2015-10-20 The Gasskip

From Transformers: Lost and Found

The Gasskip
Date 2015/10/20
Location Lost Light - Recreation -- Observation Deck
Participants Brainstorm, Gearstrip, Mercy, Pipes, Rodimus, Skywarp, Soundwave, Tailgate
Plot Remain in Light
Scene GM Tez
Summary That's no moo-... oh, it totally is a moon.

A hexagonal room that mimics the shape of the bridge two decks above, the Observation Deck likewise has two rows of windows that look out into the vast dark of space. Seating arranged casually throughout the room can be retracted into the deck or rearranged into rows for solemn ceremonies. If there's a big event, it's going to be held here.

It's not hard to miss the fact that there's a gigantic glowing /something/ in space beyond the Lost Light's hull. A peek out of most windows will show that. It's big. It's huge. It's nearly planetary. Pursuit of the stolen? hijacked? missing? shuttle (and also of Blast Off) has lead the Lost Light to what Swerve is excitedly referring as GIANT AWESOME SPACE QUEST PORTAL. There's a drink special on GASQPs at Swerve's for the night.

Rodimus gives the crew just enough time to get worked up about it before he throws out the news that there'll be a gathering on the observation deck if anyone wants to be there when they make the jump. There's probably a lot of important science that they should do first to make sure the portal is, you know, safe. That's not happening.

Brainstorm is so here. He would not miss something like this for the world. The moment the words 'giant awesome space quest portal' reached his audios, he dropped everything he was doing and started looking for a window with a good view, and where can you get a better view than the observation deck? Anyone hoping that he might be the voice of scientific reason against going in to it is going to be sorely disapointed. He's very much for finding out how this turns out.

Mercy was there ina heartbeat. It is not the first time that Mercy has been in the observation deck, quite literally plastered to the windows - she has her palms pressed up against the glass, faceplate planted between them as she stares out at the GASQP.

Soundwave is here he should be; at Rodimus' side. It is not his desire to be in such a position with this particular captain but there is a certain amount of satisfaction he has in once more standing in 'his spot'. With Ultra Magnus dead and Drift gone... he is kind of the only one left. What the captain has to say he is here to support, at least visually since he isn't saying much.

Skywarp has heard about the latest goings on and has come to the Observation Deck to see just what the deal is. The moment he walks in he goes toward a window and looks out curious to say the least.

Skywarp has heard about the latest goings on and has come to the Observation Deck to see just what the deal is. The moment he walks in he goes toward a window and looks out curious to say the least.

How could Tailgate miss the GASQP for real? He was also in Swerve's when he made that up. He thumbs-upped it. The minibot slips in with more curiosity than he knows what to do with, but also a clearcut note of trepidation. It softens slightly as he comes up alongside Mercy to look out of the glass, his optics large. "Wow.."

Adventures! Gearstrip isn't plastered to the window or up close to it, but she has turned up in the observation deck to lurk amongst the crew, her gaze sliding over various of those others who are also here. She seems almost as interested to watch the faces of the Cybertronians as she is to watch the giant freaking space portal outside the windows.

"Impressive, right?" Rodimus says with a hint of his usual enthusiastic warmth. The presence of something giant and mysterious and -- let's face it -- probably dangerous has him perking right up. That this is an Obstacle on their Quest to retrieve Magnus just makes it even better. "So we're obviously going through this, but if anyone wants out--" And it's worth pointing out that this a shipwide broadcast. "--now's the time. Speak up. Last chance to ditch before things get interesting."

Soundwave does speak up here, quickly, as he is want to note, "We are currently down a number of shuttles. So actually leaving might be complicated. Still, voicing dissent is encouraged."

"Encouraged?" Rodimus mutters under his breath to Soundwave. "Really, /dissent/ is /encouraged/?" This is absolutely the time to argue word choice.

Skywarp looks at Rodimus then to Soundwave then back out the window. "You want us to say no to this?" he frowns slightly. "Let me guess, no one has any idea what going through that is /really/ going to do do that?"

Tailgate looks over to Rodimus and Soundwave, and while he doesn't want to actually leave, something occurs to him in the moment that leads to cheekiness and a raised hand. "Do we get the Rodpod if we leave?"

"It's so...pretty!" Mercy breaths in Tailgate's direction. She then pauses and reaches over with her foot to nudge at Tailgate. Brat.

Brainstorm, out? Never! He wants to see this! In fact, he's pushing his way forward, past the crowd, to get as good a look at this as he can. It's not every cycle you run in to a giant portal in space!

Rodimus startles, looking down at Tailgate. "What? No. You can take one of the other shuttles or something. Leading Light, maybe." Then he frowns, leaning forward, and asks, "You aren't going, are you?" He sounds vaguely worried by the possibility. What would they be without Tailgate. Coaxingly, he says, "This is it. In or out. And in is gonna be awesome. Whatever it is. Who knows."

"Oh, no, of course I'm staying," Gearstrip says, hooking her arms across her chassis and lifting her chin. "For one thing, if the Lost Light's going in there, who knows where it'll end up? I don't want to get left behind out here like--." Like. Like. Wait. Don't finish the sentence.

Soundwave nods slowly to Rodimus as he does not look but he does point out the window to the giant portal thing in space. "What lies beyond that, we do not know. We are not even aware we can traverse it. What you ask of them is to face the unknown if not guaranteed peril. And for what?" He lowers his arm and instead steps back, sure to give all of the stage possible to Rodimus. This is a moment he needs and Soundwave, as bitter as he might be, could well be the greatest setup guy out there. "This is what we each signed on for when we agreed to be a part of your crew; to chase even a chance at hope. To follow you to that no matter the cost." So Soundwave nods. "Best that they voice it now," says the Decepticon, "So that we know who is not with us." Us because he intends to go with the captain.

Pipes had been holed up in his habsuite, consoling himself with collectibles, when he overheard something about a 'gasskip' - "Have you seen the gasskip?" "The gasskip is awesome!" "You have to check out the gasskip." - so, having gathered that this is something outside the ship, and curiosity finally overcoming gloom, he pulled himself up and out to the observation deck to see what this thing is. He trudges into the room and, his optics struck by the kaleidoscope of light, stops short in wonder. "Wow. That is a really pretty gasskip."

Tailgate angles away from Mercy's nudge with a small huff of a chuckle, and his eyes get large again when Rodimus leans over to ask him that. He holds up his hands placatingly. "No! I'm not leaving you guys. I'm just-- the levity." Teasing. He sounds sheepish. "I'm definitely In."

Tailgate angles away from Mercy's nudge with a small huff of a chuckle, and his eyes get large again when Rodimus leans over to ask him that. He holds up his hands placatingly. "No! I'm not leaving you guys. I'm just-- the levity." Teasing. He sounds sheepish. "I'm definitely In."

Skywarp looks away from the window and back to Soundwave and Rodimus. The look on his face darkens but he says nothing, doesn't even try to think lest his thoughts be 'overheard' and looks back out the window. This portal is beautiful he will give it that. The way it shines and sparkles the Seeker finds himself focusing on it soon instead of what's going on around him. Rodimus's smile returns, brilliant, as he looks down at Tailgate. He steps back, glances over at Soundwave, and then looks down at his fine, excellent crew. Even the Decepticons. Just this one time. "All right! Let's go, guys. Into the unknown. Up against who knows what. Facing all kinds of mystery dangers." Shut up, Rodimus. "Mainframe? Take us in."

Confirmation comes from the bridge, and the Lost Light sets in motion. The portal (the gasskip) looms before them, eating away every last bit of dark until all that they can see is the swirling purple-pink haze all around them.

The sudden dark of space returns as they cross through the portal. "Bam!" Rodimus says, fist-punching the air in triumph.

A giant planetoid that looks an awful lot like the Cybertronian moons looms ahead.

"Mystery danger, and to find Ultra Magnus AND Blast Off, right?" Mercy pipes up as she peels herself off of the glass to turn around and look at the rest of the crew. Brighht, dark...hey, that was easy! She turns and looks over her shoulder, back out to see what is outside.

Her voice a sudden hush, Gearstrip asks: "...where are we?"

"Whoa-ho-ho, that was intense!" Pipes exclaims after they return to normal space. He realized that he missed a chance to duck out of this, but he doesn't mind - this is adventure like he's been hoping for. Now he peers at what's replaced the gasskip outside the ship, and some confusion sets in, on top of the rush. "That looks like ... well, it's not Luna 2, but ... are we back at Cybertron?" He peeks around the edges of the window, looking for his home planet.

Tailgate isn't planning to abandon Rodimus or the Lost Light anytime soon, save for coma or death. As the ship prepares to move through, Tailgate moves back from the observation panels towards the others, just out of caution. He is equally as puzzled as Pipes for a moment, barely conscious of what Cybertron is like-- but the familiarity is here. "Not sure." His answer is for Gearstrip when she poses her wonder.

"Talk about a small world" Whatever Brainstorm expected to find on the other side of a giant space portal, it was not a Cybertronian moon, or anything resembling one. Moving even closer to the window, he joins Pipes in his search for the logical extension of such a presence "I don't think so" this isn't stopping him from continuing to peer out the window, however. The presense of the object itself is interesting in its own

Soundwave did not expect this when they ventured into the portal. Truth is, what he expected was disaster, immediate and painful, if Rodimus' current command style is to serve as any indicator. Yet this... his visor widens. a little. "Luna 1," he intones. "Cybertron's lost moon." And potential storehouse of great things. Weapony things. Things Megatron spoke about so maybe.... He looks over the crowd and does not spot who he was looking for but does see Tailgate. He speaks to the minibot. "You were right. Unfortunately you cannot tell Nova Prime that you were."

Skywarp stares at the planet in front of the portals and frowns. "What the slag?" is all he says. As Rodimus's hand falls to his hip, he's briefly silent. He lets the chatter wash over him.

Luna 1 floats alone, lost no more, without planet to anchor it or star to guide it.

"The Miracle Moon!" Capitals required. Rodimus says it in a tone that splits the difference between awe and glee. "Suck on /that/, Bumblebee." Turning back to the others, Rodimus rocks up on his pointy-pronged toes and calls, "Okay! Who's a total expert in Luna 1 myths because it looks like we just jumped straight to /legend/."

Tailgate's attention heightens when Soundwave speaks the location, and he is returning towards the windows as the Decepticon looks right to him. He stares directly back at Soundwave for longer than most can, reflection in the tempered glass hull of the deck, fearless for the span of it. "Yeah." Finally he looks away, a hand hovering between him and the visual of Luna-1 beyond. Rodimus' words are there, just not present in his thoughts.

If the Cybertronian moon outside the window didn't have Brainstorm's interest already, the words 'Luna 1' certianly do. When he turns to look at what's left of the command staff, his optics are glowing with an excited light "We are going down there, right?" because if they are, he's totally coming allong. He may not be an expert in mythical moons, but as Ship's Genius, he totally has to get down there.

"Luna 1," Mercy breaths as she turns back to plaster against the window. It is NOT every day that a femme gets to see -that-. "I am not but...what an adventure!" she pipes up, eagerly before, a bit more seriously, " think they're down there?" They being Ultra Magnus an Blast Off, one assumes

Pipes jumps up and down with excitement. Yup, feet leaving the deck and everything. "Woo! Yeah!" After all the recent sparkaches, there couldn't have been a better time for this incredible discovery, to his mind. And to be part of it, now part of ... the /legendary/ crew of the Lost Light. He made it. Whatever happens after this, he's proven he can be more than a soldier stuck at home. He hears Brainstorm's question and starts feeling giddy.

Oh. Right. Ultra Magnus and Blast Off. "Stands to reason," Rodimus says to Mercy, but pauses to send a comm up to the bridge so that Hound can get people finding that out. "Of /course/ we're going down there."

Luna 1 hangs peaceful and still, the answer to all questions. Maybe. It's a mystery.

"Wait," Gearstrip says in a voice of quiet uncertainty, to no one in particular, "Cybertron lost a moon? Isn't that kind of big to misplace?"

"It's kind of a long story." Tailgate offers over his shoulder, after his silence and staring out the window. Back to ground, Tailgate. You're around people!

Soundwave serves as expositionbot to the Camien. "Cybertron has had two moons though one was lost, in far ancient times. A conflict among our creators, gods of old, caused it to spiral away from our homeworld and to where... we now know. Many have sought it, such as," he motions to Tailgate over there. "And many others." Like Megatron. "What it holds has been lost to the passages of time and no records or manifest exist that tell of what might be found there. Ultra Magnus was de-... as close to death as to be classified as non-operational. How or why he might of gone to Luna 1 is without explanation or guess. Regardless, Luna 1 is an opportunity we cannot bypass. It is rumored to have been connected to the Knights of Cybertron." Those beings that they are searching for.

The glow in Brainstorm's optics only brightens as he turns back to the no-longer-lost moon, very much satisfied with such an answer. He's quite confident that he'll end up on the shore party. He's the ship's genius after all, and one of the ship's scientists, aka the sort of people you want to bring along to such a place. He's sure to be invited!

Rodimus's gaze narrows to a tight sliver of light as Soundwave steps carefully with his words, but the correction is good enough to pass without a comment. "What do you think we'll find?" he asks broadly.

Mouth forming a small round O, Gearstrip makes no noise of it, hiss of sound escaping in a long exhalation following. She frowns a little, easing between a few of the larger bots to get closer to the window. "History?" she guesses. Is this a quiz?!

Pipes listens to Soundwave's recounting of the tale of Luna 1, it setting the stage nicely for what awaits them. He himself doesn't necessarily go in for the whole "god" angle, but he doesn't want to ruin the mood by bringing it up.

Mercy finally peels herself away fro the window again, and twists around to bob her head at Rodimus. Yes! They /must/ find their crewmates, but adventure on the side can't be a bad thing! "So when do we leave?" she wonders, stepping forward, a bounce in her step.

"A location for the Knights, or perhaps clues to help guide us on the proper path." Soundwave *nearly* sounds happy for that prospect. Answers! (And maybe some sweet weapons of mass mutiny assurance) Seeing Luna 1 is... transformative. Despite the fact that the Lost Light has journeyed in time and to other dimensions so far in its travels, faced beasts and entities of all kinds of shapes, not yet have they been presented with any concrete proof of their own mythology. Until now! There is is! Something that many in their race dispute as even existing because it is so mysterious and lost. Just like the Knights! If Luna 1 is real then the Knights could be too! This is a solid lead, a connection they have not yet had! ... So Soundwave does his best to not look excited about THAT.

"Oh!" Gearstrip amends her earlier answer to copycat Soundwave's: "Clues! Awesome ones! Yes!"

"If our track record says anything, we're going to find hostile locals that want to turn us into slag." Tailgate's response is just a little bit cynical, if only for effect. He's looking back out now, head nodding in quiet. "Clues. Answers, too. And hopefully the others." Where else could they have gone?

"Ergh." Rodimus makes a face when Gearstrip suggests history. That is not awesome. That is boring. He finger-guns at Mercy with an, "ASAP."

"I heard that, Tailgate!" Rodimus calls, as he faces the window with his hands on his hips. "You're all wrong." Rodimus pauses. No, that is not positive. He rephrases: "Well, you're probably right. All of you. Even Tailgate. But I bet we find /adventure/."

Gearstrip laughs, her bright gaze turning to the broad expanse of the window. "Adventure, for sure!" she pipes. I was going to use a different verb, because Pipes, but this still seems accurate.

Pipes listens to the suggestions on what's down there, and while finding Ultra Magnus - and maybe Blast Off, if he's disappeared to there too - are probably the most important goals, "adventure" is what Pipes is personally looking for the most. "Sounds great to me! When do we go?"

Soundwave lays a hand on his chest. Several of his minicons are already in there. he is very literally packed and ready to go this very moment.

A comm from the bridge catches Rodimus's attention. He tilts his head with a vague smile, and then heads for the door. "We go just as soon as I talk to Perceptor about what we might find! Stay tuned! And keep an eye on it for me so we can make sure it doesn't go anywhere," he teases. "Since apparently we've got a bad habit of keeping track of that moon." He glances up at Soundwave, making brief eye-contact. His body language, with the tilt of his hand, suggests an offer to come with, but the dip of his shoulder in an easy shrug adds that it is not an order. Soundwave can stay here.

Tailgate finds it in him to laugh at Rodimus' response to his commentary. Of course he's probably right. "Of course, adventure, how could I forget? Ready when you are. More than ready." His gaze doesn't leave the window, and he isn't sure if it is because he's acting, or if the emotional pull of the legendary moon means just that much. Take your pick.

Soundwave is sorely tempted to remain and soak in the view of a lost piece of Cybertronian history. A REAL piece of it. And enjoy the thoughts of hope and excitement around him, especially after the previous events. He has all of their thoughts in his head all of the time, all of the dread and the worries and... well, this is nice. Yet, he is one to be where he is needed and right now Rodimus is lacking in his command squad. with a last look to Luna 1 he turns to follow Rodimus out.

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