2015-04-17 Secrets, Secrets Everywhere

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Secrets, Secrets Everywhere
Date 2015/04/17
Location Lost Light - Storage and Docking
Participants Moonlight, Rodimus
Summary Moonlight and Rodimus are wandering the basement. Not THAT basement.

Lost Light: Docks and Storage -- Docks and Storage

A steady hum of activity runs through the lower levels of the ship. Although never entirely quiet, there's a feeling of isolation that's impossible to entirely shake.

There's little activity down here in the lowest levels of the ship. It's quiet, even isolated the majority of the time. It's hard to find quiet corners amidst the hustle and bustle (and shuffle, and scuffle) of so many Autobots, Neutrals, and Decepticons packed in tight quarters with few outlets. The oil reservoir in particular is a favorite retreat, as much as sense as that makes.

Maybe that's why Rodimus is down here. Introspection clearly does not come easy to him, so much harder must it be for him to get introspective in a crowd? Obviously impossible. But he paces with the restless energy of one not looking for quiet.

It's always good to know one's way around a ship. Granted this ship is a bit larger than what Moonlight is used to. Still, it's good to know where everything is...just in case. After all, her last ship was taken by pirates, so it's not as if she has a reason to think nothing bad will ever happen again. Whether she came here by design or because she took a wrong turn, isn't immediately apparent. Upon seeing Rodimus, she stops, smiles, and greets him with, "Captain."

Rodimus snaps into place with a guilty startle that converts swiftly to a wide smile. "Mmmoonlight!" There is just enough hesitation in her name to make clear -- alas -- that it didn't come quite instantaneously to his lips. The way his gaze tracks suggests he may have cheated and checked against a database. "What're you doing down here?" Although friendly, he's a little intent on an answer.

"Just wandering a bit. Restless feet and all that," she says in an off hand way with a smile. Yes, she's pretty friendly too. "But, if you want to be left alone, I can understand that. I'd imagine, as Captain, there's a lot of people wanting a bit of your time," she adds, a bit more seriously. After all, it's by his good graces that she stays /on/ the ship, yes?

"I can't blame you. Especially after all--" Rodimus gestures down, for all that they broke orbit long, long ago. "--that." Who knows what direction Constancy is now. AND WHO CARES. Galactic Council losers. Yeah, I was just warming up my wheels. Walk with me, if you want," he says, inviting and friendly, for all that he takes what seems to be a sudden turn. "Settling in okay?"

"I'm doing alright," Moonlight says, with a hint of hesitation. "Though there's probably something I should tell you about myself that I hadn't already," she adds. "I didn't really have a chance when we were being held." She smiles faintly. "You and captivity don't really mix, hm?"

Rodimus swiftly corrects, "/Illegal/ captivity, especially." That's his position and he's sticking to it. "Reasonable amount of time my shiny metal--." He cuts himself off and looks back, gaze sharper. "What kind of 'probably something'?"

Oddly, it's a relief to see that gaze grow sharper, even if the scrutiny is on Moonlight herself. It means he isn't so careless as he often appears to be. Granted, he has a long way to go to being a 'mature' example of a leader, but she'll take what she can get. "I didn't want to mention it in front of others, since I hear Cybertronians have some weird issues with things." She taps her hat. "Anyhow, I wear this because it helps dampen the little extra ability I have," she goes on to say.

How many fools could Rodimus really charm into following him if he were? --never mind. Don't answer. "'You hear,'" he repeats. "'Things.'" He gives up the pretense of an idle stroll and turns to face Moonlight in the quiet. He regards her hat with distaste, but moves past it to study /her/. "Okay, let's hear it. What kind of little tricks are you keeping under that thing?"

Moonlight actually laughs a bit. "Well, it's just one trick, and it's not In fact, it's exactly the opposite: I calm people," she says. "Which might have been useful earlier, but there were just too many people around. Also, some people get a little, ahem, bothered if they suspect their emotions are being tampered with." Pause. "Which is why I wear the hat."

"Soundwave didn't--." Rodimus breaks off, surprise transforming his features before settling them. He tilts his head to the side and then says, "Show me. Show me, and then we're going up to Ratchet, and he's taking some /extra/ scans."

Moonlight hasn't met Soundwave yet. "Soundwave didn't....what?" she wants to know. "Well, you might not notice anything at first; it works gradually, but if that's what you want." She shrugs her shoulders and...takes off her hat. It's anticlimatic to begin with, certainly. But if Rodimus /had/ been feeling agitated at all (likely) then he will start to feel the edge of that wear away.

"He's an outlier. Which is what we tend to call people with those kind of little tricks. People used to have problems with it," says Rodimus, whose tone strengthens and calms as he talks. How much of it is her and how much of it is him finding his footing again is probably debatable. Certainly there's enough of the latter that he is not suspicious of the former. "But we've moved past that. I can understand why you were concerned, but you don't have to be. And it's better that people know about it. Still -- you're right that no one likes feeling like their head is being messed with. And a lot of us have some wartime associations with that because of Soundwave. So wearing it is a good idea. That's why we'll go to Ratchet. He can sign off on it.

Moonlight nods her head. "Sounds good to me," she says. "We used it sometimes to keep negotiations from getting heated, and therefor violent," she goes on to explain. "Which is why we had the device built into a hat. Someone taking off their hat is far less alarming than someone disengaing some odd piece of technology from the back of their head," she says with a little laugh. "On the bright side, I can't actually make anyone DO or BELIEVE anything they don't want to."

"I'll believe that when Ratchet backs you up on it," says Rodimus. "No offense." He angles toward the elevator, striding down the hall. For someone who confesses such skepticism, he seems to trust that she can't stop him from dragging her to the medic. "You can go ahead and put your hat back on," he adds with mellow unconcern.

Moonlight puts the hat back on. If he's paying attention, he'll likely hear a very soft click. "Oh, I don't mind. For several reasons. One, this is your ship, and so if I cause problems that will be you, and a whole angry crew, to face down by my lonesome. Not good odds. Two, I really don't have a reason to resist because I told you the truth, as far as I understand it. Three, it would hardly be grateful of me to pull shenanigans on you after you pulled me out of that pod floating in space." She raised a finger to tick off each point.

Rodimus's calm confidence lingers even after her hat goes back on. "Good reasons, "he says with a smile. "It /is/ my ship. And there are definitely some people in the crew who would be angry." As for two, he simply nods, but three brings him back around to his earlier question: "So, still settling in okay? I promise we usually don't get arrested when we go places."

Moonlight laughs at this, and it's not a nervous giggle either. "Well, we got out okay, so I say it wasn't such a bad thing. I mean, it could have been a WHOLE lot worse, yes?" She shakes her head at this. Then she sobers down a bit. "Did your friend, Grimlock, ever get feeling better? He didn't seem to be doing at all well down there." Then she sighs. "As far as settling in goes, I haven't really gotten to know anyone very well yet. Just cursory meet and greets, you know?"

Expression troubled, Rodimus shakes his head. "No. Not yet. And we haven't really been able to get the details of what happened from him because of the whole... thing." He taps the side of his helm in a particularly sensitive sort of gesture. "But Ratchet will get his head back in shape sooner or later. Then we can get answers." A trace of frustration simmers at the edge of his words before he consciously releases it. "Grimlock's a good guy. And he's got a pod, too! Picking up pod people everywhere. Maybe. Ratchet says he thinks there's someone in there, but he wants to make sure it's safe. Same as we did with yours. Then we can host a pod person meet and greet."

Moonlight has another laugh. At least she seems to be a person of generally good humor. "Well, hey, with any luck whoever is in there will fit in around here. Though it's seeming more like this is the place where lost /people/ go instead of light," she adds. "Let's get this checkup over with as soon as possible," she goes on to say. "I'm willing and everything, but sitting around just /waiting/, well, I think I had enough of that back on that planet."

Rodimus grins and steps to the side to allow Moonlight onto the elevator first. "Don't worry, it won't take long. Ratchet's /legendarily/ good. We're lucky to have him." He sweeps on after and punches the button for medical. That's not just an expression. He literally punches it. "In the festival that Drift took its name from, people were lights. Sort of. I mean -- you might as well think of it like that. It's not a bad way to look at it."

"Sounds pretty," Moonlight says. "Kind of whimsical. I haven't run across this Drift yet." Of course, she hasn't run across most people yet. She winces slightly at the abuse that Rodimus is heaping on the button panel. Well, it's /his/ ship.

That's nothing. This elevator can handle a /Whirl/. What is a gentle punch from Rodimus to that? "Actually it's sad." Rodimus gives Moonlight an apologetic sort of smile. "But the name stuck. Anyway, Drift says it has good energy and -- well, he /bought/ the ship, so I'm not exactly going to rename it Freedom or anything." But that would be a /great name/.

"There is something freeing about space travel," Moonlight agrees. "So, he bought the ship, but you captain it?" she asks curiously. And yes, she hasn't met Whirl yet either, though that just might be a good thing. There's so much about this crew that she doesn't know yet. Who knows if she'll still want to stay after meeting them all. Or even half of them.

"It was a gift." Rodimus looks like he's thinking about being embarrassed about that, but doesn't bother. As they open onto medical, he leads the way out. "And Drift -- uh, it's complicated. You know about the war, right? Well, he used to be a Decepticon, and now he's an Autobot, so pretty much everyone hates him and no one would follow him. He's a good guy though. Great. Just judge him by who he is now, and not his past as a mass murderer, okay?" Good intentions, Roddy.

Moonlight ums. "Well, as long as you can tell me I'm safe from him when I recharge, I'll give him a pass," she says. Her tone is light though. "Sounds like a lot of people probably did things they would later regret. War isn't supposed to be all fun and games, after all. But you would know more about that than I would; I only know about war from stories and histories."

"Mm." Expression shadowed by the dip of his head, Rodimus pauses outside of the medibay and slaps the door open. "Okay, Ratchet, we're here!" It's as good a change of subject as any. From within comes a grumbling voice who, oddly enough, seems to have a good idea why they are here. "Nice to talk with you, Moonlight. Once we wake up pod person two, maybe I'll have Swerve host something down at the bar. See you around!"

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