2015-06-07 Scientific Investigations

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Scientific Investigations
Date 2015/06/07
Location Clemency
Participants Rodimus, Knock Out, Brainstorm
Plot Labyrinth
Summary Brainstorm and Knock Out do some investigation of the science left behind on Clemency. Rodimus looks pretty.

Clemency is a nice place if you like planet-sized graveyards covered in the abandoned corpses of the enemy.

Not that Decepticons are the enemy any more, of course! Far be it from Rodimus to say that, out loud, and then pause awkwardly to look back at the other two on the bridge of the Worldsweeper.

Rodimus, Brainstorm, and Knock Out are a fraction of the crew from the Lost Light that has been sent down to recover data and try to figure out what hell happened. Brainstorm has been invited because a) Brainstorm and b) weapons which makes it pretty much a no brainer. The ship contains any number of oddities, from a wooden bot in a chair on the bridge to walls covered with organic webbing to abandoned protoforms in tanks to a monster fused into the ship. The last is of particular interest, and what Rodimus has asked Knock Out to take a look at, see if there are any Decepticon projects he might want to tell them about. Since they are all friends now.

"Not enemies," says Rodimus, sliding into the step left by his earlier mistake. "Uh. Nem-- no. Opponents? Yeah. Opponents. Anyway, never mind. What do you make of that?"

"This hardly seems so bad," Knock Out says with the easy flippancy of one who did not have to experience the oddities in combination with, you know, terrifying hallucinations. "Although certainly not run of the mill, that I'll grant you." The medic leans forward to examine the protoform in one of the pods, nose only inches from the glass. "Fascinating," he says.

Clutching his suitcase, Brainstorm looks about with one part curiosity and one part unease. This palce is somewhat eery to say the least, but curiosity is helping with that. "Wouldn't be my first choice of a vacation spot" he answers, peering breefly over Knock Out's shoulder before turning back to looking around the rest of the area, searching for something he could work with, perhaps a datapad with records, though he's not wandering away from the group. "Something interesting deffinately happened here"

Rodimus makes a disgusted noise. He glances over at Brainstorm with a 'Decepticons, amirite?' tilt to his shoulders. "It's not /those/ I want your opinion on, anyway," he says, waving off the pod protoforms and redirecting Knock Out's attention with a broad wave. "Here. This. That thing." It's the remnants of a Cybertronian, half-hanging from the ceiling, half-fused into the wall. It's been shot. A lot. It's definitely dead. "We've really got to do something about your idea of interesting," he says with a quick grin in Brainstorm's direction. "Awful would've been my word." Although there's no datapad as such, the ship's systems are accessible with some work.

"That's because you're not a scientist and you hold no intellectual curiosity," Knock Out says, distracted as he's redirected to the remnants of what was probably a former comrade in arms. Maybe. Someday. "I can report this is also nonstandard. Where in this Primus-forsaken galaxy did this ship visit, I wonder."

Brainstorm takes a quick look at the...thing Rodimus is pointing out to Knock Out and decided to leave the medic to his work. For now atleast. The fact that it appeared to be integrated with the ship itself could be something of interest but first, there had to be at least some records left. If the ship still had power might be able to access its databanks if he could find a terminal. If it didn't, he might be able to route it from an outside source, or if it came to that, extract the hardware that held the memory itself and get it going back on the Lost Light

"Nonstandard." Rodimus repeats the word with a laugh. "Yeah, even for Decepticons, that was pretty awful! I mean, how bad does it have to be for other Decepticons to start warning people to stay away? I sure /hope/ it was nonstandard. Hey, did you ever run into a pack of scavengers lead by someone named Krok or anything? Never heard of them." He watches as Brainstorm goes after the databanks, calling a question: "See if you can find out where the ship went, would you? Knock Out's right. Might be useful to know that."

Although the ship is without power to do the search now, it's not hard for a nerd on Brainstorm's level to be able to pull the hardware to sudy back on the Lost Light.

"Well, not warning everyone. Just other Decepticons." Knock Out shoots a smirk in Rodimus's direction before returning to poking and prodding at the monsterbot. Poor thing. "It's almost hard to recognize which parts of it are Cybertronian anymore."

"On it!" Brainstorm calls back 'where' is not the first question on his list; 'what' and 'how' were, as in 'what happened here' and 'how could he use it' but it was a good question too. Dusting off a nearby terminal. Finding it, and the one next to it, completely unresponsive to his proding, he reaches for the acces panel to see if he can get better results from its innards.

"Thank you for the correction, Knock Out." Rodimus does not sound very thankful. His words roll and grind against each other. Exasperation bleeds through his tone. "What can you tell about the parts of it that /aren't/ Cybertronian? What was it?" He folds his arms in a loose cross over his chest.

Although the ship has been abandoned long enough that getting the panels off takes some effort, Brainstorm's able to find the memory clusters he needs with little effort.

"Something very strange," is Knock Out's super helpful reply. He gets out one of those saws that Rodimus hates -- a small one, fit for taking field samples -- and starts slicing off samples for himself to take back to the lab. "I've certainly never seen anything like it; if something like this was known, it would be /known/. No one wants a parasite to catch them by surprise."

"Parasite?" Brainstorm peeks out from inside the terminal to glance over at the others before reaching back in to detach the memory cluster from the wiring.

"Ugh." Rodimus turns away as Knock Out starts slicing. Watching Brainstorm predictably perk up, he says, "You can't make a gun out of /this/ one, Brainstorm. Seriously, it was -- really weird." He rubs at his helm with both hands.

"Yes, that's what we call an organism, mechanical or organic, that attaches itself to another organism and leeches off it," Knock Out explains, as if that's really what Brainstorm was asking. "Hold on one minute." He actually wanders off into the hallway, likely to try and attack the whole problem from the other side of the wall. He'll be back. Sometime.

Brainstorm finally crawls out from inside the terminal, memory cluster in hand, just in time to see Knock Out leave the room. Personally, he didn't have any great urge to go wandering this ship alone. There was bound to be something else of interest right here anyways. Walking back up to Rodimus he gestures at his prize "Power's out so I'll have to plug this in on the Lost Light" he informs the captain.

Watching Knock Out wander off, Rodimus oh-so-subtly puts in a call for one of the other Lost Lighters on the ship to detach to go join him. For his safety. And definitely not at all because there is any mistrust lingering between the factions. Nope!!

Attention pulled back to Brainstorm, Rodimus studies the memory cluster with a quick grin and a look of blank incomprehension. Yeah, wow, computer parts, great! Part of it, at least, he understands: "Back to the ship, then. The sooner we get all the answers we need and get out of here, the better. I need to talk to Magnus, anyway. Anything else you want to check out before we get back?"

Stowing the device Brainstorm nods "Just give me a minute" he says, already heading over to the remains that Knock Out had been looking at. Sure, this wasn't exactly his primary area of expertise, but a look wouldn't hurt, would it? Of course, he would have to compare notes with the medic later, but a potential idea was already forming in his head. Depending on how this happened, this could be useful, say, if you took out the horible disfigurment and being fused with a wall parts. Not neceserially a gun, although weaponization was always an option.

"Take your time." Rodimus waits patiently ... for about five seconds. After those five seconds, he's pacing restlessly, wiggling the head of the wooden robot back and forth, and basically acting like a toddler left to his own devices. He gives Brainstorm just enough time to become intrigued by the fused Cybertronian before he says, "Okay! Time's up. I'm heading back to the ship. All this science stuff is for -- well, you."

"Ah! Hang on, I'm just about done." Brainstorm's expression shows that he'd much rather spend a while longer here, but he's not about to get left behind on his own here. Hopefully the memory cluster, and whatever Knock Out could find out, would be enough. Shame though, he thinks before rejoining the captain, to leave so soon but Rodimus didn't seem like he inteded to stand around here much longer.

Standing around isn't really Rodimus's style. With Brainstorm in tow, they head back to the Lost Light to get to work.

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