2016-02-13 Weird

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Date 2016/02/13
Location Lost Light: Recreation -- Swerve's
Participants Mercy, Punch, Quicksight, Slugfest
Summary Bars are for getting drunk in

Often referred to as the heart of the ship (by Swerve), the bar is rarely empty, rarely quiet. Central to the whole is the bar itself: just tall enough for a minibot to serve over the edge and lined with stools capable of accommodating bots of any height. Large, clear vessels stand behind the bar, containing the brews of the day. Behind the bar, an engex distillery assures there's always something new.

Round tables are scattered across the floor. Seats fold up from the floor beneath. Large boots along the sides of the room have room for a half-dozen or more, if they don't mind getting cozy, while monitors here and there find occasional use showing old vids.

A tiny stego is perched on a stool, his front feet on the bar counter. He clamors for a bowl of energon, for little stegos are thirsty!

Bars may not be the best places for thinking, but they're good for people watching. They're also obviously good for drinking. Quicksight could really use a drink about now. Nimbly hopping up on to the stool neighbouring Slugfest's he waves to the bartender, making a grumbled order of 'something strong'. Then he waits, folding his arms on the bar counter, and resting his head on top of them, tilting it slightly until he can just see the cassette-bot besides him "Hey"

Slugfest turns and looks at the bot that arrives and parks beside him. "Oh, hey," he says, "Strong energon? Must have had a bad day, right?" He yays and begins lapping his own bowl of energon when the bartender brings it.

"Yeah. No. I dunno. Just...thinking" once his own order arrives, Quicksight straightens out again, at least enough to be able to actually drink his drink. He's still slouching, leaning on the arm that's not holding the glass. He takes a good, long sip before he speaks again "Autobots, what do you think of them now?"

Slugfest pauses in his rapid, somewhat noisy lapping. He is silent for a pause, as if one can actually hear a hamster-wheel creaking inside a robo stego's head. "They're ok now I guess," he says, "Still kinda goody-goody."

"Goody-goody?" Quicksight tilts his head to the side to look at the stegocon, quirking a bow ridge as he does so "Autobots? Oh, you mean the whole 'protect other species even if it harms us too' deal?" taking another sip of his drink he nods "I don't get that. I don't get them. Some of them. I mean, they'reAutobots" you know Autobots "but some are..weird"

Slugfest pauses in his resumed drinking to nod. "Yes, they are," he says, "But some are nice to me, so I guess that's ok?"

"That's what I mean!" Quicksight swings his non-supporting arm out, palm up, to emphasize his point "I mean, I'm not saying Autobots shouldn't be capable of being nice, but they're Autobots, and all this time they-- I t--" this is why he came to drink. His own thoughts are confusing him, going in to uncharted teretory and having trouble figuring out how to deal with that. He takes another gulp of his drink "It's just...weird."

Slugfest pauses again. "Okay," he says, then continues slurping until his bowl is empty. "Hm, maybe I should have stronger stuff too! Bartender, please refill with strong stuff!" He pushes his empty bowl forward with a front foot.

Finding his glass empty again, Quicksight nudges it next to Slugfet's bowl "More of the same" he shifts to a more comfortable slouch that lets him face his neighbour more "How do you, I dunno, deal with all of them?"

Slugfest shrugs. "I do my own thing," he says, "They don't usually bother me if they're not being nice to me." His bowl is refilled, along with Quicksight's glass, this time with much more concentrated energon liquor. He resumes drinking. "Huh. It doesn't bother you at all? This whole thing" with one arm still occupied by the task of supporting his wight,

Quicksight gestures around the room, and the ship beyond it, with the same hand he used to take his glass "With all the Autobots, and th--" he pauses to look around, trying to figure out which way the bridge is so that he can wave his glass in its direction. Failing to do that, he simply waves it outwardly again "them, up on the bridge and everything? And they" not a specific they, a general one "don't bother you at all?"

"Long as they don't pull my tail and call me names, I'm good," Slugfest says, "Or kick me." He keeps lapping until he's slightly tipsy, then slows his drinking. A little stego begins to sway on his feet!

Quicksight tries to speak even before he's managed to get the straw out of the opening of his faceplate, resulting in a choking, inocherent noise and. When he finally resolves the issue, his voice carries a note of righteous indignation "They kicked you?"

The little stego pauses. "No, but one time someone on a planet that wasn't friendly did." He sounds a bit slurred this time. He slumps a bit, then scrambles up on the counter so that both sets of feet are tucked under him while he continues to drink.

Settling down again, Quicksight takes another sip of his drink "Figures. And they still want to protect aliens. Bet they were all for not harming that guy even after that."

"Yeah, go figure," Slugfest says, "But irony! I helped some aliens be friendly to us!" He chuckles drunkenly.

"You what?" This time, Quicksight manages to take the straw out of his mouth before talking, raising a brow ridge at the stegocon "How'd that happen? They all hate us." he takes a glance at his drink, then tries to take another sip, only to have the straw thwack him on the faceplate. He scowls at it to make it behave. That seems to do the trick. At least he's drinking again.

"We were on that planet where the people go on four legs, and I wagged my tail, and that helped, somehow. Then they stopped fighting," Slugfest says, shrugging drunkenly.

"Huh" Quicksight gives a muffled reply, accompanied by a nod, not risking removing his straw lest it refuse to go back in his mouth again. It's all well since he doesn't say much for a while anyways "Wu wov, even wiww aww -- pfft" okay, that didn't work. Spitting out the straw he tries again "Even with all this, I gotta admit that it's nice to be able to explore again. Just sitting on what's left of Cybertron, with Starscream in charge was really boring" he sounds a bit more cheerful than before. Maybe the engex is doing its job.

"It was always the best part of the job" Quicksight mutters wistfully "That, and evading Autobots. That was always fun. They'd try to follow me in to narrow spaces and get stuck there. Or crash" he waves his hand in imitation of an aircraft flying and slamming in to something, remembering that he's still holding his drink in it only when some of it spills on his lap. The scout looks at the spill, then shrugs, finishes what's left in his glass and sets it out on the bar counter again, gesturing to the bartender "Same as before"

Slugfest chuckles and is unusually amused by Quicksight's gestures imitating crashing flying things. In fact he's laughing for an unusual length of time. The strong stuff is really going to a little stego's processor!

It's been a quiet few days which is always nice in the medical department, but Mercy has ccome to Swerve's to spend an extra quiet few minutes on her own. Or not s omuch on her own, as she realizes the location isn't empty.

Slugfest orders another bowl of the hard stuff, once his bowl is empty again. His feet are splayed out to the side, his tail unsupported and hanging over the edge of the counter. And he's still giggling at Quicksight's comment.

Slugfest's reaction only encourages Quicksight to keep talking "There was this one Autobot who tried to chace me through a jungle. He ended up crashing in to some trees and got tangled up in the vines. You could hear him swearing for kliks!" hearing the thunk of his glass being returned, he reaches for it with the hand that he had been leaning on, the rest of him turning in his seat to better see Slugfest...and to end up spotting Mercy. He regards her for a few momens, then offers a simple "Hey, medic"

Hey, medic? that's a vast improvement from the first time Quicksight spoke to her. Mercy beams a grin and offers a wave before Slugfest's state draws a more muted look of concern from her. Hurrying over, she frowns gently. "You okay?" she wonders of the stego before looking, questioningly, to QS.

Slugfest says, "Someone injured? Sick?""

"Hell if I know" Quicksight shrugs at Slugfest, watching as Mercy rushes over to the stegobot "Me, I feel fine, at least as fine as I can sitting in this rustbucket with all these Autobots" he waves his glass in a sweeping gesture again. The look with which he regards Mercy lacks the hostility he usually directs at Autobots, or even his general moodiness. A lot of that could, of course, be due to the effect of the engex.

Very helpful - Mercy eyes Quicksight before she leans down close to Sluggy. "Hey, you doing alright?" she wonders gently, reaching her hand out to lightly pat Slugfest's back.

"Yus, am fine," Slugfest slurs heavily, his tail sluggishly wagging as Mercy pats him. He yays and continues drinking the hard stuff, for Slugfest is a happy drunk!

"He's just drunk" Quicksight tries to wave his hand dismissivley while at the same time using it to get his drink to his mouth again. This results in a sort of circular motion, ending back where intended it to be. All's well. "We're in a bar. People come her eot get drunk"

Mercy looks up and signals to whoevver's working Swerves that evening, "Can I get something non-engex over here?" she calls softly before reaching to push the bowl away from Slug's reach. She looks up and chuckles. "Yes, they do but...too much more and I am sure we'll see it recycled."

The little robo stego whines and slowly tries to pull himself towards his bowl momentarily, but is too inebriated to do more than a slow momentary pawing. "Different drink time?" he asks, looking back at Mercy.

Quicksight pauses in his drinking to stare at Mercy as if she'd just grown a second head "You come to a bar to order something not engex, and then you keep other people from their engex" he takes a brief sip of his own drink, as if to assure himself that it's still there "You're no fun"

Mercy smiles warmly, and bobs her head. "Different drink time," she agrees with a gentle pat to ease Slugfest's whining. "Oh, I'm having an engex," She grins as her own usual drink is dropped off, as well as some hydrating bowl of something for Slug. "Here" she offers as she nudges it in front of the smaller mech before she smirks up at Quick.

Slugfest yays at the new offering and begins lapping, as eagerly as he had the hard stuff, the sound a little like a dog lapping a bowl of water.

Quicksight watches as Slugfest's new drink is brought to him with a somewhat disdainful look "Autobots" he grumbles, taking a long sip of his own drink "still at it" when he turns to Mercy again, however, his face lacks the hostility that might be expected to acompany such a comment "Just 'an' engex?"

"To start," Mercy is only too cheerful in her reply. If she's aware that he's poking fun at her, then she is hiding it well. "And yup...Autobots! I care equally for everyone on ths ship!" Well, omstly.

The little stego pauses in his rehydrating slurping. "Yay, caring!" he slurs drunkenly. Mech, he has to be completely wasted for him to be audibly yay-ing that!

"No, I mean Autobots as in..." he pauses, takes a look down at his once more empty glass, then waves his hand, his free one, dismissivley , tottering slightly in his seat "Ah, whatever. Hey, barkeep! I need some more!" he came here specificaly to avoid thinking, and to drink,so that's what he shall do.

Mercy flashes another of her trademark grins up at Quicksight. "I know exactly what you meant, but I chose to ignore it." Lifting her glass, she offers it in a silent toast to her Con friend.

Slugfest grabs the edge of his bowl in his mouth to raise it slightly like in a toast.

Quicksight tilts his head to give Mercy a slomewhat confused look. He doesn't say anything though. If he intended to, he doesn't get the chance, as his drink arrives, and his attentionn is imediatly transfered to it. When he turns back, however, he's forced to pause again as Mercy raises her own glass, and Slugfest responds with his bowl. To toast an Autobot? Even this particular Autobot who's not actually that bad, but still an Autobot. And... "Ah, screw it" he came here to drink, and not think, and that is what he shall do. He raises his glass ever so slightly, then promptly moves it to his face again. It takes him two tries, the second of which is acomplished with the assistance of hs other hand, to get the straw in to his faceplate opening.

A victory that draws a grin from Mercy as she swallows from her own beverage. setting the cup down, she is quick to reach to help Slugfest with his bowl - both toasting, and then setting it back down without spilling.

Slugfest yays and resumes drinking as soon as his bowl is gently lowered back to the counter surface. He resumes drinking, but now his tail is wagging.

Quicksight raises a brow ridge"The hell you grinnins about, Autobot?" the question comes out somewhat slurred, but not overly hostile. He's drunk, he's in a good mood, and he's not surounded by people he activley hates. Life's not that bad.

"Cause i'm making a new friend," Mercy informs Quicksight cheerily before she takes another long pull from her drink. Now that things have settled, she moves to take a seat herself and work on catching up with the other two.

There probably can't be a happier drunk than a drunken stego. Thankfully Slugfest isn't an angry mean drunk! Right now the stego is practically a puddle, because he's still unsteady and has his limbs splayed out cuz he can't stand up straight! He starts leaning on Mercy.

"He's drunk" Quicksight makes a floppy wave in Slugfest's direction "He's drunk and you're taking advantage of his drunkness and his good nature" he takes a sip of his own drink "Just like an Autobot, taking advantage of people."

Mercy snorts softlya s she reaches to steady Slugfest. "I was talking about -you-," she informs Quicksight, tone dry. "Slug's already my friend." Carefully picking up the stego, she gently tucks his legs under him and sets him back down so he's comfortable an stable.

Slugfest happily murmurs as Mercy adjusts him so he's more comfy. "Yes!" he says, "Friend!" He looks over at Quicksight. "It's good to have a medic be your friend!"

"Then you're taking advantage of my good nature" Quicksight doesn't miss a beat "And my drunkenness. Freaking weird Autbot medics. You're weird, you know that?" this time he waves at Mercy with his glass "You're really weird for an Autobot, because Autobots are supposed to be, you know, Autoboty, but you're not Autoboty. Not Autoboty Autoboty. You keep making friends with Decepticons" he waves at Slugfest to make his point before moving his glass back in to drinking range.

Mercy's optics widen and she actually sniggers softly. "I -am- weird!" she agrees happily as she finishes off her drink. If it was meant as an insult, Mercy takes it as precisely the opposite. "I make friends with everyone...and I'm happy to do so!"

"I like having friends!" Slugfest says, leaning until he's practically on his side. "It's ok if you're weird! Weird is good!"

"Like I said, weird" Quicksight nods. He says this not as if he were trying to insult her, but as if he were simply stating a plain fact "Autobots are supposed to be evil assholes who only want to conrtol everything, but you're weird" he's speaking quite loudly now, but he doesn't care, or doesn't notice. Or both "The captain's also weird. He's kinda weird, and he's also weird weird. He dreams up his map you know. He told me" the scout takes another sip of his drink, because clearly he's not drunk enough yet, then turns towards Slugfest "It's weird, that's what it is. Weird is weird. And that's kinda weird and..." he pauses, trying to figure out just where he was on this "And I dunno."

"And it's weird!" Mercy finishes triumphantly for Quicksight. That said, she reaches to actually pick Slugfest up off of the counter and tuck him into the crook of her arm. Much more comfortable! She beams up at Quicksight and adds, "And Decepticons are supposed to be evil assholes who only want to be in charge and are mean, but I've learned that's not the truth!"

Slugfest happy drunken stegos are tucked into the crook of Mercy's arm, and Slugfest couldn't be happier. He's kind of sleepy now to the ingestion of all the engex and hard stuff, and relaxes in Mercy's grasp.

Punch walks into the bar. Then staggers back out of it again. He takes a second atempt which gets him far enough to go forwards relying on forward momentum to reach the bar itself. For the moment he doesn't order a drink as, honestly, he doesn't realise that he's being spoken to. After a moment he shakes his head, tries to sit upon a stool that isn't there and hits the floor. Getting up, leaning against the bar as chairs are still too soon, Punch oderes a drink. Shakily he reaches into his arm compartment and, after a few failed efforts grabs a cig and his lighter. For now he just looks at them. Somehow... unsure what to do.

"Well of course it's not!" Quicksight leans towards Mercy, nearly going a bit too far and falling off his stool "We're freedom fighters, and you Autobots, you're functionist backers who want to stop us, but you're an Autobot, and you're you too, and you're not really Autoboty for an Autobot, and there's that other one, the blue one, who's also not very Autoboty, and then there's whathisname, who's also kinda weird and..." his rambling is cut short as his attention is drawn to the new arival that is his roommate as he hits the floor. Quicksight snickers.

Punch's entrance isn't precisely quiet, and it draws Mercy's attention. Twisting about in her seat, she stares for a moment before "Here, hold Sluggy!" as she thrusts the Stego out into Quicksight's hands. If he doesn't take him, then she sets the smaller mech on the counter near his bowl and hops down off her seat. "Punch! You okay?" she asks, worriedly. Only one engex in, she's still fully sober, sadly

"Wha-hey!" Finding a stegobot thrust at him, Quicksight can only swivel his head after Mercy in protest. Now he can't get his drink to this mouth! "Well what am I supposed to do with this?"

Slugfest is just as bewildered as Quicksight at the sudden pawning off and tries scrambling and clinging to Quicksight! "HOLD ON!" the little stego pleads.

Punch spins on the source of the source of the snicker. He then takes a bow. "Thank you. For my encore I will take requests." Punch says to Quicksight or, at least one of the three he sees. Rubbing his optics and bracing his back against the bar Punch says to Mercy, "Physically, save an outstanding appointment to medical to have my internals re-arranged and, admitedly, spending some time on the right end of the wrong training program... All I need is a few moments for the concussion grenade to wear off. Aside from the physical I haven't got the first clue." Punch grabs his drink, doesn't take any yet and asks, "Thanks for your concern though. May I get you one?"

"Hey! No, stop! Get off!" With slugfest trying to scramble on him, Quicksight quikly finds himself tipping backwards. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem for the nimble scout, but at his current level of inberiation, he's reflexes are nowhere to be found, leaving him only to tumble down to the floor with a thud, glass and all "Owww"

"COncussion grenade?!" Mercy squeaks before she's reaching to steady Punch with one hand and try and intercept his drink with the other. "You shouldn't be drinking if you were hit with one...Primus, you can hardly stand as it is!" and then there's a thud behind her and the stills ober medic spins around. "Quicksight..are YOU okay?" THere, now she's asked everyone and no one needs to feel left out.

Slugfest eees as Quicksight pitches backwards, and finds himself falling with him! He finds himself perched on Quicksight's chest, staring down at the mech's face. "Sorry!" he says.

Quicksight groans, but he doesn't make an atempt to get up, only turning his head slightly uppon hearing his name "I have a stegosaurus on my chest" he observes in lieu of a propper answer. He still makes no atempt to move, especially when the view of the bar's celing catches his attention "Never seen it from this perspective before"

Punch readily surrenders his drink and says to Mercy, "If that's got you worried you may not want to hear what the rest of the program was like." Punch is grinning like someone who's just got a joke they were told years ago. Punch then looks at the now singular figure of Mercy and he adds softly, "I know I am somewhat notorious for avoiding attention when it is required. I can only trust you believe me when I say this is not one of those times." He doesn't even ask for his drink back. Calling over to Quicksight after his fall Punch says, "At least you let the frame take most of the hit. Nice work."

"Would you -please- sit down?" Mercy looks worriedly back to Punch - her own drink, and desire to relax, forgotten, her head swivels from Punch to Quicksight and back. "I'll be right there," she assures Quick as she tries to help Punch find a seat he won't fall out of. "Slugfest, stay still so you don't trip anyone!"

"Okay!" Slugfest says to Mercy, "Don't think I can trip anyone where I am right now." Slugfest remains settled on Quicksight's chest until or unless Quicksight gets up and moves him.

Quickight isn't going anywhere either, in part because he really doesn't feel like moving at the moment and in part because he still has a metal dinosaur sitting on him. He doesn't really make a move to remedy that situation either

"Relax, Mercy, go and attend to Quicksight. There's no need to concern yourself further. Look, sitting." Punch points out calmly as he takes a seat. He may also have fired a look over to the bar that, should another drink be supplied to him, it would be met with no resistance. he continues cooly and calmly, "Go on. I'm as fully recovered as is required to think, and act in a fashion unimpared by my exertions. I'll wait here. I'm behaving."

Mercy isn't worried about Punch behaving, and rolling her optics to show that, she smirks fore she turns and hurries over to carefully pick up Slugfest and tuck him into her arm before she extends he hand out towards Quicksight. "Come on, let's get you up again...are you hurt?" she wonders, kindly in her usual way.

Slugfest happily allows Mercy to reclaim him without fuss, remaining contentedly in the crook of her arm. He peers down at Quicksight as Mercy offers assistance to him. With a weight quite litteraly lifted off his chest, Quicksight tears his gaze away from the celling to look at Mercy, and her extended hand. Then he rolls on to his side and reaches for the barstool he'd been sitting on, using it to try to pull himself up "Don't need no Autobot help" whatever he might say, the task is proving slightly more challenging than it normally would, as his legs protest his attempts at using them for support, leaving him stagering as he rights himself.

A drink arrives. While attention is focussed elsewhere Punch dispatches it and his previously abandoned first. He whispers to the bar that a third would be ideal. Just don't serve it whilst others are looking. Punch then lights his cig and puffs it into life. First throwing out a series of geometric shapes, then a large-ish question-mark with a happy smiling face for the dot at the bottom. His grin remains unabated. Apart from a soft chuckle, Punch says nothing.

Mercy rolls her optics at Quicksight rather than Punch this time, and reaches to help him to his feet despite his protest to the opposite. Stubborn medic! "Punch, a little help if you're feeling better!" she calls, not wanting to drop Slug in the process Slugfest peers at the staggering Quicksight from the safety and comfort of Mercy's arm. "Your legs don't seem to be working right," he remarks, a little less slurred than earlier.

"I said I don't need no Autobot help" Quicskight repeats, sounding more annoyed. The task of simoultaniously righting himself and resisting the offered help proves too much for him however, and at this point, he does not really feel like sacrificing all that progress just to make a point. Once he's up, and his legs are more or less stable under him, he flashes both Mercy and Slugfest an annoyed look "They just need to recharge" he grumbles before turning to make a staggery way towards the door "And so do I"

Mercy is quick to step back as Quicksight gets to his feet, her smile just a little paler than before.

Mercy is quick to step back as Quicksight gets to his feet, her smile just a little paler than before.

Punch stands. His third drink arrives then mysteriously disappears... never to be seen or heard from again. A signal may have been made for his forth. That's need to know though. As he covers the distance in a few paces Punch asks Mercy, "Are you okay? Offer's still open on that drink."

Mercy huffs softly as she watcches Quicksight leave, and then she turns towards Punch, a little more subdued. "I'm okay...i just...why does he hate autobots so much?" she wonders with a slow shake of her head. Shifting her grip on Slugfest, she keeps her touch gentle.

The stego in Mercy's arms shrugs. "Dunno," Slugfest says, "Maybe some tried ruining his fun?"

Punch thinks carefully before answering. "He's a rookie. Got the badge, knows the chants and believes the bias. A good little soldier. Happens on both sides. It's only once your own side breaks you a few times you really get to see how much of a mess both were." Punch skips the saga in his head as he continues, "The Autobots done many terrible things, just like the Decepticons. Take any few isolated incidents out of context and you can demonise any group of people. It never lasts though. People get wise. Eventually."

Mercy nods slowly as she eyes Punch. She is the oddity when it comes to mechs, never really believing evil about anyone it seems. Odd little duck...mech? Whatever. She turns her focus fully to Punch then, though her fingers absently pat the back of Slugfest's head. "YOu sure you're okay?" Slugfest 's optics close in contentment as the back of his head is petted. The booze is still making him drowsy, so he's like a limp dishrag in Mercy's arms now. He's not sure who she's directing the question to, so he murmurs, "I'm ok!"

Punch tries to repeat the stance he's adopted so often. A great example of the Autobot ideal. Strong and proud, smart and smiling. Punch always found it helps whent he says things that are hard to believe. "Yes. I'm more mixed up than I was even before that forsaken war but, otherwise, I'm well." Note the last word as Punch's 'I'm fine' is usually the first indicator that he isn't. "So, forgive the persistance, but are you sure, absolutely positive, that I can't get you anything?"

Mercy narrows her optics at the older mech before she nods. "You can -promise- to come see me tomorrow for your appointmet so I can do what has to be done and be able to offline tomorrow without worrying about you," she suggests as she reaches with her non-stego-holding-arm to try and hook through his. "It would make me feel better...and then I"LL buy the next round."

Punch knows how to hook his arm, adapting for any differentials, so it can be taken with maximum comfort. This he does now. "Tomorrow I can do. Anytime that pleases you most greatly." Punch means it. He's been trying to get this out of the way for so long now and, although his feelings towards his being in medical have not changed, he made a deal with an old friend. One he does not intend to break.

"I promise to be gentle." And there are even rumours on the shi that Mercy has a treat she gives to each of her patients after she's seen them. Punch will get to see if that's true! "Okay, then..." Mercy looks to the bartender and beams his direction. "A round, please!"

Slugfest stirs in Mercy's arms. "Yay, another round!" he pipes up.

As further drinks arrive, one in a bowl, Punch says, "I have no doubts you will be. I'm now just worried how bad First Aid thought it was in there." Punch taps his chest with his free hand "I thought that, given the circumstnces, I was an example of perfect health. I run, drive and, nowadays, fly. I train harder than most... even if I can't make claim to the expertise that most others have. I just hope I don't end up putting you to too much trouble." Punch moves his free hand to his drink, "Your health." he toasts.

"Your friendship," Mercy returns wthout hesitation. Swallowing from her glass, she sets Slugfest carefully down with his bowl. "And you won't be much trouble at all...none, I'm sure."

Slugfest yays and begins lapping from his bowl again! His tail swishes in a feeble sleepy wag as he drinks.

Punch nearly opens his mouth to say something but manages to close it again in time. For once his reputation doesn't precede him. Regarding medical, of course. He can live with that very easily. Instead Punch nods to the returned toast and says, "I do try to behave. Be serious. Do as I'm told. Then there are other times where I don't and I'm not quite sure how that happens. I'll be on the best behviour that I can manage." Punch admits.

Mercy shakes her head with a bright grin at her drinking cohort. "Nah...Im always doing things I shouldn't. Hugging Blast Off or Ultra Magnus, or helping Quicksight, or annoying can misbehave around me. I'm never serious!" Well, nearly never.

"... I don't think I've heard anything so reassuring... ever." So much for mixed up. Maybe just worried about nothing. "So I suppose really I've some catching up to do then really?" Punch says speculating out loud.

Mercy finishes her drink. "Make sure Sluggy gets back to his room, okay?" she asks of Punch before the medic stands an wanders out.

Punch looks at Slugfest, then his bowl. "Okay. Take your time and, after this, we'll get you home safely then. Okay?" Punch asks.

"Okay!" Slugfest says, pausing to peer up at Punch, then nosing back into his bowl to continue slurping.

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