2015-08-12 Life and Sacrifice

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Life and Sacrifice
Date 2015/08/12
Location Ca
Participants Rodimus, Arcee, Brainstorm, Windblade, Chromia, Ultra Magnus, Mercy
NPCs Carrin
Plot Purge
Summary The Autobots raid the Puritans' weaponsmiths' facility and chase them into the liquid hot magma.

.... Rodimus, can you hear me? This is Percep..." The sniper-scientist curses as Blaster signals to him that the signal has been lost. Again. Ever since the Leading Light left the Lost Light to venture down to Ca, the main craft has been experiencing a number of 'unique situations'. One of them is infuriating static interference which is preventing the LL being able to message those on the ground. Among other things. Perceptor thumps a fist on the console before him. "Transmit anyway. Copy and put this on a loop," he requests of Blaster. "If you are hearing this, Rodimus or any other, we are unable to love. There has been some kind of event with the electromagnetic field of the planet and it has captured us. We are being held in, as we can best guess, a locked orbit somewhere above your current location. A mountain range that is showing an alarming level of subterranean tectonic activity. The field is also preventing our comminications from... scrap! The gravity generators are going! Why did you have to take Nautica with you, oh... no, edit that part out!" There's more going on than just on the surface of Ca.

But what IS happening down there? The Autobots (most of them) and the Camiens (the best of them) have been given some crude maps to the Temple of the Pure, the highly religious sect of the Lefallin that have been appointed the planet's cultural and actual guardians. Their belief has lead them dig into Ca, to get to the very core of the planet and thus there are tunnels all throughout it. Tunnels that Rodimus&crew have been directed to, ones that will lead into the base of the mountain that the Temple of the Pure is situated in.

The tunnels are vacant, winding and unmarked. Yet the walls are carved with intricate accounts of Ca's history, which could be fascinating if you had time to stop to study them. These tunnels warm then heat as they lead to an open cavern where at the far side there is a cliff face that overlooks a molten lake of lava. There are these 'priests' or minions and they carry barrels of some substance that they dump into over the side into that liquid rock. Standing watch over them is a figure akin to Collin, big and bulky but adorned in a suit of blueish crystal.

Arcee stalks silently through the tunnels with the rest of the party. She doesn't have the patience to fiddle around with maps; she just follows along, brooding every step of the way. Although she isn't much for idle conversation, she remains a defensive lookout and directs her attention to their surroundings, in case there are any hidden surprises along the journey.

When they finally near the open cavern, Arcee remains within the tunnel warily. Finally, she speaks up in a very quiet tone. "Why do they not sense us here? You'd think they would be expecting us."

"Rewind would eat this scrap up," Rodimus says. He draws his fingers along beneath the carvings in a physical manifestation of fascination. As the tunnel opens to a cavern, he quiets down and tucks his shoulder against the side of the opening. "They probably don't have the tech to sense us. Might not expect us to be able to find our way, either. Let's make good use of their surprise. Brainstorm, think you can fly over there and drop your screamer? Windblade, follow him, then the rest of us will move in while they are distracted by the noise. No one fall into the lava, and try to avoid pushing any of them in, either. Remember, guns don't seem to work. Keep them alive, if possible, for hostage exchange or questioning. Got it?"

On one hand, Brainstorm has no desire to be walking right in to the path of danger. On the other hand, he doesn't want to be left alone on an alien planet that has so far done nothing but try to kill him, so he's chosen what's to him the lesser of two evils and gone with the rest of the party. With them, atleast, he'll have someone to hide behind. At least they're more prepared this time around. While the others were resting up and figuring out where to go next, the weapons engineer put his skills to use to put together some improvised weapons out of the wreckage of the Leading Light, as well as the shards of the very weapons they were attacked with. It's nothing fancy, infact some of them look rather primitive, consisting of nothing but a bar of metal with shards welded in to it, like nails in a bat. There is a pair of guns among the more sophisticated contraptions, modified to use those very shards as ammo, and ofcourse there are the two sound weapons, one being a largish 'gun', put together from the shuttle's sound system, and the repaired, and somewhat modified screamer. Which he has no intention of using himself. Because that would require getting close to people that want to kill him. "They'll hear me before I can get close!" Brainstorm protests. "And what's to say the noise won't bring the cavern down on top of me?" Nuh-uh, he's not doing it. No way.

"Maybe they are cocky enough to not care," Chromia says, mostly as some kind of answer to Arcee. It's not that she knows the actual answer, but more that she hopes this is the case. Because if these things are overconfident then that in a weakness that can be exploited. Reflexively she looks at Rodimus as she thinks that. Chromia turns to look and draw some resolve from Windblade, to see how the cityspeaker is doing. Of all the warriors here, she is the one that Chromia is the most confident of and the one she is most worried for. "Remember, there are more titans for you to speak with, so not here, not this day," she whispers, vowing to ensure that.

Of the armored priests dumping barrels of a black powdery substance into the lava, some of them are armored in stone and others in crystal. There is the clanging of material-on-material as at the back of the space are more, hammering away on blocks of larger crystal, fashioning spears and then stacking them against the wall nearby. Maybe they are preparing for you afterall.

The largest figure, the crystal twin to Collin (his name is Carrin), calls out to those toiling on the spears. Like the big angry rock guy, the words are like music, melodic. They answer him in a cheery chorus and collectively they begin to chant, or sing, as they work. They sound like they are enjoying what they are doing.

Windblade moves along with party, the Cityspeaker remaining quiet and mostly serene except for a occasional twitch of a wing behind her as she continues to scan around the party and taking in the scene. She tilts her head to the side at Rodimus' order but nods to him at his order... but as Chromia speaks her attention moves to her, "Titans are not the only thing I should be trying to speak to, Chromia.." But she still moves to stand near Brainstorm, ready to move to help in whatever fashion she could to cause a distraction.

Well, speaking of cocky enough to not care: Rodimus holds his hand out for the screamer, and the pair of smaller guns. The big gun is Ultra Magnus's, of course. "Fine, give it to me. Think they'll hear you? /I'll/ give them something to /hear/." Oo, such threat. Wow.

As soon as he has it, Rodimus pelts forward and transforms, gaining an extra burst of speed so that he can drop the screamer right in their laps and whip around out of range before it detonates. He clearly has no concern for the possibility that it might bring the cavern down on them, but then, see again: cocky enough to not care.

Arcee remains with the Camiens, as in her estimation they're the only ones who actually comprehend what's at stake here. She readies her swords for a journey through the room once Rod's deployed the screamer. Now what did he say, no killing? Yeah, she'll work on that.

Well, whatever works. Since he's no longer being asked to put himself in danger, Brainstorm happily hands Rodimus the requested weapons, and stands back, watching as their fearless captain charges the enemy. Hey, he's done his part! There is no one here who can say that he was useless on this trip!

"You. Are. The. worse," Chromia grumps at Brainstorm's back as the mech shows his spinal strut. Whatever her reasons for not liking them did not improve just now. She nods to Windblade, however, SO MUCH MORE willing to focus on her. "True, you have a universe to speak to and to be heard from." This she will ensure. as Arcee moves closer and then Rodimus DASHES OFF.... Chromia shakes her head. She draws her shield and quickly moves to the front. The unspoken 'behind me' is there as she also readies her axe. "Remind me why we follow this i-..."

That is lost in the blaring, screeching noisebomb that Rodimus has just dropped. It also puts an abrupt end to the song that the Puritans were singing. As it detonates the effect is immediate. all of those wearing stone armor collapse, clutching at the sides of their heads. Those in crystal, well their faces are masked but then seem bewildered. None more than Carrin, archpriest of The Pure, as he turns. already he had perked up as Rodimus revved in but now he leaps. Where he lands is directly on top of the fleeing car. With all his weight. "Of course you dare, you blasphemous works of evil!" He grabs at Rodimus' spoiler and yanks, powerfully and painfully strong. ";Soon those of you that came here shall all perish, then later the rest of your kind! But first... each of you!" He speaks in *Cybertronian*, though he sings to his men - those standing, the ones in crystal - as they grab their spears and rush at the intruders.

There are too many for Chromia to stop. Thirty, thirty-five of them, as they trample over and around her to get at the lot of you. Arcee makes a good target, but so does Brainstorm. If only he had someone nearby to save him!

"Ow, Primus, what are you made of rock--" Rodimus tumbles into a transformation, trying to dislodge Carrin. Alas that the grip on his spoiler is not so easily thrown. In the end, all Rodimus has managed is to put the enemy at his back where it becomes much harder to shoot him. He tries anyway, shooting under either arm and across his back with the Brainstorm-designed weaponry, firing hard shards rather than energy bursts.

Ultra Magnus shifts from root mode to his vehicle mode, engine roaring to life in a mighty growl that nevertheless has nothing on that piercing shriek as he charges forward into the fray. Giving himself the momentum for the charge, he lunges for the nearest of the crystal-armored warriors as he reverts again to root mode, swinging in with all his mass as he moves to try and wrest his spear from his grip. He says: "Guess again."

Arcee already has her swords ready for this bloodbath. She already knows that ballistics and laser-weapons don't work very well on these things, so her plan is to just slice through them as if they were giant, lumbering hamsteaks. She knows Rod had said /something/ about trying to save lives -- what was that he said? Surely, he didn't mean that self-defense was out of the question, because she was all about that. If she's going to be mobbed, Arcee is going to do everything in her power to make things seriously unpleasant for the mobbers. As the workers crowd around her, the femme's swords cut a very bright, blazing path of light and heat through the air, sizzling as she strikes those who date invade her personal space too closely.

Oh great. This was exactly what Brainstorm did not want, all this death and being killed and untimely doom. Yeha, that. Time to get out of this. Looking around, the engineer finds that the only other person in the imediate vicinity who is not absolutely guaranteed to charge right in to the middle of things is Windblade, so its her that he starts inching behind. He still has some of his other improvised weapons in hand, not that he intends to use it. He's just hanging on to it for when the others need to switch out

Windblade watches Rodimus dart off.. and simply facepalms at his antics, her free hand slipping to the side as she draws out her sword's hilt.. and with a squeeze it springs to life, the edge being held off to the side, "Do /you/ desire to lead the crew, Chromia?" Her eyes drift upwards to the ceiling, for while their 'Captain' doesnt seem to care, the Cityspeaker would most definitely prefer NOT to be crushed by falling rocks.

As the others charge forth, Windblade finally follows up as well, not choosing to simply charge in, and angling herself. As she steps infront of a group workers coming at her, she strikes out.. her sword flashing towards each of their legs, the Camien going for disabling wounds, not kills as she plants herself to cover one side and raises her hand towards the other works, making a small beckoning motion, "Since violence must happen.. let us finish this quickly then. Come and learn a lesson what a Camien is capable off.. I'll only take a leg as a price for learning it." If they understand her or not.. she does not care, her expression as emotionless as it has evern been as she gives her warning.

The muffled 'Windblade' Chromia tries to get out is lost as she is run over. Very literally. She is tramples down under her shield but she uses her axe to hack at those that try to get under it. She is not nearly as effective with her weapon as Windblade is. A pair of Puritans grab her axe arm though and pin it down as another stomps on it, trying to get her to surrender her weapon. When that does not work they ram a spear into it. Not only does that make it scream but it works.

Ultra Magnus will wrest that spear away but he will be offered a pair of others, as they are poked at his now-appeared legs. The one that was disarmed sings something spiteful as he then follows his stolen weapon, lunging for and seeking to tackle the bot's face.

Arcee is more skilled than these armored priests but there are far more numerous. Before they pinned her on that terrace but here, without the advantage of surprise, they can't manage that. Instead they concentrate on something else. They go for her feet. Spear after spear they jab until one lances through a foot, to pin her to the ground. Then quickly the other foot.

Brainstorm is a clear target for the Puritans but they have Windblade to get through. The first flashes of her sword have them chuckling (in song) as they see it. Silly Cybertronian, energy weapons they are imm-.... sweet Ca, they scream! It cuts them! Apparently there is enough of a difference in Camien technology that they were not prepared for. As the first couple go down, the rest advancing on her back up. Over their heads comes a tossed net.

"Fool, I am no animated *thing* such as you! I am Lefallin! Bred and pure! I wear the gifts of Ca, and it is with these blessed crystals that I shall be rid of you!" And then he too howls in frustration and pain as those shot shards *hurt*. They penetrate his armor! "Collin said you were too stubborn to accept death," he rages. He still holds that spoiler as he plants a foot on Rodimus' back and *pulls*. With more might than can keep the Cybertronian together. As he snaps that spoiler off her then quickly swings it, slapping Rodimus with it hard enough to send him flying away (to where the weaponsmiths were working). "You know not your place, *thing*. You dare to parade yourself as some living thing yet we, the Pure, know the truth! This 'spark' you deem so precious, I shall crush it with my bare hands and delight as this part - a mere part - is destroyed!"

Might defines Ultra Magnus's strategy in a fight like this. He is accustomed to being larger and scarier than a lot of bots. The weight of his reputation is, of course, nothing in this contest, but the layers of protection offered by his armor are only partly diminished by his previous injuries. He slashes and stamps, ramming the spear into the creature flying for his face. Those stabbing and biting at his legs are luckier, at least for the moment.

"Blah blah blah, I don't care who you are! I haven't even started to stubborn you!" The spoiler in Collin's hands twitches with a mighty wrench as Rodimus attempts to pull away, only to be pulled back in turn. Harder. And then harder yet. His next taunt catches, hitching in his throat, as sound clicks into static. Mechanisms in his back shift, attempting to pull off a transformation sequence that might -- somehow -- help, but it's too late. The spoiler snaps from his back, leaving bare connections and sparking wires as Rodimus is swatted in a tumble toward the weaponsmiths.

Landing heavily, Rodimus spasms into an arch. He rolls onto his side, getting pressure off his back. His unfocused gaze finds the stockpiled weaponry. Stubbornly (see, told you so) he drags himself to his feet. His movements are unbalanced, lurching, as he lunges for the weaponry to snatch up a pair of spears, which he throws like javelins, aiming at Collin's legs. He should probably do something about the weaponsmiths. He's kind of a single-target guy, though. "The only thing getting crushed here are your delusions, nutjob!"

Arcee eventually gets pinned down with multiple spears through each foot, but she doesn't make the process very easy for the armored priests. Any who are unfortunate enough to dwell too close to the business end of her flaming swords get sliced, burned, or skewered. Despite her best efforts, they do eventually restrain her in place. But getting those swords out of her hands is going to be another challenge entirely, as she's thoroughly peeved. "Happy now?? Are you HAPPY, NOW??" she screams at the priests, along with a few Cybertronian oaths that are too profane to repeat. "So come finish the job, then!"

Once again left on his own, Brainstorm starts backing up, anxiously looking around again in hopes of finding another source of cover only to find none in sight. You know what? The others can pick up weapons without his help if they choose to do so. They'll be right here, near the entrance. As for him, he'll be up there, above the fight where he can't be reached. Or not, for just as jumps in to the air and shifts modes, he finds himself tangled the Puritans' net, and crashing back down to the ground with the loud, unpleasant screech of stone scraping metal. To make things worse, his guns, wings and tailfins are completely tangled in the net, leaving him trapped, and helpless

Windblade keeps her ground, her blade swinging up in a arching strike at the net even as she drops to one knee... her free hand reaching out to grab one of the legs the workers 'left' behind. Only half turning a little bit, she /slings/ the leg at one of the workers that are...well.. working at putting spears into Arcee as the Citywalker stands back up after grabbing another of the nearby legs and giving it a practice swing, her optics never leaving the ones infront of her still standing, her voice deadcalm as she asks Chromia a question, "Chromia.. I would appreciate it if you stopped giving up your armaments." And again she beckons at the ones infront of her, this time that severed leg swaying in time with the motion.

Mercy had come down into the tunnels and cavern wth the rest of the crew - after what happened on the surface of Ca, she was SURE that she was going to be needed down here. And look how right she was. She remains out of the start of the fight, but only long enough to see who needs her the most first. Oh, look. /Big surprise/ It's RODIMUS. Quel surprise (apparently, the medic picked up French on Earth).

Mercy dashes forward when she sees Rod arching his back in agony and the damned Leader of the Pure holding the captain's spoiler.

"Under*urg*stood m'lady," Chromia answers. With the spear in her arm, she rolls to both snap it off and to dislodge those Puritans atop her. She grabs for her dropped axe and comes to her feet. She *SHOULD* be moving to Windblade but she is handling herself well at the moment. She cannot believe she is doing this but... she dashes to finish what Windblade started. She hacked at the net but he got caught in it. So she finishes cutting him out. "You stay. We need you." Ugh, it feels so wrong saying it. She jams her shield down into the ground. "Stay behind this and give me the best of whatever you got," she states as she holds out her now free hand.

Ultra Magnus is run through the legs, though he has freed his head what with spearing that tackling Puritan away. The spears in his legs begin to heat up, vibrating much like a building explosion.

The Puritans that back off and circle around Arcee are unable to answer her taunts. They know not the language, unlike Carrin. What they do is delight themselves in taking playful jabs at their trapped thing, chuckling to one another as they play with their prey.

Windblade is clearly a problem for these Puritans. Both her weapon and the legs she uses against them, as they hurt. They quickly back away from her, and as they do they move instead to that noisebomb that was dropped. attacking, and yes, dismantling it. This allows he rock armored ones to begin to come around.

As Rodimus throws spears at him, Carrin holds his arms out and... takes it. His armor absorbs the spears harmlessly. "Fool! Ca has blessed us! These are the gifts of our god, our creator! We learned of your origins, how you too were fashioned by your homeworld. This fascinated us when the first of your kind arrived and we heard the tales. Yet, you were everything we are not and you made similar origins? When we captured this visitor before he left and took it apart we learned. We made it talk, tell us all its secrets, all its *lies*. The perversion of pretending you have a soul! It told us of the things your kind has done to each other! The acts of violence, of anger! Manipulating 'souls', crushing them in hand... so we did so to its. SICKENING! You cannot touch the soul of a true living thing!" Carrin needs to make no attack on Rodimus as he is punched. From behind. right where those exposed wires are, by the weaponsmiths.

Ultra Magnus throws aside his first spear with Puritan still attached to it and reaches down to rip both spears out of his own legs. Shreds of metal fly even as he double-fists the vibrating things on the verge of detonation. He hurls one of them at the encircling Puritans that crowd out of reach of Arcee. The other follows it. There's probably not a lot of time for them to be let fly before they detonate, right?

Reverting to the massive armored form of the carrier, he charges forward to roll over any of his assailants who aren't quick enough to get out of the way of his tires. Glaring headlights flash at Carrin's face as he advances.

Oh. Well, that's just -- great. That's great. Rodimus stops throwing spears. That armor is the worst.

For all that the Cybertronian who visited was apparently a Decepticon, Rodimus gets angrier and angrier as Carrin speaks. "You are /messed up/. What kind of creator could possibly want to see this kind of destruction?" He throws the spears down, and lunges forward to bring his Brainstorm-issued guns up again. He barely gets off a single shot when the strike from behind drives him to his knees. Strong as the punch was, from the way Rodimus stumbles, it's pretty clear that hurt /disproportionately much/. Even then, he refuses to fall. Rodimus tosses one of his guns to Mercy to defend herself as she approaches, and twists back with the other to shoot the weaponsmiths' knees.

[Plot] Ultra Magnus make effort to twink a little harder

Arcee gives Windblade a grateful look. If this was a saner moment, she'd go so far as to thank the diplomat for trying to assist her in the midst of this mess. But the best she can do at the moment is lash out at her tormentors. "You think that's pretty funny, don't you?? Laugh it up, creeps, laugh while you still can..." She snarls angrily, still trying to get her feet unstuck but they're pinned down pretty firm. Still, she keeps them from advancing too close by wielding the swords. But she isn't too sure how long she can keep them at bay before they find a way to subdue her. As she's considering this, she notices Magnus hurl...something, in the priests' direction.

Finding himself downed and tangled, Brainstorm tries to struggle, but in his jet mode, he can't effectivley rid himself of his tangles, and the net is impeding on his ability to shift modes, so Chromia comming to his rescue is a most welcome sight. Once the net is sufficently cut appart, he shifts to root mode, brushing the remaints off his fins "Thanks" he does sound very much greatful, and is quick to respond to the warrior's demand "Meele or ranged?" in one hand he holds out one of the spiked 'bats', the one with the largest spikes. In the other is something vaguley resembling a cross between a machine gun and a cross bow. He didn't have enough materials for another gun, but this is not too bad either. It may be bulkier on account of the ammo belt, and not quite as fast, but the power pack in it gives its shots a good deal of oomph, and it can be effectivley wielded with one hand.

Catching the gun that is tossed to her, Mercy seems far more worried about getting to, and protecting, Rodimus' back than she is about fighting off the native species or watching her own. She was never a very good shot, but she sends a few vaguely in the direction of the mechanics that hit Rodimus in the back (poor show...POOR SHOW), as she tries to put herself between him and them. As she does so, her optics flick towards Ultra Magnus, and she winces. "You okay, Ultra Magnus?" she calls, trying to figure out if she should dash over to him.

"The one that is of more use!" Chromia snaps at Brainstorm as she grabs for the gun, of course, as she quickly braces it and takes aim. There was a time, when coming to the Lost Light, that her aim was off. Fortunately, Ratchet fixed that. So she fires at the same targets Mercy aims at because their fearless leader needs it.

Arcee, so used to taking care of herself, has others to thank in this moment. The spears Magnus toss detonate, bursting into deadly (some say hand-crushingly so) explosions that send those taunters hurdling. If that wasn't bad enough, they have legs being thrown at them which will also take them off their feet. Speaking of feet, Arcee will be able to unpin hers now that she need not sword-swing. She is free to unleash herself on the Puritans, but can she stand to do so?

Carrin yells back to Rodimus, "The kind that sees the wisdom in ensuring you are not allowed to taint us, to corr-...!" But then he is shut up by being run over by a truck. Literally. It doesn't help that as he is hit he is also shot by that gun Rodimus fired. His helmet is struck and it shatters, breaking away to reveal his face - even more artistically beautiful than Carma's was. And yet, despite these blows he reels, jolting as though he was hit by something else, some unseen force. He rolls away, collapsing as he wheezes in pain. "It is time this ends," he says first and then sings. as he does the other Puritans stop what they are doing and take up the chant.

Then regardless of what you might do to them the do not engage but rather grab for the nearest barrel that they can and run to toss it and themselves into the lava.

"The kind that cannot allow a thing to dream it is anything more than hammer."

Okay. Sing. Run and grab barrels. Whatever. As soon as no one is actually punching, pulling, or otherwise attacking Rodimus, he drops back down again. The gun slips from his fingers, but he keeps himself up long enough to take a quick tally and make sure everyone else is still standing. Ish. He watches disbelieving as they throw themselves into the lava. "Wait--!" Then he second-guesses himself, saying, "Wait?" and "What."

Once Chromia chooses her weapon, Brainstorm quickly follows her advice and ducks behind the shield, only peeking out from the side to see how the fight is going. The fight seems to be finally going better for their side, but then the enemy decides to change tactics and...jump in to the lava? "Something's not right here" he observes, watching this seemingly suicidal manuever. Something, but what?

Once the explosives hit, Arcee discovers that the resulting jolt loosens her foot pins. Instinctively, she lurches forward, and lands rather ungraciously on the ground with a solid <THUMP>. Cursing, she grabs one of her still-stuck feet and begins pulling the pins out of it until she's completely free. With a wild look in her optics, she picks up one of the wayward legs and begins carrying it like a Louisville slugger. She pauses with some surprise as all of the Puritans decide to smelt themselves. "....." She glares into one of these pools, wondering if this is some sort of trick.

Once she decides that they're not going to return anytime soon, Arcee slowly limps back to rest against the wall, staring angrily at Rodimus as if all of this was his fault. Because it pretty much was.

Ultra Magnus reverts to root mode as he stumbles back, staggering to one knee and the plant of one hand on the ground. He balances there for a moment, taking stock. He holds up one hand and, sighting down his arm towards Mercy, gives her a thumbs up. It may be very strange to see the Duly Appointed Enforcer of the Tyrest Accord giving a thumbs up. Squinting after them as they take flight for the lava, he dredges a slightly strangled voice from the depths of his frame and says, "I believe I've been referred to as a hammer before, but not in this context."

Not much use during the fight, Mercy certainly has her work cut out for her now. Once the creatures all launch themselves into the lava with their barrels, the Lost Light's medic turns to fully survey the variety of damage that sprawls in front of her. She tosses the weapon she was holding back towards Rodimus and huffs at Ultra Magnus. "You are a terrible liar," she advises him even as she starts towards him. Seems he's top of her repair list again, followed by Rodimus, Arcee and the rest.

"Well, that is the evidence I needed to be convinced they're sane," Chromia snorts as she watches, just watches, those insane things throw themselves to their death. Windblade lives? They're leaving Collin where he is? Good enough for her. She looks around and spots Arcee, well, trying to stand there. "I got you," she offers, moving to offer a shoulder. It is what she does.

As more of those Puritans hurl themselves into the fire, literally, something begins to happen. The lava churns, bubbles and it begins to look so very agitated. "If you were truly alive you would know that it is righteous to be free to defend it at all costs, things. *Machines*." He is quick to his feet and as his mountain rumbles for him, sure to take you all off your feet, he is surefooted and fast. "You will end here. Ca demands it." With that he is gone, running away. But not so fast that he cannot be followed. Not that there is anything left for you in the foundry.

Up through the tunnels he shall go, the temple quaking as the volanco beneath it builds and builds. Through the temple, to the roof, where along the way others will rush to join you - comrades you came with and others than came on their own - to the peak of the Temple of the Pure. There Collin and Carrin stand, united. Above them in the atmopshere is the Lost Light, contained in some manner of field, beneath the temple aimed in its direction.

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