2015-10-26 Long Arm Of The Law

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Long Arm Of The Law
Date 2015/10/27
Location Luna-1
Participants Grimlock, Tailgate
Plot Remain in Light
Scene GM Tez
Summary Grimlock holds the door while Tailgate does some near-miss troubleshooting.

With Tyrest dealt with, the day is saved. Yaaay.

Only ... not quite. While Rodimus is dealing with nerds recently arrived from the ship, trying to figure out how to undo Tyrest's switch, there's still his Legislators. And too many of the Lost Light's heaviest hitters have been put down by it: the Decepticons to a bot, and many of the frontliners who have seen the worst damage in four million years of war.

The thousands and thousands of Legislators are a pressing problem. As the first edition Ultra Magnus armors are dealt, the doorway clears to reveal a flood of Legislators trying to get through, all chanting the same thing: "One one. One one."

Taking a break from Perceptor-nagging, Rodimus looks up all offended. "You haven't won anything!"

"Maybe that's as high as they can count." Grimlock can count higher. As he steps into the fray, energo-sword flashing, he sweeps the blade across the crowd of legislators. "Three!" he says, showing them up, as the sword slices through -- well, you get the picture.

Tailgate can stand to wait to be seen further, and so when he rejoins some of the others he is still suffering a crack to his facade; his visor is splintered with a crack that continues down across his mouthplate, the former missing a small shard of glass that allows the twitch and roll of his left optic to be glimpsed behind it. He's not seeping fluid anymore, at least. It seems the worst of his injuries, thankfully. Tailgate has his slingshot with him, and takes a potshot into the crowd as Grimlock rushes into them. "Do more keep appearing? I swore there weren't this many before!"

While three fall -- well, okay, two fall and one kind of staggers to be trampled by those behind, but it's definitely more poetically satisfying to say three fall -- there are four more to take their place. It's a math that's not in their favor, even with Tailgate and his mighty slingshot to slow them.

A large screen overlooking the battle says:

TYREST ACCORD Part I Section One Immediate Vicinity

It's probably not important.

"Frag this. I don't care how many of them show up," Grimlock growls, thrusting the sword through another pair of Legislators and then ripping the head off a third that tries to clamp onto his side. "Get -- /off/!" He flings the head into the crowd. Sadly it's not a good a weapon as his sword.

The boom-boom of another shot flattens up against the golden hide of another, and it does very little but angle it into a neighboring mech. Tailgate makes a frustrated noise, scanning his surroundings. "We can't just keep hitting them--" Well, Grimlock might be able to. "Every time one goes down, there are two more." Wherever they are coming from, they won't stop. But Tyrest is gone, and there is no Ingition here to persuade them away. Tailgate's eye stops as he skims across the screen in the side of his vision. Grimlock will have to smash a few more without him, as Tailgate stops and turns fully to look far up to the screen flickering above.

The Tyrest Accord forms the core of Autobot law. It's not unfamiliar to Tailgate -- much as he might wish otherwise. What's unusual about this -- what's /extremely/ //unusual// about this display is that it is in edit mode.

A cursor blinks.

The Legislators don't even react to the fling of the head into their midst. It doesn't seem to register. They pour into and onto Grimlock: one throws himself on Grimlock's sword, holding onto it and dragging it down, while others aim to capture Grimlock's limbs in the bare seconds as the flaming energonsword carves through the Legislator's armor.

The energo-sword clatters to the floor, and oh, it is /on/. Grimlock roars right through a transformation to his alt-mode, the sound growing until he's a t-rex vibrating the very corners of the room with the sound. Surely the Legislators are terrified. Right? Well, they're probably more terrified when he starts chowing down on them for lunch. RIGHT?? Ugh, well at least he's killing some.

Wait, was that a cursor? For a moment, Tailgate thinks his damaged visor is playing a trick on him, light flickering off of the broken web in his vision. No, there it is again! Why? Was it in the midst of being changed? Grimlock's roar rattles in Tailgate's chassis, and he looks back just once. Surely the dinobot can handle the tide-- just for a moment? "I'll be back!" Tailgate totally looks like he's running away. He isn't. He's just scampering back from the fight, trying to find something to drag to the terminal so that he can climb up to it.

The Legislators that are trying so hard to clamber onto Grimlock and hold him down are thrown back by his transformation, dominoing away. Their, "One one?" becomes a little plaintive, a little confused, as their target switches form and starts chomping. They might be barely sentient, por possibly mind-controlled, or really who knows what's going on, but whatever it is, it's not enough to erase the /perfectly rational hesitation/ to engage a dinobot in full-on dino mode.

Grimlock has cleared a moment of relative peace for Tailgate, allowing him to drag over an empty crate leftover from the portal construction so that he can access the terminal.

"You'll /what/?!" It's not that Grimlock actually wants Tailgate in the thick of things, it's just that the minibot's exit is a little /casual/-sounding, all things considered. But he has bigger fish to fry, and he can't afford the distraction of yelling at poor Tailgate: he chomps down hard on a Legislator's shoulder, his tail whipping to knock a few more against the wall, and then he tosses the one in his mouth right into another approaching pair. He's doing some crowd control, at least.

Be back! Soon! "I think I know what they're yelling about-- Keep 'em busy!" Like he's not already? What else should he say? Tailgate's busy tugging one of the offline corpses of the Legislators Grimlock has already cut down-- it's only the top half, waist up, so he manages to pull it over with a muttered 'sorry' before he steps up onto its back and grabs onto the edge of the terminal. One foot scrabbles for a grip first, and he rolls over and up onto the console. From there he has to reach, but his first task is a test, and he tries to switch to the next page of the Accord.

He's doing a /lot/ of crowd control, actually.

The Legislators regroup, lunging toward Grimlock as one, only for his tail to whip the leading edge of that charge back down the hall. The narrowed wedge impacts his side, while the row behind are taken out by the snap and throw trick. The now-solo head of the wedge really looks like he's rethinking his life choices. "One one?"

The next page rolls out under Tailgate's touch. The cursor moves down the page.

Grimlock has to scramble to catch a Legislator's leg between his teeth when the golden bot manages to scramble onto his back; he tugs hard and flings him back into the onrushing crowd. But he's distinctly starting to get that /overwhelmed/ feeling. Who knows why. "Well then hurry up and /do something/!"

Tailgate looks from the screen to the flow of bots swarming around Grimlock. The 'one one' in his receptors tells him what he needs to know, more or less. He backtracks from the section subset on the screen and starts typing in at the end of the Accord. How many laws can one minibot break in five minutes? All of them? Unless-- there are no more.

No more? That's just crazy talk. Why, to do that, Tailgate would need to -- well, he'd need to repeal it. All of it. Every last thing. Yet as he finishes his work, nothing happens. The cursor blinks back at him on the screen. Did he forget to save? What?

The crowd begins to push Grimlock back, pressing into the room, and the rest of the room's defenses aren't nearly equipped to handle it. The Decepticons are out. Minimus is out. The nerds are busy. Rodimus is slacking. It's now or never.

"Do the thing /faster/!" Grimlock roars, bursting free of another wave of Legislators that threaten to overwhelm him entirely. He slams into another row of them with his tail and then charges another group, his jaw open and chomping. Omnomnomnom.

Tailgate makes a new noise of frustration. "I am!" He just needs some more time! Time that he doesn't really have. With the repeal edited in at the end, he puts in just one more thing before he saves-- semicolon, save edit, hold breath. Or in his case, look over and startle at Grimlock being overpowered. Please work.

It works. Between one breath and the next, the Legislators still. They stand frozen and unmoving, unresistant to the chomp of Grimlock's jaw. All the fun goes out of the fight.

CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP -- oh. There's a bit of a lag between the Legislators all falling silent and still and Grimlock stopping in his attack. Look, he had some momentum going. But eventually he straightens up, a bit of Legislator arm falling from between his metal teeth, and peers down at the frozen crowd. He turns to look at Tailgate. "What the hell did you do?"

Tailgate stands at the edge of the console, peering down and spying a golden hand powered down by his foot, trying to clutch its way up the side of the terminal. The rest of the Legislator is half-propped on the floor, frozen as the rest fall silent. Close call. "I-" He looks to Grimlock, optics darting across the glacier of unmoving bots. He puts his hands up in a burst of relief and delight. "They were enforcing the Accord-- So I repealed the law!" If Magnus is still alive he's going to //kill him//.

The Legislators, directionless, just sort of mill. They maybe shuffle from foot to foot, at most. Since Minimus-Magnus as well as the others are starting to recover from whatever Rodimus and the nerds did, Tailgate will just have to find out how Ultra Magnus, ex-Duly Appointed Enforcer of the Repealed Accord feels about that.

"Wow. Uh." Grimlock eyes the Legislators warily as he steps back and transforms back to root mode. "Weird." He takes another few steps back, not trusting Tailgate's solution enough to turn his back on the aimless group. "So you -- beat them with -- law?"

Anyone who breaks a law now is technically not guilty, so better get it while it lasts. There's still one not-ex-Duly Appointed out there, right? Tailgate hesitates before stepping down over the Legislator stuck against the terminal and back to the floor, looking back up to the screen and pointing to it. "Yeah, look!" Because Grimlock can understand the legal babble, surely! "Every time we've met them they've been saying those numbers-- all this time it's been right under our faces! They were citing the section they were enforcing!" Tailgate is --way too excited about explaining this.

"Right." Grimlock looks considerably less excited. Not to say he's /entirely/ unexcited, because it does mean that shiny golden robots are no longer trying to kill him. "Well. Good job." He finally turns away from the Legislators to pat a giant hand on Tailgate's tiny head. That'll do, pig.

Giant hand meets tiny head, tiny hands go up to grip the bigger one in a gesture of solidarity. Tailgate's laugh is reassured, and tired. "Thanks. Wanna help me herd the rest of these guys out? I don't think they'll fight it." The mini slips out from under the dinobot's shadow, towards the golden mechs.

"Uh. Herd them -- where?" Well, they'll figure it out. TOL AND SMOL, TOGETHER. LIKE TOL AND SMOL SHEEPDOGS. The end.

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