean I know a LOT of things of course but.... but I'm still trying to get used to this *romance* thing and all the expectations and rituals thereof. It can get confusing, you know?" Then he pauses to look at Whirl again. "Oh. Right." His gaze turns to the counter with the stove on it. "I was going to try my hand at cooking something up for us. It's romantic, you see."

"Cooking?" Whirl looks over at the stove and wonders just where the hell Blast Off got all of this stuff. Oh, right. Swindle. "Look, I appreciate the sentiment and everything, really I do, but you'd be wasting your time." He gestures to his notface. "I can't eat, remember?"

After all the haughty huffiness of before, now Blast off seems positively tender as he stands up and leans across the table to tap Whirl affectionately on the optic ridge of his not-face. "I know. But you can drink, and I found a recipe that... well, alright, basically it's energon but you cook it with some seasonings and add a little special brand of enegex and at just the right temperature it becomes a little thick, almost syrupy... it's supposed to be a real treat. Tastes good, feels good working through your system, *and* packs a little punch, if you know what I mean."

Blast Off seems to be smiling under his faceplate as he gazes fondly at that one yellow optic, then proceeds to make his way to the counter. There, he picks up a datapad showing the recipe and gets to work. However- it seems it isn't completely going smoothly. The shuttleformer pauses every so often to finagle with the controls of the alien stove, *hrrrrm*-ing and studying and scrutinizing it before he finally straightens up with a sigh. "Hmmm."

<FS3> Whirl rolls Watchmaking: Great Success. (3 3 5 5 3 8 7 7 3 8 8 5 4 3 5 3)

Whirl makes a surprised noise when he's suddenly tapped on the head and immediately tries to cover it up with a very fake cough. "Oh. Okay, yeah, that makes more sense. Sounds good." He leans back in his seat and watches Blast Off get to work creating this supposedly amazing drink. After a while it becomes clear that he's having a bit of trouble with the stove so Whirl stands up to investigate.

"Hmmm.." He reaches past Blast Off to poke at the the controls himself before digging his claws into it and popping off the faceplate. "Ahaha! No wonder it wasn't working. Someone sold you a broken unit! I can fix it though, this is nothing." He reaches inside and begins fiddling around with some of the wiring for a few minutes before closing it back up. "Okay, try it now."

Blast Off glances up eagerly as Whirl stands up and comes over to help him. He starts scooting his foot towards the other mech, but is brought to a halt as Whirl bypasses him to start messing with the controls. The Combaticon ought to be pleased when Whirl fixes the contraption, yet somehow his face seems to fall just a little before he dons a neutral mask once more.

"Oh. Right. ...Uh, thank you, Whirl." He slides back into position, this time slanting his back just a bit towards the other mech, which obscures Whirl's view slightly. Then he proceeds to start spending an inordinate amount of time messing with the controls again, hrrrmming and adjusting until... *pop*. Something breaks. "OH. Oh dear." Blast Off stares at it. "Darn. I think it's broken again." He tsks, then sighs and looks up at Whirl. "I guess you'll just have to fix it again. Maybe show me how you do it, it looked fascinating." He makes absolutely no move to step aside or even take his hand off the broken knob.

"Yeah, no problem." Whirl steps back to allow Blast Off room to work but in no time at all, he manages to break it again. "Huh.." He peers suspiciously at Blast Off, clearly not buying that it was merely an accident that the stove stopped working again. "Really? Fine, I guess I can give you a quick lesson." Since Blast Off is standing right in the way, he has no choice but to get up reaaaaal close behind him and reach around his waist to reach the controls. "It's real easy. You see that knob there? The one you just snapped off? We're going to jam it really hard back in place until it sticks, okay? Just like.." He gives the stove a solid punch. "That!"

Somehow, Blast Off doesn't seem to mind this at all. Like, *at all*. In fact, as Whirl slides in behind him he leans towards the other's body so that they are touching. He seems to perk up, too, rather odd for a mech who is usually rigidly defending his personal space. Not only that, but he seems to find every opportunity he can to brush up against Whirl's arms, claws, anything. "MMmm. Yes, show me. Ah." He keeps his death grip on the broken knob and uses his spare hand to slide up Whirl's arm, then down so that he nestles that hand inside Whirl's claw and holds it. "Ahhh, yes." His engines rev to life softly as Whirl punches the stove (also coincidentally jostling him as well). "Fascinating. We should do this more often."

Removing his hand from the knob (finally), he turns it- and viola! It is working again, imagine that. "Now we slowly heat the energon at 600 degrees while adding the spices." He leans forward to take some spices from the counter, never once removing the hand that still holds Whirl's claw- or move out from his position directly in front of Whirl. Nope, his rocket feet are firmly planted. "Here, add 3 teaspoons nebula dust and 3 cups of moon oil."

Blast Off has certainly opened up a lot more since they got together, but this very obvious, touchy-feely flirting he's doing right now is unusual and Whirl's not totally sure how to respond. "Uh.." He seems to fluster when Blast Off slides his hand all over his arm before nestling into his claw. "Y-yeah, we should." He clears the static from his vocalizer when the stove starts working again. "See? I told you it would work. I'm really good at this stuff."

When he's asked to add some ingredients, he takes a tiny measuring spoon off the counter and grips it carefully in his claws. Since his other claw currently has a Combaticon hanging onto it, he has to slooowly pour and measure the ingredients. "Like that?"

The stove doesn't seem to be the only thing cooking as Blast Off leans comfortably into Whirl's chest (or as comfortably as one CAN lean into that ample chest of the rotary's- but Blast off finds a way, he just has to nestle in until he finds the right spot). This leaves their bodies close, the Combaticon's EMField washing over the other in slow, steady, comfortable pulses. "Yes, you really are great at this." It's possible he means more than one thing by that.

The shuttleformer then watches as Whirl carefully measures and pours out the ingredients. The hand holding Whirl's claw gives that claw a squeeze before lifting away so that he can bring both hands over to cup the claw currently pouring moon oil. He takes that claw in his hands, steadying it, and together they finish the job. "That's *perfect*, Whirl. Now all we can do is wait while it reaches 600 degrees." One hand continues holding that claw while the other slide up to embrace the arm as Blast Off leans his head to rest against Whirl's shoulder. "We'll have to find something to do in the meantime. Hmm."

Whirl doesn't think this recipe calls for handholding and cuddling but he's certainly not going to complain. "Hmm, we have to wait, do we?" He wraps his arms around Blast Off's waist and pulls him in as close as he can, head craning down to nuzzle against the top of the Combaticon's head. "We could watch a movie. Or have a glass of wine. Or.." His voice gets quiet, perhaps even a bit shy. "We could just stay like this until it's ready. You know, whatever you wanna do."

Blast Off again makes no move to protect his highly coveted personal space, instead returning the nuzzle with one of his own, reaching his arm up to wrap his hand around Whirl's neck for a sort of an embrace. Optics dimming, he smiles under his faceplate. "A movie could be nice. And wine is *always* a plus." There's a pause. "And maybe someday we'll even remember what the movie was about afterwards."

His smile fades a little as something comes to him, and his fingers dig a little more into the cables of Whirl's neck. "I... I just thought I'd lost you. You know, when... the DJD arrived. I just..." His hand releases its grip and gently rubs the spot instead. "Well, that's the past anyway. We survived." He shifts his gaze to look at the simmering pot on the stove. "We survived and we're going to have a *great* dinner."

"The DJD.." Whirl's grip around Blast Off tightens as memories of what transpired on the Peaceful Tyranny flood his mind. "I thought I was going to lose you. I thought that after they were done with me, they were going to kill you next. I was.." He hesitates before confessing to something he never thought he'd ever say. "I was so scared." He nuzzles against Blast Off again before lifting his head. "But you're right, we survived. And when the DJD come back? We'll survive again because you and I? We're total badasses! Nothing can stop us! Not even the DJD!"

Blast Off 's hands drop down to rest over the claws holding his waist. He feels safe here and his EMField shows it, though it also indicates little spikes of stress as he thinks about the DJD. The Combaticon turns his head to look up at what he can see of Whirl's head as the ex-Wrecker admits to being scared, a brief flair of surprise coursing through that same EMField. Then his optics dim and he gives the claws he holds another squeeze. "You... would probably be a fool if you weren't, at least a little." He swallows something, possibly his pride, before he adds quietly, "I... was scared too."

Whirl's words are reassuring, however. "You met them with courage. Everything I'd expect from an ex-Wrecker- from /you/. They took a lot from us- but they didn't take our dignity. Or our... rebel spirit. And you're right, they *won't*. Ever. We'll be ready the next time they appear." Something occurs to him and he blinks. "And they will. I... suppose we ought to start planning on that sometime. Just /what/ we are going to do."

"Yeah, I guess having a plan wouldn't be such a bad idea," Whirl admits, claws flexing underneath Blast Off's squeezes. "But not now. Not tonight. I want to enjoy this, I don't want to think about that sort of thing." He wiggles himself out of Blast Off's grip only to spin him around so they're face-to-notface. "Hey.. I want to ask you something and if you want to say no, that's totally fine. I won't say another word about it."

"Agreed." Blast Off settles into Whirl's arms. "Tonight is not the night for that. They don't *deserve* it anyway." Then he finds himself spun around to go face to not-face. My, Whirl, Blast Off's not the only one being touchy-feely tonight.~ Violet optics brighten and gaze up in mild surprise into Whirl's yellow one. "...Yes?"

"You know how you always wear that, you know.." Whirl taps Blast Off's faceplate with the tip of a claw. "That thing. Even when you drink, you still keep it on. It's got me wondering what's under it. So uh.. I guess what I'm asking is.. can I uh.. see your face?"

Blast Off 's EMField suddenly spikes up as Whirl asks to see Blast Off's face. The Combaticon freezes, optics going a little pale as he stares up at the taller mech. "I...uh.... I...." A wing elevon twitches against his leg and one black hand sweeps up to touch his faceplate. He glances away almost shyly, looking flustered. "I..."

Suddenly there's a knock on their door. Blast Off freezes again, optics widening as much as they go, and then snaps his attention over there. "OH. Gee, I wonder who that could be?" He glances over to a clock almost as if checking the time, then inhales sharply. The shuttleformer pushes himself away from Whirl. "Sorry, let me get back to that but I ...I better see who this is!" Blast Off *never* rushes over to open the door. Never. Yet that's exactly what he does now, swinging the door open- and outside stands a turquoise Decepticon Seeker. Her face looks just a bit bored, bit impatient... and then she seems to snap to attention. "BLAST OFF." She proclaims loudly and a bit stiffly. "I WANT YOU BACK."

Whirl leans in exepectantly, thinking that maybe his close proximity will convince Blast Off to finally relent and show his full face. Just when it seems like there might be a possibility maybe of it happening, there's a knock at the door and Blast Off is practically sprinting over to open it. Weird. Even weirder, it's a Seeker and she's... loudly proclaiming she wants Blast Off back? What?

"Uh... what the hell?" He goes over to the door, staring at the Seeker from over Blast Off's shoulder. "What the hell is going on here? Is she for serious?"

The Seeker stands there in the doorway, looking rather stiff and just a bit nervous as she glances towards Whirl. "Ahem." She clears her throat, then begins. "Blast Off, I have been thinking it over and I want you back. I never should have left you back then, on Venus V. I was young and naive and rash, and you were so handsome and debonair and magnificent." Somehow her voice stays oddly flat, almost as if she was reciting lines. "Please, Blast Off," She gets down on one knee and clasps her hands together beseechingly, "Leave this cyclops and let us rekindle our old flame." She sounds kind of like she's reading out of a phone book.

Blast Off straightens up, tugging at the scarf still wrapped around his neck. "Well." He begins, casting a patient glance over at Whirl. "Old flame. Wants me back, apparently. I'm shocked, really I am." *ahem* He turns back to the femme. "Sabotage. We had a beautiful fling together and I didn't know you still cared so much after all this time, but my spark belongs to Whirl now."

"NO!" Sabotage exclaims melodramatically, rising to her feet and taking a step towards them. "Please Blast Off, leave him and give me a second chance!"

Whirl watches this awful performance with a blank look on his face, mostly because that's the only way he can look at anything. As it goes on and on and more ridiculosu things come out, like Blast Off actually having any other romantic partners and Sabotage actually falling to her knees, he can't help but sigh. "Alright, alright. We're done here." He reaches over Blast Off and shoves the Seeker right out of the door before hitting the controls and closing it shut right in her face. "Geez, Blast Off.. you're really pulling out all the stops tonight, aren't you?"

There's a pause and then the Seeker's indignant voice can be heard yelling outside, "HEY I better still get my agreed-upon SHANIX for THAT!!!"

Blast Off suddenly seems to sink down, his faceplate nestling into the folds of that scarf like he'd like to hide inside it. He gives Whirl what is supposed to be a confused stare, but looks more awkward than anything. "Wh-whatever do you mean?"

"You know exactly what I mean," Whirl says perhaps a bit smugly as he stares down at Blast Off. "The table, the candles, the stove and the drink recipe.." He reaches down and takes either end of Blast Off's scarf in his claws, pulling him close. "The Seeker you clearly paid to pretend to be in love with you.. You're trying to impress me, aren't you?" Still holding the scarf, he cranes his neck down, staring optic-to-optics with the shuttleformer. "That's flattering, really, but you don't need to try and impress me. You already did, that's why I'm dating you."

"I...." Blast Off blinks up into Whirl's steady gaze, stammering as he's pulled even closer, "I- but-I... uh...." Then finally he relents, shoulders sagging a bit as his gaze shifts downward, hands dropping to his sides. "It was that obvious?"

"SO obvious." Whirl tugs on that scarf again, pulling Blast Off close enough for a headbonk. "Like I said, flattering but completely unneccesary. Think that drink's done boiling yet?"

Blast Off allows Whirl to pull him in for a headbonk, optics dimming as he rests his head against the other's. "Well, it's exhausting, really. Romance has so many rules and requirements. To be honest, I just wanted a nice, quiet night with you. But I knew there are rules to follow- that first we had to have the big fight, then make it up, and there had to be the obligatory scene where one of us teaches the other something new but really just uses it as an excuse to get their hands- or claws- on the other, and then of course there's- OH!"

Whirl points it out just as the thought occurs to him. "The drink! Yes!" He pulls away, twisting to rush over to check on the stove only to come to the end of his scarf with a jarring jerk. "Ooof." Taking a step back to loosen its hold, he breaks his hold (or maybe slips out of the scarf entirely) and makes his way to the pot, checking the thermometer. "Ah. Excellent. It's 600 degrees. Now we just add the special engex and let it react." The Combaticon reaches for the engex and pours it in, watching as the liquid bubbles and thickens. "Perfect."

"Haha what? Really? Are those actual rules? That's so dumb, why would I want to get in a fight with you? And an excuse to put my claws on you? Pfft, as if I need excuses for that anymore!" When Blast Off slips out of the scarf, Whirl takes it and wraps it around his own neck ecept he doesn't really know how to do it so he just sort of knots it up. He walks up to stand behind Blast Off, peering over his shoulder at the bubbling liquid. "Looks pretty good to me. Can we drink it now?"

<FS3> Blast_Off rolls Cheesyromancenovels: Great Success. (8 8 7 7 7 5)

"Well yes," Blast off answers with confidence. "Any person of great learning and experience -like me- knows that everything important in life has a certain set of expectations. There are rules of etiquette to be observed, lest you appear simple-minded or worse- ignorant. And I certainly wouldn't want to do *that*." Blast Off speaks with his ample amount of experience in the matter- if you consider all those cheesy romance novels he reads as *experience*. "So... I agree, these rules may seem dumb but that's only because there's a long history of trial and error behind them to find exactly what works and what makes a relationship last."

He glances up at Whirl, finding himself grinning under his faceplate. Reaching up to playfully tug at the scarf wrapped around Whirl's neck, he purrs, "That looks quite flattering on you." Then his attention shifts back to the pot. "Soon." He clicks the stove off. "We'll let it cool a bit first, then enjoy." He turns and takes Whirl's claws in his hands, starting to pull him towards the table. "Now... where were we?"

Whirl has read his fair share of cheesy romance novels, so what Blast Off is saying isn't completely unheard of, he just didn't think that's how it actually worked in real life. The way Blast Off talks about it though, he seems so confident that Whirl can't help but trust him. "Well, alright I guess. You're the expert." His claws are grabbed and he finds himself being pulled back towards the table where he takes a seat. "I was asking about your face I think."

"Yes, I am." Blast Off sounds so very smug and sure, seating himself in the other chair- or he does until Whirl reminds him about the faceplate. There's a pregnant pause as the Combaticon stiffens a bit, mind racing. The fingers of his hand resting on the table curl up a little and he delays by staring at them for a moment. "I... right." He doesn't move. "I don't think many people *have* seen my face. I mean, outside of the other Combaticons. When you work that closely with people over that long of a time, eventually there will come a time that they do. Or well actually some medics probably have, I mean it is also inevitable over time that they would, too, right?"

"I...." He finally stops blathering on and violet optics look up at Whirl, an odd look flickering across what's visible of his face. "You'd... you'd really like to see it?"

Whirl scoots to the edge of his chair, staring at Blast Off with an intense look in his optic. "Yes." Since he's pretty much hanging out of his seat anyway, he decides to just stand. "Yes, I'd really, really, really like to see it."

The usually aloof and self-assured Combaticon glances shyly away, a blush coming to the circuitry on the surface of his cheeks as he debates whether to show Whirl his face. He *wants* to, actually, but he's still nervous. What if Whirl reacts negatively? What if something somehow goes wrong right when he's feeling especially vulnerable and exposed? Primus, what if he has a shred of enerspinach stuck between his teeth?!? There's so much *trust* involved here, which is always scary.

Finally he gulps a little, bringing one hand to rub against the other nervously. "....Alright. I can.... alright. For you." He stares at some random spot on the wall while reaching towards his faceplate. And then there's a *click*.

Except it's not from his faceplate. It's from *above* them. Where those wires and big, heavy sheets of metal are still hanging. And with the click, Blast Off shoots his gaze upwards. "SLAAAG, I forgot, look out, it's-" It's falling down at them is what it's doing.

<FS3> Whirl rolls Reaction: Success. (2 8 5 2)

Oh boy, this is it. Finally, after all this time together, Whirl is going to see Blast Off's face. He's always wondered what it looked like and even has some crazy ideas, like maybe Blast Off had a faceful of tentacles, or some nasty scar he was embarrassed by. But now he'll get to see the truth. Or he would if it weren't for that decoration snapping above them. He spots it just in time and in a flash of limbs, he lunges and shoves Blast Off out of the way, sending the both of them tumbling to the floor. The metal slab falls to the ground safely behind them. "Holy crap, that was close. Why the hell did you hang those things up anyway?"

HIS HERO.~ Blast Off is saved by Whirl's fast reaction, though he finds himself tumbling to the ground as a result, eventually landing on top of the other mech. He flinches as the slabs crash heavily to the ground nearby, keeping close to Whirl because whatever happens at least they're in it together, right? Then he places his hands on Whirl's chest and pushes himself up to take in the sight of the slabs, then the other mech.

"I... well, see, it was all part of the experience. At the end of the date there has to be some kind of disaster and...well it can go any number of ways, actually. Either we're trapped together and it forces us to cast aside trivial things, reveal something about ourselves, and realize that we really care for each other, or..." he glances back to the slabs, "Or someone performs a heroic rescue and saves the day."

Being trapped under Blast Off isn't so bad. Whirl gets comfortable and folds his arms behind his head, gazing up at the Combaticon above him. "Wow. You really take this stuff seriously. Okay, so now that I performed a ~heroic act~ and saved the day, what happens next?"

Those violet optics, so often cold and detached to others, cast a warm glow as they come back around to gaze down at the mech lying beneath him. "Well. Hmmm, good question. You did the heroics today, so maybe I should do the *revealing something about myself* part. So... where was I?" Blast Off turns his torso so that he can lean more comfortably on Whirl with one arm. The other reaches up and his black hand again goes for his faceplate. "Ah yes."

This time there are no interruptions as Blast Off places his hand to his faceplate and removes it with a soft *click*. Slight nervousness seems to hit again and he looks away but he does remove it, revealing his face to Whirl for the first time. And actually- the face underneath is rather handsome. There are no disfigurements, nor even any enerspinach between his dentae- just a proud, reserved face that hints at intelligence and doesn't see the light of day very often.

It's happening! Whirl can barely contain his excitement as that hand removes the faceplate that has hidden Blast Off's face from him for far too long. He props himself up on his elbows to get a better look and when he does, he's surprised. Not because of come horrible disfigurement or scar, but by how incredibly good-looking the Combaticon really is. "Woah.." It's all Whirl can say as he stares and takes it all in. After a stretch of silence, "I can see why you wear the faceplate now, don't want to make everyone jealous with how hot you are."

At the first *woah* Blast Off tenses. Oh no, Whirl thinks he looks terrible, he knew this was a bad idea and now without a faceplate he can't obscure his real feelings anywhere as easily when things go wrong. His fingers curl into his faceplate, beginning to buckle it and it's everything he can do not to bite his lip and further embarrass himself. He draws in a cycle of air, preparing to try and save face (ha) when he hears the rest of what Whirl says. The surprise is evident in his face as it turns to Whirl and stares. "I- I am?"

Then he remembers himself and he makes an attempt to cover that surprise, lips pursing before flattening again, one side stretching out as he goes for a self-assured smirk. Instead he just looks really awkward. "Well, y-yes. Of course I am." *cough* He glances down at his chest where he is rubbing his thumb in a fist like he's polishing himself. "Yes, that's exactly why. I wouldn't be able to go anywhere without people bothering me all day and night."

"How considerate of you," Whirl says, optic fixated on Blast Off's mouth as he talks and smirks. He pulls himself into a sitting position, arms wrapping around the shuttleformer and keeping him in his lap. "Now that that's taken care of, there's one more thing I want to ask you."

"Yes, I- I know, right?" Blast Off's voice falters a little but he seems grateful that Whirl allows him to do his thing, even if it's obviously denial of one sort or another. He senses Whirl's fixation and it causes the Combaticon to glance off towards another random spot on the wall. He starts to bring his hand up to scratch at the back of his helmet, too, but as Whirl sits up it snaps down to brace against the rotary's ample chest instead. He allows himself to be scooped up into an embrace, shifting so that he can remain there and gaze into Whirl's optic from oh-so-close... and with nothing between them now. His hand slides up to brush against what would be Whirl's jaw. "....Yes?"

Whirl's question is short and to the point. "Do you want to kiss me?"

Blast Off 's optics widen, his mouth frozen in that little half-smirk that isn't really. Then, slowly, the outside edge pulls and tightens, curling out and upwards into a genuine, somewhat crooked grin. He doesn't answer- not verbally, at least. His answer is purely one of action as he leans in and plants a kiss right on the top of Whirl's optic ridge. This is followed by a wide smile and a feisty, playful bite of the pedipalps that are as close to a mouth as Whirl's going to get.

That's exactly the answer Whirl was hoping for. As Blast Off leans i to plant that kiss on him, Whirl's claws come to rest on the shuttleformer's waist. It's the first kiss he's had in.. he doesn't even know how long it's been, all he knows is that it's absolutely amazing. "You're good at this," he remarks as Blast Off nips at his pedipalps.

The Combaticon's optics dim and half-close, the grin still evident as he pulls away long enough to gaze Whirl in the not-face again. The thumb of his hand nestles into place under those pedipalps as he pushes Whirl's head a little bit upward. "I'm glad to hear it. I'd be sad if you thought otherwise." Then he leans in again to lay a slow series of nibbles all down Whirl's pedipalps. "I've been... dying to do this to you, actually."

"Hahaha.. That's really funny." Whirl allows Blast Off to move his head as he sees fit though he can't help but lean into the nibbles. "I've been dying to have you do this to me." He dips his head for a moment and nuzzles into the Combaticon's lips. "It's almost as good as I imagined," he teases.

Blast Off nearly purrs as Whirl nuzzles him back, the feeling of the other mech's face- or what's left of it- like kisses in his mind. It's the special and rare Whirl kiss, and Blast Off is going to enjoy it! Though that last comment causes the Combaticon's optics to flash. "I beg your *pardon*? I have only just started, Whirl. You haven't seen- or felt- *anything* yet!" He revs his engines as he leans in to make good of that promise.

"Then get to it, Decepticon," Whirl says just as Blast Off leans in. Getting to know the touch of his partner's lips becomes an all night activity and by the time they're finished, the special energon drink Blast Off was brewing has gone cold.

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