2015-02-23 Rumble and Sluggy Meet Chromia

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Rumble & Sluggy Meet Chromia
Date 2015/02/23
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical
Participants Chromia, Rumble, Slugfest
Summary Rumble and Slugfest meet Chromia for the first time, and the cassette-Cons want to offer their assistance with the engine repair.

To one side, medical: often one of the quieter areas of the ship,

 Ratchet runs it with an iron, if somewhat rusted, hand. When a crisis   
 breaks out, it transforms from silence to a hub of activity, carefully  
 overseen and controlled.                                                
 To the other side, science: things explode with distressing regularity  
 behind those triply-reinforced walls. Warning signs are posted          
 prominently, and triply so around Brainstorm's Workshop.

The lift arrives on the Sci-Med wing of the ship, and a tiny, rather unexpected visitor arrives, his little arms folded across his chestplate. It's none other than Rumble, and he begins asking the techs on duty where to find 'some femme named Chromia'.

A tiny stego comes up the elevator right after! He scampers after Rumble like a puppy following a child home from school.

Chromia will take some time to get here. Two reasons for that: 1) she is not aware of where 'here' is. She's been trying tof amiliarize herself witht he ship but it's not exactly laid out in a manner that makes much SENSE (to her anyway). And 2) she wasn't here,near here or planning to come here. Chromia is a (self-) busy bot... which consisted of standing guard over Windblade while she recharged. So when she shows up, she's not too happy about being called away from something so important. She storms in, long strides and all, without looking down. "WHHHHAT?!"

"Psst. Hey, toots. Down here," Rumble calls, waving until he gets Chromia's attention. "Sorry you're stuck on this dump with the rest of us. Name's Rumble. I gotta talk to you about somethin'." He kind of 'gets' that she's annoyed about being interrupted, but...does he care? Not so much. "Look, if you got some <CENSORED> to do, I get it. We're all kinda busy right now. But I wanna help you out."

For his part, the tiny stego starts snooping around, trying to find where Doctor Ratchet keeps his enerlollipops to reward little stegos for being good while having a visit with the vet.

Chromia looks down. Further. Keeps going down and... , "Oh." That's 'down here' alright. She thinks better about it, about listening to this little mech because, yes. Yes she *does* have <CENSORED> to do. Still... help is a good thing. So, she takes a knee. She lowers one to the ground and the other holds her hands as she even leans down a little, to make sure she's on his level. A brow goes up as she turns to semi-watch Slugfest because, wow, they don't have anything like THAT on Caminus. "I'm listening," she says as she looks back to Rumble. "Though your language patterns think you would be more interested in speaking to Hustle. If this is to attempt to arrange a meeting with Windblade then, well. I am not promising anything but I can convey the request." A pause. "What is a 'toots'?"

"Toots am girl!" Slugfest pipes up, while he noses through a box on the floor.

Another pause. "What is a 'girl'?" said Chromia.

"Toots is a femme, an' a femme is what you are," Rumble explains. "Oh, uh, that mech over there? That's my brother, Slugfest. Who MAY be wantin' to HELP, I dunno. BUT. Yeah, Hustle, she's the one who got the Sparkeater hand as a trophy, that's amazing!" He grins for a moment, looking soundly impressed before returning to the topic at hand. "Anyhow. I talked to the walkin' tankbrick, Magnus, you prolly met him already. I found out about the plans to gut your ship an' put those parts in the Lost Light. Welp, I can help out. I'm stronger than I look an' I can haul materials. If you can use help like that."

As Rumble rambles, Chromia adopts what will easily become her most familiar face; not impressed. She does wait patiently for the little mech to get to the point however. "So." Yes, that is where she begins. "Femme as I may be, something in the tone suggests that while I will tolerate you using that with me, maybe even Nautica or Hustle, if you direct that at Windblade." And she just cuts it off THERE. She completes that sentence with a stare. That should get the point across.

"If you are so strong and resourceful to help dismantle a ship, then why are you not already assigned to that duty? This captain...," Chromia sighs. She even shakes her head. So much of what he does is so very-not-understandable. "I have been here less that a breem and already the power has gone out, we're been under attack and now I face the knowledge that they don't properly allocate personel? You're small. Surely you can get into places others cannot." So his offer to help makes sense to her, but then Chromia is no engineer.

"Yus! Can helps!" Slugfest calls out, as he abandons the box he's been nosing through in favor of another one in search of those elusive enerlollies.

"Oh, you don't think the rest of your crewmates would like us, huh? Welp, tough. We ain't high-society mechs, but Sluggy an' me are pretty good at what we do," Rumble insists. "An' y'know what? You are *spot on* with your take on Captain Flamin' Paintjob. He ain't got a CLUE what's goin' on. That's why he's got Tankbrick to think for him. An' YOU. Cause you two put together can think better than he can. I ain't kidding. Look, you wanna REALLY know the smart mech on the ship? The really wise one?? I'm gonna give you a name: Soundwave. HE'S the one you oughta ask about anything technical, engineering...the mech's a certified genius."

"I'm not here to speak for the rest of the Camiens. I'm here to keep Windblade safe, be it from physical harm or even verbal. I guess." She is kind of making that up on the spot. "She's... well, I don't think you'd understand. As I told Ultra Magnus, a 'cityspeaker' is just a word to you Cybertronians. It, and she, means a great deal more to us. Respect that and you'll earn mine." Which, from the sounds of it, is not something that is easy to come by. At least Chromia is kind enough to lay out the how-to for these two. "I like you just fine." So far at least.

"So, help me Rumble. What *is* going on, because between you and me, I am *really* interested in knowing." Chromia considers. "So I need to talk to him then and I can't just hear it from you?"

"Oh, I gotcha. Well I ain't here to hurt nobody," Rumble guarantees. "If I talk rough sometimes, I ain't meanin' no harm. I used t'be an energon miner, this is pretty much how all of 'em talked. Some of 'em talked even worse than me. An' you're right, I dunno what a Cityspeaker is, but I ain't here to mess with that or your culture or nothin' like that." The little cassette-Con has very specific orders to be on his best behavior, so the Camiens are safe from his worst outbursts, at least for now. "So yeah, here's my pitch: Sluggy an' me are small, we can carry a lotta weight, we'd be good candidates to help you, an'...hey, I was just told to report to you to help out, so. Cause the 'captain' an' his first mate don't know what they're doin'."

"You will need to speak to Nautica," Chromia decides. That SOUNDS simple enough, but Rumble and Slugfest have no idea of the value of what Chromia just gave them. Which is good... but they don't know how valuable the engineer is to her. "She's the one overseeing the reconstruction, and the dismantling... but you can tell her I told you to talk to her. That should be enough." Chromia will decide things FOR Windblade, but Nautica she will let make her own calls. Vouching for them is the best she can do. "She needs help. All the help she can get, would be my guess... though you DON'T want to get her her way," the femme break, cracking a wide smile.

Chromia looks over to Slugfest. The guy looks so... harmless. And Rumble is being honest, which is something Chromia really craves right now. She's in a foreign place with so many foreign faces and feels responsible for everyone she came here with (including Hustle). "That's at least the second time you mentioned that this Rodimus doesn't know what's going on. I'm sorry if my protectiveness of Windblade suggested a dislike for your lexicon. It's not that... rough, rough I like." She smiles, softer, but genuine. "Before I seek out Soundwave, in your own words, what *is* going on? Or not going on." She can't help but zero in on Rumble's emblem because she's so very curious about that.

Slugfest scampers over to Chromia after failing to find a single enerlollipop. "Need help! Can find enerlollipops? No can find!"

Rumble does still wear his emblem, truce or no truce. He's proud of it. He'll always be a Decepticon, war or no war. "Well I mention it cause he's really clueless cause I don't think he's got any kinda plan," Rumble admits. "He had this big vision of what the mission was gonna be about, an' it involved maps, star charts, a voyage an' locating the Lost Knights or somethin' like that...but it's all like a big fairytale, an' other than that, he dunno what to do about this whole 'ship breakin' down' thing. Soundwave thinks we oughta just concentrate on gettin' the Lost Light fixed again. An' that makes sense to me." He stares over at Sluggy. "How can you think about snacks atta time like this?" he sighs.

There's a gurgle from the little stego's fuel tank. "Am hungry!"

"The titans exist," Chromia states with confidence as she stands. She should know; she comes from one. "That part of his 'plan' at best be accurate, because we *need* to find them," she says with some sternness to her voice. If Rodimus won't go to find them, she'll MAKE him do it. Now that she's back on her feet she moves over to where Slugfest is rooting around and pries about herself. She's not sure what she should be looking for, but she's eager to help in the search. "Well, none of that other stuff can happen until Nautica repairs things. So you helping her to do that will make everyone happy," or so it sounds to her.

"Well then, you got it. I'll go look for her an' leave you to your thing. I'll tell her that we talked," Rumble says. "An' if this whole mission has actually GOT somethin' TO it, then that's more reason not to waste time, we just gotta get movin' again." He grins affably up at Chromia. "Nice meetin' you!" He has to stop himself from adding 'toots'. "C'mon, Sluggy, stop thinkin' about your bottomless tank, we got work to do," Rumble says.

Slugfest aws and scampers after Rumble. "If find ener lolly bring to me!" he says to Chromia.

Chromia watches the pair go. "Thank you." Now she hs the name of another mech to meet, maybe one will have more answers for her than Ultra Magnus has. Soundwave, she's coming to you next.

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