2016-02-12 Gravity: Now in Up

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Gravity: Now In Up
Date 2016/02/12
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Brainstorm's Workshop
Participants Brainstorm, Skids
Summary Gravity's trying new directions. Skids comes for some upgraded hardware.


Generally, loud noises coming from Brainstorm's workshop are a good thing. They indicate that the scientist is hard at work rather than lying offline somewhere, a victim of his own his own experiments and inventions.


The noises of the day are particularly loud, like something heavy and metal hitting something else metal. Like the floor.CLANG

Or the ceiling


Or both, considering that the source of the noise seems to change elevation with each hit. Anyone walking in to the room might, inf act, be greeted with the sight of a metal cube -- likely a box -- dropping down from the ceiling, sitting there for a few moments, then flying back up. Perhaps the strangest thing about all this, however, will be that Brainstorm himself is nowhere in sight, at least, unless the hypothetical visitor follows the upwards trajectory of the box towards the ceiling, where the inventor has made himself comfortable, not hanging, but sitting upsidedown, right on the ceiling, surrounded by a mess of gadgets and tools. He looks perfectly happy to be up there too.

Skids has found himself at a major loose end lately. Turns out Getaway has made like his name on Skids. He hasn't seen his partner since the shuttle bay. So, until Skids finds otherwise, it looks like he's reached the end of his usefulness.

Not much to add there so Skids took time to make his way to Brainstorms lab to see if there's anything that can be done to give his weapons systems a bigger bang. After offering no resistance whatsoever against Helex Skids'd like to know he could actually stop being killed by anything anytime that happens to come his way.

Skids enters the room and looks around. He then follows the motion of the contraption. As it loops on the vertical axis Skids shifts attention to the plain of the floor. Then the roof where he finally spots Brainstorm. Immediately after Skids fires his hook, securing it to a nearby strut and hauls himself upwards.

Once high enough to be spotted Skids asks Brainstorm, "Hi. Got the time to look me over just now? Get these weapons really firing?"

This mode of entry is enough to catch Brainstorm's attention, but not so that he can pause his experiment in time. Thus, Skids will soon find himself falling. No, there's nothing wrong with his hook, or the cable connecting him to it. He's not falling towards the floor. He's falling up, as if gravity here decided to point in the wrong direction.

Brainstorm is completely undisturbed by this phenomenon. Looking up from behind the box ,which now sits patiently on the celling, he gives the other Autobot a brief wave "Hey Skids! Finally decided on it, huh? You want just the basics, or do you have anything special in mind?"

Skids feels the hook slipping and way more slack in the rope than there should be. As he falls towards the roof he moves to prevent a bad landing as much as possible. Regardless he still lands heavily. Before getting up he replaces his hook for a hand once more. Better to dust himself off with. Skids stands and dust himself off he considers the point made.

"I want this internal system to cause the maximum amount of harm it can to anything that has the misfortune to come across it." Skids starts simply. "I also wondered if there was a way to modify my hook. Modify the hook itself and use the conductivity of the line to deliver a shock to anyone who touches it. A larger scale tazer I suppose. I am fed up beyond endurance of everything that I meet trying to kill and eat me."

"Sure." Brainstorm nods as he climbs to his feet, stepping around the box and the multitude of objects scattered nearby "I can do it all at once, but that'll take some time. Or we can do it in several shorter sessions. That also reduces the chances of some complication" he pauses, then bends down to pick something off the floor and tuck it away in to his chest compartment before moving across the ceiling towards one of the room's suspension chains, seems to be under the same effect that's keeping everything up here while the other half, staring from the source, dangles down as chains are supposed to in normal gravity, resulting in a hump-like shape, peaking about half way down its length. This, Brainstorm picks up, checking to make sure that his thumbs are pointed in the direction of its gravity abiding origin

"The field ends right here" he nods at the hump "Just grab on to anything outside it and swing down" which is exactly what he does himself, kickin jumping to get himself off the ceiling and swinging on the chain like on a jungle vine, his weight, and the limited extent of the 'field' preventing it from trying to plaster itself to the ceiling again.

Skids switches back to his hook and does some quick math. He just needs some symmetry to the shot for it to connect once outside the field and account for the severity of the gravitational inversion. Adding appropriate spin to give the best chance of the hook locking Skids aims and fires. The cable streams out behind it as the hook travels down towards the roofs surface.

It escapes the field now changing course down to the floor. After the hook's finished wrapping around a strut a few times Skids winches the rope in, wary of the imminent change. As He starts to leave the field he chages gear on the reel speeding up the rate rope's pulled in at and accounting for the extra mechanical load of his weight.

Once satisfied his winch is taking his weight outside of the field he kicks the motor into reverse and drops safely to the floor. Once unhooked Skids says, "Lets take it slow. I could do with taking it on the easier side for a change."

On the ground, Brainstorm moves to his lab computer, the screen flickering to life under his touch. A few motions bring up an image of Skids' internal systems, including his weapons. There's probably a very similar one in the medibay database "I could start with your arm guns then" glancing back at the theoretician, the engineer gestures at the components in question on his screen "I'm gonna need some time to build the necessary parts to modify your hook, but I already had a look at all your built in weapons, so I can upgrade them right now"

Skids nods. He's also noticed something from looking around the workshop. Skids... is feeling a lot calmer. Looking at all the piles and stacks he can see that there's some kind of organizational system going on. It isn't one Skids is aware of or even one he's tried to decode but, by the very virtue of the fact that it is there relaxes him.

It's good to know that a mind can freely operate on its own level without disapproval. "Yeah, great, Whatever you think is best." Skids readily agrees. His tone lacks that dry and tired quality it usually drags along with it. While he waits on the next step he says conversationally "It must be such a great thing to be able to pursue your own theories, test out equipment and further your advancements. Must say, it's well deserved in your case, it's also just great to see as well."

"It is" Brainstorm nods, moving to clear off a table, easily big enough for a mech to lie down on, but currently cluttered with a variety of tools and gadgets "My old lab was a lot better, but this is good too. And not lying in a pile of scrap somewhere on the surface of Cybertron" with the table cleared, he looks around, then pushes a large crate up to it "Sit down there and put your arm on the table" Brainstorm himself moves to pick out several tools from the various piles spread across the other tables, shelves, and other parts of the room "It's a bit harder to get some materials, but I manage."

Skids places his arm on the table as instructed. "What was Cybertron like?" Skids asks after a long awkward pause, "I don't remember it. I've seen pictures and had Getaway tell me about some of it but..."

Skids pauses for a moment on how best to explain Getaway says he's Skids best friend then actively lied to him and then has not seen or spoke to Skids since his sticking up for him in the shuttle bay, well, better not. "... He's not the most reliable source as it turns out."

"Well, obviously" Brainstorm agrees readily with Skids' latest assessment of Getaway "He's a jerk too" dumping his gathered tools and components on the table, he selects a cylindrical object and promptly stabs it at Skids' arm "Numbs all feeling" he explains "I don't need you shooting me in the middle of things" that done, he begins pulling away the panels of the superlearner's arm to expose the underlying mechanisms, and stowed weaponry "Last I saw, Cybertron was mostly wasteland. I think they're still using the remains of the Kimia station as an ops base."

Skids feels the jab. More pressure than anything painful so Skids guesses Brainstorm's practiced at numbing before a procedure. He stops feeling his arm and nods, just in case he needed to confirm. As Brainstorm works on his arm Skids says, "A lot doesn't add up when it comes to Getaway. He says he came here for me but, the moment he's out of trouble, I never see him. Considering he's been flirting with half the ship I suppose he's too busy keeping up with that." Skids sighs, "I mean there are other times he really seems worried about me and is concerned about me getting better but... in the end it's the lying that has stung me. I mean I'm an amnesiac. If I can't remember it makes lying to me okay? Sometimes I wish there was a way to get it back. You know, without that needle in the brain, someone else having your thoughts kind of thing."

"Technically, the needles go in to your neck" Brainstorm corrects as he begins prodding at the weaponry "Or eyes if you're dead. At least, that's how Chromedome prefers to do it. You could go talk to him you know, he won't tell anyone" pausing in his work, the engineer straightens out to cast a brief, searching glance across the room before moving to grab a stand holding a flash light, the one he got from the Junkions, from another table. This he brings back with him, setting it up to shine on Skids' open arm "Getaway said he's here because Prowl sent him. Looking for a spy or something"

"That's the thing though. He'd know my memories. I wouldn't. Not what I'm looking for." Skids says to clarify, He blinks for the briefest moment as the light flashes past his optics then Skids says, "Turns out there was no spy. The story's so long and complicated I don't quite understand it all but that's the end result. Getaway was trying to help though. I just wish he'd calm down a bit sometimes. When he's not overwound everything's okay."

Oh, the irony.

"Really?" The only thing that can be heard in Brainstorm's voice is mild surprise, appropriate to the situation "Well, I guess it makes sense, with the war over and everything" tilting the light, he inspects his work, makes a few more adjustments, then puts the tool down and begins working Skids' arm panels back in to place "Chromedome will obviously tell you anything he digs up, plus he can manipulate memory a bit, so he might be able to help there. You want me to do the other arm right now, or next time?"

Skids Waits til his arm plates are replaced and the feelings returned somewhat to his arm. After an experimental flex Skids says, "I'll come back for that if it's all right with you. I know what you're saying about Chromedome's skills but, again, I want the only person to have my memories in my head is me. Not a second hand read back from someone who knows more about them than I do." Skids stands admiring the arm, or to be precise the quality work done to it and says, "Thanks again Brainstorm. I appreciate this." Skids then aims and fires a grapple down into the hall to reel himself out of the workshop

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