2015-08-26 Scavenger Hunt

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Scavenger Hunt
Date 2015/08/26
Location Hedonia
Participants Arcee, Blast Off, Brainstorm, Grimlock, Pipes, Tailgate, Ultra Magnus
NPCs Shockdrop, Crankcase, Fulcrum, Krok, Misfire, Spinister
Plot Hedonia
Scene GM Mia, Tez
Summary Everybody wants a piece of the Scavengers, nobody's willing to share or compromise.

The chase takes the Lost Lighters down swiftly-emptying streets and to the outskirts of the city where industrial buildings give way to warehouses give way to long stretches of tarmac at the outskirts of one of a number of shipyards. This is one of the /cheaper/ shipyards, which means that there is basically no security, so whoever parks there ship here must either be a) desperate or b) convinced there's nothing worth stealing. Sometimes both. The Hedonians have mobilized their defensive police air units, but they seem stunningly unwilling to engage with three fliers marked by Decepticon insignia. There are advantages to being hated and feared across the galaxy.

The words 'Duly Appointed Enforcer of the Tyrest Accord' clears the path for them, and ensures that Ultra Magnus and his crew are not interfered with. In fact, between Brainstorm's tracking and local cooperation, catching up to the chase is as easy as they could want it to be. If only all things in life were so simple. "I hadn't realized you were already here," murmurs the traffic controller before clearing their path and ensuring non-interference. She is super impressed with Ultra Magnus's efficiency.

In the sky, a maroon jet just slightly leads the pack, but more than once has to double back when one of the smaller ground vehicles takes an unexpected turn. Misfire is as bad with directions as he is with aiming: not a surprise. It's Krok that points them in the right direction, while Spinister occasionally falls away from the pack to go over over something distracting before pursuit forces him to catch up. Crankcase is nonstop complaints that everyone ought to be glad they can't hear; Fulcrum might be screaming, demanding to know what they did now.

Arcee continues the relentless pursuit toward the shipyards in her vehicular mode. "<< We've got them now, >>" she comments through her radio, obviously eager to begin smashing them into bits once they're cornered.

The traffic controller's murmured encomium is enough to strike a few alarm bells, or an alarm gong, somewhere deep in the massive frame that belongs to Ultra Magnus, and his frown seeps through layers of his aspect, furrowing the edge of his helm along with the downward curve of his grim mouth. En route to the shipyard, Magnus's expression is hidden by his form: the long, weighted body of the carrier truck with all its armoring and weaponry is not /super subtle/, but at least taking to actual roads and other such appropriate behavior does not mean the Cybertronians -- these Cybertronians -- are here causing /actual trouble/.

You know. For the moment.

<< I believe we have made complete identifications of each of these ... suspects, >> Ultra Magnus states over the radio to the rest of the team. << However, direct pursuit by law enforcement appears to have spooked them. >>

Grimlock is not very fast. He's not well-suited to things like ground pursuit -- or most things that aren't smashing someone in the face. So it is that he only adds to Ultra Magnus's subtlety by being a literal robot dinosaur on top of a semi-truck. Because. You -- know. LOOK I SAID HE WASN'T FAST. He at least keeps low to the trailer, his hands gripping along the edge a little like he is body-surfing. Wooooooooo. << I might remember them being easily spooked, >> he shares. After a few moments, he adds, << Maybe. >>

"<< What are they suspected of - besides damaging innocent trucks in a parking lot? >>" Pipes responds grumpily. He's still smarting from getting run over - a little - by one of the vehicles in the chase. His handling is off, and he's not sure how damaged his finish is; the latter can become a problem for him in a fight.

Up above the bulk of the group, Brainstorm has a pretty good view of their surroundings, and the scene bellow. Can't they ever just have a simple, pleasant visit? One that does not lead to violence? At least not while he's is around? No, probably not. What was he thinking, wondering if this crew was capable of staying out of trouble for more than a few minutes while groundside? << And why is it any of our business? >> the jet adds to Pipes' inquiry << Isn't this in the locals' jurisdiction? >>

<< They are suspected of being in possession of information relevant to our investigation, and under both the hot pursuit clause of the Tyrest Accord and the agreement of the local authorities we are within our rights to pursue, >> Ultra Magnus states, and as the beam of his searchlight angles up to flash along some Decepticon underbelly, he finishes: << so, at the moment, I am confident in assessing them each with a charge of obstruction of justice. /Really/, Brainstorm, I don't critique your gravitational explosives or whatnot. >>

Encyclopaedic knowledge of the law aside, Prowl can tell you that any policebot can always come up with a reason to arrest somebody. What Ultra Magnus can tell you is how to make it stick. He projects in an augmented order, his dignity and authority not at all impacted by the fact that he has a dinosaur on his back: "By order of the Duly Appointed Enforcer of the Tyrest Accord, you must land and identify yourselves now or be subject to new charges!" Didn't he just say he thought they'd been spooked by law enforcement? In his centuries of being a lawman has no one introduced him to the concept of the /good cop/ in the interrogation routine?

Blast Off did NOT want anything to do with pretending to be an organic at an organic bar- that's why he's spent the whole time still in shuttle mode, shuttling~... up in the air far away from icky organics, thank you very much. But he gets a call regarding trouble, and pursuit, and... other Decepticons? So soon the shuttle is in pursuit with the others, but he's not entirely sure what he thinks about all this. These Decepticons. Hmm. His csanners pick up Misfire, and he maintains a pace far behind the other Con, but one he feels confident in keeping- or gaining- should he choose to. But DOES he choose to?

He radios Ultra Magnus, << Why are we in pursuit? What crimes are they accused of? >> Because knowing Autobots, he's sure the "Scavengers" have been accused of crimes already. He hears Ultra Magnus' response to them all, <<... Well, then... JUST pursue? Or are we supposed to fire upon them when we catch up? Despite the fact that they haven't been proven to do anything wrong?>> Not that he really CARES, mind you. Mostly. Still... fellow Decepticons, and all that.

Tailgate's vehicle frame lacks in size and strength, but he makes up for some of it by being quick enough to keep up with the others. At the moment he has slowed down some to make sure Pipes doesn't feel abandoned or anything-- he was a little too late to say anything to try and get the offending truck to -not- run over him, so maybe some of it is self-inflicted guilt. << I think the locals are scared of us. Or just them. >> Tailgate semi-answers Brainstorm, his response a little unsure, and then Magnus goes on to explain much better. And with an announcement, too! And it's probably not very persuasive, for the bots they're after. << Pretty sure it's just detain, Blast Off! Please don't shoot anyone yet-- >> Tailgate says please, even.

His name is Shockdrop and as that name might imply, he is really good at coming crashing down from on high. His alt form is a helicopter, which is what he was while following the Scavengers to their ship. What he is now, however, is a sleek black plated robot that carries a pair of pistols in his hands, ones that crackle with static electricity. "Don't worry, these aren't for you," he states as he lands (rather dramatically) in the path before the LLers and the Scavengers. "It's for them," he motions to where the Scavengers head. "I asked nice to stay out of this and, it isn't an idea I like, but the boss wants me to offer you all a chance to walk away. Name your price, in shanix or supplies. Or anything else," he grins towards the most attractive of the lot of you here. Enjoy that Blast Off. "You bots need some energon? Done. Just name the price and turn those bright optics of yours elsewhere. This is us asking nice."

<< I kinda love it when the locals freak out on site, >> Grimlock admits, the grin rough and ready in his voice, even if no one can see it. His interest is perked When Shockdrop suddenly lands, all sleek and black and offering things. << Can I hit him? >>

Uh oh. SUDDENLY OBSTRUCTION. "Stop, stop, stop!" shouts the bomb strapped to one of the two ground vehicles. It wriggles, writhes, and finally breaks free of its bindings. The dangerous K-class weapon bounces free and hits the ground hard and--

And nothing.

There's no explosion. There certainly /should/ have been an explosion, but the bomb just lies there a moment before transforming into an otherwise unimpressive Decepticon with a truly heroic chin. The other two ground vehicles just barely avoid Shockdrop and his guns, swerving hard into transformations of their own. A nasty gouge on one becomes a deep cut across the head, while the other -- masked and quiet -- is the focus of their attention as he steps forward. "There's been some kind of misunderstanding."

"Shove it, nerd!" Misfire calls above as he circles around. Spinister, nearby, hovers uncertainly. What is happening.

The locals hover at a distance: present, but largely removed.

"<< How would you like a rocket up your tailpipe? >>" Arcee asks, the launcher on her spoiler shifting to target Shockdrop. As the bomb drops and then transforms, the launcher readjusts position subtly to target the transformed bomb-guy.

"Depends on whose rocket we're talking about, Arcee," Shockdrop says, obviously knowing who the pink femme is. She is one of a kind. Yet, he says that as he gives Blast Off a long, lingering look.

"Yeah you do" Brainstorm mutters, off radio, because he's not so stupid as to backtalk Ultra Magnus. On radio, he gives only a simple response << Alright then. I guess that justifies it. >> And then the chase comes to an abrupt halt as the helicopter suddenly drops down to block the path of the groundbound participants, which means he's stopping too. Way over there, at the back of his group, ready to jump back in to the air, or duck for cover should things get lively.

Tailgate unfortunately cannot disarm a bomb while it is midair(disclaimer: he probably couldn't if it was sitting still, either). He brakes when it hits the ground, and shifts slowly forward when it reveals itself to be a proper bot. Well, that's a relief. If there's something weird going on betweem Shockdrop and Blast Off, he completely misses it. << I don't think anyone -really- wants a rocket up their tailpipe... >> This guy is so weird.

Wheels sliding to a halt in a screek of irritated rubber against the road, Magnus stalls and grumbles like a truck raring to fire. "The Duly Appointed Enforcer of the Tyrest Accord cannot be bribed," he states coldly, echoing from the depths of his frame. He turns the bright glare of his lights across Shockdrop. "You are impeding my investigation. This shall be your only warning."

His advice to the radio frequency of his team is this: << Your orders are that violence is a last resort. These individuals are suspected of holding information we need. We are not here to cause trouble on Hedonia. >>

As the bomb falls from the air, he starts to reverse, even though at this range there wouldn't be that much point, and then jerks to a halt again. With that, he reverts to root mode, standing tall and massive and with Grimlock somewhat unceremoniously attached not to his trailer but to his rocket launchers. He states: "If there has been a misunderstanding, your detention will be brief and informative. In any case, it is a tradition of the law to exchange release for minimal offenses for information provided."

Blast Off flies in, taking note of this helicopter that places himself between the Lost Light crew and the Scavengers. Frowning internally, he comes in for a landing, transforming as he pulls his ionic blaster from subspace. Keeping the weapon pointed to the ground for now, he frowns slightly under the faceplate as Shockdrop starts offering them bribes. Of course, as a mercenary himself once, the shuttleformer is *almost* tempted...but no, those are Decepticons and he is gonna need a whole lot more than THAT to- and then, what IS he doing? Is he... checking Blast Off OUT?!?

The Combaticon is suddenly torn between a state of feeling extremely weird and awkward... and wanting to find a mirror and make sure all his armor is polished and looking just so. WHAT NO. *cough* Focus. Job at hand. ...But why yes, he IS magnificent, he can't blame the guy for noticing.... WHAT NO, FOCUS. At this point he hasn't even noticed the antics of the Scavengers over there. He's a little... distracted. "We are NOT going to be swayed by shanix or bribes, we want to know why you are..."

And then Arcee says that and Shockdrop says THAT and ...and oh my. The Combaticon stops and stares at the rotary, words completely escaping him now. It's also possible there's a slight pink shade starting to creep along under his paint... it actually compliments the violet shade of his optics, which are turning rather pale....

Pipes skids to a halt and converts upon seeing the bomb shake loose, bracing himself for a blast. When none comes, he relaxes only slightly, keeping his eyes on the imposing Shockdrop. Heeding Magnus's advice, he keeps his own pair of pistols holstered. His arm pipes are always ready, though, just in case

There's a moment where Grimlock is left clinging to Ultra Magnus's back, and it's an amazing moment. But then he's on his feet in root mode himself, looking big and imposing and like, you know, the muscle. He crosses his arms over his chestplate to complete that particular image in the manner of someone who is used to being intimidating. He particularly glares /over/ Shockdrop's shoulder to the Scavvies beyond.

"Think of it as less of a bribe," Shockdrop grins as heplayfully twirls his pistols, "And more of a reward. You might want these *losers* but I assure you, the boss wants them *way more*. Dinobot or not, you don't get what you want here. So it isn't like you're going to get them, so why not line your subspace pockets and call it a day?" Shockdrop does consider something though as he turns his attention to Ultra Magnus. It's impossible to not know who this is. "I *might* consider a trade, these scum," he waves a pistol at the Scavengers, "If you give me the pretty bird in the back." The other pistol is pointed at Blast Off. "But... boss would kill me. So, back off bots." He turns, raising those guns to train them on the Scavengers. "Come along willingly as we won't kill you. Much," he promises with a grin.

This sort of situation where Arcee has direct orders not to escalate things is the most irritating sort of situation. She's a bot who takes action, and this sort of impasse is fruitless when there's no heads to smash or limbs to tear off. Magnus wants to talk to these creeps, and there isn't much she can do about it but wait. So she remains there, engine idling. But she holds out hope that an opportunity will open to where she'll be justified in killing the smug Shockdrop.

"Eep." Did you know that Transformers could go eep? Fulcrum does. He shakes Krok's arm. "Krok."

Krok holds up a finger, focused on Shockdrop. "Wait. Are you /sure/ you've got the right group?" He sounds extremely skeptical of the idea that Shockdrop might actually be after them. Maybe he got them confused with some other dashing group of heroes.

"KROK." Fulcrum shakes harder, then points right at Grimlock.

"Oh! Hey, dummy!" That's Misfire's cue to transform and drop from the air to land /right by Grimlock/. He throws his arms like he's expecting a warm welcome. Twitchy trigger fingers would be entirely justified shooting, smacking, or bashing. "You got out! Awesome!"

It's only the fact that Crankcase is missing half his head that keeps him from facepalming.

Tailgate watches the proceedings with a definite intensity-- it's a stand off, right? Of a sort. If this were any other time, Tailgate might also say something about the creep factor going on; as it stands, it just makes him frown on the inside. Quite deeply. It doesn't help the mercenary's case. Same as how landing amongst the Lighters suddenly isn't helping Misfire's. The landing has him suddenly revving his tiny engine. So fierce. "Hey--!"

Grimlock is of a similar mind to Arcee -- there's a restless shuffle of his feet that comes close to a stomping, leashed by orders as they are. And then Misfire is /right there/, and the Dinobot reaches to grab his shoulder and lift him bodily off the ground. (It's not violent! It's just -- aggressive touching!) "You /left me/!" he yells right in the Con's face. (He can talk now!)

Yeah, this is going to end in a firefight. If there's a gun in the scene, someone's gonna shoot it, and if there are a half dozen, even more so. Nice guns though. Shockblast's that is. Brainstorm would love to get a better look at those. Just not from the shooty end. But it doesn't seem like he'd just give them to him any time soon so...hey, what now? Brainstorm shuffles back even further when one of the Cons comes at Grimlock and ... what? "Friends of yours, Grimlock?"

"I have given you your warning," Ultra Magnus says firmly. His rockets wake in a visible shift and wind of his shoulder towers. "I will not be trading with you. I will take in these witnesses by force if necessary." The slight turn of his head rolls his glance past Grimlock, beside him, and Arcee, beyond, before returning to Shockdrop. The reunion going on beside him is not actually that helpful to his point, so he mostly just makes his glare all the more glarey and pretends it isn't happening.

Misfire's dropping-in ratchets up Pipes' nerves a notch. He surreptitiously takes his twin energon pistols in hand. He thinks back sadly to how nice it was to have been shopping just a short while ago. Sigh.

Blast Off is an aloof, experienced Combati9con warrior, and there's NO WAY he's ever GONNA FALL for SOME HELICOPTER WHO's CHECKING HIM OUT and...and... OMP did he just say what Blast Off thought he did? The "pretty bird" blinks. Ok, he's experienced a lot of battle tactics and odd foes but this hasn't usually been one of them. Yep, he's definitely turning a shade of pink under all that brown and purple....

The shuttleformer finally sputters back to life. "I...what??!! What NONSENSE! I am not some bargaining chip ANYWAY." He *huffffs*, then turns his head away haughtily- but not before a quick glance at the rotors on the other mech. Then he remembers that (oh yeah) they have a mission here, and his head turns back to stare at first Misfire and Grimlock (huh?), then the other Decepticons scattered about, then back to the strange rotary. His gun finally lifts back up, violet optics focusing again as he aims at Shockdrop. "You have a job to do. I understand how that... is. But so do we." His voice is back to being calm and aloof, but those optics can't help but shift down again, taking in the sights- then WAIT NO. Back up, focused again. FOCUSED. *HUFF*

"Of course we have the right group! You nitwits didn't even properly encrypt that message you sent out to T-*... You! Just! Guh!" Shockdrop gets too frustrated to continue with words. "Well, not if we take them first, *old man*," Shockdrop growls. "Stay out of this pretty bird," he then grunts at Blast Off. "Be a shame to dent that lovely faceplate." Because with that it is business time, so his pistol is up and he shoots his powerful tasershot at Fulcrum. Shockdrop moves, slippery fast like the slinky conman he is, meaning to meet his elbow right in Krok's face. As Shockdrop moves his rotos spread out behind him from the back of his head, arcs of electricity dancing between them as they build in charge.

"Protect our collar!" Ultra Magnus orders. His rocket launch would be a little slow and unwieldy in close quarters with people to protect, so it's time to wade in instead. He is so far from addressing any of the flirting, guys.

"Well, yeah," Misfire says. He is remarkably nonchalant about being manhandled and yelled at by a Dinobot in the company of a bunch of Autobots. It deserves /far more alarm/ than he is showing. His thoughts catch up to his words and surprise dawns in his expression. "You can talk!"

The surprise is echoed across the expressions of the other scavengers. Except for Crankcase. He's just frowning. Crankily.

Also Spinister, who barely even seems to be part of everything that's going on. He's ignoring them, one and all, to transform and take a seat on the edge of the building above.

So basically it's Krok and Fulcrum who look surprised, and Krok is as much surprised to see Blast Off as anything. "You're working with the Autobots?" he asks in the kind of tone that suggests Blast Off is doing something really embarrassing or really gross. His distraction means that Shockdrop's elbow catches him right in the face. The elbow snaps into and dents his mask, forcing him staggering back.

Fulcrum leads chin-first toward Grimlock. Whatever he means to say is interrupted by the tasershot that catches him mid-stride and freezes him a locked-joint spasm.

Pipes doesn't wait for Magnus's order. He flips up his pistols and starts firing at Shockdrop, slowly moving forward for better aim and to partially shield some of the other Lighters who don't seem as eager to get all shooty. His feelings of regret from a moment ago give way to an odd thrill - is this the adventure he'd been hoping to find by joining up with this crew? Defending some bots from a big bad 'Con, fighting alongside warriors like Ultra Magnus and Arcee?

"<< How many suitors do you /have/? >>" Arcee asks Blast Off incredulously. "<< Because this is a big universe, but clearly, you get around in it. >>" In the meantime, the majority of her attention is on these Scavenger clowns. "<< To hell with this, >>" she finally exclaims, transforming back to root mode and drawing her swords. "<< Let's just take care of this and get out of here. >>"

Looks like break time's over! No, no, Brainstorm's not about to join the fray, he's about to get out of here. Well, not /quite/ out, but definitely away from the fighting and up, in to the sky. He can keep an eye on things from here! Yeah, that's it. Even so, he's still trying to keep some extra distance between himself and Shockdrop. Who knows how far he can reach with that electricity.

"Yeah I can -- /hey/!" Grimlock clearly does not appreciate Shockdrop going and attacking his former friends??? flying companions??? ABANDONERS??? when that is clearly /his/ job. He only has one sword to draw, but it's totally bigger than one of Arcee's okay!! It's bigger!! One is plenty!!! "Don't do anything stupid," he tells Misfire, whom he is still grabbing by the shoulder with his free hand, and drags him along as he closes the distance, not between him and Shockdrop, but him and Fulcrum. "If you guys run, I'm chomping your faces off," he tells them. At least Fulcrum -- you know, /can't/ run. Immediately.

Shockdrop's admonition of Blast Off garners a bit of a subtle smirk from the Combaticon, not that anyone can see it beneath said faceplate. He tilts his head now, studying the other mech- though his weapon remains raised. "I'm a Combaticon, we don't mind if things get... rough." He's distracted from that little exchange by Krok addressing him directly, and the shuttle's focus turns to the other Decepticon. Now a bit of confusion and defensiveness flickers briefly through his face, though it is soon masked by the customary aloofness- and maybe even a new suspicion about why he might be asked such a thing.

"I am STILL a Decepticon. Yes, I am. We..." His optics narrow a bit thoughtfully, "Krok, isn't it? ...Have you had much contact with Cybertron recently? I am not sure I remember seeing you around recently and...well, things have changed..."

Then OMP Arcee. The Combaticon's gaze snaps over to her with a startled sputter. "I beg your PARDON?!" HUFF. "How many... what? None. NONE. I am a warrior, I haven't had much time to go messing around with things like THAT when I've had so many OTHER things to deal with! I'm far too important to bother with such things." What OTHER suitors? PFFFT. And like he'd even be looking. Double PFFFT. "I have NO idea what you're talking about." He rolls his shoulders, straightening and looking generally haughty now, nose in the air.

Battle tactics come in all shapes, but Tailgate knows which one he -isn't- going to adopt. When Shockdrop starts after some of the Scavengers, and the others start in on his offense, Tailgate shifts back to his own root shape, skirting out of the vicinity of active weapons so he can fall back and take another look at the field. Somehow it does not surprise him at all to spy Brainstorm keeping out of it in the air. "Do you have any weird bombs this time?!" He calls upwards, totally helpful. Brainstorm's the guy to ask for those, right?

Shockdrop follows his elbow as he stalks after the retreating Krok. "You *idiot*! Of course you have no idea what it is you took, what forces you are dealing with! You are trying to hustle what could well be the most dang-... Ow!" Before Shockdrop can rant too much he is pelted by Pipes shots, which cause him to stagger off track too. Shockdrop growls. "I told you lamebots to STAY OUT OF THIS! But noooooooo, you have to go and muddle with things you shouldn't, just like these scum. FINE THEN!" His electro-rotors raise, pointing up and then they sweep down, fast. As then come down a wave of electro-magnetic force hits the ground right at Grimlock's feet and spreads out in a wide radius, sure to give anyone in contact with the ground a very serious jolt! This is why he is named Shockdrop afterall. Those taserguns? Pointed at the BIG Dinobot that stalks at him, and Shockdrop fires at him (and Misfire). A lot.

Ultra Magnus is in contact with the ground, electricity coursing through his frame in a tooth-grindy and tense way. "I am not impressed by your danger assessment," he growls, and, in light of all that shocking power that makes close quarters not so smart, he takes two steps backward and fires one of his rockets in a launch that shrieks toward Shockdrop.

"Do I look stupid?" Misfire demands. There's a distant, "Yes," from somewhere above where Spinister continues to ignore the fight. Sputtering, Misfire scrambles to keep up with Grimlock. He shakes himself loose as they close with Fulcrum and grabs him by the shoulder to shake him. "Hey! Pinhead!" He's helping. He shakes him again right as the electro-magnetic wave hits and shocks them both. Misfire /immediately/ retaliates, and somehow manages to send a blast scorching across Pipes' already battered paint rather than at Shockdrop, who he was /supposedly/ aiming at. Crankcase helps Krok up, but rather than throw themselves into the firefight, they sort of -- edge around the side, trying to get to where they can pull Fulcrum and Misfire out of the crossfire without looking too involved. "/Autobots/," Krok hisses at Blast Off.

Arcee notices Crankcase and Krok sneaking around the perimeter, and while Magnus and Grimlock deal with Shockdrop, she slinks over to cut off the sneaky pair, her swords drawn. "Going somewhere?" she asks with a smirk.

Excuse, are you /shooting/ at /Grimlock/? The Dinobot rounds on Shockdrop, whom he /hadn't even attacked yet/, joints all clenching as that electroshock runs through his form. From the looks of him, it's a little like throwing rocks at an angry bull, and while Ultra Magnus chooses the tactic of creating distance between him and the walking electrobot, Grimlock chooses to -- get closer. By leaping with a roar straight into the gunfire and sweeping his sword down in a dramatic arc. HE GRIMLOCK.

The errant (as always) shot from Misfire rebounds off Pipes' chest plate, sending him into a spin. After only a few revolutions, Shockdrop's EM pulse reaches him, creating a electrical tornado around his twirling frame. "OW OW OW OW Ow Ow ... Ow ... ow" he stammers, slowing as his rotation does, until finally he stops, staggers a couple of steps with dizziness, and keels over, still sparking and twitching. Somewhere deep in his processors, he considers sarcastically how he is enjoying his adventure now.

<< Just the Screamer v3. >> Brainstorm calls down from his safe position above the fight. The screamer, new, improved, and very much adapted to wreak auditory havok on everyone in the area /without/ burning out its circutry every other use, brought allong to have something to tinker with to aleviate boredom. << Want it? >> Because he does not want to turn himself in to a target by appearing even remotely threatening. because if what he's seeing is right, that is a very nasty jolt.

Tailgate is too small to be of much use when he's the victim of Shockdrop's widespread electrical stun. "AAaaahhaaaHHhHhh--!" His frame jitters and visor sparks bright blue. Where are your tall friends when you need to climb them? "Oof." Tailgate might be too much of an antique for field work like -this-, as he clatters to the ground and gets a good view of poor Pipes getting careened everywhere. "Pipes!" Because someone has to say it. The minibot crosses over to check on him, still sparking. Is that smoke? Hope not. "Yes!" Tailgate answers Brainstorm above them, all safe and not electrocuted at all.

"All I have to do is keep you all here until the boss gets here and then, and THEN you'll al-*...!" Shockdrop sure is managing to get interrupted a lot! Before he can taunt too much he takes a rocket from UM right to the chest. He lands on his back, his rotors powering down as he can't repeat that trick until he can recharge some. As he moves to stand, lookout! Dinobot incoming! Shockdrop instinctively puts up his hands, and thus those pistols, to defend himself. Slice! Both guns will be cleaved in half! In panic Shockdrop looks at Grimlock and does the only thing he *can* do. He throws his useless half-guns at the Dinobot.

Blast Off glances back at Krok, actually managing his more customary aloof look. "Yes, Autobots." He repeats, as if patiently explaining the obvious to some newspark. Then he points to Grimlock. "He's an Autobot, too, so before you look at ME that way, perhaps you'd care to explain why he seems so FRIENDLY with your friend there? Misfire, right? I think there's a little explaining we ALL might want to do, but-" That's about the point Shockdrop's eletro-rotors give them all a rather shocking experience, causing him to leap up instinctively with another *huff*. "Gah... I think it might be better saved for AFTER we deal with HIM."

He looks at Shockdrop, and can't quite help taking a moment to appreciate those rotors... before a quick shake of his head as he transforms into shuttle mode, soaring up to the sky and circling around, wing lasers aiming at the 'copter now. << We cannot. Those are Decepticons you are trying to take out, and as a Decepticon myself, I'm afraid I cannot simply allow that. >>

Krok exchanges a look with Crankcase. Then they both look at Arcee. Then they look at teach other. First Crankcase, then Krok takes a slow, careful step back. They hold up their hands. On the lists of nightmares that Decepticons tell each other about bad Autobots that will murder them in their sleep, Arcee ranks pretty high. "We were just going over there. You know. Away from this. We're /not/ shooting, by the way. Ask Grimlock. We helped him." And then abandoned him.

Crankcase gives Blast Off a dirty look over Krok's shoulder, but doesn't contradict anything Krok is saying when they want to keep Arcee from carving out their sparks.

Misfire slings an arm around Fulcrum that mostly serves to keep him upright when Fulcrum has otherwise clearly been thrown into stasis by the direct hit. His circuits slowly reboot, but in the meantime, Misfire puppets him around, waving Fulcrum's arm at Grimlock. "Yeah! Smash him in the face!" At least he isn't shooting again. He positions himself with Grimlock very much between them and Shockdrop.

With a sigh, Brainstorm wheels around and dips down to land near the rear of the group, outside the fight. "Tailgate! Over here!" he waves a hand, holding a fairly plain sphere. This one's white, because why not? The engineer himself looks a little antsy, eager to be in the air again, lest their opponent put his electricity in to play once more.

"Your appeal to irrelevant authorities does not change your obstruction," Ultra Magnus states in evident high dudgeon. He readies another rocket launch, but doesn't immediately fire with Grimlock in close quarters. He transmits a rapid beat of << Don't let them escape in the confusion, please. We still want that intel. >>

The sparks fade, and the sky eventually stops spinning in Pipes' vision as he lay flat on the ground. He turns his head and notices Tailgate approach. "Oh, hey Tailgate," he murmurs unsteadily, his vocal synthesizer randomly flipping to higher and lower pitches. "I'll be fine, I just need a minute." He hears Brainstorm summon Tailgate. "Go, go, I'll be /fine/."

Grimlock does not seem very scared by broken guns thrown at him. They do much less damage now than they did before, simply bouncing off his chestplate and the plethora of gunfire marks they left when they still -- you know, worked. The Dinobot growls, swinging the energo-sword to poise right at Shockdrop's throat. Done yet?

"Well that's fine," Arcee tells Krok and Crankcase with a slight smile, and it looks for a moment as if everything's going to go just fine for them...until she begins walking alongside of them, swords still drawn. "Seems like a nice time to take a walk. Think I'll join you." Uh-oh.

Poor Pipes. Tailgate's optics are a little too bright and his touch plenty static. Bzzt. "You sure? Okay! Don't get dead!" Tailgate has very good advice, as he turns to head to where Brainstorm alights near the fight. At least Brainstorm didn't drop it and hope Tailgate can catch. It'd be almost as bad as Swerve's. "Just in case!" He holds the little noisemaker aloft in his hand, momentarily victorious.

Blast Off would give Crankcase his best haughty look in return, if he wasn't in shuttle mode. As it is, he somehow manages a sort of shuttle shrug by rocking briefly upwards so that his wing tips up. He's keeping a scanner on Shockdrop (though Grimlock seems to have him pretty busy at the moment), the Scavengers- and Arcee down there. And despite everything else, he *is* just a little weirded out by Krok and Crankcase's accusatory looks and words. It's not like he's a TURNCOAT. Well, maybe he's never been exactlly the most LOYAL Decepticon, but STILL... he's no bleeding spark Autobot-lover either. And he doesn't like someone thinking he is. AND YET... he's on Arcee's side now. They're teammates. BUT that doesn't mean he will stand by as she murders the Scavengers in cold fuel. Not that she SEEMS like she will... so far. << Just remember, we're all *friends* now. >> Though somehow his tone of voice suggests even he's not sure he buys that entirely.

<< These aren't Decepticons, pretty bird, >> Shockdrop radios Blast Off, and anyone else that wants to listen. << Neither am I any more, nor are you it seems, >> he points out. << These are bottomfeeders. Bots too weak to do the sensible thing that useless bots like them should do. >> Shockdrop vocalizes what Grimlock does not ask of him. "Done," he surrenders. He doesn't hold up his arms but he powers down his weapons systems. He does spare a look over to Ultra Magnus. "That mean you arresting me, lawman? If that is the case, mind if I make my one phone call?"

"That isn't actually how that works," Ultra Magnus says with magisterial dignity. His weapons remain hot as he begins approaching Shockdrop to start putting him in restraints. (Of course he's always got restraints. Don't look at me like that.) "You are being detained."

"Just give everyone a heads up when you use it" Brainstorm cautions the minibot before joining Blast Off in the air again...for naught apperantly as it seems like things are winding down. Finally. The engineer lands again, this time closer to the battlefield, and heads...not for the rest of his group, or for their new prisoner, but to the remains of his weapon. He's alowed to take some souveniers home, right?

Krok and Crankcase attempt to sidle away only for Arcee to keep pace with them: for every sidestep they make, she steps after, until they are crowded up next to Misfire and Fulcrum. Surrounded by Autobots. This is terrible.

"Where's Spinister?" Krok asks Misfire in a low voice. Misfire points up with Fulcrum's arm to indicate Spinister on the roof taking apart something deeply complicated looking, yet non-threatening. It's not a gun, a bomb, or anything that goes boom or bang. Don't get excited. He's just playing. In a louder voice, Krok asks, "We're free to go, right?"

"Yeah, that's what I thought," Grimlock rumbles down at Shockdrop, sword remaining trained on the copterbot as Ultra Magnus steps forward to restrain him. With a sudden bristle, his head whips over his shoulder to glare back at Krok. "You're not free to go until I smash your faces in!"

"Of course." Tailgate learned his lesson when he passed out and awoke to an angry Swerve and an empty bar. Lesson, totally learned. He's a specialist. Thankfully, however, it doesn't seem he needs to use it. Not /yet/. Tailgate keeps the Screamer v3 in one hand as he edges back to Pipes, one optic on the group of Scavengers they've literally coralled.

"I guess in fairness then I should tell you I already made it," Shockdrop retorts to Ultra Magnus. He holds out his wrists as he is to be cuffed. He nods as Grimlock barks his command. "Yes, keep them too. It should make it so much easier for the boss to pick me and them up at the same time." Shockdrop then speaks up, loud enough to be sure the Scavengers hear him. Maybe it is only fair that they know who they have incurred the wrath of. "Because I am sure nothing would make Lockdown happier."

Pipes gets up, his systems recovered, at least from the EM wave. He looks down at his chest, where scorch marks now complement streaks of tire tread. Ugh. All things considered though: a little shot, a little zapped, but still standing. Not too bad. He holsters his pistols and shakes out his limbs a little as Tailgate returns.

Clamping the restraints in place, Ultra Magnus says, "I see," in a tone as implacable as any solid wall. He turns his frown slightly to the side as he eyes Grimlock, and then says: "You are being detained for questioning, not for face smashing*." If this is, as you say, a misunderstanding, we should be able to resolve it. Should we not."

  • It's possible the face smashing will just be a bonus.

As Shockdrop addresses him, Blast Off's attention returns to him once more, <<... I AM a Decepticon. >> There's a trace more defensiveness in that statment than he probably meant there to be. << And regardless of what they are or are not, they wear the Decepticon badge still. I... was a mercenary. I can understand the... trials and tribulations of your job. BUT. The fact remains that they carry that badge and, we have only your word. >> He leaves the fact unspoken that a mercenary's word isn't exactly the most reliable thing in the universe, and he knows how THAT goes, too.

As things seem to get handled down there, the Combaticon finally transforms and lands, eyeing Shockdrop- then Krok and his crew. As Grimlock threatens to smash the scavengers' faces in, he looks a little indignant, glancing towards ultra Magnus even as his grip on his gun tightens. He doesn't make a move, though. Finally, at the mention of Lockdown, Blast Off blinks and looks over to their new prisoner. "...Lockdown?"

"If Magnus has enough cuffs for all of you, I think you're all being detained," Arcee points out to Krok helpfully, smiling slightly as Grimlock adds his 2 shanix into the conversation. Then, she just keeps an optic on the lot of them, swords still out in the event she has to perform a quick decapitation. When Shockdrop mentions that he's in the employ of Lockdown, she wonders how much truth there is to that. It would make a wonderful cover story to throw them off, but if it /is/ true...well, that would definitely make this trip to Hedonia even more unusual.

Misfire affects innocence surprise. "What'd our faces do, dummy?"

As Fulcrum starts to come to and stirs, Misfire releases him. The K-class immediately collapses. Suddenly seated, he stares up at the surrounding Autobots and then hisses at Krok: "He said Lockdown, right?"

"Mm-hmm." Quiet and focused, Krok says little for a moment. He looks from Shockdrop to Ultra Magnus. He weighs the value of protest and eventually says, "We'll comply." When Crankcase groans, loudly, Krok adds, "No cuffs necessary. You really don't want to try cuffing Spinister, either. He's distracted now, but as soon as he thinks you're hostile, it'll get messy."

Grimlock growls something that sounds suspiciously like 'you /know/ what they did,' but with the Scavengers complying with Ultra Magnus's detainment, he at least seems satisfied he'll get opportunities for face-smashing in.

<< You can have more than my word any time you want, pretty bird, >> Shockdrop radios back to Blast Off. The mention of the badge causes him to snort, but not too much because he has that sword right at his throat. Name dropping his boss' name seems to have done what it should have.

"Who's Lockdown?" Tailgate turns his head to whisper and ask the nearest available veteran, who happens to be Pipes.

Pipes slowly shakes his head. "Bad news, Tailgate. Bad news."

Reverting back to the form of the armored carrier that can at least carry several others, Ultra Magnus says: "Come on. We'll deal with any incoming thugs later. For now we'll get some distance. Brainstorm, I'd appreciate it if you can do some signal blocking on our detainees. Just in case."

Hmm. Lockdown. Blast Off studies Shockdrop (TOTALLY in a clinical and professional manner, mind you. TOTALLY), considering what that might mean... and then freezes as he gets that little radio message from the other mech. His gaze turns into a stare, then with a little *cough* and a wing elevon twitch he looks away. Totally aloof. Yes. Totally wasn't stealing a last little glance at those rotors. Nope. Of course not. *cough*

"On it" Brainstorm nods, tucking away his souveniers, before setting to fuffil the request. See, Arcee, and everyone else who critisizes him for not fighting? He is useful!

While Fulcrum talks Spinister down from his perch and Misfire tries his best to look innocent with mixed and mostly failing results, Krok and Crankcase put their heads together (very carefully, in Crankcase's ... case) and then go along with Ultra Magnus's orders. There are few signals to block from them. The only real connection they have beyond standard comms is an alert wired to their ship, and a squad comm. /They/ aren't trying to sneak any calls off, anyway. They are a very well-behaved batch of Decepticons, but then again, most Decepticons at their level would be when surrounded by Ultra Magnus, Grimlock, and Arcee. And the other guys. (Sorry, other guys.) Questioning incoming.

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