2015-06-15 Birbs

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Date 2015/06/15
Location Lost Light
Participants Blast Off, Brainstorm, Mercy, Rodimus, Slugfest, Tailgate, Ultra Magnus
NPCs Drift, Perceptor, Red Alert
Scene GM Chromia

A Calamity and a dinobot ago there was an odd thing that happened. The Lost Light happened upon a planet that was... well, ash. It had been drained of all energon - ALL ENERGY - leaving it a ball of ash. Your captain, in all his flaming glory, believed it to be the work of a vampire. There was a tunnel at the northern pole that went to the planet's core and two giant craters in the northern hemisphere. Fang bites, right? Unfortunately before too much investigation could happen the planet crumpled away to dust with the arrival of a mysterious figure. That lead to an adventure on its own with the Ada, but that is a whole tale from another time. If you're really curious about it there is likely a log somewhere you can dig up on it.

The 'vampire planet' as it was dubbed was an anomaly for sure. A planet without *any* kind of energy? The chances of seeing something like that are once in a lifetime, surely.

Well, wrong.

as the Lost Light makes its way along another oddity will pop up on the scanners. a planet, along the way, seems to ... flicker. It is there, not there, there again and yet ... vanishing? No matter what port a bot might look out of as the LL nears, the sight is not to be missed. Mostly because the figure involved is immense.

The planet, inhabited (once?) by a water-bodied race was coated in a violently churning sea and storms. That is gone now and the core of this planet, so much smaller than the world it supported. Latched onto this is... a bird. *Darker* than outer space, this creature draws everything into it like some kind of living blackhole. Its 'beak' is plunged into the planet, at the northern pole, and two taloned claws grip the former planet as it drains it - as it *feeds* from it.

So, 'vampire' was kind of right.

Someone on the command bridge (Rodimus can tell me who I can be if I need to cover someone) notes, in a rather alarmed voice, "We have incoming! Two targets moving too fast t-...!"

Rodimus is too busy fistpumping and crowing about his victory to acknowledge alarm. He's poised as though he just might leap through the viewscreens next, gloating a bright, "Ha! Eat it, Jackpot!" He's jumped from his chair on the bridge to stand before it. "I win that bet! Space vampire!"

Then the warning penetrates his glee. Rodimus sheds delight to adopt what he imagines to be his very best commanding pose and voice, then thumbs the comm to warn the ship, "Brace for potential impact and gear up. Things are about to get weird. /Space vampire/. By the way, Jackpot, that means I win."

Slugfest peers at the image on the screen. "Am optics no working good, or is planet blinking?" He pauses. "Where goed? Birdy thing eated?" The stego's thagomizer swishes nervously.

It isn't the first time Mercy has her optics and hands glued to a window in the medibay, and it probably isn't the last. She stares, slack jawed - yup, the medic's mouth literally hangs open as she eyes the planet and its...rider? The announcement snaps her out of her awe, and she looks up and pushes off the window to grab a nearby stable surface. Brace: Successful!

"Rodimus--" Ultra Magnus starts, and then he just kind of waves a hand and doesn't bother to finish the thought. He takes up a Spockian pose beside the captain's chair that his captain is no longer sitting in. He looks at the screen, he starts to say something else, and then he shakes his head. Instead he glances sidelong across the bridge and remarks, "Remind me to discuss a remedial communications course with Soundwave at the next staff meeting, will you?" with a brief pause to also contemplate the fact that he is casually discussing staff meetings with Soundwave. Some days, man. Some days.

Space vampire? Well this should certianly be interesting. Brainstorm just has to get a look at that. Darting out of his workshop he heads to the nearest window with a view, staying close to the wall in case of impact. No, he's deffinatley not missing this...whatever it is.

It's easy to get excited with the prospect of planet-eaters just outside the ship. However terrifying it might be. When do you find things like that? Tailgate has his face and hands pressed against one of the windows nearest to where he was when the comms lit up. He can't see anything of note. just black, and part of the planet. Maybe he's on the wrong side? Is space moving? "What..."

Brainstorm won't need to miss anything. In fact, he gets to make first contact.

"Impact in three, tw-... no, now!" That from the bridgebot reading the scanner. And when there should be collision and impact and explosions... there are none. "Science deck, they're onboard!"

What Brainstorm gets to see are two figures - one smaller, the size of himself roughly, enter first - and the other larger, bigger than Ultra Magnus. They appear to pass *through* the hull of the Lost Light, shimmering as they do - vibrating. They solidify once they are onboard, giving a much better look at them.

They are feminine in form but very avian in appearance. There are no feathers but their shape is bird-like in every way. Legs end in taloned feet, the arms are long and clawed and each have a full set of powerful looking wings behind them. The smaller one is a pale gray with white that edges the black that makes a 'mask' over her eyes and tips her wings and hands. The larger is a spotted reddish hue with a steely blue that tips her wings and crowns her head, though the belly is white. Each have dark, lightless eyes and a sharp beaked mouth. It is the larger one that turns to loom over Brainstorm and screeches, "CYYYYYYYYBBBERRRTROOON!"

The smaller one, fast, darts *away* from Brainstorm as it seems to sniff at the air, moving towards the engine room.

Handing over command to (read: dumping responsibility on) Drift, Rodimus bolts for the elevator with a, "Keep me up to date on the state of the intruders. In fact, make that shipwide. Drift, handle things up here. Magnus, you're with me. Get a response team to meet us at the labs. Get the muscle. Tailgate--" Ha. Ha ha ha. "--and Grimlock and a medic, too." He ignores everything about remedial courses and meetings with legendary avoidance skills. He comms down to the science deck, starting with Peceptor and working his way through a couple of others before finally getting to, "Brainstorm! What's the situation?"

Braced for an impact that doesn't come Mercy...doesn't move? Huh. Well, that was anti-climactic, just the way she likes it really, since that means no one got hurt. But just to be sure, Mercy flicks on the ships broadcast systems, "Everyone okay?". It /is/ the fastest way to check on everyone, after all. Instead of any injury reports, she gets an order to join Rodimus et al. Grabbing a triage kit, she heads out of the lab to meet the others.

Brainstorm watches as the intruders phase throught the wall. "Y-yeah, we're from there" he steps back a bit, away from the birds, holding his suitcase infront of himself, not quite hiding behind it, but close. "There's two of them. Came right through the wall." He responds, hearing Rodimus's hail he

The smaller one ignores the speaking Cybertronian (Brainstorm) or much of anything else, as it is set on searching out ... something. It sniffs at the air, beak up, as it darts - faster-than-your-average-Blurr - towards the engine room... and then past it. In a blink it is before the energon storage facility.

The large one, before Brainstorm, roars in a language that has never been recorded by a bot before. Shrill, it is certainly not a happy thing that is said. "Deeeenied! DENIED!" She roars as she moves, sweeping a wing at the brainy bot, meaning to buffet him into and then pin him to a wall. "TAAAakkkkkkkkkkkkee UUSS! Tooo Cyyyybbeerrrooon!"

Wait, me? Tailgate startles a little. Intruders on the ship, and he's wanted? Or needed? Part of him feels the burn of responsibility, and another part feels that weird swell of pride. It's legit. Does this mean he's as good as Grim when it comes to muscle? Oh dear. Well. Alright. Let's do it! After internal deliberatons of the quick variety, Tailgate starts off down the corridor to locate the others. "Coming!"

Following at Rodimus's heels as he directs orders for other bots to join them on the deck in question, Ultra Magnus clatters to a halt before the giant birds. Weapons heating to lock on the intruders, he orders, "Intruders, stand down," like this will accomplish something. Old habits, maybe.

Brainstorm yelps, staggering back, away from the shrieking intruder, only to have her wing knock him completely off balance and on to the floor. " I'm too smart to die!" he whimpers, as, clutching his briefcase with one hand, he atempts to back away from his attacker as is, on his aft, across the floor .

Instincts forged in youth are so hard to shake. When Rodimus spots the oversized birdbot menacing Brainstorm, he throws himself at her, ramming his shoulder at her wing to break between them. He leaves 'stand down' to Ultra Magnus and manifests the 'or else' in the activation of weapons glittering on his arms. But that puts them in the labs, facing one, and another off -- elsewhere. So he comms up to the bridge, "Red Alert? The other one?" which presumably is not actually in sight. Because different rooms. And he doesn't have super powers.

"Other one? There's another one?!?" That is red alert sounding very panicked at the proposect that the Lost Light has more intruders than the ones he has been tracking. "Where is it?!" Yet, that panic won't help him to get the crew to where they need to be right now. "There's the one outside Brainstorm's workshop and... the energon storage! It's in there and, Rodimus, that's not all! That big thing has detached from the planet. It's coming towards us! Permission to get us away from here, sir!"

The big one, smacked by Rodimus and talked down to by Ultra Magnus looks unimpressed or unphased by either effort to slow it, really. Those cold, vacant eyes turn to look at the Enforcer but the beak bites at Rodimus. "Tooo looong, Cyyybertron! Should have fed from it eons before! Cybertron. Rich energon. Like honey." That head turns to look at Brainstorm as he backs away then it moves! It dives at Rodimus, who will be aware of how durable it is considering he bounced off it a moment ago. "Shall start with yours!"

What the slag?... Blast Off looks up as some comm chatter indicates something weird is going on. He'd like to just ignore it, though. Not his concern, right? Nobody has commed HIM specifically, and he's not going to go sticking his nose where it doesn't belong. However, all his plans of staying far away from anything requiring *effort* on his part are dashed as he walks down a corridor- and right towards the action, as it turns out. Several 'bots run past in a panic... or maybe a mad dash towards their respective jobs, who knows. The Combaticon s keeps making his way through, even as he picks up more sounds of commotion and... odd voices.

Taking advantage of the intervention, Brainstorm scrambles to his feet and darts over to his shipmates, making sure that Ultra Magnus is between himself and the intruder. Even in this relitavley safe position he can't quite shake the initial fear, tightly clutching his precious briefcase and backing away form the scene a few more steps, although he's not turning away from it

Mercy skids to a stop as she comes round the corner to see Brainstorm on the floor and both Rodimus and Ultra Magnus with weapons pointed at the featherless bird. "What -is- that?" she wonders as Brainstorm gets up. She starts forward again, towards her roommate, with a muttered "You okay?"

What is screaming? Tailgate doesn't have long to wonder before he catches sight of Rodimus tackling something tall and colorful into the labs. It's also squawking something about Cybertron and honey-- and given that he's hearing the big one is coming their way, it might not be a compliment. He's at Magnus' back too, with Brainstorm and Mercy between. "What is that thing?" He balls his digits into fists, for all the good that'll do. Still, it looks prepared!

"Permission granted, permission granted! I /knew/ we should've hit Hedonia for those missile upgrades." Rodimus drives his fist into the birdbot's beak as it dives toward him. "Why don't you start with my fist!" He even follows it up with a shot, aimed right at its throat. What a great line. He looks so pleased with himself.

Now the bird creature is going to try to /eat Rodimus/, which is just not on. Ultra Magnus surges forward with an increase of volume. Rather than fire a missile blast with an enemy in close quarters with his commanding officer, he tries a spatter of lighter fire over its back to draw fire. He's got nowhere near Rodimus's peculiar talent for ... drawing attention, though. "You can't have any, it's ours." He's not so great with the repartee either. Simple tenet of property law reduced to its simplest form: i.e., mine.

The tiny stego runs around aimlessly, like a chicken with its head cut off! But when Rodimus starts trying to beat up the birdbot, the tiny stego tries to bite the creature on the ankle...if it has an ankle.

"Yeah, I'm good" With a good deal of distance between himself and the bird, and people around him, Brainstorm begins to regain some of his confidence. "I don't know what that is but I can tell you that its not here to say "hi""

Blast Off makes his way down the hallways...and instead of finding more peace and quiet he comes across *this* scene. It brings the shuttleformer to a halt, and he simply stares and watches.

"It's gaining speed! Primus, Rodimus, it's HUGE." That would be Red Alert alerting you all to the fact that you have a giant blackhole/bird on your tail. In fact if you look out any window you can see it, the body of the thing as massive as Cybertron and thus the wingspan is, well, beyond immense.

In the energon storeroom... things are happening.

Outside of Brainstorm's workshop, everyone arrives in time to see the big bird lady wrestle with Rodimus, and since she is infinitely stronger it is bound to be a quick fight. In fact she is about to bite down on that punch thrown her way, with as much snap and force that it surely would have taken the captain's hand off, had it not bee for Ultra Magnus. It takes all of his might to get her away even *just* enough that the *SNAP* of that beak just misses severing a part of Rod. "Yeeeessss. NOoo," she corrects as she eyes UM. "What is yours shall be used. Wasted are you. Past your prime. Useless. Not fiiit!" Those powerful wings swoop forward, the gust of which is staggering to be in the path of, but they mean to buffet UM with a mighty blow. The birdlady's head takes in the sight of the others that arrive and once more it means to dive, this time lunging for Tailgate. "Hatchling! Richer energon within your shell!"

"Blast Off, take Brainstorm and whatever his favorite weird gun of the week is and go check on the storeroom!" Rodimus calls. As for the planet-sized vampire bird? He's momentarily at a loss. "And if you've got any crazy ideas for dealing with that vampire thing, now's the time!" He dives for Tailgate, but not to put himself between Tailgate and trouble. Nope, he's picking up Tailgate to lure the birdy down the hall. "C'mere, bait."

"EEEE! No hurt Tailgate!" Slugfest exclaims, swinging his thagomizer at the birdface and revving his saws!

Not again! Seeing the bird comming his way once more, Brainstorm quickly begins to back away again, his briefcase a laughably tiny shield infront of him

As the birdlady misses Rodimus with her bite, Mercy squeaks and reaches a hand up to grab at Brainstorm's. "Where's that stinkbomb of yours? Maybe it'll make her run away!" By the time she's offered up her idea, she watches as the, bird, lands on Tailgate. "NO! Leave him alone, you crazy...crazy...!" Here she stalls - she can't think of anything mean enough to call the thing attacking them. And then Rodimus jumps in. "Rodimus...!" she groans.

Everyone behind Ultra Magnus is hopefully out of the way of the wind being gushed forward by the bird-woman's wings; still, it's a powerful gust, and Tailgate is moving out from behind Magnus' shadow just in case-- just in time for the bird to focus its attention on -him-. "I'm not! I'm old! AHH--" What else do you say when there's a bird swooping at you?! Swooping is bad! Tailgate throws his hands in the air just as Rodimus -picks him up-. "/BAIT/?!" NO.

Traditionally, Ultra Magnus might prefer to serve as a protective force for reasons other than simply being comparatively unappetizing, but he lives to serve. He braces against the impact of the mighty wings, arms lifted in a broad cross above his helm as she buffets him about. When he shakes himself free of the staggering daze of the impact, it is to discover that Rodimus is ... using Tailgate as bait.

Firing a fresh round of fire at the bird's tail like a staccato burst of concussive force, Magnus calls, "/Be careful/," with such intensity of tone that you can sort of sense the inchoate swearing behind it. Rodimus inspires so many different things.

Blast Off glances to Rodimus, then to Brainstorm. With a small sigh, he's brought his ionic blaster out of subspace and is already striding over to the engineer when Mercy appears. "Mercy, Brainstorm, off to the side..." he motions with his hand, trying to get them to slide off to the side so he has a better shot at the strange bird. "Come on, we need to go check the storage room... Brainstorm, get some weapons!"

Weapons, right. "In here!" he calls, already making a break towards his workshop. His safe, blastproof workshop. Luckily enough he had something that could be of use complete. He just needs to get to it.

Ultra Magnus' fire up the back is enough to give the birdlady pause - enough for Rodimus to get away with his Tailbait. The sawing Slugfest helps too as the giant birdgal stumbles over the minicon. She roars in frustration as her intended feast gets further away. "Allll of you! Your race, unfiiit! UNFIT! Kept us from being, kept us from rising! Shall pay, shall pay, shall pay!" So far all the attacks have seemingly had little effect but she has been tossed around. Undaunted, she gives in to the chase though as she stumbles forward a step - and then before she might step on another stegosaurs she extends her wings and takes flight!

"RODIMUS! IT IS GAINING ON US!" This is what Red Alert reports.

"It would appear that the entity behind us," Perceptor adds, "Draws in energy. Thus, it is sapping ours as we flee preventing us from escaping. as a hunting mechanism, it is quite ingenious. Wouldn't you agree Brainstorm?"

Slugfest LEAPS and tries to bite down on the fleeing flying birdbot! "No get away! No rise! No has nuff dough!"

"Shh. Come on, she said you look tasty," Rodimus tries to soothe as he pelts down the hall with Tailgate. Where's he going. He should figure that out. "It's like a compliment, right? And you're young for your age. Ha, hatchling." HA HA. HA. For lack of anywhere else to go, he ends up following Blast Off and the others to the energon storage. The more the merrier, right? On the comm, he says, "Hey, can we survive flying into the local star? That's /lots/ of energy. Or what if we just fly at it, then hop right before hitting? Great idea, right?"

Mercy is quick to obey, stepping tot he side and as out of the way as she can..and ducks as birdlady takes flight. "What IS that thing?" she asks, again before rising to join in the chase. She hopes they don't need a medic, but if they do, she'd better be right behind them!

"Good," Blast Off replies to Brainstorm, following him towards the workshop and keeping his weapon up and ready for cover fire. And it's a VERY GOOD THING he doesn't hear that bit from Rodimus about flying into a star. The space shuttle would be turning around and giving him a piece of his processor.

"Rodimus," Perceptor says in that 'you're an idiot' tone, "Are you even remotely aware of how incalculable that feat would be?! I even once considered being a calculator and that is bey-..."

"On it. Course set!" That would be Drift. From the bridge. Where Rodimus left him in charge.

"SO MUCH CLOSER!" Red alert sounds so much panickeder.

Ahh-- Tailgate clutches onto one of Rodimus' arms. Good luck dislodging him. "I'm not tasty!" He protests. Of course a tasty morsel would -say- this. "If all I get is small jokes I should have stayed under the Plateau!" A little bit of angry Tailgate, too. "No flying into stars!" The minibot's visor is bright, sparked with panic. He's already bait, now you want to cook him too?

"Perfect! That means it will totally work! Quantum engines, super unlikely, totally work!" Rodimus's understanding of quantum physics leaves something to be desired. At least Drift will always do what he tells him to do without arguing. <3<3<3 "We're not flying /into/ the star. We're flying /at/ it. That's totally different! Make it work, Perceptor!"

Ultra Magnus leaps forward after the flying bird, transforming into the massive form of the armored carrier truck as he roars into pursuit. Somewhere in the process of doing this he issues the following statement: "Whatever it is, it's extremely rude."

"AND MEAN!" Mercy adds as she gets out of Ultra Magnus' way as he transforms and joins in the chase. Yup, mean. That's the meanest Mercy can get.

Once Blast Off is inside, Brainstorm seals the door shut, and looks around briefly before stopping on a particular weapon. It's a fairly large one, a rifle of sorts, shiny silver with the name "Flasher" etched in to its side. "You can grab that if you want." he looks over at Blast Off "Laser gun. And tell me how it works. Haven't had a chance to have someone field test it yet." He himself grabs a couple smallish, spherical objects from several separate piles

Giant death-inducing, energy-sucking bird bigger than Cybertron behind you. Headed now *towards* a sun. So far, Lost Light, everything looks like it's going to be great...

As Rodimus + Tailbait make it to the energon storeroom they will find the door shattered, fragmented to bits. Inside the smaller birdlady is zipping about, moving from stacks of cubes, one to the next. She devours them as she does. So far, a good half of what was there no longer is. She is quite uncaring of what is happening outside as whoever arrives.

Giant birdlady, however, chases after the delicious-looking Tailgate. She is about ready to strike when, she turns and grabs for Slugfest with one of her taloned feet. "WORMM!" She lands on one foot, and meaning to pin the stego with the other as she strikes down with her beak. "Hate! Keepppt us, denied life! Unfit, unfit... but energon can still serve! Only need leave oooone of you, one to show us where Cybertron is!" Unfortunately for her there is an armored truck barreling at her which should arrive right before beak can strike. Maybe she shouldn't have monologued.

Monologuing. When will villains learn?

The Lost Light begins to shake slightly. Things are getting warmer and any light from outside is getting brighter. "Almost there!" That'd be your substitute captain, Drift.

"How much quantum timing do you need to fly -at- a star--" Tailgate is sure this isn't actually a thing, but adding 'quantum' always makes anything sound better. Meanwhile, everyone around him is still crazy. The bird lady is screeching again, and Tailgate wriggles in the Captain's grip. "Slugfest!" Hey look. A truck.

So it is that Ultra Magnus smashes directly into the monologuing figure mid-declamation with the full force of his mass and his momentum brought to bear. Possibly impelled by the laws of narrative causality, or else some internal and deeply buried sense of the ridiculous, the Duly Appointed Enforcer of the Tyrest Accord fires off an airhorn blast just a few seconds too late to warn of the collision. "You have the right to remain silent--"

The real question is if there's anything in the universe he wouldn't try to arrest.

"Oh, are you /kidding me/? Where are you even putting it!" Rodimus winds up like he's going to throw Tailgate at the smaller bird, but pauses, reconsiders, and then sets Tailgate down very carefully like that was his plan all along. Bait having sufficed to pull the other out so that Brainstorm can grab his neat toys, he turns the littlest Primal Vanguard loose with a nudge to his back and an encouraging, "Get in there!" Get in where? Who knows. Find an opening. Or make an opening. That's what he's doing, leaping for the more Rodimus-sized threat -- that is, the smaller bird -- before it can go after any more of their stores.

"Haven't had a chance...?" Blast Off's optics widen even as his voice betrays some of his incredulity. "IT's not going to... backfire on me, is it?" The sniper is very safety conscious, after all. His optic ridges furrow down as he studies the weapon. Reaching for it, he hefts it in his hands, feeling the weight and balance. "...Does... feel nice, though." He pauses to aim, testing how it feels, and checking the sights.

"Alright, let's go." He'd prefer testing it, sitting at the gun range, making notes, comparing ranges and trajectories... but no time. The shuttleformer strides out and towards the storeroom, where chaos ensues. He heaves "Flasher" up and aims it at one of the birds- whichever one presents the first opportunity.

"It shouldn't" Brainstorm reasures Blast Off, following him, making sure to stay well behind him. He has no desire to become a target for those ... what ever they were... again

Mercy hovers back and...well, she waits. In case she's needed. If someone gets, you know...-bit-.

Vampire bird. Lost Light. Sun. In that order, but not for much longer, as all three of those things are very rapidly coming to occupy the same spot in space.

"H-h-hold ont-to s-somethin-ng-g!" That's the best warning Perceptor can give as the ship shakes. Being as close as the Lost Light is to it now that is bound to happen. That and the hull is getting a very nice tan.

There is chaos outside and within the storeroom. Inside the smaller birdlady is tackled by Rodimus, which startles it out of the feeding for sure. "Nooooo, this is needed for all-...!" Whatever else was to be said is lost as Blast Off shoots her, expertly! She is nowhere near as tough as her companion and crumbles under that shot and Rodimus' attack. The big birdlady outside the storeroom takes a faceful of Ultra Magnus, truck justice style! The airhorn got her attention, and upon looking up it was all to the face all too fast. Down she goes, collapsing her solidly at Mercy's feet.


Oh yeah, that whole sun thing.

Suddenly.... everything is calm. You're all alive.

"I very much demand a Rodimus Star for that," comms Perceptor.

That is cutoff however by a terrifying shriek. Space is supposed to have no sound but the pained cry of the monstrous beast behind you is both loud and unnatural. It feels old - ancient - and sounds of crude animalistic desire. You are prey, very desirable prey, that has eluded it!

This cry is powerful enough to rally its heralds. The small one doesn't hesitate as shakes, so very fast, and starts to slip away through the floor. The bigger one weakly tries to rise yet lacks the wondrous speed little one to make the same kind of getaway. Subdue it now or she uses her strength to make an exit.

Slugfest squeals when the bird thing grabs him, trying to dislodge the taloned foot with whirr of saws and swipes of thagomizer. But then it disappears. "Where goed?" the tiny stego wonders. He looks around, then scampers over to the others, nosing at each of them.

As the birdlady falls at her feet (and really, who /WOULDN'T/ swoon at Mercy's feet!?), Mercy does the only thing she can think of. She reaches into her medical bag of tricks and pulls out a large syringe. An Ultra Magnus sized syringe, really, and bends to jab it into the creature's neck before pressing the end to inject the fluid inside. It works to knock out CYbertronians...what's the worst it could do to alien bird lady?

"You can have /two/ of them." Rodimus steps back from the smaller bird with the flush of triumph warm in his voice. "One for taking us in, and one for getting us out again. Nice work, Percy. I--." He breaks off as the two rouse and startles back to watch it slip away through the floor. He curses, then calls a, "Red, tracking again. One just slipped through the decks. What do things look like in the star? Terrible, I hope."

Tailgate's limbs jerk a bit in anticipation of being thrown at a bird, and his sigh of relief nearly rattles him when Rodimus sets him down. Vanguard or no, these are energon vampires. Serious biz. Still, at the prompting, he's prepared to assist Magnus somehow when PErceptor comes on to warn them to more or less hold onto their sparks. The birds are down, Perceptor's up, Tailgate's visor goes dark. The blue doesn't slip through again until he realizes that he's still there, and then it flickers bright. He claps a hand on Slugfest's back between saws when the stegobot nears.

"We're not dead!--" His shoulders and arms tense up when he hears the sound outside of the ship. "Did it work? That sound--" It's terrifying, he wants to say. He doesn't.

Everyone should probably thank Mercy because if she hadn't subdued the invader with a syringe, Brainstorm would have offered someone to test out one of his glue bombs, and he hasn't had time to get rid of the smell yet. Since it's already down, however, he joins the medic, curiously peering at the bird

Ultra Magnus reverts to root mode to stand over Mercy and, well, ... in front of the temporarily incapacitated bird. He puts out a hand to use the no longer vibrating wall for support in the temporary quiet of aftermath. "Any damage?"

Blast Off can feel the ship and...Primus, what *are* they doing? No, wait... he doesn't want to know. He's just going to focus on this right now, and the bird creature crumples at his shot (but of course). Then before the other can get away, he aims his weapon at it... but Mercy has it covered, it seems. He lowers the weapon so as not to have her in his sights, but remains alert should it spring to life unexpectedly. "...What IS that?" Then he glances around the ship. "And what happened?"

"Ah, it's *fast*," Red Alert notes aloud. "Too fast to tra-.. there it is. Back at the ... whatever it is that was chasing us. I think it's blind," he observes. "It ran right into the sun! The heat, the light, something drove it back. That one you *failed to capture* is back at it and they are moving away. But then so are we."

"As far away as we can," Drift notes from the helm. "What's like down there?"

Half of energon the ship had a moment ago might be a place to start...

What fight the birdlady had is gone as Mercy sticks it full of things to make her collapse. Completely. Her featherless hide might be touch, but unable is she to fight off what's been injected into her.

Slugfest eees when Tailgate's hand goes on his back. "Yay!" he says, thagomizer wagging as he noses at Tailgate to help him get up. Mercy huffs as she jerks the needle out of the hide of her newest 'patient', and is only too happy to then crouch next to Brainstorm and begin poking at the creature. "I've asked that already!" she assures Blast Off before looking to her roomie. "What do you think? Avion-like, able to phase through walls...oh, you need to find a way to restrain But I can't keep it sedated forever."

Rodimus answers Drift like, "Ergh," so that's a very helpful summary. "We've got one to question. Mercy, take it back to medical, keep it under until we can work out some restraints for it. They moved fast -- Blurr-fast. Magnus, think you can handle that? Kind of your thing, right? Like an expert, really."

"I'm ok" Brainstorm answers Ultra Magnus's question without looking away from the unmoving bird "Its some sort of life form" he reports, crouching down to get a closer look at it. How he'd love to find out a bit more about it, in a more controled setting, and a bit more about how it got through the wall. He'd have to talk to Rodimus about that later. "Looks organic. They said something about going back to Cybertron"

All Ultra Magnus says to answer this is, "Yes."

Tailgate rights Slugfest and turns his head at Magnus. "Other than the captain attempting to feed me to an energon vampire, I'm fine too. Is the ship okay? It got real toasty there..."

Rodimus pivots to give Tailb--gate his very best offended look. "I was saving you!"

Mercy nods quickly to Rodimus, and with one hand on her knee, bounces up to her feet. "Can you carry her Brainstorm? I'll go get th medibay ready! Oh, I'm going to be able to find out so much about this!" Nevermind tht organics aren't her specialty (at ALL). And off she hurries, babbling happily to herself.

Tailgate puts his hands on his waist. Mmn. Rodimus. "You did! But you didn't have to use me as bait too..."

Blast Off glances to Mercy, "I see." He looks around the ship again, still feeling mildly annoyed, and still not really knowing what the smelt just happened. That's it, he's done. He's going back to his habsuite and having a *big* glass of wine. They don't pay him enough for this! (If they pay him at all..)

"Me?" Brainstorm's about to protest, but Mercy's already up and away, leaving him with the bird "Are you sure it's gonna stay out?" He calls after her before looking around at the others to see if anyone would offer to help him out here

The offended look lingers, but shifts thoughtful. Rodimus sets everything else to the side to focus on Tailgate. He steps closer and kneels down, giving him a serious look. "I wouldn't have let anything happen to you." He doesn't deny that he used him as bait. "And it all worked out, right?"

Slugfest yays and is righted, so he scampers a circle around Tailgate before running to Mercy!

Suddenly very aware of himself, thanks to Rodimus putting on his serious face, Tailgate looks up as he kneels down and looks off to where the others took out the bigger birdling. He looks back to the taller mech when Rodimus speaks, head tipping in a way that suggests that perhaps he was too harsh in his reaction. Maybe not-- but when eyes are on you, it may feel that way. Tailgate decides to edge closer to make this a more private exchange, for his own sake. "You saw what those things did to the planets. You say you wouldn't have let something happen, but-- it worked out. This time. Just warn me next time, okay? Please?"

Brainstorm finally stops on Ultra Magnus "Could you help me with this? It could still wake up on the way." he requests /And I don't want to be left alone with it/ He doesn't add. Not verbally anyways

"Of course, Brainstorm." Ultra Magnus slips away from the wall to join Brainstorm in bothandling the massive but currently unconscious form of the avian intruder. He can definitely add considerable hoist to this equation, anyways.

"Yeah," Rodimus promises. His full attention remains on Tailgate, but softens with a quick smile. "You bet. It was kind of hectic there, should've thought of it. Next time I'll try." It's a start. "You're okay though, right? Got to go check in with some of the others, but if you need anything, stop by the medibay."

Relieved that he no longer has to handle the being alone, unconscious as it may be at the moment, Brainstorm finally follws Mercy to the medbay.

It's hard to stay mad at Rodimus. Maybe that's how he's still the captain? Tailgate's posture betrays him, with a moment of softened tension. "Thanks. And thanks for saving me. I like my energon where I want it to be..." He puts a small hand on his chest, tapa-tap. "I'm okay now!"

"I like it there, too." Rodimus covers Tailgate's hand with a quick pat and then rises with a grin. "I owe you a ride, then, since I didn't tell you this time. Now, I think I better go let Perceptor yell at me." Then he's off to do so, bravely facing the nerds. At least Drift won't yell.

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