2015-03-17 Rust Monsters

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Rust Monsters
Date 2015/03/17
Location Lost Light - Storage and Docking
Participants Breakdown, Chromedome, Knock Out, Starshine
Summary Something is wrong! There's a maintenance light and everything.

Ships are a neurotic kind of equipment, as a rule. Something goes wrong in some city environment, it's not likely to spill everyone out into space, right? So even though a blinking light that indicates some unexpected thing in the storage deck may be nothing at all, Chromedome and Starshine are here to investigate it. Just in case. The space outside the elevator seems pretty much normal, at least. Chromedome mutters, "If that light's malfunctioned again . . ."

Starshine hmms, as she looks around.."maybe everyone should step outside until we figure out whats wrong...thats a good idea I think..why thank you..." she says to herself. "Then again..maybe not..maybe everyone needs to be here..or not..hard to say, since I'm not sure what we are looking for..." as she looks around again.

"Why would we step outside?" Chromedome's question is pitched soft and bemused. "It's probably just the light acting up again. We're doing a quick run of the dock and storage compartments, that's all."

Starshine hmms, "Because it's nice out there, and I like it?" she looks a bit confused, "You've never went for a stroll on the hull?" She shrugs a bit, "But ok, we can see if it is in here first."

"I wouldn't say never. But it's not why we're down here." Chromedome's bemusement lightly persists as he treads on forward. "Really, it's probably nothing." Two beats as he walks. "You really, really like the outside, don't you?"

Starshine hmmms, as she walks.."Well, yeah..outside is nice..I've spent a lot of time in space...lots of it just sorta floating, so it's nice to have somewhere to stand as well." She shrugs again.."but I like flying in general...and people tend to not like you doing that inside...for some reason..."

"Sweeping through the halls is a good way to knock people down. Enclosed spaces." Chromedome opens a storage compartment to peer on in. Looks pretty normal. "I don't zoom too much through the halls as a car." Starshine and Chromedome are investigating a general warning light in the storage deck. They're still pretty close to the elevator. It's probably nothing.

Starshine says, "Well, it would be easier..if you drove on the ceiling...that would be out of the way" As she checks a few things...."Wait, no this is nothing..she frowns a bit.""

COMING THROUGH. Or rather the elevator dings open, and Knock Out swans in in that particular Knock Out way of his. It's hard to tell his aim when he pauses so soon out of the elevator to peer at the two bots and the -- general warning light. "Does that mean the ship's going to explode?" he wonders off-hand.

"Probably not." Chromedome leans back out of the storage compartment. "Last time, a can of oil fell over and landed on some sensor." He pauses. "Today could be an exception, though. We could all be about to die." Why not?

Starshine says, "We could die?..explode?..that would make things more exciting. Maybe it's a rust moster, that eats metal that it over there?" as she points."

Knock Out glances in the direction Starshine points with more than a hint of nerves. "A /rust monster/?" He smooths a hand down his chest as he remembers his dignity. "I'm sure there's no such thing. Yes?" He considers Chromedome critically. Yes? YES?

Chromedome spreads his hands. "I haven't heard of one." He glaaances down Starshine's point. "I don't see anything. Rust monster or spark eater."

Starshine says, "Maybe I was mistaken..or it scurried away..hard to say. Maybe it is in the walls now..." she shrugs, "I'd check in my quarters before powering down at least...especially if you hear creaking.""

"You're a terrible person," Knock Out informs Starshine critically. "Who says things like that?"

"Maybe she actually saw something," Chromedome milds, to make things worse. "She's just looking out for you, Knock Out."

Starshine nods, "Where I come from...we had one sneak into the colony...we didn't know till too late...2 people were found in their quarters..well, not really found..just a pile of rusty dust, that we assumed was left of the bodies."

Knock Out clutches at his face. "Shut up!" he declares. "If there is a rust monster on board, I'm sacrificing /you/ to it!"

Chromedome stirs, "But how would you? It's probably as mindless as spark eaters. They probably start with whoever has the most metal--" He raises his hand alongside his face. "Oh. Ultra Magnus would go first."

Starshine shakes her head, "I'm immune to it's effects thank primus.. Something to do with my heatshielding. I really am just trying to help" She shrugs a bit. "But you do what you want.....just remember they are low to the crowd, so they go for the feet first."

Knock Out offers Starshine a particularly skeptical look to this claim. All three of them are nearish the elevator, with Chromedome and Starshine looking more investigatey, and Knock Out looking more worried for his own beautiful skin-y. "Fine, we can sacrifices Ultra Magnus."

It's hard to say whether Breakdown looks blissfully unaware of hazards or just sort of generally grump: the latter seems more likely, although most bots would probably not just pound blithely out of the elevator on clanky steps what with the advent of a rust monster lurking around any given corner. Clank, clank, clank.

For all that Chromedome is probably /needling/ Knock Out, here, the sudden blithe pound right behind him causes Chromedome to jump a little. He turns too quickly, startled. "Oh," he says. "Hello."

Starshine holds up her hands, "I won't say another word, I'm just saying..becarefull" As she looks around again, and takes a few steps off to look behind a crate....she backs away as she hears the clanks, and looks over.

"The moment I find rust I am coming after you," Knock Out hisses at Starshine. He is the one bot who seems to welcome that familiar clanking, glancing over his shoulder. "/There/ you are. There are claims of a /rust monster/." A RUST monster, Breakdown. RUST.

Breakdown frowns. His weight shifts in a slight widening of his stance, heavy hands coming to rest -- one on the wall beside him, the other curling knuckles against his hip. He presents largely as a figure of mass, although there are larger bots aboard. It's just something in the way he carries himself. "A rust monster like an actual monster," he rumbles, "or a rust monster like some dumb aft left a mess down here?"

"Probably the latter." Chromedome resettles himself easy-standing. "At worst. Starshine claimed she saw something."

Starshine says, "Something set off the system...or somethings...we still don't know. I mean, warning lights don't just go off for no reason..."

"I'm sure warning lights on /Rodimus's/ ship go off for any /number/ of no reasons," Knock Out scoffs.

Breakdown looks at Starshine. He looks at Chromedome. His attention returns, as if inevitably, to Knock Out. "What ... kind of light? Are we talking 'heat transmission issue' or 'hang on, there will be an explosive decompression in just a tic'?"

"It's not an urgent warning light." Chromedome swivels to tap at it. "Heat transmission, maybe. Or some sensor misalignment. We were just looking around."

Starshine says, "Hard to say....till we find out what, it could be anything. And if we don't find it, maybe an explosion...or something worse..."

"I'm pretty sure they're just making things up because a light is flashing," Knock Out informs Breakdown dryly.

Breakdown considers all the information from all of the sources before leaping to conclusions. "Did you make the light flash?" he demands of Starshine, turning to face her in a scrape of heavy boots on the decking.

"Hey, it doesn't take much minor malfunction for that to--" Chromedome starts, reaching after Breakdown without meaningfully trying to stop him, let alone touch him.

Starshine laughs, "ME?, no...not my light. I just brought the box with me.....they told me to take it when I left..."

"Pretty sure she made the light flash so she could claim she saw a rust monster so she could put rust in our room," Knock Out concludes.

The frown on Breakdown's face, already a near omnipresent etching, seems to groove deeper into the scarlet plating. He turns his head slightly to examine Chromedome sidelong for his alternate theory. "So it's either nothing, or a monster, or somebody's gettin' pounded?" he speculates. Wasn't there some kind of ... orders about not pounding people? Breakdown?

"My vote's for nothing." How much can Chromedome mild. Super mild.

Starshine says, "Oh, were voting..I though we were investigating....I'd still go with the stowaway myself...""

"What, the stowaway from the /other/ ship?" Knock Out scoffs. Scoffs!

"What," Breakdown says. He looks altogether more dour with each passing second, if that's even possible.

"Do we have any evidence for a stowaway?" Chromedome tries.

Starshine frowns, "We don't have evidence for anything...thats kind what were doing down here..trying to figure out what cause the warning system to warn us. Stowaway, radiation spill, exposion..though still prolly not the last one, since no boom..."

"/Yet/," Knock Out says ominously. He is probably only worrying himself.

"Ah." Some of the edge goes out of Breakdown's expression for all that he still remains frownish. It's a more thoughtful, or at least a more restrained, version of frownish. (You see the range of expression you deny yourself with that faceplate, Chromedome?) "Well, I ain't the kind of maintenance to know that scrap," he says. "You let me know if you need something hit." He glances at Knock Out, questioningly, and then looks back between the other two. His gaze settles on the Autobot, measuring. "Which one are you?" he asks. "Did I ever fight you?"

"If we see any actual rust monsters, I'd appreciate your hitting help." Chromedome places his hands on his hips, while his face remains that frustrating unreadable blank. He looks up to meet Breakdown's eyes. Is a bit of a look up. "I'm Chromedome, and no, you didn't. I'm not much of a fighter."

Starshine hmms, "Well, hitting it might be bad..shooting it would be better. I mean if you hit something that rust things with metal..wouldn't they rust?" As she eyes Chromedome, "Your not a fighter?...maybe your a...what phrase did those two use the other day...sciency type person...doofus?..I think thats what we settled on....but they said they couldn't say it, some rule or something..."

"He's the /mnemonsurgeon/," Knock Out sneers, because sorry, Chromedome, those are creepy. "And I'm certain if you'd ever gotten in a fight with him, he wouldn't be here."

"There's lots of Autobots I've fought who ain't dead, nerd or not," Breakdown says, glance skittering briefly between the orange-gleaming nail and the Autobot before him. He lifts one massive hand and commits a minor assault on Knock Out's dignity by spinning one of his wheels for him, saying, "Plenty of people left running to nurse a grudge or not." He narrows a look at Chromedome across the gap in their heights and adds, "Assumin' they'd remember."

"I'm not doing that anymore," Chromedome says to Knock Out with more dark certitude than is ever justified. His attention tacks back to Breakdown. And his wheel-spinning. "And who'd wipe a memory of a fight? That wasn't ever my job."

Starshine hmms, "Ok, I think you guys are talking over my pay we even get paid?...So you guys haven't always been on the same side, right?..thats what I'm getting from this..but now you are, so no worries."

"Yes. 'No worries.' Of course." Knock Out looks skeptical on this point, however. His gaze returns to Chromedome. "I'm sure I don't know /what/ your job was."

"Yeah, well," Breakdown grunts with a narrowing of the bright beads of his eyes, "supposedly we ain't fightin' anymore either." He exhales a long low ffffft as of air escaping a compressor and smiles a particularly sardonic smile as he echoes, "No worries."

Chromedome opens his hand. "Right. No worries." What job??

Starshine watches this a moment, it's like standing in a room full of hungry pit bulls..and just waiting for someone to throw a steak in the middle of them.

"You know, I came down here for a reason." Knock Out glances around. "I am fairly certain that reason was the oil baths."

Distracted, Breakdown glances sidelong at him. "There's an oil bath?"

There's a small blat-whine of a noise behind Chromedome. He turns. The light's turned off. "Oh. Look. No more emergency."

Starshine says, "What? know...I think I'm going to go for a walk after all." As she makes her way over to the airlock. "A little more space is always good..." she steps outside."

"Yes, dear," Knock Out says, reaching to pat Breakdown's arm, his hand lingering with a trace of his finger. "And it's calling my name." And he swans off in the direction of the reservoir.

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