2015-04-12 Meeting Someone New

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Meeting Someone New
Date 2015/04/12
Location Lost Light
Participants Moonlight, Starshine
Summary Moonlight and Starshine meet for the first time.

-Being new to the Lost Light, and not the kind to be content to just sit on her aft all day, Moonlight has been wandering over the ship. Given her previous job was a trader, she's curious about the kind of storage the ship has. Professional interest and all of that.

-Starshine comes in from outside...though it's not really outside if it's in space...maybe outspace. Though that sounds a bit maybe the betterside would work. As she comes in the airlock, she stretchs and glances around a couple times. As she leaves the airlock open, because it is so nice outside. She starts to walk, "Ah, a nice relaxing walk..who wouldn't like that."

-Moonlight touches the brim of her hat as she notices that she's not alone in the room anymore. "Oh, hi," is her rather informal greeting, accompanied by a grin. "Nice weather out there?" She chuckles.

-Starshine hmmm, "Well of course, there's a nice cosmic storm right now..with strong magnetic waves. So perfect weather for a walk..." she says with half a smile. "Thinking of going out?"

-Moonlight shakes her head. "Noooooo, no. I'll pass, thanks. I'm an indoor girl myself. Or, in atmosphere girl at any rate." She shrugs her shoulders. "Anyhow, my name's Moonlight," she says, just to get that part out of the way before the conversation gets too far in.

-Starshine hmms, "Really?...well someone once told me, the best profit is pure profit. So if you pay nothing, and just take got the best deal." She grins a bit. "But I think I'm gonna put you in group B..or C maybe...but we'll find out now won't we. Then again, maybe we never will...Some people seem to disappear on this ship, and I hardly ever see them again..."

-"So, that makes me wonder, what classification do you use for these groups?" Moonlight asks, shifting her body so that she's in a better position for conversing. "And how many do you have?" Then she grins. "That might be the most cost efficient way, but it's also a good way to get a whole lot of people mad at you at once. Some of us simply aren't built to take what we want and not have to pay in pain for it."

-Starshine says, "Oh, no, no...they have their own groups. They tend to split everyone into two...what did they call them...right, right...Autocons and Deceptibots. I mean one clearly is in charge, and the other wants to be..but they all pretend to be nicey nicey for the most part." She shrugs a bit, "The Auto ones seems to be in charge, calling themselves captain and all that...""

-Moonlight nods her head at this. "Ah. Are you not a native to Cybertron then? Or did you just never pick a side?" she is curious to know. "I'm from the colonies myself; never set foot on Cybertron proper. Never crossed my mind that I'd ever want to."

-Starshine says, "Well, I was to Cybertron once, when this ship was leaving..but no, not from there. I'm from nowhere actually. It's ok I guess, but nowhere wasn't that special, So I thought I'd see where these people were going."

-"Fair enough. They scooped my escape pod out of space, so I guess you could say they saved me. I'm just deciding how long I'm going to stick with them for. Or, if perhaps, I might want to jump ship at the closest 'friendly' and inhabited planet," Moonlight says with a grin.

-Starshine hmms, "Well, haven't come across any friendly ones yet really. Odd ones, yes..not so much friendly. They are always on about some info, or location, or map...I mean, they should be calling road assistance, not randomly stopping at planets." She laughs a bit. "Still, it is interesting around here."

-"Not dull sounds like a good start for me," Moonlight admits. "I left my homeworld because it felt dull; I was much happier bouncing around space with the other traders. Though, originally, I was just there to move cargo from land based buildings to the shuttle."

-Starshine says, "Well if you liked it so much, why did you leave them?"

-"Didn't have a choice; our ship was taken over by space pirates. We got into the escape pods and were scattered. When they picked me up, none of the others were around," Moonlight explains.

-Starshine says, "Why didn't you fight the pirates, and drive them off?"

-Moonlight just shakes her head. "We're traders. Individually we're not fighters, our ship was made to haul cargo, not fight battles. And, we were outnumbered. There's a saying about running away to live for another day. We wanted to live. Cargo can be replaced; our lives can't."

-Starshine hmms, "Also sayings about protecting whats yours and the like. Just seems a bit odd, not to have security even if it is a trading ship. If you have should be able to protect them. You lost the cargo, and the am I to expect that if this ships runs into a fight, your going to make a beeline for an escape pod?

-"This ship is a lot bigger than our ship," Moonlight says. "And we had fought other pirates before; but this was a bigger group than what we were prepared to deal with. They /usually/ don't gang up like that," she notes. "There's just a point at which the risks are higher than the rewards. That's another aspect of trading."

-Starshine hmms, "Ok, so let me ask you knew the ship was lost, you were going to have to abandon it, and the pirates were going to take it. You at least set the ship to self destruct. To take out as many of the pirates as possible, and thing their ranks, right? Make it so it wouldn't happen to someone else.."

-"The ship was designed for the survival of the occupants. It sent out the cargo pretty far to give any 'predators' something to chase after that is more enticing than the crew members," Moonlight says. "I didn't design the ship; that's not my area of expertise. But I'm alive, and I'm grateful."

-Starshine says, "So, no...the pirates are out there...and prolly nearby in galactic terms. Have to keep that in mind...might be some cargo floating out there as well. I'll have to keep an eye out for it. Might find something useful...""

-Moonlight gives the other femme a long, thoughtful look. "There might be, though it's probably picked clean right now. You'll have to ask the Captain," and she pauses to grin and chuckle, "about that."

-Starshine says, "Your captain, or mister screams a lot? If it's mister screams, that prolly won't do much.""

-Moonlight blinks. "The Captain of this ship screams a lot?" she asks. "He didn't sound like a screamer. Then again, I didn't really give him much of a reason." She shrugs her shoulders. "So, if you have such a poor opinion of the Captain, why stay?"

-Starshine hmms, "it's not a matter of oppionion...he just screams alot. He refuses to use the intercom on the ship. When he wants people, he runs down the hallway yelling for them to come out, and follow him."

-Moonlight has a long, loud laugh about this, shaking her head in amusement as she does so. "Wow. That's...hilarious but kinda ineffectual." She settles down a bit. "There's gotta be a story there. I should sniff it out."

-Starshine says, "Na, that's the story...a story is the shuttle he has, that's shaped like his head....I'm still trying to figure out that one myself."

-Moonlight blinks. "He has a shuttle shaped like his head?" She goes off into another fit of laughter. "Wow. That's brilliant. I doubt it's very practical though."

-Starshine says, "Don't's like his personal one's suppose to use it. But yeah, it must handle bad. I've heard rumors it's not the first one either...As I said, some interesting things around here..."

-"I'll have to meet a few people before I know for sure, but I think I just might enjoy my time here," Moonlight says, her tone still filled with amusement.

-Starshine says, "I've not met that not sure how many there are..just know the ones I know...and some I've heard about."

-"Well, the ship is pretty big, so I'd imagine you'd need a fair number of people to keep it running. Though I didn't really see it from the outside, so I can only go by where I've walked already."

-Starshine says, "Not that big..and you'd think even if people were running the ship. They'd get time off...unless they are using slave labour..then they wouldn't get time off."

-"Slave labour. Rodimus didn't seem like the type," Moonlight says with a little shudder. "Honestly, that's a nasty thing to do to anyone." She regards the other femme. "I don't believe you told me /your/ name," she notes.

-Starshine says, "Well, I don't believe you ever asked for me name either." She smiles.

-Moonlight shrugs her shoulders, but she's grinning. "Well, you got me there. Most people just give their name when they hear the other person's name, but without knowing your background, I suppose I just assumed too much." She pauses. "So, I'll ask you straight up; what's your name?"

-Starshine says, "Straight up...what an odd one ever asks something straight down, or crooked to your question..I believe your name is what people call you, to distinguish you from other people that might look similiar. Of course if there is no one like you..does a name matter. I mean, there is only one me...I know that for sure...but still I have a name. I could tell you that, if you like..though most people don't care..they just call me something know, how hard is it to remember Starshine."

-"About as hard as it would be to remember Moonlight," the hatted femme says, somewhat dryly. "A lot of people do enjoy giving each other nicknames, but I find it helpful to know what someone is generally called by the broadest category of people." She half-smiles. "As for the 'straight up', I go in and out of a lot of cultures, so I imagine some of the things I say make little sense if taken literally." She extends a hand. "Either way, pleased to meet you, Starshine."

-Starshine says, "Pleased to meet me?..really? That's different...I've had people here run off screaming..but never had anyone really happy to meet me." She looks at the hand, "Ooo, whats this..oh, I thought you had a gift for me..but it seems your hand is empty."

-"It's for shaking," Moonlight says. "Another gesture common to several cultures," she adds. "You're strange, that's for certain, but the strange ones are better to meet," she points out. "I certainly don't have a reason to run off screaming." She tilts her head to one side, then another. "You said you weren't really from anywhere. Everyone is from /somewhere/. Do you have blanks in your memory?"

-Starshine hmms, tilting her head a bit.."No, memory is just fine...why would you think something was wrong with it. I mean of course everyone is from somewhere...such as me, I'm from nowhere. Nowhere is kind of a dull place, as I said, so I left nowhere and came here."

-Moonlight holds up a hand. "Wait, do you mean the name of the place you came from is /called/ Nowhere?" Something about this conversation seems more like a dream than reality. Either that or a comedy. She hasn't figured out which.

-Starshine says, "Well of course, that's what I said..I come from Nowhere. Wasn't that obvious?"

-Moonlight takes a deep breath. "A lot of people say they come from 'nowhere' to depreciate their origins. Most of the time, the place isn't literally /called/ Nowhere. Obviously whoever named that planet, or settlement, or space station had a sense of humor. Or at least a need to be clever," she amends.

-Starshine says, "Well, it is in the middle of what do you call a place in the middle of nowhere...nowhere. I mean, if you build a city on the'd name it bay city. But then again I didn't name the place, so can't say for sure..."

-"Well, not every city on a bay could be Bay City, or it would get confusing," Moonlight says. "Which is why people need to get creative now and then." Pause. "For example, my ship's name was the Comet's Tail. That isn't meant to be taken literally; whoever named it obviously thought it sounded neat. Or maybe thought that flying ships made a similar trail." She rolls her shoulders back. "So, what were the people like back in Nowhere?"

-Starshine hmmms, "People were people..I was never around them all that much..for the most part I just floated over nowhere, since that was what they needed...prolly why it was sooo boring."

-Moonlight ahhhhhhhs. "That explains a few things then," she says brightly. "Well, I'm going to go nose around the ship a bit more. I'll see you later." She again touches the brim of her hat, turns, and exits the room.

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