2015-08-15 Nobody Left Behind

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Nobody Left Behind
Date 2015/08/14
Location Ca
Participants Arcee, Blast Off, Brainstorm, Breakdown, Mercy, Knock Out, Soundwave, Rodimus, Tailgate, Ultra Magnus
Plot Purge
Scene GM Tez
Summary Everyone gets back together. E-v-e-r-y-o-n-e. Medics perform miracles. New mysteries arise.

The pressure is on! It's a race to the top! It's -- it's a slow race. Through a maze. A long maze. And people are injured. So... forget about the race. And the pressure. They don't get very far at all before Autobots meet up with Decepticons, and chances are pretty good that this is one of the first times in history that two battle-ready, armed forces of Autbots and Decepticons have clashed in close quarters and then gone, "Oh, it's just the Decepticons, stand down."

Rodimus, spoilerless and off-balance, is the one who speaks, and he sets a good example by pulling his gun back to rest it over his shoulder. Like a really cool hero guy.

Arcee is hobbling along miserably, her feet shredded up from battling the Puritans inside the temple area. As they come across the Decepticon party, she frowns slightly, but doesn't say anything.

Tailgate did the smart thing and ducked behind cover of the wall when they came up on another party-- only to peel back out from behind the corner when someone(Rodimus) clarifies otherwise out loud. "Hey guys!" Greets Tailgate, who is now darting out into the open with his hands in the air, between relief and joy. He's dirty and has some minor dentage-- but he looks fine at first glance. It's what's on the inside that matters more. "I'm not scrap!"

"You all look terrible," Knock Out makes sure to inform the Autobots. Not that the Decepticons have made it through unscathed, but /he's/ not that injured, and look at that Rodimus is missing an entire spoiler. "You should be more careful."

Brainstorm has the fortune of being one of the few who remains uninjured, a couple scrapes to his undercariage aside. Not actually fighting like everyone else probably has something to do with that, but if the engineer feels at all guilty about that, he's certianly not showing it. Instead, he took the advantage of his relitavley greater mobility to snatch up a couple souveniers on their way out of the foundry, as well as some extra shards for amo. You can never have too much amo. "Fancy meeting you guys here!" he greets their unexpected reinforcements "You guys had a fun vacation too?" He can see quite clearly that that's not the case, but a guy's gotta cope with stress somehow, right? Noticing Tailgate he crosses his arms "What, we weren't good enough for you so you decided to hang out with these guys instead?" He gives the minibot an offended look, but there's no mallice in his voice.

Mercy has done what she can to patch up the Autobots to the best of her ability...but her supplies are limited. Don't judge! It was SUPPOSED to be a simple diplomatic mission! Mercy's right shoulder is crumpled, but she seems to have avoided the worst of the combat damage.

Blast Off and Arcee might be a matching pair, then... though while her feet are bandaged, it's the Combaticon's hands that are bandaged. As such, he is NOT holding the gun he normally would have, and perhaps that's a good thing. Otherwise his instincts might have kicked in when faced, primed for battle, with a group of 'Bots. His hand twitches once, as if the impulse hits him, then leaves again... then his head leans back as the *next* thought hits him.... the concern that the Autobots will not take kindly to a team of Cons having snuck down by themselves for ...well, sneaky things. Fortunately, Rodimus doesn't seem to mind, so Blast Off isn't going to question the first bit of good luck he's had since he came planetside.

The Autobots might also note that he has the remains of some odd device latched to his chest, as well as the bandaged hands and various dents and scrapes. No, he hasn't fared that well... but his pride is still intact and once he sees the Autobots there- well, his expression returns to a flat, rather aloof and unperturbed state. Inside he might be otherwise, but he's a Combaticon and there's no way he's letting a bunch of Bots see the uneasiness he has, being a sniper unable to, well... snipe. He does carry a few spears...clumsily. His gaze lingers on Mercy when he spots her, but otherwise he says nothing for now.

"Tailgate!" Rodimus throws his hands up in the air, too, but it's an enthusiastic gesture that causes him to leans him a little too far forward and stumble. His balance. /All off/. He changes it into a step forward, sweeping toward Tailgate to pick him up and manhandle him around to get a look at his injuries. "You don't look too bad." His words are casual, but his tone suggests relief.

Rodimus turns to hand -- literally -- Tailgate off to Mercy in implied order and then turns back to Knock Out. "Well, you know. These guys are jerks. Let me guess: Soundwave? You guys okay?" Technically, after all, the Decepticons are his crew just as much as the rest. His gaze passes over them with the same possessive attention for injury.

"Hey! We're all on the same side here." Says Tailgate to Brainstorm, just before he steps forward to make sure Rodimus doesn't pitch onto his own face. "What-- ah!" Tailgate is about to ask about the spoiler when Rodimus hoists him up and turns him around for inspection. "I'm okay! Ravage found me in a tree." The rest of the story isn't provided, if only for cutting some length as he is passed over to Mercy. Feet on the ground again, he's certainly eager to show the other medic that he's not broken anything important. Knock Out did fine! "How's your shoulder?"

Mercy is handed Tailgate and, it may be noted, she takes hiim with her good arm - when she instinctively tries to raise her right, she can't get it above about 35 degrees She promptly puts him down before crouching in front of Tailgate herself. She gives him a once over before nodding "How're you feeling?" she inquires softly, even as she sends a quick look to Knock Out. She knows what hsi bedside manner is, and she hopes poor Tailgate wasn't treated TOO roughly!

"Some of us more than others," Knock out replies to Rodimus with a certain frownward twitch of his mouth. He has enough subtlety to not glance directly at Blast Off, but the Combaticon isn't the only one with obvious injuries. EVEN POOR KNOCK OUT GOT SCRAPED. Poor, poor Knock Out. He lifts his brows at Arcee. What? Oh are you just so impressed at his appearance. Yes that makes sense.

Ultra Magnus has seen better days. Mercy has managed to patch him up to a degree, but the fact is, there was a great gaping hole in his chest and side, and while nothing specifically is still sticking out or sparking noticeably, it's still-- evident. The goring through his legs is also apparent, and has led to him favoring one slightly more than the other with the result being that instead of moving forward at his usual proud stride or ponderous march, he kind of half-walks, half-crabwalks forward. "Crewbots," he greets mildly, stumping forward to the rest. "I am ... surprised ... to see you."

Breakdown has taken some hull damage but looks more or less functional. He'll have to fix himself up to look presentable when they get back, but certainly nothing life threatening appears to have happened to him. He says, "We're fine, shiny boss. You look like scrap." He's full of tact.

"That was a joke." Brainstorm clarifies, lest anyone else take him seriously. Noticing the spears in Blast Off's hands, he pushes past Rodimus to take a closer look "You had a run in with the locals too?" he observes, before something else cathces his attention "and what's that?" he points to Blast Off's chest, moving even closer to the comaticon, trying to discern the purpose of such an attachemnt, or what's left of it anyways "What /are/ you guys doing down here anyways?"

"I'm going to talk to Soundwave," says Rodimus with a glance back at Ultra Magnus and a pointed nod at the otherwise thus-silent Con. (So silent. Eerily, creepily silent. Almost like he's not there.) "You keep everyone moving and see if anyone needs repairs. Knock Out might be able to help with Mercy's shoulder, at least." And with that, he goes to do so. Bye, Rodimus.

"I'm okay, considering. We found Daytripper-- I--" Tailgate does stammer here, a hand on the back of his head and looking up at Mercy, his other hand on her worse arm as he tries to impress his concern about her shoulder. "They had her in the walls-- those big guys. We fought one off. But there was nothing we could do. She was-- long gone.

Blast Off lifts an optic ridge at Arcee. Subtle emotions play across his face. At first there's an indignant, wounded pride, and he seems to be about ready to bite back with some ascerbic remark.... then he pauses, considers.... and his head tilts thoughtfully. Now he *almost* seems amused. Not quite... but almost. "That makes two of us." It's probably good that Knock Out is tactful enough not to look at him when he says that, though the Combaticon does glance at him with a frown under his faceplate at the remark. ANYWAY. He rolls his shoulders, waving it off. "I am a Combaticon, I can handle myself. We have other things to concern ourselves with right now."

When Brainstorm appraoches and inspects the spears, Blast Off looks a little surprised. "Yes...well.... yes. They used these spears on us. Watch it...."He warns as the 'Bot gets close. "They explode after they've lodged inside a surface."He glances meaningfully at his hands, then down to his chest. "And that.... that was another bomb."He blinks, as if this next bit is almost somehow hard to admit. "Tailgate defused it- with Soundwave's help." Blast Off deliberately does NOT answer the question about what they're doing here. INstead, redirected focus, anyone? "We can discuss more AFTER we take care of these aliens...."

Wincing, Mercy looks more than a little pained at the news about Daytripper. "I hope she didn't suffer." It's probably a vain hope, but one she means it all the same. "I'm glad you're okay. I was worried." she straghtens then, and allows her gaze to slide over the Decepticons that have recently arrived. She's sure Knock Out looked after them but. Just in case.

Arcee sighs evenly, and leans up against the tunnel wall, attempting to get some weight off of her damaged feet. She listens to Blast Off as he explains the Decepticons' encounter with this 'lovely' alien race. Then, her expression turns a bit more grim as she hears Tailgate explaining to Mercy about the condition in which Daytripper was found. "...We don't need to understand anything else about these glitches," she mutters darkly. "Who they are, their culture, why does it matter at this point. They only see us as fodder. That's not going to change." Breakdown says, "I tried to beat them to pulp with their own trees," with an air of mild satisfaction that seems a little at odds with the actual results of this action. Ultra Magnus looks particularly grim in the sharing of this news. His nod very slight, he says, "Blast Off is correct. We will address these matters later. For now, we need to keep moving. Stay alert."

Tailgate's news make even Brainstorm a bit uncomfortable. Sure, he may have been the one who only a while ago was pestering Knock Out to share Brouk remains, but that was different! Those things attacked them first! Plus, it's something else when someone else does it to your own. Even so, he turns back to Blas Off. "Yeah, we found that out too" the scientist gestures back at Ultra Magnus "Save one for me, will you? I want to figure out how they do that" he doesn't ask about the hands. It's easy enough to guess. What does get a reaction from him, however, is the information that the thing that's stuck to Blast Off's chest once used to be a bomb. "Did you guys have a disagreement or something?" he gives the comacticon a confused look "I don't think the locals have developed beyond throwing rocks" those rocks may have proven to be quite effective, but Brainstorm still doesn't sound /too/ impressed. Plus, the remaints of the device look more like something you would find on Cybertron, or in his lab, rather than some technophobic civlization.

Four eyes are better than two, Mercy! Just ask Rung! "It's just the big ones. The-- what did they call themselves?" Tailgate tries to defend at least the peaceable locals from being ragged on. To Brainstorm, he shares another tidbit from the cavern. "He was using weapons out of the walls, after the rocks. They must have belonged to the Cybertronian that was here before us." "Awful shot, though," Breakdown editorializes upon Tailgate's report.

The remnants of the explosive device /are/ awfully Cybertronian, but then, a lot of the tech that has popped up has been Cybertronian. It looks like a fairly standard Decepticon weapon -- with maybe a couple particular signature alterations. Somewhere, someone took pride in their work.

Blast Off nods to Arcee. Funny how the two of them went from bitter enemies during the war to being *totally* on the same page, it seems. "Exactly." And another nod to Ultra Magnus. Also funny ...lawman and mercenary... also on same page. Well, they say the enemy of my enemy is my friend. And of course, they're not really his enemies anymore, anyway. All one big, happy family now, right? He looks back at Brainstorm as the engineer questions him further and reiterates what the others say. "I don't know. I think they got their disgusting organic hands on some Cybertronian technology. One of them had a Cybertronian gun, for instance." He looks at the spears, then gives a haughty sniff as he thrusts one (safe side first) at the Autobot. "Here."

The tunnels are long and twisty, and the mountain beneath them rumbles intermittently like it's having trouble digesting all of the Lefalin that threw themselves into the lava. Since the Autobots came from Tunnel A and the Cons came from tunnel C, maybe they should head off down tunnel B. Right? Right. Get moving. Ultra Magnus said so.

"Carma was nice - she is their queen. The ones that ccaused the trouble are the Pure, apparently." Mercy huffs-a-la-Blast-Off and looks back down to Tailgate and then over towards...well, Rodimus isn't here anymore.

Rodimus is busy talking to Soundwave about why the Decepticons are down here. There's a lot of handwaving.

"Awful shot." Tailgate also confirms. "I hit him in the eye with a rock. So if I've got better aim, you know he's bad." He glances up to Mercy again. "She was. I hope she's okay too."

That's why Rodimus has Ultra Magnus with him: for delegation purposes, and possibly for his swiss cheese impression. Though he's still looking a little raggled, he still takes a lead on the march down Tunnel B. The ants go marching, etc. "Here's him saying scrap like that. /Tailgate/ here apparently has an aim on 'im like a Decepticon sniper," Breakdown shares with the group at large, tacking onto the Legend of Tailgate as he and the others fall in with the Autobot party. He goes on to opine, "Queens ain't nice. Monarchy ain't generally disposed towards niceness. Weird fanatics are just worse." Arcee walks alongside Blast Off as they're encouraged to keep moving through the tunnels. She's silent for a while as she listens in on what Tailgate's saying. Then, she offers to Blast Off, "Listen, if you allow me to lean on you to walk faster, I'll stay on guard." She pauses for a moment, then adds, "I'm serious. Your hands are damaged so you're at a disadvantage. I can keep a weapon drawn for protection." She doesn't look like she's joking around. She might not even be asking...

Blast Off pauses as someone *huffs* like him, catching sight of Mercy over there. The Combaticon stares a moment. Is she taking after him or something? Well... that would be IF he huffed, and of course he doesn't really huff all THAT much, so no... never mind, she's obviously not doing anything like he would. Of course not. Instead, he just shrugs upon hearing that one of these aliens was *nice*. "I'll believe it when I see it. How do you know whoever you met wasn't just putting on an act to get you to lower your guard?" The Combaticon might *possibly* be just a *wee* bit biased against organics- especially ones that have attacked him and his team ever since they landed. Or really ALL organics ever. He nods in agreement as Breakdown speaks.

As Arcee approaches, Blast Off considers her offer. He doesn't look particularly pleased with the idea of anyone leaning on him (ewww, touching) but at the mention of being disadvantaged he seems to twitch a little. And at the mention of *protection* his reply is immediate. "I *don't* need protecting! I am a Combaticon, I can handle myself!" So says the sniper who can't hold a gun and has the armor of a wet noodle.

“Their leader did mention that someone stopped by before" Brainstorm muses as he moves along with the others "I guess they got to him too." looking over his shoulder, he gives Tailgate a thumbs-up and a cheerful "Good job!" before noticing Mercy "You alright there?" he waves his hand over his own shoulder to get his meaning across The tunnel inclines ever so slightly up as they continue along, but it turns this way and that and splits often enough to be annoying. Rodimus keeps piping up from the back every time that, "No splitting the party! That never works out!" He also picks the direction that they go, but he makes Soundwave keep track of their path. Teamwork??

The tunnel opens to a wider chamber ahead of them and--

And they are back to where the Decepticons started. That's just great. Good job, Rodimus.

Light from the surface glints off the remnants of two Cybertronian forms strung along the wall: one broken down to parts, while another is a just /barely/ connected processor, spark, a t-cog.

--but they are /connected/. While the pieces of the other Cybertronian are nothing more than a treasure-trove of information on Lefalin weaponry, useful to no one but a weapons-focused mad scientist, the near-death of the connected parts suggests a hint of life to a determined medic.

Mercy quirks a brow ridge at Brainstorm, and then smirks. "Just noticing now, are you?" she returns without actually answering the question posed to her. Blast off's response to her comment has her shaking her head later. "How do you find the desire to get up every cycle when you have such a sour outlook on things?" she wonders

Tailgate sinks slightly behind someone else when they end up back where the Con group began, and he tries not to look at the walls for too long. "This is it, where we fought him." And those parts, presumably, are part Daytripper. "Back where we started."

"Ah. Perhaps it would benefit us to compare notes and create a map. I have been monitoring our progress," Ultra Magnus says with a slant of a sideways look across the Decepticons, as if he's trying to guess which of them might have shown enough foresight to do the same and is ... not the most optimistic he has ever been about results. "Oh, just shut it, will you?" Arcee LEANS on Blast Off, draws one of her laser-pistols, and off they venture through the tunnels...

As they emerge into the wider chamber, Arcee regards the forms lined up along the wall. To her, they both look pretty much like corpses, she doesn't really have the expertise to notice anything particularly remarkable about them. "...What!" she remarks as she overhears Tailgate. Now she's *really* getting annoyed. Did Rod just get them to walk in one big circle?? Her feet feel like they're about to fall off.

"Hey, now, I was occupied!" Brainstorm tries to justify himself, shifting the arm under which he's carrying some of the yet unclaimed weapons to emphasise the point "But really, how ---" he doesn't finish his sentence as the party steps in to to the room "I don't think this is where we're supposed to be going"

"No, we SHOULD be going back to the ship." Mercy mutters, mostly to herself as she slips into the room with the rest of them. She falls quiet and just looks, not liking what she sees.

"We'll just go back! We'll try the other way!" Tailgate offers in hopes of getting people to cooperate, and he's already debating turning back first to lead the way.

Rodimus and Soundwave consult over what direction to go next. This is involves a lot of loud words. (From Rodimus.) In the meantime, the pieces of the other Cybertronian are nothing more than a TREASURE-TROVE of INFORMATION on Lefalin WEAPONRY, useful to no one but a WEAPONS-FOCUSED MAD SCIENTIST, while the near-death of the connected parts suggests a HINT OF LIFE to a DETERMINED MEDIC.

Blast Off's optics widen with indignant outrage as Arcee replies- and then *Leans on him* OMP. The Combaticon stops and tenses immediately, armor plates bristling. He stares at this femme for a moment, all sorts of rebuttals and remarks dancing through his head.... and then lets out a loud *HUFFFF*. There's really not a lot of time to argue, they have bigger problems right now, and honestly? Blast Off can't fight well and he knows it- deep down, at least. Another HUFF and he moves on. "Just make sure you don't slow me down..."

When they get back to...where they started? He stops, looking at the Autobots. It's oviously all their fault. Somehow. Ultra Magnus brings a return dour look. "I have a few scans; we could compare them." The shuttle does try to scan and scout the areas he is in, after all.

Mercy is as determined as medic's get! Her feet move her close to the mostly dead (READ: Partially alive!) bits of the Cybertronian. "You guys left Daytripper here like this? Did Knock Out even LOOK at her...!" Mercy's optics widen slightly as she lifts a hand to reach for the connected parts.

Soundwave is too busy being argued with (by Rodimus) to defend Knock Out's honor, but, as it happens, Knock Out had been doing very important things with Ravage elsewhere when the Decepticons (and Tailgate) were last here. (Not that Mercy has any way of knowing.)

Hint noticed, big, repeating letters of emphasis! As is the aformentioned treasure trove. Noticed, briefly scanned, and then approached for a better look by resident weapons-focused mad scientist Brainstorm, at first slightly cautiously, and even with a pause as Mercy rushes over to the other remains, but as curiosity gets the best of him, he decides to leave the medic to her work, and approaches the remains of the less lucky visito. It's an almost morbid sort of curiosity, for there's a certain gleam in his eyes. He may not be particualrly impressed by the locals' advances in technology, but the weapons themselves, and the material they're made of are certianly something of interest to him.

"Wait-- What?! He wasn't here when we were--" Tailgate answers in a mild panic, joining Mercy at the wall, hands hovering in the air. "They were checking things in another corridor-- What can I do?" Just tell him what to do! He can do that! Absolutely.

"We were a little /busy/," Breakdown growls in a prickly way. "He wasn't even /there/." Don't worry, meta text, Breakdown is here to defend Knock Out's honor ALWAYS. It was probably in their vows and then engraved on their slab.

Ultra Magnus frowns. "Can you do something for her, Mercy?" He holds up a hand, as if to forestall some other rattling noise from elsewhere. He starts to say something else, glancing aside toward Brainstorm.

This /slur/ against his /medic-ness/ is enough to bring Knock Out over to Mercy's side. Where anyone but a medic might look at this sad string of parts and see -- well, parts -- there's a flicker of life yet in the spark that links the processor and transformation cog. Rossum's trinity. As long as they are whole, a bot yet lives. But without the frame to protect and sustain her functions, it's clear that Daytripper's spark is going to gutter and die without some pretty intensive help. /Now/.

Luckily! There are parts all over, hung on the wall like a medical diagram or some kind of macabre modern art. The damage to the frame whispers secrets to Brainstorm about Lefalin weaponry, but as fascinating as that is, the longer he studies it, the more the Decepticon's parts just don't seem quite -- right. The process, transformation cog, and all-important /spark/ are missing.

"She isn't dead!" Mercy insists before she throws a look over her shoulder towards Breakdown. "No one thought to have him come look and see if Daytripper was still alive?" She huffs, again, even as she instinctively begins to work. "don't touch anything, yet, Tailgate, but hand me what I need when I ask for it." She drops her repair bag beside him. When Knock Out joins her, she gives him a slight nod. Teamwork!

"Blast Off," Soundwave says, interrupting Rodimus mid-sentence. "Upload your scans and we--" And that's being very generous, 'we', since clearly Soundwave is the one doing the work. "--will use it to decide on our next course."

"In the meantime," Rodimus says, pushing forward to recover MOMENTUM when Soundwave steals his stage, "the rest of you pull up some dirt while Mercy and Knock Out work."

"How the frag were we supposed to know?" Breakdown stamps on the widening set of his feet. "I seen dead bots before. Looked dead to me." Shaking his head, he cheers on Knock Out: "Show 'em who's best, hot stuff." This encomium offered, he shuffles off to stay the hell out of Knock Out's way, puffing a little as he scowls around generally. "/Organics/ takin' us apart. Creepy."

Ultra Magnus does not sit down even though Rodimus said to, possibly because he's mildly concerned about his ability to climb back to his feet again without majorly sacrificing his dignity. "I'll provide my data as well," he assures Rodimus and Soundwave. Glancing back toward the others, he says, "Let's be sure to give them some space."

Tailgate becomes Nurse Tailgate for the time being, even when Knock Out comes to Mercy's aid. He's there to make sure they have what they need, even if there are a couple 'this?' and 'these?' during.

Don't take Brainstorm's distraction as a sign that he doesn't care about Daytripper -- he does, as he would about any shipmate -- but her wellbeing is the medics' job, while his is to make sure that they are well enough equiped, and prepared as to not end up in the same situation. So, while Mercy and Knock Out labour over the luckless pilot, Brainstorm takes all the knowledge he can from her even less fortunate roommate "Hey, question!" the engineer doesn't turn as he hails the rest of the party, continuing to study the Decepticon remains "Did anyone happen to see where the rest of this guy went? The spark and t-cog and the rest? Because they're not here."

Arcee slides down the wall into a sitting position, her back braced against said wall as she gives her damaged feet a rest. She keeps her attention focused on the medics -- what is going on over there? What have they discovered, exactly? She can understand Brainstorm's investigation, as there appears to be some weaponry parts scattered about.

Finding the parts that Mercy requests is going to take Tailgate some doing. And, uh, some of those parts might need to come from the other guy. (Also, some of those parts are over his head. Sorry, tiny. One is just barely -- just /barely/ -- over his head, forcing Tailgate to flail and tiptoe and JUMP and still miss it. Or else ask for help. That's always a possibility. Smol nurse.)

As Tailgate delivers the parts, Mercy and Knock Out manage to ease Daytripper's spark back from the brink, but it's still touch and go. The truly critical point is that her frame lacks energon. It has been bled dry.

Although there are no signs of the other guy's most important bits, neither is there any sign that his frame actually had room for them. In fact, the more Brainstorm looks, the weirder it gets. Although outwardly built to resemble a Cybertronian, there may have been more truth than they thought in the accusations of soulless machinery. It looks to have been a remote-controlled, sparkless drone. That does beg a question, however.

Blast Off does so, uploading his scans of the area. Then the Combaticon stands, hands fidgeting every now and then as he wishes he could put a *gun* in them. He'd feel much better if he were *armed*. Primitive spears do NOT count. Ok, *exploding* primitive spears, but still.... He does pause to look at some of the weaponry, trying to determine what's there and what, if anything, might be useful.

Mercy works feverishly, along with Knock Out, until they get to the real sticker. It takes only the briefest moment before Mercy looks up at the other medic. "Take energon from me, for her." She extends her good arm, and the tubes held within, for him to fullfil her order. Suggstion? No. Order.

Knock Out, however, rejects Mercy's order. He probably does it WAY MORE SASSY AND CLEVER THAN THIS, but it goes more less like: "No." But wait, there's more! His rejection is not one of cool disdain, but rather cold professionalism: "We have to remain focused or we won't be able to finish this surgery. There's no point in giving our energon only for her to die because we don't have the energy to finish. Especially when we have ... donors." His gaze slides glittering across all the gathered Autbots and Decepticons.

Everyone surely will want to help the smol nurse. Tailgate isn't shy about asking for it, and he's peeking at the puzzle that is Daytripper, just past Mercy's far side when they are able to stablize some of the spark. He does feel a press of guilt, but he's not a doctor. "We'll get her out of here, right?" Arcee's optics widen. "Wait, she's still functioning? In /that/ condition?" she asks in astonishment.

Brainstorm's no medic, but as an engineer, he's hardly unfamiliar with the Cybertronian body, so the fact that something's off doesn't elude him. Stepping in closer, he peers at the remains, not even bothering to pose his still unanswered question, because the parts provide that themselves. Or he thinks they do, as that answer is kind of ... strange, and a bit disturbing. "This guy's not alive" he finally looks back at the rest of the group, focusing longer on the gathered Decepticons than the rest "I mean, he never was. Were you guys using drones or something?" of course, there's also the quetion of how this ... guy got here in the first place.

"--Not alive?" Ultra Magnus turns his gaze away from the medical operation in progress to frown intently at Brainstorm. "Are you saying this ... fanatical misunderstanding may have resulted partly from an /actual/ ... tool?"

Sorry, Soundwave can't answer, Rodimus is too busy arguing with him about how they totally went that way already when they look over the combined maps with Blast Off's added scans. That leaves Blast Off and Breakdown to speak for the Decepticons.

Huff. HUFF huff HUFF. Mercy lowers her arm while she makes her sounds of protests. Once she's huff'd her fill of huff's, she rounds on the others. "Yes, Arcee, her spark's still alive...we need your energon. Well, Daytripper does. You too, Brainstorm! And Tailgate!"

Blast Off doesn't have much to add on the subject of possible drones. He shrugs at Brainstorm. "Don't look at me. I wasn't playing with toys. We Combaticons were sent in when they needed a job done- and done WELL." Then there's MORE HUFFING. The shuttleformer looks at Mercy... and remains silent. She doesn't ask him to donate energon- and he certainly doesn't offer.

Arcee stares at Mercy for a moment, then she nods and begins removing a panel on her arm to access an energon port. It takes her a bit of maneuvering with her busted-up feet, but she eventually makes her way over to Mercy to donate her fuel.

With no answer from the Decepticons, there may be no way of telling just who was using this drone -- and why. But although there is no processor among the parts, there is a crude memory unit. Although damaged, it's possible Brainstorm might be able to pull something back on the ship.

"My job was always breakin' stuff," Breakdown points out, more or less on the tail of what Blast Off says. "And people."

Knock Out neglects to encourage the Decepticons to volunteer themselves. The Autobots seem to have it well in hand. As Mercy rounds up the volunteers, he makes sure the patient is stable.

"Of course, Mercy." Tailgate doesn't hesitate, so long as he's needed there. To the others, he looks on with an air of concern. "So that means what? That those big guys think we're soulless because of what they found in a drone?"

"Either that, or the guy who designed this body needs to have his own head replaced" Brainstorm nods "Either way, there's no way anyone could have fit all the important parts in here. He may look like us, but inside, he's just a dumb computer" and who thought /that/ would be a good idea? Well actually... never mind that now though, because Mercy is calling for volunteers, and after she called his name, refusing would make him look like a complete, grade A piece of exhaust, especially since he's one of the few people present who hasn't lost any energon himself. Plus, he may be a jerk at times, but he's not sparkless. "Gimme a moment" he answers, turning back to the drone secure the memory unit. He's not risking leaving something like this behind! Only once that is done does he finally move towards the medics.

The actual process of donation does not take long. With so many willing to give, Mercy only needs to take a little from each to get Daytripper out of critical condition. Although she remains in stasis, she's safe.

It's probably not surprising after the beating he's taken that Ultra Magnus wasn't on Mercy's list of likely donees, and he doesn't press the issue, either. Instead he stands there doing a perfectly good job of staying upright and functional thank you very much. (It's the simple things in life.) "That is ... an interesting wrinkle," he says, following Brainstorm with a frown in his glance.

Mercy is sure to thank each of the voluntold's for their donations. In the end, it does what it's supposed to. "I think she'll live, Tailgate, yes." she finally states as the frantic pace of trying to repair Daytripper slows.

The necessity of carrying Daytripper is going to slow them down yet again, but Rodimus is adamant that they take her with them. Especially after all the work that Mercy and Knock Out put into saving her. (And all the energon that Arcee, Brainstorm and Tailgate put into saving her.) With maps more or less sorted, probably, the team sets off again to crawl their way back after C****n's trail.

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