12-15-2017 A Universal Constant

From Transformers: Lost and Found

A Universal Constant
Date 2017/12/15
Location Sky Promise
Participants Quicksight, Countershock, Sterling, Pipes, Sideswipe
NPCs Zombies, New Buddy
Scene GM Sao
Summary This is for Mia. Trigger Warning for Death.

Part of the reason that colony Sky Promise was settled in the first place is the unusually high quantity of potentially extractable energon that was located in two of the planets large, orbiting moons. The planet itself is mostly desert, its single ocean racked by chaotically unpredictable tides, and vast portions of it are entirely unsettled, where huge desert snakes and oversized biological oozes that lack sentience but not acidity roam the countryside ready to consume mechanoid life that accidentally sets foot in their clutches.

The moons, though, are highly populated with miners, and the service industries that sprang up to join the colonial miners.

It is from one of these mines that the shrieking whistle of a perimeter breach creates the distress signal. When the team scrambles through the spacebridge to Promise Moon, it is into a velvet night pocked with stars, the planet out as a glowing golden ball in the sky, and the sound of panic inside the refinery that looms up on their right. A heavy duty shuttle sits on the refinery's roof, unmarked and sinister as shadow.

Finally, a break from repair work! As he emerges from the vortex of the space bridge, Pipes's hands linger by his concealed thigh holsters, palms tickling with the anticipation of drawing Jake and Elwood into service. But not yet, first, figure out what's going on. Tactical awareness. Oh, this feels good. "Bad stuff there, I guess?" He points at the refinery to emphasize the results of his deep analysis. The shuttle merits a glance, but he's not sure yet if it's out of place. Assuming the consensus is to head toward the danger - which is always Pipes's vote - he's already converted to alt mode and ready to motor over.

Sterling comes running through the portal right after Pipes, claws raised as she rapidly glares around the area they arrive. The femme hadn't been sure what to expect, but its not like that would have stopped her- granted it might have before joining the Lost Light but that doesn't really matter at the moment. "Yeah. Bad stuff." Without another word the femme takes off in robot mode with a strong flap of wings (she's been practicing!) and flies after the other mech.

And scramble Countershock does as he hears the sounds of chaos and possibly the cries of the injured. Hopefully not, he needs all his supplies for the Lost Lighters who can actually combat these...zombies apparently. Primus. He's a little less inclined to be a hero compared to Pipes, the medic also transforms and follows a little slower than the two.

As they begin to move towards the refinery, there's another scream. It cuts off into a queer kind of gurgle and then ends.

The doors to the refinery are stuck, halfway open. Inside, the place is pitch dark. It appears that the power has been cut, either by the attackers or by the defenders on some vague theory that they might be able to better defend their home turf in the dark. The halls are pale metal and seem, initially, to be empty.

Quicksight has been trying to make good on his decision to follow Chimera's advice and helping around the ship, and the logical extension - off the ship. Thus, he was quick to volunteer for this mission.

He doesn't comment on the basic assesment of the situation, only nodding in agreement with the others. 'Bad stuff' seems to sum it up pretty well. Especially once they reach the building "<< I can go ahead and take a look >>" he offers as he studies the building, and the hall beyond.

Pipes flips back to root mode in time to hear the end of the scream. "Um. That didn't sound good." Accordingly, he pops his pistols out into his waiting hands. He's got his running lights on and is ready to barge into the shadowy depths of the refinery, but somehow thinks better of it. Instead, he moves cautiously just inside the doors, pistols aimed ahead to cover the others' entrances. "It's real dark in here, Quicksight, but if you can deal with that ... well, it'd be pretty great actually." Pipes hasn't had the best working relationship with the Decepticon scout, but he holds out hope that that can change if they can work well together once in a while.

Sterling nearly falls as she jolts midair at the scream, shakily landing outside the door as they reach it. The beastformer peers inside to the utter blackness. It looks safe so far but its doubtful that will last long. Tail flicking rapidly as her nerves rise, the femme doesn't contest Quicksight scouting ahead but offers a quick, "If you've got lights I'd keep them on. No telling whats in there." She prepares for battle herself, reaching up to remove her faceplate before dragging an acid laced tongue across her talon like hands. She's ready to corrosively claw anything that gets too close.

Distant footsteps. Someone is running, getting closer.

There's a clanky sound up ahead that might be from above them.

The halls nearest the door mostly look blank, although there are a few signs of the casual occupations of the refinery technicians here and there: a bulletin board on the wall here, a stapled poster for someone's amica endura party on the wall there, as their headlamps or high beams slide past.

<FS3> Quicksight rolls Stealth: Good Success. (7 3 3 7 3 2 3 5 6 7)

"<< Lights only give you away >>" Quicksight points out as he steps into the dark hall "<< I got better >>" Well, sort of. No matter how many times he's done it, it's still a tad awkward looking just through his camera in his root mode. Quietly, he slinks forward, camera arm raised before him. The posters and bulitens barely get a glance, but the clanking overhead does make him pause and look up "<< Something's above us >>" but is it friendly, or dangerous?

Two guns for two sounds! Although Pipes hasn't really tried this that often. Jake aims up and Elwood remains steady forward. He's about to call out a "Who's there?" but, again, oddly, stifles himself out of caution. His own lights were as bright as they can get, but he dims them back at Quicksight's suggestion as he creeps forward into the blackness. The signage only distracts him a little - aw, a party, that's nice - but gotta stay focused. His fingers hover on triggers. << Can anybot see anything? >>

Sterling freezes as something runs past above them, helm snapping up to stare above. This is only getting better and better. Mental sarcasm aside, the signs only get a glance as she carefully creeps forward, optics flashing as she tries to see through the black around them... Ok yeah, that party sign is kind of depressing now. "<< No. Quick, you got anything? >>"

A tall mech, fleeing blindly from something behind him, crashes into the wall just ahead of them, ricochets off the corner and turns, his fans guttering raggedly as he thump-thump-thump charge-runs straight at them.

<FS3> Quicksight rolls Recon: Good Success. (7 1 6 6 7 2 5 1)

The hallway down which the fleeing mech charged is mostly dark and gloomy, but the glow of new-refined energon casts eerie light at the end of it, and distant shapes out of nightmare move with inexorable slowness down the hall. Their helms are spired with horns and their armor shows spikes. Quicksight's spying is just in time to see them cast something minibot-sized aside to crash to the floor in a new slickness of blood.

"<< Incoming! >>" Quicksight jumps to the side to avoid getting bowled over, or simply trampled. Reflexively, the scout begins to bristle, preparing for battle, but the mech's demeanor - the whole 'running away in mindless panic' thing gives him pause, drawing his attention back in the direction he'd come from "<< There something up ahead. Several somethings. And they don't look friendly. Think they already got someone. >>"

<< Somethings. >> Well, that's better than nothing. Well, actually, nothing might be better if the somethings aren't friendly. Pipes aims both guns upward, but his attention is on the fleeing mech. "Get outside! Is there anybot else in here? What's going on?" Those sentences are probably in the reverse order of what Pipes should have said. << Maybe we should fall back? >> Sterling swears as a form comes crashing around the corner. With what is quickly becoming an automatic reaction, the femme's wings flare out and with a flap she's flying backwards several steps to get out of harms way. Again she has a rather graceless landing but this time her feet merely slide across the floor as she regains her footing than an outright stumble.

Footing back, the femme prepares to strike out against their- Ok, that guy is clearly running away. Turning her attention back towards where Quicksight disappeared, the femme takes several steps to be back at level with the others. "<< Quicksight if theres enemies get back here! We can't help protect you all the way up there. >>" Sterling herself is getting ready to slash some chassis open.

Above them, there is another clanking THUD.

"I don't know, I don't know, I don't know," the technician babbles. His eyes are a flare of light, streaming with energy as he thoughtlessly weeps. "They're everywhere. They're everywhere! They came from the roof--"

"<< I'm fine >>" Quicksight doesn't move either way at first, scanning the vicinity with his camera, both down the hall, and above "<< I just gotta stay out of the way. I think I can get in a little closer. If they came from above though, it might be more of them we hearing. They real pointy-looking. ">>

Normally Pipes is pretty business-like in the middle of a firefight or, as here, what looks like a situation about to become one, but the tech's weeping catches him off guard. He tries to shake it off. "OK, OK, just - just get clear of the building then, we'll handle it." Right, no problem. << Pointy is usually bad, right? >> (Except for Rodimus.) << Maybe keep your distance, lay low? I guess we'll see if there's anybody else we can rescue, but maybe this place is a lost cause. >> It's risky, but Pipes increases his running lights' brightness as much as he dares to, because there sure sounds like something up there, and he'd rather aim his guns at it than around maybe where it might possibly be.

Sterling isn't sure she is willing to risk going into something they don't know about but her face lights up in realization as the mech states something about the roof, "Frag, that shuttle up there..." Apparently that isn't normal for this place. She sees Pipes preparing to rush into battle and readies herself as well, acid covered claws raised in preparation. Whatever it is, here it comes.

Quicksight's advance scouting gives them the warning they need to prepare, so it is not a huge surprise when they round the bend: tall and monstrous, covered in spikes and edges. In the dark and gloom, the shadowed helms are lit only by stolen fragments of light from the Cybertronians, and by the eerie glare of their purple-lit optics.

Quicksight's quick reflexes move him out of the way and give him the opportunity to dial home. It's necessary because of their numbers, as four towering figures advance towards them in the gloom. More light begins to glow from the weapons of the two on the outside corners, walking abreast.

There are more scrabbles and thumps from upstairs but it's definitely not clear for this moment what is going on down there.

<FS3> Sideswipe rolls Courage: Good Success. (8 8 2 1 4 7 4 5 6 1)

<FS3> Sideswipe rolls Unarmed+3: Good Success. (2 7 7 2 3 6 6 1 6 3 1 5 6 6 3)

Quick on the uptick a spacebridge opens and out flies none other than Sideswipe. Yodeling a battle cry and barreling forward with his pile drivers to wreck whatever happens to be in front of him. It's all very flashy and bright and completely unexpected. The swirling space-spanning gate spins closed almost as soon as he's through, your backup has arrived.

Oh good, visible baddies. Pipes trains his guns on them instead, hoping that the noises from above are harmless and completely unrelated to anything bad at all. He's considering whether to try talking to them, but two things stop him: first, their weapons charging up, and second, the glorious and unexpected entrance of Sideswipe. Since the Autobot warrior is already pile-driving, Pipes hesitates no longer, and starts firing at the mechs with the powered weapons.

Sterling ...well she isn't quite sure what to make of their backup. Readying to battle as their enemies come into view, the femme's wings hitch up in shock as a red blur comes from the portal- battle cry and all. Caught between confused and impressed, the femme shakes it off and lunges into battle with a yell of her own.

There is a glorious crunch of metal as Sideswipe rockets into the fray, smashing hard into one of the knights and sending the frame crashing to the ground by dint of main force. Even as his piledrivers slam against the heavy metal of the spiked armor, he snaps off one of the spikes and drives it into the flat tiles of the floor. For a moment, beneath Sideswipe, the knight is still, as though dazed. Then it begins to shift. Even as a broad crack from his might developed in the zombie's antique frame, it begins to knit together beneath him, and the spikes to reform.

Pipes's weapons fire strikes in a heated blast of precision, shooting one of the advancing knights-that-was and blasting him back and away from Sideswipe's exposed back. The others turn towards him and begin their advance.

Sterling engages one of them with her blades and finds herself met, not by gunfire or by only blank-faced advancing menace, but by paired axes, each sparking with electrical energy, that spit and glow with waking light as they smash against her weapons.

The sobbing mech cringes back away from the fray and weeps, "There's more of them-- There's more--"

Sideswipe pauses to take stock of the situation, optics tipping back over his shoulver to look for Sterling and Pipes- down one? Whatever. The guy having a panic in the corner isn't one of theirs but this is... fine. He's got this. "Hey guys! So, how's it going?" He chimes conversationally, grimacing down at the reforming armor and raising his foot to stomp his into it and, hopefully, push off to ram another of the big baddies.

Ooh, good shot! But. "Oh, I guess I got their attention." No worries, as Pipes selects another target and shoots. Meanwhile, he responds to Sideswipe in a similar, almost relaxed tone. "Not sure, really. Our new buddy is kind of vague on details. But I guess we know why there was a distress signal in the first place!"

Sterling's optics widen as the zombie's weapon meets her own, swearign as she jolts backwards to get away. Ok yeah, that thing is way stronger than she is! With a hiss the femme tosses away her weapons, literally, and pulls out a pistol from her subspace. Its not one of her special ones- pour one out for the poor destroyed pistols- but its a gun nonetheless and she's still better with guns. "Oh ya know, its going great so far. How are you?" She responds before open firing on the undead nightmare things. "New buddy stop crying and GET THE FRAG OUT!" Pipes is clearly better at the whole comforting thing than she is. She doesn't want him getting in the way by accident.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Sideswipe=unarmed Vs DeadKnight1=8 < Sideswipe: Success (7 6 2 6 4 5 4 5 1 1 2 4) DeadKnight1: Good Success (7 3 2 5 3 8 3 6) < Net Result: DeadKnight1 wins - Marginal Victory

Sideswipe spends 1 luck points on Stopping the tezzing, LEMME PUNCH!.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Sideswipe=unarmed Vs DeadKnight1=8 < Sideswipe: Success (4 1 3 1 2 5 2 4 4 7 3 4) DeadKnight1: Good Success (1 2 2 8 6 7 3 1) < Net Result: DeadKnight1 wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Pipes=firearms Vs DeadKnight=8 < Pipes: Great Success (6 6 8 6 6 8 1 7 7) DeadKnight: Failure (2 3 2 6 4 3 3 3) < Net Result: Pipes wins - Crushing Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Sterling=firearms Vs DeadKnight3=8 < Sterling: Great Success (7 7 1 5 7 4 8 5 7 6 4 2 4 2) DeadKnight3: Good Success (1 5 2 5 8 8 3 6) < Net Result: Sterling wins - Solid Victory

Sideswipe is in a struggle -- an impossible struggle between a force from beyond the grave. Launching from the knight he knocked to the floor and into its companion, after that first crack of strength into the beastly thing that once lived, they end up in a twisting knot of grappling limbs. The purple glow of the zombie's eyes bores into his head. He is able to fend it off, keep it from biting hard into his metal skin-- for now. But neither can he gain ground on it.

Meanwhile, each of Pipes's shots pounds into his target, beautifully aimed. Even as the ancient metal begins to knit itself together again, he is relentless in his protection of his crew, and he manages to reopen each wound even as it begins to close. The zombie hisses a voiceless scream in a long "hffffffft!!" but it cannot advance on him; it can't get past his wall of fire.

The survivor of the zombie onslaught lets out a cry and then turns and pelts on down the hall, impelled by Sterling's order, as her pistol shot blasts the dual-wielding zombie that advances on her.

Meanwhile, Quicksight successfully taunts the fourth zombie away, darting in and out of range and easily, blithely skimming past its clumsy strikes!

Ohprimusthere'ssnappingteeththere. Is what Sideswipe would squeak if he were the squeaking type, instead he's just going to silently panic about the biting internally and work to get out of this grapple. They knit together but he's pretty sure you can't repair if you're torn in half. That's a thing right? The frontliner goes for the neck and chest, aiming to crack this thing down into the ground and put this plan into action. "New buddy isn't helpful, 0/10, not a fan."

Pipes is silently thanking Brainstorm (yet again) for these pistols of his, but also wondering why. Won't. This. Mech. Go. Down. "I'm starting to think he has the right idea, though. We gotta either figure out what to do here or we should just scram." With new buddy out of the picture, Pipes doesn't mind backing away some from the ghouls for more of a safety margin. He flicks switches on his pistols to load up acid shots and sends them on their way. Maybe they'll be more effective.

"What do you expect?" Sterling is still backing up, grimacing as the thing just keeps coming and continues to open fire on it, "Probably a noncombatant!" They are never really helpful when they need to be. "I second the vote for getting out of here, this place is probably done for anyways if the noise is anything to go by! Didn't sound like new buddy would think there are too many survivors either."

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Sideswipe=unarmed Vs DeadKnight2=8 < Sideswipe: Great Success (4 2 2 1 5 7 8 5 8 8 1 5) DeadKnight2: Good Success (3 8 6 2 7 5 3 2) < Net Result: Sideswipe wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Pipes=firearms Vs DeadKnight=8 < Pipes: Great Success (4 3 7 8 7 5 8 7 1) DeadKnight: Success (2 2 3 5 5 8 1 1) < Net Result: Pipes wins - Crushing Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Sterling=firearms Vs DeadKnight3=8 < Sterling: Amazing Success (4 1 2 8 4 7 8 8 8 3 8 2 7 1) DeadKnight3: Success (8 3 5 2 6 5 1 1) < Net Result: Sterling wins - Crushing Victory

Sideswipe manages to get the upper hand, twisting the zombie's horned help to crack its spiked head into the wall, and forces it down, knee to its back.

Sterling's shot is beautiful. It slices clean through one of the dual-wielder's shoulders and severs the arm from the joint! It falls to the floor and clatters, the electrified axe sparking as it slides over the floor. Instead of pursuing Sterling with the other axe, the zombie moves to collect the fallen arm. Purple energy ripples for a moment around the place where the jointure was cut, and then the arm begins to seethe and knit back into place while the zombie holds it there. It's very strange to see.

But the acid shot from Pipes! Smoke rises and spits from the points of impact on his target, and the knight actually lifts its arm to shield its head from the splatter of acid. This, at least, shows more of an effect. The zombie staggers and lets out another screaming hiss.

If these things are cracking, Sideswipe knows where to make the damage happen to get them to crack just right. Except- "What? But I just got- Augh right. If nothing's keeping them down retreat's better than standing around getting our afts handed to us, you guys have a good way out of here? Can't risk getting one of these through the bridge." He's going to try to pile drive the zombie mech in the middle though to see if he can split it apart. Y'know, 'cause it's there.

"Back the way we came works for me. Get outside and away from this place. Oh hey, acid seems to be pretty effective on these guys!" Pipes leaves that setting on and does the tried-and-true backing-up-while-shooting technique to try to get back to the half-open doors that admitted them, it seems, so long ago. He's thinking they get out, drive some distance away, maybe catch up with new buddy, then bridge off and ask him what the deal is.

Sterling grins, displaying sharp teeth as the thing's arm clatters to the floor... and then is picked up again and reconnected, "Oh you have to be kidding me." Then she spots Pipes' acid shot. Oh yes, that she can do.

Flipping down into alt mode, the cockatrice shaped femme lets out a loud rattling hiss as her neck frill flares out. And then Sterling is spitting a volley of acid at her opponent's helm as she follows Pipes' example in backing up.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Sideswipe=unarmed Vs DeadKnight2=8 < Sideswipe: Great Success (7 6 5 2 5 4 7 8 7 3 3 8) DeadKnight2: Success (4 3 3 3 4 6 7 2) < Net Result: Sideswipe wins - Crushing Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Pipes=firearms Vs DeadKnight=6 < Pipes: Good Success (5 7 5 3 7 3 2 5 2) DeadKnight: Good Success (8 7 6 3 6 6) < Net Result: DRAW

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Sterling=firearms Vs DeadKnight3=8 < Sterling: Great Success (8 3 7 3 7 7 5 3 2 3 1 7 1 2) DeadKnight3: Success (5 7 2 1 2 1 4 5) < Net Result: Sterling wins - Crushing Victory

Sideswipe's strike bites deep into the frame, forcing parts of the zombie apart. It does immediately begin to heal by the unholy power that drives it-- but it's pretty serious damage, and he's definitely made a very really dent.

Pipes is still shooting acid into the advancing zombies, and as he moves it grows to more a spray of cover fire than the directed, clean shots of before.

Sterling's spray of acid is thorough and complete enough that the axe knight lets out a hissing shriek and begins to stagger backwards, smoking rising from the inundated frame as the acid begins to eat through its insides.

Quicksight just has time to blat a quick warning over comms, just enough time to let them know that something else might be wrong--

Then the ceiling rips apart.

The knight that falls through crashes to the floor, bearing a massive, biting weapon. It is huge and black, gleaming with purple energy, razor teeth showing in a hideous rictus that once was aimed against Unicron's forces and now wielded towards them. The knight roars, and this one has real volume.

And the great, black, glittering blade falls with the knight, as it strikes, knee to the floor, to cleave right down into Pipes.

Sideswipe considers this pretty decently done and the uh. The ceiling dude... maybe is a bigger threat than lying-on-the-floor dude. "Sterling! Get this one while it's down when you can!" And away he goes, barreling toward the one that's practically on top of Pipes. Not fun, not fun at all, Sunstreaker's going to kick his ass so hard if he gets hurt in here, too! "Piiiipes?!"

Pipes is sure that door is around here somewhere. He's even fine with not getting off those spectacular shots from before, they'll be out of this soon. A party poster, a copy of the one he saw before, catches his optic, and maybe distracts him again for a moment. Oh yeah, like the one before, when they heard those noises up in the ceiling ...

Pipes doesn't see the strike coming, and the cleaving blade severs his arm and shoulder. Smears of glowing purple awful splatter across his torso, and he cries out in surprise and pain, toppling to the floor. His running lights sputter out, leaving only his wavering red visor visible in the gloom. "Guys!" One can't tell from his strained yell whether he's asking for help or trying to warn them off. Soon his own pink energon begins to mix with the purple, forming a slick on the floor beneath him.

Sterling yelps as the ceiling comes crashing down on them, immediately forgetting any victory against her opponent as bird like optics watching in horror as the thing rips into Pipes, "PIPES!" She's about to run over, to try and desperately help the mech, but Sideswipe is already on it. He's on it, he can do it, he can help! He has to help! So she turns back towards the advancing mechs with a twitst of her alt mode's form and sprays another burst of acid at the downed mech to keep them back. She has to hold them off!

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Sideswipe=unarmed Vs BigKnight=10 < Sideswipe: Great Success (7 8 7 4 2 2 7 4 1 4 1 2) BigKnight: Success (6 5 1 3 4 3 5 7 5 1) < Net Result: Sideswipe wins - Solid Victory

It works: the hissing spray of acid, it forces back the advancing knights. They mill, uncertain before her onslaught.

And it works ... kind of; Sideswipe's wild charge barrels into the massive zombie, forcing it back, his piledrivers cracking into the purple-lit black of the armor and bashing the mighty blade out of its hand and forcing it back. The big zombie is slower than the smaller ones, and Sideswipe's speed and ferocity can drive him back.


The weapon, slick and bright with Pipes's energon, clatters to the floor.

"Ahahahaha HA!" Sideswipe laughs in that way that's really not happy but more nervous relief that something stupid he's done has worked out. "Any patches on you, buddy?" He chimes toward Pipes when he's got a second, deciding to keep up this assault until the poor guy's steady enough to book it. "Guys? Retreat's sounding like a really good option here!" If it comes down to it, he can totally haul Pipes bodily out of here.

Pipes isn't really thinking straight at the moment, although he's already decided this is somewhere in the top 10 injuries he's every received. Maybe top 5. The invading purple energon sears and stings, and he's losing plenty of his own through the massive wound that used to be his shoulder. He doesn't respond to Sideswipe, but only starts dragging himself to where he thinks his arm went. "Get ... out ..." Is he referring to all of them, or all of them except him?

Sterling hisses loudly at the hesitating zombies, continuing to back up, "We need to go Sideswipe.... now!" There's no doubt in her processor that once the things realize she can't hold them all off, they will charge. Already she is beginning to turn and flee towards the exit with one final acid spray at their enemies.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Sideswipe=unarmed Vs BigKnight=10 < Sideswipe: Good Success (6 1 2 6 2 5 8 6 7 3 5 4) BigKnight: Success (1 4 2 5 7 6 2 1 3 2) < Net Result: Sideswipe wins - Marginal Victory

The acid holds them at bay for the moment, as they shudder and hiss together, but they have not withdrawn, and the ones that Sideswipe and Sterling damaged earlier now seem wholly repaired from those injuries, only the smoking acid damage seeming to do anything lasting.

The big knight forms a fist and swings back at Sideswipe, who dodges neatly out of the way and slams its fist aside, but the fist itself is massive and cracks into the wall, sending rebar and plaster dust flying. It is clear that those fists are a menace even with the sword out of its grip. The thing is BIG.

"Roger!" Sideswipe's optics bleed bright and he ducks down to hoist Pipes up and nab the arm. "Here we go bud. Sorry for the bumpy ride." And retreat's really the best option. "Tally ho!" Hope that whole 'get out' thing isn't bad because he's going to be at ground zero if this gets worse. Eugh.

Too weak to answer, Pipes lets himself be taken up by whoever happens to be grabbing him right now. The pain from the wound is even more intense, and he feels it seeping into his core systems like a toxin. Definitely top 5 at this point. It's just shadows he sees now, but with a harsh border of brilliant white agony.

Sterling leaps off the ground to glide out the door of the facility, turning midair to get smoothly through the doors and changes back to robot mode once she reaches outside. She doesn't hesitate to call back to the Lost Light, "<< Someone get us a fragging spacebridge now! And call the medics too! >>"

It takes seconds -- agonizing seconds -- for the bridge to appear. But it comes. The real question is: does it come in time?

Spacebridge! Sideswipe launches himself into the swirly portal of saving, bracing Pipes for the extra burst of speed. Oh geeze, oh Primus. "Pipes, buddy? You with us?" Medic, where's the medical team, gotta get our buddy to the medical team.

There's a moment of inner clarity for Pipes. At this point, the outside world is gone (so, no, he's isn't with you Sideswipe) along with all the pain, and he's alone. It's weird, and calm, and not any color. He doesn't remember feeling like this any other time he's gone offline from an injury. Does it mean that his frame's figured out a way to cope and he'll be waking up later or ... oh, maybe not. This might be ... huh. It's ... it's all right, I guess. I mean, yeah, I spent a long time on Cybertron before leaving on this adventure, so maybe that was a waste, but at least I did it, before, you know, this. I did some good things, made friends. I guess it's OK. I hope they'll be all right. They shouldn't feel bad, this is actually fine. So, hm. I guess I wait until

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