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Played by: Watts
Division: Medical
Alt-Mode: Rescue boat
Faction: Neutral


Confused and disenchanted by his landlocked alt mode, Watts began studying psychology early on in his life in the hopes of coming to terms with his useless and misplaced form. Though his Amica tried to be supportive and take an interest in his studies, the mech was ... sweet but not particularly academic. Watts found some solace among his academic peers, but his landlocked alt mode still left him with a sense that he didn't quite belong. His curiosity was piqued by seeing the crew of offworlders visiting their colony, and while he didn't have the perspective of their war to fully understand the tension between factions aboard, the sight of other aquatic mecha mingling among the crew was more than enough incentive for him to follow after them. It was a bit of a hurried goodbye to his befuddled Amica when he packed up and rushed off on what he hoped would be a journey of self discovery.