2015-08-17 Stone vs Steel

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Stone vs Steel
Date 2015/08/17
Location Ca
Participants Arcee, Blast Off, Brainstorm, Breakdown, Chromia, Mercy, Rodimus, Slugfest, Soundwave, Tailgate, Ultra Magnus
NPCs Carrin, Collin
Plot Purge
Scene GM Mia
Summary On top of the volcano, the Lefallin twins make their final stand against the joint forces of the Autobots, Decepticons, and others

So the stage is set.

Atop the Temple of the Pure, zealous fanatics bent on your destruction stand at the ready to finish tearing you apart. Above you is the Lost Light, held within some kind of visible electromagnetic field which draws the craft ever lower towards this rumbling structure. Under you is a volcano, set to go off with whatever the Puritans carried into it when they flung themselves in the magma. Autobots and Decepticons might stand together, united now after the series of plights that have drawn them together, here for this moment - but the archpriests of the Pure, the rock armored Collin and the crystal wearing Carrin, also stand ready. Though they appear to be in better health than most of you. They have not been spoked and shredded like Ultra Magnus, nor had their backs ripped apart like Rodimus, and they have not had their feet run through like Arcee.

Ca was a planet not on the path for the Lost Light and it was the mystery of who potentially had visited before that ultimately drew Rodimus (and Soundwave) to bring bots to the surface. The inhabitants, the Lefallin, are a beautiful people and skilled artisans, scholars and thus curious to learn about Cybertron - except for the Puritans. The sworn protectors of Ca and its non-technological ways, a dogma that they have corrupted with their own twisted ideals of destruction for your kind. These two that stand ready to take you all on, their faces have been revealed, and both appear serene, peaceful even despite all the turmoil that goes on above, below and before them. Collin levels the gun he wields, Cybertronian in make and quite lethal while Carrin manifests a wickedly barded spear that he points at the robots that emerge to joint them at the top of the temple.

"And so it ends. Your self-dellusion shall not leave this world, Ca demands it! From the wreckage of your craft we shall spread Ca's will, to purge the perversion that you are and tame the rest of this Galactic Council. For Ca will be saved by our hands!"

Sure, sure. His back has been ripped apart. His spoiler has been /turn off/. But who cares. Rodimus rises above it all, powered by determination and hope and -- yeah, no.

Actually Rodimus just had Mercy flip a switch so that he can't even tell how badly it hurts. By killing those signals, he's also dampened the /useful/ signals that would tell him if he is /doing something he really shouldn't be doing/, so that's basically all he's doing. Bad things. Things that will make Ratchet yell at him, later. Such as:

"Oh, shut up!" Rodimus throws his arm up (and the metal in his back complains accordingly) to point an accusing finger at the C****ns. "Just shut it, you murderous, /hypocritical/ zealots. I see that gun, buddy! Do you think it is invisible? I am so done with you. So done. Seriously, if anyone here is /not/ completely /crazy/, please leave, because we are going to take these guys /apart/."

Mercy winces at the grinding of the metal from Rodimus' back. She's sure SHE will get yelled at by Ratchet, too - 'you should know better, you shouldn't have done it, yadda yadda yadda'. She can almost feel him doing it now. "Careful, Rodimus," she mutters from just behind him. She's not wanting to undermind his /dramatic/ authorty, but she also doesn't want to get yelle at!

Some people, uppon seeing a glimmer of daylight after wandering for who knows how long in dark, cramped caves, would run right at it, and danger be damned. Brainstorm is not one of those people. Still holding a few of his improvised weapons, he's closer to the back of the group, bearing no desire to come face to face with their farewel party. That's what the fighters of the group are for. Nonetheless, he does crane over and around their shoulders to take a peek at their adversaries "I don't suppose we could all just agree to disagree and those guys let us go on our way?" he muses aloud, and to no one in particular.

Thanks in large part to Mercy, Arcee's been able to make it this far with the rest of the group...although at some point, she could probably get fitted for new feet. Provided they still have a ship to return to when this mess is all over.

One way or another, this is the end of the line. And Arcee's more than prepared to face these twin alien bullies. Drawing her swords, she fires them up and charges toward Carrin, screaming like a raging demoness.

"Yeah!" Tailgate isn't finding it hard to relate to Rodimus' shouting, though he does remain back a short distance. "You tell'em, Rodimus!" He's not completely crazy, so perhaps hanging back near the other non-combat orienteds as ARcee begins a charge is his way of actually listening-- for now. He's still got his sling on him, just in case, of, you know. Monsters.

Blast Off continues to wish he were anywhere but here, especially given that he can't fight the way he is accustomed to. His hands are shredded and bandaged, preventing the sniper from wielding his gun, and while he can at least fly he can't break through the atmosphere. So they are stuck here until something changes- and looking at what's going on with the Lost Light up there, it looks like all spacecraft, sentient or not, are having their own troubles. The shuttleformer looks around, trying to spot where this electromagnetic field that pulls the Lost Light in is coming from. Maybe there's some way to disarm it?

Then he listens to Rodimus' speech and... he pauses a moment to stop and stare in a bit of surprise at the Autobot. What, no foolish attempts to make peace with the "misunderstood" organics? Aren't Autobots always foolishly defending aliens almost no matter what? It's refreshing to hear otherwise. He smirks a little as he glances towards Collin. "Indeed. You never should have presumed you can compare to the magnificence of Cybertronians." Arcee then takes off, being more action than words, and Blast Off would like to follow suit but... He stops to stare at the spears he still carries. Hmm. He's got a plan formulating, but he'd...UGH, he'd probably need some help. First... another glance towards the ship and a chance to free the Lost Light.

Ultra Magnus has seen better days, and while his field repairs have been significant enough to keep him upright and functional, he has not gone so far as to disable his sensors. He says: "You will answer for your crimes against the galaxy." Sighting upon the floor under the feet of the twins and just behind them, he launches a missile from his shoulder cannon, rocketing in a screaming spiral to detonate behind their serene figures.

Parts of Breakdown's log show bullet holes and scorch marks, blackened edges streaking the bark. He hoists it above his massive shoulders with a bellow and charges forward into the fray. RAAAAH! He's definitely going to accomplish, at minimum, major property damage.

Slugfest is still a fully functioning stegosaw, and revs his chainsaw plates before charging at the organics, tail swishing and ready to thagomize the alien twins.

"Oh good. We're not going to reason with them. I like this plan," Chromia notes, not to anyone in particular but nor does she mask her approval of violence. It is not the Camien way but for these two, she is okay with making an exception. "All together no-..." And then Arcee is dashing off! Well, instinct kicks in and she moves to follow, shield out and at the ready. Let the pink one hit and the blue one will try to keep her safe!

Soundwave came to Ca for selfish reasons but in that he discovered something that he truly needed. He remains back, beside Brainstorm. Rather than speak, he radios, << I cannot understand it but there is some manner of communication happening. Perhaps from the planet to these two? I might not be able to decipher it but I might be able to disrupt it. >> Without waiting for permission he transforms, flipping and folding into a casette player right at Mercy's hand level.

Ravage pads out from where he was to Tailgate's side. "This isn't the time to shy away from a fight, killer," he whispers.


That missile Ultra Magnus shot explodes behind where Collin and Carrin stood, for as the robots move so do they. They charge.

Collin fires that gun, his aim for Rodimus' chest. He sings out his retort to these things but comes to a halt as Breakdown barrels in on him. He deflects the club attack with the gun, which breaks in half. Collin manifests his giant stone sword then and hacks for Breakdown's side as he sing-talks his taunt. It is in Lefallin, but it sure sounds like 'murder' and 'shiny red one'.

Carrin will meet Arcee, deflecting one blade with his spear and then stomps a kick at her, but that blow meets Chromia's shield. He leans into that, effectively stepping on Chromia as he pins her down to keep poking at Arcee. With his free hand though he swoops a grab down, nabs Slugfest and then swings for Arcee's face. ";It is you that come apart, machine! Even that which is most precious to you, this 'spark' is just a part! Something that can be touched! How sickening!"

Arcee seems mildly surprised as Chromia runs right over to assist with some strategic defense. Then when Chromia gets toppled and pinned, Arcee prepares to respond by slicing Carrin's arm off at the elbow -- but she stops short when he grabs Slugfest, and that pause is enough to give Carrin opportunity to slash at her faceplate with the tape-stego's sawblades. "Arrrgghh!!" she articulates angrily, and responds with the only maneuver that's open to her without harming her comrades: she has a shot at Carrin's chestplate, and she goes for it, shoving one of the flaming swords forward in a viscious maneuver.

Oh. Scrap. The others are super duper beating him to the punch. Rodimus startles when Arcee blazes forward, followed closely by Ultra Magnus unleashing his missiles. That signals a flood, and it's a flood leaving Rodimus behind.


Rodimus glances over his shoulder and flashes Mercy a grin. "Aren't I always?" (He says while missing the fact that Collin is aiming at him until that first shot hits. /So careful/.) The gunfire turns his head forward in a flash, and Rodimus pelts to the side at an angle to get a clear line of sight on Collin. He returns fire, low-tech to high-tech, firing a bow of Brainstorm's design that shoots arrows tipped with jagged shards of rock. "Please. I bet you run on squishy bits, too. You need an /anatomy/ lesson. Spark, heart: it's all the same thing!"

It seems like the heavy hitters are going into hitting mode, which leaves the others to try and find a way to assist without getting smashed. Tailgate looks to Ravage with a slight note of weight to it, already reaching for his makeshift sling and the ammo he's stored away on his person. "I'm waiting for the right time, that's all. Promise." He tells the Con this just before he is moving closer to the fray, hooping a large stone into the sling and whipping it towards Collin along with Rodimus' shot. Has he been practicing? We'll see.

Mercy stays towards the back as the fighting starts suddenly, and she manages to stifle her groan as Rodimus is anything BUT careful. She makes a mental note to turn the switch back ON before they get back to the Lost Light. She has her kit out and in hand, moving forward (but staying towards the back) as the rest of the crew members blaze into battle. She'll keep them standng!

"I'm gonna smash you so hard you're going to spill your gross liquid stuff all over," Breakdown roars, bringing about the log to try to deflect the sword thrust. Paper wraps stone, but this tree hasn't become paper, so it might not work that well. "--And your song sucks! Organics got no rhythm!"

Slugfest squeals, kicks, and struggles when he's grabbed by one of the alien fiends. "NO NO NO!" he exclaims as he's swung at Arcee's face. He tries to turn on his captor and perhaps nip his arm to make him let go!

Ultra Magnus takes up a spear in hand and balances it on the flat of his hand. He advances on Carrin, his approach more measured and calculating than a true charge, and finally launches the crystal spear in the hard jab of a thrust as he gets in close. "I know of some other organics with a colloquialism," he says with far more gravity than the following is usually ascribed. "I believe it goes, 'Pick on someone your own size.'"

Well, clearly just parting ways without risking getting impaled by a rock is out of the question. After all, that would just be boring, wouldn't it? Personally, Brainstorm perfers a form of entertainment that doesn't involve someone activley trying to kill him. Problem is, it seems like it's about to get difficult to stay out of range. And there's the Lost Light to worry about. It seems like Blast Off had the same though, jusging from the direction he's looking in. And Soundwave. Thanks, Mercy, for leaving him alone with two cons "There's gotta be some sort of energy source somewhere" Brainstorm looks up at the ship "You can't pull something that big on nothing"

Blast Off spots the source of the field... and it looks like something much deeper than he can easily do much about up here.

Unless.... well, he DOES have an ionic blaster, which disrupts electrical energy and can interfere with tractor beams sometimes. But would it be enough? He fumbles around in subspace, eventually pulling out his weapon, but his bandaged hands still can't do much besides crudely grasp it. They most certainly cannot pull the trigger. He glares down in frustration, then looks up.... and spots Mercy. Hmm. He glances towards the batlle, where he ought to be, and plans to be... but first....

The Combaticon strides up to Mercy. "Mercy. I..." He pauses. This is hard to say. SO hard to say. "I... need your ..." His voice lowers and he barely gets the last word out, it's so quiet and hard to hear, "" Another huff, and he holds his blaster out towards her. "Shoot the beam.... the one that is pulling the Lost Light down. My weapon is an ionic one, it *might* interfere with the electricity. It's..." He glances away, then back at her. "Well... it's worth a shot. .../Literally/."

Chromia grunts in frustration as she goes underfoot. "Get this thing off me," she whines as she shoves. This tips Carrin some, enough to cause the Puritan to stumble off and thus need to throw Slugfest away fro regain his balance. It will take a moment but Chromia gets back on her feet.

Soundwave, not caught by Mercy, clatters to the ground but doesn't seem to mind as he has work to do. Brainstorm's plan (and science) is an excellent plan and he, for his part, will attempt to assist in that blast-to-be.

Collin is unable to look smug as he faces Breakdown, yet he does look pleased... until his sword embeds into the tree trunk that Breakdown wields. His startled face then takes a Tailgate sligshot right off his cheek, which turns his head just in time to see Rodimus' arrow strike him right in the chest. This happens at the exact same moment...

...that Carrin takes Arcee's sword to his chest. Slugfest wiggled and bite, to which the Puritan only attempted to toss the thing away further. Arcee comes at him, Carrin bears his chest, confident that nothing bad will happen. Yet, it does. Both twins sing out in unison as their breastplates shatter! Where Colin is pained, so too is Carrin but then Carrin is further hurt as Magnus' spear comes in and pierces his side. Rich, thick blue blood is bleed.

Collin flies into a fit of rage, his beautiful face already marred from before but now scratched. With all of his strength, abandoning his sword, he grabs Breakdown and squeezes, threatening to snap the Con in half as he picks the big blue bot up, jumps, and comes crashing down right towards where Tailgate is standing!

Carrin slumps to a knee, his chest barred. "No... the only lessons to be learned here are the ones Ca wishes for you to know. We Puritans will see to it!" He grabs the spear UM has stabbed in him, snaps it off and then yanks it out. Dripping with his blue blue he drives it into Arcee's shoulder as he grabs with his free hand for UM's throat. "Flithy *things!*"

Mercy finds herself approached by Blast Off, and...wait, did he really just ask for HELP? The medic stops in her tracks, and she has to work not to let her surprsie show on her face. Don't make a big deal of it, or he'll never ask again! "Uh...oh. Yeah. Sure, no problem." She reaches for the gun and turns to aim up...waaaaay up. She't not as good as the others, but she knows the basics of shooting. So shoot she does, while waiting for someone to really need her help. They'll yell, right? Right.

"You're just mad because Ca totallly likes me better!" Okay, Roddy. He aims his next arrows at Collin's knees: one, then the next, trying to stop him, slow him, anything, as Rodimus throws himself forward to put himself between Tailgate and Collin. /His back is so unhappy with him/. A bit of torn and crumpled matter sticks, freezing his shoulder and arm so that the third arrow harmlessly hits the ground.

Arcee staggers back for a moment to get her bearings, and also to pull the broken spear fragment out of her shoulder. She has a brief moment where she puts one of her swords away to free up a hand, then she touches Chromia on the shoulder, perhaps as an unspoken gesture of gratitude. While her damaged arm is still functional, she switches her sword to the uninjured arm for purposes of speed, then charges forward again as Carrin has his attention focused on attacking Magnus. This time, she slices vertically, attempting to bring the firey blade down on the back of Carrin's neck. And it won't be her fault at all if he isn't built sturdy enough to support that kind of punishment, nope.

Slugfest is tossed aside, and lands on his back plates, sticking out of the ground, kicking like an upended turtle. "HELP!" he exclaims, "Can't get up!"

Don't let the rogues aggro the big bads, guys. Tailgate is somewhat engrossed in what happens when the twins are injured, and when Collin grabs up Breakdown and leaps into the air towards him, Tailgate gives a sharp shout of surprise and attempts to skate himself backwards and into his altmode-- to zip forward, and under both Rodimus and the giant's feet. This might work. Let's find out!

And Mercy would be correct. Her response is a good one, though, and Blast Off watches as she aims the weapon. This stings his pride, it really does, and he attempts to assauge that sting by watching her with a critical optic and acting like he totally would have done this anyway. "Yes, I need to keep my optic on the battle, after all..." He makes sure to glance over towards where everyone is fighting the Puritans, then back to her. "Good, good... just a little to the left now... ah, better." Yes, he's totally got this all in hand and totally not nursing a wound to his pride, right? Right.

The Combaticon watches her, that beam, and the back to the combat... and all "sophistication" aside, his pride is also stinging at not being part of the fight right now. But first things first, and he has a fellow spaceship to aid... (not to mention the crew on board. Even a bunch of mostly Autobots shouldn't be held captive by these presumptive aliens). He watches and waits for an opportunity- for something.

Breakdown starts to squirm in that surprising grip. He fires his cannon while they are midair, not because he is trying to shoot him with a cannon at close range, but because he has a dim idea that he wants to be as unaerodynamic as possible. The shot is wild and unaimed. Hopefully it won't result in collateral damage to anything except maybe their temple building.

As the grip closes around his column of his throat, Ultra Magnus hauls back to put the full force of as much weight and strength as possible behind his hand and punches his assailant in the stomach with all he's got. It's a pretty significant impact for somebody who's being strangled, but then ... the Duly Appointed Enforcer of the Tyrest Accord is not known for needing to breathe.

To most any other being in the universe there would be no understanding for what happens next. Yet you are creatures from Cybertron (or the like) and you know what it is to be connected to your planet, to draw life from it. To be connected. The Lefallin too believe themselves to be connected to their creator, Ca, and none more than the Puritans. In your lifetime, none of you may have seen Primus but you know what it is for Cybertron to act out of pain. Mercy shoots, it hits, and all of Ca cries out in anguish.

The ground *shakes*, far more than it had been the moment before. Breakdown's wild shot will indeed shatter where it lands, but the Temple of the Pure is threatening to come undone. Everything rumbles and the volcano beneath you churns. The mountainside that the temple is on explodes outward as a vent of magma shoots from it.

"Rodimus? Can you hear us? You did it! You did it!" That would be Perceptor above as the Lost Light is suddenly freed from the grip that had captured it. No longer is it being drawn towards this crumbling temple but rather it angles away and around, getting into a much more controlled position.

Soundwave transforms back to his root mode as this happens, looking exhausted and says nothing as he quietly moves to unstick his stuck ministegocon.

Ravage looks quite relieved as he rides to safety on Tailgate's back.

Chromia is there for Arcee as she moves to attack, shield ready to defend her should she need.

But it is Ultra Magnus that will need the help. Frustrated as he is, Carrin ignores the others. "No, this is not the will of Ca," he rages. "All that we learned of your kind, you were meant to fall. Why will you not die!" With that he uses his other hand to grab for UM's neck as he is punched. He doubles over - but does not let go. There is desperation, and maybe a will beyond his own, that compels him. Carrin squeeeeeeeeezes and then jerks his joint hands, meaning to snap UM's head off, though he might lack the strength to do so completely. "You're just pa- ... ARGH!" Arcee's slash opens him up as he legs go of UM and falls forward to his hands and knees.

Collin slams Breakdown down intending to break him, all without knowing the Con's name. Not that he cares! He clearly cares for none of you! Leaving Breakdown where they land, he rises and then advances on Rodimus. Even as Rodimus shoots out one knee. Then the other! His boots shatter and Collin, singing out his pain as Ca cries too, smashes his hands down, removing the last of his rock armor. He needs it not! bare, he lunges, one fist for Rodimus' face and the other bounding at his chest, rending and pulling to get to the spark below, unknowing of any difference this bot might have under the hood.

Slugfest yays as Soundwave pulls him free and rights him! As soon as he's got all feet on the ground he charges at the alien twin that unlawfully wielded him before, aiming to nip him right in the backside!

"Maybe it isn't the will of Ca," Arcee says to Carrin with a sarcastic smirk. She stops short of running him through with the sword once he drops, but she does, however, keep a wary optic on him as she checks on how bad Magnus has been injured. Arcee doesn't think for a moment that these twin terrors are going to break off their attack; they seem the sort to continue fighting to the death, which she'll be more than happy to provide for them.

Sparks are precious, fragile, and that would certainly be reason enough to explain the ferocity with which Rodimus fights off Collin's clawing grasp, but -- it's not. It isn't trying to protect his own spark that has Rodimus so determined. The merest passing acquaintance with him would be enough to guess /that/ for a wrong answer. Rather, cradled beneath his hood lies his half of the Matrix.

You know. /Where it's safe/.

"Did you trade brains for armor? Listen to that! Ca super likes me better!" Rodimus says, trying his very hardest to throw Collin back. In close quarters, his choice of weapon is not super effective. In close quarters, /his damaged arm is a real problem/. He doesn't /say/ help -- but he could clearly use it.

"How can we DIE if we aren't ALIVE?!" Mercy calls, having overheard one of the C's yelling at them to die. She almost drops the gun she'd just fired when the planet cries, and hands it quickly back to BLast Off. "Get Daytripper to the Lost Light, and out of danger!" Mercy instructs the Combaticon (make him feel useful!) and then turns to try and get to Ultra Magnus, and Rodimus. They are not doing well!

Under the exerted pressure of the alien grip, the metal of Ultra Magnus's neck crunches satisfyingly. His voice flickers and chokes inside the depths of his massive frame. He sags, his helm and head hanging at a weird, slanted angle as he attempts to get a good look at his attacker. Pain lighting him up from the inside out, he staggers, fumbling for another spear but not quite able to get purchase on it.

Aaaand he's out of here. As soon as Blast Off and Mercy get their shot off and the ground starts spewing molten rock, Brainstorm is up in the air, circling between the volcano and the Lost Light. From up here he can see the whole battlefied, and it isn't pretty "Just a heads up, but you guys might want to wrap up soon, before the mountain turns you all in to slag"

Tailgate has a passenger-- one he picks up just before he zooms under the legs of the bigger combatants. His wheels grind to a stop on the other side of the fight, and he skids sidelong for a pace. When Tailgate reorients his windshield towards Rodimus and Collin.

"Hey, rock-head! Get off him!" Vvvvvroom-- Tailgate, hoping the spinning tires prompts Ravage to get off at this stop, presses hard forward and vaults himself at Collin's back. Sup, boss.

Hull crunched, Breakdown starts trying to transform. There's a horrible groaning crunch and as he shifts into his truck frame, it becomes increasingly evident that his door is bent out of shape, hanging loosely on its hinge, while there's a number of cracks, dented fenders, and a panoply of scratches. It still beats trying to drag himself on his elbows. His engine roars, though, as he finds himself on his wheels. Just like Tailgate, he stutters and VROOMS toward Collin like a glutton for punishment.

Blast Off watches, but he doesn't have to wait for long. The result of Mercy's shot is immediate and the Combaticon is soon grinning wide under that faceplate of his. His fist clenches and before he can totally catch himself, he ...well, he doesn't quite fistpump but he sort of jabs a little into the air. "Yes! Well done." He straightens up, rolling his shoulders in a smug gesture. He takes his gun back and subspaces it. Hearing Perceptor congratulate *Rodimus* gets a baleful glance upwards, but he doesn't have time to complain much right now.

Finally, though, he looks towards the battle... and can wait no longer to join it. He can't fire a weapon, no... but he *can* fly... and he owes Collin. Oh yes, he owes him very much for these shredded hands. Looking at Mercy, he states, "I will... just as soon as I return a favor I owe." So the Combaticon transforms and his much larger shuttle mode rockets towards the alien... right about the time Rodimus happens to need some help. That works out too. The shuttle blasts towards Collin... only to have Tailgate and Breakdown charge right at him. Ok, slight change in flight plan. The shuttle's nose vbeers from Collin- and aims to ram /right into Carrin/ instead. Arcee might be willing to give these aliens a break in the name of fairness- the Combaticon clearly is not.

Chromia was there for Arcee but to see what happens to Ultra Magnus, well. She acts on instinct and training as she means to get not just to him but to shoulder him enough to keep on his feet. "Not like this soldier," she urges, impressed by his eagerness to carry on despite... well, you know. That head hardly holding on there. She's afraid to touch it for sake of causing more damage but she wants to get him closer to a medic.

Ravage is not about to leave Tailgate any time soon. The little car takes off and the catcon holds on. "Let's have at him," he rumbles happily. As Tailgate rams he will claw, along for the ride.

Rodimus is freed from the naked, enraged Collin as he is rammed from behind. He tumbles off and away, groaning as he lands. This isn't helped any as at that very moment...

.... his twin, Carrin, is also rammed. A shuttle is more than the Puritan can take, his back already bloody from the gash Arcee gave him. He too rolls away and lays where he lands. he sputters and lays there in an increasing pool of royal blue. He coughs and turns his head, to look at Rodimus across the battlefield. "Ca loves us be-.... but not supposed... lead to believe you were easi-..." He gurgles, sputters and then looks to Arcee. "... no, don't abandon... no-.... plea*"

As Carrin fades, Collin surges. Where he was still a moment ago he rises, crying out in that singysongy voice of him in something very loud, light and airy but the rage in his blue eyes matches that of that landscape. The mountain quakes, about ready to tear itself apart any moment. Collin stands and what he finds before him is the bot that hurt his creator, hurt Ca the most. The medic that was closest to reaching Rodimus. What he sees is Mercy.

The temple cracks, the whole building shifts as it starts to tilt and slide down the mountain. Beneath you the ground cracks and steam vents up. Surefooted and striding through this Collin grabs Mercy and to her his face is calm, his words soft, like a sung prayer as he grabs the arm she shot his creator with and pulls. And then tosses that offering, her arm, to a fissure that has opened below.

"Ca can suck it," Rodimus mutters as he just -- lies there. On his back. On the ground. /Oh that is going to make Ratchet so unhappy/. He can't even tell it hurts! It's not until the building cracks and Collin lunges for Mercy that he rolls over and knuckles himself upright. His limbs drag, worn to the edge of exhaustion. "Brainstorm! Grab Mercy!" Because Rodimus is going to shoot Collin with his bow while he's standing right next to the fissure, despite the fact that Mercy is dangerously close. He just has that much faith in his team.

Ultra Magnus lifts his arm to kind of -- brace across Chromia's shoulder. He's in no fit state to do anything else, but may be able to stay upright if he doesn't try to move his head at all. The angle of his neck looks distinctly unnatural and weird.

Mercy is intercepted half-way to Rodimus, and picked up by the larger Collin. She yelps in surprise, not having expected that (even if she probaby SHOULD have). Her legs flail, kicking out towards Collin. And then he gets hold of her arm. And pulls. HARD. The sound of grinding gears and metal being literally ripped apart suddenly stops as small pieces and shards of metal go flying when Mercy's arm is torn from her body. The little medic jerks in Collin's grip as she screams out in pain, agony ripping through her body. She doesn't seem to handle it as well as Ultra Magnus or Rodimus does.

Arcee startles as Blast Off suddenly flies in and *rams* Carrin. She instinctively scoots out of the way of the impact zone, then steps closer to stare at Carrin with a decidedly unsympathetic gaze. "You should've thought of /that/ before you began attacking us and calling us sickening," she notes, looking back over at Blast Off briefly before heading over to assist Chromia with taking Magnus to a safer location. As the ground becomes shaky and unstable, she physically braces Magnus as best she can, and looks over at Chromia with a frown of concern.

Slugfest tries to be the Coppertone puppy to Carrin's Coppertone Baby.

Above the fight, Brainstorm can see everything going on, and the more he sees, the more he wories "We really could use a shuttle down here" he calls up to the Lost Light. What's taking those guys? Are they just gonna sit there and watch? Like he is. Watching. But what can he do? He can warn, that's what. "Mercy, look --" and even that is uselss. If he could shudder in this mode, the little medic's cry of pain would certianly make him do it. And then Rodimus yells at him to help. Brainstorm is hardly the bravest bot around, but he can't just --? Rodimus will keep this guy distracted, right? So he dips down, closer.

Alright. Pals to the rescue! Tailgate lands on Collin above where Breakdown hits, and when the giant topples temporarily, he shifts back and tries to land as nicely as he can on the ground. It's a work in progress, because Tailgate sort of just-- tumbles side over side anyway. Oof. He's still got his face on the fight, though, and his look of panic is plain. "Mercy! NO!" The fissures and cracking temple doesn't help his footing, but he tries to get to Rodimus to help steady the other bot as he aims. It won't hurt. Even if his faith in his shot is so sure.

Chromia is thankful for the help with Ultra Magnus. She is strong but he is a big guy! The added help is appreciated. "Didn't hear what you said to that thing back there, but I hope it was something along the lines of how rude he has been." Like that even begins to cover it.

Soundwave, exhausted as he is, still moves to do what he does best; look after others. Slugfest may bite and Ravage claw, but he'll snatch up the minicons underarm if need be to carry them to safety.

Which would be towards the Lost Light. The craft has turned and the shuttle bay doors are open. There stand, at the ready, a good majority of the crew. Bot and Con alike. All eager, all willing, to do what it takes to get the rest of their crew back. And off of Ca.

In the face of that, an army of invading robots, a sane being might surrender. But Collin is well past sane. He lifts his arms and shouts at you all, every Cybertronian that can see his proud bared form, he chants at you all. He sings you a song of his people, a song of frustration and of fear, of anger for what is not known and of pure blind prejudice. A song... that ends with an arrow to the face.

Propped up, very literally, by his own crew, Rodimus' shot rings true. Collin, drawing upon the raw energy of Ca, energy he is connected to, is fed a dose of it with the tip of that arrow. It hurts him Badly. That song turns into a screeching wail of pain as Collin falls back, into that fissure he had tossed Mercy's arm. With that scream he is gone.

And in moments the Temple of the Pure will be as well. More of it breaks free from other parts of it. Where Carrin lay, motionless, collapses and he too is claimed by the rubble. Steam turns to geysers of magma as cracks in the surface of the mountain peak start to give way to a full blown eruption. There are only moments before this entire mountain is no more.

Now is an ideal time to say your goodbyes to Ca, as there is little doubt any of you would wish to return any time soon.

When Collin is shot in the face, and falls backwards...Mercy seems to be going along for the ride. Still in the grip of the local psycho, the medic flails her good arm as she starts her tumble through the air, and over the ledge...!

Blast Off does not usually like the up close and personal thing, but shattering the smug alien feels right. Almost as right as if it had been Collin, but ah well. The shuttle lays waste to his foe, then arcs around, scanning the battlefield and seeing...Mercy having her arm pulled off. .... Slag. The shuttle's engines rev in anger as he veers back towards Collin. It seems the others have things in hand, but the Combaticon flies in, ready to ram Collin or catch Mercy if the others fail to...

If they succeed, he knows there's little time, so he keeps in mind the thing he promised Mercy- that he'd get Daytripper out. Provided the others get *Mercy* out, that's where the Combaticon will be headed in an instant... to grab the remains of Mercy's patient, stuff her in his cargo bay (or subspace if she fits) and get the smelt out of there in shuttle mode, taking others with him if needed.

Arcee grins slightly, her cyberfangs glinting. "Heh. Yeah...I told him he was rude," she says to Chromia. The moment of levity is short-lived, however, as the mountain begins to come apart quickly. The Lost Light could not have been a more welcome sight. "Quickly, let's get aboard," she exclaims, trying to keep Magnus going, because they can't really afford to stumble at a time like this. As for the others? She just hopes for the best for them. There's no time left to turn back and assist them.

Yep. Fuck this place. "Nice work." Rodimus nearly drops the bow, but rests his hand atop Tailgate's head a moment in an approving pat. He lingers just long enough to make sure the others are on their feet (or borrowing someone else's feet) to get back to the ship, and helps the others board.

Ultra Magnus needs the help offered him by everyone since he is working so very carefully to walk and keep his neck very still. He's going to need so much work in that medibay guys. Slugfest is scooped up by Soundwave when it's time to go!

Brainstorm doesn't even bother to slow down on his approach. Maybe it's fear, and the desire to get the hell out of there as soon as possible, maybe it's the desire to help, maybe it's both, or neither, but when it seems that Mercy is about to go down with her captor, he guns his engines, and charges. Getting rammed by a speeding jet is probably not the most pleasant of feelings, but it's probably better than falling in to lave, especially since Brainstorm does think to shift modes in time to grab her, riding the rest of the way on his own momentum. That very same momentum sends him skidding across the ground on his side. That's gonna take a lot of paint to cover up, and he's pretty sure one of his shoulder fins is a bit torn up but atleast he's alive. Or atleast he thinks he is. People don't feel pain when they're dead, right? And so's Mercy. "Y-You alive?" he asks, just to make sure, sounding quite a bit shaken by what just happened.

"Thanks." Tailgate whispers, and he only willingly moves to keep up with Rodimus once he can see Brainstorm come down hard with Mercy in tow. He's got her, and he's not smeared across the crumbling temple-- that's good. "Come on!" Or they'll end up like her poor arm.

Mercy manages not to do much more than whimper when shes grabbed and goes skidding across the ground with Brainstorm. Her one good arm grabs at him to hold on. Optics bright with pain (she can't just turn off her own sensor), she manages a nod. "Get to the ship." she whispers. Maybe with her arm ripped off, Ratchet won't yell at her.

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