2015-10-25 The Circle Of Light

From Transformers: Lost and Found

The Circle Of Light
Date 2015/10/25
Location Luna 1
Participants Brainstorm, Breakdown, Burstblitz, Knock Out, Drift
NPCs Dai Atlas, Star Saber, Circle of Light
Plot Remain in Light
Scene GM Tez
Summary ~~It's the Circle of Liiiiiight! And it moves -- Wait, wrong franchise

Luna 1. Its place in myth is hard to overstate. The radiant glow of the reignited hot spot makes anything seem possible. Maybe the Lost Lighters will even pull this off without injury, for a change.


Thanks to tricks and tracking, the Lost Light crew locates Tyrest's Evil Fortress -- which actually just looks like a perfectly normal facility, disappointing all expectation. From above, it's easy to spot a truly tremendous smelting pool with a habitation block overhead that's right in the center of the facility. With Grimlock, Pipes, Rodimus, and Tailgate still missing, that has become target number one. In order to get to it, there are rows after rows of Legislators, armed defenses in corridors, and probably a mine field or two.

Or: they can just come at it from above. A tricky shuttledrop insertion unloads this particular group of Lost Lighters right outside of the hab block's locked doors.

"How convenient," Knock Out says once they've dropped out of the shuttle and in front of the hab block's doors. He glances back in the direction they skipped over with all its defenses, then glances at the doors in front of them. This is not his specialty. He looks to Breakdown.

When the first test of the doors shows them to be locked, Breakdown makes a noise low in the depths of his frame, and says: "Party time."

Changing to vehicle mode, he reverses, revs his engine a couple of times possibly just because, and then accelerates at the doors with all speed to ram them with the full force of his impact. Someone might have been about to suggest something subtle, but he doesn't really give them the opportunity.

<OOC> Tēz says, "bd, give me a roll of hardiness + endurance for how much damage you take. @roll 5. The lower it is, the less you take."

<OOC> DICEWORD: DICEWORD - Breakdown rolls a D5 and gets 2. <OOC> Tēz says, "you smash super good"

Usually, when someone tells Brainstorm 'hey, we need some brains in this mission, come with', he's more than eager to accept the offer. Its a completely different story when the mission involves breaking in to an enemy facility that's probably swarming with, well, enemies. Of course, the other option was letting someone else take the 'smart guy' slot on the team, and that would not do for his reputation as ship's genius. So he's here. Not fully willingly, but here, staying a good way behind the Decepticons, and very much ready to make contrails should something happen. Someone's gotta bring back the news after all, right?

Thousands and thousands of Legislators roam this facility, or rather, they did at one point. Their numbers have been cut down significantly if the cold, lifeless bodies that litter the hallways are anything to go by. It also seems it was a literal cutting down as they all sport deep lacerations and punctures like some crazy person ran through the hallways swinging a ridiculous amount of swords and murdering everything in their path.

It's mostly true, though Drift wouldn't consider himself a crazy person but he certainly looks like one what with the copious amounts of energon dripping off his frame. With a sword in each hand, he makes his way through the facility with little to no idea as to where he's going.

Those doors were actually very well designed. There are no cut corners here. The security is top of the line, the materials are quality, and -- and never mind.

Breakdown hits, and Breakdown hits /hard/. The doors split, jarred from their track, to fall away from Breakdown in a thunderous clatter. The sound echoes down the halls to find Drift: just ahead, a door opens to show him the Lost Light crew breaking into the habitation block.

A raised walkway spans the distance of the block past the now-broken doors. Beneath the walkway are dozens of small cells lit from within and covered with forcefields. It's easy to see inside, and at a glance, there is no sign of the missing Lost Light crew. It's not quite clear just who that /is/ in there -- although there is one guess that presents itself.

The facility's controls are in the center. There is no obvious sign if smashing them will open the cells, or seal them shut forever.

Distantly, an alarm sounds.

"Nice job, honey," Knock Out tells Breakdown as he swans through the busted doors to the walkway beyond. His gaze lifts at the sound of the alarm. "Hm," he says. "Not my favorite sound." He strides over to the controls to see what's what. Maybe he can race with Brainstorm.

Breakdown reverts to root mode again, hoisting the curving gleam of the shield across his arm that Chromia has taught him to use, and scans ahead of him in a long sweep of his cyclopean gaze, scowl etched deep into his expression. He strides forward, kicking aside a cracked remnant of door to make it clang into the wall beside him and then rattle to stillness. He observes, somewhat pointlessly: "This place is big."

His frown changes in its intent, tilt of his head lifting as his bright eye narrows in a squint. "What the frag?

"Is someone starting a collection here?" Peeking in from behind his teammates, Brainstorm peers at the cells and those contained in them. He doesn't linger in the back for long, however, for as Knock Out begins to head towards the control, the engineer's pride comes to the surface. Oh no, he's the ship's genius around here, and he's not about to let someone beat him to something like this. Rushing to overtake Knock Out, he moves towards the control "Let me take a look at that"

<OOC> Tēz says, "KNOCK OUT. BRAINSTORM. RACE: Brainstorm's int 5 and mech sci 4 vs knock out's int 4 and mech sci 5. @roll 5, even though you have stupid numbers of dice." <OOC> DICEWORD: DICEWORD - Brainstorm rolls a D5 and gets 2. <OOC> DICEWORD: DICEWORD - Knock Out rolls a D5 and gets 2. <OOC> Tēz says, "well" <OOC> Tēz says, "i guess you tie

Somewhere in the labyrinth of cells and corridors, a bot awakens to the carrion cries of death. The screams that end in the silent gasp of a spark extinguishing. Bright blue optics blink to life as if the owner had long since been gone far away from this place, and was only now returning to functionality from the balmy respite of disconnection. A wry smile crosses the owners lips catching up a trickle flourescent energon that leaked from asundered plate over one optic. The monotony of her torturous days was disrupted somehow, hands gripped and loosened again and again as the femme listened to the pounding somewhere still far off. Systems raced, preparing silently to take any opportunity allowed to her in any split glimmer of a nanosecond to change her lot. So she waited. Was that a voice she heard?

"Would you -- I know what I'm doing!!" Knock Out shoves a shoulder at Brainstorm as the SO-CALLED GEIUS tries to shove past him. "You are /not/ the only bot on the ship who knows how to use their brain module!" Now in a /real/ race, he dives for the controls.

The commotion of Breakdown opening a door in the coolest way ever catches Drift's attention and, assuming it's more Legislators coming his way, he brings his swords up and charges towards the noise to presumably do some more righteous killing. He comes to a dead stop when he realizes that those aren't Legislators at all, they're actually people he knows. "What..."

Drift has no idea what to do. He's super excited to see familiar faces but it's not like he can just run up and act like everything is cool, it hasn't been that long since he was exiled (though it already feels like an eternity) for the whole Overlord thing and those wounds are still fresh for everyone.

As Knock Out and Brainstorm race to break through the system's controls, the system fights back. It's not a sentient awareness, but rather extraordinarily good security programming. It might've been the bane of one or the other of them. Together, however, they have the cells open, the forcefields down, and the Circle of Light released.

Naturally, one of the first to emerge is Dai Atlas, who vaults from confinement and onto the walkway where he gets a good look at Drift. Covered in energon. He gives him a once-over and then turns away to help the more fragile members of the Circle out of their cells. Addressing his words to Knock Out, he says, "Thank--" Then he sees the Decepticon insignia. He startles into silence.

Is it worrying that the flood of Legislators following Drift stems, that the tide draws back, and the alarms silence? There's the distant scream of a jet tearing toward them.

Ugh. TIES. TEAMWORK. Knock Out is left much less satisfied than he would have been had he just beaten Breakdown entirely, but his attention is quickly drawn from the controls to Dai Atlas's sudden and dramatic arrival. He smirks. "Sorry, did I Decepti-startle you?"

Breakdown watches Drift with visible consternation for a beat like he doesn't know how to react to this either. Different reactions flicker across his expression. He grips his shield, but it looks like Drift probably isn't about to attack him with those swords. He tips a look aside at Brainstorm and Knock Out, possibly just checking to see if anyone else has a reaction to this that he can, like, copy, but they're busy.

"Uhh -- any of that fluid yours?" he goes, and then: "Scrap," he says, as the forcefields drop and the Circle is released.

He smiles with extra sarcasm. "Thank us later. Sounds like incoming." Breakdown bangs his shield heavily. Possibly the whole reason he let "This is unexpected."

Oh its on! Not about to let Knock Out get ahead, Brainstorm pushes back and picks up his pace "/You're/ a medic" he reminds the Decepticon "/I'm/ an engineer, /and/ the ship's genius!" so focused is he on trying to beat Knock Out that he doesn't notice the new arrival at first, and when he's done, his attention is first drawn to the newly released ex-prisoner adressing them "No problem" he answers , as if he were the only one doing anything "It wasn't -- woah!" finally, he spots his exiled ex-coconspirator "Small universe"

Drift lowers his swords when it becomes apparent that Breakdown is just as confused by all this as he is. If he was expecting some kind of confrontation it certainly never happens. "Uhh.." He takes a quick look at himself, checking for wounds or anything that would suggest some of the energon splattered on him is his. "I don't think so? I didn't really notice how bad it looked until you pointed it out."

His attention turns to the others in Breakdown's company, Knock Out and Brainstorm (what's up fellow Overlord conspirator?) but it's only when he sees Dai Atlas does he smile for what is most likely the first time since he was booted off the Lost Light. "Dai Atlas! I knew you were still alive, I just knew it!" Of course he doesn't mention that there were times where he seriously doubted that Dai Atlas wasn't in a corpse pile on Ignition's ship right before they blew it up. So overjoyed, he doesn't notice the silence of the alarms nor the sounds of an approaching jet.

Burstblitz gets to her feet as that which bound her and her people was diminished. She left the cell to come out into the hall, gripping the frame of the cell as she looked over the new bots. Saviors? Or just new captors. She was not yet certain. Then she saw Dai and Drift and her hard expression softened by a degree. The nightmare of Luna 1 wasn't over yet, they still needed to flee this place, but for the first time in a while, hope glimmered in her spark like a tiny flame that needed to be shielded from the biting wind. "About time, you are all rather late to the party, we have been having a grand time here if you cannot tell." The bot's tone was teasing but the femme's face was devoid of the appropriate companion expression. Burst looked over her shoulder at the noises incoming. "Hope you are ready. I am."

"I -- no." And yet, Dai Atlas seems uneasy as he turns away from Knock Out. He glances to Burstblitz, and then nods toward some of the more fragile members of the Circle. "See that they are removed from any fight. Drift," he calls, his tone one expecting obedience. "We are without our weapons." That does not mean that they are harmless -- but it does mean that they can't stab people. "The Great Swords -- have you seen them?"

Outside, the jet scream cuts, followed by a sudden heavy drop. Star Saber is here. /He/ has a sword. He whips it from his back, standing at the head of a horde of Legislators.

"/Drift/?!" Knock Out startles, his gaze finally whipping back to note the ex-crew member who is now -- here. "Aren't you supposed to be on exile?" And then Star Saber is DROPPING IN to SAY HELLO. "Scrap." He lifts his blaster. Just in case.

No longer occupied by showing off, Brainstorm finally takes notice of the approaching jet, just as it comes in for a landing and turns to a rather unfrendly looking individual "I don't suppose he's a friend of yours, is he?" Brainstorm glances over at the Knights, though the tone ofhis voice carries more a statement than a question as he inches back, looking for somewhere, or someone to take cover behind.

"Rrrr," growls Breakdown, lowering his head slightly as he lifts his shield square in front of him, like he might be about to use it as a prop for a full body charge. "How many of those fragging gold weirdos are there and what's with the big red guy?"

"I haven't seen any Great Swords, but I passed by an armory on my way here," Drift tells Dai Atlas. With fourteen swords at his disposal, he saw no reason to go poke around an armory though he's starting to regret it now. "I remember where it is, we can go back and see if they're in there. I can take care of any Legislators we come across." As evidenced by his current appearance.

He's about to give Knock Out a retort, something about how he IS exiled and this encounter was completely unplanned but Star Saber's arrival takes priority. At first he seems relieved that another member of the Circle of Light is safe, but then he takes in Star Saber's position ahead of the Legislators and, more importantly, the badge affixed to his chest. "YOU." He points a sword at Star Saber, features twisting up in anger. "Really? REALLY!??

"I think Drift doesn't like the big red guy," Breakdown asides to no one in particular.

The large femme curses at Dai's urging, her spark urging her towards the sounds of the jet wishing to put a few new dent's in the crimson chassis of Star Saber. When her optics settle upon the non combatant members of the Circle she hesitates before nodding. "Look alive friends. We will get out of this. Pick up your feet, if not for yourself, for all the poor slaggers who have died here." She began to rush them in the opposite direction of Star Saber. "I will keep you safe. I can manage that much still." She reassured as one of the smaller bots looked up at her with fear in his glowing blues. "No one does." She replied to Breakdown as she passed him, trying to keep her people away.

"Primus rewards the faithful," says Star Saber, caught in a truly vile fit of religious rapture as he locks eyes with Drift. His gaze is incandescent. "Criminal. Heretic! You bring poison wherever you go. Your very name is a curse, a curse I will cleanse from this holy place." Readying his sword, Star Saber lunges for Drift.

The screel of metal shrieks as Dai Atlas lunges forward to place himself between Star Saber and Drift. He knocks Star Saber's sword to the side with his fist. The blade peels metal and paint. "Enough! Star Saber is mine!"

You know. With no weapons. He's gonna just -- yeah, okay, there he goes. Dai Atlas draws back his fist and punches Star Saber right in the face.

One of the other members of the Circle of Light asks, "Which way to the armory?" from just behind Drift. She's not one of the Knights. She's not entitled to use a Great Sword. But the look on her face suggests nothing good for anyone who dares get between her and a weapon.

As Star Saber engages, so do the Legislators behind. The narrowness of the walkway means that they have to edge past Dai Atlas and Star Saber to approach the Lost Lighters and Circle. Beneath, the smelting pool churns.

Knock Out considers the walkway. He considers the smelting pool below. He considers his blaster. "Yeah, I think I'm going with that strategy," he decides, transforming to alt-mode and revving his engines. "I bet I can knock off more than you," he taunts, presumably in the direction of his conjux, but who knows. He's all sorts of competitive today as he screeches into action, accelerating to literally just see how many legislators he can knock off the walkway.

<OOC> Tēz says, "knock out, give me an @roll of 5: skill (5) + racing (3)" <OOC> DICEWORD: DICEWORD - Knock Out rolls a D5 and gets 5. <OOC> Tēz says, "you've still got +3: skill 5 - roll 5 = 0 BUT THEN +3 RACING."

Shifting to vehicle mode even as he puts away the shield again, Breakdown shifts to vehicle mode with a revving roar of his engine as he goes, "I'm gonna plow right through 'em!" and launches himself forward full throttle to put words to action. "Been a few years since my last good old-fashioned demolition derby!" Of course, this leaves Brainstorm without a convenient muscle standing right next to him, but maybe he'll make a new friend to hide behind. Breakdown isn't worrying about it too hard.

<OOC> Tēz says, "give me end (4) + racing (1). @roll 5." <OOC> DICEWORD: DICEWORD - Breakdown rolls a D5 and gets 1. <OOC> Tēz says, "4 - 1 = 3 + 1 = 4"

Drift is not pleased at all by this turn of events. When Axe first told him of a traitor in their fold, one of the first names that came to mind was Star Saber but he didn't want to place blame on someone without any really facts behind it based solely on their reputation. He's always tried to see the good in everyone, Star Saber included, so he gave him the benefit of the doubt and never said anything. Now, not only is he pissed at Star Saber but he's also pissed at himself for being so naive.

He readies his swords for combat but never gets the chance as Dai Atlas steps in and punches Star Saber right in his dumb face. He falls back, turning his attention to the Circle of Light-er who asks about the armory's location. "Over there," he says, pointing past the horde of Legislators. One of the swords he's holding is then handed to her before he charges in, slicing and dicing at any gold drone in his way.

And this is the part where Brainstorm gets out of the way, and away from all the fighting. Maybe he can join in with the rest of the crowd staying out of this. He has a valid reason too! "Hey!" looking around, he settles on Burstblitz, who looks somewhat in charge right now "You haven't seen any of our friends here? Big guy with a sword, red and yellow guy with spoilers, can't miss him, and two smaller ones? Oh, and maybe a space shuttle, and Ultra Magnus?"

Burstblitz looks down the walkway at the the encroaching enemies and down into the smelter, her a lips set in a hard line. Towards the armory it was then. Maybe they could fortify it and use it as a choke- Her attention was brought back to Brainstorm to whom she frowned "Ultra Magnus?" She repeated the only name offered thoughtfully, though her tone was more rolling the tones over her synthesizers then linking it to some memory of the bot it belonged to. "I think I saw some bots of that description. They were not walking freely though.. They were being escorted with some force right past the holding cells. One of them.. Didn't look to be functioning."

The Legislators on the walkway are no match for team-up Conjunx slaughter: the top-heavy golden bodies tumble every which way and into the smelting pit below while the low-slung alt-modes and gripping tires allow Knock Out and Breakdown the ability to clear the walkway while risking only maybe a few scratches and a couple dents.

As Drift carves a path through the other Legislators toward the armory, others of the Circle follow, sometimes helping him with fists, since they don't have other weapons. The armory is not so very far away, and soon enough they have it open. "They're here!" calls one, and soon enough the re-armed Circle of Light is falling in to help peel away the Legislators. One of the other Knights catches up to Burstblitz, offering her a sword: "Here!"

Another presses Dai Atlas's sword into Drift's hand, and says, "Hurry!"

A distant sounds of crashing metal suggests Dai Atlas still holds his own against Star Saber.

Just as the tide begins to turn, a voracious hunger bites core-deep, striking Brainstorm, Breakdown, Drift, and Knock Out as well as a number of the Circle -- particularly the most injured -- with a sudden, sourceless pain.

<OOC> Tēz says, "i will let you roll courage or endurance to take an action." <OOC> DICEWORD: DICEWORD - Knock Out rolls a D5 and gets 2. <OOC> DICEWORD: DICEWORD - Breakdown rolls a D5 and gets 1 <OOC> DICEWORD: DICEWORD - Brainstorm rolls a D5 and gets 4.

Drift feels like putting the weapons so close to where they keep prisoners is kind of a design flaw in the building's layout. If there was a prison break, it wouldn't take long or the prisoners to rearm themselves as evidenced by what's happening right now. Whatever, it works better for them this way. With Dai Atlas' sword in hand, Drift turns to stride over the fallen Legislators to return it to it's rightful owner. That's when the hunger strikes, one he hasn't experienced since he was living on the streets of Dead End. Even then, it wasn't like THIS. He struggles to fight through it and do what needs to be done.

<OOC> DICEWORD: DICEWORD - Drift rolls a D5 and gets 3.

"Ugh, I think you got more than me--" is what Knock Out is starting to say when he's brought up short by a sudden bout of, oh you know, sudden extreme pain. "Aaaah!" He practically stumbles back into root mood, the transformation a jerky trial before he's done. He curls up for a moment, gasping in pain, before slowly unpeeling from the floor to try and make his way over to Breakdown. SAEV U.

It can't ever be easy, can it? Brainstorm continues tailing after Burstblitz's group, since that direction seems marginally safer, compared to the other one "Any idea where they may have been tak --" his words are cut off by a surprised yelp that turns in to a whimper as the engineer doubles over and colapses to his knees, briefcase clutched tightly to his chest, as if that could somehow ease the pain.

Breakdown is already in the process of reverting to root mode and hoisting his shield as the sudden pain lances through from his core. He staggers, knee crashing to the surface of the walkway as he roars out loud in the kind of rage that comes of what the hell was that. He slams his shield arm to the side, cracking against the floor of the walkway as he surges, stumbles, forces his way back to his feet. He grabs Knock Out by the arm, half supporting, half supported, as they hold each other up.

"What is happening--?" is what he asks, because as the medic, clearly Knock Out knows.

accepts the sword as an enraptured expression crosses her visage. Being back in the possession of a great sword has her spark pulsing with reforged connection. She directs her attention back to Brainstorm as she shepards her charges, ready to punch or slice through anyone who dared cross her or come after the weakened members of the circle. She was close to the limit herself, but Burst's willpower overcame her weakness, an expression of concern crossing her visage as the people around her reacted to the hunger. She caught up a bot who was falling back from the invisible blow, supporting them till they regained themselves. "What the slag was that."

It's the Circle's teachings that allow Drift to focus through the pain and draw on his strength of will to push against it. Although each step comes with a cost in pain, he is at Dai Atlas's side to deliver the sword.

He's just in time: Dai Atlas parries Star Saber's stab at his spark, and pushes forward as the Great Sword in his hand ignites with the power of his belief. "I'm sorry you've fallen so far astray, Star Saber, but I won't allow you to harm anyone else!" He lunges.

Star Saber falls back and braces. At the last second, he twists, and the point of his sword slips past Dai Atlas's guard to seek his spark. "Primus hates you," he whispers into Dai Atlas's darkening eyes.

The Legislators are a little slow to close on Knock Out and Breakdown again after that last little display, which is sure lucky for them.

Brainstorm and the others are overcome for no reason that Blitzburst can see: the injuries they carry are those they've carried, nothing new, and as one young bot leans against her, crying, there's nothing that Blitz can see to make it stop. The Legislators near the armory advance, happy to capitalize on this weakness, and forcing Blitzburst to defense.

<OOC> Tēz says, "If you passed your courage / endurance check already, you can continue to act. Brainstorm, you can roll again." <OOC> Tēz says, "PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT YOU ARE IN UNSPEAKABLE PAIN EITHER WAY" <OOC> DICEWORD: DICEWORD - Brainstorm rolls a D5 and gets 3.

"I don't--" The lack of explanation seems almost as painful to Knock Out as the twisting pain itself. He pulls out his blaster with his free hand, his grip shaking, and tries to pull and be pulled by Breakdown towards -- safety. Oh sorry did Dai Atlas just get killed.

Breakdown shields their advance with the blocking angle of his shield. He doesn't try to change form again as the searing pain eating him from the inside him out seems too much to risk it. Each step is a grinding effort, but he slowly walks across the walkway. "And WHO DO I KILL TO STOP IT," he suddenly bellows at full throated volume.

If it were up to Brainstorm, he would simply remian curled up on the ground until the pain either passed, or killed him. Moving hurts. Not moving also hurts, but it hurts a bit less. Yet he has to move, if he doesn't want to get trampled, or worse. He has to get out of here. Slowly, painfully, he staggers to his feet, his precious briefcase still tight against his chest plate. Even with his faceplate, his face is visibly contorted in pain, and simply standing is coming at no small cost to him, but he manages to take a step, shaky as it may be.

Drift successfully delivers Dai Atlas his sword. Surely now Star Saber stands no chance! He has full confidence that Dai Atlas will end this and they can all get the hell out of here with their lives.

Until Star Saber rams his sword straight through Dai Atlas' spark. It's like watching Wing die all over again, another person he came to know and trust, someone who helped him achieve redemption for the wrong he's done in is life, gone. Just like that. He also can't help but draw parallels to Ultra Magnus' death what with the whole 'watching someone die right in front of his eyes with a Great Sword' thing which only adds to his shock and despair. And anger. Ohhh yes, there is much anger welling up inside of Drift right now.

"STAR SABER!" Drift roars as he unseathes his own Great Sword from his back and lunges, fighting through his unbearable hunger to strike the traitor that has brought so much pain to so many people.

<OOC> Tēz says, "hmmmmmmm. ccq (3) + speed (3). @roll 5." <OOC> DICEWORD: DICEWORD - Drift rolls a D5 and gets 5. <OOC> Tēz says, "Sorry (4)" <OOC> Tēz says, "speed of 4 - 5 = -1 BUT +3 = 2 SO YAY"

Burstblitz held the squirming bot who screams and writhes against her. Now however is not the time to comfort her fellow bot as the legislators began to descend upon them. Passing the afflicted bot over to another who still held his bearing she turned with a rushing speed to slam a fist square into the face of one of the golden mechanoids, her sword biting out towards another as she held her position rapt. Her large frame shielding the non combatants as she fought back against their old captures, a wrath writhing like a living thing in her core as remembered every transgression against the circle with every landed blow.

For whatever crazy reason, Star Saber basically figured that Drift was totally out of the picture. Like maybe he can carry a sword, but he wasn't going to be doing anything el-- oh.

Star Saber is late to get his sword up to meet the swing of Drift's blade. As the blades cross, the flare of Drift's sword brightens to something almost blinding.

"No!" Star Saber shouts. "NO!"

Star Saber's sword slips from his hands as Drift disarms him, and as the next pass would strike -- he teleports. He's gone. He's just gone.

It's unfair, but there you are. His sword clatters dark to lie next to Dai Atlas's body.

The pain is unrelenting, but as Brainstorm, Breakdown, and Knock Out are unable to defend themselves, the Knights of the Circle of Light step forward, freed and newly armed, to help make sure that none of the Legislators make it to them. They form ranks to either side of Burstblitz, helping her defend against seemingly endless waves of Legislators.

And then they just stop.

Yet the pain continues, and now comes with a weakness as those afflicted feel the energy of their spark struggle to reach their extremities.

Knock Out stumbles, but with Breakdown next to him, he doesn't fall. The Circle closes ranks around him, and he is left to endure with the other afflicted, until he starts losing feeling in the edges of his feet and the tips of his fingers. That's when he falls. "Something -- it's something in our sparks, it can't--" He looks over to Breakdown, his expression, for once, terrified. "I don't know how--"

Breakdown fumbles for his grip on his shield with fingers that don't seem to work right. It becomes weirdly more important to hold onto for no good reason that he can explain. When Knock Out goes down, he lets out another growl as he staggers half a step forward and then crashes down in a huge clanky smash of metal to the floor. At least they got out of immediate danger of falling into the smelting pit. Small mercies, right. "What -- the -- frag--" he snarls. He squints half-focusedly with his one good eye and goes, "Are they ... falling back?" That would usually mean victory. It doesn't usually mean lying there with his body approaching shutdown.

Brainstorm would probably be greatful for the protection, or happy or even curious about the Legislators stoping, but he's in too much pain to care right now. His legs give out from under him again, and he drops to the floor once more, nearly curling up in to a ball right there. It hurts too much to even talk -- the only sound he makes is a low moan. Make it stop.

Drift would never openly admit that he's longing to see Star Saber's energon dripping off his blade (that would be unbecoming of a Knight such as himself) but he sure as hell thinks it. Unfortunately it never happens as Star Saber teleports away to safety before Drift can make another move. With Dai Atlas dead and Star Saber gone, there is nothing left to properly distract Drift from the pain he and the others are feeling and he's forced to confront it. He plants his Great Sword into the floor and uses it to steady himself but the pain, in addition to the strain weilding the Great Sword puts on his spark, is too much and he falls onto his knees. He thought he was going to die alone in space, but now it seems he's going to die here with everyone else next to Dai Atlas' corpse. Worse or better? Definitely worse.

The femme regains herself as Legislator falls to the ground, her blade jerked from it's gut. "There is no end of these slaggers, she looks over her shoulder at the writhing bots suffering from this unnamed affliction. "We need to get out of here. We are being overrun with half our fighters curled up like sparklings." She wound back punched another Legislator, standing with her fellow knights against this onslaught.

It's an onslaught that's fallen in a sudden, strange stillness. The Legislators simply stand there, their threat ended, although all around they surround them. The time they've carved has been time enough to stop the Legislators -- time enough for the others to die slowly, painfully, instead of through quick violence.

And yet--.

As suddenly as it came on, the pain eases, but it leaves behind trembling weakness, a deep need for fuel.

Which leaves Knock Out groaning and gasping but alive as the pain recedes. "What--" he starts to say, his voice still unsteady. "What the /frag/ was that." He doesn't stand quite yet, but he does turn to Breakdown, reaching to touch him just -- for that. It's those pats and touches to reassure himself that his conjunx is still there and alive with him. "Fuel," he says a touch louder to the group at large. "We need -- scrap. We need energon."

For a while, Brainstorm remains curled up on the ground, hardly able to believe that its over. Then, slowly, carefully, he uncurls himself, flattening out in to a prone position. He lies that way for yet a while longer before finally rolling over on to his back. It is from there that he finally manages to speak, responding to Knock Out "Good question"

Having fallen forward, Breakdown is not ideally situated to get himself upright again. He lies there face down for a beat, and then thrusts himself on the shove of his elbow, forcing his knee beneath him. He casts about for his shield, finds it, and picks it up. Using its lever as a support to hold himself up, he says: "Anybody have the first clue what just happened?"

Burstblitz steps down upon the head of an already dead legislator crushing the metal a little before she casts her gaze back to the people behind her. "Is everyone alright now? I don't hear anyone screaming, you all didn't deactivate right?"

"No. No one's -- deactivated." Knock Out's gaze slides around the group like maybe he should really /confirm/ that before saying it. "But we're in less than ideal shape for action." His hand finds Breakdown's shoulder.

Once the pain has passed, Drift uses the hilt of his Great Sword to pull himself up off his knees before ripping it right out of the floor and holstering it back in it's proper place between his shoulder blades. "Yeah.. I think we're all okay.." He looks down at Dai Atlas. Okay, not all of them.

Since removing his body isn't possible at this moment, Drift decides to at least make him look more presentable. He folds Dai Atlas' arms over his chest and places his Great Sword in his hands, the most he can give the bot who gave him so much.

"Rrrrr," rumbles Breakdown in a long low sound. "You'll see what shape for action I'm in if they show their stupid faces again." He shoves himself the rest of the way to his feet in a clanky, heavy unfolding of limbs and holds out his hand and arm for Knock Out to use as leverage, standing.

Not having anything to pull himself up with, and with no conjux, or really anybody around who he could grab on to, Brainstorm simply remains lying on his back, only shifting his hand until it finds his briefcase, and pulling it close to himself again "I - I don't think so. Just thirsty."

Burstblitz nods once, the action curt as she stowed her sword on her back. "I was hoping to get to fight more. More action and less dirty tricks. Alas, this vacation has been a complete disaster." She joked again with a dry tone and straight expression, bending to held bots to their feet, eventually making her way to Brainstorm and extending a hand to help.

"Well, I don't imagine the fighting's /over/, if that's what you're eager for," Knock Out says, his tone dry as he makes his way unsteadily to his feet and then eyes Burstblitz.

Brainstorm happily accepts the extended hand, pulling himself up by it until he's once again in an upright position "I don't know, I think I've had more than enough action" says the guy who didn't fight at all, to the person who just helped him up, and to whom he's still clinging to, still feeling too weak to trust his own legs for this task "You wouldn't happen to know where they keep the energon here, would you?"

Burstblitz releases her grip on the smaller bot only when she knows he is steady on his feet and will not collapse again. She frowns and casts her optics around their vicinity but sees no obvious 'Energon Here' signs and shakes her head. "Sorry, we were starved of it ourselves during our captivity.. And when they did bring us some... The rumors on the source was rather disquieting."

"Ugh." Upright but still cranky, Breakdown leans slightly to ensure the hook of his arm around Knock Out, like a great weight leveled across his back, and generally, starts at a mosey to draw them both closer to the others. "We'll need to refuel somewhere."

"I'm shocked to hear that prisoners were not kept well-fueled," Knock Out says, that dryness lingering in his tone. "But Drift found the armory, so surely they have energon stores somewhere around."

And eventually they trudge out to go find some energon.

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