2015-07-12 Be Prepared

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Be Prepared
Date 2015/07/12
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Brainstorm's Workshop
Participants Blast Off, Brainstorm
Summary Blast Off decides to pay Brainstorm a visit, because one can't have too many guns.

Lost Light: Science and Medical -- Brainstorm's Workshop

Experiments all but overflow the available space: every surface is covered with a project in progress, and chains and cords are strung from the ceiling to allow for suspension of larger parts when building something massive ... or if someone might just want to hang upside-down for a while. For whatever reason. Whatever mad genius orders the mess, it would probably be best not to touch.

Some people expect smart people to be all serious and boring. If that's the kind of person you're looking for, this is the wrong room and you want Perceptor because no one could really call hanging upside down from the celling either serious, or boring. You /could/ call it dangerous, especially since this position is the one Brainstorm's chosen for working on a fairly large gun, sitting on the table bellow him. You could also call it show-offy, and you would be completely correct in that assumption, because showing off is exactly what Brainstorm is doing right now. Sure, there may not be anyone in the room right now, but someone could always walk in! Actually, he's hoping that someone will, one of a small number of specific someones. Of course he'll live if it turns out to be someone else, even if he will be a bit disappointed.

Blast Off isn't exactly sure just *what* to expect, really. The Combaticon isn't overly familiar with Brainstorm, after all, just the occasional glimpse during the long war and rumors of all sorts of unusual weaponry, outlandish guns and a possible issues with ethics. The sniper had found himself pondering just what *sorts* of weapons an Autobot scientist with Brainstorm's reputation might come up with, but had spent more time trying to shoot Autobots like him before any of those weapons could be used against /him/ than anything else.

That is, until recently. Now the war is over, and again Blast Off has heard some rumors and even actually USED one of Brainstorm's guns in an alien encounter. The gun had actually been rather nice, and piqued the sniper's curiousity. So he has finally decided to come in and see for himself. He tried to be ready for anything, but when he walks in and sees the weaponsmith hanging upside down.... well, ok, he wasn't expecting THAT. He stops and just stares a moment. "....Is this a bad time?"

The look of disapointment on Brainstorm's face when he looks up to see that his visitor is not one of those specific people he was hoping for is fairly obvious, even if most of it is conceled by his faceplate. Nonetheless, he does pause in his work to look at the Decepticon. He's pretty sure he's seen this guy before. Wasn't he the one who was in the area when those bird things attacked? "That depends on what you need" he finally answers, making no move to get down.

Blast Off notices the look of disappointment and the Combaticon's optics narrow just a bit as he assumes the disappointment must be because he's a Decepticon. He lets out the tiniest *huff * as he straightens, steels himself, and decides to continue anyway. First, though, as he considers just what to say, he looks around the room, taking it in and pausing to stare at the huge gun Brainstorm is working on. "I... well, I was wondering...." His head tilts as his curiosity on the weapon takes precedence. "...What IS that?"

Still hanging upside down, Brainstorm crosses his arms as he waits for the Decepticon's answer. If this guy came here just to gawk, he should come back another time, when he isn't quite so busy. However, when Blast Off points out the current work in progress, the weapons engineer brightens a bit. " I call it the Blast Gun" he explains with some pride in his voice, probably not for the name "It creates a big, high power blast, and has great range!"

This puts the sniper in SNIPER mode immediately. Blast Off looks at the weapon as his hand comes up to his chin and taps it thoughtfully. "...How MUCH power, and how great a range?" His gaze lingers a moment before finally drifting up to the Autobot. "....I've heard you are a weaponsmith, and some say a good one." His voice indicates he's neither a believer nor detractor... yet.

The words "some say" leave a practically indignant expression on Brainstorm's face, as if he's outright offended by the implication that some people would say that he's something other than good at what he does. Ofcourse, that's unless those others mean that he's /great/ at it, in which case he wholehartedly agrees "Of course I'm good!" he boasts "This -" he waves his hand over the gun bellow him "could hit a target from several kliks and leave nothing but a smudge!" That's why the gun's so big, and anyone who tries to pick it up would find that it's also pretty heavy. Not unusuable, but it's not something everybody would be willing to tote around.

And indeed, while Blast Off is an excellent marksmech, he's not a strong one. He's not sure he COULD lift that gun, though he'd be loathe to admit it. He considers all this, tapping his chin, then lowers his hand to cross his arms. "I suppose so. Have you tested it? How does one move something like thata round a battlefield? I mean, if I'm fighting, I want to be able to set up quickly, access my target and take the shot before my enemy can fire back." There's a pause, then he adds, "...I mean, well... IF I was fighting. Not that... I plan on doing it very often anymore." SEE? Peaceful Decepticon!

"But, like those bird aliens demonstrated, being prepared and READY for battle is important. There are a great deal many hostile life forms out there in the galaxy, and as a space shuttle I should know."

"Not properly. This is less for mobility and more for taking out your enemy before they get close enough to shoot back. I do have some lighter ones here" Okay, this explaining while hanging upside down thing is not working out too well as the cables begin to swing every time Brainstorm tries to point something out "I also do modifications and custom orders" he continues as he pulls himself up and begins undoing the harness.

Blast Off looks over to the weapons Brainstorm points out and starts walking over to them. The Combaticon reaches out, then stops just short of picking up one of them. He glances back to the Autobot engineer. "May I...?" He's not one to kowtow to authority, but he's also not stupid and realizes these are experimental and possibly unstable. Also, he knows as a Decepticojn he has to be on his best behavior- and then some. He'll ask before touching. "I am a sniper... or I was. I can appreciate a fine weapon."

Such caution is both wise, and appreciated. There are plenty of people who just grab the first thing they find interesting, press something, and then proceed to ask what it does. With both feet finally on the ground, Brainstorm looks over to see what the Combaticon is looking at "Go ahead" the engineer gives his permission. Blast Off describing one of his inventions as a "fine weapon" clearly makes him quite happy. Blast Off doesn't need to worry about it blowing up in his face either. Probably. Brainstorm's pretty sure that he's worked out most of the issues in that one.

Blast Off proceeds to pick the gun up, balancing it with both hands as he explores its heft and studies Brainstorm's handiwork. Once he's done, he brings the butt up to his shoulder and peers through the sights at something off in the distance. "Nice balance. Feels natural when I bring it up." He lowers it once more, holding it away to study the barrel and gunstock before looking at the Autobot engineer. He pauses once more, still slightly concerned that he'll be judged for being a Decepticon and asking about weapons... but slag it all, he believes in being prepared and he most certainly does not want to be taken by surprise during some alien attack later.

"I am seeking someone to finetune my ionic blaster, and perhaps even supply me with new weapons down the road. I believe it is better to be prepared in case of emergency BEFORE one needs to defend onself. However..." He glances towards the door, looking a little awkward as he continues, "...I realize some on this ship might not agree." He stops and looks at Brainstorm. "I... assume you might... not be one of those, though?" He asks as delicately as he can.

A while back, a Decepticon waving a gun around in his workspace would have had Brainstorm sounding the alarm, diving for cover, and possibly begging for his life. Now he's calmly watching as Blast Off evaluates his handiwork, obviously pleased with the Combacticon's commentary. Of course, it's not like he's letting his guard down completely. If Blast Off decided he wanted to cause trouble with that, Brainstorm would bolt straight for the door, or for cover. He'd like to think though that this Decepticon is not stupid enough to try and do anything here and now, so he's willing to give him some benefit of the doubt.

Blast Off's request makes him think for a moment. If this guy did decide to start shooting, the engineer would probably be held atleast partially responsible for making it easier for him. And if the "true" nature of his allegiance was ever found out... Not like that was gonna happen, of course, so long as he was careful, but still /if/. And yet, there's that whole benefit of the doubt. The war's over, and there hasn't been any actual trouble so far, occasional scrap asside. What happened in the past happened in the past. The past. Plus, it's not every day he meets someone who properly appreciates his genius "Feel free to stop by again later" he finally offers "And I'll see what I can do"

Blast Off isn't looking for trouble, but as a Combaticon he feels some risk is worth the reward of being ready for it should it come. Brainstorm's momentary silence is noted, but understandable... and his response is promising. The shuttleformer nods. "Very well. I'm sure we can arrange something mutually beneficial." He doesn't have the wealth he once did, long ago, but he's managed to save up *something*. Losing the war didn't help either, but again... he's got enough to pay the engineer for his work. Blast Off recahes over and lightly pats the gun again, then drops his hand down as he turns to leave. "Always a pleasure to meet a fellow gun enthusiast."

Maybe nothing will happen, and Brainstorm won't end up feeling bad for making this descscion. And a new coustomer is a good thing, right? Brainstorm's still trying to proeprly figure out how to do these things in a post-war setting, but he's pretty sure that someone being willing to pay to get his services is a good thing "The feeling's mutual" he calls after the Combaticon. Truth. It's always nice to meet someone who actually appreciates what he does "You know where to find me"

Blast Off nods, takes one last look around, and then leaves.

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