2015-03-06 Everyday Heroism

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Everyday Heroism
Date 2015/03/06
Location Lost Light: Recreation -- Practice Rooms
Participants Rodimus, Slugfest, Ultra Magnus
NPCs Ratchet
Summary Ultra Magnus and Slugfest investigate a REALLY LOUD noise.

Lost Light: Recreation -- Practice Rooms

These multi-purpose rooms are capable of being put to any one of a number of uses, including training, exercise, and plain ol' fun. It's a good place for sparring or for sports. The walls have been reinforced and soundproofed so that live weapons can be fired within, serving as a shooting range. This also means that noise does not carry far, no matter how boisterous the game.

There is a truly /tremendous/ crash from one of the practice rooms. Given that these rooms are supposed to be reinforced and soundproofed, let us emphasize again /tremendous/.

Slugfest scampers in, trailing a red ribbon that he's holding in his mouf. He looks around, nosing in to everything trying to find the source of the crash!

Ultra Magnus rests fingertips on a soundproofed wall, and stares at it for a moment as though it is against his better judgment to leave the 'safe' confines of the room that he is in so as to seek out the source of the noise, but it's clear that curiosity gets the better of him, because he emerges after a moment, heading down the hallway as he orients on the sound. He glances with surprise to find Slugfest, but after a moment's consideration, discards his immediate suspicion that the cassette must somehow be responsible.

The practice room that the noise originated from appears to have been set up as a race-slash-obstacle course, but it's the kind of obstacle course where Brainstorm has gotten involved and improved things. It looks as though one particular obstacle has exploded, although it's a smokeless, fireless detonation. It's just a jumble of bits scattered every which way, and, slowly sitting up, a grin atop red and gold.

Ultra Magnus comes to a halt, standing in the frame of the doorway to the practice room. He stares around at the scatter of bits, gaze lighting first on this one, then that one, and then on the ridiculous smile that crowns it all, his frown furrowing his expression as into deep grooves. He says: "Dare I ask. . .?"

Rodimus continues to attempt to pry himself from the rubble, but appears to be having an uncommonly difficult time with it. His usual grace is absent, and basic balance appears to be a challenge. "What?" he calls at Ultra Magnus, a little too loud.

Ultra Magnus steps cautiously into the room as though he is expecting another explosion at any moment, and asks: "What did you do?" but perhaps he doesn't ask loud enough.

Staring at Ultra Magnus, Rodimus suddenly scowls, "Scrap. Brainstorm might win that bet, after all." His volume modulation is off.

Ultra Magnus looks momentarily aghast, although he controls the expression after the first crumpled stare of consternation. He strides the rest of the way across the distance between them. "What did you /bet/?" he asks. Louder this time.

Discarding the scowl in favor of a sly grin, Rodimus considers Ultra Magnus. "I choose to believe you are telling me that it was really amazing the way I dodged that last obstacle, and you're right, it was great. Now help me get to the medibay and forget everything I said about Brainstorm."

Ultra Magnus scowls back at Rodimus. He is far better suited to scowls than he is to grins, so it stands to reason he would adopt the more habitual expression once Rodimus abandons it.

Slugfest eeeks and noses about the rubble. "Anyone else in here?" he wonders, his lil thagomizer wagging.

"No?" Rodimus considers this refusal, and then declares, "Mutiny. Insubordination!" He doesn't answer Slugfest, but then, he hasn't answered /anything/. And he's talking too loud. And his balance is off.

Ultra Magnus lifts one massive blue hand to catch Rodimus by the spoiler when it looks like he might be about to tip over, and rights him, steadingly, as he says, "I don't believe anyone else is in here, no."

Spoiler twitching beneath Ultra Magnus's hand, Rodimus finds himself righted. He sighs a little with a small puff from his vents. He squares his feet to stand solid and unmoving in his best imitation of Ultra Magnus's bulwark strength. It's not a very good impression. "So ... medibay?" He angles toward the door.

Slugfest scurries over to where Rodimus is, ribbon trailing behind him. "Need fixings?"

"Are you planning on informing the medical staff what /exactly/ you did to yourself?" Ultra Magnus asks in a tone like a warning even though it is already basically established that whatever Rodimus's track record might be for /listening/, at the moment he probably can't hear a damned thing.

"Medibay!" Rodimus repeats brightly, and heads on out the door right int he middle of Ultra Magnus's question. How rude. He lists to the side and smacks into the door on his way out. "Ow."

"/Rodimus/," Ultra Magnus says in fairly pointless exasperation. He pursues, planting his hand more firmly on his captain's shoulder so that he can steer him more directly and prevent him from banging into other things. He glances down at Slugfest. "Can you make sure to clear the path, please," he says to the stegosaurus.

"Okay!" the tiny stego says, scampering out the door towards the medbay. "No get in way! Rodimus need fixings!" he shouts ahead of him.

Rodimus glances back in surprise at the touch on his shoulder. Who knew Ultra Magnus was capable of stealth and sneakery? (He's not.)

Rodimus gives his second a quick grin. The twist to turn back causes him to over-correct, but with the steadying touch, he's swiftly pointed in the right direction. "Whoa! Look out!" He wavers with the plant of his foot to avoid stepping on Slugfest as he runs ahead. "Huh. Where's he going?" WHO KNOWS, RODIMUS. NOT YOU.

"Man, you could be lecturing me and I'd never know," says Rodimus with slowly dawning realization. "I should tell you about all the stuff I got up to with your ship while I can't hear you yell about it."

"That /would/ be an education, wouldn't it," Ultra Magnus growls with a frown etched so deep into his face that it is probably responsible for the urban legend about faces getting stuck. "Since I have the short term memory of an Earth-based verminoid insect and won't be capable of yelling at you when Ratchet restores your sensors."

Magnus steers Rodimus after Slugfest with a sigh like the long hiss of a compressor releasing air, musing on the fact that this is his life now.

"Hey, we're following him!" Rodimus realizes after a moment. With Slugfest ahead of them to get the elevators, they don't have to wait long before rising to the level of science and medical. "Hey, tell Ratchet this was totally -- hmm, what sounds really awesome," he pauses to consider. He does not detail his ship shenanigans.

For a moment, his hand a weighty grasp on Rodimus's shoulder, Ultra Magnus considers -- seriously considers -- physically shaking his commanding officer until he stops saying nonsense. He doesn't. (It would probably take awhile, anyway.)

"I am not going to say anything I didn't observe," he says as the elevator climbs.

"Tell him I found another sparkeater!" Rodimus crows somewhere between 3 and 2 as the elevator ascends a level. "No, no: /two/." The doors open, and with Slugfest to clear the way ahead of them, they proceed down the hall toward medibay. "No, wait, he'll never buy that." Why, because it took a team to take one? No: "We swept the ship."

"And there isn't a giant hole in your chest anywhere," Ultra Magnus mutters dourly in Rodimus's wake.

"Decepticon mutiny?" Rodimus tries out. "Scraplet stash?" It's on that note that they enter the medibay, and Ultra Magnus is treated to a blistering series of questions about scraplets infesting the ship as Rodimus stands there and stares off thoughtfully into the distance trying to decide what is the most heroic way to have injured himself.

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