2015-09-07 Armory Theft

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Armory Theft
Date 2015/09/07
Location Lost Light - Docks and Storage - Armory
Participants Arcee, Blast Off, Pipes, Skywarp, Whirl
Summary It's the aftermath of a robbery, but who dunnit? Arcee thinks it's the Scavengers, but others have different opinions.

The ship's munitions storage contains all the weaponry that Whirl's heart could desire. Brainstorm's latest projects are given space of their own (and shielding sufficient to prevent disaster from blowing out the bottom of the ship). Everywhere there are cautions: no guns should be discharged in this room. Grab a gun, and take it somewhere else.

The main door to the armory is wide open.

Arcee KNOWS what she saw when she entered the hallway, on her way down here to pick up some ammunition -- she saw those Scavenger creeps looting the place. But when they heard the lift door open, they made a speedy break for it, and now she's left looking at a half-looted vault.

"Those little CREEPS," she seethes angrily, cursing every Cybertronian curse she can think of as she begins recording footage of the looted vault, and peering around in paranoid fashion to see whether anything was tampered with or bombs left behind.

Skywarp has chosen now to come down to the Armory and check out some of the weapons Brainstorm claims hes made. He notices the door is open and hears some pretty colorful language from within the room. He steps in cautiously. "Whatever it is, don't look at me." he announces and then sees the place is half empty. "Like I thought. Brainstorm was lying -- there's no weapons down here..." he spots Arcee then, "And you don't count."

"There usually ARE weapons in here, that's the thing," Arcee exclaims, spinning on her heel to face Skywarp. "And no, I don't think you did this -- in fact, I KNOW who just ripped off this place!" She scowls, kicking the wall and leaving a foot-sized dent. "COMPLETELY unacceptable. Why those morons were allowed on the ship is's just...there's no excuse for it!"

Skywarp chuckles, "Yea I know, Autobots everywhere..." he looks around at all the empty spots on the walls and continues, "So do we know exactly what was taken? Im assmuming as paperpushing as that Ultra Magnus is hes got tons of inventory on the inventory here, right?"

"Very much so. He has inventories and lists of the inventories and lists." Arcee smiles very briefly at that mental image, then she continues around the armory getting images of the shelves so Magnus will be able to see for himself what a horrible idea it was to let Rodimus welcome the Scavengers aboard. "You know, 'Warp...the war is over. I mean, those grudges run deep, I get it. There's no reason any of us should be friends after everything that's happened. But the situation we're in right you get that we need to work together now? If we're ever getting back to Cybertron, it will be because of a collaborative effort."

"Work together?" Skywarp asks, "You bots sure have a strange way of showing that." he looks around again, "I'm not here to make best friends with any of you. I just want to get back to Cybertron." Of course he has other reasons for why he's on the Lost Light but thats his business.

Arcee stares at Skywarp, recalling to herself that this mech was never particularly well known for his intellect. "Well, you see," she explains a bit slower, "We ALL want to get back to the best way in which to do that is to drop the factional bickering. How have I had a strange way of showing this? Believe me, if I let my personal feelings dictate how I wanted to deal with you, there would be no truce. I'm putting it aside because YES, it's THAT important."

Skywarp grins, "So take your best shot then. Everyone else does and I think it's funny."

Pipes has arrived.

"No, you moron, I'm not going to start a fight with you," Arcee seethes angrily. "I don't care if you try and push ALL my buttons, I'm not taking the first swing. Because I'm not going to the brig for you, it isn't even worth the price of admission."

Skywarp gets an angry look on his face, "What, you don't want to take a number and get in line to have a go at me simply bacause of what I did to Mercy? I mean all you Autobots are the same, why should you be any different?"

"I don't give a rattrap's aftplate about Mercy or her cape/dress/thing, okay?!" Arcee exclaims. "I don't care. I thought the prank was kind of mean, but life is harsh and she just needs to learn how to deal with it." She makes an exasperated expression and then continues to take optic images of some of the cleaned-off shelves within the vault.

Skywarp laughs, "No it wasn't mean -- it was funny. But no one has a sense of humor on this ship. Next everyone will demand that I apoligize to her or something." he starts looking at some of the weapons that are left and curiously wonders how he can tell a standard weapon from one of Brainstorm's 'awesome' weapons.

Pipes has finally made his way down to the armory to check it out. He's had his trusty energon pistols for a while, and they've served him well, but a good soldier is prepared, so he's torn himself away from cataloguing his newest collectibles to look into a weapon upgrade. He enters the armory to witness Arcee and Skywarp arguing - and a distinct lack of equipment, which seems odd.

He hears the Seeker mention "what he did to Mercy" and feels a surge of anger. Arcee's presence makes him a bit bolder than he otherwise would be - the Deception is roughly twice his size. "Maybe you should," he says. "I didn't find it funny at all."

"Well, see, you just learned that not 'all Autobots' are alike. We're as different as any two Cybertronians can be, you just can't make assumptions like that..." Arcee pauses as little Pipes shows up. Inwardly, she groans. Is /he/ going to pick a fight with Skywarp, too? And still over this ridiculous dress thing?? She tries to steer the conversation somewhere else, as she doesn't feel like this grudge match is worth it. "Guess what, Pipes, there's been a robbery. Someone looted the armory. I'm taking inventory so Magnus will have an idea of what's missing."

Skywarp turns and looks at Pipes, "Not you too?" his chest fans cycle a couple of times and he looks back at Arcee, "Yea, well, not that much different..." no hes not the best conversationalist.

Whirl has arrived.

Blast Off has arrived.

Pipes snaps back his attention to the room when Arcee says the armory was looted. "Really? I guess that would explain why this place looks so empty. I'll start cleaning up." He deliberately brushes off Skywarp as he walks to the nearest rack and starts picking up and hanging rifles and pistols. Arranging a collection properly is just up his alley, although he could be getting too into it.

Arcee looks like she's about to stop Pipes, then she relaxes somewhat, changing her mind. "I've already gotten images of the entire room, so that ought to be enough for Magnus -- although he /might/ want to take a look at the 'crime scene' himself," she reminds Pipes. She gives Skywarp a smirk. Her patience with him is getting mighty thin.

Skywarp looks at Arcee, "What? I didn't do this." he turns and grabs a random rifle off the wall and looks at it. "So which one of these weapons left did the 'great Brainstorm' build?"

"Ooh! Maybe you're right, Arcee," Pipes reconsiders. He carefully sets down the pair of pistols he'd just picked up back where they had lain. He looks at them and fidgets a bit ... those might be worth trying out ... or at least putting back in their proper location ... but preserving the scene for Ultra Magnus might be best ... and then Skywarp yanks a rifle from its home. He grits his masticators a little but tries to contain himself. His fingers are wiggling a bit.

The armory. His civilized and sophisticated "gentlemech" side aside, Blast Off feels at home here. The armory is exactly the kind of place a Combaticon sniper can really tune into. He comes here every now and then to check out the weapons and try some new things, or just to feel the heft of a scatterblaster or flamethrower in his hands. He tries not to come here too often, though, for he's all too aware of how a Decepticon that hangs around the armory would be viewed with suspicion.

As he steps into the room, he quickly realizes he's not alone. The shuttleformer stops and looks at the others impassively, though he stiffens ever so slightly as he detects Skywarp. "...Crime scene?" Nope, this doesn't seem like a good place for a Decepticon to be seen, but it's too late already.

"Well...I'm not going to say we should leave it locked up because...I mean, we've already disturbed it just by being here," Arcee admits to Pipes, trying not to look at Skywarp because her urge to slap him is rising steadily. "But at least we have some left over, they didn't take everything."

As Blast Off enters the room, Arcee lets him observe the mess for a moment, then says, "Yes, guess what I saw as I was getting off the lift? Those 'Scavengers' were in here like a bunch of roach-mechs, grabbing all they could get and then making off down the opposite way. And this /is/ getting reported to Magnus, because it's fairly obvious they have no intention of cooperating with us as shipmates."

Skywarp checks out the rifle for a few moments seemingly ignoring what's going on around him and then he brings it up to his optic and takes aim at... Blast Off. "So is this one of Brainstorm's?" he asks again.

"Well, I s'pose you're right," Pipes replies to Arcee. She outranks him anyway (most of the crew does). After a beat, he snatches the pistols back up and keenly examines them. Solid construction, seems like a good charge capacity ... "Those bots, huh?" he utters while continuing to appraise the weapons. "Not surprising." He's looking down and not paying attention to Skywarp's own method of appraisal, that being sighting a fellow crewmember.

Blast Off looks to Arcee, mildly frowning under his faceplate as he considers all this. "The Scavengers did this?" His optic ridges furrow down as he sweeps the room with a thoughtful gaze. "So you actually *saw* them do it?" It seems odd to him a Decepticon would be so brazen about law-breaking if they're trying to fit in on a ship. Plus... anytime he hears an Autobot blame Decepticons he's naturally suspicious.

The shuttle's optics fix onto Skywarp again just in time to see the Seeker take aim at him. The Combaticon stiffens further, hand dropping down instinctively as if the thought of drawing his weapon is crossing his mind. "Get that out of my face."

Here comes another person to disrupt a crime scene! Whirl has just finished yet another round of rivet duty (there are lots of rivets on the ship, who knew?) and he's chosen to spend his newfound freetime by shooting targets in the training room with a variety of different weapons. Maybe he'll use a flamethrower this time, or one of those really big gatling guns. The possibilities are endless!

As soon as Whirl steps into the armory, he's met with the sight of Pipes putting weapons away, Arcee standing around and looking concerned about something, and Skywarp pointing a weapon at Blast Off. He's not too happy about that, though he couldn't really say why, and he rudely inserts himself into the confrontation. "What the hell is going on in here!?"

Arcee sighs as Whirl enters the room, and she seems rather nonplussed about it, but inwardly, she's kind of hoping that maybe he and Blast Off will beat the hell out of Skywarp, and she can just walk off with Pipes. "I know what I saw, it was the Scavengers who were in here grabbing weapons and ammo. See, now the shelves are unusually low. They came ready to clean this place out as much as they could," she remarks, shaking her head in annoyance.

Skywarp grins at Blast Off, "It's in my hands, not your face." He keeps the Combaticon dialed in the sights of the rifle hes holding.

Pipes finally looks up from examining his find and sees one Decepticon aiming an intimidating-looking rifle at another Decepticon. His optics widen a bit, but more in aloof interest than anything else. Still, things may be heating up a bit with

Blast Off whips his head towards the sudden cyclopian interruption, and now it's his turn to ask, "Are you *following me*?!" The shuttleformer feels all extra bristly, though he doesn't know why. Well, obviously because Whirl is annoying, that's why. Yes. But Skywarp directs his attention once more, and his head tilts a little to the side as he studies the Seeker as if sizing him up. "It will be in my hands shortly if you don't remove it in short order. While you're at it, kindly remove your *face* from the premises, too."

He responds to Arcee though his gaze never falters from Skywarp and his triggerfinger starts twitching. "So you *saw* them? Or is this just you assuming it was them because they're Decepticons?"

Whirl has no idea what happened in the armory before he (or anyone else) walked in. He just heard Arcee say something about the Scavangers and that might turn out to be somthing interested, but as of right now he is far too focused on Skywarp to care about any of that. Even Blast Off's accusation that he's following him gets no response, instead Whirl just marches his way straight to Skywarp.

"I said, what the HELL is going on here! You causing trouble again? Is that it!? You being a little shit disturber!?" Whirl grabs the barrel of Skywarp's rifle and jerks it upwards just in case the seeker decided to pull the trigger. Hopefully there's no one standing right above them on the next floor. "You're really pushing your luck, flyboy! I'm half-tempted to just blow your brain module out right now and take whatever punishment I get for it!"

Arcee rather politely allows Whirl to just...go OFF on Skywarp, before she explains very succinctly to Blast Off... "I know what I saw, and it was /them/. High-tailing it in the opposite direction. I'm not picking on them because 'they're Decepticons'. Please, Blast Off, give me a little more credit than /that/." She pats pipes on the shoulder. "Come on, let's go take the evidence to Magnus." (And let the 'shit disturber' get what's coming to him,) she thinks to herself.

Skywarp lets the Autobot yank the rifle barrel up toward the ceiling and he doesnt pull the trigger. "Well I'm not going to give you a reason to try, Autobot." the Seeker says and suddenly lets go of the rifle. He looks at Blast Off and then to Arcee and Pipes. "And yea, you two do that." he stands there defiantly.

"Sounds good, Arcee," Pipes replies. He only came down here to look into a weapons upgrade, not get involved in all of *this*. He stows the new pistols and, with only a /grunt/ to Skywarp - and fleetingly wondering what Whirl is about to do to him - sidles his way out the door.

Blast Off finally gets that gun out of his face- and he has Whirl to thank for it. The Combaticon huffs softly and glances away, not at all interested in actually thanking the cyclops. He turns to Arcee, not liking what he hears... but he can't really say one way or another, since he wasn't actually there at the time it happened. Finally he just shrugs a little and gives his best *aloof* look as Arcee and Pipes walk away. "...Whatever. It's not like I care." Then his attention returns to Skywarp and Whirl. "Well, if you're both done wasting my time, I had some weapons to look over..." And he begins striding towards that flamethrower....

Arcee takes her leave along with Pipes. Something very base in her really wants to stay and rough up Skywarp, but...but...

Reluctantly, she heads off, trying to focus on getting the pertinent information to Magnus so maybe the perps can undergo questioning.

Whirl gives Skywarp a cold stare that persists after the seeker relinquishes his rifle. "You're giving me lots of reasons to try! Everytime I see you I add another entry to my lists of reasons why I need to murder you." He turns the rifle over in his claws and pulls the bolt, checking to see whether or not it was loaded. Even Whirl follows weapon safety protocol. Inside the ship at least, everywhere else is a free for all. "You fuck around in here and something happens we ALL lose. I'm not going to let the armory get locked up because you're running around pointing guns at people. Get your shit together, flyboy!"

The cyclops places the rifle back in it's appropriate spot just in time to see Blast Off headed towards the flamethrower. "Hey! WOAH! NO! NO WAY! I called dibs on that one!"

Skywarp huffs, "I wasn't going to shoot him. I was just checking out the sites." he looks at what Blast Off is heading toward and says, "Maybe you need to give him the same lecture you just gave me. And my 'shit' is together. It's all of you that have your cogs twisted in a knot because of the joke I payed on Mercy."

Blast Off pauses only long enough to scoff at Whirl before heading towards the flamethrower even faster. "If you wanted it, you should have been here sooner. You snooze, you lose." He snatches the weapon with flourish, quite pleased somehow to have grabbed it now that he knows Whirl wants it. He hefts it in both hands, feeling the weight, yes.... this is a nice weapon. A bit heavy for the shuttleformer, but he's not going to admit that- especially not to those two.

He turns to lift an optic ridge at Skywarp. "I beg your pardon? *I* know how to handle wapons safely. You don't see ME pointing them at targets- not until I decide to shoot them, at least- and at that point they are as good as *offlined*." The comment on Mercy causes him to frown but he says nothing for now.

"You snooze, you lose.." Whirl repeats with disbelief that Blast Off manages to find new ways to be the lamest person he's ever met. He gives the shuttleformer a dubious look, somehow, as he brandishes the flamethrower he rudely took even though Whirl said he had dibs. "You're kidding me with this, right? You can barely hold that thing!"

Skywarp gets a look too, the exact same one he gave Blast Off and the same one he gives to everyone ever thanks to his empurata. "You're an idiot. How was what you did a joke? Jokes are supposed to be funny. You know what's a good joke? YOUR FACE!"

Whirl grabs an armful of guns before making his way to the door. "Later, assholes!"

"It was funny," Skywarp insists as he wathes the Autobot pilfer whats left of the stock in the armory, "None of you have a sense of humor." then he mutters something about his face being just fine.

The flamethrower is heavy enough it nearly slips in Blast Off's hands as he turns to stare right back at Whirl. And stare. His wing elevon twitches and he glances away as Whirl seems to mock him. Did he say something... wrong again, he has to wonder? He will say things and then everyone around him seems to just want to laugh, or groan, or... something, and the socially clueless at times shuttleformer isn't always sure why. And it bugs him right now but... but why should it? It's Whirl, after all. He huffs and hefts the weapon up in his arms again, trying not to look like he's straining. "You're just jealous!" Is how he says goodbye.

Skywarp gets an indifferent look. "I don't want a sense of humor, either. I fail to see why a Decepticon warrior such as myself needs one. Humor is a frivolous distraction."

Skywarp says, "Nonsense, Blast Off! Humor is the best part of it all." He goes to retreive the rifle he was scoping out before Whirl grabbed it. That is if Whirl left it there. "I still don't see what all the fuss is about. Has anyone thought to ask Mercy if she's all upset and bothered by it? You gotta be tough for a life situation like this and if you can't even handle falling on your aft then there's no hope for you."

Blast Off's optics narrow again at the mention of Mercy and he gives Skywarp a slightly sour look before turning away. Unfortunately, the Seeker has a point. In fact, he brought up that very point to Whirl not long ago- right before they somehow wound up agreeing to train together in fighting techniques so they could *teach Skywarp a lesson* later. "...I plan on it." Now he does turn his face- what can be seen of it- back to the other Con. " I... I have observed, especially among these Autobots, that they get dsiproportionately defesnive if small, cheerful members of their team are ...picked upon in any way." Not that HE got upset by the idea of Mercy being bullied, of course not. Right?

He pauses, hating having to admit he and Skywarp have something in common, but... "I must agree with you on that last point though... the Autobots are soft. Most of these mechs and femmes would never have lasted in the Decepticon army."

Skywarp nods, "My point exactly! Can you imagine what Megatron would have done with someone who couldn't handle being tripped? These Autobots need to lighten up I say."

Blast Off hefts the flamethrower again as it starts sliding down due to sheer weight. He reluctantly agrees, "... True. I.. I do not understand these Autobots much of the time. They seem overly concerned with niceties. Niceties that distract one from real causes of concern, like alien enemies out to kill our kind, or the need to find resources while we're out here alone in space. Niceties that don't even matter in the long run. I just want to do my job, and instead I get scrap because I *don't make enough friends*." He lets out a huff. "Who needs friends?"

Skywarp frowns, "No ones told me I need to make friends. Friendships get in the way of doing your duty I say. But you know, Rodimus is in charge -- and we all agreed to this before we joined here. I just wish Soundwave would do something other then tend to his cassettes all the time it seems." grumpy seeker is grumpy.

"Yes, I... must agree with you on that. And yes- I was told by *Rodimus himself* that I need to make *new friends*." The shuttleformer's optics nearly roll as he recalls that, and he does tsk. "Anyway, I know. I chose to be here. I am trying to by their rules. If they will just leave me alone to do my job, I plan on doing the same." He hefts the flamethrower up again, straining a little but trying to make it look like he isn't. He *will* do this! "I am going to take this and practice with it a bit before they decide Decepticons shouldn't be allowed to take weapons from here anymore."

Skywarp grabs a rifle similar to the one he had earlier, "They aren't going to stop this Decepticon from having a weapon." he chuckles a bit, "They'd have to catch me and that's easier said than done -- lets go practice, or can you not be seen with a mech you're suppose to try and beat up at a future date?"

Blast Off lifts an optic ridge. Wait, how did Skywarp know about that? He stares at the mech, then finally just shrugs and decides he's not going to worry too much about it. The Combaticon returns to a more aloof expression. "Let's go practice." With that, he heads out the door, flamethrower in hand(s).

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