2015-08-18 Everything's Better With Fire

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Everything's Better With Fire
Date 2015/08/18
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Brainstorm's Workshop
Participants Brainstorm, Rodimus
Summary Rodimus wants an awesome new weapon, and he knows just the guy to make it for him

Experiments all but overflow the available space: every surface is covered with a project in progress, and chains and cords are strung from the ceiling to allow for suspension of larger parts when building something massive ... or if someone might just want to hang upside-down for a while. For whatever reason. Whatever mad genius orders the mess, it would probably be best not to touch.

Although Hound brought batch one of Ultra Magnus's homework, Rodimus brings batch two, so that he has an excuse to stop by Brainstorm's workshop after. He pokes his head in, casts a glance around to make sure nothing seems to be in progress that will end in explosions, and then moves in with a, "Let's talk bows!"

Having not heard back from Ratchet, Brainstorm has once again secluded himself to his workshop to pore over the souveniers he'd brought back from Ca, neglecting virtually everything else in the room, so there is nothing here that is due to explode any time soon. The only things that seem to actually be doing anything are a loudly humming computer, and the engineer himself, bent over over a microscope. Rodimus would not be blamed if he got the feeling that he'd seen something like it on this ship somewhere.

"Busy!" Enthraled by his work, Brainstorm doesn't look up when the door opens " Unless you're Ratchet go awa-- Oh" The voice finally makes him pause his work "It's you, sorry. Didn't think you'd be stopping by so soon."

"Well, you know--." Rodimus breaks off as his gaze falls across Brainstorm's microscope. He gives it a long look and then looks back at Brainstorm. His expression is blank. Even for Rodimus, it's blank. He looks up. In the end, he doesn't comment.

Now, what was he saying. Rodimus was saying ... Oh! Right. "Ratchet hasn't got you fabricating parts or anything, does he? Because if you're helping medical, I can come back later. Otherwise, I sketched out some ideas for you." That's right. He doodled some weapons designs. Aesthetic is so important, you know. Tossing the datapad onto the counter next to Brainstorm, Rodimus makes himself at home.

Brainstorm retuns Rodimus' look with one of his own 'What? Did you come here to stare at my equipment?' the look says. Brainstorm himself doesn't say anything. He just stares back at Rodimus until he starts talking again

"No, still haven't gotten word from him. I'll see if I can catch him later" he doesn't explicitly say 'so I'm free', because he isn't. In fact, it was kind of tempting to tell the captain that yes, he is busy, come back later, but oh well "Let's see them then" the weapons engineer picks up the data pads, fully confident that they don't contain anything more useful than aesthetical suggestions.

Correct. The most important thing to Rodimus seems to be that the bow itself is red and that the string is either glowing or on /fire/. It's not clear. But it /is/ in his colors: red and gold. There are also a few sketches of just how awesome he'll look holding it and posing on various things. One of those things seems to be Megatron's dead body, so try to keep the datapad out of Soundwave's hands. Crowind over, Rodimus asks, "What do you think?"

If Mercy is the mother who nods and smiles when the kid brings here a picture of a horse labled 'dog', Brainstorm is that weird uncle who gets the picture with ideas for redesigning the car, nods, and then comes up with a way to impliment some of those ideas, and make them even cooler than on the paper. Because he can, and judging from the glow of his optics, he'll enjoy doing it.

"Yeah, some of this could work" he finally sets down the datapads "anything special for the arrows? I could make them catch fire, or electrfy them, or something like that."

"/You can make them catch fire/?" Rodimus looks delighted, despite how very simple this must be for Brainstorm. His back might still be a mess, his spoiler missing, but the glow in his eyes suggests he'd take it all -- twice over! -- if he got a bow out of it that shot fire arrows. "Okay, but no like -- nuclear arrows. Electrifying sounds good. Awesome. Just make sure it looks cool, right? And won't blow up the ship if I misfire one. And make sure the string isn't just like -- a string. I want it to be just as cool as the rest. Nothing un-awesome."

No nukes? Gee, Rodimus, you must be fun at parties. Brainstorm looks almost disapointed, but the glow in the Captain's eyes does not pass unnoticed "Well don't misfire them then!" he suggests "But yeah, cool, got it!" he pauses for a moment, looks down at his microscope, or rather at the crystal shard it's pointed at, then back at Rodimus "Exploding arrows ok too?"

Optimus (Orion) would be disappointed in Rodimus if he asked for /nukes/. Of course he won't do that! Even if it might be kind of cool. "Maybe I have to misfire on purpose! For reasons! To defeat a bad guy! Who knows. You get my point. Explosions, yes, awesome, just nothing that's going to snap the ship in half. The rest I'll leave to you. Don't want to box you in too much, you know. I've got a certain amount of respect for your weapons designs. Let an artist work, right?"

The glow in Brainstorm's eyes near matches Rodimus's own as the later gives him the go ahead to do what he will, and the praise leaves him practically preening "Well of course! I'm the best you'll find for somethig like this! Trust me, you will /not/ be disapointed!" he gives Rodimus' shoulder a good squize to further his point "It will be awesome, don't you doubt!"

What have you unleashed upon this universe, Rodimus?

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