2015-12-27 All You Need to Do is Aim for the Ground and Miss

From Transformers: Lost and Found

All You Need to Do is Aim for the Ground and Miss
Date 2015/12/27
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Brainstorm's Workshop
Participants Brainstorm, Punch, Swindle
Summary Everyone is buzzing around Brainstorm's workshop. It's like Christmas but a few days late!

Noise coming from the science end of the hall is nothing unusual on this deck. In fact, it would probably be more concerning if there wasn't any -- noise means that Brainstorm is alive and well, and hard at work. Today, those signs of life are particularly audible, even from the elevator. First, there is a thunk. Then there is a screech. Then there's a clang. Finally, there is a triumphant fanfare. Then there are two more thunks...

Entering Brainstorm's workshop without a care in the world (especially care for his immediate safety!) Punch calls out, rather happily "Brainstorm? You around? I just passed by on the off chance." It's worth noting that Punch is in almost pristine condition. Aside from the front plate on his right shoulder. That is nowhere to be found. Not that Punch even notices, in fact, he's probably forgotten all about it.

As the noise cuts through to his audio receptors Punch's memory does point out he's in the firing line of any testing that may be currently going on. To which Punch visibly shrugs. If it bothered him he'd have been bothered already. Calling again to overcome any noise that may further impede his being heard, "Punch to Brainstorm! You read me?!"

With a playlist of pirated terran music running through his eternal mp3 (mp25 was overrated) player, Swindle casually drove down the rather empty R&D hallways in his jeep mode. Why? Well, he was out for his Sunday drive, I pass time he had actually enjoyed whilst on earth. Brainstorm's workshop was his next stop of course, if only to shoot the preferable shit and perhaps tempt him with some more fine SwindCo merchandise. As he rounds the next corner and drives into his destination, he parks right next to one of his current top customers. "Punch my man! Glad to see the Necrobot's not crossed you off yet." Swindle transformation cog seems to chuckle for him as he shifts to bot mode with a grin. "This oughta be good! I heard at least 4 thunks!... or was it 3. Doesn't matter, more than 2 and were in for a treat!" He remarks in an anticipation for usual welcome, which was of course, showing him all the new shinies!


Inside the room, the duo will indeed find Brainstorm busy, manning what is either a large gun, or a small cannon, probably already familiar to Punch. It's not aimed at the door this time, but that's the problem with just walking in to a weapon engineer's workshop unannounced. Thunk! It's a couple moments before Brainstorm looks up from his invention to see who decided to drop in, long enough for the weapon before him to send several clumps of scrap metal and what was once a screw driver hurtling across the room. They're not what the inventor is looking at as his optics go wide "Get down!"

If Punch is to look away from the oncoming projectiles, he will find another device, a silvery mix between a ray gun, coils and all, and a speaker, mounted on a small turret. As Punch steps in front of it, the lights on its base flash red, right before it unleashes what may seem to anyone in its way like an invisible wall, accompanied by a shrill, audiosplitting screech.

Calling over his shoulder as he passes his favorite vendor of anything and everything Punch replies with a broad grin, "You know the party's still going. I'm still here. How's business Swindle?" Then the source of the noise becomes very apparent. Transforming into his beautiful midnight blue Mera of a form he 'punch'es it in reverse. The sonics on steroids avoid most of the low slung sports car but does rip the roof off of him.

Transforming back and brushing the blacked out glass off himself Punch laughs loudly and says, "I always wanted to be a drop top, Now's my chance!" Flicking a final shard off his shoulder he says to Swindle, "I don't know about you but it's not something I'd have on my playlist, y'know?" He'd try and call to Brainstorm to shut the thing off but there's probably too much noise in any case.

"Oh, you know same old same o-OH PRIMUS WHY TODAY!" Now even at the threshold of the workshop and in not in their himself, the ear splitting sonic was immensely unpleasant. No doubt he could imagine even Soundwave and autobot Soundwave (Blastman?) having migraines. Poking his head out, he gave a weak smile to Punch as he finally steps through, hopefully avoiding any further excitement. "Never knew Brainstorm was a fan of Dubstep. More a progressive rock bot myself." Rubbing his temples, he hopes for no more life demonstrations as his audio receptors readjust to normal room volume.

"And that's why its always a good idea to knock" Once the sound blast dissipates, after knocking the flying scrap straight out of the air, Brainstorm steps out from behind his scrap cannon, looking no worse for wear from the testing, and heads over to the mounted noise gun, taking care to arch around its immediate line of sight. A flip of a switch and the device powers down with a mechanical whirl, its muzzle dipping down, towards the floor "So, how can I help you?"

Entirely undeterred by recent events Punch waves to Brainstorm and dials his grin down to a bright smile, "Knock first. Lesson learned. Real reason I stopped by was I wanted to see how much further you were towards a working solution. To what I asked for? To fly though the air, with the greatest of ease. Without cables, bars and such though."

A change of direction and Punch continues without skipping a beat. This time he says to Swindle, "I need to up my order. If it's important it's not for me. I said I'd make sure Blast Off has parts a plenty for his pet project in the shuttle lab. Any chance we could swap notes?"

At the mention of flying, Swindle raises an eyebrow. "Couldn't you just, y'know, get reformatted into a new altmode?" It seemed like a pretty obvious solution to a rather particular problem, though he certainly welcomed the leeway it gave Brainstorm to wow him. When Punch addresses him directly, Swindle gives a cautious smile. He still isn't 100% trusting of the rather flamboyant 'former' intelligence bot and that feeling was most probably mutual. Best to deal with caution. "Sure, we can look into it. I will warn you though this may be substantial increase to your standing order, given the nature of terran space craft and all. We'll get Blast Off and make a night of it." He pats Punch on the shoulder before addressing Brainstorm. "And you sir thunked five times by my count. Oooooh Brainstorm, please tell me you've created a knife thats a gun that shoots more knives! I'm telling you, the market for that is a 'con named Gouge and most of obscourous segmentum."

A look of eager excitement courses through Brainstorm's face as Swindle inquires about his latest inventions. Black market weapon dealers -- you just gotta love them "Better!" with a sweeping gesture he points at the weapon he'd been standing behind when the duo had entered "It's a gun that shoots anything you want it to. Within a certain size limit of course. You'll never run out of ammo so long as there's something lying around, and there's always something lying around. There's also the Sound Blaster" he pats the turret mounted weapon "But its not done yet. And yes" turning to his other visitor, the inventor nods "I do have that read. I forgot to ask last time whether you wanted it separate, or something that can be built in, so I did both."

Punch manages to suppress a chuckle when Swindle suggests a reformat of his altmode. You'd have to have been there at the time to get the joke. "Swindle. The flight thing's one of those rare things that, should I explain, might cost you for a change. I'll let you get back to me on that." Ironically of all the people he does trust the Combaticons in particular are near the top of Punch's list. That, however, is another story for another time. Upon the pat on the shoulder Punch says to Swindle, with heartfelt honesty, "I look forward to that. I really do."

Punch tries to hide a shudder of excitement as he says to Brainstorm, "Built in. Without a doubt. As my esteemed colleague..." Punch nods to Swindle, "...would tell you it's not what people can see but what they can't that's useful. So when can you do this? Now? Later? Now?" Not that Punch is keen or anything. He'd confess an install from an interplanetary expert at... lots of fields like Brainstorm will be better than any field equipment he ever got from command. There is such a thing as overenthusiasm so Punch keeps that thought to himself.

Swindle says, "It can... fire... anything?" Swindle's optics threaten to leak from pure emotion. Gently brushing past the two autobots, Swindle dares to kneel near the shiny new weapon. He gently pats a not trigger/button filled face of the gun as he takes a haggered breath of pure admiration, wiping moisture from his optics. "I... I love it." He quickly asserts some attention to the sound cannon. "I mean that's fantastic, but this..." Swindle can't help run his fingers across the metal. "Can you imagine the possibilities! It's... it's like the most beautiful thing on this ship... could it use the rod pod as a missile if it were super sized?""

"Any time you like" Brainstorm shrugs "I'm not really busy right now. Just sit down --" he pauses, briefly scanning the room, before transferring the mess from the least cluttered workbench on to another one " -- here. Or lie down. I just need to be able to reach your feet. Don't worry, it's clean" with that said, he turns to head towards a row of tool-cluttered shelves, though not without pausing long enough to glance over at Swindle, looking quite happy with his reaction "Yes, but I'd rather not get kicked off the ship for that"

Again trying to stay cool calm and collected Punch moves, rather swiftly, to the cleared area and sits. Not overkeen or anything. Honest! Unless told otherwise he stays perfectly still once seated. After taking a moment to collect himself Punch manages to say, almost normally, "Okay. Ready when you are." Punch watches as Swindle covets the new love of his life and notes how the pair are trying to slip into the background. Punch decides to keep an eye on them to make sure the couple don't leave together.

The tools Brainstorm finally deposits next to Punch vary from fairly simple tweezers to a rather pointy looking drill, and everything in between. Next to these, the engineer sets down a set of small disks, the centers on one side occupied by a bluish, glassy material, and wires sticking out from the other "I'm gonna have to literally take your feet apart, so try not to move. I don't need Ratchet yelling at me for damaging anything. Don't worry, I'll turn off your pain receptors"

"I understand. I wouldn't worry though, I tend to avoid medical whenever possible. So I would guess I'm not their biggest fan anyway. Thanks for disabling my pain sensors, I appreciate it." Punch says to Brainstorm but adds a mental note 'they can be switched off?!' He wishes someone could have told him that a war or so ago. Would've been a lot easier.

Punch remains stock still and silent to allow Brainstorm to work. At least he can help out by doing something. Even if that something's not doing something else.

As careless as some of his methods may seem at times, Brainstorm didn't get his reputation as a weapons engineer for nothing. He works rapidly, but carefully, expertly integrating the new hardware with Punch's pre-existing systems. Old wiring is linked with new, new attachment points are created for new components, which are worked in to the structure of the foot, carefully, so as not to ultimately interfere with the basic function. Punch will, of course, not feel the alterations take place, Brainstorm being true to his word about sparing him the discomfort of it, though the whirling, buzzing and flashing of the engineer's tools are harder to miss.

"Almost done...there!" finally, Brainstorm sets the last of his tools down and steps back, arms crossed, to admire his work -- a total of four disks - two per foot, with one near the heel and one near the toe "Hang on, don't move yet, I need to put everything back in place, and turn things back on again" stepping back towards the bench, he sets to finish up his work "It'll probably sting for a bit, and feel a little weird."

"Understood. Staying still. Just say when it's okay to move." Punch replies. He's no expert but as someone who's had to watch unstable assets make weapons of war Punch can easily tell how far apart Brainstorm is from anyone else in the field of engineering. Probably anything else he turns his mind to either. Not a movement out of place, not a moment wasted. To Punch it was like Brainstorm was assembling something that was already there and it just took an expert wave of the hand to bring his vision into being. Punch remains still. It's too close to the end to mess things up now.

" you can move" with everything reattached, Brainstorm reaches to give Punch feeling in his feet again before stepping back again, this time for good "Activate them like you would anything else. Like I said, it won't be very good flight, but you should be able to get in the air, and move around."

Punch aims to get down from the table... and misses the floor. Okay it was only by a few millimeters but enough That Punch felt it. Even with his pain receptors back online he more feels scratched and scraped than anything. Considering he was taken apart and back it's impressive. Reunited with the floor once more Punch grins like he'd just got the punchline for the first time to a joke he's known the setup for all his life. He extends his hand to Brainstorm and says, "Thank you. I can't tell you what this means to me. Any time you need anything, no matter the who what or how much trouble you're in, You've got a friend you can call upon."

"Happy to help!" Brainstorm cheerfully accepts the handshake, looking quite pleased with such a reaction "It was interesting to work on too. Make sure to tell me how you like them once you've had a chance to test them, and feel free to drop by if you want something changed."

"I will. Thanks again. Also... Brainstorm?" Punch asks looking back into the distance "You don't have some superpowered crowbar of some kind, do you? As you may need it to get Swindle separated from your new weapon."

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