2015-05-01 Safehouse

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Date 2015/05/01
Location Earth
Participants Chromedome, Chromia, Slugfest
NPCs Starscream
Plot Future Tense
Summary Starscream leads his new friends to their temporary home.

"So, this is quite the vacation."

That would be Chromia - 'Mia' to any human that she has to give her name to. This is certainly not the type of thing that she thought she would experience when she joined the Lost Light. Traveling to the future is strange enough, but Earth? It's downright bizarre, and she's a human on top of it. "Everything's so small," she snarks to their 'guide'. She's been pretty snarky in general, more than normal. Everything she learned about Starscream was that he wasn't great. Yet, five thousand years is enough time to turn it around? "I wasn't sure if I was fitting in on... ah, before. How do have you done it? This sure seems like a lot of undercover work.

For those familiar with her, Mia appears much like Charlize Theron. Tall, blonde, short-haired and sporting a blue jacket.

Alongside "Charlize Theron" is a golden retriever not unlike "Comet" from Full House. He noses around, running this way and that, returning to Chromia's side intermittently. He wags his tail and sniff-sniff-sniffs everything. Just by looking, you'd never guess this was a tiny stego, at least not yet!

Chromedome is loping behind 'Mia'. He's middling height, built enough to be threatening, and sporting a grizzled-gray shaved hair and stubble-beard. Perhaps his eyes and lips are set at just short of glare because he's not used to having this much face. He is going by "Bob." He ran across a lot of "Bob" in his extemporaneous research. "Let's hope it's a short vacation."

"So are you." So is /he/ -- relative, anyway, to the heights he once stood -- and yet Starscream still manages to sneer it in Chromia's direction.

It'd take more than five thousand years to enact a personality adjustment on /that/ scale.

With a long, exasperated sigh, he says, "Thinking of everything as tiny and fragile certainly won't help. Yes, this is all little more than cardboard and kindling--" Starscream (better call him Kazuhiro, Kaz acceptable in a pinch) gestures widely. "--but so are /you/. Besides, they've certainly done a fair job of making it feel like home." His smile is all sharp edges as he considers the eerily Iaconian skyline. "Just think: some of the metals in those buildings might've come from people you know. There, does that feel more homelike?"

"More home for some of you than some of us," Mia answers Kazuhiro. She had been struggling to get familiar with the Lost Light which was foreign enough to her. Still, she looks to Bob to see how he's managing. Slugfest seems to be managing well enough and she somewhat wishes she had been clever as he was in a disguise. "All this *walking*," she sighs. Humans and their lack of alt forms is kind of infuriating!

Still, there's a lot to look at. And people. "There's so much *stuff*." She frowns though to think of what became of some of those people in particular. "They got all of the colonies," she realizes, aloud. That means Caminus too. No! She can't dwell on that. "This long across enemy lines... you have to have a safehouse. Is that where you're taking us? So we can inspect your stores and we can begin planning how to undertake this search?";

"Is your point to get us to burn everything down?" 'Bob' light-dries in Kazuhiro's direction. "I don't have the resources or the energy, but I might shift myself to get both at this rate."

The stego-golden retriever now walks alongside Human-Chromia. It looks like he's trying to talk, but all that comes out is "Woof!"

"You most certainly aren't going to inspect anything!" Kazuhiro is /very emphatic/ on that point. In truth, there's little enough to dig through at his base: his stores are slim, his weaponry next to nonexistent. But he doesn't need them poking around in things!! "If you want to inspect something, inspect the /humans/. That's what you're here for. To find the Heart." He glances down at Slugfest with a delicate scrunch of his nose. "Maybe he can sniff it out."

There's something to Kazuhiro's snark that...

Mia likes.

She looks down to Slugfest and then has that 'ah hah!' look. "That is what the nose stuff is all about!" Organics. So weird. "Fair enough. Point taken, no inspecting.... I take that to mean there's not much to look at." See, she can snark too! "That means we need to get our hands on some... stuff." She makes a pointy-finger motion to suggest what she means, because as she looks around as they walk, she's keenly aware of just how many people are around. "Is there somewhere more private we can go? What do humans do when they want to be more alone?" Because they don't seem to have built-in radios.

"We could find a hole. Or a bunker." Bob scratches his chin. It's odd. Gesture feels odd. "Or dig one."

Slugfest whines and starts digging in the ground! *dig dig dig dig dig*

"Aren't you clever." Kazuhiro smirks at Mia, but rolls his shoulders in a shrug that grants the point. He stops rather suddenly to shove aside a heavy door that rolls to the side on a track. The building is nondescript, but too small for a proper warehouse. It's bland office space that they ender through a loading dock. He gestures them wordlessly in. Once they are inside, he closes the door. Blandly, he says, "Safehouse. Humans have devices -- implants, sometimes, handheld sometimes, mostly from parts stolen from /us/. It's fairly macabre, actually." He shouldn't sound so impressed.

Chromia shouldn't be so pleased to be complimented by Kazuhiro. However, getting up on the only Cybertronian to go unscathed through all this is indeed a good feeling. Also. It`s good to get away from all those humans. She does take a quick tour to ensure that this is secure because... old habits. "So, way I see it we have three problems outside of finding the Heart. One, we need weapons. We either purchase them or we steal them. Either will draw attention. Two, we're slow in these forms. We need to find a better way to search a whole planet. Three, our leadership wasn'lt brought with us. We need someone in charge. I nominate ... Knock Out," she asserts.

Chromedome squints at Chromia. "Knock Out? Are you sure. I think Rewind would be a better choice," he says, with a complete and total lack of bias. To Kazuhiro, he asks, a bit milder, "What kind of weapons could we acquire? Cybertronian, mostly?"

The abandoned office might be small and cramped and /unimpressive/, but it also has everything a squishy needs, including bedrolls, bathrooms, and a break room that'll do for food. It's secure enough: the front door is locked, locked, locked, and the only other door is the one that they just came through. Kazuhiro is securing it behind them. "The weapons are Cybertronian, but frankly I don't trust you trigger-happy idiots not to immediately shoot at the first thing that frowns at you. /I/ remember what you people were like. You get weapons when you've proven you can handle them."

Slugfest pauses in his digging and scampers into the building with muddy feets!

Chromia does like Rewind... however, she nominated Knock Out for a reason. "We should poll everyone." It's be easier for her if Windblade - HER Windblade - was here because then she's go with whatever she decided. Human-Mia frowns deeply. "More gun testing, great. You don't happen to have axes, do you?" Should she even ask about a shield? But there's something else she wants to know more.

"You were in charge of Cybertron, right, so... why did you let this happen?"

"I'm not trigger happy. I'm not even a soldier," Chromedome objects with mild affront. "I don't intend to shoot anything unless I have no choice." In all this objection, he is watching Kaz, weighing.

"Ye-e-es. You would say that." Kazuhiro gives Chromedome a particularly jaded sort of look. This would be a prime time for him to sneer at him particularly for being an Autobot -- but with ten left, he doesn't even attempt the gentlest punch at the opening. He genuinely does not care about that.

Eyes flashing, he turns his gaze to Mia: "Why did /I/ -- it wasn't /me/. It was your precious /Rodimus/." The name hisses off of his tongue with venom. "That /idiot/ left us all open to them. And they look so small, so soft, so /weak/ that we didn't take it seriously. So I suggest you stop thinking of things as small and think of them as /lethal/."

"Lethal, sure. Anything that lives can kill but..." Mia frowns. She's never met a human but it's hard to imagine they understanding the tech that makes up who she is. Yet, their planet is flying through space so maybe she shouldn't judge. "Fair enough." Afterall, apparently even the Mistress didn't make it yet this one did. And... he alone is the one that can do something about it. It hits her how this kind of all fell to Starscream. "Was it your idea to get us?" Did he ask for help or is he resentful that help was called in?

Why not BOTH? "Obviously I could do it myself if time weren't such a concern," Kazuhiro sneers. The sneer falls from his features, leaving behind a touch of something more serious, a hint of someone who takes his responsibilities to the handful left quite seriously. "But it is. I don't know how much longer the others can hold on. If the humans pull this off, we'll never recover," he flatly states.

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