2016-01-10 Waking Up Elsewhere

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Waking Up Elsewhere
Date 2016/01/10
Location Sciria
Participants Blast Off, Cyclonus, Mercy, Pipes, Quicksight, Rodimus, Tailgate, Whirl
NPCs Bieva, Bleeat, Ch'thisia, Nilaia, Rit, Tiritura, Whisper
Plot Arena
Summary The Scirians really need to work on their hospitality. These rooms are tiny!

Beneath the water that makes the lowest level of the globe, underground chambers large enough to house monstrous beasts form an interconnected labyrinth. Each cell contains very limited furnishings and is lit by pale blue light.

The fading effects of the darts leave each of the Lost Lighters resting newly conscious on a flat slab in a blue-lit cell. The atmosphere is pleasantly warm. There's an unusual amount of moisture in the air, an ozoney smell. Communications are still disrupted -- not vocalizers, but radios are nonfunctional.

Rodimus and Tailgate find themselves in a cell with another Cybertronian, tall and lean and sleek, with the clean, angled lines of a fighter jet in her stance, and a Decepticon badge. She stands in a corner of the cell, as far away from them both as possible, with her arms folded over her chest. There's also a giant crystalline mechanoid spider, tapping an idly rhythmed tattoo against the far wall. Taptap. Taptaptap. Taptap.

Whirl and Cyclonus find themselves in a cell but their space is partly taken up by an enormous water tank. In it, a long, snakey humanoid with blue shimmering skin, blue shimmering scales, flowing fins and jewel-faceted yellow eyes floats in visible languor, watching them.

Blast Off, Quicksight, and Getaway are sharing a cell with a three-foot tall humanoid with wide, pointed ears. It is sitting with its back flush to the wall, occasionally hitting its head back against the wall behind it just to relieve the tedium possibly.

Arcee and Punch share their cell with a heavily muscled felinoid with robotic legs and a heavy cybernetically modified face to go with her cat's eyes.

Pipes and Mercy are sharing their cell with a massive and particularly gloomy-looking grey elephant, and a tall, squarish mechanoid with spears rising out of either of his shoulders.

When Rodimus wakes, the first thing that he sees is a Decepticon, and the first thing he does is bring weapons to bear on her: "What did you do?" he demands. Who can blame him. The second thing he does is glance around the cell and try to reach the Lost Light. One of these is more productive than the other. "Tailgate, okay?"

With a fuzzy head, Mercy rolls onto her side. She doesn't -remember- getting stupid drunk last night on the time away from the ship...wait. She doesn't remember having any drink at /all/. She stiffles a groan before her optics light up slowly. What comes into view is most definitely NOT her quarters on the Lost Light. And then she jerks upright. "Blast Off!" she shouts, head twisting around. "Quicksight?" Sure, Quicksight was mean to her but that doesn't matter to the medic. She spots Pipes quickly enough, and makes to scramble off of her bed towards him. "Pipes...oh, Primus, you okay? Pipes!"

"Ugh" That's the first sound Quicksight's vocalizer makes as the scout begins to regain consciousness. The next one is quite possibly left untranslated by some of the other aliens' translation devices. With another groan he pushes himself up in to a siting position to get a better look around. "Please tell me I'm halucinating".

Tailgate takes a little longer to rouse, for some reason. When he does, it is to Rodimus in his receptors. Err. What? He looks at the ceiling, visor blinkity-blinking awake. "Ahh-- ow--" The minibot sits up groggily, peering over at Rod and his guns, hot. "What's going on? Where are we?" There's a small noise of something startled when he realizes he lacks those he was with. "Cyclonus?! Pipes! Punch?"

When Whirl comes to, the first thing he does is take in his surroundings. Okay, he's in a cell. That's not so bad, he's been in cells before. Then he realizes he's sharing this already confined space with Cyclonus, of all friggin' people, and some gross, wet.. thing. "Nooo, why didn't they just kill me instead!?"

Pipes wakes with a start to see Mercy's face occupying his vision. "What? Whoa! Hi!" He thinks for a moment and remembers the events leading up to blacking out. "I'm OK, you OK? We OK?" The cold sensation is gone, and hey talking works too. He sits up without trouble and looks around. A room - a cell? He spies some shapes across the way and answers, "Tailgate! I'm here!"

"I can oblige," Cyclonus says in a dry rasp as he pushes himself off the floor and before he's even fully-conscious. It's an automatic reaction to Whirl's voice, possibly. His gaze sweeps sharply about the cell, and his attention catches on the sound of his name in Tailgate's voice. "Tailgate!" he says sharply, pulling himself over to the wall between them.

Blast Off finally onlines again- and he is NOT happy. His head raises from the cold floor it was lying on as he begins trying to push himself up. "We have to leave before-" He lifts his gun up to prepare to fire it- and wait. He doesn't have his gun. His finger snatch thin air. "...What?" Then oh slag. SLAG. He knows where he is immediately. A place he's all too familiar with. JAIL. Oh slaaaag. There's a sharp, distressed huff from his ventilation systems as he pushes himself to his feet and steps back, hands flexing into fists. "They.... they got us. Captured again. Can't..." He stops himself before he lets his panic show TOO much. Stuffs it back down, forces himself to try and remain calm. Try.

He makes himself look around. Ah, Quciksight. "Where's Mercy?" He glances at the others in the cell, giving the odd small thing only a perfunctory glance before he...wait, did he just hear Whirl? Is he hallucinating now? ".....Whirl?" The Decepticon tilts her head slightly to one side. She has amazing cheekbones and a mouth set in a very flat line. Her eyes are a visor, blazing with pale hue. She makes no sound. The crystalline spider remarks in a cheerful voice that that sounds almost weirdly grandmotherly, "Whisper can't speak. I'm sure she doesn't mean to be rude." The Decepticon's expression does not change, but somehow there is the suggestion about her, something in the way she stands, that contradicts this.

Although regaining consciousness Punch refuses to rouse himself. He can already tell any landing he had was a bad one. So, until the team with the drills get out of his head he's staying put. Optics offline. He'd cancel his audio as well but he must've taken damage from the fall. Instead he rolls from his back to his front. Until he's ready to deal with more than just the pain he's in.

"You'll be okay," the spear-mounted mechanoid remarks offhandedly to Pipes and Mercy. "No sense harming perfectly good arena slaves. Greetings. I am Rit." He gestures at the gloomy elephant and then says, "That's Breeat. No one has a translator that works for his language, but when you ask his name sometimes he makes a noise."

The small, wide-eared organic creature in Blast Off and Quicksight's cell sits there making a slightly more worried scrunchface as the Cybertronians around him visibly activate. He hunches his shoulders and attempts to appear smaller.

Mercy leans back, and huffs a huff of relief. "I'm okay...I think..." She looks up and over as she hears voices, but doesn't see anything past the cell's walls. "Rodimus? Is that you?" she calls, straightening then before she spins in the cell and comes face to face with...a spear-shouledred mech and an elephant. WHile a wise mech might be more worried about the spikey one, it's the grey skinned creature that has Mercy gasping. "Ohhh...what -is- it...?" she squeaks, in a surprisingly gleeful tone as one hand reaches as if to try and touch the elephant. And then Rit speaks, and Mercy does turn to look at him. "I'm Mercy...Hi Rit! I...uh...where are we? Breeat? Neat's kind of funny. But you're cute, Breeat...and you're kind of scary looking Rit. No offense, but..." Her words begin to pick up speed, not quite running into one long one but getting close. Until she stops sharply. "Slaves?" she repeats.

Whirl glares at Cyclonus and then at the sea sylph in the water. "So both of you want me dead? In that case, I had a change of heart and want to live again so fuck both of you." When Cyclonus goes rushing to the wall at the sound of Tailgate's voice, Whirl rolls his optic as best he can then immediately does the same thing when he hears Blast Off. "Blast Off?" He presses his head against the wall. "Blast Off! Are you okay?"

"Who knows" Quicksight shrugs, taking another gloomy look around. He can hear voices, familiar ones, which means at least some of the others are here too. Great. Question is, where is here? "Hey, organic!" he turns towards the cell's smallest ocuupatn "What is this place?"

Rodimus startles when the spider speaks. He hesitates to lower his guns -- which are his arms, by the way; they are right there, pipes on his forearms -- but he does at least turn his attention from Whisper. Briefly. "Tailgate, work on getting a head count. I think I heard Cyclonus next to us, not sure about the rest. And--" He breaks off, "Yeah, sounds like Mercy, too. Mercy? Who's in the cell with you. I'm with Tailgate." His fingers flex, then he lowers his hands. "What's going on?"

The little creature looks over his shoulder at the wall, and then back at Quicksight. "This is Crazy Eight's Arena," it says in a small, meek voice.

The sea sylph smiles at Whirl from inside her tank and does not comment otherwise.

Tailgate only now realizes that the other bot is there, the feminine, lean shape of her almost hidden against the wall. "Hello--" He turns his head to see the large spider. Very large. Oh my. "Hello." Anything more he wants to say, Rodimus interrupts expertly, as does Cyclonus behind him, somewhere beyond where he can't see. "Sounds like Pipes that way with her--" Tailgate braces against the wall at his back, pressing hands and head to it. "Are you in there with Whirl, Cyclonus?" Scrap. That's not good. "Who was that talking? Can you hear anyone else?"

As Pipes' optics refocus, the shapes he thought he saw turn out to be mere stains on the cell wall. He shakes his head a little, as if that helps. At least he and Mercy are OK, and he heard Tailgate and maybe Rodimus. He hears Rit's voice most clearly and turns to him. "Greetings Rit, I'm Pipes ..." is all he gets out before seeing the other cell companion. OH. MY. PRIMUS. Pipes sits dumbfounded, a doofy smile snuggling beneath his mouthplate as he points.

Blast Off notices the tiny creature looking at him in fear (GOOD, YOU DO THAT) but it's obviously not worth his time or energy. He ignores it, aside from a disdainful huff in its direction, then focuses as he hears Whirl. "Whirl!! It *IS* you!" He, too, strides quickly over to the wall and leans against it, listening. "Yes! I was offlined, as were Quicksight and Mercy, and we got seperated from the others- our radio got cut off-" He tries his radio, "It's still cut off, too. What are you doing here?" He glances over as the other Decepticon asks the creature a question, but surely it is too...tiny and insignificant to know anything.

"Yes. I am with -- Whirl." Cyclonus's tone says it all, really. He turns to look back over his shoulder, clawed fingers still lingering on the wall. "By Whirl's outbursts, I must presume Blast Off is on the other side of our cell."

Breeat, the elephant, has settled himself low to the ground, his wide feet planted, his massive weight resting on his haunches. He turns his head, tracking the unfamiliar robots in his cell by eye. His trunk curls. (Gosh I love elephants. Who doesn't love elephants?)

Rit says, "None taken. I am a Suvenian of Elvax V. We are a warrior race, but we are humbled compared to the warriors of Cybertron." He closes a fist over his chest and adds, "I will be honored to fight beside you. I hope you aren't offended that I do not plan to die."

"Hello, little one," the spider says with a warm smile in her voice, though her spider face is sure hard to read on account of looking a lot like a spider face. "My, it sounds as though there are many of you here. All friends? That's sad." The spider clacks her mandible in a regretful way, drawing two of her eight crystalline legs in as she resettles herself against her slab. "This is a terrible place to have friends."

"Great" Quicksight has no idea who this Crazy Eight is, but from the looks of it, he's a pretty shoddy host. Before he can harass the little creature for more information, however, his attention is drawn by Blast Off's conversation with their neighbours. Whirl....Whirl... he's heard that name, in passing. "Who's this Whirl guy?"

"Oh, you know, just hanging out," Whirl says casually. Apparently being imprisoned with Cyclonus and some alien is less stressful when you have good company to talk to just on the other side of the wall. That's his wall now, no one else is allowed to touch it. "But seriously, I was just looking for a drink and some shady goods when.. this happened. Guess who I'm sharing a cell with, by the way?" He looks over his shoulder to glare at Cyclonus before turning his head back to the wall. "Here's a hint: he sucks."

Despite himself, Cyclonus can hear Tailgate give a tiny laugh. Is it relief, or something funny? Maybe both. "Ask Whirl to see who's with Blast Off-- it seems like they divvied us up." Thus starts telephone. Maybe. He looks to the spider when she speaks, his gaze lowering with concern, hands on the wall. What?

Hearing Rodimus, and with Rit's earlier word ringing in her ear, Mercy calls, "Rodimus! Rit says we're an arena! And that he's going to fight beside us but isn't going to die!" The medic is beginning to sound a little overwhelmed ,to say the least. She rounds on Rit, and wags her finger at her. "I'm not gonna let -anyone- die...I'm a medic, and I save mechs!" she informs him, her tone no-nonsense before she looks to the poor elephant. "It's okay, Mr. Breeat...I won't let you die either. I'm not so good with organics, but I know a little bit." She starts to move towards him, offering a reassuring smile. "Oh...yeah, Pipes is here too!" she adds in a call to Rodimus.

"Don't feel too bad for us. We're not goign to be here for long." Rodimus pushes himself upright. With a Decepticon right there, he makes a show of strength for the audience of ... well, one, probably, where one is himself, in his own head. But!! "It's Rodimus. Rodimus--" He points to himself and then to, "--and Tailgate. Not little one." He sounds super offended by that. He moves to the wall where Mercy's voice comes through most clearly and calls, "Anyone next to you?"

OH. MY. PRIMUS. Pipes' finger hovers in the air. Sure, he hears Rit and Mercy, but there is an Earth. Creature. Right. There. "Elephant," is all he says, dreamily, at first. Finally, he tears his optics away and addresses Rit more properly. "The honor is ours too. But, what arena? Who are we fighting? Why?"

With great -- /great/ -- reluctance, Cyclonus tells Whirl, "Make yourself useful and find out who else is in Blast Off's cell."

Or maybe the creature DID know, Blast Off wasn't paying attention. He continues speaking to Whirl. "...." Someone who sucks. Uhhh. "....Doesn't that include most of the ship's crew, Whirl? Did they capture everyone?"

Then he also adds, "So you got hit with something on the back, too? We heard something about a place someone sells people to earlier- but I don't know to *what*.

Breeat twitches an ear, so he's probably listening, but he doesn't say anything on account of being an elephant. "Oh. Hello, Rodimus," the spider says agreeably. "Hello,

Tailgate. No offense meant," she adds, waving one of her crystalline legs in a vague gesture. "I'm Ch'sthia. Your optimism is very charming. I wish you all the luck with it." The Decepticon in their cell can't speak, but she can vent air in a way that sounds a little like a snort. Otherwise, she is quite still, watching Rodimus with extreme wariness like she thinks he might be about to attack her at any moment. Tailgate is less of a threat, apparently.

"Dying is what happens here," Rit says. He folds his arms over his chest, settling back on his slab. "We fight to stay alive, and in the grand melee, to earn a boon. Crazy Eight buys fighters, debtors and off-worlders to pit against us for sport. It's the largest attraction of Blue Scira, or so they say."

Quicksight's question remains unanswered. He doesn't ask again. He doesn't really care at this point. Instead he holds out his arm, flicking his wrist to see if he can still activate its balde. Once that suceeds, he tries the other. "Well, at least there's that. The neutral was fragging right"

"Ha ha, you're funny, Blast Off," Whirl says almost.. flirtatiously? Is he flirting in an arena death cell? What a weirdo. "Yeah, I felt something hit me but didn't see anything. Next thing I know, I can't talk anymore and I passed out." He glares at Cyclonus over his shoulder again when he makes his request. "Hey, I hear someone else over there. Who's in that cell with you? I'm asking for myself and myself only, by the way." Another glare at Cyclonus.

Tailgate can hear Cyclonus ask and Whirl Not Asking. It tickles him, but only on the inside. Ssh shh don't laugh! He waits for the answer, tipping his head in greeting to the lady spider when she introduces herself. He glances off to the jet femme next. "There's a Decepticon I don't recognize in here too. She can't talk." He tells the wall this, assuming Cyclonus is still listening. Tailgate's gaze isn't shy when he inspects Whisper from afar.

"Well, Ch'sthia--" What a name. He tries. "--in a few hours, when whatever idiots grabbed us think better of it, I won't hold your pessimism against you." Rodimus makes a vague, rude gesture at the Decepticon when she snorts at him. It's more explicit in hand. Her wariness is reasonable. He treats her with equal courtesy.

Mercy stops, again, only steps from the elephant and her head sloooowly turns to looka t Rit. "WHAT?!" she squeaks. If a Cybertronian could gopale, it's certain that Mercy would be white as a sheet right now. Her head continues around until she's staring at Pipes with growing horror as just where they are begins to formulate in her head. This is not good, people. NOT GOOD, PEOPLE! "I don't fight...I..>I'm a medic!"

For a split second, all is alright in Blast Off's world as he hears Whirl sound almost... amused? Flirty? There's something there that could almost make him smile- for a second. "I'm... glad you think so." Then he remembers where he is, and he remembers that Quicksight is like standing /right there/. The guy who was complaining about the idea of a Decepticon and an Autobot dating each other not long ago. (Or it seems not long ago, Blast Off isn't sure how long he's been out). *cough* He stiffens a little and tries not to look too cozy here.

"Uh... wait, what? I... I thought I heard someone in there with you? Who's there, Whirl?" He glances back into his own cell. "Quicksight is with me, as is Getaway." He doesn't bother mentioning the creature.

"Be careful," Cyclonus says, perhaps sharper than he needs to. He may have any more against Decepticons than he does Autobots, but he knows the reality of what Tailgate's autobrand means in front of an unknown Decepticon. He glances back over at Whirl, hearing Blast Off through the wall. "Getaway and Quicksight are with Blast Off," he tells Tailgate.

Blast Off adds- loudly, "I thought you said you were with someone who sucks and wanted me to guess who it was. So- who is it?"

"Lovely," Pipes replies to Rit's explanation of their situation. He checks for his pistols; gone. He looks at his arm pipes; still there. Maybe working? He'll have to try them out in a couple of kliks. But first, he would reeeeeeeally like to get a look at Breeat. That plan, however, is postponed when he catches Mercy's expression of horror. Oh right, not a fighter. "Don't worry, Mercy, everything is going to be all right. Rodimus and Tailgate are right over there! I'm sure they're already working on an awesome escape plan. In the meantime, well ..." there's good ol' Pipes? Not sure how confident that would make somebot.

Whisper does not make an answering gesture. She looks tensely between Rodimus and Tailgate, giving Tailgate more attention as he mentions her explicitly to the wall, but still seems more wary of Rodimus.

"In a few hours," Ch'sthia says. Her mandibles chatter briefly in a sound that might be an arachnid chuckle. She turns out her claw on the end of her leg and then lets it fall to the floor. "I have been here for many, many hours." It sounds like she just barely stops herself from adding young man. He's probably got a few million years on her anyways. Robots. "For your sake, I will hope you are right about that," she says kindly. "You will fight, or you will die at the hands of someone who will," Rit says. He sounds apologetic about it. "That is the way of this place. Are you not a warrior people? That is what is sung of Cybertron."

The sea sylph remarks in a low, gravelly sigh to Cyclonus, "Whisper will not hurt your friends. There are grave punishments for hurting each other outside the ring, where no one can pay Crazy Eight for the blood. No one knows the punishments better than Whisper."

"Thanks." Tailgate answers quietly to the wall. Both for the warning and for the names. "Rodimus! Cyclonus and Whirl on the other side here, and then Quicksight, Blast Off, and Getaway beyond them. I don't know if there's anyone past there, or if there are more across from us. If there are, you'll have to ask Mercy and Pipes." He steps away from the wall, but not far. Whisper has his full attention. "Have you-- been here a long time?" He ventures. If she doesn't answer, that's alright. He won't press.

When Mercy goes squeaky and doesn't actually answer him, Rodimus leans back up against the wall in her direction and calls again: "Mercy? Head count on your side? I need you to focus on that right now."

Whisper hesitates. She watches Tailgate warily for a moment, and then nods a single nod.

Rodimus' voice brings Mercy's scattered thoughts into focus, though she continues to stare at Pipes. "I...Pipes is with me, Captain. And...and someone named Rit who has -spears-, and an elephant named Breeat even though he doesn't talk much. I don't hear anyone else beside us!" She looks back to Rit again then and shakes her head. "I keep people -alive-...I don't...I don't -kill- them." she protests. "Rodimus, Rit says we have to fight. And if we don't fight, we're...we're going to die!" She stares at Rit as she speaks before adding, more softly, "I'm a -medic-." "EXCUSE YOU!" Whirl snaps at Cyclonus, spinning around to completely face him and puff out his chest. "This is a PRIVATE conversation! Stop eavesdropping! IT'S RUDE!" He turns back to the wall to continue his totally private and not at all easily heard by everyone in the cell with him conversation. "Getaway is with you? Oh cool, I love that guy, he's the best. Who the hell is Quicksight? He sounds like a total loser."

"OH! It's Cyclonus by the way, he's in here with me," Whirl adds. "He sucks. Also some uh.. fish snake thing? I don't know, it just keeps staring at me, it's freaking me out." Tailgate is so very used to those like Whisper, save for that they often have words for him instead. She doesn't. Can't. His expression edges sad. "I'm sorry."

Cyclonus looks back at the sea sylph with clear suspicion. He says nothing. And of course Tailgate proceeds to immediately try to make friends with the unknown Decepticon. Great. He looks at Whirl with a long-suffering expression and says nothing. If this were The Office, he'd be staring at the camera.

With nothing better to do, Quicksight continues sitting where he was, ejecting the blade of his kinfe, then pulling it back in, then out, then in...the balde stays out as the voice on the other side of the hall calls him a loser, and expresses love for the other Cybertronian in their cell. "I am not a loser!" he snaps towards the wall, before looking over at his still quieter cellmate "And you're either an Autobot, or an Autobot lover!" from the disgust in his voice, it doesn't seem he can tell which is worse.

"That's not going to happen, Mercy." Rodimus is full of it, but he's very good at being full of it. He has no reason to the sure confidence that fills his voice, but that's never stopped him before. "Make sure that you and Pipes aren't showing any ill-effects from whatever took us out, okay? I want everyone in top shape when we get out of here." Turning back to Tailgate, he gives him a quick smile. "Good work getting that head count. You sure about Whirl? That means people other than those who were with us."

Pipes impulsively approaches Mercy, who's having a perhaps understandably hard time coming to terms with spontaneously becoming some sort of gladiator. "Most of us are warriors, that's true," he asides to Rit, "but some aren't." He speaks to Mercy. "C'mon, let's go say hello to our other new friend." He guides her, if she obliges, gingerly over toward Breeat. Pipes' own spark is fluttering giddily. What do you do with an elephant? Pet it? Shake hands with its long nose thing?

"I'm really sure. It's hard to mistake Whirl." Tailgate asides to Rodimus.

Blast Off glances over at Getaway, who seems to still be unconcious at this point. "Ah, I see. And.. well... if you say so. He is still offline right now it seems. Though I think he's otherwise intact." He then glances over at Quicksight. "Uhh... NO," His voice takes on an odd tone again, the same odd tone when he shifted from talking about the good old days of the war to how the good old days weren't actually THAT good and we should all not judge people too harshly, especially on the matter of Autobots and Decepticons becoming friends.

"No, he's uh... he is fine. He is a Decepticon, like me, and ..." He blinks at Quicksight, "No, see, let us remember we are all on the same side now."

Mercy is ushered easily the rest of the way towards the elephant. She looks from Pipes to the large grey creature, and at least for a moment, some of her concerns melt away in the face of such a unique Earth animal. "You -are- handsome...or lovely. I don't know, a male or femme?" she wonders as she reaches a hand out instinctively towards the creatures ears. She remembers videos of human's doing the same thing to adorable furry creatures they kept in their laps. It's an Earth greeting, right?

Whisper doesn't seem to know what to make of this. She watches Tailgate with uncertainty in her visored gaze, and then she drops one shoulder in a partial shrug, leaning back until the angled wings of her back bump gently against the wall.

Breeat watches them as they approach, his great brown eye tracking them with the slight turn of his head. He doesn't move much. He's a pretty sad elephant at the moment. His ear rustles.

"I hope you can continue to help each other when they put you in the ring," Ch'sthia says, sounding a little sad. "Your kindness is sweet to hear." She folds her legs back beneath her again.

The sea sylph smiles just a little bit. She glances at Cyclonus; she glances at Whirl. She doesn't say anything.

"Oh, he's a Decepticon too?" Whirl shrugs. At least Quicksight and Blast Off will have something to talk about together. Then he hears Quicksight going off about Autobots and Autobot lovers. Oh boy. "You got a problem with Autobots or something!?" As if it wasn't COMPLETELY OBVIOUS.

Mercy seems to have settled, so, extremely reluctantly, Pipes leaves her with Breeat and heads for the wall that seems to separate them from Rodimus and Tailgate. "I'm going to see about this wall. I'll try to keep the gas confined and not use too much, but you guys will probably want to stay clear." There will be plenty of time to spend with the majestic Earth creature later, hopefully, once they get out. He sits on the floor, aims his arm pipes, and carefully gets to work.

"I'd like to see them try," Rodimus says, and he surely won't regret that. He listens a moment more through the wall before pushing away. He takes up a position farthest from Whisper and then settles down to a self-inventory of his systems to try and figure out why he can't raise anyone on the radio. It'll keep him busy.

Tailgate can't make any promises to someone like Whisper, but if this is a dangerous place-- it's best to keep others disarmed by you and somehow he knows this instinctively, even though it comes through in his kindness. He looks to the spider, similarly sad when she folds up to sit. He moves over to join Rodimus, sitting down next to him with a stirring closeness.

One thing that Cyclonus is very good at is quiet. That's what he does for the time being.

"Yes, I do!" Quicksight calls back "I also have a problem with Autobot lovers" he adds, with a glare towards Blast Off "Why don't you just get yourself a red badge and be done with it?" he scootches away fromthe shuttlecon.

Eventually, when things settle down for the night, and assuming that Breeat hasn't trampled her, Mercy will snuggle down with the Elephant, quite litterally hugging him like a teddy bear...or close to it.

"WHAT." Blast Off stares at Quicksight as the other Con scoots away from him. His fists clench. "...EXCUSE ME? Don't you *dare* start insulting me. I..." Though wait, that could tick off Whirl. He blinks. "Uh...I..." Suddenly he HUFFs loudly and strightens, optics flashing. "GET a GRIP. BOTH of you. We are imprisoned for unknown reasons by someone who truly IS our enemy and we do NOT have time for infighting like this!!! Save it for the REAL enemy!"

Ugh. This Quicksight guy is pissing Whirl off and there's nothing he can do about it. Except get even more pissed off and belligerent of course. "Hey! YOU get over yourself! You're from our ship, right? Guess what buddy, you're living with Autobots now and lots of your Decepticon friends are cool with it. Some of them are even friends because IT'S NOT A BIG FRIGGIN' DEAL ANYMORE! The war's over, get your shit together!"

"If it walks like an Autobot lover and talks like an Autobot lover, its an Autobot lover." Quicksight hisses back, his optics meeting Blast Off's with a sneer. He does get up, however, and back away, though after a few steps he crosses his arms and turns around, to head towards the far wall of the cell where he sits down again "The other option was living with Autobots /and Starscream/"

"Oh, fair enough," Whirl admits. He can't blame Quicksight for taking the lesser of two evils. "Okay, well, you can hate Autobots and people who hang out with Autobots all you want but fair warning, you start being a dick to Blast Off and you're going to have a serious problem. From what I understand, this is an arena and you don't want to be on my bad side when it comes time for us to have at it. Know what I'm saying here?"

Blast Off 's optics narrow at Quicksight, and he feels irrationally angry at the other Decepticon. He's not even sure why- it's probably because he's striking a nerve. "I am NO Autobot lover." Which is a blatant lie, come to think of it. BUT NEVERMIND. Blast Off's good at denial right? "You think I was keen on staying on Cybertron with...with all of them? With Starscream?"

He leans in towards the wall. "Whirl... you're...right. But it's not worth it. Save that energy for our true enemies. We need to figure out how to get out of here." Before the walls cave in and crush them. Or at least him. He can't keep doing this jailtime thing.

"You'd have to catch me first!" Whirl might not see it, but Quicksight is mighty confident of his ability to not get hit. What Whirl might hear though is his chuckle "You've even got that guy protecting you!" the scout sneers at Blast Off from his spot by the wall "Mighty Combaticon has an Autobot protecting him! Just get the badge already!" ugh, and he actually hung around this guy!

Blast Off is telling Whirl it's not worth it and to save his energy, but Quicksight's horribleness is telling him it IS worth it and to use as much energy as possible. "Screw you! He's perfectly capable of protecting himself, I'm just being a great boyfriend and making it clear that I will brutally murder you in an arena surrounded by screaming on-lookers if you fuck with him."

Blast Off 's armor plates bristle at THAT little jab at his- his Decepticoness. The Combaticon's optics turn icy cold. His voice turns quiet. "Do NOT take me for some weakling, Quicksight. I do not need Whirl to *protect* me. Do you seriously think I got to be a Combaticon warrior by needing /anyone's/ protection??" His fists clench and he takes a step towards the other mech. "I am a cold sparked killer, and do NOT forget i-"

And then Whirl says the B-word. Blast Off freezes in midstep, optics widening. "....." He stares at Quicksight.

The look of disgust instantly vanishes from Quicksight's face. It has to, to make room for all the sheer surprise that replaces it. He stares. If he had a visible mouth, it would be hanging open right now. The the disgust returns, stronger than ever "Traitor" he hisses, trying to move himself even further away from Blast Off, even if it means finding a way to merge in to a wall "Autobot loving traitor. You don't deserve to continue wearing that badge"

Oops. Whirl guesses he wasn't supposed to say that but come on, really? Doesn't Quicksight read the LLI? He just assumed he already knew since everyone else seems to. "Uh.." His voice becomes quiet. "Sorry, Blast Off. I think I just made your situation worse."

Blast Off feels a cold chill running through his circuits as he is called a traitor. He's heard rumblings of it before, he's a Combaticon for Primus' sake, they aren't exactly viewed as the most loyal of the lot anyway. But still there's something especially egregious here- perhaps because he would have thought the same thing if this was anyone else. BUT...but this is different!

"The war is *OVER*," he repeats, "And I am MOVING ON. I do what *I* want to do, I am not owned some ideology, nor do I care to live my life according to how others would *dictate* it to me. I am STILL a Decepticon. I..." His words trail off, unsure now what exactly to say. Visions of the DJD even dart into his head, then are forced out. Whirl speaks and he finds himself glancing towards the wall. Sighing, he responds, "Do not apologize." His optics dart back to Quicksight coldly. "I make no /excuses/ to /anyone/, and neither should you."

"Well if you're moving on, then why not join them!" Quicksight swings his arm out, the one with the still exposed blade, out towards the wall that seperates their cell from Whirl's "You don't care about our ideology anymore after all! Why pretend you're still one of us?" he pauses, then tilts his head down to peer out at Blast Off from under the ridge of his helm, his voice carying a mix of disgust, amusement, and fear "Last I heard, they haven't abandoned the cause either."

"Is this guy for real!?" Whirl can be heard smacking his head against the other side of the wall. "How stupid can someone possibly be? Ha ha, COME ON!" He drags the side of his head across the wall with a screech of metal. "It's not about ideologies! It's about personal connections! I can't believe I have to explain this to you!"

Blast Off can't help but watch that bladed arm, wishing once more he had his ionic blaster. He's not exactly really equipped to fight Quicksight in this cramped cell. Out in the open sky? Or with his sniper's weapon? He's confident he'd win easily! Here? Not so much. Not that he wants that to show. He continues giving the other mech an icy glare. "I am a proud Decepticon. Whirl is... well he's /different/. ...Kind of." The shutrleformers arms swing up in exhasperation. "It's *complicated*! I don't have an easy answer. But I am still a Decepticon. I..."

He stops cold. The staring commences for a long momnent before he responds with the first hint of trepidation in his voice. ".... They? Who do you mean, *they*?" He thinks he knows exactly who Quicksight means, but.... somehow he needs to hear it.

Whirl's headsmack is the only thing that breaks his stare, causing him to glance in that direction. "....Y-yes. It's... got little to do with Autobots and Decepticons and... just..." He blinks. "A... connection." Looking to Quicksight, he hadds, "Whirl was a Wrecker. They weren't even so different than us, really. Both proud warriors. Except for the ... whole different side thing."

"They" Quicksight repeats "You know who I mean! You really think they're gonna care about that when they come? What matters is that you're a traitor!" those who listen closely may hear that, despite the fact that he thinks himself a loyal, hard working Decepticon, there is a note of unease in his voice "And they're gonna come eventually!" by the last letters of his sentence, the unease becomes fully prominent "No one can run from the DJD"

"I AIN'T AFRAID OF NO DJD!" Whirl shouts as loud as possible. Really sucks to be his cell mates right now. "No Decepticon can kill me! Never have and never will! I'M UNVINCIBLE!"

For the second time, Blast Off's circuits turn to ice, and this time he can't quite mask the fear that name instills. His optics pale and he finds himself reaching a hand out to brace himself against the wall, feeling a bit /faint/ suddenly somehow. "It's... not /like/ that." He finds solace in denial, his usual defense. "The war is over, I'm sure they've disbanded or... or something by now. Surely they have bigger things- better things- to concern themselves with now." Surely.

He winces as Whirl yells their name, too, pushing away from the wall and standing on his own two feet again. He half wants to mention Megatron's orders, again, and again does not burst Whirl's bubble. "The DJD don't hunt Autobots but... yes, you're right. You've survived this long, and so have I." He turns an icy look at Quicksight again. "And we'll survive *this* too." Then he sweeps his hand to take in the cell. "And /this/."

Then something occurs to him, and he points a finger at Quicksight. "Besides, if the DJD come for me, you think they'll approve much of YOU working alongside all these Autobots on an /Autobot/ run ship financed by /Drift/ of all people?"

"Then you're stupider than I though" lifting his head, Quicksight takes some pleasure in Blast Off's reaction. It is an odd sort of pleasure, an uneasy, un certain one. Still. Drift's name evokes a hiss, but the question of his own presence earns but a raise of a brow ridge, though if Blast Off pays attention he may see the smaller Decepticon shudder "I answer to Soundwave, not the Autobots, and he's no traitor." Soundwave must have a plan! He's... he's Soundwave! He wouldn't do this just on a whim!

Retracting his blade, Quicksight pulls his knees up to this chest plate and rests his head on them "Whatever, traitor. It's your life you're gambling with."

"So what they don't hunt Autobots? You think I'm gonna let them kill you without me gettin' in the way? HA! I'll kill ALL THE DJD!" Whirl scrapes his not-face against the wall as he slumps into a corner of the cell. "Hnng.. Blast Off, it sucks this happened. Being stuck in a cell, I mean. But.. I'm glad we're stuck together." He smacks against the wall with a claw. "Even if this stupid thing is in the way."

Blast Off huffs at that, "Well so do *I*! If the DJD have no reason to go after you or Soundwave, then they have no reason to go after me!" He hopes, how he does hope. Though a wing elevon twitches nervously despite his assertion. He turns and walks to the front of the cell, staring out and wishing he could escape. There's got to be a way. His hands rove the entranceway wistfully before he turns to face the other Con again. "I gamble with my life every day, simply by living. And I live my life *my* way. I don't let fear dictate my actions. I never have, and I am not starting now."

His armor bristles and he rolls his shoulders, trying to relieve some stress- then he turns, finally, to the wall that seperates himself from Whirl. Smelt what Quicksight thinks. He places a hand where he hears that claw thunk against it and scrapes it down, too, making an audible sound. "It... does. I want to get out of here, get revenge on those who placed us here." He crouches down to get comfortable and leans his head against the wall, that hand still resting on it. "But yes... I'm glad we're together too."

"And what if Soundwave tells you to kill him for the cause?" Quicksight doesn't really seem to care if Blast Off answers or not, having already made up his mind about what, regardless of what Blast Off says now, that answer will really be. Traitor. Insted, he simply tries to wedge himself further in to the wall and lowers his head, to avoid seeing his cellmates, and mutters "The difference is that I'm still loyal."

Blast Off ...doesn't have an answer for that. He can't. He couldn't. He wouldn't kill Whirl. He stares again as Quicksight settles in for the night, too. What can he really say? And indeed, no matter what he says he can't win here. The Combaticon shifts, putting his back to the wall and folding his arms and tries to conserve his energy. He has a feeling he's going to need it. For this situation- and should he get out of here- possibly worse ones to come.

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