2015-02-26 Dirt

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Date 2015/02/26
Location Lost Light - Recreation -- Observation Deck
Participants Knock Out, Chromedome
Summary Chromedome and Knock Out discuss the impending planetside visit.

Lost Light: Recreation -- Observation Deck

A hexagonal room that mimics the shape of the bridge two decks above, the Observation Deck likewise has two rows of windows that look out into the vast dark of space. Seating arranged casually throughout the room can be retracted into the deck or rearranged into rows for solemn ceremonies. If there's a big event, it's going to be held here.

So for whatever reason, Chromedome is arranging chairs on the observation deck. For sure there will be announcements in the futures and events aside, and if Chromedome wants to set everything in a careful semi-circle, there could be /more/ productive uses of his time, but there also could be less. Like drinking.

Well, that's weird. It's not immediately clear why Knock Out wanders in, but his attention is quickly caught by Chromedome -- arranging chairs. Because this is apparently a very strange, unexpected sight. "What are you doing?"

Chromedome stops arranging chairs. He straightens, glances over at Knock Out. "I'm trying to figure out a seating problem. Maybe you can help."

"Uhh." Knock Out looks very skeptical at the possibility of this. Perhaps more skeptical about his willingness to help. "What -- seating problem."

Chromedome gestures at the semi-circle. "Height. Some of us are much shorter than others. The usual solution is to put the smaller people in front, but I'm trying other options."

Knock Out holds up a hand. Hold on a second. "Yes. Bots sitting in circles, height is important. Except I am having trouble coming up with reasons why I should care."

Chromedome glances from Knock Out to the seating arrangement, then back to Knock Out. He shrugs. "No reason. It's a personal problem." Two beats. "Are you planning to make landfall?"

"A personal problem," Knock Out says in a baffled echo. "S -- eating? Is that your job on this ship?" But then there are more relevant questions, and the medic shudders. "Ugh. I hope not."

"No, I-- Never mind." Chromedome rubs his hands together. They are innocent hands. "You aren't even a little curious about the planet?"

"It sounds dirty," says the bot who has no actual intel on the planet.

"Dirt does seem likely," Chromedome neutrals. "It is a planet. So I'm guessing you won't want to land on any of them."

"Well, who knows," Knock Out replies, flicking a finger carelessly. "I'm fickle. Sometimes I like some adventure. Sometimes I just want to stay at this sad excuse for a home."

"Why'd you choose the Light?" Chromedome segues. "Cybertron couldn't have been that miserable." Well, it's kind of a segue-prod.

Knock Out gives Chromedome a long look. His eyes slowly squint. The eventual conclusion to be made from his expression is that he thinks Chromedome has asked a very, very stupid question.

Chromedome has no expression, but his eyeplate is a bit too steady. As if he is quite aware of how stupid the question was. "I suppose you were in no position to commission your own ship. Were you."

"No," Knock Out says very evenly. "We were not."

Chromedome hooks his finger under the edge of his chin. Or chin-like. "And here is Rodimus willing to board nearly anyone. Considering, I can only be sorry it doesn't quite live up to your needs."

"My position on this ship," Knock Out replies, "is quite different from /your/ position on this ship. You'll forgive me if I take your sympathy with a /grain of salt/."

"See," Chromedome milds, /milds/, "that's why I'm so baffled that you wouldn't want to make planetfall as often as possible. You're right. Our positions are different." He slightly moves his left foot. It's almost coy. "You can't be sure of your indefinite welcome and I can't imagine you're interested in the Knights." He tilts his head forward. "Am I wrong?"

Knock Out 's gaze drops briefly to Chromedome's left foot. What are you coying about, Chromedome. "What do you expect I would find on these planets?"

The foot remains just-poised, the heel up, the 'toe' pointed. It remains coy. "Who knows? These are unknown places and you are a stranger to me. Still, in your place, I would want to be in on the exploration."

"Well, it certainly sounds like you're an expert in your own hypothetical behavior." Knock Out offers the tiniest of claps. "Congratulations."

Chromedome inclines his head as if Knock Out were actually paying him a compliment instead of /mocking/ him. He idles a step forward and to the side. "Well, the Lost Light is safe enough. And Rodimus's welcome will probably remain, even if you argue with him occasionally. He's that kind of mech."

Knock Out frowns just slightly at Chromedome's ~graciousness.~ What are you doing. That is not the correct response. "Yes, he seemed quite reasonable and even-headed the other day."

"He's impulsive. Likes to talk," Chromedome keeps walking, moving to pass Knock Out. "Whatever would he do if he kicked out everyone who didn't agree with him. He has-- perspective."

"A ship without dirty Cons, I'd imagine," Knock Out says, supplying an easy answer to the question. He turns his head to track Chromedome, but expends no effort beyond that.

"Mmm. Maybe. But it'd be an empty ship." Chromedome's trajectory persists toward the door. "In any case, perhaps we ought to bring you back souvenirs. Until then."

"Still plenty of Autobots left," Knock Out dries, gaze turning back to the chairs and, more attractively, the wideset view of space. Hi space. "Until then."

"But not many that agree with Rodimus. Always. Later." With that, Chromedome's taking himself out, leaving Knock Out to, well. Space.

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