2015-04-04 Ada

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Date 2015/04/04
Location Lost Light - Recreation -- Observation Deck
Participants Knock Out, Nautica, Rodimus, Slugfest, Starshine, Tailgate, Ultra Magnus
Plot Evolve
Scene GM Chromia
Summary Their mystery guest wants to go home.

A hexagonal room that mimics the shape of the bridge two decks above, the Observation Deck likewise has two rows of windows that look out into the vast dark of space. Seating arranged casually throughout the room can be retracted into the deck or rearranged into rows for solemn ceremonies. If there's a big event, it's going to be held here.

There was an explosion. Well, a minor one.

No bot was hurt and the damage was minimal. See, during the visitation to the Vampire Planet there was an unexpected arrival of a craft, one that when approached exploded. Inside was a small feminine figure, unconscious, and was brought back aboard the Lost Light. It was silvery, smooth and void of any features and once examined proved to be mechanical in nature - and alive, just at rest. The same height as someone like Tailgate, this being was locked in a state of seemingly endless rest. Was.

With a hand to head, the being will have made its way from the medbay after 'removing itself' from the table it was on. What equipment or personnel were between it and the door were brushed aside with surprising force. It beelined for the elevator, used it and now that it has reached the recreation deck now stumbles, as if drunk, towards the observation room.

"I swear, I turned around for /two seconds/," Knock Out is claiming loudly to someone or someones who are clearly desirous of an explanation as to how this newcomer they maybe rescued has already managed to disappear. "I can't be expected to sit there and stare at one patient all day! Is that how Autobots run things, because it sounds terribly inefficient." He tromps towards the observation deck, not even knowing that this is where he's finally about to find his erstwhile patient.

"Not my fault, Ratchet!" Rodimus is insisting as he pelts down the hall. The CMO's report hits command with a particularly electrifying jolt. "I didn't do anything! I didn't touch anything! I wasn't there! So stop yelling at me!" After a quick check to see where their mystery friend left her elevator, he exits onto the rec deck to follow after. He puts out a call on the way: Ratchet, or maybe his backup; Nautica, because science; Tailgate, because explosions. Any others he gathers as he goes, because who doesn't want to find out what Rodimus is yelling about /this/ time.

Starshine hmms, yes yelling again...Rodimus does do that alot. But yelling does also tend to lead to something she finds herself following after the sound of the yelling. "This ship sure is different, you gotta love that..."

The visitor/patient doesn't really look at much but then it doesn't even appear to have eyes, just the place where they should be. Once at observation deck, it ignores anybot that might be there and instead heads for large windows, peers around and seems to find what it is searching for. When Rodimus and others arrive, it points pointing to a particular spot. << Ada, >> it radios.

Ultra Magnus is not far behind Rodimus, in the midst of a series of communications with a couple of his least favorite people aboard*, which have left him looking especially dour and forbidding, in so far as it is possible to detect /special/ levels of dour and forbidding from Ultra Magnus. (* = Drift and Soundwave.)

If Ultra Magnus has achieved maximum dour, Nautica's scale of enthusiastic curiosity doesn't seem to have an upper bound; having heard word of the patient's escape, the Camien engineer has already begun scanning the patient with an enthusiasm that's almost undignified. "It's not Cybertronian, whatever it is. I almost think it runs on ambient energy -- background energy, that sort of thing -- rather than energon. Though it -- she -- does seem able to siphon the residual emissions from our energon-powered systems."

"Yes, and you're ada bed," Knock Out snarks, relief upon finding her immediately turning to irritation at having to track her down in the first place. "Which you need to return to, given that you are still under official observation."

Tailgate heard someone yelling before he got the call-- it was probably Knock Out, considering he's on the same deck. He finds Rodimus and the others not long after. "I heard shouting." He announces, helpfully, as if there is not much shouting on the Lost Light's rec level.

Tagging along, he regards the metallic figure with curiosity, but doesn't interfere. He does, however, hiccup a small laugh at Knock Out's wordplay. Don't judge, it was a good joke! Come on..

Rodimus bursts into laughter which he stops with a strangled little noise when he realizes that was /Knock Out/. He looks a little horrified with himself. Eventually he manages to go, "What?"

Ultra Magnus clearly has a +5 immunity to puns because he just stands with a level look on his face. If anything may be detected in his expression aside from the general bland edge of dourness, it's probably suffering.

There's a lot of that going around here for him these days.

Mildly, he says: "Are you attempting to communicate something to us? Is that a star system you indicate?"

<< Ada, >> it repeats, pointing again at the point in the far distance, wherever it may be. Checking that area of space will show a spot that's gone unexplored so far. New territory! The visitor falters though, looking woozy and stumps back against the glass it had pointed at. << Too. >> It shakes its head, as if answering its own question and tries again. << More. >> If it could frown it would in this moment.

It does turn to look at Knock Out and, somehow without a face, seems to grin. It is having a hard time understanding much of what is happening but it understands *that*. << Home will help. Must go home. >>

Knock Out hears your laughter, Rodimus and Tailgate. He hears it and he smirks. Of course, the expression is quickly replaced by exasperation at his patient's repeated incomprehensibility. "I have no idea /what/ it's saying. Can someone just carry it back to medbay?" He eyes Ultra Magnus. You're big.

<< Is 'Ada' your home? >> Nautica switches to wireless, trying to match the apparent preferred method of communication. << Were you trying to get back there? >>

Starshine hmms, "I'm starting to see a pattern here...." as she moves over to lean against and wall, and oberserve...well it is an observation lounge. She watches the thing, not sure what it is going on about. "is it trying to do something? Or is it just wandering around at random."

"Sure sounds like it," Rodimus murmurs aloud to Nautica. He steps forward, moving toward their visitor when it falters. "Hey, why don't you sit down or something?" He moves on, ignoring the fact that he laughed at Knock Out's joke. He's not admitting that happened. << Uhm, sit down? Rest? How much do you understand? >> His transmissions are set on a local broadcast so that everyone can pick up his words. << Anything on the maps in that direction? >>

"Nothing on any map we had on Caminus... though ours would be horribly out of date," Nautica notes to Rodimus. "And there doesn't seem to be anything in the Lost Light's database; it's an unmapped sector."

<< Yes, >> the visitor answers Nautica after a moment, needing to do so to think about an answer before it is given. << I am needed there. I can save them. The Ada need me. I must get back. It is my home. I... where is this? I cannot connect to this world like the Ada. This is... much, too much. >> The visitor looks to Rodimus, shakes its head. << Not enough. Things are more complex on this world. More powerful. The only thing there, >> it points again, << Its Ada. The world I come from. There are beings there, machines like us. Simple. They need me. >>

Ultra Magnus returns Knock Out's glance impassively. He is very large, but shows no signs of moving forward to pick up the stranger and sling her over his shoulder like a potato sack. He glances back to the visitor again, frown a deepening furrow into the lines of his browplate. His query, as he gathers information to assess, is measured and simple: << How far? >>

"Well, we're /not/ a world, so." Knock Out crosses his arms, watching the visitor with less patience than the others seem to feel. He glances down at Tailgate nearby. "We're a ship."

"We'll get you there," Rodimus promises with reckless disregard of the answer to Ultra Magnus's question. Of course.

Starshine says, “Well some of us are ships, some are ground vehicles...I heard of something being a food processing unit once.."”

Ultra Magnus winces, but this will only matter if anyone happens to be looking at him.

Tailgate peers up when he gets the look, emitting a thoughtful sound when he looks back to eht visitor. "They said Ada like it was a group." Then, Tailgate, being easily swayed by visitors, edges forward to provide an assist. He's smaller, maybe he can just-- offer a hand or something. Yes. No potato sacking needed, right? << Is Ada the name of your people too? >>

<< Why does Ada need you? >> Nautica's tone lacks any accusing edge; she's simply curious. << Were you seeking supplies, or is it something about you specifically they need? >> Tailgate's comment earns an approving nod, as the Camien glances in his direction. "I was wondering about that, if it might be a gestalt consciousness of some kind. If so, if she's the 'queen' -- the central unit -- they might not be able to function properly without her."

"I do not know where I am so I cannot say," the visitor answers Ultra Magnus as it is picked up. It has apparently learned how to speak now and stops radioing (for the sake of posters too). It wants to resist but is far too 'drunk' to struggle. "Ship is world. Ada is world and those that live there. I was not on trap for long before I was found. If we are near where I was found?" It perks on Magnus' shoulder. "We can go now? The need on Ada is great."

"Trap?" Nautica asks curiously. "Do you mean the dead world we found, that you crashed on? Or something else?"

"So she wants to get back home but she doesn't know where home /is/ for us to take her," Knock Out concludes dryly.

The visitor, from Magnus' shoulder, turns to look at Nautica as it answers. "On Ada, all are made by the machine. It is the heart Ada. When the Ada have a question the machine answers it with a creation, one to bring that answer to the Ada. For me it was asked 'How will we be saved?'" The visitor then shakes it's head. "There is no need for supplies. Ada has all it needs, except understanding. They wait for answers they should already know."

The visitor then looks to Tailgate. "I tried to save the Ada from danger with the machine, became trapped in.. the trap. The device that sent me away from Ada. I was to be sent to a place without life; this was the trap."

A tiny stego pelts lil feets, running into the observation deck at full tilt. "What are goings on? What blowed up?" Slugfest wonders, screeching to a halt and looking around furtively.

Ultra Magnus holds himself very still, like a large and frowning statue someone has erected in the middle of the observation bay for some reason. He says, with a muted air of reluctance, his head turned slightly as he attempts to observe the creature perching on his shoulder's tower, "Which you said did not take very long to bring you to where you crashed."

Did someone say trap? Rodimus is going to go ahead and ignore that. "Drift, go ahead and set the ship in the direction it pointed, would you? Have Red get it off the tape. I /know/ he was watching," Rodimus comms up to the command deck. He gestures at their visitor, then promises, "There. We're on our way. Why don't we show you our maps of the area, and you can see if that helps you at all?"

The visitor and the planet in question is admittedly intriguing, but some of it does go past Tailgate's broader understanding. He tries to make some more sense of it inside his head, looking up at the metallic-framed lifeform. "Oh." He clenches and unclenches small hands. Hm. "What was the danger?"

"Nothing so far," Knock Out says, glancing down as Slugfest pelts in. "Did someone send you an emergency summons?"

"I know little of maps. I would be glad to see. It should help," the visitor nods Rodimus. "Can I sit for looking at these maps?"

There is no face to the visitor yet it is so very blank when it looks to Tailgate. There is a long pause. Fatigue, perhaps? Still, it does answer Tailgate eventually. "The machine was in danger. It was going to be destroyed."

The trip to this Ada should be a short one, relatively speaking. It might have gone unnoticed because it was less of a typical planet, without a common elliptical orbit of a sun but a drifting, meandering path between a series of stars. The planet is smaller yet still enough to support life - robotic life. It's mostly metallic with a very concentration of structures, and beset with a few hundred robotic inhabitants.

Tailgate glances over to the other small bot before the stranger answers him. Then he turns his gaze back, big and blue. "What was going to destroy it? Was it the thing that detroyed that other planet?" They didn't have an explanation for the vampire planet-- maybe they will when this is said and done?

"If whatever's threatening Ada is what killed that planet," Nautica points out, "We'll want to be well-prepared. As prepared as we can be for something that can suck /temporal energy itself/ out of matter."

"We can have the maps brought to the medical bay as we return you there," Ultra Magnus states with a firm weight of authority in his voice, to the tiny weary figure on his shoulder. "I am sure that the medical staff will do its best to ensure your comfort."

"The Ada," the visitor answers Tailgate quickly. "They did not wish to be saved after all," it explains rather evenly. "I must get to them before they destroy themselves. The machine is the best way for Ada to grow. I do not know where the trap was to take me. When we arrive we could ask the machine and it would make an Ada that could answer that question. That is the only way I know to answer your question. Our goals are the same then. To know what is to be next we must save the machine."

It then nods, too fatigued to fight Magnus' suggestion. "I will comply."

"Temporal energy," Rodimus repeats, like he thinks it's funny. Science things. "Nautica, do you have enough to work with Brainstorm on preparing a defense against, or -- let's be reasonable, here, work toward strengths -- a big gun that'll kill anything like that? Just in case?"

The tiny stego pauses as Knockout asks him a question. "No think so," he says, "Just hearded noise then sawed everybody in here."

Knock Out finally perks back up at mention of medical staff and his patient actually complying with treatment. "Yes, yes, that part," he says. "You seem to work -- well, we don't really know yet, but we're not going to figure it out up here."

"Let me just make certain I have this right," Nautica remarks to Rodimus. "You want us to make a gun. A big gun. That can kill something that eats /time itself/." She pauses for a moment, and the shrugs. "We can probably whip something up."

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