2015-04-17 Visiting Hours

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Visiting Hours
Date 2015/04/17
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Medibay
Participants Rodimus, Grimlock, Ultra Magnus
NPCs Ratchet
Plot Papers Please

Lost Light: Science and Medical -- Medibay

Red crosses on the door identify at a quick glance the medibay. Inside, the forward medical bay contains a half-dozen slabs lining the sides of the room where the medical staff can take care of patients. There is a central slab as well, but the winches and pulleys, carts of tools, and life support machinery is all designed to be easily reconfigured to support any number of patients at any of the seven beds.

At the back of the room, there is a large work station dominated by a large screen that includes two holoemitters. Two doors at the back of the room lead to cold storage, where patients in need of better care than the medibay can provide -- rare as that is -- can be put into stasis. Offices for the medical officers are on the other side.

Nagging Ratchet has earned Rodimus only an irritated, "You're fine," and a, "Stop bothering me!" so he's cut adrift to wash up next to Grimlock. He looks fine, so maybe he really should leave Ratchet alone.

"Hey, Grimlock," greets Rodimus as he takes up an aggressively slouchy lean against the slab holding the pod. It's still being scanned. His patience is beginning to reach its limits. HE WANTS TO TEAR IT OPEN. "Ratchet taken a look at you yet?"

Ultra Magnus is looking clean and spiffed up now that he is back aboard the Lost Light, although there is a lingering patina of discomfiture that lingers about his aspect difficult to directly source: an edge of glare not completely abolished, a tension over and above his ordinary ramrod straightness to something /edged/. When he enters the medbay to find Rodimus hanging about near the pod instead of Ratchet, he moves to join him and Grimlock.

"Grimlock think doctor bot looked," Grimlock says after a moment's consideration. "Doctor bot looks at lots of things." He glances over at Ultra Magnus upon his approach, peering suspiciously at him.

Rodimus meets Ultra Magnus's approach with a room-brightening smile that's aimed square the sharp edge of his tension in hopes of blunting it. "Well! You're looking better. I bet you feel better too, right? Man, forget that outpost, am I right?" Glancing at Grimlock, he says, "Oh, that means that there's probably a report I should read." And, obviously, haven't yet. "So what's the story, Grimlock?"

"I have received a transmission of the signed order for your release," Ultra Magnus states factually in a voice of terrible calm. He stares at Rodimus and his smile for a moment like he is less blunted by its brilliance than might ordinarily be expected. He says: "This order did not include Grimlock. I informed them that Grimlock was officially remanded to my custody by diplomatic accord. I am told that this means a formal complaint will now be lodged about me by the Council." He turns a stare upon Grimlock, like he is not sure what to do with him.

"Story," Grimlock echoes back at Rodimus. If he could furrow his brow, he would. "Grimlock not know stories. You know good story?" He stares back at Ultra Magnus.

A formal complaint. Lodged /about Magnus/. /By the Council/. Rodimus's smile falters. His slouch deepens. He avoids looking at or answering Ultra Magnus at all to instead look at Grimlock. "Where'd you pick up the pod?"

Ultra Magnus manages to redirect his attention from the black mark of a demerit now upon his otherwise extremely polished record as a galactic law enforcement official to turn the weight of his gaze entirely upon Grimlock and his enormous and confused innocence. He attempts to see back the extreme likelihood of significant property damage in the immediate future to study Grimlock's face. He says, "No. Not really. Why were you down there?"

"Other bots said pod important," Grimlock says matter-of-factly. "Other bots helping Grimlock. You know where other bots went?" He looks between the two of them. Have you seen my friends?

It would be a stretch to say that Rodimus looks contrite, but he at least looks -- ugh. Guilty. It's a look that rapidly fades, but it's there! A little! Less and less with each second that passes. Okay, now he just looks curious. He leans forward slightly. "What bots?"

Ultra Magnus's expression briefly shows consternation, although it's not clear whether this is for Rodimus's benefit or Grimlock's. He settles his weight backward slightly on the broad plant of his massive boots. "Helping you how?"

"Other bots found Grimlock. Woke Grimlock up." The big bot nods solemnly. "Helping. Found thing." He glances at the pod. "Took Grimlock on ship."

Rodimus draaaags his hand down his face and glances over at Ultra Magnus above the splay of his fingers. He rolls his eyes. Because Ultra Magnus is totally in the mood to put up with Rodimus's insensitivity and impatience, right? "Okay, but who? Is this why we were completely and totally illegally held? Suspicion of being -- whoever?"

Ultra Magnus stares back at Rodimus for a moment with an expression of blankness so perfect he might have stolen it from someone with an actual faceplate, except for the fact that of course the Duly Appointed Enforcer of the Tyrest Accord does not steal things. He then turns his attention on Grimlock with more /appearance/ of patience, but without adding more to the question.

"Found Grimlock on other planet. One with the trash." That is very specific, Grimlock. "And thing. Grimlock and thing. Then go. Friend on planet. Rescue friend."

Rodimus narrows his eyes at Grimlock. "Chromedome," he says.

Ultra Magnus rumbles a low "hmmm" in his throat that is not quite (yet) agreement. He says, "/Your/ friend, Grimlock?"

"F -- riend." It's possible Grimlock is not sure. "Said rescue was important."

Hands up in a friendly, inoffensive gesture, Rodimus steps forward toward Grimlock. "Hey, Grimlock. These answers might be important, too. So I'm going to ask a memory specialist to come and help you remember the details, okay?"

"Important like the thing?" Ultra Magnus turns the weight of his finger to point in the direction of the dormant pod in medical custody. "That thing? That they left you with?" He frowns faintly at Rodimus. "It's hardly the least intrusive form of interrogation," he says. "I have a responsibility to p ... eople in my custody," because it occurs to him as he speaks that referring to Grimlock in the present tense as his prisoner might not be the greatest of ideas, "to ensure that their rights are protected."

"Important." Grimlock looks uncomfortable, as if it is difficult to rate levels of importance in his head. He frowns suspiciously at Rodimus.

"And I'm getting his consent!" Rodimus says over his shoulder at Ultra Magnus. He looks put out, like he expected Magnus to be totally impressed with the level of care he was showing his crew. (PS: Grimlock is clearly crew and not prisoner. PPS: there may be a custody battle in the future.) "Besides, then we have answers, and we don't have to waste time asking questions he barely understands."

"Consent to such a procedure must be voluntary and informed," Ultra Magnus says. The sweep of his gesture over Grimlock is indicative, if somewhat condescending and in itself probably not that cool.

Grimlock peers between the two of them, as if slightly confused what he's supposed to do while they're arguing.

"I'm informing him!" Rodimus seems truly, honestly confused by why this might not be totally on the up and up.

Ultra Magnus gives Rodimus a long look, and then turns his attention to focus upon the dinobot. He says: "Grimlock, do you understand what Rodimus is asking you to do?"

"Grimlock--" he starts to say, looking between them. The answer is probably no.

"Ratchet!" Rodimus makes the fool mistake of seeking a second opinion from one he's sure -- absolutely sure -- is going to agree with him. Their low exchange ends with Ratchet pinning Rodimus to the wall with a hand on his shoulder and a finger in face. Rodimus yelps. Ratchet lectures. The others can wait.

Ultra Magnus watches Ratchet happen to Rodimus with an air of magnanimous patience that he can afford because he is not the one doing the lecturing. He tells Grimlock mildly, "It appears that you are not going to be medically cleared for that. Perhaps you can tell me a little more about your friends?"

Grimlock watches Ratchet throw Rodimus agains the wall with some interest, because, let's face it -- it's interesting. It takes him a moment to return his attention back to Ultra Magnus. "Other bots," he says. "Looking for things. Find Grimlock. And -- important thing."

It's a long lecture. Rodimus's spoiler droops measure by measure.

"Is that the important thing?" Ultra Magnus gestures again toward the pod for which Grimlock has been appointed protector.

Grimlock nod solemnly. "Friends told Grimlock to protect, so Grimlock protect." After a beat, he adds, "Friends supposed to come back."

Rodimus looks a little like he got beaten back to Hot Rod when he drags back toward the others. "Well it's not like we didn't leave a pretty recognizable forwarding address," he says to Grimlock with a thumb in Ultra Magnus's direction. Maybe he shouldn't remind him that all of ... that ... is now indelibly attached to his reputation.

Ultra Magnus makes a noise that mostly sounds like the soft hiss of air expended in the shift of his weight. He considers Rodimus in a sidelong look. He says: "Indeed," with a remarkable lack of any intonation at all. "You said you were with your friends on a ship?"

"Yes," Grimlock says, sure on that point. "Grimlock on ship. Ship visit planet to rescue friend."

Leaning and regathering his nonchalance, Rodimus says, "We're not going to get better answers out of him until Ratchet finishes putting his processor back together. Which is apparently extremely delicate work and -- well, never mind," he says, cutting off the rest with a look back at Ratchet. "We'll find you a habsuite for now, Grimlock, while Ratchet figures out a plan of treatment, okay?"

"I have interviewed numerous persons of /varying/ intelligence levels," Ultra Magnus informs Rodimus a little too crisply. "Some of them even very /recently/."

"Me Grimlock stay with important thing," the Dinobot insists.

Rodimus considers this about two seconds before deciding, "Whatever. If Ratchet complains, you can appeal to him." He pushes out of his lean and straightens. "Good to see you again, though. You've been missed."

Ultra Magnus starts to ask Grimlock another question and then frowns faintly as he glances between Grimlock and Rodimus. Where does the however many ton dinobot sleep...? "Is there anything you can tell me about your friends or the ship?" he asks next, rather than raise the 'custody' issue again.

Grimlock looks at Ultra Magnus a long moment. Then his shoulder shift in something approximating a shrug.

Rodimus slaps Ultra Magnus on the shoulder with the crack of a snigger as Grimlock shrugs. "I told you," he says. "Not getting better answers. Thanks for trying, Grimlock."

Ultra Magnus sighs. He eyes Rodimus sidelong, and then eyes Grimlock. Then he says, "We'll continue this later," and turns about to head toward the door.

Grimlock will stay here, then. With his pod.

Rodimus doesn't exactly flee, but he certainly does exit at speed.

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