2015-03-03 Broken Things

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Broken Things
Date 2015/03/03
Location Lost Light: Engineering -- Engine Room
Participants Nautica, Chromia
Summary Chromia and Nautica have a heart-to-heart.

The quantum generators that power the ship engines push them improbably forward from this very room. There are warning signs near the generators, reminding people not to stand next to them ... as if anyone could ever forget, with one of the Duobots frozen trapped within one of the engines. Screens beneath the generator mark their output while workstations allow engineers to monitor, even alter the generator's output.

Even having landed on the planet -- and taken aboard a squishy little organic guest -- there's still a ton of work to do to get the engines up and running again. And so despite recent events, Nautica is still in engineering. Currently, one of the engine pods is half-open, pieces laid out on the floor around her as she works on rerouting power around the hapless Duobot as best she can; sf she can't remove him from the engine, she'll at least try to reduce the chances that they blow themselves up when they next jump.

"Looks like you're settling in," comes a chuckle from nearby. It's Chromia who has come to check on you. She hasn't had a chance to see much of her friend lately, what with a whole ship to inspect and a bunch of new faces to check out. Dealings with Windblade have kept her away but now... Chromia has a moment for herself, so she's come - practically running - to Nautica. Chromia reaches in after the engineer to offer some rations. "I know when you get busy you tend to forget the important things, like eating."

"Mia!" Nautica extricates herself from the engine carefully, then waves with her quantum wrench. "Oh, I ate..." She pauses, checking the time, and then adds ruefully, "...two duty cycles ago? Oh. Maybe I /do/ need to eat. Thanks!" She takes the rations and pats the floor beside her -- a clear invitation to sit and join her -- though the smile doesn't entirely reach her optics. Something is bothering the engineer, though it seems more vague and unformed than anything to do with Chromia herself.

Like she was going to leave. Chromia just got here! She easily moves to join Nautica because, truth be told, had that offer to join not been extended then she might of crawled into that engine to be able to spend time with her friend. "Anything for you," Chromia promises. Again. For likely the billionth time. She looks about to make sure she's not going to step on any part that might be waiting to be put back to where it needs to be, but then certain that she won't make a mess by doing so, Chromia sits.

She's quiet for a moment. "Windblade is settling in well," Chromia shares, as a means to break the ice. She can't help but notice that something is up with her pal but Mia doesn't want to lead with prying. "I wish I could say the same for myself. I think I might of made a mistake," she shares.

Nautica does hurriedly move a few pieces aside to make space for her friend. "I can't help but wonder about that," she admits quietly. "I've been doing some reading through the ship's databanks since we got out here, Chromia. And I have misgivings. What mistake do /you/ mean, though?"

Well, that makes her worry. Chromia doesn't like the thought of letting anyone down, ESPECIALLY Nautica. That causes her brow to knit. Yet, not like she can't share now. "I met with Soundwave, this leader of these Decepticons. I should have been more... clever. Savvy. Something." Chromia looks away as she leans back, her knees up and her wrists rested on them. "I told him exactly what would happen if he or his did anything to Windblade."

"I don't know that it was a mistake, Chromia; I'm starting to think that's the only language some of them speak." Nautica shakes her head, as she looks at her rations thoughtfully for a long moment. "This war that dragged on... it seems like most of the galaxy thinks Cybertronians are just violent thugs now. And from what I read in the records, it seems like that might be true. They seem to listen to violence and threats a lot more than they do diplomacy or reason." Her gaze turns now to the engine she's just finished rewiring and needs to put back together, and she shakes her head ruefully. "So the first thing this crew does is we trade weapons -- /Cybertronian/ weapons -- to locals for information."

"I said the exact same thing to Ultra Magnus, the ship's real captain! Hah, I'm not making friends anywhere, Nauts. I guess I am doing a good job making myself the target though." Instead of Windblade, so in that case she is succeeding. It's hard though, to not feel like she's failed in this mission ever since they took off. She feels very responsible for the situation her fellow stranded Camiens are in.

She does nod though. "We signed on to be a part of this screw in the hopes that they were more like us, but... yes. It troubles me how different we are. It's just so... casual for them." Chromia shivers. She turns to look at her friend. How much danger has she gotten Nautica into. "Having an idiot captain who is just so cavalier about everything doesn't help ease any tensions, at least any of mine. I haven't recharged since we got on this ship. Have you?"

"I siphon a bit of energy here and there," Nautica answers, a little evasively. She changes topic back towards the original one. "I don't know that they're /different/ than us inside, not really. But after four million years of fighting, I think they've burned violence as a solution into their circuits. They fought each other for far, far longer than I've been /operational/, Chromia. And I'm starting to wonder if they can come back from that."

Polishing off the last of the rations Chromia brought her, Nautica pauses to look at the parts scattered around. "But we didn't really have any choices. We couldn't just leave them there to die, after all."

"They have split themselves, these two factions, and still each of them is as violent as the other. I don't know, Nauts. That seems very different to me. It's certainly very foreign." It helps to explain why Mia feels so on edge constantly - that she has to be, because even who would be their allies could turn out to be. Being hyper-vigilant is taxing. "They're transformed and maybe not accepting of what they have become. If anything, this trip has taught me of how thankful Caminus' isolation has been." Though... that is not sustainable, and hence why they need to find a solution to take back there before the colony is lost. Before home is lost, to Chromia.

"We'lre made of better stuff. Well, *you* are," Mia points out. Since moment one, Nautica has helped the Lost Light. Chromia? She might leave this crew behind if it meant saving those she cares about. But her friend? Chromia smiles, seemingly for no reason. "I asked Rodimus to find you a body of liquid."

"/Primus/, that would be wonderful," Nautica remarks with feeling. It's clear she misses that. "I really have the most /useless/ altmode sometimes, don't I? I mean, I'm space-capable over short distances, but everyone else can fly or drive around on flat surfaces. If I transform, all I can do is... sit there."

"No, every form has a purpose," reminds Chromia. "It's just.. yours has some requirements. It's good. It's part of what makes you unique," she smiles again, as she is far more thankful for that then she is ever comfortable expressing. "I had thought about flooding the chamber they provided for you, if I could find some way to get an access hatch to it from above..." Chromia can do ideas, but the actual engineering of them... well, that's why she has Nautica, isn't it? "You look stylish in that seating though," she teases with a smirk. "Your altmode might sit there but hey, all I mostly do is stand there. Motionless for hours, before a door. So, quite a pair we make, don't we?"

As Chromia blurts that out she quickly turns her head to look to where Nautica had been. "So... what are you working on this time? Did anything on this ship function before you came along to fix it all?"

Nautica leans over, putting a hand on her friend's shoulder with a smile. "But you stand there /very/ well. You're very imposing and make sure no one thinks about hurting Windy! And that's important."

Sobering, the Camien engineer looks over the parts. "I think it probably was working fine when it took off. But when a bot fuses into the engine and blows half of the systems, you're going to have a lot of repair work to do if you want to do more than just limp along."

Chromia reaches up to lay a hand over the one on her shoulder because right now... the support feels fantastic. In her own mind, Chromia has doomed them all so just that small act is enough to slump a little with relief. For a moment it melts away. She should have come to see Nautica sooner. Mia's hand won't linger long, however. "what would you need to rebuild it? *Your* way, that is?" Chromia turns to look at her friend, in all seriousness as she says, "Because rather than be a part of this crew, I am wondering if we wouldn't be better off showing them how things should be done." It's a risk, to share so much, but then it might be the only way these Cybertronians become something... better.

"I'd need a lot more parts. The sort I don't think we're going to get, Mia. I do have a longer list for Rodimus, but he seemed kind of appalled at the length of the /shorter/ list I gave him." Nautica shakes her head, then picks up the wrench again. "I better finish putting this back together before we need to jump again. But I think maybe we can help them shake off the last bits of the war, since we see things differently. And there are a couple -- that one, Brainstorm, for instance -- who I think I'll get along with just fine."

Chromia bristles! Not that she shows it, Or she thinks she doesn't. She held all that back, right? Nautica didn't see, right? "Brainstorm," she says, as though to remember the name. "Well, give me the longer list," she asks. If Rodimus won't see it, then at least Mia will and she'll try to do something about it. "I'm not sure they *want* that, Nauts. They wear it proudly. I mean, either emblems and everything. It's like some right of passage to them. It's shaped them, maybe more than they realize. I don't know that our ways could save them, but they sure would help." Speaking of help... Chromia moves to follow you into that engine, kind of. she won't crowd but she is also hesitant to leave since it feels like she just got here. Maybe she can help by handing over tools. "Just the one, huh?" Maybe she needs to start making a list.

"Oh, there are others too," Nautica assures Chromia, scooting aside to make room for her friend. "But Brainstorm stands out; he actually seems to listen when I get to talking technical details." Which is something rare enough for her, even among Camiens; for some reason, people's optics tend to glaze over when Nautica talks at length. "Hey, can you pass me the quantum manifold coupling, over there? I don't know if I can do much to fix the crew, but I can at least fix the engine."

More?! Well, Chromia's job just got that much more intense! Though, now worrying about this Brainstorm might be more of a hobby, or an unhealthy act, rather than any kind of mandatory service. Chromia listens to Nautica! Hangs on every word! ... but that isn't the same as understanding what is being said. Mia becomes acutely aware of that as she looks over the tools and.. "Ah..." Yet, she has helped enough to remember it by sight. "Here," she retrieves it. With that, Chromia falls into an easy silence, of aiding Nautica by slipping her the right tool at the right time. For the first time, Mia relaxes. This has quickly become her happiest time on the Lost Light.

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