2015-04-11 Pod Person

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Pod Person
Date 2015/04/11
Location Lost Light
Participants Moonlight, Rodimus
Summary The Lost Light picks up a stray!

Space is big. Very big. The wreckage of one more organic ship among all the others is hardly worth the time to investigate it, and yet...!

As the Lost Light cruises toward its next destination -- totally on course! totally accomplishing its mission! totally ... wait, what's that? -- it falls inevitably toward a new distraction. A few scavenger ships are sparring over the wreckage of the Comet's Tail, so Rodimus orders an interception so he can pretend like he's a big damn hero in case there are any survivors.

Just as they close, scaring the other ships into stillness, they get the ping of a Cybertronian lifesign on their scanners. Suddenly he looks a lot more justified in his ADD impulse. The signal has drifted some distance from the wreckage, and so the Lost Light drifts after. The scavengers that they leave behind linger in a puzzled pause. Wasn't the Lost Light going to try to stop them? No? Well -- okay. They get back to squabbling over scraps, and the Lost Light hunts a fragile signal in the vast void of space.

JUSTIFIED FREEDOM HERO! So much goodness all at once. Go Rodimus! Quite likely there wasn't much left to take from the wreckage that would interest the Lost Light in comparisson to another living being. After all, the Comet's Tail was meant to drop it's cargo like a certain lizard's tail in hopes that predators would go after it so the crew could survive.

The escape pod itself isn't much to look at when the ship reaches it; most likely whomever is in there is pretty cramped, unless they're small like Rewind, etc. Either way, the scans will show the individual is more or less 'healthy', but in partial stasis. After all, floating around in space doesn't give one much to do other than rest...and hope.

Rodimus overrides voices of caution to place two calls: one to Ratchet, one to Cosmos, and then he abandons his place at the bridge to Ultra Magnus under the excuse that he is the captain, so he should be there to see just who it is that they've found. Soundwave gets a courtesy heads-up. Because we're all friends here.

Cosmos scoops the pod and brings it back to one of the ship's shuttle bays where Ratchet and Rodimus stand under Red Alert's watchful gaze. Red Alert does his security things; Ratchet does his medical things; and there's Rodimus's smiling, curious face to do the greeting things, only the first thing he spots is Moonlight's hat, so that the look she actually wakes to is one of muted distaste. She comes out of stasis to listen to him going, "--gone native, or something," in complaint to Ratchet. "This better not start a trend."

Voice of caution? What's that? Surely there couldn't be a threat in such a small an cramped escape pod, right? Right? Well, medical will find that it won't be hard to bring her around. Security will show that she's got two weapons on her, both powered down at the moment, a gun and a whip. Oh, and the hat is some kind of technology. Fun.

The femme herself blinks a few times as she's brought back fully online. Oddly enough, her first instinct is to look downwards, so the first sight of Rodimus she gets is probably his shins. Since that wasn't very helpful she looks up and /then/ encounters the look of muted distaste. She blinks a few more times. "Well, then, I suppose this could have gone a lot worse," is her wry comment. "Um...mind telling me who you are and where I am?" she asks with a smile to counter the mild distaste.

When she speaks, Rodimus hastily rearranges his features. The unguarded distaste becomes a brilliant smile. "Rodimus," he introduces himself -- not Hot Rod, never Hot Rod, not anymore -- and then steps back to gesture in sweeping fashion at the bay. It ... looks like a shuttle bay. It's really not that amazing. "And /this/ is the Lost Light." While Red Alert and Ratchet hover in quiet exchanges, Rodimus engages with the bright curiosity promised by his gaze. "Your turn."

"Hopefully we're not too lost," the femme says jokingly. Tapping her chest she notes, "I'm Moonlight. Not sure how long I was floating a round, but thanks for picking me up. I /was/ aboard a trading vessel." She frowns briefly. "You didn't happen to pick up any other escape pods from one recently, did you?"

Rodimus answer the joke with a wry smirk. "No, we've got a map," he promises her with a tease of his own. He glances toward the docking bay doors and then back with a grimace. "No other pods or life signs, but the wreck's been pretty picked over already. Anyone else has already been picked up. Looked like a bunch of f--organics," he says in totally smooth substitution. "What were you doing on an organic ship, anyway? We need to drop you off somewhere?"

Moonlight shakes her head. "I wouldn't know /where/ to be dropped off. We didn't really have a home other than our ship," she explains. "And I wasn't the only organic aboard. We had a variety of life. Actually, for most of my time there, we had another Cybertronian. But he was from actual Cybertron, while I'm from one of the colonies. Never stepped foot on Cybertron proper." She shrugs. "He heard the war was over, so went home." She tilts her head to the side for a moment, expression thoughtful.

"Oh, colony kid, huh? We've got a few others around." Rodimus tilts his head back over his shoulder, then looks at her with a grin. "Well, we're a Cybertronian ship. Autobot, if that means anything to you -- I mean, mostly. I guess we've got some Decepticons. And neutrals. But. I'm an Autobot, and I'm captain." He taps the brand on his hood. Check it. Flames.

"We should get you to the medbay for a more thorough check-up," Ratchet says. He sounds a little disgruntled by the necessity. He is identifiable as a medic from miles away, and his words confirm it. "Give you some time and quiet to figure out what you want to do next." He gives Rodimus a particularly sharp look at 'quiet'. One /might/ get the feeling there's not a lot of quiet around the captain.

Moonlight shrugs her shoulders. "If the medic says so, then the medic says so," she says to Ratchet with a little smile. "But I'm not really a big fan of too much peace and quiet. Dulls the senses."

Then she turns back to the good Captain. "Yeah, I heard bits and pieces about the war from our engineer." She sighs. "No offense, but I'm just as happy I wasn't involved. He never /did/ say what side he had been on, or if he even /had/ a side."

"Oh, come on, does she look like she's carrying some kind of plague to you?" Rodimus lightly complains, yes, but he also follows Ratchet's /suggestion/. They head out and Rodimus pretends he didn't hear what Ratchet mutters at his back. "Some of us didn't have a choice but to get involved -- but if you've heard it's over, yeah. It is. And we're on the hunt for the Knights of Cybertron, now. We lost a lot in the war. I want to bring some of that back -- no, make it even better."

Moonlight nods her head as she walks along, taking in the sights, or perhaps memorizing her way. Maybe a little of both. Either way, she rolls her shoulders several times and pauses to stretch once in a while. It's no fun floating around in an escape pod, after all. "I can only imagine," she says sincerely. Because, well, it's the truth. She's never been in a war. "So, tell me about these knights?" Uh-oh, what is she getting into? She probably has no idea.

Rodimus is all too happy to do so: the overview he gives her of the original Cybertronians, blessed with the gifts of the Guiding Hand, who created a paradise on their world and then left in mighty ships called Metrotitans sounds more than a little bit like a bedtime story. A myth. But he tells it earnestly, faithfully, and only as they actually get to the medbay does he add, "/And/ we have a map to Cyberutopia, something no one else has had."

Moonlight seems a little dubious as she listens, but when he mentions he has a map for the second time, she smiles faintly. "Hopefully it isn't a doodle with a big red X on it," she says, jokingly, but without any venom. "Any idea how far off you are?" she asks more seriously. "Because I don't have much to do right now but go along for the ride at the moment. Hopefully you're not so full up that I'll cause any problems being here." She leans towards him slightly, "I'm grateful to you for rescuing me, so I would hate to cause trouble for you."

"Nope. No doodle. It's the Matrix." Rodimus glances over at her for her reaction. Waiting for her to be impressed is too important to answer the rest of what she says.

Moonlight rubs the back of her neck, trying to recall where she'd heard of it before. Finally she shrugs her shoulders, giving up on probing her mind. "I can't seem to recall what that is off the top of my head," she finally admits, sounding a bit sheepish, since it sounds like it should be important. But, she /has/ been running around space with organics for some time, so it's hard to blame her. For most people.

Rodimus's face falls. He looks so disappointed. "It's -- it's the Matrix! Matrix of leadership? Creation Matrix, at the time of the Knights. Anyway, we've got half of it, and it has a map on it," he says with a wave of his hand to move past his disappointment at speed. "We're not full up, no. This ship is huge. It's not any trouble. It's our duty as Autobots to help another Cybertronian in need. You've got a while before we hit the next occupied planet. You can figure out if you want to stick around and join up or leave and find another crew."

Moonlight nods her head. "That's fair enough," she says brightly. "Sure beats floating around in an escape pod. Which you're free to do whatever you want with," she adds with a half smile. She thinks for a few moments, then the smile grows into a full one. "Oh, is it the same thing that was in the hilt of the Sabre?" she asks, scrounging up what she remembers from her early years and the few times that the engineer mentioned the Matrix, combined with what Rodimus just described. Because, if it /is/ a really old artifact, that's pretty interesting, even if one doesn't believe in the mystical overtones surrounding it.

"The what?" Now it's Rodimus's turn to be clueless, and he oh-so-insensitively says, "Well, right now, it's a map." After a slight pause, he adds, "A map to someplace totally cool, though. Probably."

Moonlight shrugs again. If they're the same thing, or not, it really doesn't matter. She's here /now/, and there are many worse places she could be. The Captain seems nice, and certainly isn't aloof, which is even nicer. "How big of a crew do you have right now?" she's curious to know. "I'd like to consider myself a pretty social person."

"Couple hundred." Rodimus is vague on this point. If only Ultra Magnus were here, he could provide her with a carefully sorted list. "Mixed crew, which -- you'll find out pretty quick. Autobots, Decepticons, NAILs. You'll want to stop by Swerve's. Somehow he managed to find a bar. It's probably the best place to meet people. Just stay out of trouble and Magnus won't have to throw you in the bridge. That's Ultra Magnus. Duly appointed enforcer of the Tyrest Accord. He's second-in-command." He seems to think she'll find this impressive, too.

"Isn't a nail something you use to build things?" Moonlight asks. "You know, you hit them with a hammer?" Because she's not 'indiginous' to Cybertron, being unaligned doesn't have quite the same impact. And she wouldn't have been there to learn the acronym anyhow. Then she rubs her hands together in glee as he mentions a bar. "Well, if you have a /bar/ on board, this might be an even better trip than I thought."

The mention of Magnus /does/ get her attention. "Wow...really?" she asks. "I've heard a lot about the Accord. Less about the mech himself though," she adds. "People are always making sure we weren't selling any forbidden technology since we were traders that had Cybertronians aboard." She lowers her voice a bit, confidentially. "We've skirted the laws a few times, but never on that matter. That's some serious stuff right there. Didn't want anything to do with that whole mess."

Rodimus glows in the reflected fame of /his/ second. YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT. LOOK AT ALL THESE FAMOUS PEOPLE FOLLOWING THIS NERD. He tries to pass it off all casual and nonchalant with a, "Yeah, so like I said -- he's kind of brig-happy if people step out of line. You know how it is. Galaxy-famous law enforcement and everything. You can't miss him, though. He's big, blue, and he's got shoulders like--." Well, vertical mecha fins. It's a thing. Even Rodimus has a bit of that going on. "I should leave you to Ratchet's check-up, though, before he calls Magnus down on me. You got any questions before I do that? Anything you need?"

Moonlight holds up a finger. "Just one thing. When medical clears me, I'd like to know if there's anyplace I shouldn't be sticking my nose into. I'm not sure how long I was in that pod for, but I feel less inclined to just sit around for a while and would like to look around." Which is a natural enough thing.

"If a door's locked, leave it. If someone asks you to go, go. Mostly I'd just avoid basically -- everything. On this level, I mean, because Brainstorm doesn't always lock what he should," Rodimus says with a glance out the door. "I'd also avoid the engines. Never want to stand too close to those when we might have to make a sudden jump. You'll probably get the most out of the rec deck."

Moonlight laughs softly at this. "I'll do my best then." Pause. "Also, where do I stay? I'm assuming passing out at the bar isn't the best idea," she jokes. Yeah, she seems to be the type who enjoys a fair bit of levity.

"We'll get something set up while Ratchet's checking the gears and levers," Rodimus promises offhand. So by 'we' he clearly means 'not me' and also that someone else will be showing her where to go. "You'll probably find yourself with a roommate but if you're lucky it won't be Swerve."

"Swerve? As in the bar guy?" Moonlight asks. "How bad can a bartender be?" So naive Moonlight, so naive. She'll learn these things soon enough.

Rodimus gives Moonlight a long, pitying glance, then reaches over to clasp her shoulder. "Best not to ask. Anyway, sorry about your ship, Moonlight--" He probably should've said that earlier? Or asked about it? Or something? Anything? Yet even now he moves past it to refocus on here and now: "But welcome to the Lost Light."

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