2016-02-02 Swindle Sucks

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-02-02 Swindle Sucks
Date 2016/02/02
Location Lost Light - Recreation -- Observation Deck
Participants Brainstorm, Swindle, Whirl
Summary Seriously, he's just the worst.

A hexagonal room that mimics the shape of the bridge two decks above, the Observation Deck likewise has two rows of windows that look out into the vast dark of space. Seating arranged casually throughout the room can be retracted into the deck or rearranged into rows for solemn ceremonies. If there's a big event, it's going to be held here.

Sore still from his recently repaired injuries, Swindle occupies his evening with a session of stargazing, or rather, just staring out into the void. All the excitement to survive has left him and he is no mood to celebrate, because the next step was obvious; confessing to command his friend(s?) and his crewmates as to way the DJD wanted him dead. Urrgh, admitting he did something wrong, what a disgusting predicament. Ah well, least the evening couldn't get any worse?

The evening is about to get a lot worse as Whirl steps onto the observation deck. He's still looking pretty rough around the edges but thanks to the Lost Light's fantastic medical team, he's well enough to be up and about. Up and about and looking for Swindle who he just so happens to find.

"SWINDLE!" It's the only warning the Combaticon gets before Whirl is stomping up to him, looking like he's five seconds away from running him through with his claws. "You better have a DAMN GOOD explanation for almost getting us all killed!"

Brainstorm too has had the DJD on his mind lately, for more than one reason. He's technically supposed to be coming up with anti-DJD weapons right now, and he is doing that. He's just hit a bit of a snag, and decided to go get a change of scenery to help him figure it out. He's even brought along a datapad with design sketches scribbled on it so that he can add to them on the spot. His other DJD-related thoughts involve his own connection to them, and his status now that there seems to be a rift between them, and Soundwave's followers.

All that can wait a bit. The sound of an unhappy Whirl draws his attention, guiding him to peek through the doorway of the Observation deck, then step in to the room after the ex-Wrecker, towards Swindle "Yeah, why were they after you?" he asks, not at all aggressive, but still quite curious, giving Whirl a cautious glance beforehand. This looks like it could escalate, and Brainstorm still kinda wants to live.

The bark of his name from a blue, one eyed psychopath lifts Swindle of his seat faster then the word 'half price Fusion Cells'. Backing up from Whirl, Swindle's mouth quivers into a weak attempt at a friendly smile. Not even Brainstorms entrance seems to elevate his mood. Dammit, he really did want to tell either Command or Blast off first, not this mutilated joke and... well he liked Brainstorm, but no offence, he still didn't completely trust him. "Ah eh e-eh, w-w-wow, gentlemen, please. I'm actually not sure myself you k-k-know." His eyes plead with both of the blue bots, trying to see any sense of them buying what he was selling. "I mean, have you met me, it could have been any r-reason... I haven't sent Megatron a Primusula card for years! Could of have been that! TARNS A LOONY!" Maybe the hysterics would convince them he was about as clueless a them? HE CERTAINLY HOPES SO.

Swindle's pathetic attempt at explaining himself only makes Whirl angrier. Any space between the two of them disappears as he gets right up in Swindle's face, peering doing at him through that beady, singular optic of his. "DON'T GIVE ME THAT SHIT," he snaps, pointing a claw right at Swindle's face. "Do you have ANY idea what your bullshit caused!? Thanks to YOU and YOUR BULLSHIT, Blast Off is on the DJD's shit list! I don't give two shits about what happens to me or anyone else on this ship, but Blast Off is a completely different story! YOUR actions almost got him killed! DO YOU EVEN CARE?"

Hopefully Brainstorm is in the mood for some intervention because the next thing Whirl does is wrap his claws around Swindle's throat. It's not tight enough to so any REAL damage (Blast Off would kill him if Swindle got hurt) but it's enough to get the point across. The point being, of course, that he's pissed off. "You better start explaining and you better start doing it fast!" <FS3> Whirl rolls Interrogation: Success. (6 5 6 5 4 7 5 5 4)

Brainstorm raises a brow ridge at Swindle's excuse, but before he can say anything, Whirl launches himself at the Decepticon. There's a clear flicker of worry in the engineer's optics. Knowing Whirl, it wouldn't be surprising if Swindle ended up ready for the medibay in a few moments, or a casket. "You do realize that he won't be able to tell anyone anything if you crush his neck" he points out, gingerly steping towards the ex-wrecker from a bit to the side, and well enough behind to give himself some time to jump away should Whirl decide that he doesn't like people questioning his methods.

"What? Of c-course I ca-ARCK!" Swindle wriggles and winces in Whirl's grasp. This was it, this how he was going to die... no, better to live a truther then... well, die. He attempts to regain his composure. "WHIRL! C'mon, I said I 'wasn't sure', doesn't mean i don't have theories! Give a bot, huh?" Eyes look to Brainstorm, begging him TO MAYBE HELP?! "You see, I maaaaaaaaay have had a few dealings with a lot people? I might have one time... traded with the Black Block Consortium." Flinching, he prays the last sound he hears isn't the snap of his neck.

Whirl's grip tightens when the truth finally comes out. It's no su.rprise at all to anyone that Swindle's shady business practices are to blame for all this, but he's still pretty pissed off about it! There's a moment where he seriously debates doing the 'right' thing and letting Swindle go, and doing what he really wants to do and throttle him to death, but Brainstorm's words and Swindle's pathetic flinching finally seals it for him. He releases the Combaticon. "You're extremely fortunate to have Blast Off's endorsement, otherwise I wouldn't hesitate to throw you out an airlock right now."

Swindle's admission doesn't really seem to surprise Brainstorm. Nor does he offer the Combaticon any animossity for it. He's not really gonna judge such things. He does look about ready to speak up again, but then Whirl releases Swindle, and he relaxes a bit "They would have probably come after Blast Off anyways at some point, when they found out about you guys. You haven't exactly been keeping that a secret."

And plod! Swindle's drop unceremoniously to the floor. He looks up to Whirl with his mouth curling into a snarl. "Ooooh? Is that right? That's the only reason you aren't wasting me, lamp post? Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot..." Okay, this was a stupid idea, but you know, screw it! If he wasn't dying by this little tricks claws, may as well have a blast. "You must feel so much guilt over what happened to Blast Off, right? I mean, if you were stronger, maybe his wings wouldn't have been sheered off." His smile slowly returns, this was o fcourse more for his benefit then to hurt whirl. "Maybe if you weren't so weak, you could have woken up and handed me over to Tarn right there and then before everyone got all noble.... Maybe if you hadn't beaten Megatron to a pulp, the DJD wouldn't exist at all." Swindle lets out a dry little chuckle, y'know, why not, he'd only be back in medbay anyhow! "Gosh, must suck carrying around that much quilt? Or, maybe you don't, all the same, you can't really say this mess is 'my fault'... not when EVERYTHING to do with the war is effectively yours! So thanks whirl! Thanks for being enough of a fuck up to be an eternal scapegoat!"

"But that's not why they came for him!" Whirl snaps at Brainstorm, glaring at him over the edge of his shoulder kibble. "They came for him because of SWINDLE. They came for all of us because of Swindle!" As soon as Swindle opens his mouth again, Whirl seriously regrets not choking him out when he had the chance. Being blamed for the war is nothing new to Whirl and it's something he actually brags about with certain company, but being blamed for what happened to Blast Off is entirely new and rage-inducing. Needless to say, Swindle hit a very sensitive nerve.

There is no exchange of words, no snappy comments or insults. There's just the swing of an arm and the glint of claws as they come rushing towards Swindle.

<FS3> Whirl rolls Stabbing: Good Success. (4 1 1 6 2 8 2 3 3 7)

Whirl's response to his observation leaves Brainstorm only a bit uneasy. It's what comes out of Swindle's mouth that leaves the engineer with a frightened 'You Really Shouldn't Have Said That' of a look, right before he scrambles to the side to avoid being accidentally caught up in the crossfire. Crossstabing. Whatever. Either way, he does not want to be anywhere near an enraged Whirl.

<FS3> Swindle rolls Body+reaction: Good Success. (1 8 1 7)

Any smugness on Swindle's face is replaced with a face that seems to agree with Brainstorms sentiment. A face that says 'Well yes Brainstorm, you're quite right, my folly to believe enraging the cold sparked killer wouldn't lead to me getting killed, I WILL NOW DODGE THE POINTY CLAW'. And so Swindle does... but not without proof of the attack. A large dent in his frame, stepping back, Swindle's face twists with fury and pain. "You... REALLY are an idiot. Well... BYE!" With a strained grin, Swindle shifts mode and works his engine to GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE.

Whirl doesn't realize it yet but he's very lucky that Swindle was able to avoid a painful stabbing. There's no doubt that Blast Off is going to hear about this and it's going to be a lot easier to deal with since he only give him a nasty dent. "I'M the idiot!? YOU'RE THE ONE GETTING THE DJD SICCED ON US, YOU BASTARD!" When Swindle takes off, Whirl tries chasing him on foot but all he does is aggravate his injuries and he's forced to stop after only a few steps. "Ugh, I'm going to get in so much trouble.."

Brainstorm watches this from where he'd pressed himself flat against a wall, briefcase clutched against his chest. The fear in his optics is ther eboth for himself, and for Swindle. The Combaticon is most definitely dead now. Dead as...not at all? He gives Whirl a confused look as the larger mech gives up the chase "That's n--" actually, never mind. No need to shorten Swindle's lifespan any further.

"Hnn.." Whirl leans against the closest piece of furniture he can reach, taking a moment to rest before straightening up and trying to move around again. "If I wasn't hurtin' so bad, and if he wasn't a Combaticon.." He shakes his head. "Fuckin' asshole.." Why does his boyfriend have to have such a terrible robrother?

Brainstorm's surprise only grows with this comment. For a few moments, he simply stares at Whirl. Whirl who just gave up on chasing someone who insulted him on the grounds of injury, and caring about someone else's opinion. Cautiously, the engineer peels himself off the wall and steps forward "Are you feeling okay?"

"No." Whirl's answer is flat and immediate. "I feel like shit. My body hurts, my head hurts, I haven't gotten a decent recharge since all that shit on Prion happened." Makes sense since it happened only a few days ago. "It's all Swindle's fault and I can't even do anything about it! I just want to.. I want to.." He holds his claws out in front of him and shakes them, like he was throttling an invisible person. "That! I want to do that! But.. I can't! You have any idea how pissed Blast Off is going to be when he finds out I tried to stab Swindle!?"

"No, I mean --" Brainstorm cuts off again, then something in his look changes, softens a bit. Behind his faceplate, he smiles. Love has made people do crazier things than have second thoughts about murdering someone. "He did try to turn himself in at first, before Tailgate stopped him and everything" he points out "And I think Blast Off would have to be more concerned if you hadn't tried to stab him." asuming Blast Off knew what he signed up for here.

"Tailgate stopped him!?" Whirl would be frowning if he could. "Why would he.." He sighs. "I guess Tailgate had a good reason for it or.. what ever.." He wants to be angry but it's so hard to be angry with Tailgate for any reason, he's just too damn adorable.

"I guess you're right," he admits after a long moment of consideration. "Stabbing is kind of my thing. Primus knows I tried to stab Blast Off lots of times and look what happened there."

"There you go!" Brainstorm spreads his hands, briefcase in one, datapad in the other "Just, uh, try not to actually kill him. That could cause some problems" plus, Brainstorm kinda likes having Swindle, and his services around.

So according to Brainstorm it's A-OK to stab Swindle as long as he doesn't kill him. Whirl can live with that. "Heh, yeah, could you imagine? 'Ohh no, Whirl, how could you kill the worst person on the ship?' Ugh, what a load."

Whirl turns towards the door. "I gotta go, First Aid wants me to start seeing Rung about the whole DJD torture thing." He shrugs like he thinks it's the dumbest thing he's ever heard of. "I'll see you around."

No, Brainstorm did not say that it was okay to stab Swindle, but he's not about to try his luck telling Whirl that. Hopefully Swindle will know to stay out of Whirl's way. As Whirl begins to leave though, he does speak up again "Oh, hang on." he raises the datapad to catch his attention again "Rodimus has me working on some anti-DJD weapon designs, but I cant decide on the colour. Think I should make the first one black, red, or just stick with classic silver?"

Whirl looks back at Brainstorm, head cocked to the side. "Those are all awful, I suggest violet instead." He turns back around and a wave over his shoulder as he leaves. Time to show up late to his appointment.

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