2015-11-30 Derelict

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Date 2015/11/30
Location Caminus
Participants Brainstorm, Chromia
Plot Colony: Caminus
Summary Brainstorm and Chromia discuss Caminus' situation

It's unfair really, how much home can change without really ever changing at all. When the one that has changed is the one that went away. Chromia has found coming back to Camnus to be every bit as awkward as she dreaded it would become before the Lost Light even turned in this direction. Though she has tried her best to not show any signs of that, no doubt there are cracks in her facade. It helps though that she keeps to herself as much as she can when not needed for her duties with Windblade.

Currently she stands on a darkened street with the well-lit Galleria behind her. That is the arena where the performers meet to practice their talents for the benefits of others; a place Mia has never felt a part of, though one she recently visited with Mercy. Before her is the now-abandoned Science Center, and her brow knits the more she stares at it.

There was a time not too long ago when Brainstorm thought he'd had enough of Caminus for one visit, and that it was time to go back to the ship to get some work done. That plan sure turned out well, considering that he's once again planet side. Oh, he did go back to the ship, but he didn't stay there long, having recieved an invitation from one of the local engineers to trade ideas. That guy was eventually replaced by a bunch of others who overheard him and some other Lost Lighters at one of the local pubs, which he eventually left with one of them, discussing the potential use of gravometric arrays for energy efficient, long distance transport. Which is how he found himself here.

It wouldn't be quite accurate to say that he's lost -- if worst came to worst, he could always take to the air and find his way back that way. It would be fair, however, to say that he has no idea where he is. His companion had to quickly take her leave, and he himself had been too distracted by their conversation to pay attention to where they were going. It's not like he's in a big hurry to get back, however. There's plenty of time before the Lost Light leaves Caminus, so he can afford to wander a bit, take another look around. Thing is, that wandering does not seem to have brought him any closer to the port, or at least anywhere he recognises. Maybe its time to ask for directions "Hey! Excuse me! Do you -- " coming up to a lone figure, Brainstorm raises his hand to better catch its attention, only to pause as he recognises its owner "Chromia? What are you doing all the way out here?"


Enough is awakward enough in her life right now and Mia knows that, for the sake of those she cares about most, she has to be the bigger bot - which really doesn't matter since, in this, she is the only one making a problem of things. "I honestly can't tell if Nautica remembers this place or if she came after it closed down. I was always too scared to ask," she admits. She honestly doesn't know how old Nautica is. "I remember though, the day it was decided it would be closed. This used to be the Science Center, where what view scientific minds we had gathered. You see, they reasoned their own end, that there was *nothing* left they could do. Any chance of more energon was... gone. So it had to go too, that it was useless. So it shut down. That's when we turned our backs on science and the dancing and all of that other scrap," she handwaves at the Galleria behind her, "Toook over. That's the moment it was decided for us that those like Firestar would be more important than those like Nautica. I accepted it, you see. Blindly. I still don't... It happened. It's the way it was."

"Don't tell me you came here specifically looking for me" Brainstorm follows Chromia's gesture to look at the abandoned building. Its a somewhat odd, even eerie sight for him. There's always a need for science during war, always a need for facilities for the development of new technologies and ideas. To see one just abandoned, and not because it was destroyed, or overrun by enemies, is somwhat strange.

"What do you mean 'useless'?" the look on the engineer's face when he once again turns towards the Caimen is a perplexed one "I'd think that with that, there would be even more need for it, for finding alternative sources of energy, and more energy effient tech, and stuff like that"

Chromia shrugs. Useless. It seems pretty straight forward to her. "Anything that could be used for something else was stripped away long ago. If we could have spared the energy to melt down the building itself, we would have. It's nothing but a husk now. Every part of it gone save for the memories." She turns to look at him. "They ran out of ideas. Don't you get it? There were no alternatives to find, no other tech to discover or to build. That was it, so they had to stop. *We* had to stop." Her brow creases. She has to look away and finds herself drawn to the Galleria. It is a domed structure off int he distance, bright with both color and sound.

"At the worst of it, or what you consider the worst of it, on Cybertron... did you ever go hungry? Cycles without even the hope of a next meal? You made weapons, right? Did you ever once have to stop to realize that you couldn't do that any more? Ever again?" She shakes her head.

"That's all Nautica knew before the Lost Light. Before you. She never gave up which is why - well, ONE of the whys - I found her. I think. Maybe. Anyway, now... she doesn't ever deserve to go back to this. She's destined for more." Chromia realized that from the moment she met Nauts but now knows it more than ever.

Once more she looks at Brainstorm and her optics narrow dangerously. "If you ever hurt her in any way, I swear to Prima I will break you.

The words 'ran out of ideas' earn Chromia a look as if she'd just told him that Rodimus had announced that he was leaving for a life of peaceful hermitude on some backwater asteroid where there was no chance of anything exciting ever finding him "There's --" he begins, but the warrior keeps talking, and when she again truns to him, the look she gives him almost makes him want to back up "I'd never do that! Why would I do that? She's my friend!" well, there's the part where he's been poisoning the drinks and lying to everyone, her included, but if all goes as planned, she will never find out about it. Or it simply won't be a problem anymore.

"Okay, but listen, there are /always/ more idas. Maybe they're not here one day, but they might come up the next! You definitely didn't help anything by taking away resources. I mean, how's dancing going to help find more energy?" he's not looking at Chromia anymore, however, but at the building, a curious spark in his optics.

"It's not meant to find more energy." For a bot so bright (apparently), Chromia can't help but feel sorry for how dumb Brainstorm can be at times. "The dancing was never about finding a solution but.... look, nevermind." He's clearly not going to get it.

She backs up a step and nods. "Yeah, she is. Soon enough she's going to become even more of your friend. Day by day. She's... she's special, okay? Try not to forget that mong all of the," she motions to Brainstorm's head, "Whatever it is you have going on in there. She needs someone like you and maybe, well, you could use someone like her."

While Caimen engineers and sceintists may be sensible people, the rest are a conundrum to Brainstorm. How 'We can't figure anything out so lets just give up and dance' is considered an appropriate response is beyond him. He's not completely unnapreciative of the arts, but to give up on science entierly because you've hit a roadblock and transfer most of the resources to culture is an odd idea as far as he's concerned.

He continues staring at the abandoned science building for a while longer, but as Chromia speaks, he turns back towards her, his optics carrying surprise, before lighting up with a cheerful light "Hey, don't worry! Like I said, I'm not gonna do anything to hurt her! Anyways, you'd probably murder me on the spot if I even thought about it." he flashes her a reasuring look before adding "She's fun to have around, and she actually listens to me!"

Which is what bothers Chromia so much.

She tries to get beyond that. It takes her a moment longer than it should.

So she tries to change topics. Somewhat. "Any luck with Hot Spot and the armory? I figure now that the Lost Light has made contact, repeatedly, it's not long before others from Cybertron do. They managed to get to Luna 1 fast enough, and well, it's not like there's a great mystery on where to find Caminus." How long before her home will need to make ready with such things? If her own people,f rom Cybertron, don't come calling then there is a whole universe of danger out there. "How good are you are whipping up something for interstellar communication?"

Armoury, huh? Hmmm, about that. How should he put it nicely? "To be honest? Your weapons are kinda outdated. Compared to ours anyways. I mean, I'm sure they work just fine when its just between you guys, or against space pirates or something like that, but if some Con decides that he's the next Megatron or Starscream decides that Cybertron isn't enough for him, your guys are gonna have a problem. I mean, no one here even knows how to use a gun!" this last concept still perplexes Brainstorm, judging by his tone "Not that they're any good either. I know there's Caminus, and I can't say exactly how he'd fare, no one would let me even take a peek at his weapons, but I'm sure a big enough warship or two could deal with that." as gloomy as his prognosis is for the colony's future in the event of a major conflict, he does have some good news for Chromia, concerning her next question "I could make a communicator pretty quickly. Why?"

"Because of the very reasons you pointed out. The lack of weaponry, the lack of skill to use them and... well, even moreso, the lack of *intent*. Maybe it is because protection is what I am wired for, but this is a whole planet of... well, you," she gestures at Brainstorm, "But without the brain to dream up the deadly things you do. So if there is trouble - no, *when* there is trouble - then with something that they could use to place a call to the Lost Light, well. They'd know whot o call at least." That is assuming of course they could make the tript o Caminus in time. Yet, Chromia would never go against the wishes of the Mistress of Flames... but that doesn't mean she can't use common sense to skirt around those wishes somewhat.

Brainstorm looks quite offended at Chromia's comparison, and is just about opens his mouth to protest, but the followup placates him enough to let the warrior to continue talking without interuption. He doesn't start when she's finished either, instead offering a nod of agreement "Pretty sure I can have it done in time. Where're you thinking of sticking it?"

Chromia doesn't answer that. At least not with her most immediate thought. Plus, that might make it difficult to access. "With Firestar actually," she groans. She hates to admit it but if anyone on Caminus is apt to reach out or react quickly, it will her. To Nautica. Pride and other factors might prevent the Mistress from using it, at least immediately. "Make it something portable, or at least easily accessible. If you need something larger than ahandheld, well..." She motions to the empty Science Center. "There are plenty of places all over Caminus where yo could hide it."

"Firestar? You mean the one who called my work 'tinkering'?" Brainstorm sounds hardly fond of that particular arangement, but even so, he does not refuse the request "I could have made something small, had you given me a better heads up. At least a month. We're talking about something that has to send messages across light years!" he explains, following Chromia's motion towards the derelict building, before turning back to her "I /could/ make a portable unit that would remotely connect to the main system, but the actual mechanism's still gonna have to be pretty big, and it's gonna need a power source."

"And there it is. Because there's nothing on Caminus to spare. The stuff the Lost Light brought is great, but it will be rationed out and is no doubt already spoken for from now to it is gone. So maybe... it's just not possible." Like the scientists that gave up, maybe there's little hop for Caminus in the long run. "I figured," Chromia explains, "That if there's anyone on this colony that would like to claim credit for something, it would be here. It spares the Mistress from needing to... but not that I *want* Firestar to get any credit for anything. I like her even less than I like you."

"It wouldn't need power /all/ the time, just when its on. I'm asuming you guys have power lines running somewhere nearby" Brainstorm nods towards the Galleria. There's got to be something powering that, doesn't there? "I can link it up to those and put the activation switch on its own power. It would drain power from whatever they're powering, but only so long as its on. Or I can give it an independant power source, but that'll eiher run out quickly, or carry the risk of turning half the planet in to a semi-inhabitable wasteland."

"Hah. Power lines. That's cute," Chromia snorts. Then she blinks. She has to remind herself that those *are* a thing. She has seen them. She's only been back home so very briefly and maybe it is her attachment to Caminus that fuels her reaction. "You give it something independent it is likely to be discovered, broken down and reused somewhere deemed 'more useful'." Once more she looks to the Galleria in the distance. "Maybe it's just best left as an idea." Soemthing to get back to. Something to maybe muster up the courage to talk to Nautica about rather than trying to setup without her.

Mia looks at Brainstorm. "Just..." She stops herself though, thinks better of everything she was about to say and looks skywarp. "How long before we leave?"

Right, Caimens and their weird aversion towards practicality, and powering anything that may actually be useful "A day or two I think" Brainstorm shrugs "You know, that could happen to the comunicator itself, power source or no. It being found that is, so it doesn't really make a difference. I can hide the emission pretty easily."

"Yeah, but how do you hide something in plain sight?" Chromia looks at Brainstorm like he has two heads. maybe he does! And is just adept at disguising the other one! "If... if you think you can, sure," she handwaves, unaware of what permission she might be granting.

Chromia takes a step back. "There's other sites I should see. I... have a lot on my mind." Stuff she's not wanting to talk about, at least not with Brainstorm. "Stuff with the Mistress, those activists and maybe, well, I should go see M'Lady before we depart." If she can get an audience. Without further explanation she transforms, folding down to her cycle mode.

As far as Brainstorm's concerned, 'if you think you can' is just 'go ahead' with more letter. A simple interstelar comunicatior and power source, with about a day or two to complete and instal them, piece of corundum cake! "Of course I can" he crosses his arms, as if asking how she could ever doubt his abilities "I'm not the ship's genius for nothing! Just make sure no one wanders in here while I'm instaling it." Kinda pointless to disguise something if someone knows its a disguise.

"Easy enough. I doubt anyone has been out this way in centuries." There is fact to that, of course, but also an air of sadness. Before the Lost Light that was not a tone she would have used for this place but now... coming home shouldn't be this hard. "You're dangerous, you know," says the cycle. "We rely on you too much." Which... she knows she is a part of considering she just asked Brainstorm to do something for her. Something in secret, more or less.

Without another word, Chromia peels out like she has somewhere else to be.

Dangerous. Brainstorm's used to being associated with danger. He's a weapons engineer after all, dangerous things are part of the job description. But. No, he doesn't really care about what other people think of him, but as of late, it seems like he's been called that a lot, and he hasn't even tried making a wmd in a while. Do other people really see him to be that much of a threat?

Well, who cares what they think. He's got work to do. Shifting in to his jet mode, he takes off, zooming above the colony, towards the port.

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