2015-09-04 Enemy Mine

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Enemy Mine
Date 2015/09/04
Location Lost Light: Recreation -- Swerve's
Participants Arcee, Blast Off, Brainstorm, Skywarp, Slugfest, Whirl
Summary Skywarp upsets the wrong sorts of people

Often referred to as the heart of the ship (by Swerve), the bar is rarely empty, rarely quiet. Central to the whole is the bar itself: just tall enough for a minibot to serve over the edge and lined with stools capable of accommodating bots of any height. Large, clear vessels stand behind the bar, containing the brews of the day. Behind the bar, an engex distillery assures there's always something new.

Round tables are scattered across the floor. Seats fold up from the floor beneath. Large boots along the sides of the room have room for a half-dozen or more, if they don't mind getting cozy, while monitors here and there find occasional use showing old vids.

Arcee is at her 'usual table', in the back of the seating area and at a table off to one side of the bar. Typically, she's working on finishing a huge Wrecker-sized drink, but tonight she's having 'stacks'. This would be tiny enerdrinks in stackable cups. The goal, apparently, is to acquire enough to stack and link together, and maybe build something before overenergizing or passing out. She's working on a model of some sort of building.

As much as it may seem at times that Brainstorm lives in his lab, he actually does come out every now and then to socialize have a drink -- his own obviously -- , brag to someone about something he's done. Which is exactly what he's intending to do now, uppon spotting Arcee, because he has two away missions worth of usefulness to rub in her face. He approaches her table arms crossed, head raised, looking down at her with the air of someone confident in their correctness "So, still think I'm useless?"

Arcee balances a few stackable containers until they seem to resemble a tower on a citadel, at least superficially. When Brainstorm approaches, she points out, "Only on missions where there's going to be intensive fighting, I never said /you/ were useless. Which reminds me, did you check up on Mercy?"

"Ofcourse I did! She's my roommate after all!" what kind sparkless jerk do you think he is? Really! He's just the regular variety! But back on topic "Those last two missions had plenty of fighting and I /still/ contributed to the effort! It was thanks to /my/ genius that we weren't left weaponless on Ca, and /I/ was the one who tracked those cons, and got the Thingy on Hedonia!" Really, where would you all be without him cowering in the back?

"Well, that's great," Arcee says evenly, in a tone that suggests neither flattery nor sarcasm. "Did Rod give you a gold star for that?"

Skywarp has spent most of the day in an oil batch and decides to cap off such a lazy cycle with some enerbooz. He wanders into Swerves just in time to hear 'tracked those cons' and shoots a look in the direction of the voice. Oh its Branstorm and Arcee. He looks back toward the bar to decide what to drink when he suddenly glances back. Shes building something?

That's nice.

The Seeker makes his order, takes his glass and suddenly hes not there anymore.

"So what are you building?" Skywarp asks appearing directly behind the Autobot femme. He has no idea if his stunt startled her enough to topple all her work but thats the whole idea.

Arcee's not-qute-impressed tone causes a waver in Brainstorm's display of confidence "What I'm saying is, just because I don't fight, doesn't mean I should be cooped up on the ship on every mission. Fighting isn't the only way to be useful!"

If he were holding a drink, Skywarp's sudden apperance behind the warrior would have surely made him spill it, but since he has yet to take out his flask, the engineer only jumps back, startled "Woah! Hey! Where'd you come from?"

Arcee startles a bit as Skywarp 'ports right behind her as she's focused on Brainstorm. The only reason she doesn't accidentally knock over her stack-building is because Blurr has a habit of surprising her in exactly the same way, and she's become accustomed to it. "Psshh. Look, you know you want to knock it over, so just do it already. I just got the notion to use stackers to build a model of Tyger Pax's campus. Why?...Well, why NOT." She smirks in aggravation, then she turns back toward Brainstorm. "...Look, I don't think you're useless, I never said that. I just think that learning a new skill would serve you better in a dangerous situation. You make it sound like I'm picking on you or something."

A small spiky robo stego enters the bar, peers around, then makes his way over to where the three others are gathered.

Skywarp smirks, "From over there." he answers with a nonchalant nod toward the bar and then after hearing Arcee's comment looks sad for a split second. The Seeker sits down in the closest chair and huffs, "Being told I can knock it over takes all the fun out of it." he takes a swig of his drink and is quiet. That can't be good.

"I remember perfectly well you saying that I should stay on board the ship" Brainstorm retorts, too occupied by trying to not lose at his own argument to look at the two cons nearby, since they're not quite as interesting as the warrior at the moment "And for the record, I /can/ shoot a gun. I just don't like danger."

"Heheh...I /know/," Arcee tells Skywarp, grinning with her cyberfangs glinting. Yes, she meant to ruin his fun. Noticing Slugfest enter, she hrms and begins looking idly over the stackable containers until she finds one which still has some energex in it. She then sets this half-drank container on the bar counter. As she's doing all of this, she continues to talk to Brainstorm. "I'm sure you know how to handle weapons, being a weaponsmith," she comments, "And that's what makes your lack of action even more of...a shame, I suppose. Wasted potential. You seem to think I'm disappointed in you because I don't think you're capable of more. That would be wrong. I'm disappointed because I know you /are/."

Slugfest oohs when he sees the container with some energex in it on the bar, picking up speed so that he can leap onto the stool in front of the bar directly in front of the container. Once he gets within distance, he jumps and grabs onto the top surface of the edge of the stool in his stubby little front legs, kicking rapidly with back legs until he finds purchase enough to pull himself up onto the top. From there, he can stick his nose into the energex!

Skywarp ponders the Autobot femme's comment for a moment. So she's figured that out about him, eh?

That's not nice.

He works on his drink as he watches the cassettecon get some free energon and as he does he listens to what Arcee just said, "What, does he have some sort of moral conscious or something?" he asks no one in particular but is refering to Brainstorm. "Thundercracker is all strutless about that too sometimes." he adds taking in more of his drink.

"Ah? Wha-well ofcourse I am!" finding his point rendered moot, Brainstorm starts backing out of the argument "I just happen to have prefrences! And a limited amount of time to devote to everything. It would be a waste of my talents if didn't try to apply them as much as possible to something." considering that there's no one else in the vicinity, the happily drinking Slugfest aside, since he's not really part of the conversation, it's pretty clear that he's the intended target of Skywarp's remark "Hey, my death would be a huge loss for the ship!"

Slugfest is making a little bit of noise drinking, but not much more so than a dog lapping a bowl of water. He contentedly wags his thagomizer, not given to trying to talk while he drinks, usually. A fed stego is a happy stego, though! "Well not exactly," Arcee tells Skywarp, after obtaining a few more 'stacker'-sized drinks and lining them up in a little row on her table. "I'm just of the opinion that Brainstorm has the potential to be infinitely more useful on a planetary mission, but he just chooses not to. I've offered to improve the situation; however, he has declined the offer." She begins putting away the small row of drinks, one right after another. "It's an ongoing dispute, and it really doesn't need to be such a difficult thing."

"Maybe hes a coward." Skywarp offers bluntly. Hes such an afthat isn't he?

Well aren't we just blunt? "/I/ am the ship's genius!" Brainstorm crosses his arms again "I'm too valuable to the ship to risk myself in combat! I'm also the only weapons engineer, and someone had to keep you guys equiped, and keep Whirl from getting bored!"

Thanks to the little stunt Shockdrop pulled while under Whirl's guard, the one that led to his escape, Whirl has found himself stuck with rivet duty. His punishment is to redo every rivet on the Lost Light's hull, a task that would take forever if Blast Off wasn't also facing the same punishment for his involvement. After a grueling shift maglocked to the outside of the ship operating heavy machinery, Whirl drags himself into Swerve's for a well deserved drink. Without a word or a single glance to anyone else, he makes his way to the bar and orders his drink. It's only when he has his drink in hand (claw?) does he come back around for a social call.

"I heard my name." A perfect invitation to wedge himself into the conversatiom Brainstorm, Arcee, and Skywarp seem to be having. "Are you talking about me? Only good things, right?" Haha, it's funny because there are none.

Slugfest keeps lapping until the drink container is empty. He peers around, then clamors, "More!" His tail is swishing slowly, waiting for refill. Hopefully that swishing tail isn't thumping against anyone.

"Whirl! You just heard your name again," Arcee quips, very much wanting to focus on something other than the sudden tension between Brainstorm and Skywarp, which she has no interest in escalating. "If you order any small stacker drinks, let me know because I might want those cups." She smirks at Slugfest. "First one was on me, but any additional rounds are on you."

Skywarp grins as he watches Brainstorm get all defensive. "Soundwave could do your job in a nanoclick --" he notices Whirl come up, "Not that I know of. If we do I will be the first to let you know."

Slugfest nods at Arcee, wagging his tail a little harder. He looks at the Barkeep. "More, please!" He noses at his empty drink container.

Slugfest nudges it forward like a dog nosing its empty food bowl towards the person that fills it.

"Soundwave?" Brainstorm sounds practically insulted by this comparison "Well I don't see /him/ with his own workshop" noticing Whirl's approach, he sweeps out his hand towards him "Whirl here knows the value of my skills, right?" he glances up at the taller mech "Who would you rather have making weapons, me or Soundwave?"

"Arcee! That's an excellent idea, hold on.." Whirl takes a long 'swig' from his drink via neck shunt before going back to the bar for another order. After a few moments he comes back, this time with a tray of various stacker drinks and shots all paid with someone else's money, surely. "I don't know about you guys but I plan on getting very wasted. CHEERS!" He grabs a shot in each claw and downs it.

Whirl stares at Brainstorm as he's questioned. "Oh, you. Definitely. A thousand times." He glances around the table. "Is that what this conversation is about?"

Arcee seems to be making a tower modeled after a famous building in Tyger Pax out of her empty stacker-cups, so when Whirl brings around some more cups, she gladly takes a couple. "Thanks!"

Looking from Whirl over to Brainstorm and then Skywarp, she shrugs. "I don't know where this is going. But, that pretty much sums up our situation in general, not just this conversation."

"Perhaps we all need to go to the practice room and beat the slag out each other till no ones left standing. That might help." Skywarp says in a rare moment of though and finishes his drink. He gets up and walks back to the bar to get a refill.

"You see!" having found an ally in resident Decepticon hating gun nut, Brainstorm continues his argument with new vigor "He--" Brainstorm nods at Skywarp "-- is implying that /Soundwave/ could do my job better than me!" preposterous, right? He looks over at Whirl again, as if he's expecting him to show some expression of agreement, then back at Skywarp as the Decepticon makes his suggestion, then back at Whirl, with a more meaningful look 'Whaddaya say?' it reads

The barkeep refills the container Slugfest's been drinking out of, and the tiny stego yays and resumes his slurping of energex contentedly. Oblivious to all surrounding as he drinks.

"Hey, I'll fight with you in the training room," Arcee lets Skywarp know. She probably doesn't mean 'right this moment', as the stacker drinks have her in some strange, quasi-creative mood. "It's tough to find mechs who appreciate that sort of thing around here. Except maybe for Slugfest. He likes to fight all the time."

"Soundwave can suck my struts," is Whirl's response to all that. "As if I'd trust a Decepticon with any of my weapons. Pfft, yeah right." He grabs another shot and throws it back, dropping them empty cup in front of Arcee for her little art project. "Brainstorm's the only weapons guy this ship needs as far as I'm concerned. I've never been disappointed in his work!"

Another shot and Whirl looks between Skywarp and Brainstorm. "Really? You know how much I love fighting but this rivet duty crap has me wiped." He looks at Skywarp and shrugs. "I'd be happy to kick your aft all over the room another time though."

Slugfest side-eyes Whirl at the comment about Soundwave, but returns to his drink.

Skywarp stands against the bar facing the table everyones at and listens to each of them in turn. Then he gives a short laugh, "I'll take any of you on anytime. I'm not scared of any of you or any of Mr. I'm-too-good-to-fight over there." he challenges with a motion toward Brainstorm and then he looks at Whirl. "Soundwave's Decepticon Leader right now, chump, back off."

You see! With Whirl's praise feuling his ego, Brainstorm looks ever as confident as when he came in, and perhaps even more so. This display is only broken by the disapointed expression with which he looks at Whirl as the other bot actually rejects the imediate opportunity to beat up a Con without repricussions. Only when the Con in question re-extends his challenge to any time do his optics begin to glow with a devious sort of confidence "Alright then, how about it: You against Whirl's fighting prowess and my weapons?"

Arcee grins, finding Skywarp's dimitted arrogance to be really funny. Either it actually was pretty funny, /or/, she was probably a little bit overenergized. Maybe a little bit of both. And with Whirl around, literally /anything/ could happen, and probably would. Especially if he was going to stick up for Brainstorm. In the meantime, she begins building a little boundary fence around her stacker-tower with more stacker-cups.

Whirl picks up another shot but before he can drink it, Skywarp calls him a chump. Oh hell no. "You've got a big mouth on you, /Decepticon./" He says it like it was a grave insult. "And I don't give a shit if Soundwave is you leader, I don't like him and I don't like you. I don't like ANY of your kind and I think it was a stupid idea letting any of you on board. If it was up to me, I'd ditch all of you on some barren, wasteland of a planet and let you slowly die." He takes the shot and slams the cup down onto the table.

Skywarp huffs, "Any time, slagforbrains --" hes interupted by Whirl then, "Hey at least I got a FACE! And I'd like to see you try and dump me on a planet to die -- I don't like you either." he downs his drink in one gulp and slams the glass on the counter expecting a refill. He's not the best at bantering and now that he's starting to get a bit over energized its probably about to get even less 'skilled' you could say.

"Oh, that's nice. Making fun of me for not having a face?" Whirl shakes his head and takes yet another shot. Hey, he said he was going to get wasted, didn't he? "That's really funny. And clever. So clever. Original too! That's probably the first time anyone has ever used my empurata status as an insult against me." He calmly places the cup back down and gives Skywarp a long stare.

"SCREW YOU!" Whirl climbs up onto the table, no doubt ruining Arcee's tower of cups in the process, and jumps off of it to tackle Skywarp. "I'M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS, FLYBOY!"

Brainstorm's optics narrow a bit more, not so much as a reaction to the insult, but due to the knowledge of how Whirl is likely to take something like that, and what do you know, he's rights. The engineer steps back a bit, to avoid getting caught in the crossfire, but doesn't move to leave the room, quite ready to stick around for the show.

Slugfest is just minding his own business, happily lapping the last of his refill, when suddenly a flying Whirl appears! Flying Whirl uses Tackle! It's SUPER EFFECTIVE! The Stego is pinned, squealing and kicking!

Arcee hmphs, as Whirl sends stackable Tyger Pax tumbling. "...Really thought 'Warp was going to tackle the tower." She shrugs and watches the three-way brawl in progress, not even bothering to get up from her seat.

Skywarp sees Arcee's attempt at being a constructicon splatter in a million directions and laughs in spite of the fact he's in direct path to Whirl's lunge. His laugh is squalched with an 'oof' and he slams back with a face full of Whirl and he thinks he just smashed into the cassettecon as well. The Seeker brings up a fist and aims a punch at the glow thing in the middle of where there should be a face on the Autobot. "Eat my fist, slagger!"

Whirl cares little for anyone caught in the crossfire, or any property damage he may cause. Skywarp pushed his buttons in just the right way and Whirl wont stop until one of them is disabled, or until security comes and pulls them apart. If anyone calls them, of course. "Eat your- I DON'T HAVE A MOUTH, YOU ASSHOLE!" Whirl is the punched straight in the optic which cracks under the pressure. If Skywarp thought that would stop him, he was wrong. It only serves to make him angrier.

"I'm going to rip your face off!" Whirl swings a claw at the seeker to try and make good on his promise. "Then I'm going to wear it and walk around the ship pretending to be you!"

Someone should probably call security. Brainstorm is not going to be that someone. That Con insulted his inteligence, so he wants to watch this for a while longer. Instead, he simply sits down at Arcee's table, and finally pulls out his own flask.

Slugfest continues to squeal and kick as heavy weight of larger mech pins him. "NO NO NO! GET OFF!" he squalls, "AM NOT PILLOW!"

Skywarp sees the claws heading for his face and suddenly his face, and the rest of him vanishes in a faint flash of light. He reappears behind the enraged Autobot and moves to slam the mechs head into the bar top. At least the Seeker is off the cassettecon now, right?

Whirl is desperate to feel the warmth of Decepticon energon on his claws, but all he manages to swing at is dead air. "W-what!?" He's then suddenly slammed 'face' first into the bar, courtesy of the seeker that just materialized behind him. "Damn outliers," he hisses, apparently having forgotten (or not caring enough to remember) that Skywarp can teleport.

"You're really starting to piss me off.." Whirl straightens up and.. walks back to the table to grab another shot before spinning back around to take another swing at Skywarp.

Slugfest is thankfully no longer squished under Skywarp's weight, and is on his side, kicking as he tries to right himself. "Help! I can't get up!" he complains, as his little feets flail!

From his seat, Brainstorm watches the fight with a certain scruitny, particularly keeping an eye on Skywarp, and his ability. There's a gleam in his optics that tells of a mind at work, building ideas and weapon plans, you know, just in case someone wants a round two.

Skywarp chuckles rather sadistically as the Autobot's head hits the counter and then he turns and heads to the table for another drink. "What you need some liquid courage, Autobot to handle --" his sentence ends in a aqualch as hes suddenly punched straight in the face. The Seeker stumbles ack a step and then takes a swing of his own, a bit wildly as he got his senses rattled for a moment with that punch.

"Liquid courage has nothing to do with it," Whirl says smugly, obviously pleased that he managed to give the seeker a good punch in the mouth. "I told you, I wanted to get drunk as hell tonight and I'm not going to let your crap get in the way of that!"

Already buzzed and on his way to a state of sloppy drunkeness, Whirl walks straight into Skywarp's flailing fist which sends him stumbling into a table. "Ugh! What was THAT? You suck at this!"

Skywarp's optics finally clear up form the snow and he's got a grin on his face when he feels his wild punch connect with the Autobot. "Oh I do, do I?" the Outlier taunts as he turns and picks up a chair, "How about you have a seat then and let me explain it." and he swings the chair around like a bat straight for the Autobot Emperata.

Blast Off can hear a commotion before he even enters the bar. And he can already guess who's in the middle of it. But that's fine by him- he has a strut to pick with Whirl anyway. He just finished rivet duty (and that whole mess was TOTALLY NOT HIS FAULT, OMP) and it took him even longer than it should have. And he thinks he knows why, and he's spoiling to inform the rotary all about it. However- looks like others are spoiling for something, too- namely a fight, and the Combaticon stops to watch the fight in progress.

*Tch!* "I should have known you'd slip out on your work and leave ME with it, then come in here and cause trouble like the unruly hooligan you are, Whirl." He glances to Slugfest, tilts his head at that odd... /look/ Brainstorm seems to have, and smirks under his faceplate as Skywarp lands a hit. He doesn't even like Skywarp all that much, but the Seeker IS a fellow Decepticon. "Nice." He watches Skywarp take another swing, that smirk still present under his faceplate.

Focused as he is on the fight, Blast Off's apperance doesn't pass unnoticed by Brainstorm "Oh, hey Blast Off, come to watch the show?" its a fairly nonchalant greeting, as if he were talking about watching a race, or a sparing match, rather than a bar fight

Slugfest is still flailing on his side, unable to right himself after being knocked off his stool where he'd been drinking energex, and squished by Skywarp falling into him due to Whirl's flying tackle. "CAN'T GET UP!" he says more insistently.

Before Whirl can take another swing (or another shot) he's beaten over over the head with a chair of all things. "Ugh, damnit!" He reaches out for the table so he can grab onto it and brace himself, the head trauma and his level of intoxication threatening to knock him out before Skywarp has the chance. It's at this point that he spots Blast Off and.. really? Is he really giving him the business about their rivet duty?

"So I cut out a little early to have a drink or five, so what!?" He glares at Blast Off through a cracked optic. "Did you follow me here just to scold me? You know there are other helicopters on the ship for you to harrass, right? You need to get a hobby, nerd!" The cyclops turns to face Skywarp, bringing his claws up in a defensive stance. "Come at me, seeker brat!"

Skywarp stops suddenly and looks from Blast Off to Whirl, back to Blast Off then back at Whirl. "What are you two friends or something? And wait, Seeker /brat/? What?"

Blast Off glances to Brainstorm, one of the few Autobots on this ship he can really tolerate... mainly thanks to a shared love of weaponry. "I have better things to do than engage in such /puerile/ behavior such as watching a fight," he informs the engineer.... while doing exactly what he claims he's not here to do and watching the action intently, arms crossed. He does glance over again to add, "You? And is it just me, or does every time I come here seem to involve a bar fight?" He decides not to add, *started by ruffian Autobots*. He glances at Slugfest struggling over there, expression aloof. He's not the most helpful or altruistic of people, after all. "Perhaps you should call Soundwave to assist you?" Look, there, he's being helpful.

Then Whirl addresses him and his face turns sharply to glare at the cyclops. "SO- you left ME with extra work to do, and none of that was even my fault to BEGIN with. YOU should be doing all the work, not me. *I* have better things to do than toil away all day with such trivial busywork." Haughty huff. "Believe me, I don't want to be here at ALL. Especially not talkign to YOU.... but I TOLD you to rivet section 85-A and I'd rivit 86-B, and instead I wound up having to do BOTH." So unfair. Whether Whirl ever heard him or not is another story. Then he jerks back to stare at Skywarp. "I beg your *pardon*??!! What are you even Talking about?"

Whirl laughs, LAUGHS, at Blast Off's insistence that he had things to do when they both know damn well that those things consist of sitting alone in his room reading bad romance novels. "That's a total lie and you know it, and if you don't want to talk to me then what the hell are you doing here, flapping your lips at me over some stupid crap!?"

His attention snaps back to Skywarp and he puffs his chest out. "Friends!? Me? HIM? Are you on drugs or something? What the hell makes you think we're friends?" He jabs a claw at Skywarp. "And you ARE a brat! Teleporting around like you're hot shit, frag off!"

"It's a bar." Brainstorm shrugs "I'm just watching." looking back at the scene he pours some of the contents of his flask in to his arm, just as Skywarp questions the duo's relations, and then turns back at Blast Off as the comabticon answers. There's a brief gleam in his optics, one that would be more in place if he were scheming in his lab rather than sitting out here "What, you mean you aren't?" he does his best to sound as surprised as possible, thogh there's still a tone of amusement in it "Man, Mercy's gonna be so distraught if she finds out" and it's no secret that what happens at Swerve's doesn't stay at Swerve's "She was already upset after that teleporting jerk over there stepped on the present someone gave her and tripped her" he glances over at Blast Off again. If his understanding of the situation on Hedonia was correct, this should garner some sort of reaction that might not benefit the seeker.

"Holy slag you talk a lot, Brainstorm." Skywarp complains and then looks at Blast Off and Whirl again. "Looks like the two of you are friends to me." he gives a snick and then looks back at Whirl, "Yea I'm an /Outlier/ Brat thank you -- whatsthematter, you jeleous?"

Slugfest tries to scoot forwards and ends up turning a complete circle as he flails, on his side!

Blast Off's armor plates bristle at Whirl even as he tries to remain looking aloof and unaffected. "It is hardly a lie, and if I'm stuck with the likes of *you* on rivet duty, I expect you to pull your share. Or even more than your share, given it was not my fault to begin with and you *obviously* told Rodimus something completely false." He'd go on, but then Brainstorm points out certain little details to him. And he ... completely *forgot* about the whole "friendship with Whirl" thing they are supposed to be doing. Oh slag. The Combaticon freezes.

"Oh. Uh..." He blinks, looking from Brainstorm to Whirl and Skywarp and back again, "OH. Yes. Ha. Ha ha!" A smattering of nervous laughter. "I...Oh, we totally *are* friends, I just... I was just a little *cross* with him, that's all. I..." His voice trails off as the weaponsmith mentions Mercy, and suddenly the shuttle's expression starts to turn a bit... frosty. He slowly looks over at Skywarp. "....Say what? What did you do to Mercy?" His tone is flat, with hints of ice. Right now he's a little too preoccupied to speak to Slugfest- without some bribery, at least.

Skywarp huffs, "All I did was make the little bot fall -- I clotheslined her in her 'dress' thing. What's the big deal? As short as she is she didn't have far to go. It's not like it hurt her or anything."

Whirl freezes when Brainstorm calls to attention the fact that he and Blast Off have been faking their friendship for Mercy. "No! I mean.. you don't have to tell her anything because we're totally friends! Yeah, I'm just a littl grumpy from rivet duty and drunk so, haha, you know.. But yeup, we're friends! That's right!" God, it's killing him inside to say this but it's all for Mercy, right?

Speaking of Mercy, it seems she had some trouble with Skywarp which just gives Whirl more reason to hate him. "What did you say? You CLOTHESLINED her?! What the hell is wrong with you!?" Ohhh yeah, now Whirl is super pissed. He moves to stand beside Blast Off, leaning in to 'whisper' (at full volume of course.) "You wanna kick this guy's ass?"

Skywarp's comment only earns him a brief, devious look from Brainstorm. Just you wait. Seeing that dropping Mercy's name did, infact produce the desired effect, he continues "Mercy got this present from someone, it was really nice too" says the guy who was totally not criticising it on it's impracticality "She was showing it off to everyone, then this guy comes in, steps on it, trips her, and laughs!"

Blast Off's optics narrow as Skywarp explains what he did to Mercy. There's a long silence as somehow he seems to grow even more frostry while saying or doing nothing, then the aloof mech turns his head away with a haughty sniff. "Well... I mean, it's not like I *care* or anything." Pause, and he turns to glare at Skywarp again. He doesn't want to suddenly turn into some soft-sparked Autobot lover or something, or be seen as such. But... but.... aha! Excuse in mind now, he states as if this is simply common sense. "I would advise against such things in the future, Skywarp. NOT because I like Autobots, of course, but... she is a MEDIC. Never anger a medic. You need to keep in mind she'll be the one to save your metal hide someday."

He nods to Whirl- and this also just kills him to say. It also makes no sense with the whole *I don't like Autobots- oh but I like this guy for some reason*.....and now even he's getting confused. BUT ANYWAY. "Yes, it's... it's a long story, but we ARE friends and yes, I suppose perhaps I was a bit harsh. Just..." he looks at Whirl and speaks through clenched dentae. "...Just make sure that doesn't happen again, friend?" There, maybe he can go get a drink now, he needs one- but no. Brainstorm speaks and he stops to stare at him, then back to Skywarp. "You *laughed*?" The ice has returned. Slugfest is now awkwardly circling and scooting sideways, because still

as for Whirl's "whisper", he looks up at Whirl, then Skywarp, then Whirl, then.... slag this is hard. For someone who loves to *choose*... this is a tough choice. He chooses.... to go get that drink. "I...I will be right back!" Cue scurrying off for a drink post haste.

Slugfest is now awkwardly circling and scooting sideways, because still nobody has righted him yet. "STILL NEED HELP!" he complains, now that hostilities seem to have died down.

"Look, I'm all for a good prank, especially when it really devalues the person you're pranking and makes them feel horrible." Whirl is truly a model Autobot, definitely a good idea having him wear their badge. "But not on her. Not on Mercy. How could you even do that? That's like kicking a puppy!" He flexes his claws as he continues. "You screwed up. Big time. You thought I was going to kick your ass before? No.. No, I've got something special in mind for you.."

He looks to Blast Off to back him up only for the shuttleformer to rush to the bar. "What!? Seriously!? Get back here, you nerd! Er, I mean.. buddy."

Skywarp looks at everyone like they've lost their marbles. "Oh come on. It was just a joke. What so special about her anyway? Aren't we all supposed to be 'equal' here? Or is that just more Autobot propaganda?"

Brainstorm watches the results of his efforts with a rather satisfied look on what can be seen of his face. This is what you get for insulting his inteligence like that! "Yes, he laughed at her!" his voice once again caries an offended note. The nerve of that guy, treating Mercy like that "At least she might feel better to know that you two really are still friends, and working together" the last few words are directed right at Blast Off's back. Get back there, Skywarp's still standing.

Slugfest manages to awkwardly scoot over to where Blast Off is standing, and paws at the shuttleformer's ankle with his foot. He tries to lift himsef up to right himself by trying to climb the foot!

This is not Blast Off's day. or night, whatever. He glances back at Whirl as the mech calls him to come back. "I'm getting a drink, so back off...." *pause* "...Buddy. I'll... I'll be right back! Because... because friends back each other up, right?" he looks over at Brainstorm as if truly not sure. He finally gets the drink and comes back towards the others when Skywarp speaks about Autobots and equality. That causes him to freeze as something Shockdrop said hits home again. He's... he's Autobot-whipped. He is, isn't he? A flare of anger, of affronted pride, surges through him and he stops walking forward. "...You're right, we're *supposed* to be, aren't we?" Now he sounds somewhat sullen. "And yet look at me- I did nothing wrong, and yet *I* got rivet duty. Bceuase I'm a Decepticon."

Slugfest scoots against his foot and the standoffish shuttle makes a mild kick at the sudden contact, then looking down- and possibly sending Slugfest upright again. He decides to take a drink at this point... suddenly feeling Decepticon pride and not sure he wants to look like more of a whipping-bot, or at least feel like one. "We Decepticons have to stick together, after all..." Then Brainstorm says THAT, and the rapidly getting confused shuttleformer looks up, fists flexing. "Well.... except when we've got UNCOUTH RUFFIANS as our so-called fellows..." He glares at Skywarp again, starting to take a step towards him.

The stego is indeed righted, and scampers about now that he's not on his side anymore. "Thanks!"

"I'm just saying, I bought a bunch of drinks already," Whirl says, gesturing to the tray of shots still managing to stay upright on a table he was thrown into earlier. "You could've just asked and had one of mine but no, you had to go and get your own. What, you too good for my drinks? Is it UNBECOMING of a MIGHTY COMBATICON to have a shot with his BEST FRIEND or something? Not that I care or anything, really."

He approaches Skywarp, claws flexing and twitching. Oh yeah, he's going to rip this guy apart so bad. No one screws with Mercy, especially in such a cruel way. He's going to- "HEY! WHERE YOU GOING, FLYBOY?" Whirl lets out a frustrated noise as Skywarp rudely leaves the bar. "Can you believe that guy?"

Come on, don't start on the whole Autobot/Decepticon thing /right now/! Brainstorm watches Blast Off, ready to throw more fuel in to the fire if he has to, but it looks like he's getting back on track on his own. Then again, a little more fuel never hurts, does it? "I mean, who would treat a /medic/ like that?" he agrees with the combaticon "Any mech who does that, Bot /or/ Con ought to feel ashamed of himself!" and clearly this guy doesn't. Just look at him! Or don't, because there he goes. Scrap.

Blast Off glances down at Slugfest and blinks at the *thanks*.... but then nods. Fellow Con and all that. He proceeds to look up at Whirl. Then the drinks Whirl had brought. And stares. "...You're ...offering me a drink?" He got that wine bottle before, but because Whirl got cornered into it obviously. Right? The Combaticon's optics narrow as Whirl goes on about him being all *mighty* or whatever. "I- I did not even KNOW you had drinks, you insufferable rustbucket, and furthermore..." Oh wait. "I... I mean.... Well. I DON'T CARE EITHER." And with that, he reaches and takes one of the shots, downing it. TAKE THAT WHIRL. HA.

Brainstorm continues fueling the fire, and Blast Off is just about ready to actually advance in on Skywarp (or at least stand by and look threatening). "Indeed," He agrees with the engineer, "And that's.. that's why I insist on treating medics right. Because of that." Not because of any other reason, like he likes Mercy. Of course not. Then Skywarp .... leaves? Ah. Well, whew. This solves his dilemma perfectly. He looks to Whirl as the cyclops vents frustration. "Skywarp is.... a special case." The way he says *special* does not sound flattering. He moves to find a seat at the table nearby. "...Anyway, he's gone now. I am getting those drinks." He takes another shot from Whirl's stash and downs that, too. ""Friend.""

"GOOD." Whirl plops himself down at the table, grabbing a drink and taking a swig. "I'm glad you don't care because I care even less than you do." That makes sense, right? "So I'm glad we're in agreement /buddy./"

He leans back in his chair and sighs, rubbing at his battered and cracked optic. Speaking of Mercy, he's going to have to pay her a visit to get this fixed. Will she scold him for fighting? Probably. Maybe he can convince her that he just fell or something. "Yeah well, Skywarp's a jerk and needs an ass kicking if you ask me." He stares as Blast Off takes another drink. "Hey, I didn't say you could have all of them!"

Slugfest runs around and around until he flops exhausted on the floor and naps!

Brainstorm's clearly rather disapointed by such a turn of events, but he'd be lying if he said that he wasn't quite pleased with himself too, getting things ad far as he did. And ofcourse, it's not like either of Mercy's chevaliers are going to forget this encounter. But for now, his work is done here. Mostly. "Seriously, where does he get off, treating Mercy like that" the engineer backs Whirl up, matter-of-factely, even as he gets up to leave. He's got work to do "She liked that dress a lot."

Blast Off huffs. "No, I care even less than you do. I don't care at ALL. I couldn't care any less, it's not Cybertronianly possible. In fact, if you looked up *does not give a flying flip* in the dictionary, it would have *my picture* right next to it." Because that would totally be a thing you can look up in the dictionary. Though his expression does flicker once as he notices that crack in Whirl's optic. "...What happened? Did Skywarp do that to you?" Again, not because he cares at all. Then the rotary protests about the drinks.... and Blast off finds himself smirking a little under his faceplate. "Well, I thought that because we're such good *friends* we could share! Isn't *sharing* what friends do?" He leans in just a little, that smarmy smirk probably apparent even under the faceplate. "Buddy? *Pal*? Jolly good chap?" He grabs another of Whirl's drinks and pulls it up, intending to down that one, too.

As Brainstorm makes to leave, the Combaticon looks up at him. "She... really had a dress?" Not that he... (you know the rest). He looks a bit thoughtful, wondering what she look like in that thing. He gives the weaponsmith a nod as he goes. "I shan't forget. Skywarp will need to ... behave himself."

Whirl stares at Blast Off for a long time before finally sighing. "Fiiine, I guess you can have them. It's not like I paid for them anyway." Thank you other people's credit cards for fueling Whirl's alcoholism! Another sigh when Blast Off asks about his injuries. "Yeah, he punched me pretty hard. Whatever, it's really not that big a deal. Why do you care anyway? Going to gloat about it? Tell me I deserved it? Tch!"

He gives Brainstorm a parting look as he departs. "A dress? Like what an organic would wear? Hrm, I guess she got it on Hedonia. A shame Skywarp had to fuck it up for her."

Looking over his shoulder from the doorway Brainstorm nods "Yeah, it looked good on her too" and ofcourse he was not the one commenting about how inconvenient it looked. Nope, not at all. And even if he was, it's not like he would tell these two. He's neither stupid nor suicidal. "I'm sure she'll be happy to know that you guys really are getting along" the tone of his voice caries a certain implication for the attentive. 'just keep at it like that, and you'll please her' it says. 'Feel free to give Skywarp whatfor' it doesn't say, but that would be a good bonus to all that, wouldn't it?

Blast Off downs the shot, looking smug- until Whirl states he didn't pay for them. Scrap. So he's sticking it to- who the smelt knows. Ah well. For some reason he had enjoyed irritating the cyclops, maybe getting a little reaction from the mech. He has no idea why though. Looking at the cracked optic, he frowns. "I...who said I care? I don't care! Petty squabbles are beneath me anyway." He looks away, making sure to wear his best *aloof* haughty expression as he does so.

"I... admit it seems odd envisoning Mercy in a dress. And yes, that *is* something I think...*organics* wear." The way he says organics demonstrates that he does not think highly of them. "I can imagine better things for her to wear..." he mutters into his glass as he finishes it and puts it back down. Listening to Brainstorm, the Combaticon feels relief... not catching the subtleties in his tone yet again. "Very good! Yes, please do let her know." He looks mildly satisfied now as he reaches for yet another drink.

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