2015-03-01 Getting the Job Done

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Getting the Job Done
Date 2015/03/01
Location Planet
Participants Arbiter, Rumble, Slugfest, Starshine
NPCs Cui
Plot Check Your Map
Scene GM Sao
Summary The exchange is made. There are some survivors!

This time, when the landing craft launches from the Lost Light (a ship that does not resemble Rodimus's head in any particular respect), it is based on a prearranged rendezvous point. Rather than setting down in an open field a short distance from the front bazaar of the most highly populous city on Umashe, they land on a plateau of crags and cliffs, where water and heat bubble up to the surface not far away in geysers.

There is a wagon rolling toward the plateau on the ground below, pulled apparently by heavy-massed, low-slung creatures with long floppy ears. The driver of the wagon is the familiar Cui, who not long ago was running all over the Lost Light's observation deck, bouncing off of people's legs. There are a number of other yellow-ribboned blue aliens walking beside the wagon or riding atop it.

"Let's not make a mess, huh?" Arbiter clambers down out of the craft, thundering onto the ground with perhaps a little clanging of loose metal, some flakes of old paint falling off. A small grimace, before he steps slowly out of the way for the next bot to disembark. His gaze turns toward the approaching wagon, and he steps a bit toward it. "Let's make this quick, instead."

Rumble is here because as much as he completely despises these creatures, there may be some benefit in it for *him* (if he can maintain his composure and not go on a destructive rampage). He scowls unhappily as he stares out the viewport at the scene below. "Yeah...quick," he agrees with Arbiter as he makes his way out of the vessel.

Starshine lands next to the transport vessel, tapping her foot as she waits for the others to exit it. "Oh..look..see I told you they breed like there are a whole bunch of them.." as she eyes the wagon. "I do hope they brought what you are looking for at least."

Slog crashes to the ground behind Arbiter and Rumble, his stubby legs absorbing the impact as his heavy frame hits the surface of the plateau. "Quick dealings, then, we shall make. Raw materials, perhaps, they have?"

"No want mess? Okay." Slugfest scampers after Rumble, keeping up with the group despite stubby short legs that are even shorter than Slog's.

Cui stands on the wagon, cranes her neck over her shoulder, and then passes off the reins to another. She bounds down from the wagon and runs on ahead; as the wagon begins to mount the slope, she darts ahead of it to the Cybertronian party, her ears swept up and tail bannering behind her. "Success!" she calls ahead. "We have the things! You have the weapons?"

In the distance behind them, there's some suspicious motion in the treetops. It could be wind, although the wind doesn't appear to be moving much else.

"Hey, me too. It takes me long enough to do anything worthwhile," Arbiter grumbles to Starshine, before waving the squad onward behind him, as he moves to meet the approaching furries. Which means go slower than Arbiter, as painful as that may be.

"Yeah, yeah, we got 'em," Arbiter calls back, continuing his slow approach as he turns his head back to his team. His voice rasps, "Eyes up, cons. Could get sticky."

Rumble frowns, feeling utter revulsion at everything he's looking at on this planet. Seriously makes him want to crater this place. Then, he spots some movement in one of the trees, and he quietly brings it to Slugfest's attention.

Starshine hmms, "I always have weapons...never leave home with out them. Well, can't really leave without them. But they are mine, so no one else gets them..." She ponders a moment, "So what are we picking up anyways

Slugfest stares up at the trees when Rumble indicates there's something there. He scampers to a tree and starts dutifully sawing the trunk with his built in chainsaw-back.

The beasts of burden hauling the wagon -- these are difficult to describe, but imagine a hippopotamus rabbit yoked to a wagon -- can sympathize with Arbiter's relative speed. It's a long haul slowly heading up the incline toward the plateau.

Cui stops on the edge of the plateau, balancing on her toes with her tail balanced above her head. She is holding a datapad that is too big for her; that is, it is clearly a datapad brought with her from the Lost Light. Instead of fitting in her hand, she lugs it under her arm. "This is the ship data," she reports proudly. "Three weapons for the ship data. That was arrangement." She looks around, and her hairy face scrunches in confusion as she sees Slugfest sawing at the base of one of the trees below.

It becomes a little clearer what's going on in the trees as the ruckus draws closer. Flickers of blue fur are visible leaping from branch to branch as the other aliens advance toward their position.

"Huh..." Rumble frowns, glancing from Sluggy over toward the others. "Hey fuzzball, who're all your pals up in the trees there? Y'think we wasn't gonna notice them?" he asks Cui.

Starshine eyes the lumberjacks, and there ok..but the movement in the trees is not good. "That is a good question...maybe we should thin the to say"

"Shut up, Rumble, these are revolutionaries, remember? I'm assuming those up there have less-than-good intentions." Arbiter's gaze turns back to the furry. "Let's make this quick, huh?" Arbiter opens his hand, offered only a meter from Cui, a transformer-sized handful of rifles laying upon the grey, mottled metal of his fingers. "Please take the rifles, and place the datapad in my hand. Before we have to make these trees a fine mess." His voice is just as grinding and raspy as before, but significantly louder.

Cui's ears flatten and she seems to wilt, drooping in place with her overlarge datapad wilting in her hands. "Oh, no," she says, following Rumble's glance to the trees. "Ashata," she says, and then fills her lungs and shouts down the incline, "Ashatavari!" followed by a series of rapid syllables in her people's language that don't immediately translate.

The driver of the wagon drops the reins and leaps to-- hide under the wagon apparently. Three more of the blue aliens clustered around the wagon suddenly split off in apparently random directions, scrambling for hiding places.

Cui turns back to Arbiter with round eyes. She shoves the datapad at him, and snags one of the three rifles in his hand. She starts reaching for another, and then hesitates, because she's not really going to be able to carry them all effectively all by herself, and her companions appear to be -- scattering and hiding.

Meanwhile, the tree that Slugfest has been sawing through trembles as the saw grinds its way through old wood. It starts to teeter as the saw bites its way through the trunk.

"Fraggin'...Of course. Alright, cons, if you're so damn bloodthirsty, " Arbiter tucks the remaining weapons and datapad away, and levels the cannon over his shoulder with a lot of impressive whirring and clanking noises, "Clear out them treetops. We got company. /Try/ not to kill the ones helping us, huh?" He then offers Cui a hand, perhaps onto his shoulder. Or somewhere his armor can help.

Rumble smirks, folding his arms across his chestplate and turning to watch Cui as she sharply addresses her fellow...furry the wagon. When Arbiter gives the word to clear the trees, he grins widely and pulls both laser-pistols off his back. "Awww, yeah. About <CENSORED> time..."

Starshine hmms, as that word Con keeps getting thrown around. But what they hey, "Clear our the tree tops...sounds like a decent idea." She looks at the trees...."Right, here goes.." as she lets loose a slew of micro missile flying for the trees.

Slugfest keeps sawing away, then gets up on hind feet and pushes with front feets to make the tree fall over!

Slugfest's tree crashes to the ground as from a mighty heave, where small stego feet scrape against the bark. The trunk of the tree is left behind; meanwhile the branches and leaves smash hard into the earth. There's an awful shrill screeking noise from amongst the branches, and then a pale blue alien limps out of the tree, toting an energy weapon that it seems mostly just trying to hold onto, dazed from the impact.

Starshine's missile fire smashes through the branches of the trees. Flames ignite in the higher level leaves, sending curling gouts of smoke and sparks flying. There's a small fireburst of an explosion and then a piece of branch with an alien clinging to it by its tail falls clear of the trees, singed and already wounded.

Several more of the aliens in red ribbons start scattering down from the trees, which unfortunately for them brings them out of cover. Cui runs ahead to the edge of the plateau and starts shooting wildly. She's too inexperienced with the weapon to hit anything, but she definitely is adding to the chaos of the scene.

Arbiter's cannon tracks one of the scampering aliens, though he doesn't fire just yet. "Starshine, get airborn and let us know how many we're dealing with. Everyone else, take careful shots, huh?"

Rumble nods, and begins aiming for the fuzzies descending from the trees with both of his laser-rifles. At least he's aiming for the right aliens. "<CENSORED> burn, you little jerks! C'mon, Sluggy! Let's take 'em out!!"

Starshine leaps into the air, transforming. "Well, there in the counting them might be kind of hard.....we should get rid of the trees..." As she lets loose with another barrage of missiles..

One of Rumble's shots fires so cleanly that it blasts right through the head of one of the aliens descending from the trees; it's dead before it hits the ground.

Cui startles and lowers her weapon, her mouth small and round as she looks at Rumble and comes to understand that the weapons aren't actually going to be as helpful as knowing what the hell to do with the weapons.

As more missiles let fly from the flier to burst the tree tops, if there are any more blue aliens up there at this point after the retreating dozen or so escape, they aren't going to last much longer; the fire in the leaves is starting to spread, eating into the branches, and there may soon be a full on forest fire here on the planet's surface. It's possible that originally there were more in this squad, but there are about twelve left, moving out across the plain. They are all armed and all but one have red ribbons; one has ribbons of red and gold, and this one seems to be trying to get the others to form into a recognizable formation.

Slugfest eees and charges at the enemy fuzzys, attempting to trample them!

Arbiter sights in on the red and gold alien, his cannon finally firing with a thundering roar, his feet lightly bracing against the recoil. "Let's clean it up cons, they're getting fewer!"

Starshine shifts tactics now that they enemy are out running across the plain. Her lasers come to life as she moves after the fleeing enemy strafing the ground targets. "Where are you going?...don't you want to play with us now?"

Slugfest runs around nipping at fuzzy heels and tails!

Slugfest's charge overpowers the first of the blue aliens he reaches and he tramples it underfoot, squashing its slim, short muscled body into the dirt. Slugfest gets himself some trophy red ribbon (if he wants) or else just a small scaled laser rifle. In case he wants that.

Arbiter's cannon blast is well aimed. The slight figure of the red-and-gold ribboned ashata commander seems to somehow recognize that she is being sighted on, but she's not fast enough to evade his blast. Without armor, the small, squishy organic is taken down in one hit that lays her flat.

When she goes down, the others lose their beginning formation and scatter. With Starshine bearing down on them with strafing fire from above, they break and flee for the treeline, except that then the trees are ON FIRE, so in fact, their retreat seems a little bit doomed.

Rumble cheers happily as the first critter he aims at burns up like so much toasty organic matter. "See, fuzzbutt??" he tells Cui with a smirk, "This is why weapons are awesome. THIS, right here. HEY JERK, I SEE YOU!!" Rumble bellows at yet another fleeing alien, and fires a flurry of enthusiastic (if not well-aimed) shots.

Arbiter stands from his brace, his cannon returning to it's 'standby' position, vertical on his back. He checks to make sure the datapad is still secure, and begins moving deeper into the forest after his crew. "Let's clean this up, huh? Rodimus needs this data as soon as we can get outta here."

Rumble's fire takes down another of the fleeing aliens before they can escape, despite its best efforts to dodge. The battlefield is rapidly clearing, unless the Cybertronians to pursue their tiny would-be aggressors.

Cui is watching the carnage with rapt attention, clutching her new weapon as for dear life as she rocks forward onto the balance of her toes.

The remainder of the proposed transaction is the wagon, still sitting with its wheels locked on the slope. One of the hippopotamus rabbits, apparently untroubled by the sound and fury of battle going on around it, has started grazing complacently, cropping at the weeds by the side of the path.

Starshine roars back, transforming she lands with a thunk near the wagon. "Well, that was interesting......we'll have to do this again.." she smiles a bit. "Prolly best to get things back up to the ship..never know what else might be in the trees..."

The alien hiding under the wagon screeks and darts out from beneath it when Starshine lands, yellow ribbon flying behind it as it darts out into the open air.

Slugfest yays and picks up the gun in his mouf and the ribbon as well! He prances around with his new toys proudly!

Arbiter picks up the wagon, palming it and setting the rifles on the ground. Whether the load-bearing rabbits are involved...who knows. "Alright, cons, we're outta here. Load up the ship and let's get out of here."

Rumble gets immediately to work loading up the ship, the charred furry bodies not even phasing him as the tiny mech gets right to the task at hand. "We came, we saw, we messed those l'il things UP," he brags to...well, no one in particular. He's just talking to himself.

As the Cybertronians take hold of the supplies in the wagon, which are at least ... some of them ... approximations of what Nautica asked for, Cui rounds up the somewhat frazzled and shell-shocked of her revolutionary friends to collect the weapons that are their fair exchange, as well as any weapons of the dead ashata littering the ground that their giant metal friends haven't taken up with.

"Thanks for the business, squishlings. Have fun with your revolution," Arbiter grumbles to Cui, as he slowly lumbers up to the ship.

Slugfest capers next to Rumble on the way back to the ship. "Yus! Them squish good!" he says, the ribbon trailing from his mouth. He'd put the gun in subspace. A stego pocket! "No smell good nuff to taste though."

"I kinda knew you'd wanna see if it was good eatin' for mini-stegos," Rumble remarks as he boards the ship and secures himself for takeoff. "OK, if there's more 'away missions' like that, I wanna be on the away mission team! Sign me the <CENSORED> up!"

"More importantly, Rumble, we got the damn objective." Arbiter rumbles, tapping the datapad in his hand. "Now we get to see if Rodimus is happy with the blue little fleshbags and what they gave us."

"He better be, cause we got him what he asked for," Rumble tells Arbiter. "Maybe we didn't do it like he'd do it, but <CENSORED> it, we got it done an' it was great! So *mission accomplished*."

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