2015-07-13 Decepticon Direction

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Decepticon Direction
Date 2015/07/13
Location Lost Light - Command: Soundwave's Office
Participants Soundwave, Breakdown, Knock Out, Blast Off, Slugfest
NPCs Ravage
Summary Soundwave has a few instructions for a loyal handful.

Spherically shaped, this round room serves as the private domain of Soundwave, ship's chief communications officer and overwatcher of the Decepticons. The air in here is a little warmer than that of the room outside, reminiscent of that felt in the Cybertronian city of Tarn so many eons ago.

A bevy of monitors circle the curved walls with some showing live feeds of audio transmissions and others video captures of events of Cybertron's past. There are also several articles, textual reports and the 'After the Ark: Nominus Prime and the Illusion of Progress' that can be found amongst the readouts and pictures. A work bench rims the room with specialized seating for each of Soundwave's minicons, such as a perch for Laserbeak or side-by-side chairs for Rumble and Frenzy, each with their own monitor and activity hubs.

Center of the room is an egg-shaped pod that has tubes that connect it to the ceiling, which when opens separates around the middle. The interior is a flat, seamless white that once sealed creates complete silence from sound and exterior thought for those inside.

Soundwave has always been there for his fellow Deceptions, often unseen, but always there. Now he has found himself as shepard to this wayward flock, a position he did not seek out but one that he has accepted. He was able to barter their way aboard the Lost Light, but that is not enough. To achieve more he shall have to do more and do something he is not want to do; take risks. For that, Soundwave will need help, and more than just his minions.

The most active among the crew are those he has invited here, to his office on the bridge. The central tank is open and within it he sits, waiting for the couple of Cons he wishes to see arrive. On his lap is Ravage, curled up and absently being pet as Soundwave thinks on what is to come.

"Assumin' nobody arrests us leavin'," Breakdown mutters in a particularly dry undertone to Knock Out as he shrugs his way through into Soundwave's office. He's spent the last weeks acclimatizing to the impact the change of his facial configuration has had on his vision and no longer has any issue with, for example, crashing into anything or winging the door; his loom up close in Knock Out's personal space beside him can be assumed, therefore, to be deliberate.

Knock Out is here, looking artful and beautiful as he fetches up against one of the walls in a lean. Breakdown makes a nice balancing act so close to his other shoulder. "Have they tried to bug your office yet?" he wonders of their kind-of-leader.

Blast Off arrives as well, the Combaticon not looking like he's in a bit of a hurry. Then again, he's pretty well known for his aloof and better-than-thou attitudes, so it's not surprising. Still, he shows enough respect to be on time (he's a professional, too, after all) and gives a nod to Soundwave as he enters the room. The others get a glance. They're not his commanders, per se, so he simply waits and sees what this is all about.

"No," Soundwave answers Knock Out easily as he stands. This displaces Ravage, who leaps gracefully away and quickly darts out the door the Con couple entered before it closes. Out past Blast Off, brushing against the Combaticon ever so slightly as he does. Where the catcon goes no one shall know, at least for now. "A better question would be if they have discovered any of mine," he intones flatly, to which he replies, "Not as of yet."

Which is good news , right? The unspoken concern there is that it is a matter of time before the Autobots do, meaning time is of the essence. "We have preparations to see to." With a gesture the door locks.

Soundwave steps out of his tank to join you three. "For the record," he saws, tone unwavering, "I do not wish to suggest mutany - not at this time. The captain and these Autobots are not prepared for what is out there, so we must be ready. I cannot know all of the ship - which is where I have need of each of you."

Folding his arms in a loose cross over the breadth of his massive chest, Breakdown tilts his head, angling it to turn the full focus of his one good eye on Soundwave. "Subtlety ain't exactly my strong suit, boss," he says a little warily. He drums pointed fingers against the hard edge of his arm in a light tink-tink-tink of vague restlessness, his glance lifting across the other Decepticons with a faint frown tugging at his expression.

"Well, it's not like he's asking us to pretend to like them," Knock Out says with a flippant flick of his delicate fingers. He pauses, eyeing Soundwave more closely. "At least I assume he's not."

Blast Off huffs slightly at the contact as Ravage darts past him. He's not big on personal contact and it's enough to make him pause briefly, though he then refocuses on Soundwave- who gets right to the spark of the matter. The Combaticon finds a place to stand, leaning back against the wall a little and crossing his arms. The word mutiny gains a flicker of interest, which fades as the Decepticon leader specifically dampens such ideas. The Combaticon is something of a natural rebel, after all, a fact he tries not to dwell on TOO much with Soundwave around.

He listens to the others speak, then adds, "Saying the Autofools are not prepared for what is out here is an understatement. And as a space shuttle, I should know. We need to be prepared, for there are a great deal of rather unfriendly aliens out in this vast cosmos of ours." He glances towards Breakdown and Knock Out. "Well, I'm a sniper, I *can* be subtle. But /like/ the Autobots.... that is admitedly much harder. They seem to insist we all be friends, though." The derision is subtle but apparent when he says *friends*.

"I do not suggest subtly, Breakdown. Rather, I wish to encourage our integration into the crew. I would wish to see our participation increase. There are matters we can assist with that will allow us to better assess our resources with raising suspicion. For example," Soundwave says to Breakdown, "Recent events have caused the ship to take a number of prisoners that could use proper guarding." This would also put Breakdown closer to Knock Out, which should increase the surgeon's confidence even more.

He then turns to look at Blast Off. "Precisely, and you should be out there. Scouting ahead. Leading what is to be found before others do - and taking a proper survey of our exterior. You, Knock Out, can do this as well with the avian prisoner."

Soundwave bows his head. "They have always seen us as greedy, combative, shallow. I know the truth, that when we are united... we need to be stronger now, more than ever. When our moment comes, we need to be prepared."

"Really? 'Cause last I heard none of them were bein' particularly friendly, and we were takin' the blame for some crazy drugs Cap'n Flashy found," Breakdown grouses with a sidelong eyeballing (opticking?) of Blast Off. He scrapes a boot across the floor as he shifts his stance wider. "I don't mind playin' guard," he says, "specially if it helps. Seen the inside of the cells now and again, of course."

A tiny stego was napping in Soundwave's chest. Suddenly he wakes up and ejects! He transforms, blinking.

"No one's insisted on being my friend," Knock Out says, almost sounding offended. "I /do/ see a lot of insistence that they're much better than us." He frowns vaguely at Soundwave, gaze flicking at Slugfest's entrance before returning to their commander. "I've been fixing up everyone who comes across my table at the medbay," he says in a half-whine, like omgggggg he's already doing so much.

This sounds good to Blast Off. He listens as Soundwave speaks, nodding. "I would like to. I want to get out in space; it's what I was built for. I've headed out when I can, but... well, the Autobots don't trust me *that* much. We have all experienced this- they are still suspicious. But when I can get out, I can definitely scan the ship. I've done some basic scans already, having a natural interest in exactly *what* kind of ship I'm supposed to be spending all this time in. It is a decent ship." He apuses and mutters, "...Still a little... odd to be *inside* another space ship, though..."

He looks back at Breakdown. "...What? I heard something about ...poisoning? How did that happen? They're not blaming *us* for that ar-" he stops and rolls his optics. "...never mind, of /course/ they're blaming us." Another glance to Knock Out. "Well, our Fearless Captain has already *insisted* that *I* find friends. Because... you know, that's what's /important/ and all." Again his voice has a hint of definite sarcasm.

"They are not our friends, though they do need us. While they were concerned with Cybertronian, Megatron saw the wisdom of preparing for what lies beyond it. What is out there, some of it might be ours. While they need us to handle such things should we happen across them, we must be prepared to claim what is rightfully Deception property." With Slugfest ejecting, Soundwave almost seems lighter as he moves, to Knock Out.

"They will blame us for more. This is why we must be unified. You must not only guard against hostiles, Breakdown, but also our own. I have need of you in that regard." To Knock Out though, Soundwave holds out his hand. Within it is a small microchip. "I was able to secure this after it was removed. I need you to reverse engineer this, but so it will work on Autobots."

Soundwave looks over to Blast Off. "Ready yourself. Were we are headed next, we shall need a scout. I will make the request to our captain."

Breakdown's frown grooves deeper into his plated features as he looks up at Soundwave, glancing from Knock Out back to their superior officer as he shifts his weight, again, between his heavy feet. Soundwave need no special skills to pick up on the whisper of discomfiture sliding beneath the surface he presents; like he said before, subtlety ain't his strong suit. Sound ground from the depths of his frame not entirely unlike the clearing of his throat, he asks: "Are you ... what are you expectin' from our own? Who'm I gonna hit?"

The roly poly stego gasps as poison is mentioned. "Who are doing poisonings? Who getting poisoned? Is us getting poisoned?" He looks around furtively, paranoidly.

"I think the Fearless Captain tripped outside the Medbay and blamed me," Knock Out lies airily. He takes the chip, holding it up to the light between his thumb and index finger. "Well, not /precisely/ my area, but I'll certainly take a look." He glances at Slugfest with a note of aggravation. "Nobody's getting poisoned. The Autobots just can't hold their energex."

Blast Off listens to Soundwave talk of blame and he can't help but think back to his last talk with Rodimus and how he bargained wine bottles for a "Get out of jail free" card, basically. It sounds like he might well need it, having already been in the brig here once and being regarded with suspicion as a Decepticon. He debates whether it's something he wants to mention, though... he's naturally gaurded about revealing much information, even to his fellow Cons. However, it's possible Soundwave might pick up on that thought process. He responds to Soundwave's command with a pleased nod. "Very well. That would be... appreciated." The Combaticon lets out a soft, almost amused huff as Knock Out talks of Rodimus tripping, but the amusement quickly fades. "Energex? What energex?" Suddenly he's connecting dots from his wine bottles to some catastrophe and *hoping* that assumption is wrong.

"Whisperer," Soundwave answers Breakdown easily. "The communications relater from Kaon. He was a gladiator - briefly. He fancies himself a spy, despises Drift and is plotting to assassinate him. This cannot be allowed to happen. He must be thwarted - visibly." The intention is clear even if the tone gives nothing.

"There are others far more skilled, perhaps one that is unparalleled... yet you I trust Knock Out. You can do this, for us all. Once you have figured it out, make one for each Autobots onboard."

Soundwave considers the matter with BO settled then. The Combaticon wishes to be trusted - well, Soundwave shall do that. "Until Onslaught joins us, I shall rely on you to use what you learned under his command. Strategy shall be critical if we make a move to assume command."

"Who cares. Just one more stupid thing for them to try and pick fights about." Breakdown's recollections on this point are largely of surly near misses, prickling exasperation directed multiply, between crewmates clearly not paying attention to anything around them, and Autobots looking for an excuse to find something to blame on him. Though he's dodged /specific/ accusations so far. Nobody expects him and Knock Out to have anything extra in their quarters that isn't wax or polish.

Breakdown rolls a look back along the others to Soundwave, expression flattened around the edges as he rolls his the curve of his point-tipped thumb over the edged glint of his knuckles. "Yeah," he says, "big and splashy, you got it."

Slugfest raises a paw. "Can go wif when go scouting?" he asks Blast Off, "Want see too!" The teeny stego gives Blast Off his best impersonation of puppy pleading optics.

"Your belief in me is spark-warming," Knock Out says in that dry Knock Out way of his, hand laying delicately on his chest. He pockets the chip -- they have some sort of pockets or compartments right -- somewhere safe on his person.

A Strategist? Blast Off? The Combaticon blinks once, processing that. Well, while he's not the strategist Onslaught is, surely he's picked *something* up, right? And he's certainly no dummy. The shuttle is fairly good at logistics, scouting, and picking up details... so he nods and replies, sounding more confident than he was initially. His own ego helps boost him, too. "My pleasure. It is unfortunate Onslaught cannot be here right now, but I am certain I can be of assistance." The possibility of *assuming command* also gains another gleam of interest in the renegade Decepticon's optics. "So... how likely do you think it will be that we need to take command, then?"

Blast Off is not easily affected by puppy-dog optics, and prone to want to be alone out in space- or at least that's what he'd SAY. The aloof shuttleformer glances down at Slugfest. "Perhaps," he states, "If you can be of assistance to me."

"The bigger the better," Soundwave suggests. "I shall have Laserbeak deliver to you everything I have on Whisperer." The commcon then levels his gaze on Knock Out, and stares in that unnerving way he goes. Unwavering and intense. "There is nothing more valuable in this life than trust. I do not award it freely." If he needs to cite references, well, look at his commitment to Megatron. "Even if results were assured should I go to another, I value such a thing being done *right*. Honest." Without a doubt, he would rather Knock Out do it or not have it done at all.

He looks up, to you all as he answers Blast Off. "Considering the nature of our captain, it is only a matter of time." That is something Soundwave is sure they are all thinking. "Either when Rodimus fails in the eyes of his followers or we happen upon Lord Megatron. Aside from either of those, when it is most opportune."

Knock Out 's mind flitters quickly about totally not caring about Soundwave's trust and a grudging respect for the long-time Decepticon lieutenant turned commander. "I said I'd do it, didn't I," he sniffs. "Don't need to convince me. I don't really know how you expect us to get anything in each Autobot's head, though."

"Yus, can do things!" Slugfest says to Blast Off, "No will be nuisance! Promise!"

Interesting. Blast Off considers the possibility- sounds like quite a real one- that they might mutiny against the Autobots later. Well, so much for the truce. The Combaticon wasn't really *looking* for rebellion. He has simply been trying to find his way in a post-war world. That said, he is still a decepticon, still a Combaticon- always a bit fringe, a bit rebellious- and mutiny against Autofools is certainly something he's still willing to do. Yes, they've given him a chance here on this ship, taken the chip out of his head... but meanwhile so many others left behind still have chips stuck in THEIR heads. How is that fair, or just? He nods to Soundwave. "Understood. I think it might be the former even before the latter- Rodimus does not strike me as truly ready for command. One day his own bravado will either get him killed- or those under him." Slugfest gets another glance. "Maybe, we'll see. At least you won't take up too much space..."

Breakdown rolls a look down at Slugfest, aslant Blast Off, and then looks back up at Soundwave again, containing his skepticism to those topics that are more relevant to himself. "We ain't exactly outnumbering 'em aboard here," he says. He'll trust Soundwave to be aware of what's practical and what isn't, but he's not so sure he'd trust some of the others to be discreet, and if so much as a whisper of mutiny gets out -- well. They aren't exactly operating from a position of trust here. First things first. Assassins to thwart. He rumbles, "So don't go spouting off," and it's clear he's not talking to Soundwave when he says it. Assumptions being what they are, he's probably not talking to Knock Out either.

"That will be easy to arrange," Soundwave answers Knock Out's concern. "Should the ship be exposed to some ailment that requires individual examinations, then you could put those quick fingers to use. Let me know when you have the chips produced." Because, maybe Soundwave has everything else already in place. Already Breakdown is accepting of his new role, which if Soundwave showed his lips then there would be a smile. Yet, impassive as always, he watches the warning to Slugfest intently.

"Rodimus' strength lies in his ability to charm others to manage his inadequacies. He has amassed a number of formidable allies to cover his tracks, but their fault is their blindness to their own might. They believe themselves near infallible - because they must, to compensate for what Rodimus gets them into. This can only last so long before it becomes inescapable."

"I don't understand the part where you say Rodimus has charm," Knock Out blands, arms crossed over his chest.

Breakdown chortles.

"To the Autobots - those willing to believe in hapless hope, rather than putting in the effort to make their own," Soundwave corrects, not meaning to insult any here.

Blast Off turns his head to give Breakdown a withering look and a flat reply. "And here I was, about to go running down the hallways after our meeting and yell to the Autofools about how it is only a matter of time before we take control of the ship from them. Smelt it all, you have simply /ruined/ my plans for the evening." Yes, there's that subtle sarcasm in his voice again. He turns to listen to Soundwave. "Indeed. He does seem to have... charisma, and that is enough for many more weak-minded individuals to be fooled, flattered, or willingly distracted from what really matters. And that is the foresight and fortitude to get us through this mission alive- and successfully."

Soundwave has dispatched assignments, made intentions known and spoken far more this evening than he has publicly in months. He turns without a thought to formality as he retreats to his weirdo tank in the center of the room to resume his seat there. "Fortunately some of are aware of what true charisma is." He certainly does not mean himself, but rather his missing Lord. He looks out on the assembled Cons to see if they are thinking of anything else for him, rather than, you know, asking.

"Yeah, not like anybody in this bot's army ever yielded to the temptation for /grandstanding/," Breakdown retorts sourly. He folds his arms across the bulk of his chest again, ducking his head as he scuffs a few paces backwards, scraping over the surface of the floor. His disquiet lingers, but he seems pleased, otherwise, to have a specific and violent task set to him wholly within his skillset i.e. punching things really loudly.

"I never grandstand," Knock Out insists. Inside, he does plenty of grandstanding. His thoughts about Soundwave's orders are conflicted: it's a bold move for a delicate time, no matter how subtle they are.

Blast Off waves a hand dismissively towards Breakdown. "I don't *grandstand*." Whether his ego counts as such or not, he continues, "I am a sniper. I understand the importance of subtlety. Of biding one's time, out of sight, until the moment has come to strike." He glances towards Soundwave as he goes to sit on his chair. "Though I will admit I am... a little surprised. If we do rebel, we will be considered enemies once more." his optics dim slightly. "And we may not even get chips inside our heads this time, should we lose." No, he figures they'll just be outright killed then. "Not that I am against rebellion, mind you. I am certainly not afraid to take a stand when it is the right thing to do."

Doubt is not an interest Soundwave dabbles in nor tolerates. "There is no reward free of risk, and for what we risk the reward is invaluable." Soundwave considers the meeting concluded then, and like the isolationist weirdo he is, he sits down within his pod. Once he does it seals, concealing him in his private deprivation tank.

The door unlocks audibly.

"You were just complainin' that they want to be friends with you," Breakdown points out to Blast Off. "Make up yer mind, spacey." He shifts, dropping a hand to slap against the curving angle of Knock Out's shoulder, and turns to thump his way to the newly unlocked door. "Come on, Knock Out, let's get going. Dismissed don't get much clearer."

"Blast Off hates friends except when he loves them," Knock Out explains to his conjunx as he turns to swan off with him out the unlocked door.

Blast Off blinks, glancing at Soundwave. "Y-yes, of course." He straightens, not wanting to be seen as doubtful or hesitant... but he can't quite help looking at things from all angles and considering the consequences of failure... he's certainly had more than his fair share of those consequences, or so it seems to him. The door unlocks, and he looks at it as he works on composing himself once more.

This is not helped by Breakdown, however, and his response elecits a *hufff*. "My name is NOT "Spacey". And my mind /IS/ made up." His nose goes up in the air as he heads towards the door, bristling as Knock Out makes a comment. "I do not WANT any friends! Space shuttles work best *alone*." So he'll keep /insisting/, too, as he exits the room.

Everyone slightly at each others' throats? Another successful Deception meeting has been had by all.

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