10-10-09 Qualifications, Please

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Qualifications, Please
Date 2016/10/09
Location Lost Light: Recreation - Visages
Participants Mirage, Orbitall
Summary Mirage is looking for barstaff, and somehow Orbitall got to an interview.

The lounge is silent, shut down for intervies that day. The scout has set himself up around one of the coffee tables, and Mirage peers towards the door as he waits for the arrival of his first interviewee. He keeps checking his internal chronometer. Being late is an immediate fail for the likes of Raj, but thankfully the mecha still has plenty of time to arrive. Mirage just likes to be prepared far ahead of time.

When he spots movement at the door, the scout rises to his pedes. "Come in, come in. Would you like to get started?" he asks.

The interview at 'Visages' is scheduled to happen not long after his shift, which means that Orbitall can make his way there from the Bridge. Honestly, he wasn't expecting much to come of his encounter with Mirage before, because usually he's good at fading into the background, but the fact that it's turned into an interview is surprising. He hesitates just outside of the lounge, but the sound of Mirage's voice has him making his way inside. He nods to Mirage in greeting, before taking a few moments to look around.

"Oh, sure," is Orbitall's answer, as he comes to approach Mirage. There's probably something else he should be doing, but he's not exactly clear on interview procedure, so Orb just pauses awkwardly a few feet away. "What exactly are we doing for the interview?"

Mirage pulls out one of the chairs around the coffee table, offering Orbitall a delicate smile. "Oh, nothing more than a few quick questions," the scout assures him. "Please, make yourself at home in the meantime. I want you to be comfortable while we speak."

For all his soothing words, though, the way that Mirage's golden optics squint is almost predatory. At every moment he is scrutinizing Orbitall's every movement and gesture. While he had promised Torque he would hire help he is still reluctant to bring in the extra hands. He wants an excuse to put off the inevitable.

Orbitall's presence may not inspire much confidence. He's big certainly, habitually expressionless in a way that works well with his looming to create an intimidating expression, but other than that, he's unremarkable, and certainly awkward when he takes one of the offered seats by the coffee table. He doesn't start fidgeting nervously, but he doesn't exactly ooze charisma, either. "Just questions?" he asks, tilting his helm. Not that he's protesting not being asked to punch something, but he wasn't expecting it.

"For now," Mirage answers. "This is the first round of the interview. If you make it to the second round I'll schedule you for a nore thorough interview in the training rooms. As long as you don't mind a bit of sparring, of course?"

Once his interviewee is settled, Mirage glides over to his own chair and settles in. He gestures to an array of drinks laid out on the coffee table before picking up a datapad. He'll be taking lots of notes today. "If you feel inclined. In the meantime, do you have any questions for me regarding the particulars of the position? Or anything else for that matter?"

Orbitall shrugs. "Sure," is his enthusiastic answer to that. "I'm not that good at it, though," he adds, entirely unaware that this is not how you Interview. It's true, though, and that's supposed to be the important part of it, right? He's a satellite, and he hasn't had more training than a few disastrous attempts to put him on the front lines.

The lineup of drinks is examined, but Orbitall doesn't reach for one yet. Instead, his attention is still on Mirage, and that datapad that he's holding. "It's not that complicated, is it? I'd just be acting like a security system."

"Isn't that complicated?" Mirage asks. The scout pauses to scribble something before glancing over the top of the datapad. His lips purse in the beginnings of a pout. "Well, I suppose that's the gist of it."

The scout shakes his helm minutely. "Well, if you have no questions I suppose you won't mind me starting with mine? Do you have any sort of experience in a similar career?"

"Well, yeah." Orbitall finally reaches out for one of the drinks on the table. "Not letting anyone in if they're not supposed to be there. Alerting Security if they're doing something wrong. Not being too obvious. That's it, right?" Or at least, that's what it seems like to him, and that's what a good security system is supposed to do, as far as he's aware. And if you can't break a job down into a simple description, what's the use, right?

He nods in agreement to Mirage starting his questions. "Not really," is his answer to that. "Was on the frontlines for a while, but that's not really the same. And everything else was just comms."

This interview is going to go splendidly, Mirage can already tell. The scout straightens up in the seat and gives Orbitall a searching look. Another scribbled note on his datapad, another question. "I find the lack of experience interesting. Is there anything that drew you apply for this position?" he presses.

Maybe he can make up for his lack of experience with passion. Mirage does not mind training his hiree a little, even gives him an excuse to put off having extra help in the lounge a little bit. "Do you have any skills you believe will be relevant to the position?"

Good luck with that. Orbitall doesn't even seem to notice the trend of Mirage's mood, but he does at least apply himself to the next question slightly more seriously. "I like people-watching," he adds, holding one of the glasses but not drinking from it yet. "Keeping track of who's where and doing what, or talking about what, is interesting. "Also known as eavesdropping, but at least he knows better than to say it in those words. "It'd be pretty boring to do a job like this if you didn't like keeping track of people, wouldn't it?"

"I like to keep my employees busy," Mirage corrects. He has a list of job duties drafted up already, but that is beside the point. If the other mecha secures the job he will learn that soon enough. At this point in time, though, at least Orbitall is getting to a point that seems a bit more promising than his start. "It is a job that requires an eye for detail, that much is true. Do you think you will be able to employ your communications experience in order to speak with potentially irritable customers?"

That may be another reason to consider this candidate. If he can talk down most customers instead of having to manhandle them out it might be worth the trade off.

That is enough to get Orbitall's helm tilting. Beside the point or not, it's certainly got his attention. "What other kinds of things do they do, then?" he asks. Well, that might explain Mirage's reaction to him saying that the job is simple. "Or is it just everything?" That would probably make sense, but he doesn't know how to read Mirage's mind.

"I probably could," he agrees. "I don't get angry back, but working with Blaster is good practice." Not because Blaster is irritating, but because, despite his ebullience, he's good about keeping things to the point on comms.

"All of the staff will be expected to help with private parties. Other duties will include confiscating weapons from customers, potentially assisting with seating and cleaning duties on a quiet night, ensuring the facility is locked down after closing, and various other activities. Never doubt that there will be plenty to do," Mirage assures him, a glint in his golden optics. If anyone is an expert at creating inane things to do it is the scout. "Do you believe you are flexible enough to perform any and all duties that may be required of you?

Mirage bites the end of his pen, glancing at Orbitall with a curious look. "Probably? Can you give me an example of what you may say to an irritated patron who has just been informed by the bartender that they will not be served any more engex?"

"Sure," is Orbitall's reassuring response to that. Honestly, even if it wasn't being spelled out right now, he would probably do it anyway. Moving chairs and tables, or closing up, aren't that much to ask compared to spending years in space, alone and without contact with others. By his mind, this job with Mirage is busy, by his usual measure, but it's not asking too much. "I need to work in comms still, but other than that, yeah."

The second part makes him pause for a few moments. "Depends on what they're saying, doesn't it? If they're irritated but leaving, that's different from trying to grab someone else's drink."

"Let me be a little more concise, then," Mirage answers, giving Orbitall a curious look. "In this particular scenario the customer is irritated the bartender has refused to serve them. They start to get loud and demand the staff must serve them. They refuse to let the bartender move on to other customers, but as of yet they have done nothing more than rowdy than shout in a slightly raised voice. What would you do? Unless you require more clarification, of course."

Again, there's a pause as Orbitall thinks it over, his attention down on the drink in his hands. "Then I'd have to step in to let the bartender keep working, right? And get them to leave if they're not going to comm down." He looks back up to Mirage. "It's not against the rules to stay a while after someone's had their drinks, right?" Usually it's no problem in Swerve's, but Orb hasn't spent as much time in 'Visages.'

"No, of course not. If they calm down they'll be allowed to stay. We encourage socializing here," Mirage assures him. The scout hesitates before scribbling down another note. Then, oh so carefully, he sets datapad back down on the coffee table and leans towards Orbitall. His intake opens and he hesitates for a moment. How does he voice this? Hmmm.

"Forgetting the interview for a moment, Orbitall, are you quite sure this is the right career path for you? There will be a lot for you to learn. It will take a lot of time and commitment. If you're entirely certain of course, but I ask this as a concerned friend."

If Mirage is worried about causing offense, he doesn't have to worry about that. Orbitall's faceplates are just as blank as they were at the start of the interview. His reaction to the statement is mostly a tilted helm. "I don't know," he says after a moment. "I've never done it before. If you think I shouldn't, then I don't mind." Never mind that the reason he's doing this in the first place is mostly because his first conversation with Mirage. After that, he thought he should, since Mirage needed the help anyway. "But I don't mind learning. It's something different." His optics slowly track back to Mirage's faceplates, as he speaks. If Mirage doesn't think this is a good idea... then maybe it isn't. But he can at least give it an attempt, since Mirage took the time to interview him.

"Well, think about it," Mirage responds, offering up a small smile. He will file Orbitall's resume with the others and give him a fair chance, but this is not a decision he can make for the other; however, the 'I don't know' isn't all that encouraging. He will have to see what other candidates he gets today. "I'll comm you soon with the decision, but I think that's enough questions for now. Thank you for stopping by."

"Sure," Orbitall says easily enough. It probably isn't the most reassuring answer he could give, but he nods as he gets to his feet again. "Thanks," he adds on. "I'll see you around." Presumably here, even if he doesn't get hired. One good thing about Orbitall's general indifference-- if he isn't hired, he almost certainly won't hold a grudge.

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