2015-08-16 Fighting Isn't Fun

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Date 2015/08/16
Location Ca
Participants Mercy, Blast Off, Slugfest
Plot Purge
Summary Another pause in the action and time to scratch an itch or two.

It's been a strange few days for Blast Off- not that living on the Lost Light isn't USUALLY strange, but rarely is it this ...well, uncomfortable. Physically uncomfortable as well as psychologically. The Combaticon has been damaged. What was essentially a bomb blew up in his hands, shredding them and rendering them nearly useless. And being a sniper with thin armor who's specialty is long range combat, not up close and personal fighting, he's been forced into situations he'd much rather avoid. Even flight hasn't been an option as much as he'd like- his wings are fairly well shredded, too, and he couldn't make it back to space as a result. On top of that, he's been stuck with the others underground, moving through what to him are slightly claustrophobic tunnels and facing the possibility of close quarter combat he isn't really suited for.

No, none of this has been his cup of tea... at all. Now, as the group pauses yet again to get a quick rest and figure out which direction to go, Blast Off takes a moment to fidget with the bandages on his hands. They itch a bit, and he tries scratching clumsily at one hand with the other- while still juggling some spears he's carrying as his only weapons in his arms. His violet optics shine in the gloom of the tunnel as he focuses on scratching that itch while still *trying* to look dignified and unaffected by this all... and mask his annoyance and frustration.

The small robostego sticks close to Blast Off and the others. Though he has no hands, he can saw bad guys up with his chainsaw plates, or thagomize them with his tail. For now he nips idly at a dangling bandage strip.

Mercy has had her shoulder looked at by Knock Out, at Rodimus' insistance - it can't be fully repaired but at least she can lift her arm almost to shoulder height now! She's making her rounds as she has each time they've stopped, working from the most injured down the line - Ultra Magnus, then Blast Off...oh, look who it is. She approaches him and his stego shadow.

Blast Off concentrates on getting to that itch, but it doesn't mean he's unaware of what's going on around him. As Slugfest nips at a dangling bandage, he huffs softly in slight annoyance, lifting his hand and wrapping the bandage trailing back around his hand. However, he's soon worked another piece of bandage loose and it falls to the side. Scratching gives him some relief, but it does cause him to bleed anew. As Mercy approaches, he doesn't look up either. Instead he states, "I'm fine. There's nothing you can do- not here in the field."

"I can help you with the itching, and stop that bleeding," Mercy answers quietly as she sets her bag down next to Blast Off. She idly pats Slugfest as she draws to a stop, and reaches her two hands towards Blast Off's one that's partially unwrapped already.

Blast Off continues with his itching and scratching for a moment longer, then pauses to simply stare at the hand. A long moment passes, then with a soft sigh, he holds out the hand so that Mercy can look at it. "It's nothing, but if you *insist*. But surely you have more pressing matters, like that.... who was that? Daytripper? What happened to her?"

Slugfest stares at the bandage as it's rerolled, and is patted, swishing his tail contentedly. The bored stego peers up at Mercy when she attends to Blast Off's injured hands.

"She's stable, for now. As stable as we can make her." Mercy's voice s soft but it seems...lighter than it has since the Rodimus Award Ceremony. She even goes so far as to smile at Blast Off as she takes hold of his hand and turns her focus to it. She unwraps the bandages sowly, and takes in the damage.

Blast Off has been pointedly looking away this whole time, but the lightness in her voice causes him to glance at her just as she smiles at him. He doesn't respond with a smile of his own, his expression (what can be seen of it) remaining as flat as it usually is. However, there is an almost imperceptible change in his stance as he seems to relax just a tiny bit. It seems he wasn't expecting her to react this favorably towards him.

"I see. Was she captured by these aliens? They attacked us as soon as they saw us and have the audacity to presume they can not only defeat us but act like they are *better* than us." He rolls his free shoulder, letting off some steam. "I plan on disabusing them of that notion as soon as possible."

Slugfest tries to scramble up on something (maybe even Blast Off's lap, if he's sitting) to try to get a better look at what Mercy's doing.

Mercy nods her head as she bends down to her bag to grab a hose sealant to begin to stop the leaks Blast had started with his scratching. "They grabbed her when they crushed the ship we came down on. I...we thought...I'm glad we found her. And her spark was still there." Mercy sounds pained at the fact that it took her as long as it did to find Day tripper and start looking ater him.

Blast Off is crouched down to let Mercy reach him more easily. The standoffish shuttleformer doesn't like much contact, and if Slugfest attempts to crawl onto him, the Combaticon will twitch a leg, trying to knock the smaller Decepticon off with a annoyed *huff*. But he doesn't move *too* much, since Mercy is currently working on him. To the medic, he nods. "Ah. She will be avenged." Spoken like a true Decepticon. He glances back towards what's left of Daytripper is laying, then back to Mercy. "It must be taxing, though, having to care for so many in such bad field conditions."

Since Blast Off is crouched, Slugfest tries to at least stand up on tiptoe of hind legs, trying to balance with tail and front feet on something, maybe Blast Off's leg. "Want to see!" he complains.

"It's what I was built for," Mercy mutters with a shrug. Slugfests complaint gets a smirk, and she arches an eyeridge at him. "Nothing much to see...repairing a few tubes, and just bandaging it back up."

Continuing her work, she finisshes with the tube she'd been dealing with, and then tosses the tool back into her kit. Picking up the bandage that had been used earlier, she begins to carefully wrap his hand. "As to Daytripper...what's hard is knowing that we almost left her behidn. If we hadn't ended up back in that cavern..."

Blast Off twitches his leg again, trying to unbalance Slugfest. "Stop touching me." The Combaticon is never going to win Mr. Congeniality... nor any awards for "most warm and huggable Cybertronian". Not in /this/ dimension, at least. "And indeed, there's nothing to see, besides bandages, oozing energon and shredded hands." At the last part his voice goes from flat to just slightly bitter, betraying a touch of the frustration he's feeling.

At the rest, he replies, "True. It was fortunate, then..." He glances up at the tunnel ceiling overhead, "As fortunate as this whole miserable situation can be, at least." Now he casts a look back at Daytripper's parts. "I suppose she was very lucky you were around then." His gaze lingers, then comes back to Mercy. "I take it you were friends, then?"

Slugfest aws and flops down onto all fours again, tucking his feet under his body and sulking. "Am bored," he complains.

"I have better friends," Mercy looks up at Blast Off then, pointedly, before she looks own and finishes wrapping his hand. "Bored is better than fighting those things." she informs Slugfest with a smile.

"Think so?" Slugfest says to Mercy, "Always thought fighting is most fun ever."

Blast Off huffs softly at Slugfest, then gazes at Mercy with a blank stare once she gives him a pointed look. He studies her, finally tilting his head slightly. "Better friends?" He' distracted momentarily by Slugfest again. "Indeed." He suddenly pulls part of one of the stained bandages from a discard pile and quips, "Fight this." It flutters from his hand towards the rgound. "Or better yet, go scout the tunnels ahead and report back what you find."

"Fighting is not fun," Mercy assures Slugfest dryly before she nods up at Blast Off. "Yes, better friends. Like you." she adds wth a smirk. Closing her bag, she reaches to pick it up. "How's that, Blast?"

"What is fun?" Slugfest asks Mercy, quite honestly.

"Maybe it's not fun for *you*, but if you're a skilled fighter, such as myself.... it certainly /can/ be." Blast Off replies confidently. "Accomplishing a mission with skill and finesse is a source of pride for any Combaticon warrior..." He glances to Slugfest, "Or other fighter." He's just looking away when she calls him a friend, and he turns his head back to gaze at her for a long moment. His expression remains mostly aloof, but there's an undercurrent of thoughtfulness, perhaps even a small amount of surprise at hearing an Autobot say that to him. Possibly even a touch of confusion on how to respond. He doesn't reply to it, instead ruminating about it as she discusses the merits of fun with Slugfest.

Then the shuttleformer blinks, realizing she asked him a question. "Oh." he looks down at the bandaged hand, moving and roating it by the wrist and focusing on how it feels. "It... it feels much better." He looks back up at her, gaze lingering. "...Thank you."

"Well, it's NOT fun for a MEDIC." Mercy stresses before she huffs softly. "And reading is fun. Picking flowers is fun. Having a drink with friends is fun." she offers as suggstions to Slugfest. When Blast Off says he is feeling better, she beams up at him. "Good."

"Picking flowers?" Slugfest wonders. "Can't really do that exept with mouth."

Blast Off can understand that. Well, maybe not so much the picking flowers, but the other stuff. "I wouldn't expect a medic to desire a place in the middle of a battle." He gives Mercy a nod. "Reading is enjoyable, yes. I like a good book or a fine wine as much as battle... they all have a time and place." He glances upwards again, letting out a slightly irritated huff. "Everything except being stuck in these blasted tunnels. I will enjoy getting out of these cramped things and back to the sky." A wing elevon twitches as he glances around. He hates prolonged stays in enclosed underground locations for several reasons. "Hopefully we'll be out of here soon."

"Drinking is fun!" Slugfest says, somewhat belatedly, but enthusiastically. Slow stego is slow.

Mercy nods in agreement to both of them. "Hopefully, we'll be out soon. But...I should go check on the others." She reaches a hand up to warmly pat Blast Off's hand, and then to pat Slugfest's had.

Slugfest yays as he's patted. Being patted is fun!

Blast Off glances to Slugfest. "Yes. The one time I fail to bring a spare bottle of wine with me..." He shakes his head. "Then again, we need to remain alert anyway." When Mercy pats his hand, he freezes instinctively... then slowly relaxes again. He's not used to people doing things like wamrly patting his hand, or *hugging* him, or any number of other things Mercy is inclined to do. He doesn't pull away or twitch, however. Finally, he nods his head. "Yes." Then he turns to gather the spears together again and prepare to move on.

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