2015-04-18 Pop a Pod

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Pop a Pod
Date 2015/04/18
Location Lost Light: Science and Medical -- Medibay
Participants Grimlock, Moonlight, Rodimus, Swivel
Summary SWIVEL IS BORN. ...well, not really born, but. Whatever.

Red crosses on the door identify at a quick glance the medibay. Inside, the forward medical bay contains a half-dozen slabs lining the sides of the room where the medical staff can take care of patients. There is a central slab as well, but the winches and pulleys, carts of tools, and life support machinery is all designed to be easily reconfigured to support any number of patients at any of the seven beds.

At the back of the room, there is a large work station dominated by a large screen that includes two holoemitters. Two doors at the back of the room lead to cold storage, where patients in need of better care than the medibay can provide -- rare as that is -- can be put into stasis. Offices for the medical officers are on the other side.

It's time! A few peculiarities of this particular pod have added days onto to the wait before Ratchet will let Rodimus pop it, but now it's time. Just -- gotta make sure Grimlock doesn't mind, is all.

Rodimus enters the medibay armed with bribery in the form of particularly delicious gelled energon snacks: junkfood for YOUR dino. He even sent Moonlight a message -- via the comm, like a normal person, rather than running from one end of the ship to the other yelling, trying to find her, which proves you might not be able to believe EVERYTHING you hear. But since the message was 'Come to the medibay to pod bond' his reputation for unhelpful messages is probably intact.

"Okay, Grimlock! Ratchet says we can open your pod now. You did a gread job keeping it safe," says Rodimus as he unloads blatant bribery on the slab next to Grimlock. As for Ratchet himself? He's smart enough to get out of there after telling Rodimus what to do.

It's hard. On the one hand, Grimlock is quite determined to keep the pod safe, and it's unclear whether opening it will ruin that or not; on the other hand, energon snacks. So he stares hard at Rodimus, just this side of glaring. "Little red bot /promise/ won't hurt important thing," he insists.

Moonlight arrives. Curiosity means that she came here promptly. Spotting Grimlock, she offers him a reassuring smile, not wanting to get on the wrong side of the mech. Clasping her hands behind her back, she waits off to the side, after inclining her head towards Rodimus and greeting him with a simple, "Captain." Then her optics are on the pod.

Rodimus looks like he might argue with being called /little red bot/, but after a moment thinking about it, he just steals a bite from Grimlock and waves his hand in reassurance. "Uh huh," he says after swallowing. "Not gonna hurt it. Ratchet said it's better to open, too," he adds in further appeal to the inarguable medical authority that is the CMO. "Moonlight! Good. Grab a bite and come over here and be -- I don't know. Reassuring." He glances at her hat, then back down at her, and adds, "You can leave the hat on, though." Somewhere, Ratchet snorts. Then Rodimus hits the button. Automated systems take care of the rest, opening the pod and bringing its occupant out of stasis. He leans forward with bright-eyed curiosity.


At first glance it just looks as though the pod is filled with four very large tires. How anti-climatic! But as systems work on drawing hte occupant out of her very long and very inert state, they begin to move, and a small femme attached to them uncurls. 5r

it is a while before the optics of the femme begin to glow with life. And even when they do, the expression on that brass face is neutral and blank; almost doll like. as doll-like as a robot can be. However, after a few moments, and a few involuntary twitches as motor functions are systematically checked by an internal diagnostic, her optics grow brighter, and there is a sense of intelligence behind them. Well. Sentience at any rate.

".........Hnnnnnn?" that face quickly becomes quizzical, and there are a few stuttering sounds that may have been words if they weren't cut off short by the next almost-word, ending in a jumble of sounds that make little to now sense. However, her tone speaks well of her confusion, and her face openly confirms that she is extremely disoriented.

Grimlock shoves in past Rodimus's lean into his own, more emphatic lean. Outta the way, little red bot. He watches, wide-eyed, as the pod opens and reveals its occupant, as the occupant slowly awakens from her long slumber. "Important thing is important bot!"

Moonlight just winks. "Sure thing Captain," she says once Rodimus has made his meaning clear. Because, it wouldn't do to misunderstand on that point, so it's just as well the mech isn't the kind to be subtle and just outright tells her to keep her hat on. Turning slightly towards Grimlock, she says, "The Captain rescued me from an escape pod, and I'm doing alright, so I'm pretty sure whatever is in that pod is in good hands." There. That's her contribution to being reassuring.

Then she's quiet as the pod opens and 'Tires' turns into a femme. A confused femme. She leands forward slightly, holding up three digits. "How many fingers?" she asks. She doesn't at all try to get in Grimlock's way; she doesn't want to lose a finger...or worse.

"And she's right at your level, too," Rodimus somewhat uncharitably mumbles. He steps back to allow Grimlock to swarm up all gentle and reassuring as he is -- just the kind of face you want to see first on waking! It's okay, though. He's got snacks. Hopping up to take a seat on a nearby slab, he calls a welcoming, "Hello!"

Although Swivel was looking, she wasn't seeing. And now that she is seeing, she defensively curls back up at the sight of Grimlock. "Eeek! Giant robot!" There is an awkward pause, and then she slowly sits up, peeking out from the pod. "Oh... wait... I'm a robot..." Swivel puts her face into her hands for a moment, seeming to need to limit stimulus just to concentrate on making sense of her situation. After another pause, she parts her fingers and peers through them at not only Grimlock, but Moonlight as well. "Um......... three...."

"Me Grimlock big," the large bot agrees. "You small bot. But important." Because -- reasons. Someone said so.

Moonlight shakes her head slightly at Rodimus. Mumbling isn't helpful; besides, a Captain should be able to speak up, yes? "Well, you can see fine then," she says to the tirey femme, smiling. Then she claps Rodimus on the shoulder. "I'll let him do the introductions; wouldn't want to steal his thunder." She glances at Grimlock and decidedly does NOT point out that the femme in the pod hardly looks important.

"How much longer until you can fix him?" Rodimus shouts to Ratchet who possibly answers, but if so, in gesture. Left to sigh, he looks back at Swivel -- or what he can glimpse, anyway, around Grimlock. He hops off the slab and crosses to stand next to them. "He /is/ pretty big. He's Grimlock, actually, and he found your pod -- somehow. I don't know how. He's pretty vague on it. Processor damage," he adds in a not-so-undertone. "This is Moonlight. She was also a pod person. And I'm Rodimus--" Not Prime, not yet. "--and this is my ship, the Lost Light. You are?"

With her optics wide -and her optics are already of the large-for-her-face variety- Swivel just listens to all the talk around here. She is sitting more or less upright by now with her knees up to her chest, and her hands on her kneeguards. Her fingers, which flex and clench periodically suggest some level of agitation, although the femme's face is purely curious. She is quiet even after she is asked who she is, as if in silent wonder.

"...Important?" Swivel seems to be as bewildered and doubtful of this description of her person as Moonlight is. She then peers at Gromlock, seeming no longer afraid, but rather, in awe. "Um... I... name's Swivel. But I ain't important. I mean, kinna useful, if ya like uncharted mucky planets, but not important."

"Me Grimlock," the Dinobot says with great emphasis, but mostly because he just has kind of an emphatic voice.

Moonlight leans against something as she regards the femme. "Well, maybe you aren't important specifically, but Grimlock here knew it was important to keep you safe. He was extremely protective of the pod you were in." She sucks on her bottom lip, stopping herself from saying anymore. After all, this is the Rodimus show.

"Still is protective, too." Rodimus glances sidelong at Grimlock with obvious frustration but his expression brightens as he refocuses on Swivel. So much more understandable than Grimlock! "So, you wanna tell us where you came from, why you were in a pod, and where Grimlock found you?" 24/7/365 Rodimus show.

"Oy...." Swivel touches the sides of her helmet with her middle and index fingers of each hand. Lacking temples, and thus, the rubbing where they would be if she had them doesn't actually help her focus or calm that buzzing of her processor. However, she'd seen organics do it so many times, she'd just picked up on the body language of 'I am having a hard time thinking give me a moment' from them. She is silent for a moment before she peers up again. She doesn't look at any one person in particular, as if uncertain who she really ought to be talking to. Thusly, she avoids optic contact.

"Well... I was.... that's right..." The femme looks momentarily much more solemn than confused. "I was on an exploration ship... everyone was in stasis... well because they dun live so long, so they sleep off long journeys... they could be at space for several years between planets in a single system. Oh, um, guess I'm babbling? I do that. I babble. Sometimes even if there ain't anyone around. I mean, usually there wasn't because I didn't need ta go into stasis. But they were all frozen when this weird... uh... woodly, space rift thingy kinda came out of nowhere. It made short work of the ship while I was trying to wake the captain of the ship.... there was a lot of panic and life support for them fleshies was knocked out... then there was a big... um... bump? Bump is too small of a word. Well, heavy turbulance... and I kinna got thrown and... I don't remmeber anything past that, really... so I don't know why.. um... Grimlock, was it? I don't know why he's... protective of me. I ain't ever seen or heard of him." Swivel gives an apologetic shrug. "I don't even remember getting into a pod."

"Swivel bot land on broken planet," Grimlock tells them earnestly. "With other things. Friends found me Grimlock."

Hopefully Rodimus appreciates that Moonlight's keeping herself in check, but, knowing him, it probably doesn't even occur to him that someone else might try to take the lead. After all, he's Captain. She listens intently to Swivel, and when the other femme is done, she gives her a big grin. "Well, we have something in common then!" she says brightly. "I worked with th 'squishies' a lot myself. But on a trading ship, not an exploration vessel. Then she sobers. "Sorry to hear about your ship. At least I know what happened to mine: it was space pirates." Nodding to Grimlock, she says, "You kept her safe and now she's awake and in good health." Okay, she doesn't know that for certain, but she's sure Ratchet would be hovering much closer if there was an issue with the femme's wellbeing.

"You never even /heard/ of him? Grimlock? Or me?" RODIMUS IS HURT. This, despite the fact that he's still best known as Hot Rod by most. Shh. He gives her another once-over, searching for insignia: Autobot, Decepticon. Seeing neither, he grunts in muted surprise. "You a colony kid or a neutral who left?"

Straightening, Rodimus leans toward Grimlock to say, "You're really gonna have to tell me about that broken planet, some time."

Swivel just frowns and shakes her head. "Sorry... no... I dunno anyone here. Though..." Shr tilts her head from side to side and squints at Rodimus. Then she shrugs again. "Nope. Sorry. Don't know ya. You weren't one of the Ibex athletes, were you? Because, well, the flames, and the feigning hurt at not bein' recognised.... But what would you be doing all the way out here? Er... assuming I'm still way out in space? I'm not back at Cybertron am I? Uh...." she seems to be noticing Rodimus' badge for the first time and suddenly looks extremely uncomfortable. Swivel then looks over at Moonlight, an almost pathetic pleading expression creeping into her optics, as if seeking someone on her side. Even though sides don't seem to be an issue. But she doesn't know that.

"Planet hard to remember," Grimlock says, just a /touch/ defensively. Don't hassle him, Rodimus. Hey he's got an Autobot brand too!!

As for symbols, well, Moonlight doesn't have one. She has a hat though, much to Rodimus' chagrin. "Considering I've never /been/ to Cybertron, I doubt we're anywhere close to it," she says, looking over to Rodimus for confirmation. He's the guy with the map after all. "From the sounds of things, most people here just want to leave the conflict behind," she adds as a way of reassuring the femme. Because Rodimus told her to be reassuring, right? Then she smiles at Grimlock. "Take it easy; it'll come to you sooner or later." She moves to pat him on the arm, but does so slowly so as not to seem aggressive to the larger mech.

Rodimus pats Grimlock's arm reassuringly. "It's okay. Some other time. Ratchet says he's working on it, so maybe soon." He nods at Moonlight, and says, "War's over. Autobot or Decepticon or -- other." Looking back at Swivel, he says, "It doesn't matter. We're not headed back to Cybertron -- not until we find the Knights. War might be over, but we lost a lot and we're looking for answers. If you want us to set you down somewhere, we can. Take a couple of days to settle in and get up to speed. What's the last you remember?"

Swivel raises her optic ridges. She peers between all of the people present for some time. She cocks her head to the side, and then to the other with avian abruptness. "....Over? But.... when I left it'd just begun. Moment that Clampdown was lifted..." Swivel claps her hands together and then makes slides her hand through the air as if to immitate take-off of some sort of aircraft, "...I was outter there!" Swivel nods as if to affirm to herself that was how it was. "I was kind of a space bum for.... er... I guess space empty... oh it's been a while! I'm not sure what words to use anymore! I'm back with my own kind!" Swivel seems to have just realised the implication of being around other mechanoids again. "Oh. I'm back with my own kind!" She smiles and begins to clap her hands in a fit of ecstacy. She doesn't even ask about the Knights, or where she wants to go... she just seems hung up on this one detail.

"Clampdown -- long time ago." Even as he says that, Grimlock looks confused and a bit unsure, like maybe he can't trust his own vague memories.

"I'm a colony gal myself, so never been directly touched by the war," Moonlight says. "But yeah, it's kinda nice to be around one's own kind sometimes, isn't it?" She looks over at Grimlock and to Rodimus. "What was it?" she wants to know.

"Oh, yes! Swerve beat me to Tailgate, so I gotta get this one," Rodimus says eagerily. His hands spread to brace his weight as he leans forward. He grins at Swivel. "Welcome back. Wanna guess how long it's been since the Clampdown ended?"

The glee is bubbling over the femme, and for this first time she makes and effort to actually leave the pod. And that effort come in the form of leaping out and throwing her arms about Grimlock's neck... and barring him moving away or removing her, she'll dangle off of him like a gaudy necklace. Or maybe necktie, since he's a mechly mech.

"Mmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn sorry, it's just been thousands of years since I left Cybertron and ended up in the most obscure parts of space with technologically limited organics!" Thousands of years? How... quaint. She glances at Moonlight by tilting her head backwards until she is looking at the femme almost upside-down. "How long was it for you until you was 'round other mechly types? Ooooh.... and how long since the Clampdown? I musta been out fer a boo!" Wait until Rodimus tells her. "How long?" Just wait for it...

Grimlock reaches to kind of cradle Swivel in his oversized hands, because there's not much else to do when someone flings their arms around your neck and you don't actually want to drop them. Hi?

Moonlight doesn't have much to do or say right now except wait for Rodimus to fill Swivel in on what she missed. But she's curious, and leans forward to listen intently. Kindly, she doesn't laugh at the image of Swivel hanging off of Grimlock's neck. Or, maybe it's not kindness; maybe she just doesn't want to get a Grimlock sized beat down.

Rodimus leans forward. "Over four million years." Then he smiles. Filling her in on everything she's missed is going to take -- a while. It serves as an overview for Moonlight as well. He tries -- not very hard, but he tries -- to not make it a complete Autobot propaganda session, but it's hard to deny that he speaks with a skew. The snacks that he brought to bribe Grimlock into complacency are shared around as he gets his pod people up to speed.

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