2015-09-24 The Lady's Champions

From Transformers: Lost and Found

The Lady's Champions
Date 2015/09/23
Location Lost Light
Participants Blast Off, Brainstorm, Skywarp, Whirl
Plot Rift
Summary Whirl and Blast Off make good on their promise to beat up Skywarp

When Brainstorm sets out to prove someone wrong, he makes sure to do it thouroughly, especially when that someone was wrong about his intelligence and the level of his abilities. Of course, considering that the someone happens to be the mischief maker Skywarp, he's not going to test something like that on his own -- too dangerous. Instead, he intends to delegate that task to someone who won't care if they annoy the Seeker, someone who already has a reason to hit him anyways. Well, two someones, in a rather unusual partnership. Now if only he could find them.

Blast Off is currently making his way down a corridor, having just gotten off a shift at work. The Combaticon is a bit tired and a long drink of wine sounds really good about now. Except wait, he's supposed to do more fight practice with Whirl. Or maybe today was the day they were supposed to go find Skywarp and extract their revenge. One or the other- whatever the case, revenge will soon be at hand. Which is twofold for the shuttleformer now- revenge for Mercy, and revenge for Skywarp causing him to fall into that big oil reservoir. Oh yes, this cannot stand.

"Hey! HEY! NERD!" The voice calling after Blast Off is instantly recognizable as Whirl's and he's currently sprinting after the shuttleformer, taking up a more relaxed pace once he catches up. "I was waiting outside your room forever, nerd! I was knocking and knocking and no one was answering, then I come to find out you're not even there!" He gives Blast Off a rough shove with his elbow. "You gotta tell me these things, I looked like an idiot. Anyway, you wanna do some more fight practice? I have some sweet grappling moves I want to test out on you."

Skywarp has done his duty shift (whatever that may be, we are talking Skywarp here) and is rushing back to his quarters so he can watch the rock tumbler he's borrowed from Pipe's polish that huge chunk of diamond he got on Earth a few years back.

He turns down a hall and hears Whirl's stupid voice and sees him with Blast Off up ahead. Well, well, the Seeker smirks. Should he? He thinks back on the night in the oil reservoir and Blast Off taking a noser into it and it's all he can do to keep from laughing. Suddenly the black Seeker disappears and the next instant is right in front of the two mech. "Don't you think you two should get a room?"

Ah! There! Hearing a familiar voice, Brainstorm picks up his pace, turning a corner to see just the two bots he was looking for, and they're together too! That means less time wasted on searching for each of them. "Whirl! Blast Off! Hang on!" approaching the duo, the engineer raises his hand, partially in greeting, and partially to show what's in it -- two smallish, circular objects. Under one arm, he's also carrying something a bit larger larger, no, not his briefaces -- that's in his hand -- but something the same colour as the smaller circles "I need you two to -- waoh" the sudden apperance of the Seeker makes him stop in his tracks, but he recovers quickly "I need you two to test something for me" he tilts his head towards the troublemaker.

Blast Off is trying to ignore that voice, and by keeping a brisk pace he's able to pretend he doesn't hear the other mech... but it only works for a little while. Whirl's got those long, springy chicken legs and is suprisingly fast on them. Eventually, the shuttleformer is forced to acknowledge Whirl's presence. "I am not a nerd. I am a Comba- ....bah." He waves a hand. "Whatever. I'm getting some wine first, and then maybe- OOF!" Suddenly shoved, he stumbles forward a few steps, then stops and turns to glare up at the cyclops, optics flashing. His fists twitch like he's considering some "fight practice" right here and now, but then he straightens with a more aloof, haughty sort of sigh and fires back with: "Fine. I'll be /sure/ to hand you a precise schedule listing my every move and expected work task for the next thirty solar cycles. Complete with expected recharge and refueling times and a precise list of what wine I will drink for each one."

The grappling moves comment gets a cautious look from the Combaticon, but before he can reply ...suddenly Brainstorm arrives. He pauses to look at the engineer, blinking as he shows off some strange circular objects. "Right now? But..."

And then suddenly- Skywarp, this time! Blast Off flinches and takes a step back as the Seeker appears before them. "Skywarp! Cease that tomfoolery at once!" His fists twitch yet again at Skywarp's comment. "I beg your *pardon*?!?" He glares at the purple and black mech, optics narrowing. He pauses once again, turning to look at Brainstorm, then glancing to Whirl before turning once more to the Seeker. "Yes. Then again, Whirl.... maybe it's time to try the real thing..." He glances back to Brainstorm as if asking... now what? His hand opens, ready to get to work... with whatever those are.

Whirl gives Blast Off a long stare as talks about giving him his entire schedule for study. Surely it was meant to mock him, but Whirl doesn't seem to care. "Really? That would actually be really helpful, takes out a lot of guess work." Not that Whirl is trying to track Blast Off's schedule on his own or anything, that would be weird and stalker-y wouldn't it?

He looks up when he hears his name, spotting Brainstorm and acknowledging him with a snap of his claws. Before he can figure out what Brainstorm wants from them, Skywarp appears right in front of them and rudely suggests they get a room. "Don't you think you should drown yourself in the oil reservoir? I hear it's a pretty happening place lately." He turns his attention back to Brainstorm. "Ohhh, you want us to test something? Does it blow up? Does it set things on fire? What's it do??"

Skywarp hears Brainstorm and glances at him then looks back at Blast Off. He laughs, "My aren't we all out of sorts -- did I hit on the truth perhaps -- wait what 'real thing'? Mechs, please, I don't want to see this." Then Whirl speaks and he snorts, "I could drown you, sure, let's go, Autobot."

"Not this time" approaching the duo + Skywarp, Brainstorm shakes his head "but it does help you do it to enemies who keep teleporting from place to place" giving Skywarp a smug 'just-you-watch-how-smart-I-am' look, he drops one of the cirlces in Blast Off's outstretched hand, and offers the other one to Whirl "These'll tell you when he's gonna jump. I don't have enough data to predict where he'll end up, which is why I need one of you to hang on to this" he holds up the bigger gadget. It's a bit shorter than an average bot's forearm, and is equiped with clamps to attach itself just to such a forearm "Or just keep it nearby, just as long as it can gather data."

Blast Off glances back at Whirl as he seems to take the Combaticon's sarcasm seriously... but then again with Whirl it can be hard to tell. He gets a flat and vaguely suspicious look, either way. Then Skywarp keeps making little pointed jabs, puncturing Blast Off's huge ego balloon- and THAT cannot stand either. And especially not with those.. those... just *what* is the Seeker suggesting about him and the cyclops? "That flippancy will come back to bite you someday, Skywarp...." Maybe now, in fact. The Combaticon is definitely not above seeking revenge... though somewhere in the back of his mind there's that concern about being an "Autobot lover" and working with Autobots against one of his own.... but Skywarp needs to be taught a lesson, right? Especially making comments like that about him and Whirl- because there's NO WAY that's got any basis in reality, right? Right!!! There's an uncomfortable glance between Skywarp and Whirl before he looks back to Brainstorm.

The circle is dropped in his hand, and he listens to Brainstorm's explaination. "Oh... really?" His optics flash a little deeper purple and he tilts his head, as if quite curious... and rather pleased by this information. He smirks under his faceplate as he turns to gaze confidentaly at Skywarp. "Well, well. Something that takes away your 'special skill". What about it, outlier? You afraid to fight without your little parlor trick?" His optics narrow and Blast Off makes the unusual move to take a step closer, advancing in on the Seeker.

"The only truth is that I'm going to kick your ass," Whirl snaps at Skywarp as he inspects the weird circle Brainstorm gave him. He turns it around in his claws, before sticking it to his other wrist. If this thing can really tell when Skywarp is going to jump, he can't afford to lose it. He then grabs the larger device from Brainstorm and attaches it to his forearm via the clamps on it, presumably taking responsibility for keeping it safe. How long will that last is anyone's guess.

"I think we should test this thing out immediately.." He shoots a glance at Blast Off who is already starting to approach the seeker, following suit and stepping up to Skywarp and looking as intimidating as he possibly can. There is a lot of looming and claw snapping involved. "Hey nerd, you ready to make reality what we've been practicing so hard for? I'll go high, you go low, let's tear this jerk a new exhaust!" With that, Whirl lunges towards Skywarp with a swinging arm, claws poised to tear anything it comes in contact with.

Skywarp snaps a mean look at Brainstorm, "You afthat! You can't do that!!" then he sees the two closing in on him and Whirl being all preachy to him. But he doesn't want the sermon that clawed arm is trying to give as it comes closwer. The Seeker makes a swift move toward Brainstorm and grabs him suddenly. "Claw that, Autobot." he says as he pushes Brainstorm between he and Whirl. He snaps a mean look at Blast Off. "You are a traitor! I don't like TRAITORS!" Everyone remember what he did to Thundercracker. He takes a step back and to the side and fires an arm cannon at the Combaticon.

Well it looks like he'll get to watch this after all! Brainstorm wouldn't have been too upset if the Mercy protection squad decided to extractg their revenge without him, but this is a pleasant bonus, and he gets to see his latest invention in action!

"I can, and I did!" he informs Skywarp smugly begining to step to the side, to avoid getting caught in the crossfire "And I'll make it so that it can -- what? Hey! Let go!" finding himself grabbed and shoved right in to the path of a charging Whirl, Brainstorm can only emit a frightened whimper, and do his best to shield himself, one arm clutching his briefcase to his chest, the other, trying to shield his face.

Blast Off finds himself united in common purpose with Whirl for perhaps the first time ever- as one, they begin advancing on Skywarp. The Combaticon doesn't even bother correcting the whole *nerd* thing, instead simply giving him a meaningful nod. "Sounds good to me, Whirl." Civilized? Sophisticated? Maybe another time... but not where his pride is involved. Not where Mercy is involved. Fair? Please, he's a Decepticon- a Combaticon- and right now winning is what's on his mind. He has the advantage, assuming Brainstorm's contraption actually works.

As Whirl suddenly lunges, Blast Off circles around the other way- but Skywarp has other plans. He grabs the engineer and then has the gall to call Blast Off a traitor. An accusation that stings, and the Combaticon twitches slightly. It's not the first time he's been called that, either. Combaticons and loyalty have never been overtly familiar.

He hesitates, optics flashing a deep purple as he studies the situation, triggger finger twitching as he *wants* to bring out his weapon, but he had told Whirl he wouldn't... fighting Skywarp with his fists would be different than fighting with his gun, right? But... but... but then Skywarps decides to fire at him, too. Blast Off reacts instantly, his own weapon getting pulled out of subspace even as he lunges towards the left. The shot glances against his shoulder but his quick reflexes prevent any real harm. His optics burn though, and he lifts his gun now. "I am no traitor... simply teaching a lesson in... *manners*." It makes him pause though, somewhere in the back of his mind still telling him not to fire... but Brainstorm is in trouble, and yet... oh slag it all. He goes low, lunging forward as Whirl and he practiced... gun still in hand, he tries to knock Skywarp's legs out from under him. Plus, shooting at Skywarp as he holds Brainstorm "hostage" might be kinda bad should he accidentally hit the engineer. Right?

Whirl's arm is already in motion when Brainstorm is suddenly grabbed and forced into it's path, and there's not much he can do about it which means that Brainstorm is going to get up close and personal with those claws. Thankfully they only rake across his arm as opposed to someplace more concerning like his face or his briefcase but still, it must suck. "Nice try, but I don't care about collateral damage!"

With Blast Off going in low and trying to trip up Skywarp, Whirl begins strafing the seeker, trying to distract him long enough for Blast Off to successfully pull off his manuever. "What's the matter, Skywarp? You were acting so cocky just a few minutes ago, now you're cowering behind a robot shield! I thought seekers were supposed to be all bad-ass and cool, is this really the best the Decepticons have to offer!?"

Whirl's comments only piss him off more and suddenly the Outlier Seeker vanishes, only to reappear behind Whirl. Skywarp spins to the side and sends a serious side kick toward the small of the Autobot's back. "Eat this, Whirl." he spits.

Brainstorm yelps in pain as Whirl's claw strikes him on the arm, leaving behind a sizable gash. Nothing too dangerous, but it hurts nonetheless. At least Skywarp's let him go. Clutching the injured arm Brainstorm darts to the wall of the corridor, and a bit to the side, out of harm's way, just as Skywarp jumps. Whirl and Blat Off's devices respond, but belatedly, lighting up and declaring "Now!" only as the Seeker reapears. The device strapped to Whirl's arm comes to life as well, humming and whirring and working. "It might take a moment for it to calibrate" its creator calls out, carefully leaning against the wall.

Blast Off does actually wince a little -at least internally- as Brainstorm gets the brunt of that claw, and Whirl's comment about not being concerned about collateral damage gets a lifted optic ridge- though whether surprise or admiration even he's not sure. "Well, Seekers usually think they're "all that", and they have their skills... but they're no /Combaticons/..." He asides to Whirl, snooty as ever. He lunges, arms grasping- into thin air. Skywarp is gone and Blast Off eats floor.

The Combaticon lets out an angry *hufff* and pushes himself up, searching around and- ah! He gets up and advances in on Skywarp again, taking a moment to look at Brainstorm. "I thought that thing was supposed to warn us?" Another, softer huff. He circles around, letting Whirl hopefully distract him as Blast off circles around behind. Brainstorm answers his question and- ah. He glances to the thing still in his hand and places it on his arm, much like Whirl- and waits. He springs forward again once Skywarp's made that kick towards Whirl.

Too say that Whirl is frustrated and disappointed with Brainstorm's brilliant device would be an understatement, the damn thing doesn't even do anything until Skywarp is already popping up behind him. He's struck hard by the kick and it sends him stumbling forwards in an attempt to keep himself from falling right over. "What the hell, Brainstorm!?" Because clearly this is HIS fault and not Skywarp's.

He spins around just as Blast Off is making his daring lunge for the seeker, taking a moment to access the situation before jumping back in. If the device needs time to calibrate, maybe making Skywarp teleport more will help speed up the process. Makes sense to him, at least. "What's the matter, Skywarp? Did I hit a particularly sensitive nerve?" Whirl jumps into the fray, lunging at Skywarp from the opposite side of Blast Off to kind of sandwhich him between the both of them. "Don't like being reminded of your short comings? There's so many of them!"

"I have no short comings, punk!" Skywarp seethes and realizes Blast Off is behind him and Whirl is charging straight for him. He glances at that stupid device and heart it go off a bit belatedly when he ported the first time. Maybe it will do it this time too. In an instant the Seeker is gone and an instant later hes standing next to Brainstorm, arm cannon primed and aimed at the Autobot.

Hey, its still basically a prototype, and Brainstorm's had to work practically from scratch, since there hasn't been too much research done on outlier teleportation. Give him some credit for the fact that it only needs a a bit to adjust to Skywarp's jumping. In fact, that one jump was quite enough for it, and this time, the gadgets on the odd pair's arms work as intended, giving their warning before Skywarp vanishes completely. Problem is, it still can't tell where he's going to appear, which wouldn't have bothered Brainstorm at the moment if the Seeker's endpoint wasn't right next to him, and the Seeker himself wasn't pointing a gun straight at him. "H-hey! Don't shoot! Please!" stumbling backwards, the engineer once again throws his arms up infront of himself, trying to shield himself from his attacker

So Blast Off lunges from one direction, and Whirl from the other, both aiming for Skywarp- who naturally teleports. Eeven with the brief warning from the device, this leaves a very NON-teleporting Combaticon and ex-Wrecker with nowehere to go- except into each other. They smack into each other with a *thump*. Blast Off finds himself tangled up in a mess of brown and purple and- /blue/, staring at some very sharp claws right in front of his face. He blinks, then flails backward, scrambling to untangle himself and get back on track and back on target- Skywarp. "Get...OFF! I...ugh. You and those.. claws." He winds up on his aft when the device informs them of where he is and... smelt. "Get him!" he yells at Whirl, even as he scrambles to his feet once more. "Skywarp, you idiot, if you *shoot* him then ALL of us will get thrown in the brig!"

The device is definitely showing improvement, this time indicating a teleport before it actually happens. Unfortunately, he still ends up smacking right into Blast Off once Skywarp safely teleports out of the way. The next thing he knows, he's managed to get himself tangled up with the Combaticon. "Me!? How is this MY fault!? How about YOU get off of ME!" He also flails around in an attempt to untangle himself. "And stop talking shit about my claws!" He struggles to untangle himself but once Blast Off goes down, Whirl follows, landing directly ontop of him.

"Argh! Damnit, this again!?" Apparently this happens a lot. Whirl kicks and shoves at Blast Off a bit before they finally seperate, Whirl scrambling to his feet to confront Skywarp again. "Don't be stupid, Skywarp. We just wanted to kick your ass a little for being a jerk, why don't you just take it like a Decepticon and not blow Brainstorm's brains all over the place?" He shrugs. "I'm not going to prison again just because you couldn't keep a handle on yourself." As if he's anyone to judge.

Skywarp watches the two flail and laughs. Then he listens to the two of them and lifts his shoulders a bit, "Being a jerk? Oh wait, yea, the dress thing with Mercy, silly me. Can't any of you take a joke?" he waggles his arm laser at Brainstorm, "See this is funny stuff here. I've got you two so scared I'm going to shoot him -- but you have no idea if I'm bluffing or if I'm really going to shoot him. I should for making that cursed device!!! Hey why don't I shoot IT instead!" his arm cannon swings over dead on Whirl's arm and he fires.

Skywarp might think its all fun and games, but to Brainstorm, staring down the wrong end of a gun when its in someone else's hands is terrifying. He may readily make instruments of death, but he doesn't want to die himself. Thus, when the Seeker finally turns it away from him, the engineer bolts for saftey, or at least makes the attempt, his feet trying to back away, turn, and move to the side all at once, causing him to trip over them fall flat on his aft. This prediciment doesn't do anything to put a stop to his escape attempt however, only now he's doing it in a half sitting position, trying to scramble away and up at the same time, with varrying degrees of success.

Whirl need not worry for the saftey of the gadgets -- they're made of fairly sturdy stuff. Brainstorm's not so naive as to not expect them to become a target.

Prison... again? There's confirmation of what Brainstorm had told him earlier. Blast Off casts a side glance towards the cyclops, curiosity flaring up. Maybe one of these days he'll ask the cyclops about that. He's amazed the Autobots would imprison one of their own... they seem far too ridiculously keen on second- and many more- chances. At least for their own. Then again, this IS Whirl. Seems jail is something they both have in common. Whoopee.

Meanwhile, Skywarp gains the Combaticon's attention once more. "Can I take a joke?" He pauses. "No, not particularly." He speaks the truth, for once. The impasse with Skywarp holding a weapon has Blast Off wanting to fire his, too. Skywarp has already fired at him once, if he fires again... welp, and there he goes. The Combaticon is trying not to get thrown in the brig but he can only take so much gunfire from an opponent without responding in kind. His weapon whips up as Skywarp fires at Whirl and he shoots-straight at Skywarp's arm laser, trying to knock it out of commission. "Stop it before you take someone's optics out, you hooligan!"

"I don't care if you shoot him, I love when people get shot! I just don't want to get arrested!" Whirl assumes he would get arrested for this even though he didn't pull the trigger because he assumes everyone is waiting for him to fuck up bad enough that they have a valid excuse to get him off the ship and out of their lives. It's a pretty valid assumption.

Remembering that the data mining equipment is under his protection, Whirl tries to move his arm at the last second to keep it from being shot but it's a futile effort; Skywarp lands a solid shot on it, though it doesn't seem to do much as far as he can tell. "Ha! Nice try, loser!" Just as Blast Off whips out his weapon and fires, Whirl charges towards Skywarp to slam into him hard and knock him onto the floor.

Skywarp wasn't expecting Blast Off to shoot him even if he does consider him a traitor. The shot hits right where his arm cannon attaches to his arm. The cannon carwheels off and he has a breech in his arm plating now. "Traitor!" he hisses and then Whirl happens, then the wall happens, then fuzzy snow in his line of vision happens and the Seeker kinda sags to the floor a bit stunned at the moment.

The distraction provided by Blast Off and Whirl creates enough of an opening for Brainstorm to finally collect himself, get to his feet and move to a safe distance. He's not going anywhere far, however, and once he gets to the end of the hall, he simply ducks behind a corner and stays there, peeking out from behind it. He's gotta see how his invention works after all!

Blast Off's fists clench- at least the free one does- and he gets called a traitor again. "If I was a traitor, I would have aimed my shot at someplace a lot more *vital*. You know what a marksmech I am, Skywarp. I am not afraid to use that skill... especially when another Decepticon starts shooting at people." Yep, he's totally covering his own aft here. He keeps his gun aimed at Skywarp as he sags down and takes a step forward. "Now, stay down and I'll consider this done."

Whirl slams right into Skywarp, sending both of them crashing against the wall, though Skywarp is the one who gets the worst of it. He takes a step back to allow the seeker to crumble to the floor, watching him intently through that unblinking, always staring, singular optic of his. "You'd be wise to listen to Blast Off. If you get up, I don't know if I'll be able to stop myself from tearing you apart." He then looks over at Blast Off and gives him a congratulatory claw snap. "Good job, we kicked his ass! But do you think it has been sufficiently kicked or do we need to kick it more?"

Skywarp lays there for a moment getting his senses back and then he sneers, "You haven't kicked shit, Emperata!" Yes he used an earth term, so what. He also doesn't care whether that device tells them he's about to port or not cause that's what he does. He reappears beside Blast Off and sends a serious haymaker straight for the Combaticon's facplate.

The warning devices go off. Then go off again. Then vanish, along with their wearers. Only the data gathering device stays behind, clattering to the ground as the arm that was supporting it disapears, followed by a "What the.." from the end off the hall from which Brainstorm has stepped out from, his curioscity getting the best of him, and is now approaching the scene to take a look.

Blast Off and Whirl will find themselves in a strange place where no Cybertronian has ever set foot before. There's a way out of it, but they will need to work for it.

Blast Off is feeling pretty smug now as he watches Whirl slam into the Seeker and back him up verbally. At this particular moment, he's feeling like they made a pretty good team. Surprisingly. He gives Whirl a slow, meaningful nod as the cyclops snaps his claws. "Indeed. Well... I'd say whether it's been sufficiently kicked or not is up to *him*..." He smirks as he looks back to Skywarp, then tenses as the Seeker calls Whirl an empurata. Welp, looks like this fight hasn't quite been won yet- and he knows Whirl won't take well, most likely. "Tsk. You really should learn when to acknowledge your betters, Seeker. You-" Suddenly he's gone again....

Blast Off freezes, waiting for the device to work. It beeps- right next to him. Uh oh. A little TOO close. He swings his head around, taking a step back and trying to aim his weapon where Skywarp's about to appear- but it still doesn't entirely save him from that punch. The Combaticon gets a good amount of it, getting knocked back with a *crack*. "GAHH!!" A small crack appears on his faceplate, too, though it doesn't fall off. He's stunned for a moment, shaking his head and stumbling back. He growls, "You will *pay* for that, Seeker!"

The Combaticon whips up his weapon to take another shot- and then he's gone. Vanished, just like that.

Whirl does not take the empurata comment, as expected. Unfortunately he doesn't get the chance to respond in the violent way he usually does when someone refers to him in such a way because he suddenly disappears along with Blast Off. Where did they go? It is a mystery.

Whirl does not take the empurata comment, as expected. Unfortunately he doesn't get the chance to respond in the violent way he usually does when someone refers to him in such a way because he suddenly disappears along with Blast Off. Where did they go? It is a mystery.

Skywarp feels his fist connect with Blast Off's face and then he's gone. What? Whirl is gone too. He spins toward Brainstorm, "What did you do? Your crazy machine took my powers didn't it?" Oh he is mad. The Outlier is very mad and his optics seemt to glow brighter with every step he's taking toward the Autobot scientist.

"Wasn't me this time, honest" Brainstorm tries to step around the upset Seeker and towards the fallne gadget "I'm sure your powers are right where they were. I have no idea what happened, but I think we might have a little problem"

A problem indeed, but perhaps not as little as Brainstorm might hope, for in the bowels of the ship, something happens, something that is recorded on the remainig part of Brainstorm's latest set of inventions. Something that will need to be undone if the Lost Light is to continue on its quest.

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