2015-08-15 Part Of A Pal

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2015-08-15 Part Of A Pal
Date 2016/08/15
Location Lost Light - Engineering - Engineering
Participants Brainstorm, Vortex
Summary Vortex finally caves and asks for help to get his rotors back.

It's been several colonies since the trouble with the engines was first discovered, with no solution in sight. Not for lack of trying, that's for sure. It's just that you don't run in to colonies on every other turn, and even when you do, there's often something getting in the way of working on the problem, ranging from angry locals, to angry titans.

All of that has not been enough to discourage Brainstorm. Even while the ship is in trnasit between colonies, he's been using some of his free time to poke around the engines themselves, in hopes of finding something on this end. This is the cause of the scientist's current visit to the enineering deck, armed with a rectengualr gadget in one hand.

It took some time but, eventually, Vortex's own pride finally had to bow to the fact that he could not get his rotors down by himself. He wasn't about to ask help from anyone- especially not some dumb shuttle. No, he has to go straight to the source, which Swoop had so kindly given him. The rotary- and yes! He's a rotary even without rotors, shut up!- has stalked everywhere he knew the scientist to be and it took a while but he finally spotted him while passing by a hall. Ah-ha... The Combaticon doesn't hesitate a lick as he more or less runs down the hall, jumping in front of the scientist.

"Hey ther, Stormer! What are the odds seeing you all the way down here?" Pretty great, which is why Vortex was checking down here. "Say, what's that? What're you doing?" The rotary leans against a wall to ease his fidgety twitching. He's a different color than the last Brainstorm saw him, chassis purple and helm turquoise with bits of red thrown in. It looks... like something all right. On his shoulder is perched something familiar. "You should stop now."

The sound of running footsteps alerts Brainstorm to the Combaticon's approach, but he still flinches a bit when Vortex jumps out infront of him. It takes him a few moments to recognise the mech, but eventually, the surprise fades "Vortex? You look different." Leaning in, the scientist studies the other (non)flyer for a few moments, sparing Fifi, a short look as well. Then he straightens out again "I'm checking on the engines, this is a quantumn field scanner, and no, I'm not stopping. I'm busy."

"I know, that's the point of a new painjob." To look different. And annoy someone he doesn't even care about even a little bit. "But thanks. And interesting, interesting... You're right though! You are busy. Busy getting my rotors down from the ceiling of the Bridge. Isn't that right, Fifi?" He pats the little roboid on his shoulder, not looking away from Brainstorm. He wasn't really asking but he sorta phrased it like he was. Just a bit.

"Yeah, and..." Brainstorm begins, but he doesn't finish as Vortex continues. Well, that answers the rotor question, and raises a lot of new ones. For example: what's with the attitude? Again Brainstorm leans down towards the shorter mech, this time to emphasize his point "I" he jabs a thumb at his own chest "Am the ship's genius, not the maintinance crew. How'd you get you rotors stuck to the bridge celling anyways?"

Vortex tilts his helm. "Swoop is into revenge as it turns out. He stuck me to the ceiling by my hub with magnets. And you-" And here the rotary imitates Brainstorm by jabbing a finger against the Ship's Genius's chassis- "made them. Swoop made that very clear. Turns out my rotor hub can't take my weight like that and, well, here I am! Rotorless! So, let's get to getting them down, yeah?"

It takes Brainstorm some effort to keep an annoyed expression on his face, rather than letting it reflect what he actually felt. Oh shit. So this is who Swoop wanted to stick to a celling.

"So that's where they went!" faced with an unhappy ex-torturer, Brainstorm isn't about to straightup confess to being a party to this mess. Hopefully, Swoop has kept his side of the deal "You know, you could ask nicely. What is it with you Decepticons. Whenever one of you needs my help with something like this, you just start demanding it." Like that incident with Ratbat for instance.

<FS3> Brainstorm rolls Deception: Success. (6 7 3 6 4 1)

Vortex's optics narrow slightly behind his visor. "You're telling me that Swoop somehow stole one of your devices? He somehow got through that inpenetrable door of yours, was smart enough to know which device was going to work, and somehow snuck back out despite have as much stealth as, well, a Dinobot?" Vortex stares at Brainsform a moment more before his vents hiss. "Alright, whatever. It doesn't matter how he got them or what you may or may not have known. The important thing here is that I'm missing my rotors. It's like if someone glued you down, used a laser scalpel to remove all your wings, and then just threw them out the air lock! Hahahahaaaaaahah." What a funny thought, don't you think, Brainstorm. "But hey, I know you won't leave a pal hanging and you'll most definitly help! I'll be very... Greatful! So if you could please help... I sorta..." Vortex huffs, kicking the floor a bit. "Sorta need it..." He grumbles.

"You do realise that I'll usually let people in if they knock." Brainstorm points out. You don't have to break in to get inside. The change in tone, however, seems to appease the engineer. He looks down at the scanner in his hand, then up in the direction of the engines, then finally back at Vortex. "Or part of a 'pal'anyways." Brainstorm chuckles. "Alright, fine, I'll help you." It's not like the engines can't wait, and they're pretty close to making another jump soon anyways, so might as well leave it till after that. Plus, he'd much rather remain on Vortex's good side if the ex-torurer manages to confirm his part in this situation. "I'll need to grab some things from my lab first though."

Vortex chuckles a little. "Part of a pal, funny." But the rotary nods, looking relieved. Just a slight lack of tension within his whole frame. He's still just as jittery though. "But great! Let's go so we can get my rotors. Hey, would you be able to reattach them too? I know, you're an engineer and not a medic. But, like you said! Ship

Vortex chuckles a little. "Part of a pal, funny." But the rotary nods, looking relieved. Just a slight lack of tension within his whole frame. He's still just as jittery though. "But great! Let's go so we can get my rotors. Hey, would you be able to reattach them too? I know, you're an engineer and not a medic. But, like you said! Ship's Genius- what can't you do?" Vortex sounds far more chipper now. The prospect of getting his rotors back does wonders for his attitude. "Also, look at how well Fifi is doing! She's getting smarter, I think.. That's the goal, right?"

Brainstorm flashe a cheerful look. Nice to see that someone actually appreciates his jokes! The ship's genius remark certianly helps too "Well yeah! And, as an engineer, I am fully qualified to attach things to people. That's about a fifth of my job." Turning around, he leads the way back to the elevator, glancing over his shoulder to give a nod "It is. That's why I let you have her in the first place. She'll learn a lot faster if she's out an about instead of sitting on my table all day. I do still need to update her software periodically."

Which saves Vortex from a trip to medical! And maybe Brainstorm won't insist on- eugh- anesthetic. Gross. The Combaticon strokes Fifi's little helm as he follows the larger bot, looking smaller without his magnificent rotors. He misses them. "I know, I know. Good Fifi has to go see the vet for her check-ups. Isn't that right, girl? I think she likes it when I polish her. She stands very still and is very cooperative. Hey, can you give her something that signals that she's happy? Like, hum... I don't know, purring or something." Sounds good to him! "What're you getting from your lab anyways?"

"Vet." Brainstorm mutters as they head up towards the sceince and medical deck. "You do realise she's till technically just a security drone. She doesn't actually have any emotions to express. I mean, I can program her to simulate them, let her react to something one way or another depending on how she experiences them. For now I've been mostly focusing on her ability to learn and memorize though." the elevator stops, the doors slide open, and Brainstorm makes straight for his workshop door "I just need to drop this off" he holds the scanner over his shoulder for Vortex to see "And grab my demagnitizer."

"I know she's a drone. But you can program drones with an AI. I'm sure a mech like you could do something like that. But a bit at a time, a bit at a time, I get that." Vortex stops outside Brainstorm's door to wait for him out in the hall. He's only just a little, teeny bit impatient. Just a smidge. "Demagnitizer, interesting. Stormer, is there anything you absolutely don't build?" He's being honestly curious with the question.

"I build whatever's needed. Or wanted. Or I feel like building" Brainstorm responds as he keys in the passcode, using shoulders, and the fins mounted on them to shield the keypad from Vortex. That one's already threatened to break in. Once the door slides open, he ducks in, dropping the scanner on the nearest avaialble table before going to rummage for the aforementioned demagnitizer. He reapears only a short while later with something resembling a cross between a gun, and a hand-held vaccum, a relativley simple handle flowing in to a long, tapered snout. It's a shiny, metalic blue, with silver on the underside.

"That's a long list of things to build that you just simplified." Vortex tries to look at the code, he really does while being discreet too. It doesn't work, there's too much wing kibble. How much wing kibble does one mech need, dammit. Oh well, another time, perhaps. While waiting for Brainstorm, he moves Fifi to his head, balancing her there up top. They probably look so cool, heh... There's a phantome flick-flare of rotors that aren't there when he sees the gun. "Haha, whoa... Brawl would love this thing- big lug is about as brilliant as a bucket of rocks but damn if he doesn't know his weaponry. And appreciate it too. You'd probably like him, actually..." Hmm, he seems to have gone on yammering. Vortex resets his vocalizer. "Anyways, we ready to go now? Those rotors are calling my name."

"Good taste must be a Comabticon thing then!" Brainstorm observes cheerfully, making sure the door is securely locked behind him "It's not really a weapon though. I mean, it could be if we ran in to an enemy that consisted of a colony of small organisms held together by magnets, but otherwise, it's just a tool to pull magnets away from other things. Made it after that incident at Swerve's." he nods up at Fifi, then turns back towards the elevator. Up to the bridge they go!

Vortex, once again, follows. "Little creatures held together by magnets? So, like, they'd be called, what, magnetites or something like that? Funny. But I was just saying, the look of it. Pretty sleek there, Stormer. So, how does it work? I get the whole 'no more magnets' gist of it. But I'd rather not have my assembly come crashing down."

The praise for his invention leaves Brainstorm visibly pleased as they enter the elevator again. That doesn't keep his answer to Vortex's problem from being "Then you better be ready to catch it. Basically, it" he holds up the device "temporarily disrupts magnetic fields. I won't go in to details since that would probably just confuse you."

"Oh, yeah. Probably would. Good call." Asshole. Vortex's fidgeting seems to get more restless within the elevator beside Brainstorm. "And let me get this straight. You want me to catch what will only be a spinning pinwheel of razor sharp swords? I'm not complaining. I'm just making sure you'll unstick me from the floor once I'm impaled there."

"Well, if you wanted a safer solution, you should have told me earlier." Brainstorm shrugs "I could have put something together. I mean, I still can, if you like, but it'll take a bit." the elevator pings, and the doors slide open to reveal the command deck. Decide now, Vortex.

It takes approximately no time for Vortex decide. "Like hell I'm waiting longer. Come on, let's go get impaled." Or maybe he won't. He's good at handling incoming whirlwinds of destruction. "Come on, its on the ceiling, this way."

Brainstorm raises a brow ridge, but doesn't comment. Okay, whatever floats your boat, pal. He personally has no intention of getting impaled. Stepping out, he gives the bridge crew a small wave "Don't mind us, we're just here to pick something up. In and out in a moment." he positions himself a bit to the side of the bridge's latest decoration, leaving the spot right under it to Vortex "Get ready to catch."

Vortex rubs a little spot, real tiny, of dried energon just beneath his array alllllll the way up on the ceiling. Its probably his but they cleaned just about the rest of it up. Good on them! He looks up and gives a thumbs up. "Yeah, I'm- oh, hold on!" Vortex sets Fifi on the ground. "Go over to Brainstorm, Fifi. You'll be safe over there. Shoo, go on. NOW. Now I'm ready!"

<FS3> Brainstorm rolls Firearms: Good Success. (5 8 4 7)

Fifi is at least smart enough to understand the order to go, and to recognise her 'vet'. His identity is likely one of the first things she learned. The little drone tromps off to the engineer to mill around his feet.

Brainstorm himself nudges her back behind him with his heel, both to keep her out of any potential danger, and out of his way. Demagnitizer gripped in his non-briefcase hand, he strikes a sidways pose, aims, and presses the trigger. The device shoots out a pale blue, wavery beam at the rotors, sending them down towards their owner. A moment later, the magnet follows.

<FS3> Vortex rolls Reaction+Reaction: Success. (6 8 1 3 1 4)

Vortex is ready for when his rotor array comes down. This isn't the first time it's come at him- at least its not being hurled. He's just gotta time this... And have some luck. It seems luck is on his side as he centers himself and jumps up to meet his rotors, gripping the array but the not-so-sharp hub and landing with it held above his head. "Haha! I got it! Brainstorm, did you see that? I wasn't impaled! Haha... Alright, Fifi. Come on back." He starts trotting back over, totting the array proudly.

The magnet itself comes down a second later, bouncing off of Vortex's shoulder and on to the ground. Brainstorm steps in towards it, demagnitizer shooting another beam at it to render it safe for him to reach down and shut it down properly. Vortex receives a congratulatory nod, the scientist's hands too full to applaud "Well, that saves some work."

Fifi, meanwhile, trots after Brainstorm, ignoring the looks of the bridge crew. Except, instead of approaching the magnet, she turns towards Vortex, stopping next to his foot.

D'aaaaaw, look at Fifi. The magnet gets no attention because A) a little dent never hurt and B) holy shit, look how cute this drone it. Vortex bends down to scoop Fifi up and put her on his shoulder. "It feels good to have them back... Now, can we go reattach them? You can do programming stuff on Fifif too. Look how well this all turns out!"

Having secured the magnet, Brainstorm turns back towards the elevator, glancing back at Vortex as he goes "I already have the update ready. Just need to transfer it to her. My computer can do it while I work on you."

"Sounds good! Let's go! Let's gogogogogoooooo!" Vortex is positively bouncing, downright lively as he heads back to the elevator. He's ready to get his rotors back. Its gonna feel good having them back.

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