2015-05-28 Roads and Maps

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Roads and Maps
Date 2015/05/28
Location Habsuites -- Chromia and Windblade's Habsuite
Participants Chromia, Rodimus
NPCs Windblade
Summary Chromia, Rodimus, and Windblade talk roads and maps.

This room is really two rooms.

The outer room is smaller, much smaller, than the proper one beyond it. This spartan space serves as the living quarters for Chromia, outfitted with little more than a weapons rack, work station and a recharge station. There are no decorations though a small collection of personal items are tucked away at one side of that desk.

The room beyond belongs to Windblade and is closed off to all those that are not permitted to enter. What mysteries are to be found there are known to those select few as the room serves as the private sanctum for the Cityspeaker.

The next landmark on their trip looms on the horizon: the Circle of Light, Theophany, just a few stops away. It's time to regroup. That means Rodimus, Magnus, Drift -- then it also means Soundwave, /plus/ it means Windblade, and basically this is turning into a committee.

But once the update is over, Rodimus and Windblade leave the briefing room as he listens to her stories about Caminus. About the city, the metrotitan -- not the colony. Not the people. He's wide-eyed and curious in a way that makes him seem perhaps a little younger. Then they're invading the habsuite that she shares with Chromia, still talking.

There's a hasty stumble as Chromia seeks to cover up what she was doing...! Which was polishing her axe. "A warning, ~please~!" She's on her feet and then aware that neither of the bots entering likely have a care about what she was doing or, even if they did, that it would be a thing. So she clears her vocalizer and seeks to move on. "Everything is all settled then?" Chromia not in the need-to-decide of the need-to-know stuff, which is fine by her. She likes it that way! But small talk is small talk. "I suppose I should get used to all these stops and seeing new sights, going to new places."

"Getting ready to chop some heads off?" asks Rodimus with a cheerful sort of gruesomeness. "Maybe just a few limbs?" He mimes a swing. Axer up! With Chromia present, he lingers in the doorway.

Windblade moves through with sure confidence. She touches two fingers to Chromia's arm as she passes in apology for the intrusion and lack of warning. "You might enjoy our next stop," she says with a smile that brightens her features. "Apparently they eschew firearms in favor of melee weapons."

"Swords, though," Rodimus says with a note of almost apology. "Drift has like -- fourteen of them." He mutters something about over-compensating.

Chromia makes a face. At Rodimus. Why does he always think that she is going to chop things off with her axe? Well, that is what axes are good for. And what Chromia is good at doing with it. Still. Still! She wants to pout about it but... Windblade is there. "Sounds like they are a dignified, civil group then that I indeed look forward to meeting. Will we be there long and do they have roads?" She fidgets a little, something she always does when she's about to ask something for herself. "The Lost Light is big and all, and not that Caminus (as I have discovered) is all that big but..." She's itching to get the wheels going.

Chromia does look at Rodimus though and all of his chopping action. "I'm guessing then that you have one too?" You know, to fit in with his bud. "Something big and hard to weild I'm betting," she smirks.

Rodimus answers Chromia's expression with a wider smile. Of /course/ he's the kind of guy who'd find someone making a face at him to be /encouragement/. /Of course he is/.

"Oo, I know that feeling," says Rodimus all knowing as Chromia asks after roads. "Yeah, Drift says they do. All tiny utopia, really." He rolls his eyes -- a flash of light, a tip of his head. Same idea, even when eyes can't quite roll. "But great roads. Nice and long and you can really open up and just -- go. You fast? You look like you'd be fast. We should set up a real race. Magnus is always getting mad at people trying to race in the halls. Anyway, I'm totally learning swording with Drift--" Swording. "--but it's like. A process."

"I assume they have sky, as well," adds Windblade, a little cheeky in the face of these grounders and their longing for roads. She looks amused by Chromia's request -- but also, maybe, just a tiny bit proud that she was able to bring herself to ask something for herself.

"I'm build more for a lengthy rides, I'm not all out-of-the-gate, like some," she grins. "Maybe I'm fast? I'm no jet," she frowns as she glances to Windblade. Sometimes keeping up with the Cityspeaker is a real challenge. "Bursts? Sure, but more like... I can go forever." Chromia gives a whimiscal sigh here. "Back on Caminus I'd ride over every inch. The ship here is nice but confining. So hey, when we get there let's be sure to go for a drive." That is if the captain can spare a moment for a crew member. "You can show me how fast you are."

The 'swording' is something that makes Chromia cringe - not because she disagrees but because of Windblade. Her charge is *really* good at it and well, it's not just some hobby to wave your hands around at. Still... Windblade seems to be fine with it. This is Rodimus, afterall. "Not sure I'd take you as a sword bot. Maybe more of a slingshot," she suggests. With a smirk.

Windblade's mention of sky though reminds her of something. Chromia perks up. "Do we know if they have any bodies of liquids?"

"Hey! Some of us have both! Speed /and/ endurance!" Okay Rodimus. What was that he was saying about over-compensating earlier? Eh? Flames and spoiler? Eh? EH??? "I'll totally show you." No one invite Knock Out. He'll beat them both.

"/Slingshot/? You hear this?" Rodimus glances to Windblade for help, which is foolish.

Windblade, indeed, ignores it. She suppresses a grin at Chromia's reaction to 'swording'. "No major bodies of liquids from the map," she says apologetically. "Looked like a desert world, actually."

Rodimus echoes her with a nod.

If snapping fingers were a thing then Chromia would be doing it. As is, she delfates a little. It's not like she has any control over it but for the shieldmaiden, once she makes a promise... and she made one ot Nautica. Nautica who has been through a lot (like Mia hasn't?) and thus Mia wants to do something for her friend (as opposed for herself). Maybe the next stop after this one, huh? Chromia nods along with Windblade and Rodimus however as she accepts this fact.

"Maybe we should have a race for any that want to join." Any - meaning Bot and Con. "Have something to bond over. I mean, I don't know exactly why we're stopping there but we could take advntage of the outing. A change of scenery is a good opportunity to get everyone of of their own little worlds." She shrugs though. This kind of stuff she's really bad at but she's trying to help. She feels kind of bad about how she laid into Ultra Magnus recently and didn't have any solutions to present to him. So she's been thinking about that. A lot.

Rodimus says, "Ugh," but you can barely hear it.

That's because Windblade is firmly agreeing, "That's a good idea. Everything I've heard makes it sound like this is going to be a really good stop for everyone." Her wide smile pauses on a brief correction: "Almost everyone. Water planet next. Excuse me, Captain. I need to finish taking notes on the meeting before I forget."

With that, she excuses herself, leading Rodimus to fold his arms and sulk. "Fine. A race for anyone. It's going to be a bit before we get there -- but from there, it's all downhill! We'll finally be able to really /read/ our map. Probably. --oh, and by the way. Slugfest says I'm totally fair to Decepticons." He looks smug.

"So, that's one vote down and now like a hundred more to go?" Despite saying that Chromis smiles. She's pleased he's making progress. Prima, she's happy that he listened to her. "Good job on the one," she does congratulate him though. With Windblade heading into seclusion that leaves Chromia to see Rodimus out. Though she's not want to get rid of him immediately.

"About that. Following a map that we can't read." Here it comes. Is she about to launch into a rant about how foolish that is? "Maybe it wasn't meant for us to read it. At least not how it is. I've been thinking, which - granted - is not any great thing. We're meant to change, to transform, right? All of our greatest relics do that too. Solus' forge, the Matrix, they *change* us, so what if this map is meant to be changed too, before it's rendered useful?"

"One's a start! So for that's a 100 success rate, so I'd say I'm doing pretty good." Rodimus's grin verges on cocky. It often does.

"It wouldn't be there if I wasn't supposed to read it," Rodimus immediately disagrees. "If it's supposed to be changed, I think it's up to us to figure out how. But where it was -- I mean, I had no idea it was there, and I carried the Matrix." FYI. In case you didn't know. "I think about that a lot, you know? What that means. Why I'd find it there. What it means that it is. Maybe it's not just the Knights. Maybe it's a map to show me how to fix it."

"And what if it's not?"

Chromia watches Rodimus closely. She knows why she's here, why she signed on to be a par tof *his* crew. For Caminus. And yeah, for Cybertron too. Kind of... but still. "What if it's not a map to the Knights, or anything really? What if it's not a guide on how to fix it?" Sorry to bring up reality ... but Mia does that well. Yet.

She smiles, "Then I say we go looking anyway. And find a way to fix it on our own. You'll get us there. Map or no map."

"It's still /something/. And it sure /looks/ like a map." Just slightly, Rodimus pauses. "Yeah, it's a map. That's not the question. It's just -- maybe a map to something more than we hoped for."

Yes. Because that's always how it works out. Things are /better than expected/. Yep. Definitely. Rodimus's grin blazes in answer to her smile. "It'll be a surprise, either way. And talking to the Circle will be our first real step. I'll let you get back to your -- axing, or whatever. Still keeping an eye out for oceans, promise!"

Chromia is cautious because it could well be a map to *nothing* and she'd rather encourage the *journey* than a destination that might not be there. But... there is no changing Rodimus. Which is maybe fair. He did carry the Matrix after all and not her, though Chromius Prime does have a certain ring to it... "And I'll let you get back to leading us into, well, the unknown." She'll walk him to the door. It is true though, she should get back to what she was doing. Her axe isn't going to polish itself.

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