2015-11-21 Quantum Computing

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Quantum Computing
Date 2015/11/21
Location Lost Light: Engineering -- Engine Room
Participants Brainstorm, Nautica, Pipes
NPCs Rivets
Plot Learning Curve
Scene GM Mia
Summary Savant decides the multiverse needs a hard reset

The quantum generators that power the ship engines push them improbably forward from this very room. There are warning signs near the generators, reminding people not to stand next to them ... as if anyone could ever forget, with one of the Duobots frozen trapped within one of the engines. Screens beneath the generator mark their output while workstations allow engineers to monitor, even alter the generator's output.

It is where it all leads.

Beyond the doorway to the engine room stands Savant, his back to those that might enter. The engines have small devices fastened to them, but what might be more fastening is the tableau arranged above them. A shifting assortment of wormhole portals give glimpses alternate realities, and through each of them is dumped trace amounts of dark matter. This in turn is collected by the engines, which is monitored by Savant as he regulates the intake. His cape flutters, the movement within the room great enough to stir up winds. If Savant has his way, the times... they will be a'changin'.

The delay with his clone duplicate bought him the access and time he needed to make his modifications. It is his plan to collect enough dark matter to overload all of reality.

To prevent interruptions, there is another portal pointed at the entryway. Just as there atre black holes there are also white ones - an exit rather than an entry, one that spits out matter and energy. Savant is confident none shall be able to get past it to stop him iin time. Pipes is perhaps too eager to rush into the engine room, and stumbles forward into the blast of stuff jetting from the portal just behind the doorway. He instinctively holds up his arms to protect his head and neck, and widens his stance so he isn't blown back into the hallway. (His left shoulder feels a little loose too. Hopefully the force from the wind won't finish the job of tearing it out.)

Pipes isn't that big, but he can hold steady in this, and his armor is pretty tough. "Guys!" he shouts over the howling. "I'll block for you! Crawl up behind me to get in!"

Nautica looks Very Unhappy at the presence of a white hole in /her/ engine room. Never mind that she doesn't legitimately have ownership of it, she's spent so much of her time on this ship repairing it, getting it back to perfect running order -- or improving it -- and now /someone/ is messing it all up. "I can try to shut down the engine from out here and buy some time!" she calls out to the others. After all, she /does/ have all the access codes. Assuming Savant has been too focused on his insane plan to actually change them.

Brainstorm isn't usually one eager to rush in to danger, and he's certianly not happy to be doing so now, but this is not the usual kind of danger. This isn't guns and blades -- its science, aka, his domain. Plus, Savant made this personal, in more ways than one, but in particular, lumping him with 'the /rest/ of all these morons, and that's not an insult Brainstorm's ego is about to just let go, not to this guy. So he responds the only way he knows how -- by showing off just how brilliant his inventions are. On the way he'd taken a few minutes to duck back in to his workshop and pick up a small asortment of gadgets. He's not sure just how many of them, if any, will be of any use, but now that he has an idea of how Savant opperates, perhaps something will come of it.

Perhaps now would be a good time to test that. Looking at the minibot trying to provide cover for bot easily twice his size, Brainstorm shakes his head, reaching under his chestplate "I have a better idea." What he pulls out, and slides at the 'white hole' is a circular gadget, not too unfamiliar to this ship, particularly to Whirl, Blast Off, and Skywarp. Shame the later isn't here, he thinks before quickly changing his mind. No, good thing he isn't here, else he probably would have shot him for taking it out. He'll just have to hope it works without that anchor. There's certianly enough energy for it to punch a hole in reality (because we definitely need more of those right now) that, with any luck, will disrupt the obstructing portal. Maybe the lack of an anchor will even help with that. Or create yet another rift in spacetime. Who knows. Beggers can't be choosers.

Access does not mean control, for what Savant managed with the engines pales in comparison to what she has done with them. He has no ability to shut her out of her own systems. Besides, he was far too busy adapting what he could for his own means. From her terminal she can see how he has adjusted the engine to generate a quantum bubble, one to hold the pooling dark matter. It is currently ten percent full and filling quickly.

Pipes is ready and willing to take on a barrage of *stuff*. Raw matter and energy that spills out of that white hole, creating an expanding wall of dense *stuff*. A sea of the things that formed the universe is there to wade through... until it isn't. Brainstorm's device works as intended, canceling out the white hole with an audible *pop*!

savant turns, his optics ablaze as he glares at his interrptors. "You." His eyes narrow. "You would dare... you cannot stop what I have begun. You know how fallible creation are. Look at you, 'Brainstorm'! As imperfect and flawed as even the worst mistake! I have forgotten more than you will ever comprehend!" Savant extends his hands and from them lances of electric energy arc, lancing out towards that bot in the front (Pipes). "You cannot hope to stop me."

The barrage assaulting Pipes suddenly stops, and Pipes stumbles forward now that nothing is pushing him back, nearly falling over but keeping his footing. Oh, that's a relief. He's got his pistols in his hands, but before he can take some shots, Savant's force lightning assaults him, electrical discharges coruscating across his body. It elicits a stuttering yell from him, more of surprise that the respite was so short than of pain. There's still pain. He can't really let go of his pistols, but he drops to his hands and knees anyway. The energy from the attack spreads out into the floor, lessening the severity, but he still can't really move.

As the white hole vanishes, Nautica continues to work her way through her engineering system, trying to shut down -- or at the worst, slow down -- the funneling of dark matter into the quantum bubble by splitting the feed off into a subspace pocket. The slower Savant can build up his fuel, the more time others have to stop him. As for the giant blob of dark matter in subspace? Well, that probably won't come back to haunt anyone. "Mess with /my/ engines, will you," she mutters. "/No one/ messes with my engines."

Brainstorm's optics narrow in return as Savant continues piling insult uppon insult "Hey, -- " he doesn't finish, his words cut off by a surprised noise as the nature of the danger changes. Many bots on this ship would never forgive themselves if their desfiant speech was cut off by their own jumping back to let an ally take a blow, but Brainstorm isn't quite so noble. He does finish the speech though "Atleast /I'm/ not the one who thinks he can reboot the entire multiverse by anchoring it all to myself. You know that that's just probably just gonna kill you, right, if it doesn't throw you out comepletely?"

Brainstorm does not like working under preasure. The feeling that the /entirity of reality/ depends on whether or not Savant can be stopped is certianly not an easy one to deal with, but Savant made one grave mistake. He implied that Brainstorm was too stupid to stop him, which, as far as Brainstorm and his ego are concerned, is a challenge. Plus, proving Savant right infront of Nautica is not an embarassment he could easily live down. Not that there would be much time to live it down after that, but still.

Quantumn bubble, dark matter funeling from interdimensional portals, no biggie. He just needs to cut off the feed. How? "Pipes, can you distract him?"

"Digital awareness," Savant blurts out, seemingly at random. "That is all any of this is," he gestures about. He is unaware fo what Nautica is doing. A loose glob of dark matter displaced to 'somewhere' inthe universe can't be good, but it has to be better than what Savant was meaning to do with it. "The beauty of life is that it need not be a robot like us to subject to the same guiding principles. Programming. That is all reality is. A universal computer."

Savant advances towards the downed Pipes. "Our CNA makes us unique, acutely attuned to this guiding principle, I have discovered. That is how I will be able to bond to the Universal Code. Upload myself. For you see, 'Brainstorm', *that* is the idea! I will die and so will everything else, only as part of the Code, I alone will survive! AHAH!"

Savant is confident Brainstorm will not raise a hand against him, and Nautica seems busy, so he kneels to Pipes. "Alchemy is a shared mythology among all races, did you know that? Magic," he snorts. "Really it is reprogramming." He reaches out to touch Pipes. "Shall I demonstrate? What should I turn this one into.. Something as useful and empty as it is/ like a rock perhaps?"

As Savant kneels he looks up to Brainstorm. And grins. "I have mastered all of science. With it... I can do whatever I want."

"D-d-distract? N-no p-p-p-roblem," Pipes blurts the last word as the zapping ceases. A paralyzing effect is still on him, though, and it's hard for him to even look up as Savant approaches, monologuing. Then his hand reaches out, and oh no he's not touching me again.

Pipes still has his pistols in his hands, fortunately - the ones custom made for him by Brainstorm. And, he's practiced enough now that he can remember which switch is which. He flips one near the hammer of his right sidearm. While still on his hands and knees, he leans left and strains to tilt his right wrist up. He takes aim at that hand, that arm, right in front of him, and fires a single acid bullet.

Muttermutter. "Mastered all science? HA." The Camien engineer now turns her attention to the engine room security systems. Fire suppressant systems, to encase him in hardening goo? No, that would probably get anyone else who's gone into the engine room proper. Temporal dampening field, to slow him down enough to give Brainstorm and Pipes an edge? Maybe, if she can shift it from catching /all/ of the room... hrm.

Savant is correct. Brainstorm may be a weapons engineer, but he himself is not a fighter. He won't raise a hand against Savant. That doesn't mean, however, that he won't raise a hand against his work. As Pipes distracts Savant, and Nautica buys time, Brainstorm moves. Next to come out of his little cahce is an insconspicuous ovaloid object, small enouth to fit in the palm of an average bot. Of course, nothing that comes out of Brainstorm's workshop is ever harmless, and this little gadget gets dropped on the ground, allong with a smaller, disklike object as Brainstorm himself quietly makes his way towards the control panel previously occupied by the other scientist. There is still something in his hand, but that does not fall.

"Argh!" That is Savant's immediate response to taking a shot of acid to the face. It melts away in parts before he can get his hands up, thoughthat is a futile effort since the damage i s already done. He stumbles back, temporarily blinded, thus unable to see Nautica to even be able to fathom what she will try next. "I have uncoupled myself from quantum advancement. Travelthrough space and time is a matter of thought! There is nothing impossible for me when I *am* the improbable!" Without sight he cannot see what Brainstorm has dropped at his feet.

Yet he hears where Brainstorm goes. "You cannot hope to stop the Uncreation Engine! It is temporallylinked to it's own completion! It is moreinevitable than your death!" Savant staggers back still, temporarily unable to do much. Should anyone look, as his hands move over his damaged face they spray something onto himself. A mist of repairative nanotechs. "I had thought to collect all of the dark matter here, but via the laws of quantum entanglement I do no need to have them all present to act upon them. Machine," Savant calls out to the engines, "Initiate remote access! Prepare to broadcast signal! For you see Brainstorm, I had thought to collect all dark matter here for one explosive reboot to all reality but now, I shall dentonate the dark matter where it is. It will be messier but ultimately it will all collapse, all of reality, until it all comes to an end. I cannot be denied."

"You are out of time, Brainstorm. There are no more moments left."

Pipes shakes off the last vestiges of the paralysis just as Savant finishes his continued monologuing. While he's pretty pleased with his shot, what all Savant is talking about sounds way out of Pipes' league. He gets to his feet and backs away, to the control panels and near the other crew members. His pistols are out and aimed squarely at Savant, but he doesn't fire. "OK, I don't know what to do, you two! Say the word and I'll start shooting!"

"Uncoupled from quantum advancement, hm? Well, then. Let's see what happens if we..." Nautica hits a button, trying to hold the crazed scientist in a short-lived temporal bubble. It's likely to burn out part of the engine array, but better to ensure there's still a universe in which the engines need repair. And even if it won't last more than a few minutes, the ploy might still buy Brainstorm time enough to move unhindered and deal with his psychopath of a... 'father'? 'Uncle'? Whatever the appropriate term for this twisted little tie would be.

The problem with vilanous monologuing is that some people just don't respect the art, and Brainstorm's never been known for beeing overly considerate to other people's ideals. As Savant talks, he works quickly. He just needs a few adjustments and ...<<Pipes, move!>>

Remote controls are awesome, aren't they? They let you activate things from a distance, things like gravitational field emiters, new and improved, which, in adition to making it very hard for anyone in the imediate area to move, can also help focus the other dropped gadget. A true Brainstorm special it is, a cross dimensional bomb of sorts, new, awesome, and completely untested. With any luck, all it will do is draw Rivets and his engine towards each other, pulling together the imporbable with the inevitable, and with any luck, whatever paradox will come of that will /not/ result in the destruction of the universe, or even the ship. No guarantees about the engines though.

Savant repairs his face in time to see what Nautica is doing. Yet, his unhinging from space and time is as fast as his thought, not the light at which he sees her act. In a world that is an infinite multiverse, Savant has killed off *every* other incarnation of himself which allows him to access his place in relation to any other possible reality - thus he can literally be anywhere any time he wants. Yet, he needs to complete that thought to be able to act on it. Thus, mid-thought of wherehe wants to be, he is cault in Nautica's temporal bubble. The result is a 'left foot in, right foot out' kind of thing. Half of him lags behind, dragged back by the bit of him that has been caught, while the other half reaches out to grab for the gathered trio. Which should make a particularly easy target for Pipes to hit.

This freer half though allows Savant to connect to the terminal Brainstorm is at. Before Brainstorm's eyes he can see what is done as the transfer begins, that of Savanat's consciousness to that of the dark matter contained in the quantum bubble within the engine. The consciousness has been encrypted into a dentonation code, one that will atomically rupture the dark matter, a result that would then spread to every bit of reality ever.

How does one stop such a thing?

It will require a *really* good idea.

Fortunately, it seems like Brainstorm has one!

Delayed, Savant might be free from chronological aspects but he is still subject to the hold of gravity. There is nothing he can do to stop himself from being pulled into a full on collision with his Uncreation Engine!

Lots of incomprehensible things are happening in front of Pipes' optics at the moment, but one very comprehensible thing is - again - Savant reaching out for him and the others. His protective streak kicks in, and no longer waiting for anyone to give him the high sign, he unloads with both pistols. Those nanobots may still be working to repair him, but hopefully they can't keep up with the volume of hits Pipes is working on.

Savant is not going anywhere as Pipes shoots him up! Splish, splash, acid for the evil scientific genius all over. That stretched body is sprayed with Brainstorm designed bullets and is eroded away as he is sucked towards his machinations! What is left in time for that collision is just a head!

"Hrmph. Now, let's see if we can't drain your little bubble away into storage..." Nautica works to remove Savant's fuel from his grasp. Brainstorm /probably/ has it under control, but better safe than sorry. Besides, Naut's pretty sure she can come up with /something/ to do with a bunch of dark matter. She'll just put it somewhere /else/ for safekeeping. Plenty of storage space in the tanks that have been emptied of fuel for the quantum engines...

Savant got ahead of himself, thanks to Pipes. Thanks to Nautica, the 'primer' Savant thought he had in that quantum bubble is gone, sent elsewhere. That first bit that was sent away from the Lost Light, that is what the dentonation signal is sent to first so... Somewhere in some spot in space there is a massive soundless explosion. It does not happen within the bowels of the Uncreation Engine, meaning it does not ignite.

What does ignite is the combination of those madifications Savant had fastened tot he Quantum Engines and what remains of him, his head. The bombbardment of those unmoored pieces batter what is left of Savant, so that when Brainstorm'sdevise is done with him all that remains is a shattered, fractured segmet of Savant'ls head. It clatters to the ground, conveniently rolling to land at Brainstorm's feet.

Improbable meet the impossible.

The result? Victory. Surely this was Brainstorm's idea all along.

With the Uncreation Engine unmade the osiac of portals to other dimensions begin to wink out. As they flicker and fade there is a sense of... no, nothing there.... The dark matter that had trickled in from them stops, then receeds and all... goes back to where it should be.

Nautica finally steps the rest of the way into the engine room, looking around. The damage to her quantum engines. The general debris from Savant's meddling. The damage she herself did to the engine systems by repurposing emitters to create a localized temporal field. Just... so many broken things. In the end, her only lament is: "And I /just/ had it all working!"

Pipes stops shooting and shields himself as Savant and his engine modifications destroy each other. He looks up, and things quiet down and fade, and finally he relaxes. He surveys the damage, feeling for Nautica when he takes in the extent of it. Sorry, I guess? Did we just save the multiverse or something though? "We won, though, right?" he looks over at Brainstorm quizzically.

There are some people on this ship who, were they in this same situation, would grab the head of their vanquished foe and hold it up high for the universe to see. Brainstorm is not one of those people. Instead, he backs away, and shudders ever so slightly. It was Pipes who landed the killing blow technically, right? No one could survive without a body! Yeah, lets not argue that point. Brainstorm is also not someone who will argue over a kill -- he's perfectly happy to cede those to others, so long as his part in the weapon design gets credit.

Steping back a bit furhter, the weapons developer takes in the scene, the wreckage, the damaged engines (he might just lend a hand with those), his companions, finally stoping on Pipes as his expression relaxes a bit, not quite as cheerful as usual, but certianly happier than he had been a few moments ago "Yeah, I think we did!"

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