2016-01-13 Extreme Sports

From Transformers: Lost and Found

It's very clear from the start that today's arena fight is going to be different than the fight yesterday, because they are brought to a large room with not only the other Lost Lighters, but also a number of other proposed combatants, as though the walls have been opened up in all the separate chambers. Crazy Eight is straight to business as he describes the challenge:

"This will be a last man standing fight. You can get cute about that if you want. But you'll squander your opportunity. This is your shot at freedom. Listening? Good. The winner of this bout earns a one on one fight with yours truly in front of all these witnesses. Defeat me, and I let you out, with a purse of 25,000 shanix for your trouble. Kill me, and I will this place to you to do with as you please. Raze it to the ground, whatever. But to get to me, you have to get through all of them. Motivated? I know I would be. Any questions? Wait, I just remembered -- I don't care. On we go."

At which point, the room begins to rise.

Some announcement must have been made to rile up the crowd, because their deafening roar can be heard as the room emerges from the water, even before the walls begin to sink.

Cyclonus looks steady and, unlike a lot of his compatriots, nourished. He holds the Great Sword in front of him, tip poised against the floor, fingers curled around the hilt. His gaze studies his potential opponents: mostly the unknowns, but also, to a lesser extent, his crewmates. The one person he always makes sure to know the location of is Tailgate.

Tossed to the wolves, that is how it is supposed to be then, is it? Getaway takes notice that Crazy Eight is not pairing them off or otherwise pitting them again any set opponents, thus... "Well, glad we were all friends while we could be," he says under the roar of the crowd. "Whirl," he asks nicely, "Please don't murder me too bad.". Once they are revealed, Getaway will step back, glad to let any of the others grab any oir all of the attention they want. Him? He sizes up the easy pickings. Quickly, Getaway motions for Pipes to come closer. " Stick close," he urges, as if offering protection.

That promise of a one-on-one fight has Rodimus's attention. His hands open and close in clenched fists and the guns on his arms heat. He turns to the others, glancing over his mini crew. "Take out anyone who targets Mercy first. She doesn't have the armor or the training the rest of us do and I want her keeping the rest of us on our feet if need be. Then I want you to clear the field of his competition, Lost Lighters. Just this once -- let's show them what we can do. We can worry about the rest of the details--" Namely, why everyone else is going to totally surrender and let Rodimus go fight the bad guy, right? RIGHT?? "--later."

Somehow Pipes was left out of the initial round of bouts, which was fine with him; he's gotten to know his cellmates - Rit, First Class Hurler of Spears, and Bleeat, First Class Pachyderm of Pachyderms - somewhat well, and doesn't wish to have to meet them in combat. Even missing out on an energon fillup was worth it. But he's been selected this time, and so, as they rise, his spirit falls, guessing that one or both of them await in the other group.

Pipes lugs a blaster cannon, not quite as wide as him, but certainly as long. Its energy coils are already spinning around its wide barrel with an oddly pleasant whirr. He listens to them to try to concentrate, and then also hears Getaway. He looks askance at the new arrival. "All right?"

As soon as they were all brought into this room, Whirl found Blast Off and hasn't left his side yet. "I hope you don't plan on pulling any punches," he says to the shuttleformer. "I want to see what you can really do." Getaway's request gets a shrug from the cyclops. "I'll see what I can do," as if Whirl would actually risk murdering his biggest fan. Once the walls comes down, Whirl cocks his shotgun and fires a shot into the air. "LET'S DO THIS THING!"

Even now, Quicksight continues standing appart from the rest, watching the other combatants. So this is how it is, huh? An all out mass melee, and the winner gets a chance at the head honcho himself. A chance at freedom. This is frustrating. Reason dictates that in the long run, he won't stand a chance. He may be a decent fighter (or, at least, that's what he thinks of himself), but someone stronger has a better chance of ultimately winning. On the other hand, there is no one here who he actually wants to help. Well, perhaps. He scans over the tougher looking members of their little group (organics are ignored completely, what can they do after all?). Maybe it's time to choose a lesser evil.

Blast Off loves combat, but he hates this. Being forced to fight like someone's puppet stirs up a righteous outrage even /he/ doesn't usually experience, and he's pretty practiced at it. But he also doesn't have much choice. The Combaticon sees everyone now and quickly makes his way towards Whirl while looking for Mercy and keeping an optic on Quicksight. He looks up as Whirl speaks, and smirks under his faceplate. "Please, I'm a Combaticon. I don't pull punches and I wouldn't expect you to, either. Let's be the last two standing, shall we?"

He glances over as Rodimus issues orders, nodding his head and wondering just what the plan will be once they finish off the rest of their competition. PFFFT, he'll probably try and hog the glory for himself. PFFFT. The idea of going against Crazy Eight is appealing though- but it should be /him/, right?

Getaway doesn't waste a moment. "Closest you can get," he says at Pipes as he transforms, "Is in me. But then," he now says as a car, "You wouldn't get to shoot off that massive hand cannon of yours." Since the one eying him is armed with a melee weapon, all he has to do is keep away from Spear-thrower. "Hop on!" Caraway shouts at Pipes as he revs his engines.

somehow cocks an eyebrow. Nice idea, Getaway. "Gotcha now," he replies, and he hops up onto Getaway's car mode. He takes a wide stance, cannon spun up and ready.

As soon as the walls drop and the arena is opened for the fight, the cameras go wild in their circuiting, taking shots of everyone they can get. The cat-cyborg hoists her shotgun and centers her glare upon the Cybertronians, while the enraged war elephant trumpets and stamps, preparing to charge. Rit, the Spear-Thrower, is beginning a low, intense chant in the depths of his mechanoid frame as he prepares to move for one of the Cybertronian targets. The sea sylph dives from her tank, spilling out into the water on the edges of the arena in a bloop followed by an immediate spray of icicles that spatter the shore. The chaos of the battlefield seems inevitable. It's easy to for strangers to target each other first.

    <COMBAT> Rodimus attacks Tiritura with Blaster Pistol - Moderate wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
    <COMBAT> Bleeat attacks Whirl with Blunt - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!
    <COMBAT> Blast Off attacks Bleeat with Ap Sniper Rifle - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!
    <COMBAT> Tiritura attacks Rodimus with Plasma Rifle - ARMOR on Head stops the attack!
    <COMBAT> Bieva attacks Quicksight with Shotgun - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
    <COMBAT> Whisper attacks Blast Off with Ap Rifle - Serious wound to Chest.
    <COMBAT> Whirl attacks Bleeat with Shotgun - Critical wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
    <COMBAT> Spear-thrower attacks Quicksight with Axe - Serious wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
    <COMBAT> Sea Sylph attacks Pipes with Shrapnel and MISSES!
    <COMBAT> Quicksight attacks Ch'thsia with Knife and MISSES!
    <COMBAT> Pipes attacks Blipmonster with Blaster Cannon but MISSES!
    <COMBAT> Cyclonus attacks Whisper with Great Sword - Light wound to Right Hand.
    <COMBAT> Ch'thsia attacks Getaway with Knife - Serious wound to Chest.
    <COMBAT> Blipmonster attacks Cyclonus with Blaster Pistol - Light wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
    <COMBAT> Mercy attacks Bieva with Blaster Pistol and MISSES!
    <COMBAT> Blast Off has been **KO'd**!
    <COMBAT> Getaway has been **KO'd**!
    <COMBAT> Quicksight has been **KO'd**!

With so many targets to choose from, Rodimus makes things simple: he picks on a familiar giant suit of mechanized armor. He has such grudges against big thumpy things. He dashes forward with guns blazing to send a solid blast sizzling to crack right against Tiritura's head armor. He takes a hit of his own in turn, but -- well. He has a hard head. He drives past his opponent and pivots to send another burst of gunfire right at the armored he'd just damaged. His gaze sweeps the field as he turns, and his shot nearly goes wide in surprise as he sees three of his own stumbling. "Mercy!" he calls, nodding for her to get them back up.

Whirl turns his attention to Bleeat as he comes charging in and plants his feet in the ground, bracing himself for the vicious assault that's sure to follow. He seriously overestimated the war elephant's strength and he even feels kind of bad when he raises his shotgun to the Earth creature's chest but not bad enough to not pull the trigger.

Perhaps it looked for a split second like Whisper was going after Mercy, because Cyclonus seems to hone in on the unknown Decepticon rather speedily. Of course, in the end the Decepticon makes for Blast Off, but Cyclonus does manage to slice his sword lightly across her hand (wing) before he's forced to confront Ch'thsia.

The cannon shot from Pipes goes wide; serves him right for trying to shoot from on top of a moving vehicle, although the attempt looked pretty keen. His ride is knocked out from under him, so he rolls away - well, follows the cannon to the ground then picks it up - and swings it around to target the culprit.

Getaway goes down so hard, so fast that in that fleeting moment before shutdown he hopes he can at least provide cover for Pipes.

Blast Off , standing next to Whirl, has a lot of things come at him at once. the charging elephant takes up the majority of his attention, though, and he steps back to avoid collision with the charging creature- only to run right into a sniper shot from Whisper. It fragging /hurts/, too, sending him reeling back and crashing down flat on his back. He lies there stunned for a moment, vision spinning and faltering and nearly fading out.

But slag it all, he will NOT be taken out so fragging fast! He's a Combaticon, he's supposed to be a lot better than /this/. He thinks of what Ojnslaught might say if he ever saw this footage and the burn of embarrssment is enough to somehow get him back on his feet- though everything hurts like slag now. He whips his weapon up and fires back at his assailant.

  • Onslaught

Ch'thsia slashes at Cyclonus with a chatter of her mandibles. In her cell, she is kindly, almost apologetic, but out here, the crystalline spider creature is vicious and intense in her fighting, scuttling in close to get inside the Cybertronian's reach.

Tiritura swaps fire with Rodimus, but the tiny alien creature is a little dazed in the aftermath. It screeks inside its armor and fooms closer on a couple of massive steps, resetting to take another shot.

The chatter of the cat-cyborg's shotgun takes Quicksight full in the face. Mercy abandons shooting her pistol to hurry to Quicksight's side to lend what first aid she can in the first moments of this fight.

Whisper orients on Blast Off. She drops to one knee, aiming her rifle at the other Decepticon, and stares menace at him as she squeezes the trigger.

Well, as much as he would love to run Crazy Eight through himself, Quicksight wants to get out of here a lot more. If that means helping someone, so be it. He's no stranger to teamwork. So leser evil it is. Between the two-three people here who he does not utterly detest, only one would probably stand a chance. Him it is them.

The scout shoots Blast Off a glare, but it is not him he goes at. Oh, he intends to get a hit in at some point, but not now. The captain does have a point, one that hopefully everone else can see. First, get the organics out of the way. He'll start with Ch'thsia. Might as well give his chosen 'champion' a hand.

Or try to anyways. So much for that plan.

    <COMBAT> Blipmonster attacks Pipes with Blaster Pistol - COVER stops the attack.
    <COMBAT> Blast Off attacks Bleeat with Ap Sniper Rifle - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
    <COMBAT> Tiritura attacks Rodimus with Plasma Rifle - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
    <COMBAT> Ch'thsia attacks Cyclonus with Knife - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
    <COMBAT> Bleeat attacks Whirl with Blunt - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
    <COMBAT> Whisper attacks Blast Off with Ap Rifle - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
    <COMBAT> Whirl attacks Bleeat with Shotgun - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
    <COMBAT> Sea Sylph attacks Cyclonus with Shrapnel - Moderate wound to Neck (Reduced by Armor).
    <COMBAT> Rodimus attacks Tiritura with Blaster Pistol - Moderate wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
    <COMBAT> Mercy attempts to rally Quicksight and FAILS
    <COMBAT> Spear-thrower attacks Mercy with Axe - Serious wound to Left Arm.
    <COMBAT> Pipes attacks Ch'thsia with Blaster Cannon and MISSES!
    <COMBAT> Bieva attacks Pipes with Shotgun - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Cover) (Reduced by Armor).
    <COMBAT> Cyclonus attacks Ch'thsia with Great Sword - Moderate wound to Neck.
    <COMBAT> Blast Off has been **KO'd**!
    <COMBAT> Cyclonus has been **KO'd**!

Well, he WAS aiming at Whisper but somehow *angry charging elephant* got in his way again. They kind of take a lot of space, pretty easily. And again the shot does nothing against the creature's armor- but Whisper's shot DOES - again- and with a *gahh* the Combaticon falls back once more, optics shining brightly for a moment, then dimming out as he sprawls on the ground.

Whirl is surprised when Bleeat doesn't go down right away but he fully intends on changing that, or rather he did before he saw Blast Off go down. Getting the Combaticon back on his feet becomes his top priority and sprints over to him as fast as he can, even jumping over smaller opponents in his way. "Blast Off!" Whirl gathers Blast Off into his arms.. and then begins violently shaking him. "BLAST OFF! GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER, COME ON! LET'S GO! WAKE UP!" He slaps his face a few times.

Pipes peeks out from behind Getaway's still vehicle form after firing. Missed again? He slaps the side of the cannon. At least Cyclonus got a piece of her, but he's down now, along with too many of his friends. Then he himself takes a shotgun blast to the chest from a different direction, and even though he was somewhat protected, it still ouches. He spins to that direction, flips the cannon upside down and kicks over the trigger.

Ch'thsia's blow doesn't manage to penetrate Cyclonus's armor, but the Sea Sylph's attack slices through the outer layers of his neck, leaving him stumbling. He falls to one knee and doesn't immediately get up

Rodimus whips around Tiritura to take another shot. A passing scorch blisters his paint in turn, but the damage he takes seems fairly light. "Ha!"

Rodimus's glee doesn't last: when another one of his heavies gets smashed, he lets loose a series of blistering, paint-stripping curses. Optimus Prime would never speak like that. Seeing Whirl fall out of the fight to deal with Blast Off, Rodimus calls at Pipes: "Finish off that elephant!" Yes. He wants Pipes to hurt the Earth animal. Mutiny in 3...2...

Whisper turns in satisfaction when she sees the Combaticon go down, and launches herself into the air to sail across the distance between them, dropping into a dive that she spends strafing down upon Bieva.

Bieva, meanwhile, has darted to the edge of the water and is leveling her shotgun at the water, waiting for the sea sylph to surface.

The sea sylph, having tracked the Ch'thsia to one target, now follows her again to fire icicles at the other.

The elephant thrashes, bellowing in pain as it swings the massive mace at the end of its armored trunk. Bleeat thumps after Whirl but he's definitely showing signs of his injuries.

Rit, the Spear Thrower, is singing a battle song at the top of his voice as he throws himself, and his spears, at Ch'thsia. It's a little distracting.

Nice try, Mercy, but Quicksight listens to no Autobot! Or, you know, getting shot, and axed, is kinda unpleasant when you have light armour.

    <COMBAT> Whisper attacks Bieva with Ap Rifle - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
    <COMBAT> Sea Sylph attacks Spear-thrower with Shrapnel - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
    <COMBAT> Ch'thsia attacks Spear-thrower with Knife - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!
    <COMBAT> Blipmonster attacks Sea Sylph with Blaster Pistol - Light wound to Right Hand.
    <COMBAT> Spear-thrower attacks Ch'thsia with Axe - Light wound to Right Hand.
    <COMBAT> Pipes attacks Bieva with Blaster Cannon - Serious wound to Left Hand.
    <COMBAT> Mercy treats Quicksight:
    <COMBAT> Bleeat attacks Whirl with Blunt - Moderate wound to Left Hand.
    <COMBAT> Whirl attempts to rally Blast Off and SUCCEEDS. Blast Off is back in the fight!
    <COMBAT> Tailgate attempts to rally Cyclonus and SUCCEEDS. Cyclonus is back in the fight!
    <COMBAT> Rodimus attacks Tiritura with Blaster Pistol - Moderate wound to Right Arm.
    <COMBAT> Tiritura attacks Rodimus with Plasma Rifle - ARMOR on Head stops the attack!
    <COMBAT> Bieva attacks Sea Sylph with Shotgun and MISSES!

"Finally!" Pipes cries in relief. I mean, not that it feels great to injure some cyborg he's never met, but at least the cannon is working. It looks like the non-Lost Lighters are turning on each other, so he takes the chance to help out the brave soul who served as his shield.

"Again with the headshots! Come on!" Rodimus leans into Tiritura's shot -- because that's what you want to do when someone is shooting a gun at your head, lean into it -- and one of the points of his helm suffers for it, metal softening without quite melting and bending back. Now he's lopsided. You made him lopsided!!

It's been a chaotic attempt at getting out of everyone's way, for Tailgate; he was lifted into the ring with the rest of them, but in the interest of avoiding damage he moved into his alt-mode and has been zipping and turning underfoot, or careening around far out of range. So far it's worked in his favor. It isn't until Cyclonus gets injured in the neck and falls to a knee that he moves into the real fray, unafraid once he's actually needed. He unfolds into root mode as he coasts to a stop in front of the swordwielder, one hand moving to Cyclonus' elbow and the other up at the wound on his neck. "Cyclonus! You can do this!" TINY BELIEVES IN YOU.

Cyclonus cycles air through his vents once, twice. He slowly picks his way up to his feet. "Stay out of sight," he tells Tailgate, which is kind of like thank you, and then he turns to make his way back into the fray. That elephant lingers as one of the more dangerous competitors, and he moves in to assist Whirl with taking it down.

As the more seasoned gladiators turn on each other, the chaos becomes centralized near the edge of the shore where Bieva and the Blipmonster are focused on shooting at the sea sylph. "BLIP!" roars the congolomerated blips (with only one voice).

Tiritura begins to move again, tracking his brightly hued and only slightly lopsided opponent with heavy, roving clanks, his guns raised in either hand of the massive armor. The point-eared creature speaks in a low chatter of syllables: "Like you aren't shooting at my head!"

Blast Off is down and out- but Whirl won't let him stay that way. The Combaticon is shaken and slapped- then his black hand suddenly reaches up to stop Whirl's claw mid-blow. Violet optics flicker online again as the shuttleformer stares up to Whirl's singular yellow one. Then his hand leaves that claw and briefly traces along the edge of where Whirl's jaw would be. "....Thank you. YES." AHEM.

He gets back onto his feet- a little shaky and hurting like slag, but determined to /get er done/. "Let's DO this!" His rifle swings up to meet Whisper and he aims to let her know just what he thinks of her!

    <COMBAT> Rodimus attacks Tiritura with Blaster Pistol - ARMOR on Head stops the attack!
    <COMBAT> Whisper attacks Bieva with Ap Rifle - Light wound to Chest.
    <COMBAT> Sea Sylph attacks Spear-thrower with Shrapnel - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
    <COMBAT> Ch'thsia attacks Spear-thrower with Knife - Light wound to Right Arm.

Physical violence solves everything as evidenced by Whirl successfully slapping Blast Off back into conciousness. "You're welcome, shuttlemuffin." He lets Blast Off go just in time to take a hit from Bleeat. "Urgh! Damnit! I didn't want to kill this thing but if I have to.." Because of course he has to, Bleeat hit him! Whirl spins around and fires off a shell from his shotgun right at the war elephant at the same time Cyclonus strikes. Pachyderm murdering buddies!

    <COMBAT> Blipmonster attacks Sea Sylph with Blaster Pistol - Serious wound to Chest.
    <COMBAT> Bleeat attacks Whirl with Blunt and MISSES!
    <COMBAT> Whirl attacks Bleeat with Shotgun - Critical wound to Right Hand.
    <COMBAT> Tiritura attacks Rodimus with Plasma Rifle - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
    <COMBAT> Blast Off attacks Whisper with Ap Sniper Rifle - Moderate wound to Left Arm.
    <COMBAT> Spear-thrower attacks Ch'thsia with Axe and MISSES!
    <COMBAT> Pipes attempts to rally Getaway and FAILS
    <COMBAT> Bieva attacks Sea Sylph with Shotgun and MISSES!
    <COMBAT> Mercy attempts to rally Quicksight and FAILS
    <COMBAT> Cyclonus attacks Bleeat with Great Sword - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
    <COMBAT> Bleeat has been **KO'd**!

Bleeat -- has fallen. Cyclonus doesn't even bother to celebrate his victory with Whirl, because he is Cyclonus. Instead, he just turns and finds the next weakest target: he swings for Bieva.

Tailgate nods once up to Cyclonus as he rises, chin straight and hand moving away with a layer of fluid between his fingers. It's only a flesh wound, Tailgate. He backs up as the other bot sweeps into the fight again, moving back to four wheels and taking off to see who else he can help to their feet again. He's inspiring, damn it.

The second shot that Tiritura lands on Rodimus's chest doesn't just blister paint: it actually forces him back a step, and his own shot grazes lightly past Tiritura without doing any notable damage. He growls in anger, and pushes forward again.

Pipes tries what he can, but Getaway doesn't respond. Profound worry descends upon Pipes' spark - and regret, since he was just using him for cover. Maybe that made things worse? "Somebody come help Getaway! I'm not ... I can't ..." Frustrated, he returns the cannon's aim on the spider who made Getaway this way.

What's that? Something about getting up? Nah, Quicksight's tired. Just five more minutes, doc!

"Yeah! We did it!" Whirl turns around to high-five Cyclonus only to see him go dashing off after another opponent. "Pfft, fine. I didn't want a high-five anyway!" He finds his next victim- er, opponent, Ch'thsia in this case, and opens fire. "Spiders are gross!"

Bleeat crashes to the ground in a heap of armor under the combined onslaught of Whirl and Cyclonus. He does not rise again. There's a last whining grumble from the depths of the armor, his head tilting down.

"Rude," observes Ch'thsia. You almost expect to hear the young man after it, as the crystalline spider turns to face her latest attacker.

Mercy is still trying her little spark out to try and get Quicksight back on his feet. Not sure what this involves at this point. Maybe a puppet show.

Blast Off should be horrified at being called *shuttlemuffin* in front of everyone and everything everywhere- but right now, with his life on the line in the thick of things, he really doesn't care. In fact, it even brings the ghost of a smile to the lips hidden behind his faceplate. He is extra-pleased to come online just in time to see Whirl topple the elephant. "NICE. You're really doing magnificently tonight, Whirl." The Combaticon's own shot strikes Whisper but doesn't take her out. Not good enough. Blast Off tries again- this time with a nice, clean head shot. The best.

Tiritura's ongoing duel with Rodimus continues. This time he doesn't even move between shots, because he set himself well enough the last time. He calls, "What's that? I didn't hear that, robot." WHAT A TERM.

"WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?" Rodimus, already reckless to the point of ridiculous, charges directly at Tiritura with a vaulting leap to shoot him right in the face. Yes, that puts him in range of a return shot. No, he doesn't care.

    <FS3> Rodimus rolls Style: Great Success. (1 6 1 5 5 1 4 8 1 8 2 8 8 8)
    <COMBAT> Whirl attacks Ch'thsia with Shotgun but MISSES!
    <COMBAT> Spear-thrower attacks Ch'thsia with Axe - Light wound to Left Arm.
    <COMBAT> Rodimus attacks Tiritura with Blaster Pistol - Light wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
    <COMBAT> Cyclonus attacks Bieva with Great Sword - Moderate wound to Chest.
    <COMBAT> Blipmonster attacks Sea Sylph with Blaster Pistol and MISSES!
    <COMBAT> Whisper attacks Blast Off with Ap Rifle - Moderate wound to Abdomen.
    <COMBAT> Tailgate attempts to rally Getaway and FAILS
    <COMBAT> Pipes attacks Ch'thsia with Blaster Cannon - Moderate wound to Chest.
    <COMBAT> Tiritura attacks Rodimus with Plasma Rifle - Light wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
    <COMBAT> Sea Sylph attacks Spear-thrower with Shrapnel - Light wound to Right Leg.
    <COMBAT> Mercy attempts to rally Quicksight and FAILS
    <COMBAT> Ch'thsia attacks Spear-thrower with Knife - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
    <COMBAT> Blast Off attacks Whisper with Laser Sniper Rifle - Serious wound to Left Arm.
    <COMBAT> Bieva attacks Sea Sylph with Shotgun and MISSES!
    <COMBAT> Bieva has been **KO'd**!
    <COMBAT> Blast Off has been **KO'd**!
    <COMBAT> Spear-thrower has been **KO'd**!
    <COMBAT> Tiritura has been **KO'd**!
    <COMBAT> Whisper has been **KO'd**!
    <FS3> Tailgate rolls Inspire: Good Success. (1 2 6 4 8 2 8 1 6 5 1 1 3 3)

The Great Sword flashes, twisting in Cyclonus's hands, and he brings it to bear across Bieva's chest. Done. His work is almost methodical. He's already moving onto the next target, honing his focus on the Sea Sylph who was part of putting him down earlier in the match.

"You're damn right I'm rude!" Whirl hollers as his shot goes wide. He takes a second to reload while Ch'thsia ignores him in favour of pursuing another target. "HEY! Don't you walk away from me!" He takes aim and cracks off multiple shots in quick succession.

Rodimus charges right through Tiritura's gunfire to deliver a shot that -- while not exactly world-shattering -- still puts his opponent down. He stands over his target, swaying on his feet and bleeding. Rodimus wipes a trickle of energon from his cheek with the back of his hand and grins. "That's Autobot."

Rodimus lifts his head to consider the field. His gaze sweeps over those present, and he ... picks the target with absolutely no damage. Okay. Good choice, Rodders. Pick the target that can kick your ass.

Mercy arrives from the Sound Stages.

Pipes scores a solid hit on the spider. She's got Whirl ticked off enough that he could probably just let him take care of the rest, but Getaway is still down, and it's her fault.

Blast Off makes his headshot count, and Whisper finally goes down- but she nails him at the same time- and so does he.

Tailgate finds his way to Getaway soon enough, knowing that even if they get rid of the other gladiators that they may need to put up a fight. He falls in beside where the other mech's fallen, hands moving to his shoulder and eyes on the sharp wound at his chest. "Hey, Getaway, buddy, come on, we need you!" It doesn't work out the same as Cyclonus, unfortunately. Tailgate takes the downed mech by the face instead, leaning in. "Don't give up! Stay determined!"

Quicksight groans as consciousness slowly returns to him. Oh, he is not going down like this, dammit! What kind of loser gets taken out of the fight just like that? Without even landing a hit! Not him! He's a bit shaky as he gets to his feet, but he is there. Dammit, how long was he out? Well, no matter! Spotting his former target, he charges again, although he's being a bit more cautious this time.

Finding herself the center of all this attention, Ch'sthia begins spinning some netting with her spinarets, clacking her front two feet against the ground as she reorients on Whirl. "I suppose at least you have insight into your own character," she clacks her mandibles as she raises herself up to slash back at him.

Whisper collapses into a silent heap to the ground. Her last act before she falls is to shoot at Blast Off. Grim defiance fades out of her eyes as they go dark.

The Blipmonster is still busy shooting at the sea sylph and doesn't immediately realize he's being assaulted. He starts to turn, going, "Blip...?"

    <COMBAT> Blipmonster attacks Sea Sylph with Blaster Pistol - Moderate wound to Chest.
    <COMBAT> Whirl attacks Ch'thsia with Shotgun - Serious wound to Left Hand.
    <COMBAT> Tailgate attempts to rally Getaway and FAILS
    <COMBAT> Sea Sylph attacks Blipmonster with Shrapnel and MISSES!
    <COMBAT> Quicksight attacks Ch'thsia with Knife but Ch'thsia DODGES!
    <COMBAT> Ch'thsia attacks Whirl with Knife - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
    <COMBAT> Pipes attacks Ch'thsia with Blaster Cannon - Critical wound to Chest.
    <COMBAT> Mercy treats Blast Off:
    <COMBAT> Cyclonus attacks Sea Sylph with Great Sword - Light wound to Chest.
    <COMBAT> Rodimus attacks Blipmonster with Blaster Pistol - Critical wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
    <COMBAT> Blipmonster has been **KO'd**!

No one is more surprised than Rodimus when his hail of gunfire takes out his target. He plays it cool, though. What? HE TOTALLY EXPECTED THAT. He just blows across his knuckles to clear smoke from the barrels of his guns, and says, "Blip that." He pivots to scan the field and see what other kills he can steal, then advance to join his Autobot (and Quicksight) buddies in taking out his roommate. "No offense, but that's my crew you're picking on," he calls as he aims as shot at her.

Blip is starting to turn, to raise his guns to point at Rodimus, when the hail of fire somehow manages to crack through the central armored piece at his core, striking through to the central Blip mainframe. He crashes to the ground, flat on his face(s) with one confused, "Bl ... ip ...?"

The slide of Cyclonus's sword manages to slide light across the Sea Sylph's chest, but not deep enough to knock her out of the fight. He steps back, shifting his stance, and dives back in for the attack.

"I'm actually incredibly self aware," Whirl tells Ch'sthia while she slashes at him. "It's part of my charm!" If it can be called that. He keeps pumping shells into her but she's just not going down, even with his and Pipes' efforts combined. He keeps going, even as Rodimus jumps in and tries to save the day. "EXCUSE YOU but I'm perfectly capable of killing a spider, okay!?"

"Really? Because you're not doing a very good job!" Rodimus says like a jerk.

The sea sylph arches up out of the water in a hail of fresh icicles, leaping at Cyclonus with a banshee screech that sounds very weird in the open air, robbed of the water where her voice is designed to be heard. Ice blades fly with her as she leaps for him. RAAAH.

Quicksight hisses in frustration as his blades slash at empty air. No, this won't do, this won't do at all. He leaps forth again, and though he still has no intention of being taken out of the fight again, he discards some of his previous caution. He is getting a hit in today!

Tailgate fails a second time to rouse Getaway, touching a hand to his forehead and pulling away. "I'll come get you when this is done. Promise." That's a definite. He moves back and wades out into the arena, scanning the ground, littered with mostly the other side's fallen. He can't tell who is out and who is dead, but-- it makes his spark ache nonetheless. He brings up his slingshot to find a target, training on the Sea Slyph and pulling back hard before letting fly.

    <FS3> Tailgate rolls Deadeye: Success. (6 6 5 7 5 6 6)

The cannon shot from Pipes strikes dead center on spider abuela, but miraculously she's still standing ... on some number of legs. The surprise is enough to loosen Pipes' focus, which is when he finally notices the motionless Bleeat. It's all he can do not to drop his cannon and tend to that wondrous creature, but he resolves himself to get this ugly brawl over with as quickly as possible, at least.

No damage report available. Make sure blast is a valid PC, NPC, or vehicle name. It could be they have never taken any damage.

As the others continue the fight, Mercy does what she does best...she works on Blast Off feverishly. She has only so much stored in her internal medkits and she's beginning to run out. As Boff rouses, she pats his shoulder reassuringly and even flashes him a tight smile. "Up and at 'em!" she encourages him before she spins on her heel and dashes off to the next nearest mech in need of help (that isn't herself)...lucky Rodimus!

Mercy provides exactly what the doctor ordered- in fact she /is/ the doctor. The Combaticon onlines again and looks up into that smile. "...Thank you." As she runs off, he works to get himself back on his feet. This is getting frustrating, but no time to ruminate about it. He spots Whirl going in for an attack on some spide creature and follows suit.

    <COMBAT> Ch'thsia attacks Whirl with Knife - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
    <COMBAT> Whirl attacks Ch'thsia with Shotgun - Moderate wound to Chest.
    <COMBAT> Sea Sylph attacks Cyclonus with Shrapnel - Moderate wound to Right Hand.
    <COMBAT> Quicksight attacks Ch'thsia with Knife - Light wound to Chest.
    <COMBAT> Blast Off attacks Ch'thsia with Laser Sniper Rifle - Light wound to Chest.
    <COMBAT> Rodimus attacks Ch'thsia with Blaster Pistol - Moderate wound to Left Hand.
    <COMBAT> Mercy treats Rodimus:
    <COMBAT> Cyclonus attacks Sea Sylph with Great Sword - Light wound to Right Leg.
    <COMBAT> Tailgate attacks Sea Sylph with Blaster Pistol and MISSES!
    <COMBAT> Pipes attacks Ch'thsia with Blaster Cannon - Serious wound to Chest.
    <COMBAT> Sea Sylph has been **KO'd**!

The creep of Mercy's fingers sneaking in to treat his injuries catches Rodimus by surprise: the shoot he aimed at Ch'thsia's head goes wide, and he looks back at Mercy with a wide grin. He pauses to clasp her shoulder, but pauses with his hand inches from metal as he takes in the state of her left arm. "I hope you saved some of that for yourself," he says, looking a little aghast as he twists back to fire another shot. "What, seriously? What are you made of?"

"I will be happy to give you a biology lesson at another time," Ch'thsia grits out. "Assuming I see a later time--" A few of her legs aren't working right. She spins out the net of stiff threads behind her but is unable to force them out enough to billow and let her sail. She thrashs wildly, surrounded and vicious about it.

Pipes lost count of the number of hits to Ch'thsia, including his own, but somehow ... wow. He's glad she's not his cellmate.

Whirl just stares as Ch'thsia remains upright despite everything that has been thrown at her thus far. "What the.. Are you kidding?! This is ridiculous!" He keeps firing because eventually she has to go down, right??

Another slice of his sword through the Sea Sylph's leg, and she's finally down. Cyclonus turns, right hand stinging where she injured him, and his gaze settles on the last of the strangers still up: the spider. He moves in, gathering speed, to slice in a flashing arc towards Ch'thsia.

P.S. it's kind of the Sea Sylph's tail but whatever. She hits the dirt. It's not a good place for sea sylphs. :(

Well, OK, it's not actually dirt.

"Ha!" Quicksight's optics flash joyfully as his blade hits its mark. It's hardly a serious wound, but that doesn't bother him much. He's used to hitting quickly, lightly, and frequently. When you're this light armoured, you have to keep moving. So he does, whipping around to strike at Ch'thsia once more

Tailgate lifts his slingshot up again, following the course of the fight. When he picks out the last target. His aim wavers, the energy in the sling pulsing in his hand-- his spark isn't in it to fire on Ch'thsia. Not like this.

Blast Off looks to Whirl. "Yes, but anything short of a flamethrower isn't going to..." Wait. Oh yeah. He glances over at the weapons table. "Hold on." The Combaticon moves as fast as he is able to, leaking purple energon that at least kind of matches his paint. He can look good while dying, if all else fails. Blast Off reaches the table, grabs the flamethrower, and makes his way back towards Whirl. "Ok. Now I'm ready." He switches the ignition and sends a flame stream jetting out towards the creature. KILL IT WITH FIRE.

    <COMBAT> Whirl attacks Ch'thsia with Shotgun - Critical wound to Chest.
    <COMBAT> Mercy treats Cyclonus:
    <COMBAT> Ch'thsia attacks Whirl with Knife and MISSES!
    <COMBAT> Quicksight attacks Ch'thsia with Knife - Moderate wound to Right Arm.
    <COMBAT> Pipes attacks Ch'thsia with Blaster Cannon and MISSES!
    <COMBAT> Cyclonus attacks Ch'thsia with Great Sword - Moderate wound to Chest.
    <COMBAT> Rodimus attacks Ch'thsia with Blaster Pistol - Critical wound to Chest.
    <COMBAT> Blast Off attacks Ch'thsia with Flamethrower - Moderate wound to Chest.
    <COMBAT> Ch'thsia has been **KO'd**!

"Can't do anything for me!" Mercy assures Rodimus quickly before she's off, again. Whether that's true or not, well, it's hard to say but the femme is off towards the next crewmate that needs help. Sure, her treatments aren't as nice and neat as they might usually be, but that happens when you've had an axe to the arm!

Well. After receiving countless blows, the spider is finally done, and the Lost Lighters are left -- hm. Cyclonus slowly pans his gaze around them. It lingers on Rodimus. Who knows what the captain is about to come up with.

Whirl stops shooting to watch Blast Off burn the old lady spider to death with a flamethrower. "I'm sooooo into you," he says, sidling up beside him. "Okay, everyone who isn't us is dead. I assume they're dead anyway, so what now Captain?"

When Ch'thsia goes down -- finally, FINALLY!! GOD!! -- Rodimus rocks back on his heels and fistpumps victory. "Yes! Nice work, guys! Someone see about getting Getaway back on his feet, yeah?" He pivots, putting his back to others with perfect trust that no one is going to shoot him in the back (no matter how tempting) to call a taunt in the direction of Crazy 8: "Come on, you coward, we won fair and square: how about an all on one fight? You just gonna hide behind your forcefields like a coward the whole time? Get down here! We'll see if you keep laughing!"

The spinning whirr of Pipes' cannon drops in pitch as he powers it down. His last shot missed, somehow, but no matter. Now that the fighting has stopped, he rushes over to Bleeat to see if he'll be all right.

    <FS3> Pipes rolls Earth Culture: Good Success. (6 5 7 2 8 8 3)

It's hard to do real basic first aid checks on an elephant in this much armor. However, because of Pipes's familiarity with Earth, he's able to find and check Bleeat's pulse. The elephant is critically injured and unconscious, but not yet deceased.

Leaping back to avoid being caught in the crossfire, Quicksight watches the spider fall with a triumphant look on his face. One that quickly fades as the next issue lets itself be known. Now what? His optics flash from one Lost Lighter to another, finally stoping on Rodimus "Unless you've unlocked the secret of gestalt technolgy, there are still more than one of us"

Tailgate lowers his weapon, the bullet idling when he takes a look up into the air at the structure around them. He hears Rodimus' threat to Crazy Eights and punctuates it dramatically; the slingshot tips back and Tailgate yanks back hard, firing a rather large shot at the domed ceiling.

"One on one," booms Crazy Eight with satisfaction from his control booth, "or you forfeit your one chance, Autobot."

The audience begins booing, because this doesn't sound like they're going to get to see more fight, and who doesn't want to see Crazy Eight get punched in the face?

Mercy takes time to move for the sea sylph and push her into the water - if she -is- still alive, Mercy doesn't want her to die just because she's stuck on land.

YEP. When in doubt, use fire. Works like a charm. Blast Off smiles (under that faceplate, but Whirl can probably tell anyway) as Whirl praises him, and he makes a subtle lean- with his back towards the other mech. Definitely a measure of trust on a battlefield like this one. "I know you are~..." he replies. "You were rather amazing, yourself."

He then allows the flamethrower to hang from his side as he glances towards the others. ...Now what? Rodimus speaks and... ah, Ok, that's what. Like that's gonna work. He pulls up his ionic blaster again and waits, finger on the trigger and eye on Quicksight. "Whatever happens Whirl..." He whispers to the other mech, "I want /you/ to survive if I don't make it, and I want you to slice and dice that jerk Crazy Eight. With relish. For me. For all of us. I will do the same for you." Then Crazy Eight speaks and Blast Off tenses, ready for attack- or to attack.

"I would suggest," Cyclonus says to Rodimus and the others, his voice low, "making a selection. Any further fighting will put us at an even large disadvantage due to injuries."

Tailgate slips his weapon away and faces the others, glancing up and around at the crowd. "If he doesn't do something, these people might. They sound really cheesed."

"Oh, I'm gonna slice and dice him alright. I'm gonna kill him, but I'm not going to kill him alone. You're going to be helping me." Whirl snakes an arm around Blast Off and waves to the crowd and the cameras. Fuck you, here's the exact opposite of what you want.

"Sounds like your audience wants it!" Rodimus calls with a fierceness that carries just a touch of desperation. He drops his gaze to consider the others in all their bloodied determination: Blast Off barely standing, Cyclonus a little battered, Whirl a little bloodied. Last, his gaze falls on Tailgate. Uninjured, but also rather smol. He hesitates. Quieter, he says, "I don't--." He looks deeply torn.

Drawing a breath and steadying the ventilation of his systems, Rodimus says, "Cyclonus, Whirl: if he pushes it, you've got the best chance against him other than me." Because obviously he's the best. Rodimus is struggling so hard to reach past that kneejerk impulse of selfish heroism. "No bullshit, especially you, Whirl: you up for it?"

There is, perhaps, the barest hint of surprise that twitches across Cyclonus's expression. His gaze travels slowly from Rodimus to Whirl.

"You have one minute," Crazy Eight announces, "or this offer expires for good, and I'll find some other way to entertain my guests while you losers all sleep it off."

Quicksight scoffs at the two lovebirds' display, and again at Rodimus decision. He doesn't protest openly, for as much as he hates Autobots, and disdains their authority, the rank of captain still carries some weight. That doesn't mean he stays silent, muttering "Not where my vote would have gone"

Whirl's gaze slowly drifts over to Cyclonus and he waits to see if he's going to try to get in on this. No? Alright then. He looks down at Blast Off and bonks their forehead's together, even going so far as to nuzzle at his face before pulling away. "I'LL TAKE YOU ON, CRAZY EIGHT! I HOPE YOUR AUDIENCE IS READY TO WATCH YOU DIE!"

Pipes is relieved to detect signs of life in Bleeat. He moves over to Getaway to see if he can rouse him. As he goes, he listens to the bargaining going on. Sounds like the Captain has made his selection, and the selection is ready and raring to go. Certainly a better choice than himself, this cannon doesn't seem to like him.

Mercy is anything but a fan of this situation...but what can she do? Oh, right! After splashing the tailed creature back into the water, the medic moves towards poor, offline Getaway. "Didn't getaway this time, did you?" she murmurs sympathetically as she takes a knee beside the mech and begins to look over the damage. There isn't much she can do, but she does what she can - stopping the leaking here, sealing a hole there...

Blast Off feels some heat well up inside him as Whirl wraps an arm around him- but it's not what one might think. (OK, maybe a little.) No, whatever it is is something Blast Off isn't really familiar with, but it's something he's been feeling with increasing frequency around the cyclops. If he was at all more familiar with this odd sensation, he might know it for what it is: love. "Sounds like... a plan."

The shuttleformer blinks, face flushing as circuits warm on plates, and then he offers a quick nod. Rodimus' proposal causes him to look up. And as much as HE wants to be the one fighting this guy, he's also in bad shape. Whirl has a better chance of winning, loathe as his pride is to admit it, and also- Whirl is the best. If he can't do it, he wants Whirl to. "Yes, it shouldn't even be a question. Let the Wrecker /do his thing/." He returns the headbonk, optics dimming, and then brightens again as they part ways.

Tailgate's definitely the one without wounds or breaks-- it shows when he comes up alongside Cyclonus, nearer to the rest of them in time to hear Rodimus make his choice. He makes fists at his sides when Whirl pulls away from Blast Off and shouts. He knows Whirl will go until he's in pieces, for better or worse.

Poor Getaway is showing off his Matrix-bearing struts at this point, so Mercy should get a good look at that. And anything else that can be found in Getaway's gashed open chest. There's no cold, shrivled up heart to be found, though that is more due to him not being organic.

It becomes much easier for Rodimus to hold to his decision once Quicksight protests: "Noted," he says, just this side of crisp. He ducks his head, and when he looks up it's with a brilliant grin. "Wreck him, Whirl!"

"Then you had best get on with it," Crazy Eight says. THE RULES ARE LAST MAN STANDING GUYS. LOOK HOW MANY OF YOU ARE STANDING.

Cyclonus vents hot air slowly from his systems. With great care and dignity, he seats himself. The sword lays over his lap.

Mercy looks up at Crazy Eight's shout...and then she drops heavily onto her aft, cross legged. THere. NOT STANDING

"Okay everyone, I guess I'm going to have to stab you all," Whirl says, turning around to address the other Lost Lighters. He stares at Mercy and Cyclonus as they sit. "Or you can do that I guess."

Getaway is doing his part, guys! Look at him, laying there! Totally not standing. And you know what about that? FIRST!

Pipes looks up from Getaway's form when Crazy Eight complains. Is this another last bot standing thing? Sheesh. He swings the blaster cannon down to the floor and sits on it, then continues attending to Getaway.

Quicksight shakes his head with an annoyed hiss, but he says no more. Instead, he steps away, towards teh edge, and a little towards Cyclonus to make a show of where his support would have went, and sits down as well. His expression is as moody as ever.

"Whirl. No. Stab him." Rodimus uses his stern voice and points vaguely up. It's not a very good stern voice. He throws himself down with zero care or dignity in an exaggeratedly casual sprawl and shouts, "So who else do we have to take out to get something to drink, anyway? Hey, guys--" He turns toward the nearest camera. Come here, camera. He loves you. "Did you know he had us fighting without even fueling us up? He's terrified of us. Keeps us separated. It's why he won't even face us himself without making sure we're already injured and starving."

Blast Off frowns, optics flashing once then simmering into a molten burn. It gleams, then fades to his normal cool standoffishness. His nose goes up and he suddenly shrugs his shoulders. "There's no choice, then, I suppose." He braces himself, gripping his rifle- and then flinging it aside to puff out his badly injured chest at Whirl.

"COME ON, AUTOBOT!!! SHOW ME WHAT YOU'RE MADE OF!!!" With that, he launches himself *straight at Whirl*. Which of course... will not do /slag/. He's not a physical fighter. He's a sniper. If he wanted to win, he'd be shooting now. He's a paper napkin in a physical fight. But Crazy Eight doesn't have to know. He swings to punch Whirl with a loud and (he hopes) convincing roar.

    <FS3> Opposed Roll -- Blast Off=body+unarmed Vs Whirl=body+unarmed
    <	Blast_Off: Failure (2)          Whirl: Success (4 8 5 3 3 6 5 1)
    <		Net Result: Whirl wins - Marginal Victory

With a few of them collapsing back into the figurative dust, Tailgate follows suit and settles down with an awkward plop to the floor beside Cyclonus, a carefree contrast to the bigger bot's deliberate motions. He seems taken aback when Blast Off takes the show seriously enough-- "Blast Off--" For Primus' sakes.

"I don't blame him for being scared!" Whirl throws his claws up in the air and gesture wildly at a camera. "Crazy Eight was a fool for offering a one-on-one fight! I'm a force of nature! I'm an eternal flame, baby! I AM UNVINCIBLE AND YOU'RE GOING DOWN, CRAZY EIGHT! YOU'RE GOING DOWN AND I WILL RIP OFF YOUR FACE AND HANG IT ON MY WALL!" He finishes his spiel just in time to see Blast Off yell and start charging at him. They've sparred like this and it usually ends poorly for Blast Off. This time is no different as Whirl catches the shuttleformer's swinging arm in his claws and pulls him in close against his canopy chest. "I love you too, Blast Off."

Then he rears his head back and slams it as hard as he possibly can against Blast Off's to send him crumpling to the floor.

Crazy Eight sighs in obvious exasperation even as the crowd makes surly and unhappy noises. With the casual stab of his hand at a control in his booth, his prisoners are all rendered unconscious shortly after Rodimus's latest attack of mouth.

When they wake again, it is in two places: the Lost Lighters with their ~passive resistance~ are back in a room underneath the arena, with screens showing the show from all four available camera angles. Whirl is -- well, now he's lying there, as opposed to standing there. Crazy Eight is seriously rude.

He stands in the center of the arena, solid and huge, massive hammers in his two upper arms, a pair of long-bladed energy swords in his two lower arms, glowing with distinctly red light. His armor gleams. He's fresh. It's monstrously unfair really.

Quicksight watches Blast Off's sudden attack with a mix of surprise, and disbelief. What? Did he just? Maybe -- ? What is that guy's deal? Perhaps he's -- That train of though cuts off as Whirl turns to meet him, like that. No, it's probably too much to hope for a traitor to come to his senses. The unhappy look returns to his face.

    <COMBAT> Crazy8 attacks Whirl with Energy Sword - Moderate wound to Right Hand.
    <COMBAT> Whirl attacks Crazy8 with Shotgun but MISSES!
    <COMBAT> Whirl has been **KO'd**!

Blast Off 's hand is caught- no surprise- and he's pulled close. He has time for a quick purr of his engines in response before that head comes slamming down. Then he sees stars- but that's Ok, he's a space shuttle, he likes stars right? The Combaticon crumples to the ground, hoping he's put on enough show to grant Whirl access to the next round.

Perhaps not quite as much as he'd hoped- but something worked. Crazy Eight IS fighting against Whirl, after all. Blast Off twitches once, shifts an arm here and a leg there, trying to get in a better position to see things- even if it is on the ground for now.

Whirl doesn't remember getting knocked out but that seems to be a thing that happens here and he's starting to get used to it. When he comes to, he's face-to-face with none other than Crazy Eight himself. Shotgun in claw, Whirl rushes headlong into the encounter, giving it everything he's got. At one point he goes down but gets back up on his feet and jumps right back in. He may not win but he's not going to make it easy for Crazy Eight.

Crazy Eight has the advantage of size, if not speed, and with his extra arms, he has hammers to run interference for his slicing blade arms. He deflects the first spray of bullets that draw near him with the angled thrust of the hammers, and then spins in a pivot on one heavy boot, lancing forward with the paired energy weapons. Red light hums past Whirl's head, and then Crazy Eight is turning to slash at him again.

    <COMBAT> Crazy8 attacks Whirl with Energy Sword - Moderate wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
    <COMBAT> Whirl attacks Crazy8 with Shotgun - Light wound to Right Arm.
    <COMBAT> Crazy8 attacks Whirl with Energy Sword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
    <COMBAT> Whirl attacks Crazy8 with Shotgun - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

Being part of a fight and being able to help in some way is one thing...being trapped down here and helpless? THat's another thing completely. Mercy has done what she can to repair all of the bots, most of it in the arena itself, so when Whirl and Crazy Eight start fighting, she watches for a moment before a choked sound of pain emits from her. A moment later, the medic is running sidelong into Blast Off, arms wrapped around him and face burrowed into his chest plate.

    <COMBAT> Whirl attacks Crazy8 with Shotgun and MISSES!
    <COMBAT> Crazy8 attacks Whirl with Energy Sword - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
    <COMBAT> Whirl attacks Crazy8 with Shotgun - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
    <COMBAT> Crazy8 attacks Whirl with Energy Sword - ARMOR on Head stops the attack!
    <COMBAT> Whirl attacks Crazy8 with Shotgun - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
    <COMBAT> Crazy8 attacks Whirl with Energy Sword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
    <COMBAT> Whirl attacks Crazy8 with Shotgun - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
    <COMBAT> Crazy8 attacks Whirl with Energy Sword - ARMOR on Head stops the attack!
    <COMBAT> Crazy8 attacks Whirl with Energy Sword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
    <COMBAT> Whirl attacks Crazy8 with Shotgun - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
    <COMBAT> Whirl attacks Crazy8 with Shotgun - Critical wound to Right Hand.
    <COMBAT> Crazy8 attacks Whirl with Energy Sword - Light wound to Right Hand.
    <COMBAT> Whirl attacks Crazy8 with Shotgun - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
    <COMBAT> Crazy8 attacks Whirl with Energy Sword and MISSES!

Quicksight's getting used to this being knocked unconsciou deal. He's developing a patern here. Get knocked out, get up, move to a far wall and curl up there, knees to his chest, head on his knees. He'd like to say that he's watching the fight with a passive interest, but well, his fate kind of hinges on this too, doesn't it?

    <COMBAT> Whirl attacks Crazy8 with Shotgun - Light wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
    <COMBAT> Crazy8 attacks Whirl with Energy Sword - Light wound to Left Arm.
    <COMBAT> Crazy8 attacks Whirl with Energy Sword - ARMOR on Head stops the attack!
    <COMBAT> Whirl attacks Crazy8 with Shotgun - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
    <COMBAT> Crazy8 attacks Whirl with Energy Sword - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
    <COMBAT> Whirl attacks Crazy8 with Shotgun - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
    <COMBAT> Crazy8 attacks Whirl with Energy Sword - Critical wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
    <COMBAT> Whirl attacks Crazy8 with Shotgun - Moderate wound to Left Arm.
    <COMBAT> Whirl attacks Crazy8 with Shotgun - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
    <COMBAT> Crazy8 attacks Whirl with Energy Sword - Moderate wound to Left Arm.
    <COMBAT> Whirl attacks Crazy8 with Shotgun - ARMOR on Neck stops the attack!

Pipes watches the match from their new location enraptured. It's brutal. But might Whirl win?

    <COMBAT> Crazy8 attacks Whirl with Energy Sword - Moderate wound to Right Hand.
    <COMBAT> Whirl has been **KO'd**!

Blast Off finds his way into a sitting position, eventually. He hates having to watch this and not be able to help- and apparently Mercy feels the same way, too. The Combaticon gasps in pain as the medic suddenly runs into him and buries her face into his injured chest plate. Wincing, he looks down, his hand sweeping up in a gesture that's halfway defensive and reactive and then, once he realizes she's coming in for a hug again, halfway soothing, or some attempt thereof. He keeps his optics glued to the screen, optic ridges furrowing every time Whirl takes a hit, but speaks to the medic, fingers tightening on her shoulder.

"We are going to get through this... /he/ is going to get through this. He's a slagging Wrecker, or was, he..." he stops with another gasp as it appears Whirl goes down... but no, he is still online! "He WILL give that buffoon a fght to remember. If anyone can defeat him, Whirl can."

The fight goes on far longer than Crazy Eight expects. It is brutal. It is intense. Hammer blow upon sword slice, gunshot wound upon the slashing bite of claw. The monstrous gladiator bot fights like he was forged for it, but there is more than one moment of the fight when he is fighting Whirl from his knees. If he ever meant to be quippy and insouciant like he is in the control both, he -- well -- doesn't. Whirl robs him of his tongue very quickly in this bout; he needs that focus for fighting.

It is close. But finally, one last strike sends Whirl offline.

Crazy Eight kneels a moment, staggered and bleeding, and then he smiles a strange, blitzed smile, and licks energon from his split lip. He throws aside his weapons, staggers to his feet, and raises all four arms in the air.

"But why is he so MEAN?" comes Mercy's somewhat muffled, and very upset, answer to Blast Off's reassurance. She knows Whirl will do what he can. When a particularily loud roar goes up from the crowd she mumbles, "Is it over? Whirl okay?"

Whirl was one of the longest surviving members of the Wreckers for a reason and that reason becomes obvious as he battles Crazy Eight. No matter what happens to him, he manages to stay on his feet and retaliate with everything he's got. Towards the end of it he's a bleeding, battered mess but it's so close, so close that Whirl can taste his freedom which is really intense since he doesn't have a mouth or anything. Just when it seems he's going to offline his captor, he's struck dead on with a hammer. It's the last thing he remembers before going down.

"Figures" is all Quicksight mutters as the fight comes to an end. Then he simply lowers his head, until he can no longer see the room, and waits for the same old same old. He is hurt, hungry, and tired. So tired.

When Whirl goes down, Rodimus just puts his head in his hands. It's droopy spoiler to the max.

Pipes watches the match through, silently, to the end. He didn't think Whirl was going to win after seeing their captor in his fullness, but hope sprouted from his spark as the fight went on. Even after Whirl fell, it remained; Crazy Eight isn't invulnerable. They'll get their chance, but it looks like it's not today.

Mercy jerks her head up as she realizes they are probably going to end up back in their own little rooms...and she stands to dash to Cyclonus. She shoves several medical emergency supplies towards the larger 'bot. "'ll need this. I don't have much"

Blast Off grimaces and spares a glance to Mercy. "Because the universe is a cold, cruel place and people like *that* make it even more important that one is *always* alert, always ready to fight and *win*. Then he looks back up- just in time to see Whirl finally brought down. The Combaticon stiffens all over, straightening and leaning forward, his fingers digging into Mercy's shoulder before easing once more. There's a moment his ventilation comes even more ragged than it has already been, bursts of painful sounding air being expelled from his frame. Then he sinks down, his hand relaxing in some small defeat. "I...I don't know." He lets his hand drop down completely as Mercy heads off again.

The arena is cleared as Crazy Eight leaves it. A couple of the guards go to collect Whirl and take him back to his cell. More guards come to the main room with the Lost Lighters to guide them back to their cells and ration out energon.

Everyone gets fuel tonight. Except Whirl, who gets triple-filtered distilled engex of some ridiculous fancy label. The reasons why are mysterious.

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