2015-09-02 Shocking Behavior, Dangerous Undercurrents

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2015-09-02 Shocking Behavior, Dangerous Undercurrents
Date 2015/09/02
Location Lost Light
Participants Whirl, Blast Off
NPCs Shockdrop
Scene GM Mia
Summary Whirl guards Shockdrop as Blast Off comes in to ask the prisoner a question. What happens next is shocking in more ways than one as raw nerves are laid bare and action is taken.

Jail sucks. It is a place that Shockdrop has never been to before. In all his long career as a thief and a con he's never been captured. That is until the Lost Light happened to him. He did his job for Lockdown and for that it has earned him capture. So here he sits. In a cell. With Whirl as a guard. Of all the potential guards it is Whirl that is perhaps the worst choice for it, as Shockdrop wioll have ranted through the bars multiple times now. After the latest tirade he has slinked to a back corner to recharge his frustration and courage.

Whirl is a terrible choice for a guard, especially when you take into consideration his history of beating the shit out of people in his custody. Nevertheless, he was the only one that excitedly volunteered for it so that's how it's going to be. For the most part Whirl has endured Shockdrop's tirades with the aide of a flask he has been taking swigs from but it's just about empty and he still has a whole shift to go.

"Hey. HEY!" Whirl picks up a long pole he dragged into the room earlier and shoves it through the bars to poke and prod at Shockdrop without having to leave his seat. "I'm bored. How about you start yelling or something?"

Blast Off is NOT here because Shockdrop flattered and flirted with him earlier. No, no, of course not. No, he's here because Shockdrop mentioned working for Lockdown and the Combaticon, once a mercenary himself, is curious to find out what Lockdown and his crew are doing these days. Swindle and others used to deal with him and Blast Off figures it's good to know what someone like Lockdown is up to. That's the whole entire reason he steps into the jail holding area, stifling the natural aversion and unease he starts getting whenever he's near a jail cell (he has spent far too much time in one through the years). And he's definitely NOT thinking about Shockdrop calling him a *pretty bird* and complimenting how handsome he looked, and he certainly is not curious if the rotary actually meant all that or was just toying around with him. *cough*

As he steps into the area, he hears shouting and OMP you have to be kidding him. Whirl? AGAIN??!! The shuttleformer stops and glares at the rotary- er, the one NOT in the jail cell. "....How about I contact Ultra Magnus and inform him you are mistreating prisoners?" He does not sound amused.

Shockdrop either grabs for the pole that is jabbed at him or attempts to bat it away, but that is hard to do with his bound hands. Fortunately though his mouth is not likewise bound. "Try doing that from *in here* you murde-..." The chopterbot stops though as Blast Off shows up. Shockdrop immediately tries to stand, does so, and brushes hands over his features in a failed effort to get rid of some of the crude he now wears. "Why, if it isn't the pretty bird. And here to my rescue no less. Get me out of here and I'll be sure to show my gratitude. All of it. At length." Yes, he has eyebrows and yes, they waggle.

Whirl twists and yanks the pole away when Shockdrop grabs at it, not wanting him to take it and use it against him. That would be embarrassing. "You shouldn't tempt me like that, you know. You might get what you want and we'll both regret it." He ponders for a moment. "Well, you wouldn't because you'd be dead, but I would because I'm the one who has to deal with all the legal consequences."

He spins around when Blast Off makes his appearance and.. ugh, of course. Of course it's Blast Off. "What the hell are you even doing here? We don't have friend practice for another twenty one hours." Not that Whirl keeps track of that sort of thing or anything. Shockdrop's comment gets a long stare from the cyclops, one that slowly drifts over to Blast Off then back to Shockdrop. Then to Blast Off again.

He looks back to Shockdrop. "You could do better."

Blast Off may still be telling himself he's not here out of any interest at all in Shockdrop, and yet when the caged rotary brushes himself off and says.../*that*/ the shuttleformer can't help but stare a moment, then glance away with a stutter and cough of engines. ".... I... uh..." His gaze darts about the room- anywhere but Shockdrop (or Whirl) as a wing elevon twitches, then he collects himself and straightens once more. Aloof and unaffected, right? He's a mighty Combaticon warrior and this sort of thing doesn't affect him at all. *another hiccup of engines*

"...I cannot do that, I do not have that... authority." He wishes he did. No, wait, focus. "*Ahem* I.. I did not come here for...that, I am simply here to do business. I wanted to know-" Then he stops and it's his turn to stare at Whirl. "I beg your *pardon*? Are you blind? I would be quite a... a catch!"

"And you could do well to shut your trap, Autobot. Legal consequences. Like you have EVER had to deal with those, you piece of trash," Shockdrop spits at Whirl. Sweet and smooth with Blast Off but he snaps his attention to Whirl as he approaches the bars. It will be safe. Blast Off will protect him. "How many have you murdered without even considering it? Oh right, you lost count. I am sure. If you are so sure about being able to kill me too then do it. I welcome the opportunity to prove you wrong, boltlicker."

And then heeeeey buddy! All sweets and smiles for Blast Off. "By the Allspark, you would be! Look at those thrusters! Imagine the ... lift." He winks. And then he oogles. "Even a neutered Decepticon like you has the authority if you really want to, pretty bird. You *assert* the authority you want, remember? Or am I the only one that remembers the old ways? Shame a pretty shuttle like you has gone softsparked. It's okay though, even Auto-whipped I still like the likes of what I see." He winks again.

Whirl seems unaffected by the vile (but entirely factual) insults coming out of Shockdrop's mouth as he continues to just stare at him. Some would say he has an excellent poker face but he still hasn't managed to win a game of poker without cheating. "If you're trying to get a rise out of me, you're going to have to try harder. I don't know what you were expecting, but I have no problem being called a murderer. I like it. I like killing, and I'm pretty damn good at it as I'm sure you've noticed." It's only when Shockdrop returns to very obviously hitting on Blast Off does Whirl react, starting with a flicker of his optic and then the slamming of his claws against the bars that confine the other rotary.

He keeps his cold glare on Shockdrop even as he addresses Blast Off. "Are you really here for business or are you trying to tell me his horrible attempts at flirting are actually working?" He turns his head just slightly and gives the shuttleformer a look over his shoulder. "That's really fucking pathetic if so. Come on, nerd, have a little more self respect, yeah?"

Unfortunately for Blast Off, Shockdrop is hitting all the right spots. The shuttle's already big ego starts soaring with every sweet and smooth word. He doesn't trust Shockdrop, and he knows the other mech is still likely playing him at least to some degree ...but slag it all, if those words aren't just what Blast Off likes to hear. The way he dresses down Whirl brings a smirk to the face under his faceplate as well. Heh, preach it, brother. By the time Shockdrop gets to *lift*, Blast Off is practically preening already. Glancing about the room with a final sputter of engines, circuits suddenly feeling a bit warm, he finally pulls his attention back to the prisoner. "I.. well," He tries to give a modest (but not really) little shrug. "...Yes. My, uh, thrusters are... pretty big."

"I'm a /rocket/ ship, after all, we have more power... not to mention speed.... than a groundpounder could ever dream of..." He's about to start preening again when Shockdrop says the word *neutered*. This brings everything to a sudden halt. The Combaticon- the former renegade and rebel- stiffens. "...Neutered?" His head tilts ever-so-slightly as he listens to the rest, what can be seen of his expression becoming unreadable. He remains still, though there's another subtle twitch at the word *softsparked* and *Auto-whipped*. The preening is gone and an uncomfortable silence has replaced it. "I... I'm not... Well, I mean..." He glances at Whirl before turning back to Shockdrop a bit more forcefully. "I am NOT neutered. I am NOT Auto.../Auto-whipped/. I /CHOSE/ to be here, to be part of this crew. I CHOSE it. I'm here because of /choice, not command/." Shockdrop may or may not know much about Blast Off, but implying he's doing things because he's told, because he's *beaten*.... is triggering a sore spot- a massive one. The end of the war, choosing this mission to avoid a chip in his head and to return to space.... oh, there's a lot of sore spots here actually. The proud renegade reduced to... to THIS.

Suddenly there's Whirl again, slamming his claws down and causing Blast Off to glance, startled, at the cyclops. His armor plates begin to bristle as he looks at Whirl, then Shockdrop. "YES, I am here for business, and NO, I am not here for THAT. And even if I *was*, what's it to YOU anyway? Now let me be so I can conduct business because that... because business is definitely *why* I am here!"

"Yeah, because *choosing* to be Auto-whipped is sooooooooOOoooooooOOoo much different than just being Auto-whipped. It's all the same, pretty bird. You've got this boltlicker's interface cable so far up... look, I get it. You're a mighty Combaticon," Shockdrop states, complete with eye roll. "Who just happens to *choose* to be on an Autobot ship. Working with Autobots. Doing Autobot things. Combaticon, home of the fiercest warriors... who just happen to like rolling over and doing whatever the victor tells them to do. I guess one of the prizes that the Autobots get to lay claim to is the dominance over pretty little Combaticons." Shockdrop shakes his head and turns away from the bars. He's not going to find any salvation here. Business, huh? Well, that he is good at. he's had a lifetime of it. Blast Off was a glimmer of hope, of something personal but well... who was playing who? "Used to be a time when things meant something. When we all woke up and realized what had been done to us, as a people. How we were kept down and forced to stay there. The Autobots adopted that and sure looks like they are making good on doing that now." He gestures with bound hands to Blast Off.

Shockdrop slumps to a seat in the middle of his cell. "You want me to try better, Whirl? Well, I sure am comforted to know accept what you are. Listen to him, Blast Off. *Gloating* about killing us. And you *choose* to ride with that." He shakes his head and when it ends he looks at Whirl. "I wish the war was still going on. You're the poster child of everything we would have fought against. You have any idea of how many Cons you inspired to sign up, you alone?"

And suddenly the tables have turned. Now Shockdrop is giving Blast Off the business and it's so.. it's so great to bear witness to someone finally telling Blast Off how it is. Someone who just earlier was flattering and flirting with him which makes it extra satisfying for Whirl. All those times Blast Off bragged about being a shuttleformer? And a 'mighty Combaticon?' Using his percieved status to feel superior? Maybe now Blast Off will think twice before pulling that crap again. "See what I mean? I told you, you could do better."

Whirl walks along the cell, dragging his claws over the bars to make a very jarring, very annoying clanging noise as he goes. "All of them, I imagine. I would even go so far as to claim credit for the Decepticons ever becoming a thing." He looks between Shockdrop and Blast Off. "You're welcome, by the way."

As Blast Off stands there and listens to this, for a while all he can do is stare at Shockdrop as the other mech seems to reach into his very spark, his pride, everything he ever fought for and believed in about not only his job and role but also who he himself is- and tears it to shreds. Violet optics pale, almost boring into the prisoner. The mention of Whirl's interface cable earns a startled, irritated glance to the cyclops, then his staring resumes towards Shockdrop. For a long moment, he can't even speak. There are things he'd like to say, but he doesn't dare say them aloud in the presence of an Autobot, so his mind races to find an acceptable format- one that won't land HIM in the jail cell next to Shockdrop.

He takes a step towards Shockdrop's cell, fists clenching and unclenching, and when he speaks, his cultured voice has gone quiet and frosty. "I am... *no one's* prize. We... we lost, yes." Even actually admitting that is difficult. He's spent most of his time since losing the war simply ignoring the reality of this as much as possible. Denying it whenever he can. He's never had to actually *defend* his choice to be here before, and... he's floundering, trying to think of something that sounds convincing while not completely abandoning everything he believes in- or his pride. "But the Decepticons- and the Combaticons- are still here, still important, and we /will/ rise again." He pauses, a quick glance to the resident Autobot. "...This is... this is THEIR chance to live up to all those *noble ideals* they insist they actually believe in. If not..." His voice trails off and he leaves that unspoken. He's.. not exactly sure what, then. But he walks a fine line as is- he's already a jailbird and renegade and mercenary- few Autobots OR Decepticons would have a lot of reason to overly trust him- or his loyalty.

Whirl does not help by rubbing figurative salt in the wounds, either, and the Combaticon turns to look at him with some true distaste. That's right, of course- Whirl IS basically the symbol of everything the Decepticons fought against. For some reason what Whirl says really angers him (it's probably just that horrible noise he's making, right?), though he works to keep that anger under control. His trigger finger twitches. "Don't *ever* tell me to thank you.... not for... *that*." Still smarting from the earlier things, he quietly adds with a roll of his shoulders, "Don't ever tell me what to do."

The claw-rattling has a very jarring effect on Shockdrop. He reaches up to try to cover his audios only... bound hands. "GUH! You want us to think you! Maybe in your sick mind you *honestly* believe you are responsible and want to claim credit for the Decepticons. Sure is an easy lie tohide behind, like all the others Im imagine! This insanity thing? I . AM. SO. TIRED. OF. THE. ACT! No one buys it, you dimbulb! Do you think any of us find it amusing??? It's sick that you do it to amuse yourself. You're so obviously sane, so *clearly* putting on this act to hide behind because we know you're too *scared* to have the *courage* to do the one thing you can't find the parts to do. The one thing we'd all be glad for, even YOU, if you had the spark for it," he snarls.

Shockdrop's rage seems to fade as he looks to Blast Off. "No wonder you're so pretty, because you are so dumb, hot wings. Still important? The Decepticons and Combaticon *especially* lost all importance when you surrendered your struts."

Shockdrop then shakes his head at the pair of you. "Look at you. Cowards. Both of you. One too scared to end himself and the other too afraid to fight on. And I'm the one behind the bars.... hah. Well, at least there is some difference between you, in that one wears their ugliness for all to see and the other tries to mask it. Hint though, you're both the same because you're both failing."

Whirl can't remember the last time someone called him out on his insanity, or rather his actual sanity, nor can he remember if anyone has EVER been so bold as to suggest he do the universe a favor and finally off himself. To his (not)face, at least. It really catches him off guard and his immediate reaction is to just stare in stunned silence at Shockdrop before taking another swing at the bars with his claws. Good job, looks like Shockdrop finally found a sore spot to dig his fingers into.

Upset and at a loss for words, Whirl says nothing in response to Shockdrop's incredible rudeness but he does react in another way. He grabs that pole again with both claws and rams it between the bars of the cell, jabbing at Shockdrop with a barely contained rage. So badly does he want to open up that cell and tear the guy apart but someone had the foresight to hide the keys before making him guard for the day.

Blast Off is not spared Whirl's ire either and the cyclops spins around to give him a glare through a flickering optic. "Go frag yourself!" he snaps, yanking the pole out of the cell so he can brandish it as he approaches Blast Off now. "You're not my boss! You have no authority and you sure as hell don't have my respect! I'm going to tell you whatever the hell I want and there's jackshit you can do about it!"

Here it comes!

Shockdrop is ready. As Whirl stabs at him he shifts, moving those cuffs to get in the wait of the point of that pole. And he does! What the former Con didn't anticipate however was the force behind Whirl's anger. So sure,t he cuffs might be run through but so is he. "Arrrrrrggggh!" His side leaks energon as the pole is pulled free, and spurts of it paint the interior of the cell. Not goo. But hey, his hands are free.

Shockdrop rolls to his side, to conceal the hands thing but also to attempt to contain the leakage somewhat. "Just like an Autobot coward! Asserting himself over an already beaten, weak bot!" Yes, he means the Combaticon there.

This is NOT going how Blast Off had expected. If he was honest with himself (news flash: he usually isn't) he was hoping to learn about Lockdown and flirt with and possibly get to know Shockdrop better. He listens to the other mech tear into Whirl next and has some sort of strange conflict between gloating at this and having some weird sort of twinge about Shockdrop encouraging Whirl to... off himself? Right now though, in the heat of anger, he's feeling more of the former and his cold expression reflects that. The cold smugness fades as Shockdrop addresses him again and now turns plain /cold/. Those fists clench once more, Blast Off quietly seething while still working to maintain composure.

"I had NO-" He very nearly slips right then and there and says *choice* but catches himself just in time. It's the truth, though, he really didn't. Optics dart away again as he tries to think of a way to come back from that, " ... time. Our... our situation was... less than *ideal* and I made the- the choice that made the most sense at the time. I worked with what I /had/, which is what we Combaticons have always done." Even though what they had sure didn't seem like much. "But YOU. How DARE you underestimate me, talk down to /ME/. I *am* a Combaticon and always have been. It is not just a name, it is a way of life, a readiness to fight with skill, power and intelligence towards a larger goal." Which could be anything from freedom to... monetary gain. And speaking of which... "And what about YOU? You, who criticize ME. Notice who is free and who is not. Where were YOU during our final battle- were you there on Cybertron? What exactly did you do for the cause while I was out there fighting- and nearly died for it? Chasing a bunch of other Decepticons instead of fighting the Autobot oppressors, I take it? For *what*? What grand and glorious reason did you have, hmmm?"

This is interrupted as Whirl snaps, attacking Shockdrop- and then advancing in on him. Blast Off stiffens for a second, staring up at the cyclops, then that pole pointing towards him. Shockdrop's outbursts fuel the already raging fire burning within the Combaticon- the shuttle who carries such pride. His gaze turns even more icy, if possible, optics flashing a deeper purple now. "Get that... that *thing* out of my face, Autobot." Suddenly his ionic blaster is out of subspace and pointed at Whirl. "Or I *will* shoot." He knows he's probably falling right into Shockdrop's orchestrations here... but his /Combaticon pride/ is on the line. He doesn't care about anything else right now.

Annnnnnd in this moment, Shockdrop is all too happy to stay quiet.

It may not be as gorey as Whirl would like but it's still SO satisfying to see the gush of Shockdrop's energon once he yanks that pole out of his side, and to hear the cry of pain that preceeded it. If Blast Off wasn't being such a distraction right now, he would've gone in for a second stab and then a third. And maybe a fourth and fifth after that. Also, if it weren't for the shuttleformer, Whirl might've actually noticed that Shockdrop's hands were freed. But he doesnt so... you know, hopefully that wont bite him in the ass later.

Whirl stops his approach when that blaster appears in Blast Off's hands. So many times the Combaticon has threatened him but this is the first time he actually make good on his threats. There's another session of long staring before Whirl finally concedes and tosses the pipe to the floor with a clatter.

"THEN DO IT!" Whirl shouts, rushing at Blast Off with his claws swinging and snapping. What? You thought having a gun pointed at him would calm him down?

Somewhere under that 'then do it!' is another pained cry from Shockdrop. And a loud *SNAP*. This is because those free hands have reached behind him to his back. One hand used to snap off one of his rotor blades and the other to yank his electro-charge component from his back. He uses that to charge his rotors to drop a massive electrical charge being since being taken in that was disabled. Now, with a flick of a hidden switch on it he arms the device. He is like an animal caught in a trap, and will gnaw a limb off to get free if need be. Shockdrop drops the device through the bars - right between where Whirl and Blast Off are about to face off.

"Just like a coward, you need someone else to do the job for you Whirl," Shockdrop growl-chuckles as he pushes up and slashes the bars at the same time as his electro-bomb is about to go off. An electrofying detonation that he is immune to. So, side leaking and back sparking like mad he'll stand to kick at the bars as he means to walk right out of here. "And pretty bird, too scared to act first. You know Whirl, I *do* deserve better but you two, you two can have each other!"

The thing is, while Blast Off does try to remain an aloof, aristocratic gentlemech- underneath there really does beat the spark of a Combaticon and a warrrior. He is *not* an Autobot in Decepticon armor, and there's a cold ability to pull a trigger or launch an attack without losing much recharge about it afterwards. He doesn't *seek* it out, but if it's shoved in his face- well, pride and tradition take care of the rest.

Those claws of Whirl's and this close range do cause Blast Off to take a step back, but his weapon remains right on target- and he's a great shot. Aimed square for Whirl's chest, his finger squeezes down on the trigger to make good on his threat- just as Shockdrop interrupts. Rudely. "Gahhh!" The electrical charge courses through his systems and causes him- and his weapon- to come crashing to the ground, where he hunches and jerks in pain.

There's a split second before the clash between Blast Off and Whirl where the cyclops spots the device thrown between them but with everything happening all at once there is absolutely nothing he can do about it. He's expecting to feel the heat of Blast Off's weapon ripping through his chest but what he gets instead is a flash of light and a surge of electricty that courses through him.

Immediately Whirl goes down, slamming against the floor 'face' first with a loud thud. He can do nothing but lay there, body twitching spastically against the floor, as Shockdrop makes his daring escape. He knows he should do something, ANYTHING, to try and stop him (and spare himself the shitstorm he's going to find himself in when Command finds out what happened) but he's physically unable to do anything except twitch and groan.

Shockdrop stops at the exit, leaking energon. It will make a trail, sure, but he plans to get gone to where Lockdown can pick him up before he is recaptured. His boss might not come for him, but if he gets away on his own... "Enjoy each other," he says down to the two bots twitching on the floor. "And your ship full of dillusional losers." And then he's gone.

Blast Off is furious right now. Furious he didn't get to shoot Whirl, and he really, really wants to, but even more than that? He wants to shoot Shockdrop. For daring to toy with him like this. For insulting everything he is, interferring with his ability to shoot Whirl, and then leaving him twitching and helpless, an embarrassment and a failure. In every way, it seems... as a Combaticon, a warrior, a plausible threat, and as someone who turned another's optic. He can only listen and seethe as Shockdrop insults him once again.

It takes him awhile, but he finally manages to regain some control of himself and sit up. He'd shoot Shockdrop but he's long gone- and he's still half tempted to shoot Whirl, but had enough of a shock that he's coming to his sense and realizing that *might* not be so good of an idea. Might. Instead, he glares at the cyclops. "See what you did!?"

Whirl feels like an asshole. He volunteered for guard duty specifically so he could taunt and abuse Shockdrop, which was fun, but it resulted in him losing a prisoner. There's no talking his way out of this one, especially with Blast Off as a witness who he KNOWS will be more that happy to squeal on him. Finally he lets out a sigh and recovers from the shock enough to roll himself onto his back.

"How was I supposed to know he was going to do that!?" Whirl snaps, matching Blast Off's tone in anger and frustration. "It's your fault too! If you hadn't come in here sniffing around for some helicopter action or whatever it is you're into, none of this would've happened!"

"Sniffing for... some.. my....*WHAT??!!" Blast Off sputters, half because of static still in his system and half because... well, /just because/. That trigger finger twitches again, and he keeps a firm grip on his weapon- though it is no longer pointed at Whirl. "I do NOT... I am NOT... into *helicopters! You- they're- all revolting! I *worked* with one. Bunch of crazy, unpredictable wildcards!" He lets out a loud hufffffff before pausing to collect himself a bit and try to get back on his feet.

"*I* simply wanted to ask a business question, but YOU had to go make him angry and give him a distraction to make his escape with." His optics narrow. "And he DID have a point or two. About you. If you hadn't been so keen on taunting him and living up to *exactly* the stereotype he described, you would have noticed that his hands were free earlier." His optics narrow even more. "I wonder just *how* accurate he was, in fact..."

"Whatever, nerd. I don't really care what tickles your fancy, it's of absolutely no use to me." Whirl grunts and picks himself up into a sitting position, the effects of the shock bomb still lingering. "Personally I found your swooning more sad and pathetic than anything." No repressed feelings there.

Blast Off's comments about how accurate Shockdrop was in his assessment of Whirl's character gives the cyclops enough drive to try and, using the pole he discarded earlier to help prop himself up. "Considering how accurate he was about YOU, I wouldn't doubt him. Besides, you've spent enough time around me to judge for yourself, you're just being an asshole and trying to hurt me."


Blast Off makes it to his feet, having to reach a hand out against a wall and rest against it for awhile. "...." He looks sullenly out the doorway, then the empty cell (again having to repress the unease he feels even being near the thing), then back to Whirl. "I was *not* swooning. I..." He lets out a *huff*. "Whatever. You wouldn't understand." Then he bristles, armor plates shifting, as Whirl proceeds to lay into him, that icy look returning to his optics. "Well, *I'm* not the one who made the first move, I simply responded to you."

Though then that brings a pang of irritation- Shockdrop was right about being *neutered*, wasn't he? The jerk was probably right, and Blast Off hates it.... but he doesn't want to return to the jail cell either, and he doesn't have enough fuel to simply leave this ship and strike out on his own. The shuttleformer tenses, indeed looking around at all the chaos. "Well EXCUUUUSE me," he snarks back. "Yes, you DO have a ...a...situation. And what are you going to do about it? Hmm? Have you even /called for security/ yet? He could still be caught if someone acted fast enough." His trigger finger feels really itchy just thinking about that, though his joints don't want to work properly yet.

"Of course I called security!" No, he didn't. Not yet, at least, but Blast Off's snide remark does remind him that it's something he needs to do. He scoffs at Blast Off and puts in a quick call to alert security about the prisonbreak that totally wasn't his fault, okay??

Whirl tries to shake off the lingering numbness from the detonation, starting to take a few steps around the room. He glances at the cells and lets out a frustrated sigh. "I'm screwed, aren't I? How much you want to bet I'll be in one of these cells for a while?" He looks at Blast Off now. "Heh.. if I do, are you going to come down here looking for 'business' too, or is it only prisoners with faces and hands that you're into?"

Blast Off *just* barely refrains from rolling his optics. "Right, of course you already did." He's willing to bet Whirl didn't remember and is probably radoing them *right now*. He starts to shake his head with a *tsk*... then Whirl mentions being put in a cell, which brings the Combaticon's head back up to face the cyclops. He could actually *almost* feel a twinge of empathy for the mech. That whole situation went poorly for BOTH of them. If he ever finds Shockdrop, he's going to finish that shot he wanted to take- this time at the escaped prisoner. "Blame Shockdrop... if I ever find him..." he lets that trail off, too.

But the rest causes Blast Off's optics to widen and pale. "W-what?" He looks at least momentarily a little like a turbo-deer caught in the headlights. "W-why would you say that?"

Whirl shrugs at Blast Off. "I don't know, maybe because of your aforementioned fascination with helicopters, specifically ones trapped in jail? Or maybe it's more specific than that, maybe helicopters trapped in jail with electric-based weapons systems? I'm just trying to figure out why you were all hot for him." An awkward silence before he quickly adds, "So I know what to avoid! I don't want you bugging me in jail and making googly eyes at me! You're the whole reason I'm in this mess!"

With the effects of the shock bomb mostly gone, Whirl decides this is a good opportunity to get the hell out. He takes the pole, still stained with Shockdrop's energon, and rests it against his shoulder. "I'm going to go hide this somewhere before they find me. Don't snitch!"

"What? ...Fascination with... with *what*?" Blast Off sounds almost alarmed now. This isn't hitting way too close to home, no, of course not. *cough* "I- I have no idea what you're talking about! I wasn't ...*hot* for him. I.... I would NOT come make googly eyes to you! Especially not YOU!" His tone raises in pitch. Yeah, definitely not striking nerves here. He rolls his shoulders again, glancing away as he strives to regain composure. "It's not MY fault, anyway."

Then Whirl prepares to leave, and the shuttle glances back to him- and his pole. He eyes it carefully, but the cyclops seems to have gone from attack mode to cover-his-aft mode. The Combaticon's demeanor begins to return to normal, a more aloof and unimpressed look about him. "Yes, fine. I don't care." He pauses thoughtfully, then adds, "I don't snitch. In fact, if you'd like to just conveniently forget I was even here at *all*, I will happily do the same."

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