2015-08-27 The Inquisition

From Transformers: Lost and Found

The Inquisition
Date 2015/08/27
Location Hedonia
Participants Arcee, Brainstorm, Pipes, Tailgate, Ultra Magnus
NPCs Krok, Spinister
Plot Hedonia
Scene GM Tez
Summary Ultra Magnus questions the leader of the Scavengers. Meanwhile, Tailgate bullies poor, defenseless Decepticons.

While the other Scavengers are hooked on the novelty of a Grimlock who uses his words, Krok has been forced to answer for them all. This is what happens when you are in charge. He looks like generic Decepticon #3. There's nothing really that striking about him. The only thing that stands out is his determined grip on a signaler curled in a tight fist. Brainstorm has already had time to analyze that signal: it connects to their ship, maintains communications, and really doesn't seem that dangerous. Or complicated. He is not willingly parting with it, however.

The Lost Lighters have found a quiet corner for this little chat. The Hedonia authorities give them what space they need and keep a wary distance. Shockdrop otherwise occupied, now it's just Krok and a whole lot of Autobots.

He does not look happy.

Speaking of what happens when you are in charge. Ultra Magnus stands with his hands loosely clasped behind his back, set against Krok in the full figure of Autobot authority in a proposition that essentially comes down to one thematic point, and that thematic point is: overkill. Braced with his feet wide in the broad set of his stance, he turns the weight of his frown on the Decepticon with a particularly mild intonation as he says lowly: "Technically, you were fugitives from galactic justice ever since you left Constancy, if not before. Theirs isn't an authority I'm necessarily here to enforce. It is merely ... something that I believe should be brought to your attention."

Arcee is standing over by Krok, and she's put her flaming swords away, which is perhaps a good thing for him. But now, she's weilding the laser pistols, keeping them handy in case of any nasty surprises.

Pipes stands behind and to the side of Ultra Magnus. His arms are crossed and he's trying to look imposing himself, which is difficult when the gigantic Duly Appointed Enforcer of the Tyrest Accord is front and center. And when you are much shorter than him.

Brainstorm is neither an interigator, nor really suited for, or even wanting to appear to be suited for, intimidation, or security of any sort, so he isn't trying to put on a show for their prisoners like some of his shipmates. Instead, he's standing a bit to the side, fiddling with the remains of Shockdrop's weapon -- his souvenier from the fight. That's not to say that he isn't paying any attention to the interogation. He might only be looking up from time to time, but he is listening quite atentivley.

Tailgate can't say that he expects Arcee to need to use her pistols; he's given them at least a few concerned looks thusfar, tucked at the back behind Ultra Magnus, out of the way. He's here for-- moral support! Or something. Since he lacks extensive skill in policing or law. Technically.

Spinister drifts in and takes a seat down next to Brainstorm as though he hasn't a care in the world. It's Tailgate and Pipes that he sends a quick, suspicious glance, but a gesture from Krok stills him. Returning his attention to Brainstorm, Spinister says, "You're going to break that."

"We didn't recognize their authority to hold us," Krok says somewhat blandly. His hand tightens around the signaler clenched in his fists, and he adds with more feeling, "And we had somewhere to be. I notice /Grimlock/ is with you, anyway, and last we saw him he was being held by, uh, galactic justice." Although he doesn't finger quote, he obviously thinks it.

"It's already broken" Brainstorm points out, too occupied by his new toy at the moment to bother checking who said that "Besides, I know what I'm doing. I'm a weapons engineer." Then he looks up, looks his new neighbour over, and scootches a bit away. The war may be over, and he may pass Decepticons on a daily basis now, but he's not taking any chances with unfamiliar Cons, even those in custody

"Yes," Ultra Magnus states with an extreme neutrality so flat and bland that it is hardly possible to detect that it conceals severe annoyance (right? Right? no one can tell?). "That has been legally resolved."

The weight of his level gaze across Krok, he says: "There are numerous petty accusations that could be leveled against you and your ... team, all of which comprise little more at this point than a certain threat. Grimlock may have more to say about it than I do. What I want is information. You are carrying a certain item. It is an item that has attracted ... attention. Do you follow me so far?"

Pipes doesn't follow, this being his first encounter with the Scavengers. However, he does have a certain "accusation" he wants to make - not so petty to him - and he's impatiently waiting for an opening in the interrogation to get it resolved. For now he just straightens his stance and puffs up a bit, trying to contain his grumpiness.

Suspicious glances and all, Tailgate lifts a hand to Spinister's looking at him, and this leaves him promptly wondering if it's appropriate to wave back. Why not? He's near enough that he catches the exchange too, and Brainstorm's subsequent scooting away. Rather than make it even more awkward, Tailgate ventures closer and sits down next to Spinister. "Hello."

Arcee polishes her pistols, then looks at Krok for a long moment before stepping away from him and striding over to Brainstorm. For now, Krok can feel like less of a target.

Somewhat impatiently, Spinister says, "You're going to break it /more/." He reaches for the weapon with an handsy grab. He is perfectly willing to wrestle it from Brainstorm if he has to, which is just what everyone wants to deal with right now, especially as he gives Tailgate a borderline hostile look. "Watch it, Autobot." Is Tailgate even wearing an Autobot insignia? He's just assuming.

Krok relaxes minutely as Arcee walks away only to tense as he keeps a close eye on Spinister. He answers Ultra Magnus with some distraction: "What, you too? --how much would you pay for it?"

Arcee whispers “Any idea what that thing is Krok is holding onto? It looks kind of like a signaling device to me.”

Ultra Magnus looks offended for a visible beat before he regains control over the neutrality of his features. Then he looks a little blank, and turns his glance aside in a brief survey of the rest of his team. "I want to know what it is," he says, ticking off on one finger, and then the rest, finger by finger, tick, tick, tick: "Where you got it, who is looking for it, and how they found out you had it. Are you /selling/ it?" Oh is /that all/.

"I said I know what I'm doing!" sounding rather insulted by the implication that he doesn't know how to do his job, Brainstorm pulls the weapon out of Spinister's reach, scootching away even more. Not too far, however, as the arival of his shipmates makes him a bit bolder. Even Arcee is a welcome presence. Especially Arcee. Speaking of Arcee. "It is. It maintains comunications with their ship."

Even if he is, Tailgate's just so unassuming. Are you scaaared? Tailgate doesn't seem to actually be phased by the attempt at warning, perhaps because he has never had Decepticons use it as an insult on him for millions of years. There's a contextual fear that's missing there. All the cons he's ever known-- have been on the Lost Light. "Sorry." Apologies from 'Autobots' are probably weird.

Arcee nods to Brainstorm, looking pensively over at Krok and that little comm-device he's carrying. She slowly strolls back over to stand right next to him again. Lucky Krok.

"What is what," Spinister asks with a narrow-eyed, suspicious stare at Brainstorm. "What are you doing? Are you being funny?" He leans closer to watch Arcee as she walks away much like one might watch a live bomb. He edges away from Tailgate, who continues to be a source of paranoid discomfort. "Stop looking so innocent!" His rotors twitch.

It takes surprisingly little time for Pipes' patience to wear out. He stumps up next to Magnus, his optics narrowed and focused on Krok. "And while you're thinking up the answers to those questions, here's another one for ya, you reckless ... careless ... ninny! Why did you run me over in the parking lot? Don't you have any sort of respect for innocent bots around you? Would it have been so hard to just, I don't know, drive /on the pavement/ like a reasonable bot?" One might note that this is actually three questions, but Pipes is flustered enough not to notice. His hands are held out in front of him, fingers splayed, beseeching.

"The device your leader's holding" Brainstorm explains, anoyance in his voice. What's this guy's deal anyways? "Funny? I'm trying to figure out how this works" he gestures at the gun "Or atleast I was until you started bothering me."

Krok gives a pretty broad shrug for such otherwise unimpressive shoulders. His shoulders really can't compare to Ultra Magnus's stacks. "It's just a unique field generator we picked up on Clemency." Belatedly, he adds, "It's Decepticon." More belatedly, he says, "Legally, it's ours. That's what we do. Legally. We're expropriation specialists." LEGALLY. He wields the word like a weapon against Ultra Magnus's Ultra Magnusness, but he doesn't seem as intimidated by him as he really ought to be. Then again, DJD. Ultra Magnus. Might /bore you to death with law/, but probably less painfully than Tarn. His idea of terrifying has been revised upward of late. "We put it out for sale on--." Read: Decepticon Ebay. "But if you...?"

Krok breaks off as his next attempt to get Ultra Magnus to outbid their current buyer is interrupted by Pipes. "Who are you?" he asks somewhat blankly. "That was you? I thought it was -- you know, one of theirs." He flickers a gesture in the direction of the Hedonian settlement. Mistaking a Cybertronian for a sparkless car is probably pretty rude.

"I confess to some doubt as to your credentials, Krok." Ultra Magnus pronounces the name with extreme precision, as if slicing it from the air with an exacto knife. "Who is your current buyer? I presume it was not the electric personality we met earlier."

Pipes huffs. "Oh, right, likely excuse. You can't even recognize one of your own kind when he's right under your wheels. Right. No way am I believing that. Why should we believe anything else you say? I mean, Magnus, really." No satisfaction for Pipes.

Someone accusing him of looking too innocent is-- new. Tailgate's visor rises a bit when he eyes Spinister at the-- accusation? What is it? "I'm-- sorry?" He apologizes -again-, a hand lifted to touch at his cheekplate. "I mean-- I didn't want to be rude." Don't look at the schoochy Brainstorm, don't do it. He looks away as Pipes starts laying into Krok, however. A decent distraction. Aw, Poor Pipes. Mistaken for a local!

"Things were hectic," Krok says with some heat. "You shouldn't have parked so close." He certainly doesn't apologize though, or show a hint of remorse. He glances back at Ultra Magnus and tightens his fist. "You really don't want to know his handle--" But chances are good it's something like AutobotKi113r_007! "--but he has a good reputation. We've just been waiting to sell so we can fuel up the WAP and get off-planet."

Arcee gives Krok an incredulous look. Is he /really/ trying to interest Magnus into putting a bid in on that 'unique field generator'? Really?

Brainstorm might be distracted by Krock's annoying buddy here, but the words 'unique feild generator' cause him to perk up and look over to where Ultra Magnus is interogating the Scavenger leader. "How do we know it's even the real deal?" he throws in his own question "Maybe I should take a look at it first" it's totally because he doesn't want anyone to be scammed -- nah, he just wants to get his hands on a neat piece of tech, maybe pull some weapon ideas from it

"Oh, that." Spinister looks unreasonably aggravated, returning Brainstorm's annoyance double. "No, you're being funny. I can tell. You and that tiny creep." He shifts, moving away from them only so that he can keep an eye on /both/ of them. Tailgate especially. "Stop it!" he snaps again when Tailgate apologizes. He startles back when Tailgate lifts his hand. "Ah! Knock it off! Krok! Krok, he's threatening me!"

"Yet the item appears to be ... 'hot'." Ultra Magnus makes air quotes. He should not attempt to use lingo. Even Prowl would be better at using lingo. "There appear to be a number of bots in pursuit. Lockdown evidently sent Shockdrop after you, and it's not every day I attempt to rescue Decepticons from themselves." He gives a particularly furrowed, dour look to Krok, and then turns out his hand. "I have reason to believe that there were ... others ... close on your trail as well. How long can you afford to wait?"

"Hmm. So close," Pipes replies in a low voice, not really thinking about whether Krok can hear him. If he had visible eyes, they would be narrowed to slits. "I can show you what close really is ..." He's itching to teach Krok a lesson in respect, even if he would most likely get the slag kicked out of him instead. But Pipes is really, really sensitive about keeping his finish intact.

Arcee cringes a bit as Magnus attempts to use the common vernacular, and fails in spectacular fashion. That even embarrassed /her/, and she doesn't embarrass easily. She has a seat on Tailgate's opposite side, as the minibot converses with Spinister. She hates this situation more with each passing moment.

"Why, so you can steal it?" Krok scoffs at Brainstorm. "Autobots are all the same." He puts his hands on his hips and looks up at Ultra Magnus with a certain desperation. "You're not quote-unquote confiscating it just because you think it was stolen. /I/ know that we were within our rights. We're selling it. As we have every right to." After a slight pause, he adds, "Uhm, how many others?" As hard as it is to read his features behind his mask, his anxiety bleeds off his words as he says, "Maybe I can make you a deal."

As he offers, dock control comms Magnus in confusion: "Uhm, Enforcer? Did you have a second ship arriving?"

"If you're implying that I don't know what I'm doing, you, my friend, are /wrong/" turning back to Spinister, Brainstorm bristles in defense of his ego "I am a weapons engineer, and the ship's genius. I know /exactly/ what I'm doing!" this time, it's the scientist's turn to lean in, as if that helps make his point clearer. Not too close though, no. He's still playing it safe.

"If you're implying that I don't know what I'm doing, you, my friend, are /wrong/" turning back to Spinister, Brainstorm bristles in defense of his ego "I am a weapons engineer, and the ship's genius. I know /exactly/ what I'm doing!" this time, it's the scientist's turn to lean in, as if that helps make his point clearer. Not too close though, no. He's still playing it safe.

When Tailgate lifts his other hand, Spinister flees. Luckily for his chances of not getting shot in the back by Arcee, he flees to join the other Scavengers rather than running for freedom. Safety in numbers and all.

Ultra Magnus looks up and turns his gaze slightly to one side. His expression stays largely neutral. He lifts his wrist with the communicator and says: "No, I can't confirm any additional people coming in. Clarification?"

Taking half a step back as he lowers his hand again, he tells Krok: "If you wish to deal, better do so quickly," and glances aside at Brainstorm with a shift of the edge of his helm like a browlift that could, in some contexts, be read as encouragement.

Brainstorm watches as Spinister runs off without giving a response, then looks over at Tailgate, briefly twirling a finger at his helm. Crazy, right? Ultra Magnus' look draws his attention back to the interogation, causing him to perk up again, then stand up and step up closer, looking between the enforcer, and his prisoner 'hurry up and make a deal then!' the look seems to say.

"The Inquisition is requesting permission to dock and it is registered to the Duly Appointed -- oh, I see the confusion. I apologize, Ultra Magnus." With that, dock control switches off. Wrong number.

There's a moment wherein Ultra Magnus is quite still, although if he were holding a pencil, there seems to be little doubt from the set of his jaw and the tension in his still fingers that it would have just snapped in half.

Tailgate shrughands at Brainstorm. He was being NICE, you saw! Magnus gets a look of concern for all his tension. "What's wrong?"

"Sure. Let's make a deal. Fill our tanks and it's all yours." It's about this point that the signal in Krok's hand begins to flash an urgent warning. At first, he misses it. The light, after all, is covered in his fist. Then it beeps louder, louder, LOUDER PAY ATTENTION TO ME. And so he opens his fist, entirely neglecting the Autobots, to activate the alert which informs them all: "Break-in in progress, break-in in progress." (Somewhere, whatshisface is probably laughing.)

Pipes picks up on Magnus's sudden change in mood, and it momentarily derails his designs on Krok. Then, when the signaling device announces the break-in alert, he initially has the sense that karmic justice is at hand for the Decepticon, but then gets the sinking feeling that the Lighters might actually end up helping him by investigating what's going on.

Arcee smirks, folding her arms across her chestplate. No /way/ does she want to get dragged into these nitwits' drama. No way, no how.

"Is that a raid on your craft?" Ultra Magnus can't straighten up, because he is already as straight as a board, but he levels a glare of new focus on Krok, shaken loose from whatever immediate rigidity had struck him from his other call. (/Duly Appointed/--) "Did you leave your merchandise aboard?"

"Yes." Krok's voice is a little thin. He pushes suddenly past the Autobots to move toward the other Scavengers. "Yes, yes, it's there, and someone's trying to steal it!"

Overhead, a shining ship sweeps in for a landing at the not-so-distant dock. It's a familiar ship, last viewed by the Lost Lighters on Theophany. The dock where the ship lands is directly west; the dock where the Scavenger ship lies is due east.

"Everyone, /intercept/," Ultra Magnus orders in a sharp crack. There will be time enough for his identity crisis at a later time. For now, there's a chance to find out what the hell is going on, and it's roughly equidistant between those docks.

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