2015-09-29 Save the Day

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Save the Day
Date 2015/09/29
Location Through the Rift
Participants Blast Off, Breakdown, Mercy, Rodimus, Skywarp, Slugfest, Tailgate
Plot Rift
Scene GM Brainstorm
Summary It's time to save the day!

The mountains loom over the wastelands like the spines of some giant beast. The wind howls between them bringing with it dark, heavy clouds, and perhaps, lost friends, or foes, depending who you ask. The mountains loom optics can see to the left of the Cybertronians. To the right stretches the same rocky, baren land through which they have been traveling so far, broken only by the ocasional bluish glow, and the glint of a river. It is to the left that the compass points.

The Lost Lighters are not alone. Every now and then they may catch a glimpse of a four legged figure, watching them from affar before diapearing behind the rocks. The closer they get to the mountains, the more frequently these apperances occur. And then come the walls. Even from affar, it is clear that they are not there by accident, consisting of carefully piled stones blocking whatever's behind them from the elements, and those who roam the tribe's lands without permission. At the entrance there is a thin, dark band, guards ready to give their lives to stop an intruder.

"So what do you think our chances are to sneak around?" Rodimus asks as they observe the stretching mountains and the creatures hiding within. "Skywarp, how's the spread from above?"

Skywarp has been following and circling as they head toward the mountain. << "We have company from time to time -- those patrolling I think to watch us, and the close we get the more they are showing up." >> he reports, << "And you can be sure there is a welcoming commity at the base mountain." >>

Tailgate, having been accosted a few times by local life, has stuck to the middle of the group best he can without making it seem as if he is using the others as various shields. Hey, it's a legitimate concern! He's just got such a punchable face. There are scratches on him, and a particularly awkward set of claw marks on his backside, but otherwise he seems fine. "I feel like if they've done all this work, they probably won't be easy to get around. They're serious about the wall."

"Who here do you think looks sneaky," Breakdown wonders through the puttering growl of an engine, trundling along as he has been in the weighted mass of his vehicle mode with its mounted cannon.

Those winds do bring in a foe- wait, no, friend. At least of the Lost Light crew. The war's over, after all. A brown and purple space shuttle rockets into view, buffeted by winds fierce enough that it's not quite certain whether Blast Off is flying fully under his own power or mostly carried along by the howling gusts. He doesn't look pristine and shiny, either- no, he's seen some battle recently. The dinged spacecraft's scanners pick up Cybertronian lifesigns and head towards them. Finally- something familiar!

His scanners also pick up /Skywarp/, and if a shuttle could bristle he'd be doing it now. He sends the other Decepticon a warm welcome. << Skywarp- this is all YOUR fault! >> He doesn't even know what all this IS, but he's sure the Seeker's to blame. Right? Of course it is.

The Combaticon picks up Rodimus too, and radios the Captain as a matter of military protocol. << Rodimus. This is Blast Off. I have been... away from the ship. Coming to your coordinates now. >>

The compass points slightly to the side of the entrance, but there is no way in that way. Just rock, rock, and more rock, although if one is to look closely, he may find that some of the cliffs poking out from behind are different. Instead of the darb, brown and black stone that makes up the rest of the area these are light, and the tips that can bee seen all seem fairly similar, size aside, and aiming out, towards the wastelands. There is no getting a good look at them right now, however, as the wind buffets the flyers, threatening to shove them towards a rocky death should they get too ambitious.

The natives, meanwhile, watch the Lost Lighters' approach warily, but not without curiosity. Some have climbed attop the ridges of the walls to get a better view, though the gate guard remains unmoving.

<< /Blast Off/. About time -- Whirl? >> Rodimus comms back. He almost -- //almost// -- looks happy to see the Decepticon. For a given value of happy. He pivots, tracking his signature to find him in the sky. The fact that they haven't /yet/ been greeted with gunfire is enough to push Rodimus forward, hands up. "Okay, look friendly. Tailgate, that means you."

Skywarp is getting buffeted by the wind pretty fierce and more then once he'd prefer to just teleport out of the gust but refrains at the last minute. As he levels back out he spots Blast Off and hears his comment. << "Far from it, traitor." >> is all he says. Suddenly something catches his attention. << "There's something odd about some of the 'cliffs' on this mountain. Let me transmit video." >> and he does just that. Soon Rodimus can see what he's seen regarding some of the 'cliffs'.

After their initial run in with the natives, Mercy has made it her job to stay close to Rodimus, and the other 'fighters' in their group - she may not still be holding onto the compass, but that doesn't mean she won't still feel like a target. The medic may be brave, but she doesn't LIKE being attacked! "So, do we get past?" she wonders, of no one in particular.

"Friendly," Breakdown mutters like a dire imprecation. His cannon doesn't make him look friendly. His dour expression is currently hidden because he's being a truck.

<< Whirl and I are both alive. I shall explain more later, but for now- should I join you down there or remain keeping watch up here in the sky? >> His space shuttle pride prevents him from adding- and by the way, it's slagging hard to stay airborne up here, too. Especially if *Skywarp* is still airborne. Speaking of which, the Seeker's reply elecits a grumbling growl from the shuttle's engines. <<< I am NOT a traitor, Seeker, and I suggest you cease referring to me as such. >> At least not a traitor anytime recently.

While tiny little stegos technically can fly, this tiny stego is with the ground pounders, sticking close to Mercy for the time being. "Can saw past them if they don't let us by!" Slugfest says cheerfully to Mercy.

Slugfest revs his chainsaw plates for emphasis!

Tailgate watches the horizon where there appears one Combaticon, lingering as the two fliers observe and catch up to them, respectively. "I remember the last time you told me something like that, we accidentally started a civil war." Tailgate replies to Rodimus as he moves forward. Tailgate shifts back to root mode, if only because he does look more friendly this way. Big baby blues, and all.

For all of Rodimus' good intentions, 'looking friendly' doesn't work too well, since the locals dont have the strongest eyesight, and the sight of something small and bipedal is more likely to invoke the idea of dinner than diplomacy. It seems, however, that Tailgate's in luck for now as no one rushes out to atempt to devour him at the moment. The guards do seem to get tenser as the Cybertronians approach, and the one at the head of the group steps forward, emmiting a low, warning growl. Leave now, strangers.

<< Kind of like the idea of keeping our options open in case they start with the biting and clawing and zapping, >> Rodimus says over the team comm. << Skywarp, Blast Off, you're our eyes. >> Even as he says it, Rodimus is almost /visibly/ rethinking putting their lives into the hands of two Decepticons -- but, hell, there are two more Decepticons down here, so really he's outnumbered. At least there's Mercy. Mercy will protect him.

"Eh, I prefer to think of it as a just revolution," Rodimus teases Tailgate, all careless about it in the way only a 4.2 million year old veteran of a 4.mumble million year war can be. He stills at the warning growl, and calls out, "We need to talk." He puts on his most charming smile. It's a very good smile -- you know, for species with better eyesight.

Breakdown rolls up behind Rodimus and Tailgate in a bumping crackle of tires over the ground. His cannon remains unprimed, unhot, but there's also nothing recognizably humanoid about his current shape, which may not make it friendly. << They don't /feel/ friendly, boss, >> he grumps, probably because he is being forced to acknowledge feelings as a mode of expression.

Lunch can be cute. And unassuming. Tailgate still sticks very close to Breakdown, however. Lunch likes a backup bruiser. He sighs a little at Rodimus' answer, though the sound seems to have a faint tinge of humor to it nonetheless.

<< Understood. >> Blast Off replies. IF SKYWARP can stay up here then SO CAN HE. Even though a shuttle has nowhere near the manuevering ability of a Seeker jet, he's got POWER in those thrusters. Oh yeahhh. Those thrusters roar to life and blast the shuttle back up through the air through sheer force of will. Scanners sweep the ground, looking for any sign of hostility.

Skywarp gets no reply from Rodimus regarding the video he sent him so he leaves it alone. Instead the Seeker continues to circle and fight the winds. << "As far as I'm concerned you are, Blast Off. Had it not been for you wanting to defend Mercy's honor none of this would be going on right now and you know it." >>

Slugfest hopes he doesn't look like dinner! D:

"I can do friendly...should I go be friendly?" Mercy volunteers as they come closer to the natives. Her bravado comes through, even when she knows it might not be the best idea. Luckily, she can't hear the conversation the fly-boys are having overhead.

"Yes! Yes! Go be friendly!" Slugfest says encouragingly to the medic. He follows along behind, but keeps his saw blades ready to whirr in case the natives mistake Mercy for lunchables.

Charming smiles may have worked for a species that had better eyesight, especially if that species didn't consider the mouth to be waepon, and movements of it to be hostile. So its a good thing these guys communicate through emotions. Strong telepaths that could easily make their wishes known to the Cybertronians are rare, but any warrior with an important post, such as guarding the gate, is expected to be able to understand the intentions of any enemy creature.

The captain of the guard is very good at that. Usually. Right now, they're (for there is no appropriate equvelant of their gender to species who only have two, and certianly not to species who do not reproduce biologically) confused. On one hand, these creatures are hostile. They created a hole in the air, killed clanmates and refused to abide by the clan second's wishes. On the other had, most of them their leader included, are not expressing any hostility at the moment. On the third hand, or leg, since this species lacks hands, some of them do seem ready for a fight. What to do, what to do. Well, grwoling always works. Maybe they'll get the message if its louder?

The captain steps forward and offers the strangers another growl but for some reason, it comes out as a roar, and not from them, but from behind the guard pack. It is loud, angry, and caries a message ~~THIS IS YOUR FINAL WARNING, CREATURES, BEFORE THE LEADER SCATTERS YOUR BITS TO THE WIND~~ A familiar form steps out from behind the walls. It is large, battered, and very, very angry for the intrusion, and the humiliating loss from before. Second and her group may not be as fast as the intruders, but they know the land well, and know how to quickly get to the heart of the clan lands from anywhere within their borders

"Nope, we're sticking together. And behind me," Rodimus adds with a glance between Mercy and Tailgate. "Seriously. My armor is better." And he's the tank. (He's delusional.)

<< Just let me know if you spot anything else interesting up there, >> he comms to Blast Off and Skywarp, before taking a beat to steady and answer the loud angry growling monsters. "Talking to your leader sounds like a great idea! Let's do that." He waves at Second, like he thinks they are friends. While he's not violent, he's very much to be counted among those ready for a fight. While he's not looking for one, he's balanced right on the edge of tension, waiting for it. He does a remarkably good job of keeping it out of his body language, however. That's all overwhelming (overweening) confidence.

Breakdown's wariness only increases when Rodimus actually makes the assertion that he should be in front because his armor is better. His "hrrf" noise is not totally dissimilar from the growling that happens on the other side, either.

Tailgate does keep relatively behind Rodimus, but he's still more inclined to angle himself towards Breakdown-- you know, just in case. Harder to miss him.

Blast Off HUFFFFs at Skywarp's comment- or something like that as his engines produce a loud, deep reverberating thrum of displeasure. << I merely sought to remind you to treat the ship's medics with some respect- it's common sense! >> Because liking Mercy had nothing to do with it, right? Right? << As well as thinking twice before surprising people with an armful of- >> He'd go on blustering, but the wind decides to bluster even harder than HE does and the gust almost sends the shuttle groundward. Oh yeah. Flying requires *paying attention*. Especially in difficult conditions. He *huffffs* again and points his nosecone upward, rocketing higher into the atmosphere, then arcing back down to maintain course.

He keeps an optic- er, scanner, on those hostile-looking aliens. Receiving Rodimus' transmission, he replies, << Understood. Let me know if you require assistance down there. Those aliens appear hostile from up here. >> Just give him the word, he'll be happy to start shooting. GIVE HIM THE WORD, RODIMUS.

Skywarpfights to stay level for a few moments as he listens to the Combaticon grumble on. << "Thought to remind me? Really? Look where we are now beacuse fo that, eh?" >> he huffs and circles around some more keeping sensors on the aliens below.

"Hi! We don't want to fight, but we have to fix this. Please!" Mercy shifts her position so she's behind Rodimus, but she peeps out to deliver the previous message. She pitches her voice to sound friendly, trying to convey the emotion that way sine she can't manage to dos o telepathically or empathically or any other 'cally.

While body language may have had some effect on someone else, it does not fool Second. She is not the second in command of the clan for nothing. Here, only strongest telepaths can lay claim to positions of leadership -- they would not be followed otherwise. The telepathy works in both directions. Not only can she speak her thoughts, she can hear the thoughts of others, even of the Cybertronians, albeit with some difficulty as their minds are alien, unreceptive, untransmiting. But anger makes it hard to hear, so she hears only what she wishes to. Right now, she wishes to hear the intruders' rediness to fight. ~~SHE WILL NOT WASTE TIME SPEAKING TO CREATURE LIKE YOU~~ she steps forward, and the guards begin moving after her, spreading out in an attempt to encircle the Cybertronians ~~I SHOULD KILL YOU FOR YOUR IMPUDENCE MYSELF!~~

The walls block the views of those on the ground, but from up above, Skywarp and Blast Off will see movement in the settlement behind them. The locals still within it begin to move to the sides, leaving a clear path to the entrance. At the far wall, made of the nearest mountain itself, something moves

<< WHAT. Are you implying this is somehow MY fault?!? >> I mean really now, how dare that Skywarp imply that. Blast off is convinced this is about everyone elses' fault but OBVIOUSLY not HIS. The nerve of that Seeker. << You and I are going to have a long talk when we get out of here... >> Long talk that may or may not involve a lot of shooting, he hasn't decided yet.

The Combaticon is still doing his job despite all this bluster, though. He takes pride in a job well done, after all, and when he notices the locals shifting to the sides and something starting to make an entrance, he radios Rodimus. << Rodimus. Something is happening back behind those walls. The locals are moving off- they look as if they're clearing a path to the entrance- and something... something larger- is stirring near the mountain itself. Should I shoot yet? >> C'mon, let him shoot. SHOOOOT.

Slugfest stamps a foot and whirrs his chainsaw plates, putting up a display that he hopes can get the natives to back off.

"No!" Rodimus says with a stamp of his foot, but it's not to Second, it's to Blast Off: << Hold fire! I know it's hard for you guys, but just -- see if you can get a better look or something. No shoot-ie. Go see-ie. >>

To Second, he says, "I haven't even begun to get impudent. Would you like me to? We could start with how stupid you're being! Your whole planet, plane, reality -- I don't know, Brainstorm wasn't very clear about that." Or he wasn't listening. "Everything! It's all going to blow up or something if you don't start cooperating! So send down your Leader!" He holds his position, of course. Far be it from him to sensibly get some distance.

"This isn't helpign..." Mercy suddenly dashes out in front of Rodimus, between him and Second, and she holds herh ands up towards Second, palms out trying to push her own less aggressive feelings to the fore. "We want to HELP. Let us talk to First, please." the medic entreats.

"Is that what being friendly sounds like," Breakdown sottos to Tailgate since he's closest.

When Mercy dashes past him, Rodimus -- somewhat uncharacteristically, reaches to snatch her by the collar so that he can pull her off her feet and drop her back behind him. "/Mercy/." His instinct is wildly, sharply protective, touched with a little panic at the idea of one of them getting hurt. It's just a little bit of a thing for him right now.

Skywarp huffs, << "Fine we will talk when this is all over, Blast Off." >> With that the jet pulls up and banks around to get a better vantage point on what's going on with the aliens.

Tailgate stays where he is for the time being, and between Rodimus and Mercy's intrusion on trying to get a message across, it doesn't help Tailgate's apprehension here. He looks to Breakdown at his comment, lifting a hand to the back of his neck when Rod catches Mercy and tugs her back again. Phew. To Breakdown, "He's just-- passionate." Yeah!

Now that does it. With a rallying roar, Second lunges at Rodimus, and she does not care if Mercy is in her way. She intends to make sure they all fall. The guards, having locked their ring around the intruders follow her lead, going for whichever enemy's nearest. There are more of them than there are Cybertronians, and all of them are very much ready to fight to the death. For their honor, for their clan, for their leader.

Blast Off is not wrong. Something larger comes steps out of the cave. Much larger. If they thought Second was big, this one is huge. It is in no hurry as it makes its way to the gate, nor does it look up at Blast Off and Skywarp, though it is well aware of their presense, dignifying them with only a swish of its long tail. There is an aura of confidence and control around it, and of calm.

"NOOOOO!" Slugfest shouts, as the Second charges. He whirrs his chainsaw plates and takes off after the attacker, hoping to do enough damage to make the thing change its mind!

Blast Off sighs- or again, whatever the equivalent is in shuttle-ese. A great, shuddering vent of air expels out of the spacecraft as Rodimus again stays his hand- er, blasters. << .... Very well. >> He sounds a little bit put-upon. << I will go... *look* then. >> He mumbles to himself "Don't blame me if you all get eaten then"... The shuttle tenses a little as he sees Mercy dart out in front, and he's just about to warm up his weapons anyway JUST IN CASE... but Rodimus is on it. Fine then. Soon he joins Skywarp in checking out what's going on down by the mountain. << Just make sure you keep alert, Skywarp- and stay out of my way. >> And then- that THING comes out. << Rodimus, something is at the base of that mountain and it's much larger than the rest of those revolting, organic aliens. >> The Combaticon might be a little prejudiced about oragnics. Maybe. << It looks rather... confident. Unhurried. That could change any time, of course. >>

"Aw, frag." Breakdown's cannon, leveled past Rodimus's head, goes off in a rocking blast as Second charges towards him. He's not going to be quick enough to, say, maneuver around and get in the way of anything, but he's so not here for other people tanking on his watch without him doing some gunfire. COURT-MARTIAL HIM FOR IT AUTOBOT. Assuming your audio receptors still work.

The Decepticon way wins out once again. TERRIBLE. Rodimus will complain about it later. Now, however, as Second and the others come in hard, he fights back with every scrap of ferocity in his flame-painted frame. "Clear your way back," he orders. "Breakdown, Slugfest, open a line of retreat." The local geography is not on their side, surrounded as they are. His orders assume there /is/ a line. The panic that rises in his spark shows nowhere in his frame or voice. His voice gets a little louder, sure, but then again -- it's a fight. He's gotta be loud. << Maybe that's their boss! Ask it to knock this off! We're here to help! AND DON'T SHOOT IT.>>

"NO!" Mercy yelps as she's grabbed and pulled back, and then Second is lunging. "Fighting won't help! Don't fight!" She knows they have to, really, at least to defend themselves, but they can't fight ALL of the creatures on this planet. And then Rodimus s calling for retreat - that's about as much as the little medic can expect, and so she prepares to do that - but not untl she's sure they are ALL retreating.

Tailgate's been doing a lot of alt mode time, and now is no different. He goes from the Lunch look back to four wheels, backpedaling so that he's nowhere near Breakdown's giant treads, and wheeling juuust out of reach when the ring of creatures moves in on them.

The guards aren't about to let them go that easily, and Second, humiliated by the last encounter, is more ferocious than ever. She will kill these intruders, to redeem herself, to protect her clan, to restore her honor in the eyes if her leader

~~STOP~~ The order is direct and unielding, but not hostile. It is a single concept, but it is enough for the guards to withdraw from their targets, and even Second pulls back, glancing back towards the entrance, and the massive creature that steps through it. She begins to try and speak, but another order, a demand for respect silences her. ~~I AM THE LEADER OF THOSE WHO SING WITH THE MOUNTAINS, SHE WHO HAS SHOWN MERCY TO HER ENEMIES AND HAS SWORN TO PROTECT THEM~~ good thing they don't have buisness cards here ~~YOU HAVE INTRUDED UPPON MY LANDS, KILLED MY FAMILY, AND YET YOU COME TO MY HOME AND CLAIM THAT YOU DO NOT WISH TO FIGHT~~ her speech is clear, even though she uses no words, even more so as she steps past her fighters and lowers her head towards the Cybertronians, the tendrils on her body pointing at them ~~EXPLAIN YOURSELVES~~

Breakdown reverses in a growl and whine of engine and rumbling scrape of tires as he wheels around to try and find an opening -- or if one doesn't already exist, a place to bodily force his way through and make one. He starts heating his guns for more fire, but pauses when the order comes from the leader. After a few beats, he reverts to root mode so that he can frown over his pauldron.

Blast Off sees all these threat displays going on below and opens up his radio once again. << Rodimus, they are *hostile*. Surely even you can see that now is the time to /fight/. Try to make nice for TOO long with hostiles and you'll get yourself- or others- killed. >> Which- may or may not be the way to address your captain but Blast Off is kind of arrogant towards authority that way sometimes. Ok, most of the time. If Blast Off could hear Mercy right now he'd be making plans to introduce her to the harsh reality of life later but fortunately for them both, he can't. And now- oh great, here comes the big one to murder them all. Welp, if it does, the Autobots back on the ship better not blame HIM, but they probably will. Because.. you know. Decepticons. He hears the alien *speak* somehow, which brings him pause, but he's more suspicious than anything else. He didn't live as long as he has, fighting with the other Combaticons, by being niave.

Rodimus blinks as everything just -- stops. When the others back off, he snaps a quick order: "Hold fire," before any of their Decepticon buddies can get smart.

then the Leader speaks. Or ~~speaks~~, as the case may be. Rodimus remains wary, on edge, but that doesn't keep him from being flippant: "Wow. I think that job title might be longer than Ultra Magnus's." He stops to count on his fingers. Yep. Looking up again, Rodimus blows out a hot breath of frustration and throws his hands up in the air. "It was an accident! Don't you people have accidents, here? Look, you've got like -- storms, or volcanoes or something, right? This looks like 'natural disaster' kind of territory. Well, we've got Brainstorm. He's kind of a disaster. It's right in his name, even. But the thing is, if you don't let us find and stop whatever it is that is fueling that portal we all came out of it, it will just get bigger and bigger and rip /everything/ apart. No matter how far away."

Tailgate isn't going to fall for the talking thing again-- at least not so quickly when it comes to being ready to run for it. So he remains defensively on all four wheels, parking himself where he can look at the oncoming giant and still have the rest in his peripheral vision. That thing is huge, and it speaks a lot like royalty. Maybe it is, technically. It is impressive, to say the least.

The sawing stego helps clear a path for a retreat, like Roddy asked. His noisy back plates hopefully loud enough to discourage those that were circling them from engaging him.

And then things stop. And...hey, someone else is speaking sense! Now if only Rodimus can kee pfrom ruinin..oh no. "Rodimus..." Mercy pokes at her Captain's back lightly in what she hopes is encouragement to be diplomatic. Where's Ultra Magnus when you need him? Yeesh! "We want to help!" she adds a she once again peeks half out from behind Rodimus. "It was an -accident- and now we want to fix it. Please let us fix it!"

Leader regards Rodimus with some scepticism ~~YOU ASK ME TO BELIEVE YOU, AND YET YOUR MIND KEEPS SHADOWS~~ the idea of shadows carries another conotation, one of lies and secrets. Leader does not like lies and secrets -- none of them do. In a society where emotions and ideas are the main means of communication, and where all must work for the good of the clan if they are to survive, such things are seen as vile, determental. Espacially so for someone who leads. Sweeping her head over the Cybertronians, Leader grunts, displeased ~~SO MANY SHADOWS, SO MUCH MISTRUST. I SEE FEW AMONG YOU WHO DO NOT LIVE ON LIES, AND ONLY ONE WHO ALSO WISHES WELL FOR THE WHOLE CLAN~ her head stops on Mercy ~~TELL ME, HEALER, WHY SHOULD I BELIEVE WHAT YOUR LEADER SAYS?~~

Evan as leader speaks, something behind her moves, two somethings, small, but very much like the natives who watch this confrontation. They dart around Second and Leader, and duck between the legs of one of the warriors. One of them scampers up first to Slugfest, then to Tailgate, peering at them curiously. The other makes a beeline straight for Breakdown, raising on its hind legs to get a better look at him.

Rodimus looks stung, then panicked, then defensive. "It's complicated!" he snaps. When Leader turns her attention to Mercy, he simmers in irritation, but makes no move to butt in again. He has full faith in Mercy's charm.

Blast Off grumbles and waits for Rodimus to respond and come to his senses and tell him YES, SHOOT. ...Ha. Ok, maybe not. For now he keeps circling overhead, ready should he (finally) be called to fight.

"I don't lie about nothin'," Breakdown complains as he stands there looking solid and stiff. He is in a slightly weird posture, fists lifted but feet planted wide, his whole body held as still as possible as he kind of waits to get stared and/or poked at. What is happening. Why are there small things.

Slugfest stops saws whirring at the little things that come running up to him. He peers at them curiously, head cocked to one side. His tail swishes uncertainly.

Tilting her head backwards, waaaaaaay back, to peer up at Leader. "We aren't perfect," she admits, digging the front of her foot into the ground as she considers her words. "None of us, not me, not anyone. But...we -do- want to do good. I understand that your people are open, and share everything but sometimes, with my people, we have to hide things to keep from hurting another person. We don't do it because we want to disrespect you. And...and we do make mistakes, but we learn. Our peoples fought for many, many, many years, and now we work together. We are still learning how to do that, about each others. Maybe in time, we can be like you. I hope we can." Mercy admits as she rises up onto her toes and clasps her hands in front of her, smiling tentatively. "And Rodimus, our leader, cares about us all, Autobots and Decepticons both. AND he does care about fixing our mistakes, and he means what he says, that we want to help you." She pauses for a moment before stepping a single step forward. "Will you please let us help you?"

It's only a good thing that Tailgate's face isn't showing when the First talks of lies. Where Rodimus' lies are ones that make him panicked and defensive, Tailgate's own aura bleeds sadness, and guilt. It's not his fault. It's not. He blinks his headlights, subtle and tentative, at the little one that approaches him and Slugfest. Hello.

Slugfest tries curiously nosing at the little ones! Cuz it's kinda hard to shake hands when...well he doesn't have them, do the little guys?

Leader watches Mercy for a long time, then she sweeps her head across all Cybertronians present, even those up in the sky, pausing on each one, before finally stopping on Rodimus again ~~YOUR PEOPLE ARE STRANGE~~ alien to her even though she is not allowing that to disturb her confidence ~~YOUR MINDS HOLD DARKNESS, AND YOU FEAR IT, BUT YOU ACCEPT IT AS ONE ACCEPTS THE DARKNESS OF THE NIGHT~~ she doesn't understand it, but she chooses to accept it. She has accepted difference before. ~~I BELIEVE I KNOW WHAT YOU SEEK~~ those words conjure the image of a stone, plain and dull one moment, but brightly glowing the next, causing pain, and discomfort. Her head swings in the direction of the settlement, breefly tilting at Second as she tries to protest ~~TAKE IT~~

As Slugfest noses one of the little ones, it jumps back, but then steps forward again, knocking its headplate against his head. It's not hard, almost playful even, The other one, meanwhile, drops down on all fours again and trots up even closer to Breakdown, peering up at him, tail swinging from side to side, crackling with sparks.

Rodimus drops his hands to Mercy's shoulder. He doesn't say anything. He just squeezes and flashes her a grateful look. He comms up, "Blast Off, Skywarp, drop in and pick up Brainstorm's toy so we can get out of here. Quick in, quick out." It's pretty obvious why he sends the fliers rather than the grounders: whatever tentative peace they've achieved, he's transparently suspicious that it will hold.

When Blast Off spots Mercy moving forward he changes position, flying low enough that he can kind of pick up what Mercy's saying- and be ready to start attacking should she get in trouble. And surely she will be, any moment! This is foolishness. More Autofool sentimental dreck that will probably get her killed. The Combaticon's aura conveys an underlying suspicious, confident, somewhat aggressive personality right now- though he's not unreasonable and he will do as Rodimus commands. Most likely. He's largely detached from the group below, too- emotionally as well as physically- except to Mercy, who he's watching very closely.

As the creature "addresses" them, Blast Off frowns inwardly. This seems wrong somehow. Surely they will not let them leave without a fight? Then Rodimus gives that command. It's not what Blast off really wanted to hear, but it will do, he supposes. << ....Understood. >> The Combaticon shuttle flies down to land near the object in question as Skywarp loads it up. He's not particularly happy about being stuck on the ground now, like a sitting duck without any good weapons... but he intends to talk to Rodimus about that soon, anyway.

Mercy twists her head up and around to grin up at Rodimus before she shifts her attention once again to the Leader. "Thank you. Sincerely thank you." She is as transparant as a 'bot can be. Thank goodness shes past her black depression she'd gone through! "For trusting us. And...and not hurting any of my friends." She steps forward again, if she can shrug out from under Rodimus' grip and extends her hand towards Leader, though her words ae slightly at odds with her unspoken request to shake hands. "Can I hug you?"

"So I'm just guessing but I'm pretty sure it's gonna ruin somethin' or some scrap if I step on any of these weird things," Breakdown intones warily, shifting a little to the side in the dragging weight of one boot, carefully not lifting his feet.

They're really cute, the small ones. Tailgate stands by with Slugfest, but he's also quite aware of the other one trying to inspect Breakdown and offers a quiet response. "Yeah. Definitely. It's only curious. It's like-- a fledgling spark. It doesn't know any better yet." Cybertron has so few parallels to 'babies', but-- there you are. Be nice! It is just a Little.

Slugfest's tail begins slowly wagging as the youngster becomes playful! He yays and begins cavorting with the little one, being careful not to hurt it. After all, the whole point was to be friendly, right? Slugfest can totally do that.

What Blast Off and Skywarp will see as they land, and step through the short cave in the mountain wall is a massive crater, its walls made of ligth, crystaline structures, in stark contrast to the darb rock beyond them. At the center of it lies the rock 'mentioned' by Leader. It glows, but causes the Cybertronians no discomfort. The natives, however, will pull away from it, shaking their heads as if to get rid of something very unpleasant.

Leader watches as the flyers take off before turning back to those before her, her gaze lingering on Rodimus for only a few moments before giving the little ones a brief order, then turning to Mercy ~~YOU WISH THE SAFTEY OF ALL YOU CHOOSE TO CALL YOUR CLAN, EVEN THOSE WHO WERE ORIGINALLY NOT~~ there is both praise in that -- to Mercy, and criticism -- towards Rodimus, and others. She lowers her head. Her people have no concept of handshakes or hugs, but she does understand the gist of the gesture, and offers her own, gently tapping Mercy's hand with her headplate. From her, it is a sign of peace, and respect.

The little one by Slugfest returns the gesture, swishing its tail in return, sparks crackling. Its companion keeps on stairing up at Breakdown, and would probably have kept doing so had Leader not called the two of them back. One does not disobey the clan leader, but one can fit in a friendly headbump to this stranger who also likes fighting. Or atleast to his leg.

Unfortunately it must be admitted that Rodimus seethes a little. He doesn't like being upstaged, and he likes being scolded by big jerk monsters even less. << You got it? >> he comms to Blast Off. << If so, let's get out of here. I want to get clear before they change their minds. >> He's totally sulking.

Mercy meets the bump of the headplate to her hand with another step forward and a quick, but firm, hug that involves wrapping her arms around the head before she steps back. Bright opticed and with a huge grin on her face, she nods. "I do." she agrees, simply. Even the ones she doesn't like, and those are few and far between. She bobs her head once, before stepping back and reaching her hand behind the small of Rodimus' back. "Go say something nice." she whispers.

Blast Off does notice those crystaline structures and his mind immediately goes towards what resources might lie there, what energy or other materials they could benefit from- but the Autobots will probably be all NO, WE CAN'T STEAL blah blah blah. ~ *Siigh*. He does radio the discovery to Rodimus *just in case*, though, describing the place in detail. He is eager to get back in the air, however- he's much more comfortable there than being a sitting duck surrounded by potential enemies. He replies to the Captain, << Yes, it is loaded in my cargo bay. Agreed. >> (Gasp, finally an agreement.) << ...Unless you wish to pursue those crystals. >>

Slugfest okays as the little ones are called back, nosing in return before they scoot back over to their leader.

Breakdown seems kind of baffled by the whole thing. He's unaccustomed to being liked by small cute things, maybe. With the possible exception of Tailgate, who is at least the right general shape. "Thanks?" he says, and then, "This is weird," which at least goes to show there's very little discord between what's going on in his head and what comes out of his mouth.

Leader takes Mercy's hug in stride, even as behind her Second emits a low, unhappy snort. Lifting her head, she looks over the Cybertronians one more time ~~IF THIS IS HOW YOUR PEOPLE LIVE, I DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW YOU MANAGE TO BE A SINGLE CLAN, WITH SO MUCH DARKNESS. IF EVERYONE DIGS AT DIFFERENT WALLS, NO PROGRESS IS MADE, AND THE CAVE MAY COLAPSE ON ALL~~ she turns to Rodimus again ~~WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT TO YOU, YOUR PRIDE, OR YOUR CLAN?~~ the question is judging, and there is some conempt in her 'vocie', as if she does not consider him to be too fit as a leader. She doesn't wait for an answer though, stepping around the group, and towards Tailgate ~~DON'T BE AFRAID TO MAKE YOUR OWN NAME. IT IS WHO YOU ARE~~ the idea of 'name' carries the idea not of a personal appelation, she has no concept of that, but of a title, built from something one has done, or accomplished. Something that defines them. With that, she turns, and heads back towards the settlement, the little ones at her heels and Second sulking close behind, though not before giving the Lost Lighters a parting snarl.

Rodimus hesitates, but his << No, >> in answer to Blast Off is firm enough to suggest temptation never tugged at his spark. Besides, they are outnumbered. At Mercy's touch, he stirs, clearly and visibly grouchy. He crosses his arms and then unfolds them, because he's totally! not!! defensive!!!, and shouts, "Yeah! You're welcome, by the way, for saving your dumb planet!"

Oh yeah. Diplomat material, right here.

Rodimus glares at Second. "That's what being an /Autobot/ is. We don't just help /our/ clan. We help /everyone/." Uh huh. Yep. Time to go, right? Before he turns this back into an incident? Yeah. Time to go.

Mercy rolls her optics at Rodimus as she mutters, "Not so helpful," She makes sure to pitch her voice so it doesn't carry to the rest of her 'clan', not wanting another lecture. "Thank you Leader...and Second, for protecting your clan. We leave you in peace, and take the trouble with us." She reaches to try and tug at Rodimus' arms in an effort to add physical retreat to verbal.

Does that make Rodimus the trouble Mercy is taking with her? Because that's pretty fair. He turns to leave with a, "Ha! I sure told them."

It sure does.

Blast Off grumbles just a bit- JUST to satisfy the rebel that lurks in the center of his spark- but he's not stupid, nor is he completely disrespectful of military chain of command protocol. << ...Understood. >> Though he might sound a little bit... disappointed. He blasts off, though, using the power of his thrusters to gain hold of the sky once more.

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